We Can't Believe This Is The Philippines Camotes Islands

We Can't Believe This Is The Philippines  Camotes Islands

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Philippines is the fifth largest island nation in  the world made up of around 7,640 Islands or so   today we're in the middle of all of that welcome  to Camotes Islands this is absolute Paradise just   have a look and right now we're on a beach that  is not frequented at all by the tourists that do   visit these islands and we are on the island known  as San Francisco which is a relatively interesting   name San Francisco or Pacijan I've heard it go by those two names and it's uh the kotes islands   are made up by I believe three islands correct  me if I'm wrong there's porro San Francisco and   Tang Di and I think it might be one more let us  know down below we just arrived and today we're   going to be exploring around the island known as  San Fran Frisco and this will be the first video   in a series of couple of videos we're going to  be here on these islands for the next few days   and this beach here is absolutely gorgeous like I  said very local Beach full of amazing Fisher boats   and the vibe in general here on Cotes is very very  laidback super laidback I believe right now it's a   little bit busier because it's a Luna New Year  time so it's a very long weekend for everybody   in the Philippines so I think it's a little bit  busier but uh other than that super quiet very   local actually uh I thought cotas Islands was  going to be like uh taken over by tourists but   it is not at all it's very very little tourist  and uh the little amount of white people that   you actually do see seem to be um immigrants  experts whatsoever something like that and uh   yeah super nice here we rented a scooter let's go  and explore this island yep and right now to give   you guys an idea on just where we are on the  island we're on the sort of west side it's a   called this beach here is called bakhaw Beach or  b a k ha a w beach now there's a couple different   areas on this island that are interesting for  us one of them is Santiago and that's actually   the area where we're staying we will be showing  you that area a little bit later on in the video   video it's actually one of the most beautiful  parts of this island it's also the part that has   mobile reception so keep that in mind there is a  very sparse and sort of spread out uh connection   throughout these islands it is quite remote it's  not super developed here keep that in mind and   there's a couple cell phone towers that are sort  of scattered around and the main one or the one   that seems to work the best is in Santiago and  uh there's another one that's close by to here   actually so we got very lucky with that there  is signal where we are right now so we can use   Google Maps to navigate but uh the other part that  we want to check out is again on the Northern side   and that is towards the island of Tang deot which  is a totally remote island that we hopefully will   be checking out in a video in the future soon and  uh there's a couple beaches more around here but   this part of the island as we said he very relaxed  very local and just gorgeous if you want peace and   quiet camotes is for you it's low tide right  now that's why a lot of the rock and a lot of   the beach is sort of exposed I believe the tide is  like a normal height it would probably go all the   way where the trees are so here kind of very true  yeah it's a relatively early in the morning right   now guys so it's low tide we just woke up and had  a coffee at our Acom modation uh in Santiago and   uh yeah man this is uh really is Paradise we also  have a scooter with us so we have the freedom to   go around and that's something that I'll highly  recommend you guys straight off the bat if you're   watching and you're coming to kotes make sure  to get yourself a scooter because the islands   are relatively small but also very big if you want  to move around and you don't want to be stuck in   the position where you have to uh rely on things  like Jeep knes and stuff like that because there   are some but not enough that you can rely on them  so I would get a scooter yeah and from the looks   of it as well uh as far as much experience as we  have with this island so far which is very very   little um there is seems to be one supermarket  and that's in uh San Francisco the city of San   Francisco San Francisco proper as they call it San  Francisco proper there seems to be a supermarket   and kind of a public market um there doesn't seem  to be a whole lot else going on in terms of buying   uh your groceries or anything like that so the  majority of the island kind of looks something   like this where you have like dirt roads and the  beach Shoreline basically um not crazy amount of   other development going on yet I'm sure that will  change so at some stage in the future hopefully   not but uh yeah that's what the island currently  looks like maybe we should be getting our scooter   to go down there you never know kind of like  Jurassic Park you don't know what's around the   corner here in Cotes so this is our little green  machine or yellow machine whatever you want to   say about that color but this is our little  uh compact sportmatic beat and it's okay it's   okay for what it is we are paying 500 pesos per  day which we know is probably more than what we   should be paying everything else that we've gotten  so far in the Philippines has been around 350 to   400 per day this is a little bit more but that's  kind of what you get sometimes when you're on um   an island and you might not have a lot of options  we literally arrived at the Port got off and the   first person that had a bike we just said are you  renting it he said yeah and this is what we got so   this is basically a new bike it's uh it's works  but you don't really need anything else like you   don't need a lot more than this because there's  like as I said a lot of the roads here are dirt   roads and if it's not a dirt road you're not  going to drive fast on it anyway so this is   really all you need in terms of scooter I feel  like that's true but now guys we're going to   take you towards believe it or not a freshwater  lake on a saltwater Island it's called Uh Lake   d now so we're going to go and see it we haven't  seen any anything around here yet so let's go and   check out a freshwater lake that's the ocean  and we're going to fresh water bit bit weird   whoop oops nearly fell over K is really good  at basketball Michael Jordan got it oh go go go   basket what do you say not go short whatever  he hit it he hit it give you an idea of the roads there's always a church in the Philippines  no matter where you go yep it could probably be   walking through the remote most remote part of  the one of these islands and you would still   find a chapel or or church or something like  that there's two things that you're always   going to see in the Philippines and that's  Street dogs and churches yeah no matter what oh we are approaching the lake right now  and it looks like they have some really cool   decoration here going on in between the trees  this here is by the way what the uh majority of   the main roads look like you have this um sort of  cement plates going on and what is this adult 50   pesos okay you have to pay entry to see the lake  while we're super excited thank you okay oh my [Music] God Luke is breaking the street here  right directly here at the entry they have sort   of the main things to see and like protected  landscape and see Escape basically and uh this   here actually looks very interesting sh like  the PTO sh we are currently on this island   here um and this island here is called PTO so  we are currently sort of here at the lake and   this entire Island here is PTO which we haven't  seen yet but it looks like they have a protected   um area as well and there's even here a marine  Sanctuary which we weren't aware of either so   maybe it would make sense for us to um go to the  Marine sanctuary as well and then this is where   we are staying we're basically in Santiago  Beach uh at the white Beach and um that's   also there is a protected area sort of in front  of our accommodation there's like the square uh   basically with boys um where you're not allowed  to go fishing or anything like that so there is   still a little bit of um life in the ocean  going on um I do feel like a lot of these   areas especially if you are directly at the shore  um the areas seem to be kind of in recovery right   now it looks like there has a lot of been a lot  of over fishing before so but we are on the path   of uh recovery on the pass back basically and  now check this beautiful place out out you can   uh it looks like there in the distance there is  some sort of a restaurant going on so maybe you   can even eat something here and this entire  Lake here is fresh water in the middle of a   island which is actually not too big the islands  are not like uh crazily big or anything like that right oh you have lots of fish here freshwater  fish how cool is that um I just think it's so   crazy to see this here because uh it's as  we said it's a quite small island it's not   very big um you can basically uh drive around  the island and see the entire Island in maybe   like 30 minutes or something like that so it's  really not big and then you have this huge fresh   water reservoir uh Reserve in the middle  of it which is not very common so if the   apocalypse ever starts uh this is a good place  to be because you do have salt water fish you   can go fishing but you also have a freshwater  lake wow so many people here seem to be a lot   of tourists but the majority of them I think are  H Filipino tourists that are just enjoying the   long Luna New Year weekend here basically this  island must be very uh fertile if it has fresh   water this much fresh water it is absolutely  massive I didn't realize just how large this   is so this spans basically the entire Center  of this island is uh just packed full of fresh   water that's crazy I can't imagine what that is  doing for the actual land itself uh in a positive   way I'm sure that uh people can grow plenty of  different things here the weather I've have no   idea why but uh the last few days the last few  weeks actually in the Philippines has been very   patchy and cloudy unfortunately but yesterday was  a beautiful day hopefully it will clear up for us   for the rest of today as well they seem to have  this net here that's full of fish I don't know   if they're farming these fish or if they're  just growing them or whatever but uh that's   pretty cool and over here you have mangroves that  seem to just the water just seems to flow in here   and then you have a mangrove area and there's  probably some pretty wild looking fish in this   Lake um I'm sure they get up to some pretty crazy  sizes especially if you have this much water and   there's actually a boat way over there in the  distance rent small boat here from the looks of   it that's very true yeah you can actually rent  a boats nice drive over the lake yourself yeah   I don't know do you think there's like something  like snakes or cuz the Philippines obviously wear   on a on an island in Southeast Asia so they could  be like snakes oriles or whatever you know uh but   yeah these poats look cool and you also have a  restaurant or two I think there's one or two uh   restaurants to have food and there's venders  as well so people are always will always try   and sell stuff but in this area you will not be  short for food there's plenty going on but yeah   this lake is beautiful and I definitely think  we're going to be taking a few pictures here for sure can really see here driving along  the street just how undeveloped a lot   of of this island is this island in  particular I'm not too sure now about   porro but there's basically one road this  road and it circles the entire Island so   keep that in mind guys and right now we're  on the actual sort of nice road that kind   of connects Santiago and Consuelo Port  if you take it the other way it's pretty rough yeah we're both not too sure oh my  helmet is criet we're both was not too   sure um where this island is at actually in  terms of development which is good and bad it   obviously means that it's not uh flooded with  tourists yet but I do believe that that might   be the case in the future as Luke already said  you have this main road which is the good road   basically and then you have a lot of the side  roads which are still sort of in the dirt road   um stage of life and other than that um you do  see quite a bit of of development happening you   do see that um a lot of the Lots here a lot of  the land is for sale so you do have some signs   left and right which just says a lot for sale  or something like that and other than that you   have wa hello oh he's doing Leon sure you want  to go back to get some Leon I don't know sure   let's have a look do you have to buy the full  lechon let's ask him let's ask the man some   questions about his Leon they had literally they  PE over the fire anyway what I was trying to say   is that uh you can see a lot of the resorts  being built right now so they're sort of in   the starting stages hello hello you're full  Leon you're selling Leon you sell or only for yourself can look I have a look we just saw the huge uh pigs  sort of spinning from the distance   here take the camera with you oh  can I have a look yeah okay sorry hello wow they have lechan on the [Music]  spit hello hello oh my God [Music] cool   wow amazing you spin by hand all day spin  spin spin yeah that looks incredible they're   absolutely massive I wondered if they sell  them because they have a sign that saysin   I assume what you have to do is pre-order  it and then get a full I don't think that   you can get like little pieces Salam thank  you Mas up thank you bye-bye wow okay very   little uh English but they are literally yeah  on the spit we saw it and we literally had to   stop and have a and have a look but it looks  absolutely 22 yeah if you want to come here Alvin and the lot is also for lease or rent yeah  so I think what you have to do is actually contact   call the number contact the number and then uh  get yourself one of those bad boys and before   we found the lichon I also wanted to still talk  about our touch upon the topic of Wi-Fi on the   island as well um a lot of the accommodations  here don't really offer Wi-Fi or they have the   you know the piece of Wi-Fi where you have  to like uh pay with coins in order to get   some Wi-Fi out of it um other than that I believe  there's two or three accommodations that do offer   starlink uh internet um which we can definitely  put down into the description below um but they   seem to be uh very well booked at all times so  if you do want to have a good internet when you   come here and maybe uh I don't know in case  you are a digital NAD or something like that   you need to work or you just want to watch some  YouTube whatever you you want to do we need to   go left here um we can link the accommodations  with the starlink that we know of down in the   description below also the one we're staying at  as well we're going to show you guys there is   one with the styling and we'll put that in a in a  different video that bike was really loud but we   will show you our accommodation in a different  video and it has Starling so keep that in mind well guys a short scooter ride and we've  arrived at what is known as Santiago white   Beach and it is an absolutely gorgeous beach now  currently the low tide is actually rushing in   and this is something that we've seen and this is  actually the second time I think we've seen this   the beach here during the morning is completely  dry and the tide is way out there so all the way   back almost and you can see um algae and stuff  like that and now the water as you can see is   literally rushing in here from all sides and it's  creating like these like little sort of Slots of   water and this place here I'll tell you what guys  the water is Crystal crystal clear unfortunately   like I said the weather is just permanently taking  a turn for the worst uh but yesterday I believe it   was when we arrived the water is like unbelievable  and I'm hoping before we leave the kotes islands   we can really give you a sample as to what the  water is like now this sand here as well is just   so fine and absolutely gorgeous and very very  soft it's really soft sand and it's actually   raining now as well so it's not a not a perfect  um situation to be in what we're going to do   is we're going to walk along the beach and bring  you with us and get some food because wow we are   absolutely starving and as uh I have showed you  before at the lake uh this entire area here as it   says on the sign there's like uh boys out there  and there's no fishing really and um apparently   there are a lot of turtles roaming around there in  this square of boys um obviously they can get out   and in so they're not like stuck there or anything  like that but it seems like uh because there's no   fishing that there's a little bit more life going  on and uh nature here is really recovering sort   of from over fishing I believe of the last few  uh decades hundreds of years however um but yeah   this entire Beach is really really cool and as  you can see the water is now coming in here and   it's sort of at night time going all the way up to  this wall so you do have quite high water higher   than you would anticipate looking at it right now  which is super interesting wow lots of families   out here today as well over the weekend enjoying  the Sunday with the family out super nice to see   we are waiting for a little while um for the bad  weather to pass basically it looks like over there   on the left side there might be good weather  coming and the bad weather is moving a little   bit to the right but while we're waiting um we are  going to have a meal here directly at at the beach   literally the feet in the sand um at n's Grill  we didn't try this place before but they have   very affordable combo meals and Luke went with  the fried chicken and I went with the fried fish   so yeah let's just have a look if that's going to  be a good menu because uh she also said that she   is going to serve us pineapple juice or something  fresh pineapple maybe fresh pineapple juice so uh   hopefully it's going to be a good meal okay what  do expect for 100 pesos eh we literally were like   wow the combos are very uh well priced and now  I see why it's basically a drumstick of fried   chicken and then a nice little heap of rice  we've got some soy sauce here your pineapple   juice oh nice thank you so much thank you and we  have H pineapple juice with it as well which is   included in the combo so actually for the price  it's not bad at all considering where we are on   the beach uh but there's a guy basically aling  his boat figuring out his boat yeah there seems   to be an engine problem with the boat over there  um I hope they can actually fix it cuz it seems   to be sort of up on the beach maybe we'll go  and check it out after we have our food but   uh let's give this pineapple juice a [Music] try  that's actually really good it's um definitely not   Blended pineapple juice it's tastes like the one  that you basically get from like a sachche mix it   with some water throw some ice in there and then  you have yourself a nice refreshment Naomi has H   Fish and Rice no I have yeah I have a piece of  fried fish and uh some rice here as well and we   asked for hot sauce so I think I'm just going to  dip the spoon basically into this and um give it a try oh the hot sauce is actually a little  bit spicy you want you can dip in mine as   well this is good though tastes like a very  very fresh piece of fish now obviously we are   directly at the water it would be weird if  this fish wouldn't be very fresh that's why   I went actually with the fish and not with the  chicken the way it looked it because I thought   it's more likely that you get a fresh fish here  than you get a fresh chicken probably but for 100   P this is actually a nice big piece of fish and  um I think it's like a half cup of rice maybe I   don't think it's a full cup of rice maybe a half  cup of rice and the juice 100 peses each so for   two people where um eating for what like three 4  year something like that y for two people I think   that's all right I'm going to try this Fried  Chicken so I put some hot sauce here on the   Fried Chicken we'll see if we can like compare  it and uh to things like jollybee or KFC we'll see freshly fried that's very fresh wow that is hot incredibly juicy very very crispy and that  hot sauce is genuinely spicy I can't believe the   heat off that hot sauce well it's really nice  it's something that we've been missing now for   a while is uh spicy food and uh this mother's  best mother's best hot sauce well my throat is   kind of burning but it's a nice feeling though  it's a good flavor off of it and uh yeah perfect   location perfect price and we cannot wait to show  you more of this beach because the weather is   getting better the clouds are clearing and the  light is back so let's have this food and then   go and explore a little bit more very fantastic  meal and very affordable we only paid the 200 p   as we said and they were both sort of satiated  but not so full that we want to go for a nap so   it was just a perfect amount of food and uh what  I wanted to show you it looks a little bit like   during maybe the rainy season during monsoon  season or something like that it looks like uh   this entire area here might be flooded because  there's like a bridge situation going on here   so could actually be that in monsoon season rainy  season however that this entire Beach probably I   assume it this completely disappears uh because  of the amount of water that is here and uh yeah   it kind of looks like it's clearing up a little  bit sorry I'm trying to speak louder than the   girl is singing karaoke there in the back that's  uh that's actually something I forgot to say I   said the two things that you're going to find in  the Philippines is Street dogs and churches Street   dogs churches and karaoke karaoke is I think the  real uh religion of the Philippines karaoke and   jollybee if you don't have those two things you  don't you're not in the Philippines that's for   sure there's no jollybee on this island group by  the way yeah we're actually on we were looking   for it it it's not here yeah we by the way are  big fans of Jollibee as well uh especially after   having we've had it now Jesus multiple times but  uh yeah we're big big fans but kot is there's no   Jollibee it's all uh restaurants just like we  were on here and this is the situation just so   you guys are aware it's these basically four  uh places that sell food on Santiago Beach and   this here is Santiago Bay Resort it's called and  they apparently have a very nice or they do have   a very nice view over this entire Beach and that's  something that uh we might check out at some stage   but for now I think this is the view that we are  happy with this uh Beach is absolutely gorgeous   just for a little bit of a recommendation if you  are sensitive when it comes to karaoke and music   I will try and get something at that end of  the bay not at the Santiago Resort end of the   bay I don't know about this Resort maybe it's a  nice place I we haven't been there I don't know   I don't want to say anything I'm just saying the  karaoke and the music is sort of here in this area   and I'm in the other side of the area is sort  of where we are staying and we cannot hear any   music or karaoke at night time so yeah if you like  sleeping in quiet that is the part of the beach   that you want to be on but you're still sort of  in walking distance to the karaoke if you want to participate hello right we are now on the street that all  of the tricycle drivers are too scared to drive   on with guest um this side of the island is  basically a little bit more where we're we're   in between Santiago Bay and San Francisco and  you can either choose to take this road here   which is in theory the shorter route but the  majority of people choose to go the long way   around uh through Consuelo and everything um  because the road is a little bit like iffy   let's say it like that you have a lot of pretty  large holes and you're driving just basically   through the thick jungle here and there's also  a few signs saying that it's like a landslide   prone area so yeah I do believe that that is why  the majority of people decide to go through the   long way around but I feel like this area is a  little it's a little bit nicer here because it's   like very quiet there's very little people and  you really get to feel like what the very very   rural site looks like the majority of the houses  are sort of like this um a little bit like more   like these Shacks like makeshift type of houses  are where you have like different materials that   are put together you have like a little bit  of stone a little bit of concrete and then   the walls are sort of made out of wood a lot  of times um but overall a quite nice area if   you ask me people here seem to be very friendly  very Smiley hello hello I don't think there's a   lot of white people coming through here no  for sure I was going to say this is uh this   is genuinely I think my favorite place so far  in the island it's uh very very chill and the   houses are spectacular I think some of them are  very sort of traditional wooden style houses but   a lot of them are just absolutely beautiful and  yeah the community here seems to be very strong   and very friendly and you have beautiful chapels  everywhere small santonin hello small santonin   Chapel I think they're getting ready for M he was  holding the uh the Rope for the Bell yeah getting   ready for Mass just now he was getting ready to  ring the bell ding D that would be my favorite job   if I was part of this community you would be the  community bell ringer I would be the bell ringer 100% what is this bang guy here it just said  bangai unidos onos yeah it's no onidas is the   one that we just walked that we just drove through  this here is now the next that I yeah yeah I'm not   sure what this one is not sure what this one is  we drove past the side we are driving really slow   but it's uh it was still too fast for me to read  the sign oh it looks like we're about to have a   really nice view over the ocean up here oh let's  turn to the right side maybe is there the ocean   no there's a dip ah oh my God I think the ocean  is just behind this uh here on the right just   behind ah this is where they built a new resort  isn't it yeah yeah what is it called homos hom H   H Resort they're just building is here uh behind  this hill from what the our host was saying and   it looks like a very cool area there's like not  uh not so much development here so I do think it   would be a nice place uh if you have like a proper  Resort all inclusive type of thing uh where you   have to rent a scooter if you're going to say  that wa Resort but um I think for this island   gener for the generally the kutas island you do  need a scooter to get around uh obviously you can   take Jeep knes and stuff like that but I think  they're not like uh coming very I don't know on   the time or whatever they're just they're just  going to come when they're going to come hello hello all of the kitties are out in  the boat playing in the front front yard oh careful oh here comes the view  all now is the view yeah I was right   we we were close to the ocean close  to the view but not quite there oh wow yeah yeah how cool is that there  straight ahead super nice view and   even though the weather is so so today  you still like it's still looks so beautiful what's going on we now arrived in  the next bang guy down and there's so many   people I don't know what's going on I know  if somebody's getting married or oh very interesting so many people they're  coming from everywhere right now ohello hello or maybe they just ah I know  what I think uh the mass is just over in this   bangai they were probably all in the church you  know more than likely yeah yeah very busy though   something like there's so many people all of a  sudden yeah they all came from here oh I think   this is where the they were just having the mass  wow yeah he you can see how how devoted the people   in the Philippines are if it's the MKS going  on in in the village everybody will be part of it right guys oh sorry we are now in San Francisco  proper San Francisco town and the public market is   just down there basically and we've been trying to  use ATMs here back and forth we have been trying   a lot of different ones and none of them actually  worked for us not even the euronet worked for us   so this was the only ATM that we could find here  um that works with our foreign cards so in case   you ever are in San Francisco in camotes DBP  ATM is the way to go San Francisco Town proper   so like literally the uh just ask for the main  town and uh this is where you're going to find   it and it is legit the only one that works if you  are coming from Europe there's like six or seven   different ATMs and we tried all six or seven of  them yesterday to pay for our accommodation none   of them worked but that one over there works  very very well now we're going to head towards   the uh the public market we are now basically in  the city that connects the two islands with each   other so from here I think if you're just going  further that way you can go to PTO hello hello   hi sorry sorry yes this is here is the public  market and uh we're basically shopping around for   some fruit today try and find some maybe mangoes  Philippines has the best mangoes I keep saying it   but we're going to check for some mangoes check  for some watermelon and see if we can talk to a   few people as well these are usually the absolute  best places to come now this area I actually looks   like it's going to be under construction and they  seem to be building like a little bit of a square   or something like this let's go and check the  market out all right guys so we made our way like   I just showed you this is the uh Market that we're  interested in going this is a basically a gigantic   shed full of fruit and people selling that fruit  and uh some fresh fish and stuff like that we're   going to show you that now in a second but hold  on because this view is worth a million dollars   right here this is beautiful so and the sun is out  by the way finally and we have beautiful view here   onto the water mangroves and this here in front  of us is the second island that we were talking   about earlier this is called porro now this  looks unbelievable and we're not going to be   covering it in this video but this is a reason  why you need to subscribe because that's where   we're headed tomorrow to make another video  from Cotes and it looks like it's going to be   a very interesting place very densely green and uh  again very beautiful and wow I am very positively   surprised overall by kotes I is currently being  attacked by a I don't know what it flying ant   or something I don't know but it looked like it  wanted to buy to me so I started dancing but the   water is so nice it's very calm there's a lot of  uh mangroves here as well and like just judging   we haven't been on phto yet but judging from this  point of view you don't see any development like   it doesn't it looks quite literally untouched and  um you have a lot of mangroves here on the left   and I do assume that when it's low tide maybe  if you come here in the morning time I'm sure   that all of this water will be completely out  probably yeah uh looks like there's some people   fishing as well I don't know looks like a really  cool place incredible it would be interesting to   see what it is but I'm sure there's no cell  reception on that side 100% And what connects   San Francisco island that we are on right now and  poro is a tiny little yellow bridge over there so   we're going to be Crossing that tomorrow but for  now we're going to go and buy ourselves some of   the amazing Filipino fresh fruit there's also  some um other food vendors and stuff but we're   not really in the mood for fried food because we  just had some um as you guys saw so let's go and   check out the fruit that they have on offer would  also be interesting to to see what kind of fish   they have because usually when you go to the local  market you can sort of get an idea of uh what kind   of fish there is in the ocean around you so yeah  we're super excited right guys inside situation   of the market is pretty much in the beginning on  the left side oh no it looks like it's going to   rain sorry I just saw the cloud coverage there  so uh left side in the beginning you have all   things fruit left side in the end you have all  things vegetables from the looks of it and then   here on the right side there's different types of  meats and fish and crabs and anything that sort of   lives in the ocean from the looks of it and then  you have some more root vegetables there in the   back but uh yeah really really cool market and  it looks like oh what is that jackf fruit it's a   giant jack fruit giant jack fruit like knee high  jack fruit and um it looks like this Market sort   of facilitates any needs that you might have in  terms of produce um now it is sort of 1 1 p.m.   or something like that right now so I do think  that quite a few of the Market vendors probably   already left the stage there's tons of stuff  though there's so much produce I'm really Blown   Away by how how much stuff they have this is like  what I was saying earlier it's a fresh water the   massive fresh water lake that they have at the  center of kotes probably producing quite a lot   of stuff and uh yeah it looks very very nice very  vibrant very uh alive let's put it that way this   ve these vegetables look healthier than anything  I have uh had back in Ireland for twins oh yeah twins

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