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Watch: TODAY All Day - Oct. 14

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>> This morning on the 3rd hour of today, commercial appeal. Netflix hoping to lure customers back by offering a cheaper option with all that. So how much is it going to call that? We're raising the age of breaking down. All those

confusing labels best buy sell by when the 5 I plus channel. Getting a first look at Carrie Underwood, epic new tour on stage backstage and big surprises. >> I'm always looking at the things I've never done this for my life. >> At 2 more huge stars live in studio Lin Manuel Miranda with an announcement you'll love and we're talking fashion at family with Stella McCartney today. Friday, October 14, 2022.

live from Studio One a in Rockefeller Plaza. This is the 3rd hour of today. Good morning, everybody. Welcome to the 3rd hour of today. Woods I'll show now telling yourself that, right?

Well, Craig is off, but still a Friday at we are finishing strong. >> I think our show to picking the landing. All right. A lot to get to. But we're going to start with some ways. This is a good one to save you money. There's a good chance your weekend plans include streaming the latest movies or shows. Well, if you use Netflix, you'll soon have the option to pay less. If you're OK with watching some commercials.

NBC Stephanie Gosk is here with the details. All right. So what exactly is this new plan? All right. Well, you know, there are a lot of options out there where you can get something a little bit cheaper with partial Netflix is kind of the company that was the last holdout. Finally, it become petition. Just got to step for them. They had to come out with some option. It's 6.99. You have 45 minutes of commercials

an hour. And their hope is that this can keep some subscribers and also maybe get some new. And as you may have noticed, the beginning of the year, they announced they had lost subscribers for the first time in a lawsuit in Moore the 2nd quarter. They're really trying to scramble to kind of compete

with everyone else that's out there. That's what this option does. >> One of things I want to know step there's so many options out there in terms of streaming can we are going to be bundling now coming soon as that up? >> Yeah, it's the word of the day. But yeah, and bundles are good for consumers, right? Because that means that because there's so much competition they're getting together in some cases. Some of these compare you're getting together and offering options. If you go out and you may have noticed this at home and get some of these premium streaming packages, would you start adding those up? And it gets really expensive. 70 $1 a year, more than $800 a year. You pay

less for cable back so long ago when I started having some prominent Netflix, all the things Hulu and I thought, you know, they're going to cause something called cable 20 years from now or you by the date myself. But you might wear the cable guy showing a home that list like check on the Internet. You think that's where we're going, which we should really be that surprising. Of course you have to pay for it. Of course you have to sit through

commercials. That's how we watch TV today. The way that you because companies are putting commercials out there, it was a matter of time. Although I do love watching commercial free to I will say Netflix, no such thing as free mean, Netflix got especially expensive because I just got off my mom's account. Her 5 children for the family plan

password. So I assumed it was her kind of killing. It's time to be in time. Haha right on his his family plan that all right. So he doesn't want to snack while they binge. Well, this

morning we are opening the fridge and helping you figure out what you can eat and what you should toss. Every time we throw out expired food or throwing away money, of course. So we have NBC News senior consumer investigative correspondent Vicky Wynn. Haha. Haha. Yeah Friday. Yeah. If your focus to that table, I'm Bryant gets a mandate because there are so many expired things in my fridge. But fan of smelly and kale still use it. But I

really maybe that's not. Yeah. Haha this out. That fire real food waste is a huge problem in this country. The USDA estimates we throw out an estimated 161 billion dollars worth of food a year. That's about $1500 per family. So this is real money, right? 20 1% of the time they're saying it's because people are very confused can't. And for all the labels used by best buy expires on, right? It's confusing. So how do you know that it's a best buy versus l Biden? I don't never never know what to do it. So the FDA is

trying to help us all out. They want food makers to put best if used by indicate Pete's fresh that they want them to put used by on perishable foods like dairy. I still find that to be to close. That doesn't seem like enough of a distinction which is why you do need to rely on yourself, smell test. Look for changes in color and consistent. Don't eat after right? Because it because people have different refrigerators that if just a whole lot of doors different putting it out, they don't regulate or require food makers to put expiration dates on anything except the baby formula. Yeah.

>> So you all this extra food in the fridge. Got all these. What are some of the ways we can reduce food waste going like this out the first? >> You know, Boyd Impulse buying and will find when possible especially when it comes to perishables like fruits and vegetables. The freezer is your friend and I know you love the backing Sahi. And the other thing is there's something called Food Keeper. It's an app on your phone that will help you determine deli meat it. How good is this?

You put the item in and it gives you a sense of OK, 3 to 5 days after you open the deli needed. That's been refrigerated. It's OK one to 2 months in the freezer. So they're actually tools to have that work without it. I mean, I'm I'm thinking like a jar capers. I use half the jar and then I cried half like you should still good after you open. See, this is why people are so frustrating. This is why

people end up throwing things like he's really relying on your senses. And then if you get it wrong, you get sick. So it's a very serious issue. The FDA's really trying to crack down. I think there's a white fuzzy Leah. I did DA.

They're taking some steps and help us make healthier choices yet when it comes to our food with the other proposed rule should now the FDA really want the manufacturers who use the word healthy on their food to adhere to certain guidelines like it actually has to contain some sort of nutritional food from recognized food group, a certain amount. It also has to do that. Yeah, have to write. It was not happy, healthy, just thrown out and it's one green packaging. And we as consumers can't tell the difference. And they also want to make sure it's as healthy. There's a certain amount of

saturated fat added sugars and sodium that are below a certain limit. So that is good. It's all about helping us. I mean, we have an obesity problem in this country. And, you know, whatever we can do to help people make smart choices were if I get suckered by that kind of labeling all the time. Yeah. Exactly. Point. What is it? Yeah. Thank you. I need you to go through my fridge now. Haha here with a pistol in with

>> Hit New York City this weekend. It's the return of Bravo Con. All the Bravo fan favorites are going to be there, including some of the Real Housewives. So to celebrate, we channel our Inner Housewives. So here now debuting the real anchors of today. >> I like to ask tough questions. So here's one can

money buy you class? You know what I always say? Don't judge a book by its cover. >> As a journalist, I usually keep one ear to the ground because I'm going the other one years. >> My forecast is always said the cross me and I'll be waiting outside your window. Wearing Chanel is nice. But being said now is the ultimate luxury.

>> What's my Sunday morning. Secret of a full month filled with the same old sewing on block. >> I usually predicts sunshine, but I always make it rain.

I'm known for my inspirational quotes. But what you may not know is they're also known as plagiarism. Haha. >> Hofa. Yeah. I don't mean to brag but of the best way to go here earlier he said his favorites. Should I add? It's just creepy. Yeah. Haha.

>> I probably com though is huge. Yeah. A lot of cars, right? This comic Con well that you have. Yeah. >> Well, Bravo Con starts today. Last all weekend at the

Javits Center right here in New York. Thousands of yeah. >> Yeah. All right. When we come back, know where the celebration tomorrow. How is world singing Day? We're going to meet the man who started the global phenomenon than later. Someone who knows a thing or 2 about writing music la. He is

here to spread some love. We'll explain when the 3rd hour today comes right back. >> You do know you carry a radio either way. Tomorrow is a day to sing your heart out its world singing that and who does not love. That is the brainchild of a Colorado man

who believes in Chanelle Jones. And the thing is something that is good for the soul. He has to be a very close friend of NBC's Tom Costello is here with us as our All-Star 3rd hour today. Continued Haha.

>> Good morning. This is a great story and I can't wait to introduce you to my friend Scott Johnson. We're both from Colorado. He wakes up every morning looking for the positive in life believing that music is the universal language, bridging differences in language, religion, politics, ethnicity. So he started will sing the day a few

years ago with just a few friends in Boulder, Colorado. Now it's become a global phenomenon. >> In one of America's most picturesque cities, Scott Johnson had a very simple but very big idea. What if he could get the entire world singing on the same day in October, he never expected this from hey, Jude and Portugal to downtown Dublin. >> We are >> But to Kenya, to the time warp in Perth, Australia, and Boulder, Colorado, the birthplace of world singing Day. Would you have ever

imagined that you would start a little singing thing going on in Boulder, Colorado and it's now gone global it? It's pretty cool. >> Pretty pretty cool. I love it. Haha. >> In just 7 years, Scott's world singing Day has grown to this 20,000 people in 33 countries. Happy to see that. On Saturday, 1000 people will sing YMCA in Kuala Lumpur. >> Music is huge. That school and I think is that it brings beautiful connection to human.

>> Heart of all, there's no religious or political agenda. Just playing music and singing something. Scott has been doing his whole life. >> When the way it's got this kind of therapy is my therapy. And I think world seeking he's like kind of therapy for the world, you know, in chief and what is very chief. >> The Scotts Co wrote the theme song now song around the world from Iran to Uganda to to India this year song new words to an old Latin song with the La Angel City Chorale leading the way.

>> To to Egypt. >> To 100 underprivileged children in Mumbai, Indian pop star Chicago. How the van has got the kids singing in Harmony. I think. >> Music is a big she me but offered to which you can use to inspire people. What you need to laugh. Make you cry. You know, 70 feet thick. Your take.

>> Back in Boulder, Scott says that emotional touch point can connect all of us. >> Especially these days. I mean, the state of the World Beast case. Could we use a little more joy? I think we're all kind of longing for that and to connect to each other. >> And few have that sense of community. >> And that's great. Isn't that cool that Wilson World singing

Day is tomorrow. It's free. It's not a competition. You don't have to carry a song or know a song. Just say anything. You like you can go to world singing Day Dot org to learn more, get copies of the music that he is proposing. >> And join the rest of the world and said what a great, great story time and to get to meet your friend. Really special vote for both married to Belgium's, by the way.

>> You go. And we both have 2 daughters, our lives, a kind of crisscrossing that state canvassing the entire long time ago. I used to sing and so much or not with Lin Manuel haha. >> Speaking of singing, take you behind the scenes. One of the biggest source of years. We're going to take you behind the scenes backstage or Carrie Underwood and then.

>> Teeth. When we come right back to his big news. Let it be you by city. As promised, we are catching up with one of the most talented people on the planet. Lin Manuel, Miranda and the Tony Grab a Pulitzer Prize winning composer and actor. >> Check out these pictures of.

>> Of course, we know. And for creating and starring in Tony winning musical like Hamilton and in the High. But before all of those, there was freestyle love Supreme the hip-hop improv show, which ended its Broadway run in New York just earlier this year. >> He doesn't. We could be back on the street Broadway. >> What Molly Grant. >> So tracking inside.

>> All right. Now, freestyle love Supreme is back and it's headed to Las Vegas next month. And Lin Manuel Miranda is here to tell us all about it. Good morning to you morning, everybody. The whole lot of it energy. I heard the 3rd hour. 22 in morning. I love Vegas. I love the the nation. I love

you. I feel like I need to get out there. You know, next month when this is finally out there, did you ever see freestyle love Supreme becoming a Vegas show? >> I mean, no, honestly, I never saw people beyond our friends wanting to see us make a propsal 100 people. But we've you know, we've gone from just, you know, doing shows in clubs, around New York to off Broadway to Broadway. And then the tour

went incredibly well. And I feel like Vegas Nfls have, you know, one thing in common, just anything can happen. Yeah, I do shows are going to be performing in the shows that are opening night for 16th and 17th. That's yeah, people yeah.

Of the nation in Las Vegas and it's it's really exciting. It just feels like a great match guest stars and you've got to work. You know, the fun thing about Fla says it's it's like what's hanging slash spoke about like it just keeps growing. Yeah. So many West Coast alum, you know, W digs and cars, you can all kind of pop in because it's really close to home for them. So we're hoping that everybody drops in at one point.

>> Yeah, exactly. I enjoyed seeing all those pictures of all the different projects that you have like, man. It's it's exhilarating. And I just saw the Hamilton just take you to

Germany. Yes, that is amazing. It was my first time seeing Hamilton and not knowing the work when you all had that experience. But it's entirely German. We worked on the train station for about 3 years. Real way to do that. We have a clip of it here. >> I mean, to do the words, right? Yeah. That was something

that was really important to me. I was like, hey, guys, I don't speak German. So Mike years only get to know if it rhymes or if it doesn't. I think that incredible,

dry red in the most of the year with something you memorize this at the end of the first performance. Jeff, thank you. Or someone, you know, people like you to go into the show. I was like not just an all day. I said 1000 on the island and

should end up, which means it means 1000 thank you's and to all a good night. And even that I needed a demonic for in my head. I was going 1000 on and Allen Iverson, Troy, not that remember the syllable needed. >> Hosted a photo, you know, from opening night there. And what was it like hearing Hamilton for the first time in a non English speaking language because it's the it's got 4 inches been Britain, Australia been interesting thing happens, which is when you can understand the language, you start to focus another aspect of the show. Also, I was just sort of in all of my incredible collaborators, a choreographer and our lighting designer, the late helping plea and just their incredible work and then also feeling the audience around me crying in the same places laughing in the same place. Where so, yeah, yeah, worse.

Yeah. We should also say, by the way, congratulations on the release of your song but the Lin Manuel Miranda collection. It's got I think what 20 songs from over here in the evidence 20? Yeah, I can't. And it really it in a weird way.

This feels more emotional than almost anything else because, you know, musicians learn like it makes it connects with my earliest memories of like learning sheet music at the piano and that I have this big book and and I've somehow amassed a song books worth a whole lot. Yeah. And so we so we had a party actually for teachers because, you know, we want to give away copies of the books to music, teachers and my 9th grade music teacher was there and then to bring it totally full circle. My nephew, who is the best musician in our family far away. My nephew and 100 played 2 pieces from the songbook for all the majors. Yeah. It was really like a beautiful kind of way. Beautiful, intimate way to recognizing this. We're full circle moment.

>> I feel like everything has been coming full circle for you, which is how it's got to be really exciting. Yeah, it's it's it's really exciting. And yeah, just the thought of of of kids were learning piano going to say I want to learn to play. You'll be back around to learn to play my side is that's going to stick in their head of the songs. They at me it was

like the 2 Volume Beatles and highlights of Jesus Christ superstar thing. You know you we have to go to colony. Remember college record? Yeah, that's right. >> I just out of curiosity. I know we're getting ready to commercially. Could I impose a new baby? A little freestyle on. >> The way out to the commercial rain move. Partial.

Don't know how long the commercial take. Yeah. I'm gonna have to say the good free stop a Vegas. Haha. >> I think you so much that. Yeah. They are on sale for

freestyle love Supreme. You can catch performances at the Venetian Resort Las Vegas beginning November 10th. That is such a good time. It was such a house out there. All right. Well, speaking of good shows. Coming up next, another can't Michaud. Carrie Underwood take you behind the scenes of her at the new tour at this stage. It's that the

war Joe's and we have someone who knows a thing or 2 about fashion. We're catching up with Stella McCartney, Fresh off her head turning show. >> And Patty, we'll be right back. And >> I'm excited for this one for this morning. We have today, first of a first look at what to expect. And country

superstar Carrie Underwood hits the road for her denim and rhinestones tour. It's a first in 3 years and she took me backstage in South Carolina where it all kicks off. >> It's a good time. Lot of hard work has gone into this

and very, very proud of it. People are going to have fun. >> It's been a few years since Carrie Underwood tour has made its way across the country and no one seems more excited than the superstar herself. >> What is the one thing you miss about touring the crowds? I love to sing when I'm on stage. I feel like I'm at home

and just to feel the energy from people and you look at all the seats and every single person that is there. >> And Grammy winner and barking on a 43 stop or we need to work. Getting it all off for the show. Greenville, South Carolina.

This gives the like the fields. >> It's pretty pretty awesome. It looks bigger to like from up from here. Yeah. >> The stage for her denim and rhinestones tour live in dramatic purple will include pyrotechnics and even Carrie performing some.

>> I flying aerial stunts. I'm always looking at the things I'm never done before like Fly. >> Kerry taking a page out of her CMT awards performance. >> It's important to me to make sure everybody gets a good. So we we want to see us cool way to get from point A to point B side is that.

>> It's all part of her goal to bring something new to the arena tours. >> I want everything to feel different. I don't want somebody to be like mask I can do is show, you know, 4 years ago. >> And I'm good to something definitely worth. The price of admission carries standing. Order says well was a beautiful. Last part is adding more rights.

>> You can add more right? You always get. >> But something no amount of rhinestones can replace carries time with her kids on the tour and at home. >> They'll be out to visit this tour. I'm going home a lot more than I ever have before. There's a way to get me home, even if it's just for the day. So your kids aware of what mommy doesn't mean that they're not with you before, but the first 3 young that's like as a 7 and a half, he's becoming more aware that it's not normal, probably because of people around 10. So h* h* go to

school. And so like I saw your mom on TV last night. >> One of Kerry's you must pass a local gym. You ever work out here now the U.S.. >> A U.S. arena tour. A long way from Kerry's American Idol

days will be taken back. >> Was in 2005, I was a reporter in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and I had the assignment to meet you at the door. The whole town was going nuts because a local girl made it on American Idol. You walked in and your hands of it. And I grabbed him

and said, are you then if you look at this picture like this girl right here, do you remember what you're feeling when those early days at that point, it was all very and you very fresh and I'm like, OK, you know, let's let's enjoy this and have fun and, you know, keep trying to it moved forward, but it could all go away and the SEC it tonight. I think it's kind of important treat everything like that. You know, it just makes you grateful. So I still I'm still waiting for the moment. Well,

like feel like I belong. Are you kidding me? And while I had her. >> I just had to ask what your fellow American Idol winners. You know, Kelly Clarkson, that circle, you eat if you heard her sing before he cheats. >> Have I feel like she's one person that you're like? He's also my song is you're going to get that all the working on both life.

>> That's about it on that. You know, she stays in touch with some of the, you know, the folks who she might with years ago. And she has got she says she still talks to Simon. You know, the whole thing. One thing I'll say about Kerry is she's so humble and it's not lost on her because I'm like, oh, my God, these close and look at all of this. And she's

like, yeah, you know, she just just keeps it hasn't gone or ahead around Lake Tahoe. Thank you. Believe that? Yeah, I'm very the tour kicks off tomorrow and tickets are on sale now. There will be pyrotechnics. She flies as we talked about. She Vince. She's like I'm humble even on

saying it's going. I get up on the fly. All right. Coming up, another time is here with us in studio. She's cause yet action family and so much more right than move-in week. >> He with us this morning here in city is still a party has made a name for herself, designing clothes for celebrities like Meghan Markle, Amal Clooney, Beyonce, so so many more.

>> She launched the brand in 2001 pioneering animal free and eco-friendly fashion. >> And so joining us now, fresh off her Paris fashion show. I think so. I want to show you who made this a part of your

mission, you know, sustainable eco-friendly. I mean, Bella, that deeds of mistress. It does affect pair of Paris fashion show making a big splash you. How important is that to you and why did you decide so early on? You really ahead of the curve? >> You know, I grew up, got a calming them as a vegetarian. And I basically want to be a fashion designer. And and I was lucky enough to be one. I-4 Icahn compromise my ethics for

my Korea. I want to kill animals. You have billions of animals get killed for handbags and shoes and leather jacket. So I was like I caught about and final tentative and time it started that really. And you know, the best thing about today is that actually doing sustainable fashion and being f cool and conscious is actually on trend. Is there a school right? Hard to do? It's impossible today. Yeah, it's a miracle that I'm here today. It's really, really hard. You know, you have to what with your

supplies so deeply, but it's this kind of sexist thing I think in fashion is the future of fashion. I think if people don't stop adopting this way of working. >> Then you know, they can they go mad fashion. Pretty quick. Thanks in no small part to everything that you've done.

Al mention, by the way, Paris Fashion Week want to ask about that because I saw your dad was there. Your sister, Mary was your photographer? Yeah, I'm a real family affair. That wasn't because of a good time as always. Go together as a group.

>> No, I mean, I'm always haha. >> You know, Mike, that's a busy guy. So when he can come, I'm always so excited. And, you know, probably the most important thing, right? Let's face it. Family and friends know the fashion industry is is a tough cookie and to have your family that's supporting use. I you know, my family happens

to be pretty fabulous a little. >> That little guy and 100. He's saying I saw him speaking of the debt that he posted updates almost 80. He's doing still doing head stands. Here it is. Look at the corner of the TV screen is watching MS and there's a teaser for a documentary series shot. Commissioners are obvious

sending a check in the what you're going to a couple of a couple of head Stander. >> Yeah, I can do. That's not my time is very religious about it. He does. I exercises. You know, I mean, he just headline Glastonbury a couple of months to a week off, sending 80 to 250,000 people say must be doing something like we'll do one now. >> Earlier this year you were awarded somebody Mayor goes, yes, please. And this year you were awarded the CBE. So it's

the commander of the Order of the British empire by the late Queen. Elizabeth, your services to fashion and sustainability. Your father, of course, is knighted. >> And you also designed the dress that Meghan Markle wore on with the queen's funeral. I think what an honor. Yeah. >> Well, you know, it is a real honor. Actually. It's it's fun.

You city. I don't know. You know, it's hard to not kind of pinch yourself and move things happened then. Yeah, I have another one coming up. I'm really excited. I'm 2009. I have. It's the it's the got. This is when I stopped stopped fellas. It's than the other one off. And that's the way it's

next. Was the next level and that's one going. Haha. I also and terrible. Haha, his thank you can have a you can have the community sought to what I'm going to be that when a stomach on you. One of Utah's talk about Finding Carolina. >> This to keeps the environment in mind. I mean, it's got to be just as hard to do and in the skin Castro as well. >> It's really, really tough. You know, that the there are

some of the less ingredients really when you're trying to work a sustainable and natural way. But on human new skin care range is coming soon. It's coming here and I'm so excited about it to me. 3 is to do it doesn't harm animals. It doesn't harm the planet is it's refill based. So that's really,

really excited that, you know, that everybody is doing the right to go karting about. It's it's delicious like and that I think the best thing about what I tend to do in luxury fashion and sustainability is you shouldn't compromise in any way the quality and the reality of what your you know, your investing in. So this can cut. Feels like luxurious. Smells delicious. And it's just the results remains and get your skin. And yet it's so what is to right now? Yeah.

>> I love it, though. It is always great having my my next. We're sticking with the fashion and beauty. Think we're going to show us.

>> Smart products that you're a team like the chill, though, for your face. That sounds good but need to show they will be right back. products designed to make our lives a little easier in here to help us is Julie Wilson cut INS beauty editor at large morning. I just love being here. What we Love Avenue and

we're starting off with blush because yes, lusha feel like you to go with the wrong color. You kind of throwing things. But this one is super smart from euphoria. It's green. You see here. But when you put on your skin, it works. If

you're not your skin's natural pH and now that they see that it's actually turn and call, it will be a different he buildable. You see how it's turning like I literally. Yeah, it's amazing heart. Yeah. I mean you can sleep. And then haha. I guess it's like a move. But she was so cool. Plan formulation. You can sleep in it different colors and also interest. I am blown. How about this for some folks?

You know, we're all looking to from and some so I don't know if you've ever heard of new face. You probably seen their bigger device. This one is super smart because it is on the go. You can put this in your bag and basically it's a micro current devices. So it dozens it. You don't like to feel it might not line up and fly. You can feel it. You can feel it vibrating, but you'd be pretty much erased. Fine lines

and wrinkles. It's working the muscles of your face. And so it's toning it's moving all its. It's clearing out lines. I mean, it's genius. How I mean to you? Sorry, you can use it

once or twice a day, OK? I'm in love device that gives you instant gratification. Not one that you have to keep using. All see it. The facts over the weekend. This one early after 3 minutes. He the lines disappear. This is like an ice cube and I think yeah, think this is from detox markets. The chill pill. If you know anything about cryotherapy, you know that having cold therapy on your face promotes collagen promotes a better complexion. It makes your skin. It wakes up your skin and eyes and it is great

for and who? Yeah. Okay. We got here. Okay. Oh, my God. I love that. Russia's by the created a series on that is also a tent like a face hensel like almost like a lot of attention. So you're getting to and want it so smart. Their micro encapsulated pigment happes in here and you literally put on your skin. You can see the little pop stations and you bucket out with the brush and spend it gives you the clearest and most beautiful. Yeah. So I mean hand early, literally skin care and like a beautiful foundation.

And now I know we have to worry about body acne. Hello, I don't know about you, but I'm back and gotten. But yeah, I mean, this might be my haha as everybody love you don't want to put you can't put that stuff on your body that see this is a spray from sauce, soft services, this amazing new brand and you spray it on a dry stone and it clears the acting on your body out space. Why he has a real I mean that these are real. And how do you know like honor buses? Has you covered with this spray? I think its genius. Okay. And last not last but not least 1.5 billion toothpaste tubes find themselves in the landfill

every year. So nto season. What's what turn in Thomas? Ample small. Clean. It's all about. You know what? Dillon doesn't like people rushing. I know. But that Mister.

Okay. Answer. And then you refill the tablets that tablets. You don't have to keep throwing out. So does again. All of these products. Yeah. Like haha. Every TV show every movie. Haha. Team. Like of them so much that I wish I had a toothbrush. Yeah. This is

great. Is a he also black. Watch 13. The company were just like ways. I think. Certainly. Thank you so much. Yeah. How get away from for these products today dot com slash app. We'll be right back. Where are you going with this? Like there's a sink over there. of our start today with some clubs. Yeah. Enjoying the fresh

Representing from Virginia Judy and Brad putting in the work, right? All bundled up and trusting Yahoo. And the journey of want start today. Walking challenge. We love. Yeah. We do like a big round of applause for each. I don't think you ever hear when we do this. Okay. With the

brush my teeth. I don't miss out on being a part in this walking community. Join the club or sign up for our newsletter by scanning that QR code are voting today. Dot com slash start today. All right. And of the 3rd out today and he helped a lot knelt on the agenda today and by guys >> What star who is doing it all. Actress entrepreneur, musician and mob Zoe de Chanel and you'll meet the B***** cancer survivor showing her pink power to help other women of color.

Plus, the always funny elizah slush injure gives us her take on motherhood, marriage and more. It all starts so. Yeah. So we're 14 middle of the month smack in the middle of October. Halfway to Halloween. The halfway to Christmas. >> Lead us to believe I saw them the other day and Shaw held. You get busy and you miss the most obvious thing in the world. Do this by the way there, right?

Your chain you there right behind us. And they're chain. >> Jane, but yes, Friday feeling. Yeah. We have some guys better hope. You guys have a great weekend. Saverin linger. What your weekend. Last and looking for all

without looking at your way. All right. So there is a a gentleman in his 40's who is turning heads because he looks fine. And that's so why not? I think we're talking about Chris Pine. Yeah. He has a new hairdo. Okay. Look at his before picture which was kind of like shoulder-length blond ish. But if you look deeply

into the the picture on the left, it's v Gary Gray with blonde ends. Yes. And he decided he was going to just kind of go for it. Go for it. Shave it all off. Okay. Wow. What a tense out these. In fact, he's not my favorite, Chris. I know there's a lot of Chris us. Yes, I can't remember so many. There's too

many. Chris was terminal. There are so many out. But yeah, now with that hair do he's in the top 2 or 3. His movie was that part? I don't. Chris Hemsworth. There's Chris staple. 10, Chris Pratt, Chris Pratt,

anybody else from a lot of force happens work a lot of Christmas. There are so many when to be aggressive. Just too many cute. When risk rating. Haha, I feel like Chris was that name that I always named Mike and all. Yeah. If you

their credit at Chad the and he was very nicely. Yeah. Hack with the right. Ty Webb. A sweater is like that. I drape it. Yeah. Why George? She knows she knows are khakis. You know, khakis. I mean my dress made. I don't think anybody would have called me bougie tight. He's too small and Micah.

He wrote that he should remember when your first day of school outfits to member liking bad or whatever to remember what those out. That's where you like the first day I remember always towards the end of August 20 to like plan out my abs. I did about it but I didn't ever have any way. Let's try to lower the Archie comic book and and see what she was wearing a to you. Yeah, I love the Archie Comics. I don't know that I ever looked into Iran can. So I was out there and I think circle there. But the saddest part is they

would never come to fruition. You know, it was like Mike, I wear this on the first day. That cute. But was it really my mom loved to pick out? Yeah. That's I remember an orange vest within orange, long color and in orange skirt thanking high. Haha. Wow. I remember walking like everybody's safe. Wow. I guess I thought, yeah. That was really something my

dream. I had this picture and maybe we'll get to. I remember a mustard yellow shirt with they kill it and a tie that I believe my sister made matching tie for my cap. It was like mustard, yellow and a mustard yellow. I had glass chaos as we all had glass. It is just was a 10 terrible. Look, I just feel like the more I think about those of us who went through all those different phases compared to now, I just think it gets Tahoe, but people have a more difficult childhood have or it has been easier adult. Yeah, I think I think you go

through a lot. You're like, well, that's not that I've been through that. I mean, these are live at pictures of myself and 4th grade at the mustache. I'm like, where did that hair go? I mean, I know I wax Tipper ferry and and they just want to add 4th grade. But later, you know, and I'm just like,

wow, you know, I now anyway. But if you're going to offer and stage of your kids are just hang on at Kaylee, hang on its great era. You're at the Smith. Said that greater later. The agree with that. All right. Okay. So if you're looking for

love anybody around here, that could be okay. This is what you want to do. You might want to just go to the grocery store. Apparently there's some strange code of grocery shopping that will let a perspective partner know that you're in the market. You might see someone go. He's cute. I'm going to give him a signal. Yeah. There's a signal you can give. >> With the produce that you're shopping for and you know what? Not any. Somebody made this out. We don't know who but I

think the actual or star it's always what happened at the hockey. Okay. Said here's the deal. This is her. He said that the girl from The Bachelor show she knows okay. She said have been and that's our face up in your car ace up. What does that mean? You're single if you're not looking for your banana down. Upside down. Honey curve down, honey, I hope you're putting your body down.

The governor added on. Can you imagine if you're just grocery shopping innocently? I don't think throw a to businesses that good one. You're aware of this one. I am not aware of the me of the concept. Okay. Virtually if there's an upside

down pineapple, right. I take down at into how about what is upside down. It means at that point the stuff is down. Okay. Upside down.

Kind of pull. That means you're up in a couple. They are still actively looking. What's the pineapple? Leah Pineapple has something to do with that. But you're right.

I want you know that I only know it because I've a pineapple light like a night light a chandelier. I know, OK, Doherty, not full light layer and Nic and somebody lamp and somebody came into my home and they were like, you know what that means? And I was like, no, I just thought it was a lamp is a gift that was a gift. Well, a pan, a full lap means that you could be looking for. >> Extracurricular. All right. And if you want, if you want a

relationship, you're supposed to grab a peach from the peach section and put it and that his cart. >> Well, could he put it in your car? So what is a peach symbol of? I don't. I asked The Bachelor to see what you ever heard of people. Anybody is cardio. Like? Haha. Yeah. It's like some hot gesture like, yeah, this is my heart. Haha. >> Social media challenge from none other than Ricky Gervais.

Last scary. We're going to scroll through its this week's best viral videos and posts after this. >> We're we're in for a good time, whatever. >> Our good friends. Top spot. She's the host of the midnight Snack. I'm Kasey Michelle Kott

waiting to show lives on the other across the pond. So we're so happy back to that. Have that accent. I want to support and have a show is back to run through those by the social media post by the Mass in a segment we like to call. I'm so happy to hear. How are you were good. We start with

Ricky Gervais. So yeah. >> Why is he up to rookies? Always causing problems and you know, people love him and hate him. But he had this tweet that went viral where he asked the question. You can only keep 3 latest. Want you to look at this list. Going to 3 to it. Water, hair dryer, stretching taxi social media lying to us.

Are you sitting down gossiping, umbrellas radio and which was I'll say I know what career would pick. You know, it's 3 Tom Brady. You know, we can listen to on Spotify. But you you can have other things that are like that rate. I would say those 3 as far as I know from Ricky is nothing else but not for else at the House on the plan. I have to operate

exciting news that that's the only way to get music. I'm taking a live these. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Really. Really tough. Yeah. He's talking. So what you're you're well, okay. Publicly. Yeah. On on NBC it would be sitting down parties and umbrellas because I've always fancied myself a bit of an impression of standing like gossiping lying apart. What that family parties. Yeah, use, right?

Yeah, I think. All right. We're all right. And the next one, I know how much growth of serene wind. Yeah, it left. So you know, she's retire and should not talking about. But you stepped away from tennis and now we're seeing what she's doing. Shannon Girls weekend. She's

not. She's in Mexico. She's dancing to my new hit. Single. Anybody bound. By the way. I want to see watch this. >> You know, I feel like people, you know, if anybody deserves a break, do you think it's time Serena get great? Yeah. I think we should go to Mexico love, right? We do that

without more specific with me have. Of course here we have a lot of dating posts. I know how much. Yeah. >> Amber Rose us money. So she cost of this thing. Yeah.

Why is it so hard to find an intelligence sexy back successful Hahahaha rose is asking for too much. I feel like every single man. And he is a narcissist. Haha. >> Be haha another. The Hart added that which is fine by me. But the way for that to talk about themselves the whole time you're on the day. Yeah. Who question? No, no. Haha. I just I feel like all these men out there. She's right.

Yeah. She's looking for this perfect man. But as if they have a tooth. >> And working off from like.

this is really can't okay. You know, people wonder what your family home look like. Please watch this Lovely lady Emily Wilson. She has been watching. Let's take a look at

this. >> Action shot to he want. Yeah. Oh my God. Love you, Michelle. Yeah, guys. Check out the show on our podcast. Midnight Snack. All right. >> Coming up next, actress addition now longer signature style and a real-life Hollywood love coming up after this. all have a single thing in common.

>> This lovely lady right here is has been acting since she was a teen. Also an entrepreneur, a musician of trial style trend setter. >> I'm a mom.

>> And they say, yeah, great to see you a couple years ago. We we have the Scott Brothers share all the time. They're always fixing and they're really yeah. And I was so excited when I saw whatever the posts were early on, Hewitt, Jonathan were dating. Yeah. First of all, he's in love with you can tell there. How did you when did you know like this relationship feels right for? Well, you know, he's just so kind.

Always so nice and thoughtful and considerate. Yeah, and I was trying to be that way. But, you know, when somebody else is being that way, you know, and it kind of encourages you to like, keep it up. And it's like a well. He's so nice. So, you know, I want to be even he's just such a thoughtful, kind person. And yeah, sometimes you win,

you know, you know, yeah, it was like, yeah, yeah. And you know where? But like I I was like 39. We've got music. Maybe 41 like we were, you know, not young. So we kind of knew you now. Oh, it's so sweet. Now I picture him making all the light design decisions only because he's that guy.

Do you got? How does that work for you to know what he's really collaborative? Because I'm very like I have a distinct fiat style and he was, you know, he he has certain things that are really important to him. And I have certain things that are really important to me. And luckily, they're not the exact same thing. So he's really into our although

architectural soften and you're into more of this dial a yeah. Your style is so cool. So when I pick she was a little girl. When you were little, are you the one like I'm going to wear this with this mom and dad? I'm going to do it my way.

Yeah. I was always I had my own which one, Stu, the little I I'm sure I had this smart stresses that my grandma and my aunt would make them. And I would always be aware. And I like stresses and I like the

smock and with the little, you know, all those little like and stress. Yeah, one more time on this because I am noticing something else that similar things you've got bangs your whole life. Yeah. Is that has that been your signature since you were letting you know, when you're a little kid, they just cut your hair. All right. And that's how it was cut. And then it just kind of looks better on me like I grew them out once. And it does look as if it wasn't for you that are with the things that was like now taken the Iran like nobody recognizes me with for road.

You've got really cool parents. I do know you hit the parent jackpot, Dennis or how many or so they've been married 50. Yeah. They just had their 5th wedding anniversary. This what I'm or so what? >> Watching them. I mean that they're obviously teaching you things about a relationship and how to keep a relationship work. What do you think you're learning or you've learned from them? >> We have like family dinners all the time. Yeah, it's you

know, they're they're just a fantastic couple. And they both have their own independent things that they do. They're both very independent people, but they always come together and, you know, they just like being together. So I think

that's most important thing. There is an app. >> That you are associate with that you get you're crazy about. >> Yeah. Tell. Tell me about it. Yes. So a co-founder of this app called Merrifield and it's kind of like couponing. But it it's easy to feel like Couponing is kind of hard to be good at math. So this is

just specifically for better for you Bran's. When I had my first kid, I got really into, you know, health and wellness. And it really kind of upset me that it seems like, you know, it was kind of difficult to eat healthy on a budget and it felt, oh, my gosh, it was 6. Yes, it was

like we why it was about and some to buy fresh food that's healthy for you, right? So so I started a company called lettuce grown to like hydroponic growing devices. So I was like I want to do 20% of my growing home-like grow food, cat. But then what about the other 80%? So Mary feels like the solution for the other 80%. We get for words and cash back for buying better for you. Our eco friendly brand. So if you buy healthy something healthy, you get our brands.

And our brands are all of that. It through like a very strict set, a standard cut. And yeah, it's been amazing. The response has been incredible. A lot of people who are saying, you

know, these brands were kind of out of their reach. You know, they they couldn't afford them before now. Now it allows them to afford these better for you brands and we're helping people eat healthier, sold out. Show better in the end. I know. It's so good to see you. Congratulations on your life right now. Happy for you. >> Coming up next, Jenna and I are going to sit down with a b***** cancer survivor whose inspirational story is touching so many lives coming up after this.

>> Today we're spreading the peak power last to all the b***** cancer fighters and survivors out there. We're sitting with one of them right now. >> Ricky, fairly, Ricky has defied all odds are we're going to talk to her in just a second. But first, a look at how she created a whole new life for herself with a very meaningful mission. >> Kind of like let everything go and just paddle and just feel the water and see the bill, the sun, the wind got around me. >> Ricky fairly starts most of her days like this alone and that piece on the Chesapeake Bay.

But this mother of 2 didn't always know how to slow down. Like most caregivers, Ricky was constantly on the go. >> I was a crazy, busy typical mom working mom. I actually had been married for 30 years.

And I was the breadwinner for our family traveling every week on the road. >> After a routine mammogram, the words triple negative b***** cancer stopped her in her tracks. My doctor said. >> We found 5 spots on your chest while you are now metastatic, you have 2 years to live. Get your affairs and what

are we don't have anything great. And I said, why can't really tight right now? I have and I have to admit, I have to pay for her tuition. Some even gotten some drugs or something with our KSAT. >> It was a long road of surgeries, chemotherapy, radiation and experimental drugs. But it worked. And breaking was cancer free. She decided to quit her own.

>> Life and start fresh. Knew I had to get rid of all the cancers in my life. And of course, my husband of 30 years. I quit my business partner 10 years. I thought my house and now for the Georgia with upholding 2 acres. >> And I'm to my little one that you can do on the beach. >> She also did a lot of research and learned about the disparity in b***** cancer for black women.

>> This disease from black women is a different disease. And now we have a growing body of data that validates and a black b***** cancer cell. That's different from a white one. We have a 41% higher mortality rate and what I meant

with a 39% higher recurrence rate of b***** cancer than white women, which is crazy. >> So with her new home, her new fiance and her new way of life came a new purpose, a nonprofit called Touch The Black B***** Cancer Alliance. >> I wanted to change the game on how the world thinks about black women and b***** cancer. I want to advance the science. I want to stop the dying. I wanted to bring from a cynical companies to the table if a deal with the ash help us.

>> 11 years after she was told she was going to die, Ricky is still cancer free and has been able to watch her oldest daughter get married and have a family of her own. >> I want for my granddaughters. I don't want them to ever think about the TV. I want them to have to talk about it. I don't want to I don't want to be in their distance. >> As for her younger daughter, Hayley, Ricky got her wish and watch to graduate college. They now work side by side to

help other women going through the unthinkable. >> Seeing my mom firsthand being second killing all the things that come with it. And now to some things that you can come with survivorship just being a sub for some for these women has been a large part of my mission. And so what I'm

trying to do now for the b***** cancer communities also create that safe space. >> Looking back, Ricky has advice for younger, busier self. >> Peace is not negotiable. Take care of yourself. Check your b***** cancer. Something units give yourself a sauce.

It's OK to say no. >> And that she sits with their family for generations of strong women recuse mission is clear. >> I mean, there are no American should be here.

So many women with had when I had didn't make it. And I know that God left me here to do this work to be a problem. >> It's my purpose. >> And Ricky, I mean, we are in awe of you. Your purpose came with that horrible diagnosis. Yeah, a huge change. You made

so many changes that you're probably too afraid to make your whole life. What what was there ever a point of trepidation? Should I divorce has been change all these things because of this of what happened? You know? >> There is no trepidation. I knew I knew my spirit that is saved my life. And I just went for it and think twice about

it. And people say, are you crazy restriction to us at one time? You want to think about it? I said no, I have to go now. >> You know, the best thing about this is that you have the second life and you're using it to help other women. You know, statistics that we heard in the piece are unacceptable. And you

could have just read those and thought, OK, but instead you're finding them. And that just seems like an incredible mission. >> I work for my granddaughter. I don't want them to ever think about b***** cancer. And we have a lot of work to do to save black women. And I don't I don't want anybody to die of b***** cancer, but we deserve mortality rate parity.

>> Well, I thought what you said after the diagnosis was like you Doctor me, God medicine here to get right on that one. You sound like your faith was unshakable throughout. It was I you know, faith is my special guest. I know that God left me here to do this work. >> And I'm I'm on a mission to try to change how we think about it.

>> Well, Ricky and we are press with you if that's not obvious but also thrive. Cosmetics, they told us they were so inspired by the work that you do to eradicate black b***** cancer. That guess what? They're donating $10,000. >> How awesome would that be able to make a difference? That would be awesome. You know, we have this movement called when we trial. We tried that on to educate black women about clinical trials. So you get better drugs. So I'll put it to work. >> Today, Arab League believe. Wow. What a gift for us.

Thank you so much to so much. Who coming up next, the whole areas, comedian allies, the Sheshan are becoming a mom after this. since she was crowned the last comic standing back in 2008. >> Clearly not just the beginning for allies are now is that with their second but called all things aside and are 6. Yes, 6 IX. I said 6 Netflix special called Hot Forever. We have a sneak peek.

>> I believe what unifies every woman on this planet. We all got ugly brought and the bigger your proves our the outer layer that brought it. Every girl gotten a new bright, the longest relationship you've ever event. >> She is battle worn. Every man in this crowd is like a scene. That role. >> One guy where human right? Not to wear and downward when that's not my ugliest, but it's definitely her here. The whole.

Yes, we've all got to it. Here's the issue. This started out just fine. Yeah, you love it. And I like to it's like that guy that you meet its like he's he's a 5 out of 10. But he's so sweet to my mother. Hard work. Haha, that's it. Since you were last here, a lot of things have changed. One

that you became a mom. I did become of my body is changing my mind. Chemically. I became oh, look at that chant. No, that's her. We don't show her face. And even winter is born. She's like no pictures, please. I really long lines. There she

is. So the head of hair of a grown man I can sport has now transformed you. I mean, motherhood or how has it changed to? I mean, I feel thinner and her a little softer, a little kinder, a little more tired, but it's to me, it's yeah, it's incredible. Yeah, all these great things

about mom shaming to, you know, where you're just like now. And I know, right? I think my commentary is never about in my book. I talk about my commentaries number about motherly advice. My commentary on the people who say things to them honest like are you feeding the kids cigarettes? No. Then brush teeth until the right. I don't care day. You show me the correlation between like a maniac goes ballistic and breastfeeding ever. Are you when you parent

are you someone who was like rules and things to try to keep it all just right. Are you someone who let Andy is like that? When I zoom in has some great like gourmet cookie. She does. He was shot and he makes all of her all of her baby food. That is unbelievable. I know she got an appetite. She took down a full lemon the other day with 16.

Oh my how we are. Jean, my thanks to this. Yes, one celebrity jeopardy. Well, it's it's we get in when it when we play at home. How did you do that? Reject the questions are

not as hard for the celebrities. I just came to play and I was sweating an issue. What I know like I forgot to smile and laugh because like I can't look stupid like that. I have to know what a polygon is in front of America. You don't? Yeah enough. Unlike likable way. >> There was a term that we didn't know where it originated. Only learned after reading the note about you that it originated with you live when the all the cotton.

Really haha. >> How the millennial I and my opponent, you really come up with that? Yeah. As just a joke because I thought it was very funny to have like hot young girls saying the word elder and then it became part of the site got. But, you know, I think we're both older millennials. Yeah, I miss the cut off to be whatever is a millennial by John Mott one month by one month. Yahoo your age. But I'm 40. Okay. 41 in November.

I right there. All right. Nic Lee, you can sit with us because we're very inclusive because we're like kind of

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