USA August 2023, Day 3 in Chicago: The Unconventional Funny Restaurant, Quick Eats, Roadtrip, Drone

USA August 2023, Day 3 in Chicago: The Unconventional Funny Restaurant, Quick Eats, Roadtrip, Drone

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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ Good morning, good morning! What's the plan for today? We're going to walk in Chicago. We're going to get to know Chicago. Good morning, how are you this morning? Good morning brother. Good morning.

A new day starts now. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ Big fan, big fan of the brand. Even though I'm not a sponsor. Big fan of the brand and big fan of the coffee shop. First time I discovered it in France, a restaurant.

Then I discovered it again in Malaysia. Then I discovered it again in Qatar airport. I got stuck in their soft serve ice cream espresso.

Look at the details, look how beautiful. Delicious ice cream. Ralph Lauren, at the entrance of the clothing store. They took 3-4 meters, 15, and opened a cafe. The details, the details, the chocolate plates, the service, the attention, the green logo, the branding, perfect. And the beautiful wooden spoon.

Double espresso. And espresso soft serve called avocado. And it's as good as I expected. Like Malaysia, like Qatar, like everywhere.

I love the brand. I love what they serve. Oh my God. Outstanding.

Thank you. Rabih, we'll keep it for another time. I wanted to show Rabih the biggest Starbucks reserve in the world. The line behind me has a minimum of 100 people.

So of course, I don't know. Everyone is waiting to drink coffee. There's coffee everywhere. This is the biggest branch. And there are 100 people waiting outside.

If you want to see Starbucks, the biggest reserve in the world, watch the previous video in my trip to Chicago in May. We're skipping this time. Let's go.

Okay, I'm hungry. It's time to eat something. Parisian Leah sandwiches. Feels right, feels good.

I don't know if you've heard of it. Just feels good. Let's go in and see what they have.

Let's go. Let's go. Typically American.

We're sitting. The train is behind us. The cars are passing by. And the smell is coming out of the bag.

Very nice. First of all, each sandwich has its name written on it. I ordered a croissant. And 2 sandwiches. And we get 3 chips with them.

The first one, Le Saint-Germain. Really, you travel to France and you're sitting in America. It's written inside. French quality. American ingredients. Nicely big baguette.

It's a whole baguette. They divide it in 2. Look how much cheese it has.

Look at the amount of brie. What is this? Half a can. French quality. The baguette makes you want to eat again. Very good one.

Very good bread. Very good cheese. Nice jam in the middle.

One. Le Saint-Michel. Cheese. Turkey.

Heated. Warm. Soft. Amazing baguette quality.

Bacon. Very good sandwich. Sandwich. It's strong. What a discovery. That's 2.

2? Maybe. Best for last. Flaky French croissant. Inside. Cheese.

Tomato. Mayonnaise. Turkey. And.

Amazing. Amazing. Amazing. Hmm. Far from international chains.

Starbucks and others. Coffee. Light and clean.

Nice. There is no crowd. There is not a single person standing in line.

Very good quality food. Good sandwiches. Oh my God. The taste of cheese in the end. The French cheese.

This acidity. It bites the tongue. Bravo Lea. Good job. I want to play a game. I will go with you.

Ok. 1 hour. 10. What happens? Food is food. We don't have breakfast with eggs and Kawarma.

For example. And a glass of Arak at 6 a.m. with raw milk. Right. What do 5 guys complain about? Nothing.

If it is open. It is not open. So 5 guys are not open.

But why is Chick Fil A open? I want Rabih to taste it. I want Rabih to taste it. I want Rabih to taste it. I want Rabih to taste it. I want Rabih to taste it.

I want Rabih to taste it. I want Rabih to taste it. I want Rabih to taste it.

I want Rabih to taste it. Chick Fil A is not open but Chick Fil A is open. I want Rabih to taste one of the best chicken sandwiches ever. Yes sir. We will leave 5 guys for another place. Chick Fil A is on the top of the road.

Ok, great day. Great day. From the morning till now, we have met 3-4 people. Nationalities. Nationalities. No one speaks Arabic.

Someone from Brazil. No garlic or onions. Someone from Michigan.

Michigan. Keldenian. Right. Keldenian. Right.

She also doesn't speak Arabic at all. All of them watch No Garlic No Onions with the family. Family time. It is the family sitting at night. Wow, very touching and emotional. I feel shy to film people and ask them to film me.

I think I want something from them. But it's nice to share. It's a tough moment. Really.

Anyone who meets us on the road, stop us. I don't feel shy. On the contrary, I love it. We share, we take stories, pictures, and great. Loving it. Great morning.

100%. It smells very nice. They didn't have lunch before 10.30 a.m. I mean, 5 minutes left.

Chicken biscuits with a side of hash browns. It's nice. These are new. Look, mini mini chicken bites for breakfast. Look at how nice the bread is.

They're still a bit dry, so I ordered mayo on the side, you'll see them now. They have chicken biscuits. It looks a bit dry, how can it be sold in the morning? Without sauce, without anything. Anyway, be positive. I ordered mayo on the side. We took the mayo.

We took the small piece. We gave it a bite, and... It's dry and good. It has something sweet.

It's not worth it. I loved this place so much. But not for breakfast. Will this one make a difference? We'll try. A bit of mayo. And a bite.

It can't be denied that they have the tastiest chicken in the world. But what is this? What a taste! Don't even worry, Rabih. Ouch! I'll eat something and we'll eat the burger later on. Or after 5 minutes. Yes! Sit down.

So we can get along with the brand. So we don't get upset. Because it's a bit...

We've been talking about things since 5 minutes. So we don't get upset. We're back to what we're used to. The famous fries. And then the burger. You know they have the famous sauce.

You can taste it, I prefer it without it. And that burger. Very simple chicken burger. But what does this chicken burger need? It needs a double dose of mayo. The first one.

The second one. You dip them like this. And... You enjoy.

Mmm! Oh my God! This is a meal. Super juicy, milky chicken. Amazingly spiced. The bread is amazing. The tomato is thin, amazing.

The mayo at the bottom. Or the chick-fil-a sauce. It's crazy. We made up. The stop of the world.

The stop of the world. What happened Rabih? Michael Jordan's Steakhouse. He's playing basketball. Anyway, Michael Jordan's Steakhouse. Rabih came to see what merch they have.

Let's see what they have. This is what I want to buy. Can I take a nice steak? No. No? Can I take a nice steak? Okay, next. Warning! This establishment is not recommended for those who can't take a joke. Route 66, neon lights, diner style.

I felt it. I liked it. I said, let's try it. What? What? Today, we're going to be pranking my friend in the wheelchair. We're going to be pushing him down a hill in the middle of Chicago.

Let's go. What are you doing? Wait a minute. They made this place just to make people curious. The waiters are screaming. The person who works here spends the best days of his life. He's pranking people.

They look happy. We're going to sit down to see how the test goes. I'm speaking Lebanese so they don't understand me. It's your lifetime. It's amazing. The things you can't imagine can't be done in a restaurant.

They're all sitting together and everyone is looking at us. What did we do wrong? Anyway, we're going to see if their food is good or just amazing food. It's a great idea. I liked it. They don't have to do training.

They don't have to stand properly. They can describe anything What's going on YouTube? Welcome to Ed Dubevics. Here at Ed Dubevics our service comes with some sarcasm on the side.

My name is Garbage Can. I'm going to be taking care of you. Can I get you anything to drink? Water? Coke Zero? I don't have Coke Zero. Shut up and listen.

Pepsi products. Diet Pepsi Sierra Mist Root Beer Coffee Juice Almaza Beer What? Looks nice. Looks really nice.

No complications. Home food. Tomatoes, cheese, ham super buttery toasted bread. I liked it.

Straight forward. Very good. Very commercial. Average. Good food.

Very new. Very special. Very beefy. Interesting and tasty. Good burger.

I recommend. Ed Dubevics. That's right. You've stumbled into Chicago's one and only retro backer that plays you the best hits from the 50s through the 80s.

Molly. Subjected to some humiliation. Can you let everybody know what your name is? Molly. Molly is going to be joining us as a stainless steel dancer today.

Everyone give her a round of applause. Ladies and gentlemen, we're taking recording. Recording time. Point, point, point. Point, point, point. Stop, stop, stop.

Ready and recording. On your mark. Get set. Go.

Everybody dance. One, two, three. One, two, three. One, two, three.

One, two, three. One, two, three. One, two, three.

One, two, three. One, two, three. One, two, three. One, two, three.

One, two, three. One, two, three. One, two, three.

I think they have a police car here so that if someone doesn't hold his head they can go straight to him. Wow, what a place. It's noon and it's not even 1 a.m. yet.

It's full. Full, full, full. What can I say about the ambiance inside? It's a fun place. Content creation. Wow. I don't know how we got here. I don't know how lucky we are to get here. I don't know how

they filled it with videos, I don't know how they filmed it while they were dancing. Wow, I don't know. It's important to try it.

The food is not 5 stars. I am telling you that it's average, cheap, street food. Comfort food, good food.

But the atmosphere inside is crazy. He gave me the bill on the table. He threw the knife and fork.

He yelled at me. He walked in front of me and I went to pay there. And I loved it. The next day, I wrote 1 over 5 bad service.

I swear they hit it. Now it's time to get out of the car and do a road trip. The next day, I wrote 1 over 5 bad service.

I swear they hit it. Now it's time to get out of the car and do a road trip. I swear they hit it.

I love it. The next day, I wrote 1 over 5 bad service. I swear they hit it. Now it's time to get out of the car and do a road trip. I love it.

Now it's time to get out of the car and do a road trip. Every day, I learn something new. We will go around and see the lake and the air. the people, the temples, and so on and so forth. So since we're here, let's thank this guy again.

He took me and toured me since my last trip, etc. And this time, when I first met him, I told him, where are you? And I told him, here. Great. Now, what do we want to eat? Come, let's search what we want to eat. Come with me. Good one.

Next. Oh. Fish burger.

It doesn't look like fillet of fish. Fish, cheese on top, the smell of the sea. Some fishy business.

It's not bad at all, everything has a lot of oil, even these are soaked in oil, and this is soaked in oil. It's still good. I can tell you something. I can do an intimate with you like this. It's better than an out.

And then, I don't know what's inside. I don't know what's inside. I don't know what's inside. I don't know what's inside. I don't know.

Barbecue, sausage, hotdog, with the famous American pickle, and tomato. It's a nice discovery, 75 years is not a mistake, and I enjoyed it. I enjoyed it. Imagine, for example, standing in a parking like this, watching Safar Barglik, and you're standing and eating a shawarma sandwich with hummus dip. Why not? Why not? Think about it. To put the fun aside and put things into perspective, good quality ingredients, even the fish is a big piece, the meat surprised me, the rye bread surprised me, of course, it was surprised by the fried potatoes soaked in oil, it was surprised by the neon light relish, I really liked the big sausage, the huge hotdog with barbecue sauce, the boxes are nice, they're generous with the pickle, their pickle is very delicious, all of these for $52 for 6 people, also, fast food, comfort food, once a week, it's at least good ingredients and good flavors.

Passing by places, eating street food, this is not one of them, this is a good one, it surprised me actually, it surprised me a lot. Hi, my name is Lisa Drucker, I'm the owner of Superdog Drive-In. My name is Don Drucker, I'm Lisa's husband, and we run it, and together, along with our brother-in-law who's inside, my brother-in-law, her brother, who's inside, we started 75 years ago this past May, so just a couple months ago, in May of 1948. Lisa's parents started it? My parents, Maury and Flory Berman, started Superdog in May of 1948, here in Chicago, at this three-way intersection, Milwaukee, Devon, and Nagel Avenues. We're near O'Hare Airport, we're not at the airport, but we're on the way to the airport, and when they started, my dad had just come back from World War II, he was a soldier, my mother had just finished college at Northwestern University, she was a teacher, and they were high school sweethearts. They had gone to a Chicago public high school, they had gone to prom together, and opened this to help my dad make his way through school.

He was studying to become an accountant, to becoming a CPA, and this was a summer business for three years, 1948, 1949, 1950, as a way, there were many hot dog stands, many of the GIs returning were doing that, and this was a way to do that. Drive-ins were very popular in the 40s and 50s in Chicago and in the U.S. Cars were kind of a new thing, you could buy cars after World War II, and so we were a drive-in. We always had a walk-up counter, but we were a drive-in where we make your car our dining room at the same time. Cog was famous for hot dogs, but what makes Superdog special is, you can't get a Superdog anywhere else in the world other than at Superdog.

They are made for us, to our recipe, by a private manufacturer, so you can't get it anywhere else. It's bigger than anything else you would get in the city, or in any other city, and it's special. It's a Superdog, only served at Superdog Drive-In, either here or at our location in Wheeling. It comes in a package, in our custom-made box, with the special recipe Superdog, along with the crinkle-cut, fresh-cut fries, and that whole package, the pickles, the green pickled tomato, which is unique to us. Most hot dogs around the city, places that serve hot dogs around the city, will serve it with a red tomato.

The Chicago hot dog is traditionally the yellow mustard, the bright neon green relish, the white chopped onions, the pickled spear. Like I said, most places use a red tomato. We use a green pickled tomato, and then hot sport peppers, if you like. And then, many places in Chicago use celery salt. We don't, for reasons that, you know, it's kind of an overpowering taste that ends up on top of the pickles.

So, we never have used it, and don't really need it, because our dog, itself, is so special and so delicious, and so unique. But that whole package is really what a Superdog is. It's not just the sandwich, but it's that whole package, and then the experience of getting it at Superdog, either from the drive-in, from the car hop, or from our front car. In the old days, people back to the 1890s would wrap a hot dog in wax paper, with the fries combined. And my parents wanted to elevate that. They didn't want it simply to be wrapped in wax paper.

And that's when they designed the box, both for the Superdog, and all of our other Super sandwiches, so that it was still the combination of delicious Superdogs, for our recipe, in our bun, with our fries, but all packaged together in this now convenient box, no longer with wax paper, but something you could actually rest on your lap and eat in your car. The whole idea is, drive in, eat in your car, and use your boxes as your tray. So, there you have it. Thanks for watching. Bye.

Bye. What a city! What colors! What a movement! What an amazing drone footage! Now it's time to walk around the city. There's still energy left.

There's still good energy. Movement, vitality, activity, people. It's unbelievable, the places are full, the restaurants are full, the doors are full, all the streets are full.

Where did they hide all of this? We're going to walk, and take pictures, and have dinner somewhere, and spend a nice night. Day Chicago, day 3. Day 4 Let's see. Acai. Last time I passed by this place 4 times. And I said, let's go tomorrow, let's go tomorrow, let's go tomorrow. I liked their look, I liked the mix.

They look nice, like the ones I remember in Oakbury, which I love a lot. Exactly the same. Mix. Acai.

Of course it has agave syrup, of course it has sugar cane. It has a nice sweetness. Nicely creamy, like a soft serve. You take with it bananas, strawberries, and anything else. $12 for a small cup.

I haven't eaten acai in a long time, since Australia. And I missed it. It's a good brand, called Deep Purple. A new discovery. And I like it. Cheers.

Guinness is my favorite. I came here before, I really liked the ham and cheese sandwich. I liked the atmosphere, the Guinness, the draft, and I said I'll come back. The day didn't end from the 2nd, 3rd actually, which was amazing, amazing, amazing.

It started very early, I came at 4 a.m. Rabih as well, now it's 8 a.m. I don't know, it's 8 a.m. and we're loving it. Cheers. Oh my God, Guinness is the best beer ever. Ever.

I discovered it last time, this time I ordered it again. Look at the quantity. Cheese and ham sandwich. Super buttery, milky bread brioche.

Super cheese, super ham, super Kareem. This is a discovery. Really a discovery. Who says? In a pub in Chicago. That's how we end in the company.

Me, my beer, and the sandwich, I had an amazing day. See you tomorrow. Don't stop the video, there's a new one everyday. Oh my God.

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