USA August 2023: Arriving to Chicago, The Qatar Airways Experience. One Month Starts Now!

USA August 2023: Arriving to Chicago, The Qatar Airways Experience. One Month Starts Now!

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Good morning, good morning, good morning. Today, I am saying hi to you for the first day, of course, for 30 days to come. We have 30 videos, 30 days, from the longest trips I have made, this is the longest time I am away from home.

Right, Australia is almost 26 days, right, America before, also around 25, but this is the longest one, 31, from the beginning of Fall to the end, I reach 32 days. We will follow you, we will follow you every day, so that I don't forget anyone, Chicago, New York, Washington, Detroit, Dearborn, Florida, Orlando, Miami, LA, God bless Minnesota. Oh my God. Non-stop, 30 days, they start in Qatar airport, and we say thank you so much to Qatar Airways, and everyone who supported us, stood by us, and believed in our cause, and supported our trip. Thank you Qatar Airways, for sending us to Chicago, and from here, we say, join us, don't stop, no video, every day at 9 a.m., every day, Lebanese, successes, Arabs, food, trends, people, tourism, and this time I am not alone, this time Rabih is with me, take him with me just to take him to Disneyland, just to live his childhood again, and we will spend 30 days of the year.

Very excited. Good morning. Quick intro, Rabih, we are together since 2017, I love him a lot, we work together, we have a lot of friends, we support each other, we believe in the same cause, this is the most important thing, and we traveled a lot together, whether Qatar or Dubai, but this is the first time we try for 31 days. So after these videos, you will either see next year's videos, or we will be.

He disappeared. No. I fell for him. Thank you for making it happen, and I am looking forward.

Me too. Thank you, I love you, it is an honor for me. Really, wow. The second most beautiful airport in the world, it is clear, they say about the most beautiful lounge, it is clear, it is not possible for someone to be standing in this airport, on a balcony, from side to side, almost 300 meters, looking at an indoor garden. It is crazy, I am not going to talk more than that, but it is crazy. Take a moment, enjoy the show, enjoy the view, enjoy the music, the vibe, the sounds.

It is beautiful. And this is why we choose Qatar Airways. I thought it was only in the first class, but it turned out to be a lobster, the real stuff.

Oh my goodness, the real flavors, high end, out of this world. Potatoes, amazing, the amount of butter, milk, potatoes, butter, as it should be. Very nicely grilled asparagus, but back, oh my God. Where in Europe do you eat something like this? Is there more? It's amazing, outstanding, phenomenal, out of this world. Wow.

Amazing. Last step, before I rest a bit, I discovered a movie for Sylvester Stallone, a whole series, so why not watch it. I will close the windows because I am the only one who opens windows in the business class. I don't want anyone to throw snow on me. Cheese, high end cheese, fine cheese, super enjoyable crunchy crackers. I am still happy with American wine which I really liked.

Sparkling water. Everything is flowing, everything is going well. I am really enjoying it. I haven't worn the pyjama yet. Now I am telling them to prepare the bed for me.

And I will let go. Rabih is behind me. I will give him a pill under my tongue and let him sleep. He will rest me for 10 hours. 30 days are left and now we will meet in America.

Good morning. Good morning, good morning, and we are back. This is my first trip. Usually my trips are together to Australia or to LA. Last time I start at 9 a.m. I arrive, I have dinner, I sleep, I wake up, I have breakfast, and I arrive.

This time it is the opposite. This time the breakfast started. I could have had breakfast before but I decided to eat. I finished eating.

It has been half a day if I want to do it in Lebanon. I still have the breakfast option. I only slept for 2 hours. I am watching a very nice movie and I am hungry. So I told them, okay, let's do the light option which I have never tried.

The light option has a steak sandwich with emmental cheese. I also ordered a dessert which I didn't eat before which is sea salted caramel and chocolate mousse. Diet Coke.

No alcohol this time. The seating is nice. I feel like just sharing a moment.

I found amazing chocolate in Australia. I still haven't tasted them. I found them in a bag which I haven't opened since. It is unbelievable how delicious they are. It is unbelievable.

I am waiting to come back to Australia to buy more of them. The experience is amazing. I am the only one who opened the window. Of course it bothers everyone but we need some light. The seating is nice. The music is nice.

The screen is nice. It is faster. Probably this plane which is 777-300 is faster than the Airbus. It doesn't hang.

All good. All great. I slept for a while. The bed is comfortable. I am advertising them more than myself. You know how much I love them.

We are going to eat. I will have breakfast again before arriving. I still have 3-4 hours before dinner.

I should be hungry for the first dinner. I will eat. I am still enjoying it.

Let's start with the sandwich. Toasted. The bread is fresh.

A big piece of meat. Dijon mustard sauce on top and on the bottom. Pickle.

That's a very good sandwich. Thank you. Very good sandwich. Very very very good. The bread is toasted. I didn't toast it.

The meat inside is super soft. Oh, that's a good one. Very good one. The quality is that good on the plane.

You don't understand me. Who says that there is something that good on the plane? Who says that there is chocolate, mousse, salted caramel on the plane? 3 layers, 3 textures, 3 flavors. Nicely chocolate, low sweetness. Amazingly salty. Salty.

Always impressed. From time to time. Zero surprises. Zero bad surprises. It's movie time.

We will meet for breakfast. Let's go. You can't imagine the smell that entered the cabin. I feel that everyone will wake up, get excited, and say that they want to eat. There are still 4 hours.

I felt that there is a 2 hour movie called A Good Person. I finished the series of Mr. Stallone. Yes, I finished. I will have breakfast, even though it is dinner time.

I just got a bit tired before I reached. Cornflakes, my all time favorite. Mango yogurt, always available on board and I love it. Heated croissant. Butter, salt and pepper. Sparkling water.

We opened the window a bit. And I am enjoying it. I don't know what to tell you. I will tell you that I am happy, relaxed, and tasty. That's it.

I will enjoy, have breakfast, and look what I am doing. I take yogurt. I put it on top of the cornflakes. I take cornflakes without milk. Like this.

And I enjoy it. I will mix them all together. It is a big thing. I make bread with butter and salt and pepper.

That's it. A coffee, a meeting in Chicago. Landing, airport. We take the car. Check in in the hotel.

We start and we have dinner. They say that the night is very tasty. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

Always Qatar and thank you. I will tell you again if you are watching the video now. Thank you to those who invited us. This is my coffee coming in. Thanks. I say thank you so much to the Airways because they invited us.

Rabih and I to Chicago. And hoping for great partnerships together. Let's go. I should close now.

It is better not to scream. Thank you. Thank you for watching! We had dinner in Lyra, which is a very delicious place. We are super talented, you can see my hair and my face. So we didn't eat a lot in the atmosphere we were filming, but I can tell you that it was a very nice day. It was long, 15 hours of travel, and then a run, a car, 2 and a half hours in the airport, a bit of shopping, check-in in the hotel.

Officially, the trip starts tomorrow. Thank you for watching. Stay with us for one video every single night at 9 p.m. from now until the end of the month. Good night.

2023-08-09 23:20

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