Two Days and One Night 4 : Ep.147-2 | KBS WORLD TV 221023

Two Days and One Night 4 : Ep.147-2 | KBS WORLD TV 221023

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Let's see what you got for dinner. - First... / - This is... - You should go first. / - I got... oil tteokbokki.

- And I have pizza. / - You have pizza. - Italian pizza. / - Italian pizza. And... Ta-da.

- That's beef sushi. / - It's beef sushi. - And a cookie. / - And you have a cookie. - He has his dessert. / - A cookie.

So that's four items. - Inwoo, tell us. / - Okay. (It's Inwoo's turn.) What does Inwoo have? (What's for Inwoo's dinner?) - Here. / - What?

How did he get those? How did he get them when he had no money? (Is this even possible?) Seyoon saved me. It's called Na Delivery. - I did a part-time job. / - I hired him.

(He got four stamps by working hard.) And I have a gift for you. (He gets a bottle of milk tea as a gift.) - And you got eight? / - I just bought everything. (Street chopped steak, gimbap, slushy, dumplings,) (shrimp toast, rolled pork belly with vegetables,) (chicken skewers, ji pai) Who told them I'll buy their food and had samples? My goodness.

Who lied and had samples? (Suspect one) (Suspect two) (Suspect three) - I was caught. / - What did you do? - I did it. / - I had to pay. - It tastes good. / - I tried it and it was so good.

- So I bought the chopped steak. / - It's really good. It tastes really good. I bought half of the pizza. I told them my brother-in-law was Italian, so they sold it to me for three dollars. And I paid a dollar for this scallop.

And this is Nongae chocolate milk. I just bought this much. And I paid a dollar for this fishcake. - I bought these four. / - That's a lot. You can't eat them all. I'm full already.

He had so many samples. I had a hearty meal tonight. I tried them all. To be honest, - I'm not hungry anymore. / - Why did we play the game?

They tried samples of all the dishes already. The vendors are very generous. - They are generous. / - They really are. - They offered free samples. / - All right. Let me tell you about what I bought. Mine has its own history.

I heard the stories behind each dish before buying them. First, this vendor sells lamb skewers. He learned the recipe...

in Yanbian 20 years ago. And he sells lamb skewers here. He still sticks to the traditional taste. But what you bought from him is chicken skewers.

You said he learned the recipe for lamb skewers. Did you try the lamb skewer? I did. You just bought what you didn't try. - And what else? / - And... They made this fishcake with large-eyed herring.

This is a flat dumpling. That's really good. - That's sikhye. / - And this sikhye is... They made this themselves with sweet pumpkin.

- Homemade? / - It's homemade sikhye. (Oil tteokbokki, pizza, milk tea, beef sushi, cookies,) (chicken skewer, dumplings, fishcake, pumpkin sikhye,) (rolled pork belly, chopped steak, shrimp toast,) (dumplings, skewer, ji pai, gimbap, slushy, milk tea) (pizza, Nongae chocolate milk, mini tarte) Please enjoy your dinner. - Enjoy it. / - Thank you. Inwoo, grab the chopsticks. - Here. / - Thank you. I'm curious about this.

All right. Who didn't try the shrimp toast yet? - Me. / - Me. I'll give you my pizza.

- I didn't try the shrimp toast. / - I couldn't try it. If you don't give me a shrimp toast, I'll go and taste. You should eat it here. Don't bother them anymore. "I'll go try the sample." That's new. "I'll go try the sample."

- Try this sushi. / - Gosh, Junghoon. Look at you. How generous you are. Inwoo, try this.

- Okay. Thanks. / - Try this pizza. (They share their food with hungry Inwoo.) All these taste so good...

that I want to share them with everyone. - All of them. / - Thank you. Seyoon, did you try this? Oh, you have one. He's got everything. I'm sorry.

- Do you have this? / - No. Okay. Look at it glowing.

Is this 220V or what? It's glowing. If it was 220V, you would've died. (A happy death from electric shock) Inwoo, have some more. - You should eat meat for protein. / - Thank you. Thank you.

(They are so into the food from the night market.) (It tastes good even when they're full.) This is the shrimp toast. (He finally tries the shrimp toast.)

(Crispy) (Crunchy) (A combination of crispy bread and chewy shrimp) - You didn't get to try this. / - No. - This is the only thing. / - Jongmin tried it. What? (He tried all the dishes with only seven dollars.) (He tried more dishes than me.)

You're just like a bully. It's amazing that you even tried the slushy. - Can I try this? / - No. You should go get some. (He picks up a paper cup.) Where is he going? - Did he go to get some samples? / - Yes.

He shouldn't be doing this. It's dangerous. Why? I should have the slushy before it melts. - Try a big sip of it. / - Okay. (Sucking it up) (It's a pleasant headache.) (Amazed) This is why kids want to buy a slushy at a market.

You can enjoy it while you walk around. This is like iced Americano for kids. - Exactly. / - This makes me look cool. - It makes you look cool? / - Yes. "I have slushy."

And I can enjoy two different tastes at the same time. (While he's impressed by the slushy...) Hey, Mr. Moon. Did you try your slushy? (Did he succeed?) Hey, Mr. Moon. Did you try your slushy? - Look. / - You bought it? I said the director would pay.

- What? / - The director would pay. (A bolt from the blue) This is what I said. "Can I get some samples of this?" And I gave them the paper cup. "You don't need this." And they gave me this. I said I couldn't take this. But they said, "It's okay."

So I said the director would pay, and they said yes. So I even took this cup holder. You should pay five dollars.

- We have to pay for this. / - Definitely. I will deduct it from your pay. This is amazing. I really enjoyed it. I ate too much. This is the best night market I've ever been to.

- Right. / - I agree. They don't offer free samples. Please don't get the wrong idea. I'm afraid people might get the wrong idea. (The big dinner is over.) Show us the stickers you collected.

(Proud) I'll exchange it for this. (They get a lottery ticket with the stickers.) It doesn't have a dud.

What is this? (What is this lottery ticket?) The lottery ticket you just got is for Sleeping Indoors or Outdoors. It doesn't have a dud. (The five numbers will decide their beds.) (Why are they crying out when there's no dud?) (Rags to riches? Going broke?) (What will happen to the members?) (to be continued) I think we're starting now. Let's go. I will explain the rules.

From the numbers 1 to 30, - you can choose 5 numbers. / - From 1 to 30? I said it's the lottery without a dud. We will keep drawing the balls until you get all five numbers you chose. The first to complete your numbers will be the winner. If you win, you should pop confetti first.

Now I will tell you the benefits for numbers one, two, three, four, and five. Number one will get a huge benefit, so number five might have a hard time. - What? / - What is it? - This is about where we sleep. / - A five-star hotel? The first to complete all your five numbers... will sleep in a hotel suite...

with the view of the Nam River of Jinju. - Seriously? / - My goodness. (Completely shocked) - Seriously? / - My goodness. (You can look down at the starry night of Jinju.)

(It's their first time in a hotel room in Season four.) (It includes items for your romantic freedom.) (It also comes with graceful room service.) (Who will be the lucky member to enjoy all of this?) - I want to go there. / - Do you have pictures of it? - It's great. / - Can we...

- order ice cream there? / - Can we order room service? You can order room service as much as you want. - Room service? / - That's a suite. Can we order some wine? - Of course. / - Really? Even a bottle of expensive champagne? I'll make KBS go bankrupt... (That's enough, Cheol.) Number two gets the big room over there.

(The second place gets the big room.) The quality drops down sharply. - That's a big difference. / - This is a lot worse. (They've become picky already.) (The second place winner...)

(gets the big room with pleasant aroma.) Number three gets the room over here. - A room to himself? / - Yes. (A cozy room with a private bathroom) (It comes with a stepper for exercise.)

Number four sleeps on the wooden porch. What? Outside? - The porch? / - The porch? (The wooden porch to appreciate the autumn night.) (It comes with a yo-yo in case you can't fall asleep.) - The porch is the worst. / - Why?

It takes away the heat from your body. Really? - Then number five... / - What does number five get? - Is it this wooden bench? / - Right. (Dumbfounded) (The front yard is all yours.)

(It comes with a broom.) (It offers the best ventilation.) (The optimal temperature) (The DIY house on the wooden bench) - That's amazing. / - Number one is great.

I always said I wanted to sleep in a hotel room... on Two Days and One Night, and it's finally happening. It will be fun if you sleep inside and I sleep outside. (This game is 100 percent random.) - Please! / - Unbelievable. I want to win first place.

(They pick five numbers each.) - To 30? / - Yes. From 1 to 30. This is driving me crazy. (For the past three years,) (they've never been so focused like this.)

(They pick five numbers carefully.) This is all about luck. We have no choice. I'm done. - Are you done picking the numbers? / - Yes. This one.

- All right. / - Write your name. Now we will draw the numbers for Sleeping Indoors or Outdoors. (The draw begins.) - Let's begin. Bring it in! / - Nice!

(Surprised) - My gosh. / - This is what I saw on TV. Is this what they actually use for the lottery? (Sleeping Indoors or Outdoors) (The lottery event without a dud) (The flow of the air...) (will decide everything.)

(A journey to the chance of a lifetime) (It begins now.) - Shall we begin now? / - Yes! Are you the host? What? He got promoted to MC. From the mudflat to MC. You've come a long way. (He started as a waiter.) (A game boy for simulations) (A slapstick master) (Fluttering) (He made negligent celebrities nervous.)

He's worked his way up here. - He's hard-working. / - He worked really hard. And now he's the MC.

He was the mudflat monster. He's the protagonist of "Screening Humanity." Let's begin. - He even has his own lines. / - He's talking. This is amazing. All right. What's the first number?

(What's the first number?) - Number 17. / - Yes! (They react with joy and disappointment.) (The second number) It's the second ball. My gosh. Number 25. I don't have any of them.

Please. I want to turn my life around. - Please! / - Please! (Carried away) (Winning numbers: 17, 25) Number ten. (While everyone else keeps switching) (between happy and sad...) - Inwoo has two winning numbers. / - Already? - Already? / - Yes. (Is the jinxed man frozen in shock?) - Number 13. / - Guys.

- Inwoo has three winning numbers. / - What? - Already? / - Only four numbers have been drawn. - Number 15. / - My gosh. - Five numbers have been drawn. / - Gosh. Inwoo has four winning numbers. - You're lying. / - Stop lying.

- How could he have four numbers? / - See it yourself. - Inwoo, is it true? / - No. - Right? / - Right.

- Stop lying. / - I'm not lying. (It's time to reveal what numbers the members wrote.) (DinDin: 8, 13, 17, 21, 26) (Jongmin: 9, 13, 16, 23, 28) (Seyoon: 1, 7, 11, 14, 15) (Junghoon: 4, 9, 16, 23, 25) (Inwoo: 5, 9, 13, 17, 25) (The first place: Inwoo, the second place: DinDin) (The joint third place: Jongmin, Seyoon, Junghoon) (Inwoo is actually winning.) (He's keeping a poker face.) (Junghoon: 4, 9, 16, 23, 25) It's a mess.

I want a hotel room. This is driving me nuts. - Mud Man, please. / - Please. - Please. / - Please. - Let's go. / - Please pick my number - Please! / - Come on! (The next number is...)

Number 28. - Oh, no. / - Twenty-eight? - Twenty-eight? / - Yes! Twenty-eight.

I'm going to shoot this. Really? Don't lie to us. I'll shoot it. (That's not how you use it.)

(The next number will be drawn.) - What's going on? / - My goodness. (Everyone is surprised.) (Balls are falling out.) - My gosh. / - What's going on?

- What's going on? / - Hey, Mud Man. (Lottery Man, stop what you're doing.) - Mud Man. / - What did you do? - What's going on? / - Hey, Mud Man. - What are you doing? / - What happened? - What's wrong with you? / - What's going on? - Please stop it. / - What are you doing now? - Mud Man, I can't believe you. / - Gosh, seriously.

- Let's start over again. / - This is unacceptable. We should start over again. Do it again. Are you kidding? This determines our fate.

Is this a prank or what? We'll call the police. - Where are the private officers? / - It was fine. - Why did it happen suddenly? / - My gosh. You know you could get arrested for lottery scam? - I can't believe this. / - You'll be detained!

- This is not acceptable. / - Detained? - Mud Man, you could go to jail. / - My gosh. - Drawing lottery numbers... / - I'm sorry. - Mud Man, you could be... / - I'm very sorry.

He made sure to get enough air time. (At least he'll get enough air time.) - Mud Man, how could you? / - Now... The numbers including 28 are approved, right? Mud Man is funny. Now, I'm going to start...

That was natural. drawing your lucky numbers. (He entertains the members as a token of apology.)

- Let's begin. / - Nice. (Good job.) He's so good at it. I'm impressed. Okay. (The current ranking) (Jongmin made his way up to second place.) - Number 26. / - Gosh. What do I do?

- He might draw all 30 numbers. / - What is this? - Number eight. / - That was close. Seyoon, what's wrong? - Mud Man, let's go! / - Number eight! None of them matches the numbers.

- My gosh. / - Mud Man, let's go! - Number one? / - Number one. - Number one? / - Please. Number 14.

- Number 11. / - Okay! - Let's go to the hotel! / - Number 11. All right. Let's go! Let's go to the hotel. This is nerve-racking. (The former winner is anxious.)

Number 23. - Come on, Mud Man! / - Oh, gosh. (Jongmin: 9, 13, 16, 23, 28) (Junghoon: 4, 9, 16, 23, 25) - Please! / - Jongmin has number 23. This is great! - Number 23. / - I'm almost there.

(Like I said, that's not how you use it.) Don't come near me. I'll shoot it soon. - Number five. / - Gosh. (Inwoo: 5, 9, 13, 17, 25) - What? / - Number... - Inwoo is almost done. / - No! - Don't tell them. / - He has four winning numbers.

- Inwoo has four winning numbers. / - Mud Man, please. Please let me be the lucky one! Please let me be the lucky one to get the hotel room. Please. I want to sleep alone in a hotel room for once. (There are only a few balls left now.)

(The chance to win has gone up.) Please. Almost all the numbers came out. (The numbers they need are 7, 21, and 9.) Number nine.

(Inwoo won the first prize.) Number nine. Inwoo won! (Roaring) (Screaming) (Luxury is mine.) - I'm a lucky man now. / - Right.

(He overcame difficulties and became a lucky man.) I overcame all my misfortunes... and finally got lucky here in Jinju. Aren't those last week's winning numbers? (Sulky) (Inwoo will sleep in a hotel room,) (which makes everyone jealous.) (The game must go on.) - Please! / - Please.

(It's time to find who will sleep in the big room.) (There are only eight balls left.) - Please! / - Please.

(Please let me at least win the second prize.) (The remaining numbers: 21, 7, 16, 4 and 16) Mud Man! Number 21. (The remaining number: 21) (DinDin won the second prize.) Number 21. (The lucky kid's celebratory move) Wait. Check the numbers. Mud Man, let's go! - Gosh. Why? / - Jongmin.

(Is his blood pressure rising?) His blood pressure must be rising. The number I need is still in there. - Stop him. / - It's still in there! - Jongmin, calm down. / - It's still in there! - Come on! / - Stop it. Mister, calm down.

Gambling is bad. Calm down. (Anyway, DinDin will sleep in the big room.) How many balls are left now? (There are fewer balls left since most were drawn.) If we don't win this time, we have to sleep outside.

(The third place will sleep in a cozy room.) (But the fourth place will sleep outside in the cold.) Only five balls are left. Oh, it came out. (Who will get to sleep inside?) - The last number... / - Number four. - Sorry? What number? / - Number four. (The remaining numbers: 16, 4 and 16, 7) - Okay! / - Number four.

Great. I'm back in the game. - Only five balls were left. / - I'm back in the game. This is good.

(If it's number 16, Junghoon and Jongmin will win.) (If number seven comes out, Seyoon will place third.) It's a red ball! - Please. / - What's the number? (Peeking) You're blocking the camera.

(Hold on. You're blocking the camera.) (Oh, okay.) He's good. - Step back already. / - Let him get a close-up shot.

- Let him get a close-up shot. / - Step back! Move aside so that he can get a close-up shot. (The final member to sleep inside will be revealed.) (They're fighting over a spot for some reason...) (while the others are enjoying watching them.)

(The number to be called in the midst of tension is...) Number 16. Okay! Number 16. (Junghoon and Jongmin are tied.) Who was faster? - I popped it first. / - They did it at the same time. - What? / - We popped it at the same time.

We need a video review. They did it at the same time. Gosh. Why does it happen to me all the time? (He lost after a video review in Muan.)

(A video review is needed again this time.) - Seyoon is in last place. / - Wait. Turn it off. (Seyoon is in denial.)

Are these the remaining numbers? (I can't believe this.) (Seyoon, who place fifth,) (will sleep on the wooden bench.) I was almost there. (I was rich before.) - My gosh. / - What number did you need? I needed number seven, but it didn't come out.

- Oh, number seven? / - Number seven? It's one of those three numbers, right? Yes. Gosh, MC Mudflat. (He feels like he lost everything when he had nothing.) - Did you two have the same number? / - Yes. - They're the same. / - Number nine... What? Not just number nine. We wrote three same numbers.

We picked a lot of the same numbers. Is it because we're around the same age? How come we picked the same numbers? We think alike. It must be hard to make the decision.

It must be. - Then we'll share the room. / - Right. - How about they share? / - We'll sleep together.

Then both of you should sleep with half of your bodies outside. Put your lower bodies outside of the room. How about I pull out one of your teeth? (If you really want something out of the room...) - Right. Pull it out. / - Right. Switch your upper and lower teeth.

You don't really need the upper teeth. (I'll keep my teeth safe no matter what.) (Meanwhile, the staff members are replaying the video.) - Rewind a little. / - Have you made your decision? Have you? As it determines where they'll sleep, they should be careful. In a room with a bathroom or out on the porch.

It's like a rooftop studio apartment... - He's here. / - Oh, my. He's here. Jongmin, please sit here. (Finally, the moment of the decision has come.) (Replaying the video of them shooting confetti) Mine popped first.

- I popped it first! / - Junghoon was faster. (We'll play it again for those who couldn't see it.) (Junghoon's confetti popped out first.) (Junghoon placed third and will sleep inside.) Oh, I can see that.

It popped out right after Junghoon pulled the string. I pulled it like this. - That's amazing. / - Jongmin's came out... - like this. / - It was less than one second. I lost last week, but I redeemed myself.

The margin was only one-fifteenth of a second. Then... How short is it? It's very short. (Inwoo: A luxurious hotel room, DinDin: The big room) (Junghoon: The small room, Jongmin: The porch) (Seyoon: The wooden bench) Inwoo, you'll go to the hotel right now. (The first place will go to the hotel right away.) - Can I, really? / - Yes.

- Do you want to switch rooms? / - Sorry? Oh, my. Inwoo, you... - What you said came true. / - What? - You said it would be funny. / - Oh, right. (The youngest member who was broke...)

(He had no allowance.) (Seyoon felt bad for him and helped him get stamps.) (He was a mere delivery man.) - Run! / - Yes, sir! (Crying) (What Seyoon said jokingly came true.) - You said it'd be funny. / - And it happened. - And he placed last. / - He placed last.

You must keep trying. You can achieve anything if you keep trying. Wow. Inwoo, you're amazing. - I learned from others. / - I learned a life lesson.

I won't forget your kindness. - That's okay. / - Make sure to order champagne. - Take a photo of the room... / - Okay. - and send it to our group chat. / - I'll do that. - I'll send you some photos. / - Inwoo.

- Thank you, Seyoon. / - Bring me a few cotton swabs. - Good night, guys. / - Good night. Thank you. - This is unbelievable. / - Bye. - I'm jealous. / - Thank you. This is unbelievable.

Sleeping alone in a hotel suite... Sleep well, everyone. - Thank you! / - Good night. Thank you.

(Let's go and get ready for bed.) Good job, everyone. I'll see you tomorrow. Those of you sleeping outside, don't catch a cold. (Guys, I'm going to the hotel now. I'm so happy.)

Good night. (So Inwoo left for the hotel.) (Glancing) So... Am I going to die in there? Is that it?

(Checking his bed) (Will I really be okay?) (He's so dumbfounded that he doesn't know what to do.) (Nonetheless, he sets up his bed to survive.) (Is he doing okay?) (Seyoon is going through a lot.) They even gave Jongmin a sleeping bag. - Really? / - Yes.

He even got heat packs. But manly men like me don't use heat packs. (Junghoon sets off to take a closer look.)

(I'll doodle on it.) (Concentrating) (But...) They usually give plastic bags for making kimchi, but they gave me a trash bag today. Why did you give me trash bags today? Even the fire extinguisher… is covered with a bag for making kimchi.

But you gave me... Must the fire extinguisher be more protected? - Why did they leave yo-yos here? / - No idea. (While Seyoon is building his house...) There's an aromatherapy kit in my room. Did they really give them to me for me to play? It has a brake.

(DinDin is busy playing with the yo-yo.) I played with it when I was young. It has a brake. (DinDin is busy playing with the yo-yo.)

(He's pretty good.) Why did they give me a broom? (Why did they give me a broom?) - A swing. / - You're pretty good. You used to play with it a lot. (Thinking) Play with it. (What is he trying to do there?) Gosh, I'm jealous of Inwoo.

(Attacking Seyoon's bed with the yo-yo) Gosh, I'm jealous of Inwoo. (Having fun) I wondered why they gave me a broom. He's making use of it. It was for this? (Now I know why.) (Throwing the broom) (They gave it to me so I could protect my house.) It was for that? (A siege in the middle of the night) Protect it until the end.

They gave me the broom to protect my house. (An unexpected confrontation) Go away now. Get back inside. (Then...) (A circus show all of a sudden) (Leaving in a cool manner) - What was that? / - Good night! Good night. Sleep tight! - Good night. / - Good night.

(Good night, everyone.) (DinDin who came inside the room...) (He sprays the aromatherapy perfume before sleeping.) (In the room where he's left alone,) (he sleeps with a nice fragrance.) That's all for me. Good night. Good night, guys.

(Even Seyoon in his precious bed...) Bye. (Goodbye for now.) I have arrived! (Excited) Gosh, even the smell is nice. (Goodness. What is this?)

(It's luxurious wine and cheese.) (When you open the window, you'll see...) Thank you. It'll be a very comfortable night for me. (A beautiful night view) (you can only see on the top floor.) (I must take a photo of this.)

(Exclaiming) What should I do? (Very flustered by heartwarming hospitality) What's this? Is it alcohol? Thank you for this. (Nonetheless, he begins enjoying his stay in earnest.) Thank you for the food. (Gulping down) (Even his exclamation sounds classy.) (He takes a bite of the snack too.)

(Flapping) (This is what you call "turning your life around.") Gosh, this is brilliant. It feels like...

I'm wrapping up today. (Like washing away the fatigue for the day) (He automatically claps like a seal.) Does it mean I won't get a morning mission? I'll wake you up at 8 a.m. in person, so you can have a good night's sleep. All right. (Exclaiming) (He takes a bath after enjoying his wine.)

(He's ready to sleep.) Good night. (Inwoo turns off the lights.) Sleeping in a bed is the best. It's the most comfortable in bed. (Everyone, including Inwoo, goes to bed.)

(When the stars that embroider) (the night sky disappear,) (morning comes again in Jinju.) (The members are deep asleep.) (Is this a larva?) (Seyoon, who is temporarily staying in a box,) (is sleeping well too.) (Is he even alive?) (Meanwhile, Inwoo, who spent the night in a hotel) (is awoken by a morning call service.)

(Rattling) (He got up as soon as the staff woke him up.) You actually came. (It looks like he slept soundly.) Are you up? The early bird catches the worm.

You can get going now. - Right now? / - Yes. - All right. / - Let's get going. (He gets ready relaxedly as he won first place.) I'm off.

(I'm off.) (He checks out of the hotel at 8:05 a.m.) (Driving on the road brightly shone by the sunlight) Thank you, sir. (He's arrived at the base camp.) A relaxed walk of the rich.

So relaxed that I never hurry. The morning air is so fresh. (This is the wake-up song.)

(As soon as he hears the wake-up song,) (he's no longer relaxed.) (The wake-up song is played at the base camp as well.) (Jongmin wakes up at lightning speed.) (Help me...) (Fortunately, Seyoon survived.) (Half-asleep) (Junghoon is up too.)

(Right then,) (Na-triever appears.) (Running about in confusion) (Where is the relaxed Inwoo we saw earlier?) (Everyone is up now, including DinDin.) Are you all right? - Yes, I'm good. / - Hey. - Good morning. / - When did you get here? The five-star hotel. He smells like a hotel.

(Jealous) "Money" by WAX is so sad, especially the rap. It went, "I was beaten because I had no money." - I was so surprised. / - It's actually sad.

(I had to starve because I had no money) (I was conned because I had no money) (I was beaten because I had no money) (I cried because I had no money) When it went, "I cried because I had no money," I thought, "That could happen." But the "I was beaten because I had no money," part broke my heart. I thought it was an exciting song when I was young. - I know. / - It was sad. (It gets interpreted differently as adults.)

- What is this? / - What? Is this what the rich do? Just as we announced, the morning mission for today... is the morning routines of the rich. We prepared six morning routines out of many. Shall we take a look at it one by one? Meditating. We wanted to be considerate of your health. For this, you need to sit in a lotus position...

and have your top and bottom teeth hit each other. - Sorry? / - That's it. - Like this? / - This keeps your teeth healthy, and it prevents sore throat. (Keeps your teeth healthy, and prevents sore throat) - Number two. / - A cold bath. For the cold bath, you'll go into the rubber basin with the water up to your neck and gain vitality for ten seconds.

- What? / - What? Soak up until our neck? Not just our head? - Having a glass of water. / - This must be salt water. As you may have noticed, bad drinks are mixed among the batch. Director Lee, if we pick salt water, - do we go back to number one? / - Yes. It's the worst. Reading a news article. You just need to read a sentence without making a mistake.

Jongmin won't be able to do it. - I'll read slowly. / - Right. You can read it slowly. - Number five. / - Positive affirmation.

It strengthens your subconsciousness by 30,000 times. Call your most successful acquaintance... and hear a positive comment from them. - At this hour? / - At this hour? You think those who are successful are already up? Because they do all these in the morning? All right. Lastly, it's breathing.

Lastly, you'll say the last syllable of the blessing... your acquaintance said. Let's say your successful acquaintance... said, "Be rich" at the end of the call. Then you need to say the last syllable for 30 seconds.

"Be rich." - Like this? / - Yes. It's an individual match and a record game. It's a record game? Three members who finish the fastest will be given breakfast.

(It's DinDin's turn.) How come I don't know anyone who is successful in life? It's because you're successful. (DinDin tries the lotus position.) Why can't I do this? (His legs are too short for the lotus position.) I can't do it. Then it can't be helped.

- It hurts so much. / - It can't be helped? (Then you won't get to have breakfast.) - I got it. / - All right. - We'll start if you say, "Go." / - Go.

(1. Hitting the top and bottom teeth 10 times) (He easily finishes the meditation.) What's with him? - He's so relaxed. / - He's putting his shoes on? (He's so relaxed when it's a record game.) It's been ten seconds. - You never know. / - I'll start timing you...

once you soak up to your neck. - How many seconds will it be? / - My gosh! I can't do it! (Having fun watching DinDin suffer) You need to finish it at once. - Hurry up! / - Your clock is ticking.

- For how many seconds? / - Your bottom looks weird. (Gosh, it's cold.) What happened to your bottom? (A trace of his hard work to become rich) Gosh, it's too cold, though. Of course it is! It's iced water.

(Exclaiming) (DinDin's bath to become rich) Of course it is! It's iced water. (Is he brushing his teeth too?) Four, five, six, - seven, eight, / - How can his mouth dent like that? nine, ten. (He succeeds in the cold bath.) All right. Please...

Please let him pick salt water. Please... (3. Having a glass of water) (Grunting) Go back. Go back to the lotus position! (He chose a regular glass of water.) Nice.

(4. Reading a news article) Hurry up. What are you waiting for? Darn it. (What kind of an article is it?) (If you're a rich man,) (you should be able to read an article like this.) "From the Korea Tourism Organization," "tourism manager, Kwak Jinkwang," "and Manager Heo of the patent grant department..."

"for the city of Seoul..." - Huh Gak? / - "recommended Jinju..." "a city that's like a diamond in the rough." You're done for, Jongmin.

I give up. "The director of Lee Byungwon Clinic, Lee Byungwon," "said in the director's room of Lee Byungwon Clinic" "during an interview…" - DinDin will win first place. / - He's good. "He said Mr. Simpson might suffer from..."

"myofascial pain syndrome…" - "Syndrome." / - Myofascial what? "calcific tendinitis," "rotator cuff tear..." - It's so hard! / - That's what I have.

"thoracic outlet syndrome," "and other diseases." - Pass. / - I host a radio show, you know. - He's amazing. / - A positive affirmation. The most successful person? Who could it be? (Who among DinDin's network is the most successful?) Put that down.

- Do I just talk to him? / - Hello. - Dad. / - Yes. Dad, what can I do to become successful like you? You just need to work hard.

- How do I... / - Also, get married... and have a son and a daughter. (I want to become successful too.)

Can you say a word of blessing? A word of blessing? My son and daughter will do well. They'll have a good life. And they will make a happy and fruitful family That's what I think. Make a happy family? That's right! You should. - Let's stay healthy. / - All right. Who do you think is the most successful person around you? The most successful person? My son.

- Me? / - Yes. - All right. / - He's the best. - Bye. / - Bye. He's the best father. - You need to... / - Do you approve of it?

- Yes, we do! / - Yes, we do! I think your parents know we're filming. - I know. / - Then... It'll be "Make a happy and fruitful family." Okay. - It's important. / - Make a happy and fruitful family.

I'm sure he won't make it. He should've breathed in before he began. He didn't do it. Six, seven...

Will he make it? - Ten seconds. / - Oh, my gosh. He needs to do it for 30 seconds. It's twice as much. - Twelve. / - Try it again if it won't work. - Thirteen. / - It's getting quieter. Fourteen.

- Fifteen. / - Twenty seconds. You have ten more seconds. - Will it be cut off? / - You can do it! - He made it. / - Will it be cut off? - He did it. / - He did it. DinDin is really good at this. - He really is. / - I'm a singer.

DinDin's record is 5 minutes and 18 seconds. Please refill the iced water. There you go. You're doing a good job, DinDin.

Everyone should be ready to burst out laughing. You got this! - You can do it! / - I will be able to finish it... if I were given 20 minutes. I'm so nervous.

I'll go! - What? / - What is he doing? - It's a new strategy. / - What is that? It's a new strategy. He's trying not to get...

- the other parts wet. / - What is he trying to do? You can't sink your neck that way. You'll slip! - There you go. / - He fell in.

Start counting already! - Start counting! / - One, two, three, - four, five, / - This is crazy. six, seven, eight, nine, ten. "Start counting!" (He moves on to the next mission in a unique way.) Please... Let's go.

Take the salt water and go back to the first mission. - Let's go. / - Let's go. Please... - Let's go. / - Please...

(Gulping down) - Let's go. / - Let's go. Please... - Let's go. / - Please... (Gulping down) It's salt water.

(Back to the first mission.) It must be easier now since he's done it before. It must be easier. Hurry. - It's a little better! / - One, two, three, - four, five, / - It's a little better? six, seven, eight, nine, ten. Let's go! Go! The one next to it should be fine. Please let it be salt water.

- What? No way. / - His eyes... Go ahead and check. Please. - "Please?" / - Spit it out on purpose. (DinDin the taster) You're good to go.

(He succeeds in the third mission.) Here comes the second hilarious part. Must I read with spacings in-between? You can read it however you want. - "From the Korea..." / - Again.

(We knew he wouldn't be good.) "From the Korea Tourism Organization," "tourism manager..." (Taking a long pause) "Kwak Jinkwang." "and Manager Heo of the patent grant department..." Again. Why? "From the Korea Tourism Organization," "tourism manager, Kwak Jinkwang..."

"and Manager Heo of the pat..." - Again. / - "Patent department..." Why? - It's "patent department." / - "Why?" "From the Korea Tourism Organization," "tourism manager, Kwak Jinkwang..." - "and Manager Ho..." / - Again. Why? Okay, I admit it.

You said "Manager Ho." Why would you get mad at him? "From the Korea Tourism Organization," "tourism manager, Kwak Jinkwang..." "and Manager Heo..." "of the patent grant department..." "for the city..."

(He finally moves on to the second line.) "of Seoul..." Why would he get mad as he reads it? "recommended Jinju, a city that's like..." "a diamond in the rough." "Swiss tourists, the 33-year-old…" "twins, Mrs. Smith are..." - "and..." / - Again.

No! "From the Korea Tourism Organization," - Can we lie down for a bit? / - "tourism manager" "and Manager Heo of the patent grant department..." Again. "And Manager Heo of the patent grant department..." (Is he allergic to Manager Heo?) "Manager Heo..." (A city that's like a diamond in the rough...)

Goodness, it's so frustrating. - "for the city of Seoul..." / - This makes me go nuts. - "recommended Jinju..." / - Why must he do this?

"a city that's like a diamond in the rough." (Did he change his strategy to reading it with rhythm?) "Like a diamond in the rough." "Swiss tourists, the 33-year-old twins," "Mrs. Smith..."

"and Mr. Simpson," "and a 53-year-old, Ms. Sim Sansoon," "who works in the food industry..." "where they import Swiss seafood," - The director is going easy on him. / - "bumped into" "each other's shoulders." All right, now.

- Again. / - Again. "From the Korea Tourism Organization," (The icon of hard work) "tourism manager, Kwak Jinkwang..." "Who works in the food industry..."

"where they import Swiss seafood," "bumped into each other's shoulders." Okay! You did it. Take a break. "The director of Lee Byungwon Clinic," "Lee Byungwon," "said in the director's room of Lee Byungwon Clinic" "during an interview." "He said..." "the Swiss tourists, the 33-year-old twins" "Mrs. Smith..."

- "and Mr. Simpson…" / - I was done after this. "might suffer from myofascial pain syndrome," (Smiling) "calcific tendinitis," - He's proud of himself. / - "rotator cuff tear," - It's a new strategy. / - It's the last part.

"ruptured cervical disk," "thoracic outlet syndrome," "and..." "other..." "diseases." (A great human triumph) - My gosh, Jongmin. / - Nice. I'm still going fast. He has his own business.

Jongmin has a lot of successful acquaintances. And it hit the jackpot. (Who is Jongmin's most successful acquaintance?) Hey, Jongmin.

Hi, were you asleep? Go ahead. - You're not sick, are you? / - No. Your cafe's doing really well. - It's Bbaek Ga. / - Yes. How did you become so successful? Be quiet. Stop talking nonsense and hang up. No.

- Hello? / - He hung up. (He must've pranked Bbaek Ga so much.) No one's pleased.

- Why this person? / - Why? - What? / - Call your mom. - Shin Ji. / - Yes? What's wrong with Bbaek Ga? What about him? I called, and he was asleep. He must've been tired. It happens. - What's up? / - So you... How come you, as KOYOTE, right? As the main vocalist, got to sell two million albums? They are successful.

(KOYOTE is a successful group.) Did I sell them? The listeners bought them. See? She's different. She'll have heard. - So? / - So what? We just work hard. Is there something I must say? - It's about the time. / - They're timing you.

- Someone's waiting. / - Okay. Say something positive to me. You just have to be the hard-working person you are now. He is hard-working. When is our concert? November 5 and 6. (Giggling) (These people...)

Some seats in the back are still available. They have a great view, don't they? They're all in it together. Okay. - Bye, Jongmin. Take care. / - Bye. Lots of tourists come. (Who is he calling now?) - What now? / - I'm really sorry, Bbaek Ga.

What do you want? I was sleeping. Say something positive. What? Darn you! I really have to sleep. I slept late.

Don't do this. Bbaek Ga, one more thing. When is our concert? (I think we should let him sleep.) - Our concert. / - Hang on. Our concert is...

on November 5 and 6. - Okay. / - What... (United with a concert) KOYOTE's male vocalist. - The male singer. / - If you do what you're doing... - I'll breathe from the stomach. / - Do it.

Keep doing what you're doing... now. (Laughing) (A singer's unusual breathing method) - That's the right way. / - Don't make me laugh.

You laughed. Don't take it out on us. Keep doing what you're doing now. - It's too high. / - Isn't it too high?

(Now) That's it. (He fizzled out in five seconds.) Try again. Ten seconds. This is the worst part. I don't hear anything.

I do hear something. I hear it. Twenty seconds. (Ah) (He can still hear it.) (His face and ear are red.) (Ah) - Is he making a sound? / - Yes! (Is he a dolphin?) (He barely made it.)

He's insane. - That was crazy. / - That was 12 minutes 44 seconds. (Will he get to have breakfast?) (Next episode) (The three disasters of variety shows) (Fishing at sea) (Mudflats) (But the hardest of them all) (Mountains) (It's such a steep slope.) (Do you want to run away?) (Never seen before) (The toughest hike begins!) (A level beyond your imagination) (Junghoon. I don't think I can go.) (Hang on. We're almost there.) (Who will conquer the peak?) (See you next week.)

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