Visiting Tourism Capital of Nepal -Pokhara || Travelling Mantra Nepal Part 11

Visiting Tourism Capital of Nepal -Pokhara || Travelling Mantra Nepal Part 11

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He is a fan of Kejriwal. (Politician) Thank you so much. Nepalis want Kejriwal to come here. Voter ID, and Aadhar card is accepted on domestic flights but it doesn't work on international flights. We have reached Pokhara and Pokhara is the second largest city by population in Nepal. I have booked the hotel grand holiday.

The reviews of this hotel were very good. I will tell you the trick on how to book the cheapest Hotel all over the world. The white mountain which you are seeing is the Annapurna range. Annapurna range is very famous for trekking. Jai Hind, Namaste, Greetings. My name is Manoj Malhotra and today we are in..

..a village which comes in the district of Bhaktapur in Nepal. Today we are going to Pokhara. I have booked my taxi, Airport is 8 km from here. The fare for the taxi is 600 Nepali Rupees which is 375 INR. I am with a beautiful Nepal family. His name is Anish, and he is his father, a great man. She is his mother, she has brought tea.

She is my sister, thank you so much. Yesterday, she had given me black tea, so I asked her to give me milk tea today. I am waiting for my taxi. If you want to stay in this beautiful village, Anish brother gives rooms for rent. They will give it on rent for multiple days as per your needs. It is good to stay out of the chaotic City.

Bhaktapur is 3 km and Kathmandu is 15 km from here. The airport is just 8 km from here, I just saw it on Google. This place is very beautiful, I suggest you to come here. Yesterday night we had dinner and she did not allow Anish and her sons to wash the plates.

She washed the utensils very neatly. She doesn't trust her kids to wash the plates but she has cleaned them very neatly. It is the month of March and it is a bit cold here. I brought only one long and a short jacket from Delhi, I was not knowing that it will be so cold here. It is not very cold but the weather is very chill in the morning and evenings. Pokhra might be colder because that comes in the hilly regions, if I am not satisfied with the jacket, I will purchase one more.

The taxi has arrived, and I am ready to leave this place. I had a good time with you. We meet new people but we leave them very soon while travelling. One day we become very close, Anish also came to Delhi.

We travelled together in Delhi. I stayed in the house for one night, it was very good. He is a fan of Kejriwal. Thank you so much. Nepalis want Kejriwal to come here.

Main unhen Facebook, Instagram aur Twitter jaise social media ke jarie jaanata hoon. You should don't believe this social media blindly. My dear sister, take this (Gives money). This is not done in India, you are my sister. I had come empty-handed, but I will not go empty-handed.

Namaste aunty. -How are you? I met her the last night. Alright. You did not meet her, you met another woman. -But both look very similar. This is a Santro car.

He is going to drop us at the airport. Thank you so much, take care of your health. Please visit this place again. -I will try to come here while going back.

Alright, thank you so much. How are you brother, what is your name? -Monu. Monu? -That's great My brother's name is also Monu. In India, Monu and Sonu are common names. It was very cold, Anish told me that he will drop me on his bike. I did not accept it, we are going towards Pokhara.

I have booked a flight. You can also go to Pokhara by taking local buses. The good quality buses take 1300 Nepali Rupees and the government buses take 500 Nepali Rupees. But people insisted me to take a flight to Pokhara. It will be a 6-hour drive on the road, but it might take longer, I come to Nepal for a very short period. The flight ticket was also not very expensive, it was just 2400 INR.

Buddha airline is a very popular local airline. Everyone insisted me to take a Buddha Air flight. We are going to go to Pokhara on a Buddha Air flight. It's better to take a flight as we reach the place in 25 minutes rather than taking a bus which takes 6 hours. We will reach within 25 minutes. We will see whether we will reach on time or not.

We are on the highway, which will take us to the airport. As in other countries, the roads are very busy in the morning. People are going to their offices.

Some people are standing in front of the tea stall. Some people are waiting for the bus. This is a bus stop in Nepal.

We have come near the airport, you get many budget hotels here. Mount Everest is known as Sagarmatha in Nepal. If you are booking a taxi outside India, please inform the driver where you are going to, the domestic or international terminal.

I told the driver to take me to the domestic departure. He should not take us to the international departures as we are foreigners in these countries. You should always tell the driver. The driver told that there is an app called 'In drive'. I told you about the app 'Pathao' But there is another app called 'In drive'. It is similar to ola and uber.

This is the parking bill, what is the price? Is it free? -It is free only for 5 minutes. It is free only for 5 minutes. Will he take money if we take more than 5 minutes? -Yes.

There is so much traffic, it will take more than 5 minutes. I experienced a similar situation in Bahrain, It was free for 10 minutes. We were stuck in traffic for 10 minutes in the traffic inside the airport. 600 INR was the parking fee. Will you not leave me till the departure Gate? You have to go from here. -Should I go from here?

He has stopped the vehicle here. He told me that I should go from there he has dropped me in the parking Are you sure that I have to go from here, Where is the departure Gate? You can see the board 'Shubham'? -Yes, I can see the board. Take this money.

Thank you so much, please give me the bag. I am nothing without my bag. Thank you so much. It is 7:40 am, we reached the airport within 20 minutes, it was an 8 km drive from Anish's house. The distance to Pokhara is 140 km by air and nearly 200 km by road. We are going to Pokhara from Kathmandu and will reach within 25 minutes if we take a flight.

We have come to the domestic airport in Kathmandu. For the international flight, a passport and Voter ID were needed. For the domestic flight, we will see whether we will require an Aadhar card or driving licence.

For domestic flights, Voter ID and Aadhar card are enough, but it doesn't work on international flights. 15 kg was allowed on my ticket. There are no weighing machines here. I think it is there inside, but it is not there outside.

But they did not weigh my bag. Pokhara. I want to go to Pokhara. Thank you so much. Our flight was scheduled at 8:45 am. The person at the check-in counter told me if I am ready to leave at 8 o'clock.

There was another flight at 8 am, so I told him to give me that flight. He told me that the flight is at 8 o'clock and it is 8 now. I think their flight is late.

Everyone told me about the Buddha air. The time is already 8:00 am. We have sat inside the flight, this flight was scheduled at 8 am. It is 8:21 am, but I think this flight will depart at 8:45 which was my initial flight timing. This aircraft's model number is ATR-72.

(Flight announcement) The flight is ready for takeoff. This flight was at 8 am, but now the time is 9:20 pm. We will reach Pokhara within 25 minutes.

Kathmandu Airport will always be busy, so always the flights get delayed. Whenever you are going back to your country or city, please inform them the time you arrive wisely because the flight always gets delayed in Kathmandu airport. Everyone insisted me to take a Budha air flight, because this is the best flight.

Buddha Air is best to travel domestically in Nepal. The flight is going towards the runway and it is ready for takeoff. I will meet you at Pokhara. We landed at Pokhara airport after 25 minutes. We are waiting to deboard the flight.

We have reached Pokhara. We have reached Pokhara and Pokhara is the second largest city by population in Nepal. Pokhara is also known as the tourism capital of Nepal. People come here for Annapurna mountain trekking. These people were looking at the mountains from the bus. People are happy to see the mountains for which they have come.

My tag is being checked. -Thank you sir. Greetings sir! Hello sir. I am Manoj kumar. Shall I leave my luggage here? I have come out of Pokhara international airport. He has come to receive me. This is a Tata sumo gold vehicle.

What is your name? -My name is Prem. I have your number. -Should I keep this also? Thank you so much, my dear friend. Greetings madam This was the parking charge since this is a newly constructed airport, there are no public taxis. I had booked a cab in my hotel only.

My hotel is the Grand holiday hotel. The hotel is 7 kilometres from here. The fare for this taxi is 1000 Nepali Rupees. Prem brother has come here to receive, you just met him.

Will we get a public taxi here? -You will get public taxi. We will get at the airport? -Yes. How much is the charge to go to Pokhara City? -It is 1000, 1200 or sometimes 1500. What is the correct fare price till Pokhara City? -It is 1000 Nepali Rupees.

The one-way charge to Pokhara city is 1000 Nepali Rupees. 1000 Nepali Rupees. 1 INR equal to 1.6 Nepali Rupees. 100 INR is equal to 160 Nepali Rupees. This is the currency conversion rate.

1000 Nepali Rupees is 625 INR. In Nepal, you get a 1 km taxi for 100 rupees. If you want to go anywhere, you calculate the kilometre and negotiate with him in multiples of hundreds. If you don't understand anything, ask the hotel that how much should you pay from bus stop or airport. You can negotiate the amount told by the hotel. If you are travelling for the first time, and if don't know how to negotiate the price, this is the trick.

This is Prithvi Chowk in Pokhara. It is not very difficult to read the Nepali language. It is very similar to Hindi, if you know to read Hindi, you can read the Nepali language. It is the same, Amrita Fancy stores. Jeevan pharmacy, Notary public. It is very similar to the Hindi language.

Sir. Are you Janak? -Yes. Nice to meet you. -Thank you, same here. Welcome To Pokhara, Grand holiday. I have booked this hotel, Grand holiday.

The review of this was very good. The reviews on the staff were also very good, so I have booked this hotel. I will tell you the trick on how to book the the cheapest Hotel all over the world. I will tell you the trick and I will tell you how I book my hotel.

Greeting sir, how are you? -Thank you so much. Do you also have a restaurant? There is also a restaurant, is the breakfast over? -Yes, the breakfast is over. Let's go. -Come let's go.

I told him to give me the best room on the property. It's just a matter of 500 rupees, we have to book a good room. When we are already paying the amount it is okay to spend another extra 300 INR. We will take the hotel when it's cheap and rest we will look when it comes. Lift is not there in this hotel? -Lift is not there in the hotel. There is no lift on this property.

This is the second floor. This is the room. 312. Thank you so much. Hot water is available? -Yes, it is available 24/7. 24 hours, then it's good.

Wi-Fi is also available. This is a balcony, with a good view. We can sit and enjoy the views, all the hills are visible. We can also see the mountains. The white Mountain which you are seeing is the Annapurna range.

Annapurna range is very famous for trekking. People come for base camp trekking in the Annapurna range. This place is heaven for trekking lovers. Greetings! Are you fine? From which place did you come? Did you come from Kathmandu? Alright, enjoy! This is a very good hotel. After some time we will get to know whether this is good or bad. As of now, my experience is good.

If they treat us well, we will love their hospitality. We always need a favour. We expect the hospitality of the hotel to be good and give guidance to the tourists. We always expect this from the hotel.

Let's look at the room. Bed, two chairs and table. There is another table. You can call this as a computer table, this is a kettle.

This is clothes stand and hairdryer. There is a small TV and a cupboard. It's a basic room, but it is very well-ventilated. The speciality here is the balcony! I will tell you how to book a hotel at cheap prices.

Go to the website and search for the hotel as per your budget, For example, and TripAdvisor and so on. If you like the hotel and the reviews, mail the hotel directly. You can talk with them and negotiate the price. This is March 2023, the price of this room on was.. The price of this hotel on these dates was 6500 Nepali rupees for 2 Nights. I got it for 3000 Nepali rupees for 2 Nights.

Breakfast is not included in this price. I talked with them, and they were ready to give a 25% discount on breakfast. You should talk with them very politely and convince them.

They will negotiate the price if you directly mail them. If you want to book this hotel, I will put the number and everything in the description. I am going to stay here for 2 days. We will go around the city and I always prefer the hotel to be in the centre of the city.

I always book a hotel in the centre of the city. This was the journey from Kathmandu to Pokhara City. I will get freshen up, eat something and meet you in the next video. I will take a leave, take care of your health. Thank you, Namaste, Jai Hind.

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