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And we're going on a fishing trip! Oh you can see hundreds of them! I don't think I've ever seen so many fish .... Oh my Goodness, Is this not  the most amazing view? That is absolutely amazing oh my goodness  look at that! Wow look at the size of that! We're Marianne and Chris in 2018 we quit  the 9-5 and bought Trudy our campervan. We are currently on an adventure to  drive the circumference of the world.

Good morning my sweetness ... Wow look at my view! Have we got a view out of the back window? Wow, we haven't had a view like that in ages, and what this camera can't tell you or  show you, is the smell ! oh the seaweed I love it so when we arrived last night it was dark this  is the spot we parked at. Naick and Kim next door, they've got another couple of truck campers there.

Let's just go and have a look at the beach. Wow what a place to wake up to. It's been absolutely ages since we've parked up next to such a beautiful beach. We've been hanging out on the island  waiting for the parts for Trudy, the parts have arrived they got here pretty quickly, and we've got an appointment with the garage in the city of Duncan next Friday.

so we've got a week  to wait until Trudy gets fixed hopefully all the parts fit. And we're heading up the island as we  said with Naick and Kim, we got some tribe members Clint and Linda that we're heading up to  see later today, and we're going on a fishing trip, they're going to take us to try and catch a  salmon for dinner! I'm so excited, how cool is that?! There you go that's Marianne's view out the  window, what a place to have your morning coffee my sweetness. I'm very happy, I feel like purring! if  I was a cat I would be purring! I think that beats Walmart car park! What do you reckon guys? okay the time has come, we're going to be heading north up the island now, we're going to miss this view, but  I think we'll probably stop on the way back down.

it is stunning it is absolutely stunning, we had  no idea yesterday I was just saying that to him like we pulled up here, it was night time yeah  no idea what's over there, and then this morning we took off the window cover we were like oh! I could hear the waves when I was in the bed. you can like smell the sea, yes oh the seaweed was really strong. Anyway we're going to take the coastal Road North and we're going to catch some salmon tonight! Yeah we're gonna catch dinner Are you guys ready to go find some salmon or what sit back relax and enjoy the flight now that's what you call a colourful Caravan   what's funny the back of the the back  of the Caravan says ice cream dreams   so Trudy's not the only aspiring ice  cream van! See - we are cool! he's reversing (Marianne whistles and says hand gestures STOP!) that's perfect parking yeah perfect! looking at the  coastline here I think it's going to be a beautiful drive today, Blue Skies of course great company and looking forward to seeing  more of this amazing Island   They just radio to say that one of their draws just fell out! The joys of Van life if you forget to lock a drawer, or the clip comes undone, it's  normally pretty Carnage! Did you guys make a mess? so the road we're taking today is the 19a which  actually runs parallel to the new number 19 Highway,   it's hugging the coastline and all  the way along they've got these wonderful   houses with sea views, it would be a very  nice place to to stay - they're on the beach. There is a squirrel running across the road, run squirrel! he's  looking very happy - it's a black squirrel yeah   driving along you can just see the leaves on the trees are just starting to change colour and it won't be long until autumn  and winter is here, which will be perfect timing for us to start heading to Mexico and warmer climates before it turns too cold! wow the views along here, they're just delivering every time you can still see snow on the mountains in the distance, despite it being at the end of summer, there's something magical about Coastal roads I can't believe there's still snow on the  mountains, and it's like the end of summer - it hasn't had the next Autumn's  dump yet, and it's still still snowy Okay we've arrived and we want to introduce you  to Clint and Linda, who have very kindly invited us to stay, they're tribe members, and we're going to be hanging out, we got a welcome pack from the city of Campbell River.

Along with this collection book here, we got a map, that's black tea from Stonehouse teas here in town, USB flash drive you can never have enough of those, that's made by a local shop here. Oh that smells lovely, smell that! oh yeah that's really good, we are clean again! We're going off fishing! Naick are you ready? I'm ready I was born ready for fishing! We are ready for fishing, and the boys  are not going to be competitive on who catches dinner. It's got nothing to do with that at all, it's who doesn't catch dinner, who's going hungry?! Here the RCMP the mountain police shot a cougar here not long ago, do you  get bears walking around the town? Yes Not a ton, but it happens. It is not a rare thing, I have had bears run right across the road in front of me. This is Naick, Jason, nice to meet you I am Chris. So this is Jason, he's the the guy that's very kindly  offered to take us out on the boat tonight To catch some fish - that would be nice ! Who's going to catch the biggest I think I think Clint definitely looks the  most professional with this green top on.

It is all about how you look, he's done that before okay it's going in okay I'm sat at the front, these guys are at  the back I'm helping balance the weight out   for the guys at the back, the three of us at  the back equals Chris at the front! okay guys come on ! somebody of Chris' stature  up front it just balances The Boat out! He is the tall guy, it's all about it's all about  the height, nothing to do with the weight! wow what a beautiful place Okay this is the first fishing spot.   it's like an arm on the side of the boat with the Reel ? well what happens is uh that's a down rigger okay and we attach the fishing line to the down rigger for the weight like a cannonball   and it drops the line and the Fish Hook down will  probably go about 230 feet down to the fish, okay and then when you feel a tug you'll jerk  it off yeah there's a little clip on the line from the Cannonball, yeah, and separates it and that's  our fish on! Ah okay. the weight is going down 321 feet to the bottome, the weights going down about 230 - 250, I would think,  yeah, that was either a strike or it shouldn't have just come off like that, no. False alarm - Naick epic fail number one! It was the biggest fish and Naick just let it go! what are you doing Naick? How did that happen! I've never seen one so big! It's too small, it's going back.

I thought you said we're going to  catch the biggest fish ..... at least I caught a fish! There you go - I caught a fish, but it wasn't big enough to keep so it's gone back. How are the arms? let's check this oh yeah he's still going strong What ? Did you loose it? did it come off ? The lure's bent though, hey - there you go  it bent the lure. We just spotted there's three I think I saw three fins of orcas there right there look! Is that rare ish? yeah - that that never happens! You are the first person in history !! You were showing me the video of orcas! I think there might be an albino maybe?! it's not gonna happen I haven't got my big camera to zoom in, look at him! they're right there! Ok we are going to another spot, the orcas  scared the fish off! Yeah I can feel it, that's a  real one .... you can tell right away this is not like a quick one - yeah keep reeling fast oh yeah we got one! wow look at the size of that! is it big enough or not? yeah for sure, it's good - we have got a fish! We've got dinner! just in Twilight he gets to keep a fish it might actually  be bigger than mine it feels pretty strong I can definitely feel that one, it's tiring  isn't it? yeah, you okay? yeah I'm good oh yeah oh yeah yeah you got it wow big one yeah oh that's a real nice fish - Beauty! I think that's bigger than mine yeah that one's definitely bigger than yours.

okay Naick has got a big fish, this is a big fish! that's what you call a proper salmon, do you want to give it a kiss? No! The sun's going down look at this view, this is not a bad life is it? It's not a bad day out hey? We like it here thank you very much for having us on your boat  Jason it's amazing, and Clint for taking us it's very dark and very quiet! Oh they're outside....We are outside having a party ! Hello - look what we got! That was amazing! We caught one each. Did you ? yeah they're big look at the size of those fish! You have an idea of weights? yeah 12  pounds and well seven or eight pounds morning campers! look at that for timing  you're awake, we're awake, we're all good   oh no way, we've both got cameras! How did you guys sleep oh slept so good, it's such a quiet neighbourhood isn't it? really nice all perfect   okay because Trudy's feeling a little bit poorly  at the moment and we're still waiting for parts   we're going to leave her here and we thought it  would be fun, I'm going to go with Naick and Kim in their van - yeah hitchhiker ! And Marianne's going with Clint and Linda and we've got walkie-talkies, we're off to try and find some salmon and bears! sounds good? That is the plan - sounds good! We're really organised today now they haven't got the keys... this is cozy guys, isn't this cozy? First time he actually had an extra person in the front.

Please hold this, I'm honoured .... we're not going anywhere! Yay! We're following Clint and Linda's car there with  Marianne, Now I did give Marianne a walkie-talkie but I would probably say she hasn't turned  it on! Naick and Kim and Chris to the car in front?! She hasn't turned it on! what kind of .... this  this is not good love! Well I'm so impressed, I was trying earlier and you hadn't turned it on - you remembered! I know - I decided to ignore you actually! so yeah we just drove past a sign  saying 'caution Bears seen in this area'   and it is a residential area and Clint  was saying that you know sometimes they   have bears walking down the road and cougars, which is slightly scary, Eagles as well apparently that I'm sometimes take like  residential cats and smaller dogs, really, yeah yeah that's what Linda said  yesterday when you guys were out on the boat. Every time she sees an eagle circling she brings the dogs into the house understandably so So we're just heading north up towards the  river and it's amazing the views all these   houses have got beautiful sea views, I could  definitely hang out here, what do you reckon? Yes it is amazing. what a way to start your Saturday morning beep beep beep! Come in beep on the right hand side that is the government wharf I am liking the Orcas on the left-hand side, so whoever the people are who painted them deserve a little medal! yeah that's amazing, so is the property  on the on the beachfront here affordable So we have been told that it is probably only about 1 million pounds not Canadian Dollars! So we've arrived at the salmon hatchery, and then over here is a river where you might be   able to see some bears and definitely see  all the salmon in the river, this is where we may if we're lucky see bears by the  river looking at those salmon. Black bears in the area - they're here, I  have bear spray in the bag just in case   but the other thing is I might be able to  run faster than Naick.

so we might we might be okay! Clint just said to me you don't  need to bring your horn because you can run faster than Linda!! I love that! So this where the salmon fries, the small fish are kept, and the Nets are there so the  Eagles and the birds don't come and get them, okay that makes sense. yeah that's cool Can you see them? yeah you can see him like in the light. yeah this is like the little small one. So we've come down to where the fish are and you can see them this whole water is just like absolutely full of salmon! So yeah the fish that have come up the river that have migrated they capture some of them into the this area here, and then they're actually going to milk them, I think probably a little bit like sturgeon  with caviar? they milk them, they take the eggs   and then they incubate, them hatch them out, and then they have all the juveniles in the tanks at the top with the netting over, to stop the  birds any Eagles and things coming to get them and then everything's just released back, and this also helps the wild stocks stay rich as well, so any overfishing or anything like that is being safeguarded by doing this process So just walking down the river here there's  actually water coming it's a run and this is how   those salmon go into the hatching area from the  river which is this way, it's the Quinsam River - wow Oh you can see hundreds of them that's nuts there you go and if there's any doubt  whether there's bears in the area   there's some proper bear poop right  there! That is still glistening, so that's still fresh! We just had a bald eagle,  you can hear an eagle .... that's an eagle cry.

Oh there's one in the tree there's a baby in the  tree a bald eagle right up there look. I don't think I've ever seen so  many fish in a river as I have here So they are swimming upstream to where the posts are yeah. a couple of Seagulls over there that are  waiting for a little bit of fish with a baby look at these fish they've all arrived up here  now and they're just vying to get up that ramp   and they've never seen a concentration of so many  big fish. I was talking to Auntie Julia about the rivers and the salmon and she was saying that  some of the rivers are a little bit lower this year,   due to less rain, but Linda was explaining  that actually the BC waterways manage   the water really well, so there is a little bit of  an area that's dammed up so they release water in   to Monitor and manage the levels of water to help  the salmon, and if there isn't enough gravel in the ground for them to spawn on they actually create gravel beds areas, for when they're spawning, so they're really working hard to maintain it in as natural way as they can. on this side because there are blackberries and there's so many salmon it's very safe for you to come here and watch the bears, when they do come here and feed because  they're not interested in us because they've   got blackberries and fish there's no bears  today but I think we might be back, We are definitely going to come back after Trudys fixed - there's a big bear, there's a Belgian Bear! yeah Belgian bear! So we've come further down the river,  this is part of the river where, it's famous for its salmon fishing oh and you  can see some guys fishing here already. There is bear pooh and the skin of the salmon and the fin of the fish, Oh so have you ever any doubt that there are Bears are eating the salmon here ... that's recycled uh salmon there from a  bear it's pretty fresh!

keep a look out for base I got the bear spray in my bag. Yeah Linda and I were just watching out for Bears, while everybody's watching the river Linda and I realised that we were the two that were checking the trees! We've come down to the river to watch The  Fly fisherman, and I'm having a bit of a moment because just behind us there's a dad with his son, who's teaching him how to fly fish and it's reminding me of Chris when he took our kids out fishing, I am feeling a bit homesick now I'm so glad we're spending some time on  the island and actually getting to see   how beautiful this place is, and we're really lucky to have friends like Linda and Clint to show us all the like the local spots we're very lucky. You caught dinner - look at that! you got one! so we've come down to the town center  of Campbell River because Clint and   Linda are taking us to a famous bakery  and apparently they've got like super   cool king-sized croissants. Okay so we've dipped into Freyas it comes with recommendation from our friends Linda and Clint.

Okay look at these Is a cruffin a croissant and a muffin? Yeah so it's made with the same dough as all the other   croissants only difference is they make it in a  muffin tin, oh my goodness look at that - a cruffin We've come outside now and we are laden with croissants and muffins and muffins cruffins   You've got a cruffin? I have a cruffin! I've  never heard of a cruffin, I literally been so well behaved with the calories and the diet to get  into Jenny's dress, that she's got me wearing for her wedding but look at this ... okay it's a cruffin - it's a salted caramel croissant style of pastry that's been cooked in a muffin tin! and it's only available here at Freya - oh wow Freya in Campbell River, we might be moving in  moving in and falling in love with you oh my goodness is that..... that looks like  a croissant Donut? oh my God that's so good it literally is there's nothing like a muffin it's  like a donut made with flaky croissant pastry oh   my God, that's so good .....ah so I got a ham croissant  can you see the ham? is there cheese as well? yeah Oh my goodness that smells good Yes it's amazing, look how much ham is in  it, is that like a Harry Met Sally moment   yes it's a cheesy cheesy hammy perfectly light croissant! she's a cruffin virgin! not anymore   we're not letting Naick wipe his face because he's  got more lemon curd on his face than he has in his mouth - oh no thank you very much ladies was  absolutely delicious amazing   we will be back for sure thank  you very much nice to meet you   after the most amazing croissant, we're heading  back to the vehicles, feeling very refreshed! The next stop on our tour today Elk  Falls a very cool waterfall and beautiful forests. So just walking through the forest today  absolutely stunning loads of trees covered   in fairy Moss as I like to call it, and I love it  you can hear the waterfalls in the distance.

a really nice relaxing walk this afternoon wow this is the first year of the falls, that  is absolutely amazing look at that. And you can see there's people swimming in the pool, and sunbathing right at the end there   so we're just walking down and we just got the  first glimpse of the suspension bridge, just down at the bottom there, this looks absolutely amazing  with the falls down there you can hear the water hello and here we got a different view of the falls  wow you can hear the noise of the water guys   Oh my goodness look at that! That is absolutely Epic,  that's a big drop! I didn't realise there was such a big canyon when we looked from the other side. That is the suspension bridge how amazing is that and you can see your feet oh it's quite steep I got it bouncing a bit wow - look how  clear the water is oh yeah, the water down there is crystal clear, look at this Canyon then looking over there - those are the falls. it's a long drop down, how  are you with Heights guys, on something this stable we are good. it's all right! So we've come down to the Campbell  River a little bit further down, is this not the most amazing view? It's a much bigger River here  and you can see the fishermen in the distance I'm loving today! Okay Clint's come up with a this little secret path he wants to show us something, have you got your bear spray guys? you know seeing as we're walking through  the undergrowth now - watch your steps if you trip this way - you're dead! that's a hell of a view...

look at that - the Canyon's amazing! we just found this lovely little mouse. he's so cute he's just on the path there it's nice to see it not in my van! okay so we got the salmon we caught, and we're smoking it - what are we doing with it?  okay what we've done is we've done a real   Canadian marinade with Canadian whiskey,  Canadian maple syrup, parsley, there's some   soy sauce in there some secret ingredients  I'm going to just put these all on here how amazing does that look? I mean there's not many places in the world you can go and like catch a fish like that when you go fishing is there really? Look at this, it came out good, really good! that's a huge piece, and that's the small piece! Okay guys how does it taste amazing yeah Okay so what a way to end a perfect day yes we are  sat in the hot tub, we're feeling very spoiled a massive thank you for taking us into your home into your hot tub! you guys are legends and and they've even just  like left us in the hot tub amazing We just came here - we didn't know there were here ! thank you for watching and we're  gonna just relax in the hot tub oh you guys are still here I think Chris forgot  this GoPro we hope you're having a wonderful sleep   should we sing for Chris happy birthday  to you that was birthday happy birthday   to you and we know you're not going to  put this in the video so I think you   will oh I think that's a good chance  he will see you guys in the next one

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