Tri State Trip - Day 18 - Lepakshi

Tri State Trip - Day 18 - Lepakshi

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Good morning. Today is day 18. Yesterday day 17 we took rest in Bengaluru. Today is 18th day. We reached Lepakshi from Bangaluru. Around 140 Km away.

We will go inside the temple. This is Jatayu park. This is where Ravana cut Jatayu wings while obstructing Sita's kidnap. Jatayu fell her and attained moksha. So, Jatayu park.

Earlier its name was Laya Pakshi. Afterwards it became Lepakshi. This Nandi is the biggest among all.

It is in enclosure and park separately. Generally, it always in front of the temple. Here it is away from temple. See how big it is. Its height is 20 feet. Width is 30 feet.

Its specialty is it is monolithic. Whole thing is made of single stone. See those beautiful designs on it.

So huge from single rock. If you see the bottom you can find out. In Jatayu park there is Shivalinga installed by Rama. As it is closed, we could not see it. This is Veerabhadra temple. This is one the 108 shaiva kshetras.

This is constructed by Virupanna, Veeranna treasury officer of Vijayanagara constructed it in 16th century. This is temple entrance with big compound wall. There are 70 pillars in this temple. They all are beautifully caved. Different designs on the pillars.

Some sculptures are big and smore are small on pillars. Narasimha Swamy. Dwaja sthamb in front of temple.

Big one and the entrance is good. Like all other temples, surrounding area is built for people's stay. This construction was done without the approval of the king. Veeranna plucked his eyes and smashed them on wall as punishment by himself. People said that markings are there, but we could not find out. In tests it was proved as human blood.

We could not find it. We tried. See the rough stone at the bottom. It's a hill.

They excavated the hill and constructed. See the rough bottom. The surrounding area is huge. Huge boulders were left like that. This is unfinished Natya Mandap. As he plucked his eyes, it was left unfinished. Sorry, this is Kalyana Mandapam.

They wanted to construct Kalyana mandap but when he plucked his eyes and smashed against wall, they left it unfinished. they carved many sculptures of Gods. If they finished it would have been more beautiful. God's figures. Performing Shiva's marriage.

So, all God's figures. All types of Gods. It may be Brahma due to three heads. Beautifully sculptured. Temple's gopuram.

Many small temples are there all around. this is main gopuram. This is five faced Shivs, inviting all for his marriage. We may think Subrahmanya but it is five faced Shiva.

Many sculptures playing instruments as it is marriage celebration. Small Nanadi on top. This how the Kalyana mantap looks.

Many rishis and Gods. This is a small temple. people are performing puja here by lighting lamps as they may not allow inside the temple. This is inside area. These are main temple's pillars. Veerabhadra Swamy.

Mythological animals. See the different sculptures carved on the pillars. Different designs. Paintings on the top is Ramayana and Mahabharata. They may not look good in camera but very good. Finely carved. these are the paintings.

16th century paintings are still good. Dancing posture. Pillars are made in different designs.

Big dancing figure on the pillar. They said video is not allowed inside. We could not film the god's idol. Here it is playing different instruments. See the beautiful sculpture. Dancing pose.

This is Veerabhadra a long shot. Zoomed from outside the temple. Some boulders are still there. This is Nagalinga. There is small story for this. The sculpturers carving here When they were hungry the food was not ready. They said after preparing I will bring it. Wait for it.

While meals are being prepared, they carved this. They have done that fast. Even though they have done is fast, it is beautiful. they have done in the cooking time. This is of single stone.

This all inside the temple compound. This is Bala Ganapathi. Actually, we have to pray him first before entering the temple. This is Bala Ganapathi. This pillar does not touch the floor. See the gap It is constructed to protect in case of earth quakes.

It touches the floor and protects the temple from being collapsed. See the gap. If I turn the camera you will know.

There is a small garden outside. We can go out from here.

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