Touring the Famous Malibu TRIANGLE House!

Touring the Famous Malibu TRIANGLE House!

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- [Chris] Paradise Cove is one of the sandier beaches we have here in Malibu. You could walk all the way up to Point Dume. So there you have surfing breaks, you have tide pools, you have just a different form of nature. It's just such an amazing lifestyle to be able to enjoy nature and have such an amazing city, LA, next door to us. So it has it all. It's amazing.

Hey, everyone. Welcome to another episode. Today we're coming to you from Malibu, California, and going to give you a tour of this stunning estate nestled in Paradise Cove. Situated on two and a half acres, this incredible property features breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean, beautifully landscaped, lush grounds, amenities like a movie theater, tennis court, and it also comes with its own private beach.

Now, this is not the type of offering that we see quite often, and that's why I'm beyond excited for today's tour. Now, let's begin. All right, everyone, we're going to start our tour on the exterior.

Beautiful property, timeless architecture, three levels. You even get access to a private beach, which we'll cover later in the tour. And before I talk about the motor court, which is right behind me, I want to talk about the driveway and the arrival experience to this property. Gates open up to a long private driveway that brings you to the motor court. It's lined with beautiful trees. The landscaping of this property is absolutely incredible.

We have walkways, water features throughout. And next to the driveway, we have a kid's play area, tennis court, and below the tennis court is an eight car subterranean garage, which we will cover later in the tour. Now, I want to bring everybody back to the motor court. If you look at the architectural details, the way this property is laid out, even the driveway draws your attention to the entry. In fact, if you look at this house from a bird's eye view, you'll realize that it's shaped like a V, and the point of the V is where we have the Infinity Edge pool. So it's a really unique architecture.

I love these walkways that we have on the second floor. that one right there is a one bedroom guest house with its own kitchen and seating area. And coming back to the entry, two water features. Look at this glass facade. Then we have double doors opening up to the foyer.

I love these custom glass door handles and come on in. Beautiful marble floors. This curved staircase goes up to the second floor as well as the lower level.

I just love the design of this foyer. Get so much natural light. Right in the center, we have this massive crystal chandelier that goes down all the way to the lower level. And I really appreciate how they designed the roof section of the chandelier where it bumps over the roof line and they have more picture windows there to bring more natural light to the entry.

You can see the second floor landing right ahead of us is the primary bedroom, which we'll cover later. And before we leave this section, I want to mention that we have the first guest suite on the right-hand side with its own bathroom. Now, another detail I want to point out about the staircase is the railing design. Each one of these glass panels have different designs etched into the glass, so the whole staircase looks like an art piece.

Now, follow me this way. We have an opening here that leads you to the kitchen, but first I want to bring everybody to this side. That door right there opens up to an office with its own bathroom. And coming right here the first thing you see is the Pacific Ocean. It's right in front of you.

Views are fantastic. True floor to ceiling glass, framing this amazing view. We have a powder bathroom here for the seating area and follow me this way. Let's check out this incredible space. It's super open and I can't get over the seating area here. It's so elegant.

- [Mikey] Yeah, this is really nice. You can't argue with these ocean views. As we walk around, I notice this kind of deco sensibility this house and not only the art they have everywhere, but just the design.

It's really cool. - [Enes] I agree. It's super cool and I just can't get over this seating area right here. Now, let's talk about the specs of this property for a second.

We have 12 bedrooms, 14 bathrooms, 12,610 square feet of interior space, 2.57 acre lot. Located here in Paradise Co. On the market for $75 million. And I want to give big thanks to the listing agents, Lisa Optican and Chris Cortazzo for making this tour possible. And as always, we will have more information about the property in the description of this video. Now, let's go this way.

Right on the other side, we have an amazing bar, dual elevation, bar seating, marble countertops. I really like how meticulously decorated the back section of the bar is with a mirror back wall, some open shelving here with more accessories. And going to the other side, I actually want to open up open up the sliding glass doors so we can check out the wrap around balcony, which is incredible. I just love how the balcony just wraps around the seating area and look at these views.

This is breathtaking. Look at that infinity edge pool, perfectly pointed towards the views and your beach is down there. It's so quiet and peaceful up here and I'm loving this. - [Lisa] To be in Malibu is to be outside and to be outside is to have friends and family that you can enjoy it with. And so this property is one of those properties where you not only can hang out by the pool and look at the ocean, but you have so many other terraces to entertain.

You have your own beach, you have a loggia that literally is framed with the ocean. So it's all about that outside Malibu lifestyle. And that's what this property affords.

And I got to say, with this home, you get both bluff and beach access, which is quite rare in Malibu. Those two things don't come together that often. And that's one of the most important aspects of this property. Now, we have a staircase here leading you up to the primary bedroom. There's also a staircase here going down to your terrace. And this actually a small driveway for your golf cart.

That way you can pull up from your garage all the way the way here and all the way to the beach, which we're gonna do later in the tour. Now, let me open up this sliding glass door so we can go back in to the formal living room. On our right-hand side is the formal dining area. Beautiful table seating for 12, crystal chandelier above with cove lighting. And I really like how the dining area is a little bit more elevated, and you still get to enjoy these amazing views.

Now, going through this opening, we have a small service hallway. And then going through this door, we arrive to the chef's kitchen. The way this space is laid out and the way it's designed, it's like a commercial space. All stainless steel cabinetry and countertops.

You have commercial grade appliances. Look at the gas stove here, massive hood vent above. Then you come to the center to the island with dual elevation seating, bar set up, and look at the hanging pot rack over here with all these pots and pans. They even have heat lamps on the other side. So when you prepare your food, you can just lay it out here and keep it warm.

Now, on the other side, Mikey, can we get a close up? Look at this rustic French appliance. This is a rotisserie. - [Mikey] Yeah, this is incredible. Whoever designed this kitchen had entertaining in mind. I feel like you can serve a lot of people here, and there's a lot of diversity in what you can cook because of all the appliances they have.

- [Enes] Absolutely. All right, let's go this way. Uppers, another sink, commercial dishwashers. We have seen an ice cream machine in a property that we toured in Vegas, but that one was a standalone unit. This Taylor ice cream machine is built in.

How cool is that? - [Mikey] This would be dangerous for me to have around the house. I do like that it's here, but I would have to be very careful with that. - [Enes] I think it's a very clever touch. All right, follow me this way.

Obviously, we have commercial fridges all throughout this wall. Going here, we have a long hallway that leads us to another spacious seating area. You have a powder bathroom, laundry room. You have few other rooms on this wing. Now, I want to bring everybody this way so we can go back to the entry.

Full circle on the main level. Now, another thing that I want to point out. Is that this property has amazing architectural drawings. To show you what can be done with this property, I think it looks gorgeous the way it is. But if you want to elevate some of the parts of the home, you want to change the exterior, you want to change some of the interior spaces, you can absolutely do that.

- [Lisa] Every house, I think, buyers come in and they want to put their own stamp on it. And even if it's a new build, sometimes people will want to shift and transform something. This house was built in the 90s, so it's a stunning house.

It's an architectural icon. But I think that every decade or so, people want to update with materials because there's a new aesthetic, there's a new look that goes into homes. I wanted someone to have the vision and a concept should they want to take it a little bit more into what we're seeing today being built. How do you do that? Not tearing it down, not tearing walls apart.

But how do you give it a little bit of a facelift, if you will? And I love what we created because we changed it into something that felt a little bit more beachy, a little bit more natural, a little bit more wood elements. And I think if somebody were to do that, it would be an absolute home run. Overall, I'm really impressed with the main level.

Views are fantastic, great flow, ton of natural light coming in. Just a stunning property. Here we are at the lower floor landing. Again, staircase curves beautifully.

I like how they incorporated this art piece to the floor of the landing. Natural stone floors throughout. We got a gorgeous piano right here.

And follow me this way. The first room that we're going to tour on this level is the movie theater, and it starts here. This is one of the chicest movie theaters we have ever seen on our channel. I just love the fabrics, materials used throughout, and I feel like if Loro Piana built a movie theater, it would look like this.

It's so elegant. - [Mikey] Well, I really like this movie theater. The Loro Piana reference. I don't know if it was appropriate. I'm not fully there to agree with that, but I just love this has that old Hollywood deco feel.

Just feels like a classic movie theater. It's really nice. - [Enes] Absolutely. Obviously, you have the screen behind me and in the back they have a projector room which looks like a commercial projector room for a real movie theater. - [Mikey] Yeah, this is something we rarely ever see.

I think we've seen it once or twice, but it's really cool to have that. It's kind of a relic of older films and film projectors, but they have a digital projector back there now that's 4K, very high quality. But they also have the option, if you want to play older film reels, you can do that, which is really cool. - [Enes] It's amazing. I love the space, and that's it for the movie theater. Now, let's jump back to the landing so we can continue our tour on the other side.

We have this door opening up to another guest suite. Two single beds, full bathroom, and it opens up to the side of the property. Now, follow me this way. Beautiful natural stone floors throughout.

There's another guest suite here that I want to show to everyone. Starts here, queen size bed, sliding glass doors, open up to a covered section that leads you to the terrace. Obviously, a great sized room. Full bathroom on the other side. This is another guest suite.

Now, let's check out this space. Powder bathroom. I know it feels like I'm passing through a lot of spaces. This is a pretty big property. If we go into every single room, I feel like it will take forever. I'm trying to give everybody an efficient tour of the lower level.

Now, let's go this way. Nice game area. Love the pool table. It has the stainless steel design, light fixture above, multiple seating areas. It's just a really nice space. Now, on the other side, we have another bar clad with natural stone, and this bar also has an ice cream machine.

Wanted to point that out. Now, welcome to the lower level seating area. Very minimalist.

You have your long couch, few chairs, ottoman, coffee table. And I really like how they have this glass wall here, bring in more natural light. But that section is actually covered, working as a hallway for the guest suite that we just toured. That way that guest suite can go out to the terrace. Now, before we leave this space, I want to mention there's a full bathroom here, serving as your pool bathroom since we are on the lower level and we are about to check out this amazing terrace. First, we have the outdoor seating area with a fire pit right in the center.

Views of the Pacific Ocean, outdoor kitchen is on my left. Obviously, you have your infinity edge pool. And this terrace has these glass block inserts on the floors. These actually bring natural light to the lower level guest apartment, which is two bedrooms, two baths.

Incredible, staircase is actually right there. And the same staircase also takes you up to the main level balcony. So you have an easy access, extremely private, hedged on each side. Weather is is fantastic today. We have some lounging beds here, infinity edge pool, and your outdoor kitchen.

What I love about this outdoor kitchen is the fact that it is designed like a commercial kitchen. Stainless steel appliances, you have your built in barbecue, sink, pizza oven and, this is incredible. What an amazing property. What a unique offering.

You have the bluff, you have the beach, and you have it all within one property. So special. - [Mikey] Yeah, I really like this. And everywhere you look around the house, your views are just channeled directly to the Pacific Ocean. And you have this really cool V shaped pool also, which I like a lot. - [Enes] Absolutely. And this view changes constantly.

It's incredible that you can enjoy a view like this straight from your terrace. Now, let's cover the pool. White plaster, circular jacuzzi. And just like you said, Mikey, the way this pool is designed, it's pointing towards the views. And I feel like the architectural lines of this home are very uniform. And yeah, this is your terrace.

Now, what's left is we're going to hop in this 4x4 and go to the beach. - [Chris] Paradise Cove bluffs, provides you acreage, direct beach access, and privacy, which is so key for everyone who wants to live here because it's literally the who's who. And that's what people are seeking.

They can come here and they can completely relax and walk on the beach and not be noticed. And it's a luxury in this day and age, for sure. So we have the house manager, Carlos, driving us to the beach. First, you have this private road. I say private road because it's actually part of this property, which is amazing. Now, coming to this section, we have a kid's play area on our left hand side, and over here we have a really cool covered seating area that I want to check out.

This entry is super cool. Honestly, this is one of my favorite areas within the property. You have a small seating area sink, fridge.

This section is covered. Views are fantastic, extremely private. I like that they put few lounging beds here. You can hear the ocean.

And what a great spot for you to have your morning coffee. Come here, meditate, read a book. This is lovely. - [Mikey] Yeah, this is incredible. I know you wish you could get out there and surf.

Paradise Cove is a very famous surf location in Malibu, actually. And you have private access to it right here. - [Enes] This is unbelievable. I love this. And this is really what you're paying for. Obviously, you get a phenomenal home over 12,000 square feet of interior space, but you get the opportunity to enjoy the home or come over here and enjoy the beach.

And this is incredible. I'm out of words. This is a very unique offering. For sure. But we're not enjoying the beach yet unless we go all the way down to the bottom. Let's go.

It's amazing to me that you can enjoy the ocean like this and have a little private zone within the beach all to yourself. They obviously have few cabanas here, lounging beds, and that's the Pacific Ocean. What else to talk about? - [Mikey] You know what this reminds me of in a weird way? Zihuatanejo. Their little beach club area they had down there.

This feels super cool. You're super close to the water. I can't imagine being able to come down here and hang out. They also have these massive spotlights, so I think you can come out here at night. It would be incredible. - [Enes] It would be incredible, and.

Honestly, I'm speechless. Mikey, let's bring everybody here. Malibu has over 21 miles of coastline, and I feel like every few hundred feet you get a different neighborhood, different area that has a different nuance. And I feel like Paradise Cove, and specifically where this property is with its neighboring homes, is such a unique offering where you can have an amazing property up on the bluff. Then you take your private driveway that leads you to a private beach area where you have access to the ocean. And all these qualities combined makes this property and this offering truly one of a kind.

I'm really in love with the grounds of this property. We have few water features and few koi ponds. Let's go check out this one, actually. The amount of money spent on landscaping and the development of this property is quite impressive. I mean, this is not just a koi pond. Look at the rocks and the whole landscaping design here.

It's pretty intense. It's part of your arrival experience. This is right next to your motor court and it gets better. The trees, the overall energy, and the vibe of this property is what I love.

I mean, if I lived here, I would walk around all the time. And I'm not talking about the neighborhood, I'm talking about the property itself. You have different walkways that take you to different parts of the home. These mature palm trees, those are tree houses and you have a suspended bridge in between. It's awesome. And there's just a lot to do on this property.

Not to mention, I feel like there's so much potential for future development as well. Now, let's check out the tennis pavilion. There's actually staircase here going down to your subterranean garage, eight cars. Over there, you also have a gym, laundry room. Another separate guest apartment, which would be perfect for your staff.

- [Mikey] How many bedrooms is this again? - [Enes] 12 bedrooms in total. 12 bedrooms in total. I feel like we've really just scratched the surface on bedrooms today because the size of this estate is so immense, we don't want the entire tour to be taken up by bedrooms. Absolutely. And they're scattered throughout in a good way. You have so many different guest apartments and these suites that have their own bathrooms and their own seating areas, which is amazing.

And again, we're in Malibu. Real estate and land is so valuable. And the fact that you get so much interior and exterior space with this property is what's so special.

And here we are at the tennis court, super private, lighted. Look at your surroundings for a second. This is not just a tennis court. You know, this is a pretty impressive space. - [Mikey] Yeah.

I hate to always be talking about things that remind me of other things, but this estate and the deco style and the whole offering with the tennis courts and some of the other amenities, it reminds me a lot of the Godfather estate that we toured. - [Enes] In Beverly Hills. It was a while ago, but it has some similar feelings in that property. That property was grand, and this one is too. And, Mikey, let's turn around one more time.

I mean, look at our backdrop. This is all within your property. I love the grounds and you get 2.57 acres, which is a lot.

Quite impressive. What a beautiful home. Here we are at the second floor landing. Love this crystal chandelier. Talked about the clerestory design above that brings a lot of natural light. Foyer looks beautiful.

This walkway takes you to the guest suite that I mentioned earlier, that guest apartment with its own seating area. And on this wing, we have two more bedroom suites with their own bathrooms. Now, I know everybody wants to see the primary bedroom suite. Follow me this way. Double doors open up and here we are.

I mean, these views are just unbelievable. Unobstructed all to yourself. Bedroom is extremely private. You don't see any of the neighboring properties. Hedges on each side, seating area, Pacific Ocean. This is incredible.

- [Mikey] Yeah, I love this. Obviously, like we've talked about, every room channels these views, but you're on top of the entire house here. You have the best views of the ocean in the entire house. - [Enes] This bedroom feels like we are on a bow of a ship, bow of a yacht where you have nothing but the ocean in front of you.

Wrap around balcony, it's fantastic. We have a pop up TV here, king sized bed on this side. I love that balcony, just wraps around the bedroom. You can go from the one side, enter from the other.

And this is your primary bedroom suite. Now, Mikey let's take everybody this way to the walk in closet. This closet is extremely spacious. This is the first section. We have a skylight above, bringing natural light. This has to be one of the biggest closets we have ever seen.

Owners are currently occupying the property, so I want to respect their privacy. And that's it for the primary bedroom closet. Now, it gets better. Right on the other side is the primary bathroom.

Claw foot tub looks absolutely gorgeous. Massive mirror wall with LED lighting. Above us, we have another circular roof design that sits above the roof and you have all these clerestory windows, bring in more natural light to the bathroom. Then you have your vanity here, fabricated sinks, chrome fixtures, your walk in shower with body sprays, rain heads. And I got to say, between the interior spaces, grounds, this property is maintained so well, it's in immaculate shape. Every surface is clean to perfection.

My hands off to the owners and the management team. House is in amazing condition. Now, what's left is for us to check out the primary bedroom balcony.

Let's go this way. Obviously, views are fantastic, and I can only imagine what it is like to wake up in the morning and start your day in this bedroom, just being able to walk outside, enjoy the ocean, and just see your incredible home. I mean, this is fantastic. I feel like it's the type of home that you keep in your family for generations between the grounds. The amount of square footage you get and what you can do with this property, this amazing terrace, the beach access, and the beach itself makes this property truly one of a kind.

All right, everyone, that's it for the tour. Hope you all enjoy this video. Big thanks to Lisa Optican and Chris Cortazzo for making this tour possible. And as always, you can find more information about this incredible property in the description of this video.

Now, if you enjoyed our tour, make sure to give us a like, subscribe, and we'll see you guys on the next one.

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