We agreed! The BEST WAY TO TRAVEL is on a MOTORCYCLE - FLORES [S2-E13]

We agreed! The BEST WAY TO TRAVEL is on a MOTORCYCLE - FLORES  [S2-E13]

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Today we are going to check  out some history of Indonesia.  We met this group of bikers, they`re coming from everywhere in Indonesia. Good morning everybody and welcome back in Ende on the island of Flores. This is a historical city. Because that's the place where Sukarno got exiled, the first president of Indonesia who declared indonesia's independence.

That's why we wanna go around Ende and check out some places. And after that, we want to go up to Moni, to be able to hike up to Kelimutu. Are you ready? Yes, I am. Let's go. > Let's go! OnTheRoadAgain. Oh no, it's still squeaky.

What's up everybody!? Welcome to Ende. This is Ende. Today we are going to check out some history of Indonesia. This is the city where Sukarno was incarcerated back in 1934 to 1939, by the dutch colony. He was put here back in 1934 because the Dutch heard of Indonesia was trying to declare it´s independent.

Or working it´s way towards independent. So Sukarno was captured in Jakarta, if I'm not mistaken and he was put here for four years. But last thing they know is actually that Sukarno was planning  more because he had more time to think.

And preparing for the independent more here. He  also formulated the national philosophy. Which is Pancasilla or five principles. And, oh there are... oh this is it. Let me park really quick and I'm  just gonna show it from outside.  Because unfortunately it's closed  today. That was quick from the place.

So this is where he was incarcerated  during his time here, this is his house. Unfortunately it's locked today because it's sunday. This is where he lived for four years between those years. I would love to go in, but yeah, we picked the wrong timing.

And that's Sukarno, the father  of our independent. Really cool. And then, this house is protected  by the law number five in 1992. Hello. Yeah, unfortunately it's locked. But yeah, it is what it is.    We picked the wrong day to come over here. Yeah, Sunday again... already.

And now, we're going to the next spot. Yeah, so he was locked there. Not  long, I would say because he still get to go around  . But that's where he lived. Yeah, let's go to the next spot. We are going to the park where he always sits down.. > So he could go out?

Yeah yeah, he still could go around here and check out the city and what not. He actually built a theater here. So this is the park where he always went to when he was incarcerated here in Ende. I think we should be able to see  where he sits down actually, but it's closed. Oh my god, this is so sad. Like, it's a nice monument here. Oh, there we go.  

So that's Sukarno, where he always  sits down looking into the ocean. Like, you could see it. Then that's the eagle, the statue. That's the symbol of Indonesia. It says Bhineka Tunggal Ika or unity in diversity. And that's  where he sits down looking for inspiration. Looking towards the ocean. Back then there was no ferry over there. Maybe just uhm.. just the island there.

So that's where he formulated the Pancasila or the five philosophy. Or the five principles of the Indonesian philosophy. > Which is? I will show it when we're going to the monument.

Yeah, we would love to go inside  but everything looks like it`s locked on sunday. Yeah, and nobody's inside, so it's for sure locked. Yeah, that's the father of  the democracy in Indonesia. Good looking buddy. Thank you. Lets go, baby.

He grew up in Blitar. > Yeah, he was born in Blitar. We were there actually. > Yeah, but we couldn't. Because my motorcycle broke down in front of his statue as well there.   Yeah, while we stopped to take some photos. > Yeah I'm glad nothing happened here right now. Cheers, We`re getting some ice tea because there  was no parking place to go to the monument.   So we had to stop here.

And let's go and have a look. The monument Pancasila. The Pancasila. Panca means five and sila means principles.

The Pancasila, the five guidance principles of our national lives. Perhaps you know already what our Pancasila is. It gives us the five principles of our state These are. First, Believe in God. Second, Nationalism.

Third, Humanity. Forth, Democracy. Fifth, Social justice. We are going straight.

Ende. We could´ve parked here. In the circle? No. Our video of Ende should be longer  if the park and the museum was open. Unfortunately they were closed so hopefully we could come back here on the way back from our next adventure. Hello everybody! I`m waving to to my family. Hi, my friends. > Look at that. Wow, look at this.

Oh my God, endless. And that must be a land slide there. They just clean it, look! > Oh yeah. Scary. Oh my god, look at this rock. > Uh, this rock! Wow, look at that in front of us. The rocks  fall so much, they even put a net there. You see it?

Oh wow. There's a lot of rocks hanging there.   Even the big ones, oh my god. > Yeah, it`s a good net. And maybe they need to build it all the way there. Look how many rocks are hanging there on the wall. My god. But the scenery is amazing. And the river over there, wow.

Let's go to the river and take a bath. It's looking really clean. > Yeah. I think I could live here... Oh no, the landslides are scary.

But the climate is amazing. It`s not hot and it`s not cold. And have a big garden here. > You`re daddy would love it here. Sell his house in Switzerland, he could buy. God knows, how many hectares of land here. I should take a photo there.

Yeah, just pull over. Ah, too late. We can screenshot it. It looks so pretty! The paddy field, river, mountains. Here is where we start hiking to Kelimutu. Yeah, that`s the sign to Kelimutu Lake. Make a right.

We go to the left? Yeah, left I guess. Oh, I'm sorry. Or in the school. I'm okay to stay in the school. Oh look, travelers, Ryan. That's the rice field guest house. > Yeah, a lot of travelers, shall we go there? Yeah. 

There's a lot of travelers. > Yeah, maybe it's full. Hello. Are you the one from Jogja? > Im from Jambi Owh, I thought from Jogja. > Ah no, from Jambi. Where are you from, sir? > We are from Bali. Hello.

Do you have a vacant room? We met this group of bikers, they're coming  from everywhere in Indonesia. And they all have a great story traveling Indonesia  and traveling the world by motorcycles. One of them even traveled by bicycle. Name.... > Yulas Tono. And his motorcycle. Wow, so many stickers! This is my club. Yamaha NMAX Club Indonesia. > Oh cool!

This, YNCI. YNCI Yamaha NMAX Club Indonesia. > Yeah, cool! Hello. My name is Faisal, I live in Aceh, Indonesia.

My motorcycle. He's traveling alone and  met the group here in Lombok. And now they're traveling together some  parts. And then he's also going to Papua.  Welcome to Indonesia.. What is your name? > Natalie. Natalie, welcome to Indonesia and see you next time. > Thank you. And this is...

with a box, simple. His motorcycle. Hello, my name is Rizal. I`m from Pasuruan, East Java. Welcome to Indonesia. > Thank you, really really cool! This is just a toy. > No!

Yes, just a toy to go abroad. > No, it`s really cool, really cool! Balda, say hello. And...

Yes me, hello, I'm Lillik from Jambi. I`m glad to see Natalie here. Hope the best for Natalie. Have a safe trip, have a nice experience in Indonesia. Happy enjoying Indonesia. > Thank you so much! He's traveling with his family. > Yeah, this is my first boy. My first girl and second girl, yes. > Wow, really really cool! All on one bike yeah? > Yeah, one bike.

Wow, crazy crazy. > Yeah, just a little bit. One motorcycle, four people. One motorcycle four people, crazy! And? I am Hakam from Malang, East Java. And he traveled in East Africa and South Africa by bicycle! > From north to south. North to south, crazy! And now on a motorcycle.

Very well packed. They are all getting ready, they are  going to Ende, the opposite direction. Going around Indonesia. Go to New Zealand, oops, Switzerland. Start 20th of February 2021. Aceh. He`s from Aceh. > Yes, from Aceh.

And? Hi, hello, my name is Nuh and I`m from Madiun. I`m sorry that I cannot speak English well. All good, all good. Hello, my name is Muhamad Mukhbitin from Gresik in East Java. And this is your motorcycle? > The NMAX.

This one, yeah. Wow, so many stickers! Really really cool. Many stickers.

Worth to try this one, yeah? > Yes, you should try it. It´s home made. Normally people look for the soft one. > Just like the one for car seats. The one with beads. For long distance is amazing. Like you´re getting a massage on your behind.

Does it hurt? > No, it doesn´t. It´s also good for you back. What do you think about Indonesia on a motorcycle? > Oh, mantap (awesome)! What is Mantap in Aceh´s language? > The same. The family. Bye, be careful! We`ll meet again. Safe travel! And we're gonna stay at the place where we met  all these travelers. They left and we took over their rooms.

And we were looking for food before  but there was nothing really. And look at that. Indomie. Indomie Seleraku (My taste). (Ryan singing) So tomorrow morning we will leave very early, around 4 am? > Um yeah, maybe.   We gonna leave super early, so we're gonna see sunrise in Kelimutu, the mountain with the three lakes. Every lake has its own story, I don't know what exactly  it is, but we're gonna learn together on top.  

Because writings on it. So today we  drove from Ende and followed the main road up to Moni. And then, we're gonna hike up to Kelimutu. Here, that's gonna be our way. Kelimutu, we are looking forward for this. If you like the video, then give us a big like and subscribe down below and then see you in the next video.

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