Touring seru ke citorek - negri di atas awan - vespa

Touring seru ke citorek - negri di atas awan - vespa

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Hello, assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh, see you again on the traventure ID channel, okay friends, how are you? I hope everyone is well and healthy. So today I will go on a trip again, friends. Today I plan to go to Citorek. Oh yes, before we continue, I want to Fill up the petrol first so that it will be safe on the road. OK, let's fill it up first. Here, I'll fill it with 60,000 so it's full first. Yes, the petrol will be 60, OK, guys, I've filled it with 60,000, but before that I want to wear gloves first and stick to the back, so so that it's not too heavy to carry, I've prepared the strap and I've attached a holder too, so it's comfortable for what you're going to use it for, it's really strong, yes, I've put rubber on it too, so it'll fall down. So for the bag, I just put it in the back, I'm going to use it

in the end, friends, that's it. So that it's fast, after the poem, I will immediately continue this journey. I am in the Pasar Minggu area. For this route, I will travel via the Pamulang route, then towards Serpong and then okay. Continue following the video this time. Oh yes, sorry friends, maybe I will dub it from I'm at home, but it's a shame that the sound is broken, so it's not bad, right? So it's better if I just dub from home from the Ragunan red light, turn right towards Lebak Bulus, friends, so this is how I left the house at half past six, so that's the intention of leaving. 4 o'clock so I got there in the morning but it turned out I woke up a bit light so I prayed at dawn first, then took a shower and then left. At half this time I had arrived at the area on Jalan TB Simatupang which leads to Fatmawati. I went back up the

flyover and then arrived at the Fatmawati intersection. Actually, it's really a shame. actually I've been talking a lot from home on the road but it turns out the results are not satisfactory for the traffic itself here it's still quite empty, guys, maybe because it's still early so there's not too much of it, it just so happens that it's just past 6 o'clock, people are just about to go to work OK, friends, and you can see that the sun is starting to appear in the rearview mirror so you can see it. So actually today the view is really cool, but it's a shame that the audio is very disappointing, but let's just enjoy it, let's continue our journey towards Lebak Bulus, friends. Friends , now I'm in Ciputat, friends, after this, we'll pass the petrol station, then we'll turn right towards Pamulang, friends. So if we go straight towards Parung, we're going towards Pamulang, so we have to turn right, University friends. Pamulang we turn to the right guys I just saw Google Maps pointing

to the right but actually it can go straight but I don't know why this morning we were directed to the right we just follow it to the right here is the Pamulang Monument we go to the right OK we go right, we just follow the Google Maps directions here. We are also directed again to the right, friends. I don't know which way it's called Jalan Parakan, but it turns out it's different, right? What's the name? In the morning and evening, the map is a motorbike, so this is where we're going on the map. but the directions are correct, yes they lead to Cikudek or Jasinga, friends, there are other routes, so it turns out there are indeed many roads to get there, my friends, via Serpong, earlier via Pamulang, just keep going straight to Jasinga, Cipuduk, this is still the outskirts of the city, but the road is really bad. It's not like the inland ones, right? What is this area called? Is this still in the countryside, but the road is quite bad? Yes, Google Map brings the route here. So, this is quite bad. This is the entry into Banten. If I'm not mistaken, yes, so that's the road, some of it is damaged, some of it is It's smooth like that, yes, it's quite troublesome.

If it's a KLX motorbike, it might be suitable. Well, this is another good thing, friends, it feels like in the village, there's a smelly rice field, there's people burning rubbish, right? I don't know why, I don't know what, this is on the side, look like white and white or something like that on the map, maybe it looks like a solid rock, okay, friends, so in order to save on this, we're going through the normal route again, friends. Let's go for a walk. Now it's 8.15. I've just finished resting for a while. Later, we'll rest again. Yes, at a proper place, after drinking for a while, let's continue again, friends, Alfamart, so this is a normal road, if you look at Google Maps, then we will rest there to play the motorbike. Then

the motorbike will only run for a while, now we will rest first. friends, now we are at what is called the Macan Monument, in the Jasinga area, what should we buy first? Coffee first, then we'll turn right there, but later, we'll stop at Alfamart for coffee, then we'll continue again, and drink on the motorbike. first so it's not too hot. Just 15 minutes to half an hour, then we'll continue again. We don't need to rush, friends. After half an hour, let's have a drink of coffee, enjoy the motorbike, we'll continue, friends, like I forgot to plug in the mic, so There's no sound, so as we can see, in front of us there is a T-junction and there is a statue of a lion, but it turns out it's not a statue of a tiger. Here we turn right, friends, if you keep going straight or

left, it's towards Ciampea or Bogor and this is the road. It's good, just keep going straight, then we'll get to the store. OK, let's continue, friends, until we get to Citorek, we'll go down straight down , make sure to wear gloves at the same time, Google Maps is crazy, this is Jalan Raya here, there's a T-junction, I don't know the name, but it's the right route. It's good, but to the right, to the left, it's normal, I don't know

where to go to the right, but on Google Map, it's going to the left to Citorex. Well, here the road is starting to get a little narrower, friends, but you can't see it from afar, it's like that's it, it's a bit It's a bit highland, friends, how many kilos do you have ? This will only get better in the future because I see the potential here, so it's good, lots of people pass by. Well, like this, it's been widened, maybe to the right of this there's a cafe too, if you want to have breakfast or want to drink coffee. You can get there, the view is really good, to the right of here, we go down and don't know why here we go down, keep going, steady, steady, be careful here, just take it slow. Well, from here, this is the Rainbow Bridge.

If you go down here, be careful, OK? There's already a barrier . In 35 minutes we'll pass through these rural villages, which are lots of rice barns, friends, rice barns, lots of rice barns in the rice fields, there are also these on the side of the road, yes, they're for storing rice. Usually when the harvest tis is put in here, it's like a village. Finally, before going uphill , if you look at it from 3 minutes until friends, it turns out that before that there is still countryside, yes, I think it's like a forest, well, it's starting to go uphill a little more until Well, I think that's how it's done like this. It turns out there's a lot. Before this, it was only 500 meters from here. There's a village like that on the left. There's accommodation and villas like that, friends, accommodation, villas and food stalls have also arrived here, but there's none of this, you can't see it. The clouds are already very late in the day. Now it's over. At 10.30

there's fog. Well, I've started driving here, this Vespa motorbike is here, I want a video below, that's great, why is it possible that in the morning there were clouds below, friends, some of them are camping, friends , finally we're here. here, let's take a look first.

Oh, let's go to the shop first. Okay, we've arrived at the location, friends, the road is good, it's smooth, it's called Mount Luhur, OK , friends. So now we've arrived at the parking lot. Yes, the parking is 5000 for a ticket to go up to it. That's IDR 10,000 friends, then we'll go up, we'll just take a break first, have a drink, friends. Well, there are lots of stalls and lodgings here, right above the inn,

well, this is the entrance gate, if you go up to this, you can go to the Sawarna floor. this way , it just keeps going uphill, but whether the road is good there or not, but here it's still smooth, then go there to Sawarna Bone via Sawarna Sukabumi, how much can you stay here, sir, on weekdays it's 15, let's look at the room above, yes, the accommodation is like this When is the room, sir, it's here, yes, but it's the same size, sir, it's spacious, we'll see if it 's for two people , if it's a cold night or not, sir, it's still inside. Okay, guys, so we want to go up first, OK, this is in the parking area, right at the back , guys, I asked earlier. for accommodation here, it's 150 thousand for one night, we'll go this way, so we'll go there later, well , there's another one below, apparently, friends, but I didn't see it, OK? Oh, there's another one, it turns out the entrance is below . Well, what's going on here, the prayer room? Yes, the problem

is that this place pays for tickets , so it was 10,000 to enter here for parking, 5,000, well there is also a big accommodation there, this one a night is 150 thousand, the average for everything is 150 thousand. So if what day is called a weekend , it's 200 thousand a night, we go here friends, well, to the left there is a slope, love, we go up there, it's hot too. Well, we go up here. It's already on this road. Yes, it's concrete, so it's not slippery, but unfortunately for today, at first, I'm already finished, I'm running out of steam. The way

there, go up, he said. from here there is a waterfall, but it's still going up again, so we 'll get to the top, friends, what's going on, conservation, conservation ? Let's try going up the slope, ask the one from the intersection, then we'll go home that way, okay? Well, let's go up here, so that's usually it, friends. -Friends, at first it was here, yes, it was only here until 9 o'clock, the father said, so it turned out that the road was quite uphill, yes, getting there was crazy, friends, but earlier the road was really steep, so we went down, friends, okay? What does it look like for the picture and it's a shame that when we got here there weren't any clouds, the result is also a lot of photo spots and places for friends to sit here, usually for enjoying the view of the clouds. OK, in the morning, finally , OK, let's sit here first, OK, guys. Friends, maybe the video will just end here for now. What's clear is that this trip is

really exciting, passing downhill climbs and the route is also good. In my opinion, I really recommend it. For friends who want to play here, it's only recommended that you get here in the morning or the Band column. Get here in the afternoon, but Stay overnight here, tonight it's 150,000 , but I really recommend it, friends, it's a shame that when I arrived here, it was already afternoon so I couldn't see the clouds, OK, that's all, friends, see you in the next video. Greetings, stay healthy

and always see you in the video. Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

2023-09-20 18:41

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