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Hello from Vienna! Today's video is a video that I've wanted to create for the longest time. I hope you can hear me. Jörg has a work related event here in Vienna and I decided to accompany him. And since I'm so obsessed with Viennese coffeehouse culture, it's finally time to create this video. I absolutely love Vienna's alleys. It's so charming and the architecture is amazing.

Just look at all the houses! It's such an inspiring place. And look at the light here. All the details, you can spot details for, I don't know, for years. So I'm thinking of going to Café Central or Café Demel to get started to have a nice cup of tea or cappuccino something like that and maybe a slice of cake. It doesn't matter

where I go because this is Café Central which has a queue. Café Demel has a queue as well so I'm just going to start with that one. Maybe they have a table for just one person. I mean just the building alone is so impressive. I really love it. It's absolutely stunning. I had to wait for about 15 minutes but it's always so busy. For me the most famous person who went there on a regular basis was Sigmund Freud. It's an amazing café. A wonderful

atmosphere so I can really recommend it. The thing is they don't really do gluten-free in Austria or Germany. Not really. The good thing is I'm not celiac. That's why I've been avoiding it for nearly 25 years so if I have it once in a while it won't kill me. Luckily.

So I can enjoy a slice of cake or the odd slice of cake in Austria but not more. It's very busy right now. So in front of me is the Staatsoper here in Wien so the Vienna opera which is world famous also for its opera ball that always takes place around the the carnival season which is usually in February or March. It's an amazing building. Now this is Café Gerstner and Jörg and I have been regulars here when he worked here. We really love it and the location is amazing. It's a K.u.K. Hofzuckerbäckerei. It's wonderful. The view couldn't be nicer. It's right opposite the opera. So I went for Darjeeling tea this

time. A pot. You always get a glass of water which I find very good. And this is an Esterházy slice and I will tell you in a second what exactly it is. So the funny thing in Austria as well as in Germany is I didn't think of ordering milk because in England it's completely normal but they never give you milk here with the black tea so that's really strange, isn't it? It's just not common. I just asked for a bit of milk to have my tea the English way of course.

And to give you an idea about the price in the cafés here. So the cake is 6 Euros and the tea 6.20. And that's pretty normal here. It's not cheap but I must say the cake here is absolutely amazing. Like Vienna is second to none when it comes to cake. And this is the famous Sacher Hotel and Café Sacher. And for some strange reason just a

while ago we stumbled upon a film on Netflix, a German film called Hotel Sacher and it was absolutely wonderful. And the guy always finds himself or ends up in the café because he's looking for his love. I will try to find it and link it for you. I love these vintage inspired postcards.

Oh, they are so nice. Look. So I've just enjoyed an iced coffee here at the Museumscafé at the Kunsthistorische Museum in Vienna. And if you get the chance to come here you must visit because the architecture is absolutely mind-blowning. It's so divine. I think this is my favourite café in the

entire world. I wish Jörg would be here. I mean we visited years ago and we've been loved it so much. And the view from up here, from the upper level is absolutely exquisite. It's a great museum. So this part is a little bit like the National Portrait Gallery. It's great. They have a very nice shop here. So stumbled upon this pillow and I'm not sure if I should get it because I love it. I don't know which one to get.

So this is, this has just one side more or less. It's plain on the other telling you who painted it. And this looks like this. And this is the other side. What do you think? Isn't the café absolutely stunning? It's

so worth visiting like the entire place is absolutely great. And I do love the shop as well. I got a pillow or cushion as we say in the UK. And I think this will look great in our living room. It suits our style. And this one was reduced so I had to get it.

Look who's with me? i'm finally no longer alone. Hello and good afternoon! And now we're trying to get in the famous Café Sacher. Yes. It's now 4.30 so we might be lucky because usually there's a long queue but well, I'm not sure. Let's find out. So this is the queue. I don't know. 20 people in front of us. It's actually not too bad. I think we will be fine. So that didn't work because the queue didn't even move. Yeah and it's in the sun - yes

- so it's too hot. I know yes. The thing is like yesterday when when I went to Café Central there was a queue but it was moving. So what we will do now is we will try Café Demel. There will be a queue as well but well, we just give it a go. It might be moving. Yes. I love this street so much and although there's construction going on in front of me, the view towards the Hofburg is is stunning.

Well, the queue is pretty bad. It's actually worse than in the morning but the thing is you can't really book a table here so we we have to put up with it and give it a try. We made it to Café Demel. Yeah, finally. We only had to wait for about 15 minutes - yeah

- so not too bad. And the queue was moving. I know. What are you having? What are you having? I'm getting a mélange - yes - and Kaiserschmarrn. So they are famous for their Kaiserschmarrn. Yes. I'm not going to have cake today. So this is the menu. Demel K.u. K. Hochzuckerbäcker, Vienna 1786. And I'm going to have the Große Demel Würstel.

But they have a wonderful shop here which we can check out later. I really love the shop here because the packaging always gets me. Like the vintage inspired, old fashioned looking packaging. I don't know. I don't even want to know what's inside. I just want to have the box. And I think most of the people will feel that way, don't you think Jörg? Yeah, I do. It's just like, the packaging is everything. Now look at this. This is traditional Kaiserschmarrn with plum compott. Yeah. This is Wiener Mélange is

- americano what milk- yeah - and, yeah milk. It smells delicious. So I went for Wiener Würste but here they were called Demel Würstel. Yeah. I don't remember. So dive in. Very good? It's excellent. Yeah. It's amazing. Yes. You can even have Kaiserschmarrn take away here. It's overwhelmingly good. Yes. And by the way, this is Assam tee so I went for traditional tea and Wiener Würste. Again, I just forgot to ask whether I could have milk because they just don't bring it.

And I hope I can get it because for some strange reason I can't drink tea without, black tea without milk. I just can't. I decided to drink the tea without milk because this one is actually really good without. I'm literally obsessed with the shop.

Well, that went down a treat, didn't it? Yes. And the waitress was really friendly. She was. We can really recommend it. So that's the building and then you have this gorgeous view. It is so shiny. The Hofburg is so shiny.

This morning Jörg is with me and we're having breakfast here at Café Sperl. Yeah, good morning. What do you think about the café because it's your first time here? It's very nice and you can feel the history of the house. It's gorgeous, right? It's just like the typical Viennese café. Yes. It's from 1880 and yeah, I will try to film a little bit more of the

atmosphere later. And Jörg ordered A Sperl breakfast - yeah - which consists of jam - yeah and Semmel. Kaisersemmel. Yeah. And mine is in an omelette. In case you haven't watched the wonderful film 'Before Sunrise' with Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy. Some of it was filmed here in the café and it's such a great film. It's a real classic. We really really love it. And it shows the entire form is set here in Vienna and shows all the beautiful locations. So in case you haven't watched that do check it out. I'm sure you will love it.

Now we are at the Café Sacher. Yes. Jörg was so kind and he gave in. Yeah. I said let's try it once more and we queued. It wasn't too bad. It took us 45 minutes. I thought about 30. No no 45. So unfortunately we're not in there but in some sort of annex - which is cool - that's true because it's quite humid outside but we have a nice view towards the opera and we can watch people. Yeah.

I actually, well, I will be quite naughty today I must admit because I will have a Sachertorte which I've never had. I usually, I shouldn't eat it but I will do it today and then never ever again I think but I want to try it. Unfortunately it's not available gluten-free. They need to do something about that. Share what you're having. Yeah. Apfelstrudel with vanilla sauce or custard cream. It's custard. Here it's called vanilla sauce. It looks very good. And this is my Original Sachertorte and I went for a cappuccino. I know that I will regret it because it contains gluten but it's a sacrifice.

So what do you think about today's coffee houses Jörg? I liked them very much yeah - hmm. And Café Sacher is very posh - yeah - but the coffee is very good. I think it's probably a more touristy place than Sperl. Yeah, it is. It is. Yes. Sperl is original Vienna. Yes. It's it's so hard to decide what my favourite coffee house, well, the ones we visited or I visited, what my favourite would be? I absolutely love Sperl. The Museumscafé

is amazing because the architecture is like outstanding. And the Sachertorte, I must say it's great or was great. And I just want to point out: Don't think that I eat like this every day. I usually avoid like wheat flour and wheat protein so that was like a huge exception. It's a bit of a shame that you can't really experience the cafés and Vienna or Viennese cakes without gluten. Yeah. It's hard. It's really hard because

I would love that everyone can experience these amazing cakes without wheat flour. Yeah but they can't do it. Probably. Yeah. It's probably too hard like the whole process - yes - and the cleaning of the kitchen is probably too much of an effort. And it's a tradition. Yes. And yeah. It's just how it is. I really hope you enjoyed this video and can see why Vienna's cafés are a must for every traveller. And I only filmed like a tiny fraction. You could basically visit a new café every single day. And I find those places so inspirational

because most of them are like old-fashioned vintagey. Of course you find modern cafés but that's not what I wanted to film for you. So this is part of the Viennese culture if you ask me. Thank you so much for watching and as always we'll see you again very soon so take care and until next time. Bye.

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