Wales Adventures Day 3 - Crickhowell to Torpantau: Kat & Katie Hiking:

Wales Adventures Day 3 - Crickhowell to Torpantau: Kat & Katie Hiking:

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[Music] [Music] Kat: "How slimy is it? A little slimy." [Music] [running water] [Music] Kat: "Okay, we're good to go." [giggling] Katie: "Good morning." Kat: " Good morning this is a start of day three." Katie: "Yes, and we haven't chatted to you   yet today because we got up so early and made a  really early start start. We started while   it was still dark..." Kat: "...and the reason for that that  strange decision is that there is a possible treat  

at the end of today's route..." Katie: "There is, yes" Kat: "but we have to get there by a certain time."  Katie: "Are we going to not tell them what it is in case  it doesn't come together?" Kat: "Maybe we should keep it a secret."   Katie: "OK let's keep it as a secret. But yeah, it's  been a really interesting start this morning. We  

left Crickhowell at I think probably half past six, and as soon as we headed out of the town we went   along the canal for a long stretch, the Brecon and  Monmouth Canal, which was really nice to walk on." Kat: "Yeah after some of the difficult, muddy and  up and downs we've done it was flat, it was dry...   dryish... lots of lots of nice ducks, and then we  moved over to a river bank." Katie: "Yes we went along the   Usk River for a stretch, and I was really hoping for  a swim after the disappointment of yesterday. This   stretch of river did have a possible swimming  spot but the river was too fast and too powerful.   I'm a strong swimmer but that was too dangerous  to get in, so more swimming disappointment but   it means we're making really good headway today.  How far have we done?" Kat: "We have done six."  

Katie: "That's amazing! Six kilometres or six miles six miles? Please say miles!" [giggles] Kat: "Six miles I think. We'll double check that in a   in a minute, but yeah it's just gone 9am  I think, so... Katie: "Time for second breakfast and yeah   fingers crossed we will make it for our surprise  at the end of today." Kat: "It does feel really good to   get a lot done early." Katie: "It is nice, yeah" Kat: "And then we can relax a little bit and not have to rush towards the end."   Katie: "Obviously on most days there's no time  deadline. Yesterday we were rushing to get to  

the ice cream shop before it closed." Kat: " Which we managed!" Katie: " Which we managed, and today yeah   hopefully we've got another treat in store but  then after that I don't think there's any time   sensitive deadlines that we need to finish by,  so we can relax a little bit," Kat: "and not start in the dark."  Katie: "Yes that was exceptional. I don't think  I'll make you do that again."

Kat: [giggles] "Okay." [Music] [wind blowing] [Music] [wind blowing] [footsteps] Kat: "I have to use my pole." [groan] Katie: "You got it?" Kat: "Yeah" [groans and giggles] Katie: "We've just had our lunch in this beautiful spot. I feel like a ring wraith is going to come and   get us from just up there. I've been pretending  that I'm a hobbit while I've been eating my lunch."  Kat: "Yeah we both thought the same thing when  we saw this this spot. What have we done so far?"  

Katie: "The weather turned all of a sudden, almost  immediately after we last sat down and chatted    it went from beautiful sunshine to drizzle.  We saw the mist come in up the valley and then   it turned to rain, so we're both a little bit  soggy but not too bad. It hasn't been horrible."   Kat: "No. It was unfortunate it was the moment  when we were up on an exposed bit of hill."   Katie: "isn't it always?!" Kat: "But yeah, we saw our first  other hikers really, for almost the whole..."   Katie: "Yeah in three days we haven't seen any other hikers,  and even those ones we saw were at a distance" Kat: "Miles away, yeah   it's been really nice." Katie: "I thought they might be joining  us on this route, but no, we've had the trail to  

ourselves and it's been beautiful. We got  a good view of the reservoir and the mountains   behind it although the mountains were pretty  much in cloud so you can see right up to the   top. It certainly made me feel affirmed in our choice  that we're not heading up to the highest mountains   but sticking to the valleys and the woods and  hopefully keeping safe and dry." Kat: "Oooh and we saw a   farm that had some... Katie: "oh the pygmy goats!" Kat: "had some very  nice creatures which we took lots and lots of  

footage of so..." Katie: " What is happening to our light? is  the sun coming out? Kat: "I don't know" Katie: "The sun's coming out finally [giggles] oh well." Kat: "Okay it's going away again"  Katie: "Yeah it's not going to last long is it."   Kat: "So yeah, we're going to carry on with our walk now."  Katie: "Yeah we're heading down through a bit   more woods and then we'll be joining what I  think looks like a cycle path, and it looks like   we're well on schedule for our surprise at the  end of the day which is very exciting." Kat: "I'm so excited." [Music] [waterfall sounds] Kat: "Actually it's really nice. I should  have rolled up my trousers up."   

Katie: "I was going to comment and I thought you know  what you're doing you're an adult" Kat: "I don't." [giggles] Katie: "Ah, there we go." Katie: "Okay" [giggles] Kat: "Shall I start?" Katie: "Yes" Kat: "We made it!" Katie: "We are at the end  of day three and we're a bit delirious?"   Kat: "I think so yeah. We just got into some very cold water."  Katie: "Oh that was so nice. So cold but so nice." Kat: "And we have made it in time for our surprise  that we were hoping for." Katie: "Yes"  

Kat: "So hopefully that'll work out." Katie: "Fingers crossed, we're still not 100%  certain, but what have we been doing   since lunchtime? We walked on the Taff Trail  which was a long stretch of cycle path and   I can't help but feel like it would have been  more fun to cycle it than to walk, even though   it was nice that it was really flat um and we  got some lovely views it was probably my least   favourite part of the route so far." Kat: "Yeah it was  just very long and straight and the same."   Kat: "The views were amazing." Katie: " But we did see the cutest  furry caterpillar, that was a highlight definitely."  Kat: "And then when we emerged from that  we went to see a waterfall." Katie: "Again always hoping   for some swimming options but it was a bit  small and shallow sadly. It was lovely to look  

at but no swimming, not today. And now we're going to go and have the next step of our adventure." Kat: "Yeah, we've got a little hill  to climb and then we should be there." Katie: "Fingers crossed."

[Music] [whistle sounds] [train chugging] Katie: "It is busy" [train chugging] [engine sounds] [train chugging] [whistle sounds] [train chugging] [whistle toots] [train chugging] [Music] Katie: "Thank you!" [Music] Katie: "This is going to be an interesting one for me to sit down without showing my  underwear... we're going to go for side on" [groan] Kat: "Alright." Katie: "We've done it Kat" Kat: "Start again." Katie: "Why?!"  Kat: "Sorry, I was faffing with my t-shirt" [giggles] Katie: "We've done it Kat! We've made it  to the end of day three. We've just had a   little foot bath in the stream which was..." Kat: "icy"  Katie: "...more cold than I thought that running   water could ever be." Kat: "It was refreshing" Katie: "it was lovely, and we made it in good time for  

our surprise so we can probably tell people what it is." Kat: "Hopefully yeah." Katie: "Are we not going   to tell them? Just in case?" Kat: "No we should we should. It is...... Katie: "No we shouldn't tell, no. Start again!" [giggles] Katie: "Oh I got the grit bin in after all, sorry!" Kat: "Aha! Sun cream! I didn't think we would need it"  Katie: "Can you show it to the camera please?  Oh it doesn't look like sun cream." Kat: "No"

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