trying to furnish an entire sims mansion... on a budget

trying to furnish an entire sims mansion... on a budget

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I just spent hours working on the  exterior of a really fancy house   in The Sims and today we're  going to try and furnish it. This is the house that I'm talking about,  I built this for my legacy challenge. I've got this Sims family I've had for like,  eight generations and they're going to live here. But you see, I spent so long  working on the exterior that   I haven't exactly done the interior yet. I did post a speed build of the  outside of the house yesterday so   if you want to go back and watch  that, I'll link it down below.

But today we're going to try and figure out how   we're gonna furnish the inside of the  house, so I want to show you around. My idea is that you walk in through  the front door right here and we're   gonna have I assume like, a living  room space in this big open area. Over here we're gonna have like a little fake  garage sort of workshop space for my sim. We've got the staircase here and then on this side  is going to be like a joint kitchen/dining area. The inside of this space really isn't that  big so it shouldn't be too bad to furnish. In the back we've got a little hallway  and then the main primary suite.

I laid out the bathrooms in kind of  a weird way because I wanted to have   a big ensuite bathroom and a hall bathroom,  so we've got a couple bathrooms right here. And then upstairs I managed to fit in  three more bedrooms and two more bathrooms. And now that I've kind of showed you around,   let's actually jump into the speed  build and start getting this furnished. I won't lie, I think building houses  for Sims that I'm actually playing   with is kind of scary because  there's like, so much pressure. I'm generally kind of picky about my Sims builds,   but when I've actually got a sim that I'm so  attached to living there, I'm like, extra picky.

So this speed build is kind of interesting. It also has a couple kind of fun features. You'll see that I'm actually  starting off with the fake garage.

Now I should clarify, there's  not actually a garage here,   it's not really a garage space, we  don't have garages in The Sims 4. We also don't have cars in The Sims 4  so that car that you're seeing in the   driveway is not really a car, it's not really a  driveway, and this one is not really a garage. The driveway is actually a  roof piece that I made like,   super long so it looks like  kind of a sloped driveway space. The car is a debug car, like just a  fake one, your Sims can't actually   even interact with it, you can't even  click on it, it's purely decorative. The garage door isn't a garage door, it's actually  just a big sliding door from Snowy Escape. It looks like it's maybe a similar similar size to  a garage door though so it kind of passes as one.

And then of course in this tiny  garage space a car wouldn't even fit,   but instead I put things like some storage,  an easel, there's like a treadmill, but really   this is supposed to be my Sims workspace because  the Sim that's going to live here is named Blue. Their last name is Bell so their name is Blue  Bell, and um, they like flowers so they're gonna   be like, using the flower arranging table and  stuff so I wanted them to have a little workspace. And then for the rest of the house, I  kind of tried to go for like a more gray   and white and like, wooden color  scheme sort of like the outside. Of course with some blue accents because you  know, the Sim's name is Blue. it's only fitting. I think this build is probably one of my most   favorite Sims builds I've  done in a really long time.

I say it's stressful for me to build houses that I   actually have Sims playing in because I  get so picky, but it's honestly a good   thing that I get this picky because I feel  like it turns out really nicely when I do. But I think I also just really like how  this house is big, but it's not too big. There's something about giant Sims  houses that I don't really like,   I find them kind of annoying to play in. This one is completely on platforms so it's gonna  to be annoying to play in, but it isn't that bad. And the actual interior space is  kind of small, it's kind of cozy,   everything fits really well, so I'm  really excited to play in this house.

That's the other thing about this, I got a little  bit overconfident with the budget on this one. So to catch you up to speed, the Sims from this  family have a 142,000 simoleons, I checked. And I originally decided to  build the house with 120,000   because I thought you know, it'd  be good to have some wiggle room,   it'd be all right if we you know, didn't  use all of the money up on the house,   it's probably a safe bet to give myself a little  bit less for starters just to be safe, you know? And so this house, um, I  thought I had plenty of money. I was going through, I was doing great, I was  spending and spending and spending on the outside,   and then I got to the interior and you'll see  that I've only furnished a couple of rooms. I did the bathrooms, I did the like, garage  and the kitchen, and now I have like,   28,000 left to do all four  bedrooms and the living space.

So I was definitely cutting it a little bit close  budget-wise, I even gave myself an extra like,   5,000 to do the bedrooms and  I still was cutting it close. So at the end of this video I think I want to  go through and one, move my Sims in because I   want to like, put all their family photos up and  bring their little Decor objects, I've got like,   fire ants I always keep in the kitchen so I  need to bring all those things into the house,   but I also might see how we're actually doing  with the budget and then maybe add a couple   things depending on where we're at because  I do want to make sure we have a little bit   of money left over, but like, I also want to  have a nice house, so I'll probably you know,   make some adjustments once the speed build is  over and we actually go start moving the Sims in. That's the thing, I didn't actually build this  lot for the speed build in their real house like,   with the real Sims and their real  household and things because one,   it was kind of laggy in the save because  it's it's old and kind of has problems,   but also I was kind of worried  about like, messing it up. And I thought that maybe it would be easier  if I just built the house like normal,   didn't put any of my weird things in it,   put the normal house on the gallery, and then  went back and added my weird things to it. Because this version is  already a little bit weird,   it has like the you know,  piranha pond in the front yard.

The last thing you need is like, all  of my silly little um, collectibles. You don't need to have my fire ants  on the kitchen counter, you know? I'm curious to hear in the comments if any of   you do weird things like that  too with your Sims families. Like, do any of you have  long-standing Sims families that have   um, sort of interesting interests that you  always bring around with you everywhere? I know a lot of people don't always play  with like, super long Sims families either,   like this one is eight Generations, that's  like, not that common to keep playing that far. A lot of people do, but certainly not everybody. I think there's kind of a couple  different groups of simmers,   there's like, the half that makes a Sim, builds  a house, and then doesn't play again after that.

And then the half that like, plays with the  same family always on like, long lifespan,   never ages the Sims up or anything, and then  there's me who kind of does both except I   guess this family is on short lifespan, so  they do age up and they do die, frequently. Which is why I call it the  nightmare legacy challenge. I'll link the playlist down below  if you want to go back and watch it,   but this challenge is quite fun.

Anyway, all of that to say the downstairs of this   house is a little bit more  detailed than the upstairs. The upstairs is also a bit smaller. In fact, the  bedrooms in this house are actually quite small. I know I was just talking about  how I like having a smaller house,   but when I built this, I kind of got  on the inside and I was like, hm. This is really small. Like, the  bedrooms are really not very large. Which I know I was kind of hoping  for, but I also kind of surprised   myself with the scale of them because  we're coming from a way bigger house,   we're kind of downsizing, but  the backyard's like, nicer.

It's weird. The other kind of weird thing that I  struggled with here was that I felt   like the garage didn't really  have a good space for a door. Because I really wanted to have  the garage, that was kind of like,   the whole point of the build for me,  but I felt like there wasn't really   a good space to stick the door into there  on this big wall where I had put the TV. It almost looked a little bit out of place to  me so I really did try to make it all blend   in and fit, but I acknowledge that maybe  something about it seems a little off. I tried, I tried. I think you'll also notice that cats  were a big priority for me in this house.

I put more than one cat tree here. I only  have one cat, my Sim doesn't have like,   you know, an army of cats or or anything, but  I wanted the cat to have a very happy life   and so they have a cat tree right there  in the living room, they've got another   bigger one upstairs in the hallway, like,  I was really trying to prioritize the cat. Look, I've got a real problem with having --  okay, this is specifically a Sims problem,   just to clarify, but I've got a real problem  with having pets in The Sims and then not   giving them enough attention and then them  running away in my let's play episodes. I think it happens more often in households  like this where I've got so many Sims. Because here we've got like, my new  legacy heir, their brother, their mom,   two of their grandparents, they've got the  cat, like there's just so many Sims here,   there's always so much going on that  I get a little bit overwhelmed and   then the cat sort of becomes less of a  priority, which is really bad, I know. In The Sims 3 I used to have  this problem, but I could like,   see the pets needs and so I'd be  like, oh no, the pet's social is low.

Let me go like, control the cat  and have it interact with the   dog so they can befriend each  other and not be sad anymore. But in The Sims 4, I can't see their  needs and they also get uncomfortable   a lot for things that like, aren't  need-related, they're just like,   scared of the dishwasher and so I kind of just  ignore their little like, orange face portraits. And then the cat runs away. And  I'm a really bad Sims pet owner. Again, this is specifically a Sims problem, okay?  My cat in real life is very spoiled and very loved   and has a lot of attention because I don't have  any other friends, so it's just me and her really. But like, in The Sims, I do a bad job.  So I tried in this house to you know,   put reminders to make it more obvious to me that  there is a creature that I need to interact with.

Anyway this bedroom down here  is going to be Blue's bedroom,   like the new primary suite so I  managed to put in a fireplace. I realized when I was furnishing that I had  built these like, two giant chimneys on the front   and the back of the house that were like, major  features of the home and then I didn't even have   a fireplace anywhere because I put the kitchen  in front of one of them and so I was like, okay,   we have to have a fireplace in this bedroom,  otherwise the chimneys are completely useless. So I made sure we had a fireplace  in there in the bedroom. We also have a fireplace on the patio outside,  but like, you don't very well need a chimney   on the inside of the house because you  got a fireplace on the patio, do you? So I wanted to have an extra one inside.

The upstairs actually has a quite big landing  and I kind of wanted to make sure it was actually   usable space so I put a desk there and I ended up  putting a cat tree as well like I had mentioned. Although in the speed build I don't place down  a computer because I realized that I was really,   really doing bad when it came to  money, and I was like, you know what,   maybe I just won't put a computer here and  then I'll take my Sims computer from home. I'll bring theirs. We can use our own  computer. We've got a computer at home. That was one of those times where I was like,  okay, we really only have like, 8K left? Yeah, that's not enough money  to furnish three bedrooms and   so I tried to like, tone it back a little bit. These bedrooms are also a little bit like,   goofier because they're sort  of designed for specific Sims.

I mentioned that my Sims grandparents live with  us, and that's because they had previously died,   lived with us as ghosts for a long time,  they had like, a ghost themed room. A much more overstated ghost themed  room, um, not as subtle as this one. And so I decided in this house I wanted  to sort of continue that ghost theme,   but maybe have like, a more slight ghost accent  wall instead of like, the glow-in-the-dark   blue and green ghosts, I just used like, a  white ghost wallpaper on one of the walls. It's a little bit more subtle. The Sims aren't  even ghosts anymore, I brought them back to life. I'm not joking by the way, and so I just  -- you know, let's understate it instead.

We also have a really small bedroom for  Blue’s brother, I feel bad because his   room at the old house was huge, like  it was way bigger compared to this one,   but now he's got a much sadder  looking bedroom in this house. It's really tiny, but he'll move out soon  and then it'll be a baby's room eventually,   so it's fine, he'll get over it, he's a teen. He's only like, freshly a teen, but you  know, he'll move out soon, it's fine. And then the last bedroom is Blue's mom's bedroom  and so in the old house she has like, sort of   bright wallpaper, lots of bold colors in there,  and so I kind of wanted to continue that in here.

Although it does mean the bedrooms upstairs are a  lot different from the downstairs sort of theme,   the downstairs is all very cohesive  and then upstairs it's just not. Although I think that like,  this smaller sports-themed   room does kind of fit in to the other spaces, but. And I guess the ghosts aren't so  bad, they're just kind of silly,   they're just kind of silly and on  the wall there, nothing to see here. But yeah, you're probably noticing that  we're really running low on money right now,   like we have this giant room left to  furnish and like, 2,000 simoleons so   I definitely was kind of like, hm, maybe  I'll hold off on putting a ton of furniture. So once we actually go into the game in a second,   I really want to make sure that I you  know, add some extra things in here.

I'd like to try and bring some furniture  with us to put in this room because I'm   feeling like it's a little bit sad at the moment. I do love the wallpaper though, I tried to go  for this sort of like, red wallpaper, and then I   noticed that it had some pretty green flowers and  birds that I sort of used as an accent color with   the bed and stuff, and I thought it looked really  good together, but you know, I just couldn't do   much more than that unfortunately because we  didn't really have a lot of money for much else. But that my friends is pretty much the  entire speed build of the furnishings. So now I want to actually jump back  into the game like I mentioned and   place this house down on my legacy challenge lot. Today is moving day, so I want to make  sure we actually like, decorate the house,   bring our photos, and all of that sort of thing. In fact this is almost a little bit  upsetting because I am moving in real   life in like a week so maybe  this is a little bit too real.

Anyway we live all the way back here on  this lot in Oasis Springs across the street   from the Landgraabs, but the Landgraabs  are all dead and I also kind of like,   infiltrated their family  -- oh. My sim is mortified. That's great. Imagine he dies while  we're trying to redo the house. So this was the old house, I still  think this house is so beautiful. I'm gonna miss this house so much. But before we leave, I want to  go through and like, you know,   kind of steal some of my important things.

For example I cannot forget my  cowplants, I have a couple of them. I'll probably bring all of our plants  too because we do have a garden in   the back of the new house that I  want to make sure we can fill up. Who put dirty plates on this shelf?  Why have you done that? Okay, well,   we have this like, wedding  bouquet, fire ants, Chef Gino. And as you can see, we've got family photos  like, literally everywhere, so we need to be   careful to not forget any of them, but I'm gonna  go through and grab like, all the stuff first. Things like this bag of cash, we've got like,  these little items everywhere we want to bring.

Future Cube, can't forget that. This   item in particular is extremely  important, that's my fire toilet. It spontaneously combusts  so we can't lose that one. Oh, here's a stolen necklace,  yeah, I'm gonna want that, okay. In here in Blue's bedroom I  had a couple of postcards.

This was like, a prom thing we won. Oh,  I loved Blue's room, I'm kind of sad. I don't want to move. Wait, can I take  it back? Can I stay in this house? I'll probably bring the laptop too because  we're gonna need a couple extra computers. I will bring this one as well because  we're gonna need that at home. Okay, what are these pictures that Blue  already has? They're like, nothing, right? Yeah, okay, just sell those and then I'll  stick all of the photos we were using in   Blue's inventory so that we don't forget any.

I've got loads by the way, like  so many more than even just these. I've been putting family photos everywhere  in these houses this whole time. I've become very attached to these Sims.

I put a crying mirror in the ghost room? That's   kind of cruel. They even had ghosts  on their patio, it was really nice. They're definitely downgrading  in the new house for sure. Oh no, I forgot I still had this. That's Pepper and her ex-wife. She's still  got her ex-wife on the wall in her bedroom,   oh god, okay, yeah, let me move those. Oh, she's got a wedding photo  in their bedroom too, yikes.

That was wrong of me, I'm sorry,  I should have noticed that sooner. I really should have noticed that sooner.  Oh my god, I almost forgot my chickens. That would have been really bad  actually. They're gonna die soon. Are they all dead? Oh no, we have one left, okay.

Oh, Betty's only an adult. Oh,  we've got time with Betty it seems. All right, I am saving the game before  we forget, we'll make a new save. All right, I think I've gone  through and triple checked   everything and got all of the stuff that we need. I'm gonna bulldoze the lot now. Oh my god, okay.

It looks like we've got a couple things  in our inventory that we could sell too. Stuff that I probably don't like, super need.  Like, why do I have all of these hollies? Oh no, we're not gonna have that much money. This one is like, 126,000 I  think, so it leaves us with 7K. Okay, 7,000 Simoleons and most of the  house is done so we should be okay. I just need to make sure I go through and  put like, all of the necessary items back.

For example my chickens -- well, chicken  singular, needs to go in their little yard. I guess I didn't really think about  the fact that not all of the flowers   can go in these vertical gardens, but at  least the deathflower can go over here. And it let me plant my  daisies so that's nice, right? You can't plant deathflowers in those at all?   Why not? What if I want to  have a wall of deathflowers? Okay, well for example, I thought we could put  the fire toilet in this little tiny bathroom right   here because it's like, easy access, everyone's  gonna use it, this seems like a good spot.

Upstairs, I will stick that computer and  maybe some of the other things like the   books that we had and like,  the bag of money over there. If you were me, where would you put this  stolen necklace because I'm not really sure. I mean, it'd be a little bit odd just like, in  the bedroom, but it's like a family heirloom. I have also literally always hung up  these absolutely revolting pictures. This one's good, this one is truly  the worst thing I've ever seen,   so I like to put those out on display. And we've got a couple kind of  funky little like, decor things.

Like, that's pretty cool. I also have this  clown one, I want to put him somewhere, but. Oh, maybe he'll fit in this shelf. Oh, you can  put the wedding bouquet in there, that's cute. I hadn't thought of -- let's put  that up there, let's display it. And then I'll put the clown like,  right there maybe? Future Cube.

This is that prom award that we got  so maybe I'll put that down here. Oh, where'd I get these  knives from? Let's use those. Um, the fire ants can live near the knives  maybe? The little like, danger corner. Is there any other space for this  laptop? Like, nobody else -- oh,   I guess there's a desk right  here so we can put it in here. I also have some kind of fun  little things like this octopus. That kind of matches this  room because of the purple.

Is this painting like, really out of  place? I kind of like it, I don't know. Why is there like, no wall space  left? How did I fill in like,   every single wall in the whole house? Okay, I can put -- maybe the  postcards can go over here. I also need to get my cowplants back/  I still have this dead one that I've   had for ages. Oh. My landscaping  looks a lot worse when it's fall. Everything's dead over here. Should I put the  dead cowplant like -- maybe hang on, wait. Maybe we could have like, the living  and the dead one kind of together.   And then this one is gonna be new  so maybe I'll leave it over here   just so I make sure to water it. You  know, keep it in my line of sight.

Originally I had put a couple of  these pictures in as like, filler,   so I could replace them with family photos. Okay, hold on, let me try and arrange like,  a gallery wall of some sort on this wall. Okay, at this point we have so many Sims that it's  kind of hard to put up pictures of all of them,   but I kind of like how this gallery wall looks,  and I think I want to do it with the blue frames.

I know that's kind of weird, but I  almost think it looks kind of cool. Okay, I had this idea to do like,  a wall of the pets on this side. We've had more pets than we  have space to put photos of,   but I like the idea of having  like, a bunch of pet photos here. We have a couple more recent ones,   like this picture is of Tofu the brand new cat  and that's Cookie the one that just died like,   kind of recently, but this one, this  is Mr. Wiggles and that's my raccoon! I forgot what its name was, but  you know, we can put those there.

I'm trying to hang up some more recent  photos too of like, the current gen Sims. These are Blue's parents before they got  divorced and that's Blue and their mom. That's Blue's grandma with her kids at the  wedding. The first wedding because she had   to have two because she died, and then  I had to get married again to her ghost. Oh, see, this is fun. We've got like,   a photo from the day they got married and  then one from the day they got divorced.

Okay, it's very hard for me to see this wall to  make sure they're all in line, but it'll be fine. Those are definitely not all in line, okay, I  need to do it from a different angle or something. This looks terrible. All right, maybe I  can see it from this side, is that okay? You know what, how closely am I gonna look  at that really. Like, that's probably fine.

You know what, now that I think about it,  I need to take some more photos before   these Sims go and die again, like  Blake's on their way out again, so. We'll need to do a little photo session,   but I think right now I'm really happy with how  things are looking -- oh no, I forgot a wall. Okay, never mind. Oh god, Blake  has like, even more photos. Ooh, that's a dead cowplant picture,   that's perfect actually. Put that  one on display in the kitchen, okay? And I think with that, I'm really  happy with how the house is looking,   I feel like it looks lived in,  we got all of our stuff back.

Thank you for putting up with me doing  my little like, gallery wall sessions   because I know that a lot of you maybe  don't know these Sims and don't care,   but it's kind of fun to like, put  pictures of your Sims up on the   walls because I've had these Sims for  so long, we have like, so many photos. It's fun to put like, old ones from older  generations up and stuff, but anyway,   this house is finished, it is on the gallery,  but don't worry I've got like a pre-photo   version up on the gallery so it shouldn't  be marked as having any CC or anything. The game is so weird, these  photos are obviously not CC,   they're like, in-game pictures, but  the gallery thinks they are sometimes. If you want to go back and watch  the first half of this build video,   I'll link that down below for you.

And tomorrow I'm gonna post the next let's  play episode if you want to watch that. This let's play is like, kind of  starting a new miniseries because   it's a new generation so now's a really  good time to tune in if you want to. So make sure you subscribe so you don't  miss it and I think with that I will stop   rambling in your ear and I'm gonna catch  you all tomorrow, okay? Bye everybody.

Of course literally right as I'm finishing this,   they're using like a leaf blower outside,  so I'm really sorry if you can hear that. There's always so much noise  on Tuesday mornings here. [ JAZZY OUTRO MUSIC ]

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