Touring One of the MOST EXPENSIVE Yachts in the World

Touring One of the MOST EXPENSIVE Yachts in the World

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(gentle music) (waves crashing) (gentle music) - What does it mean to be an explorer? To pioneer new places, to discover the undiscovered and to bring new innovation into existence? This 279-foot vessel with a 110 million euro price tag, redefines its category of explorer super yachts. Pushing the boundaries of design and innovation with over 1.4 million human hours of construction and development, AKYACHT has built a vessel that has chartered a course unlike any other, and that's why it's my sincere honor to present you the mighty, Victorious. (upbeat music) (helicopter whirring) (upbeat music) Welcome on board. We're gonna start our tour on the upper deck aft.

Now when you get on board this vessel, you actually go straight to the main deck. We have the passerelle there. But main deck, houses the lobby and the guest state rooms or part of the guest state rooms, and your common areas, your lounges, your dining areas are actually located on the upper deck and that's why we wanted to start our tour here. Now, as soon as you get on this level, you have incredible amount of outdoor seating areas. Right in the center we have the elevated jacuzzi, which is just a great touch, and around this jacuzzi we have these removable poles for your sun shades.

And we currently have the sun shades on right now, but you can actually take them all off and bring more natural light to this space. And because this is an explorer yacht, you get incredible amount of outdoor lounging areas, which is one of my favorite details of this vessel. Now, right on the other side we have the bar, beautiful fabrication, stone-clad throughout, dual elevation, and it's just a great detail that services the aft. Now let's continue our tour. On this side, we have the covered section.

This area is framed by these built in seating areas, two pop-up TVs, and right in the center, we have this grand outdoor dining area. Because this vessel is 279 feet long, it calls for a dining area like this one that can sit 16. You have cove lighting above, outdoor speakers, recess lights, it's just a nice open space. And in order to make the guests feel more comfortable here, they have glass panels on each side. That way, you can have these closed to block off the wind that comes into the space, or you can open them up and allow more natural light and fresh air to come in.

Now continuing our tour, we have these accordion doors opening up to the salon. This room really sets the tone for the rest of the vessel. There are so many details here that I would like to talk about and that's why I'm gonna break it into sections. First, let's talk about the seating area. L-shaped couch, built in section on the other side, and as soon as you transition to the seating area, you have a comfortable plush carpet below your feet.

I love the decoration here. Marble coffee tables, TVs on this side, wood treatment on the ceiling, cove lighting, you have floor to ceiling windows looking out to the views. We mentioned earlier accordion doors open up to the aft and it's just a very, very comfortable space that truly sets the mood as you walk into this incredible vessel. Right over there behind the built-in section, we have a scale model of this vessel. It's an explorer yacht, looks super cool. And I really like how they have these rope details around the built-in, around the bar, and on the ceiling to truly tie in that nautical feel.

Right in the center, we have this back-lit glass panel that follows the hallway. And now let's talk about this side. First, I wanna cover the informal dining area.

Beautiful solid wood table with a bronze inlay, seating for six, TV on this side, beautiful leather-wrapped built-ins, cabinetry down below. And you have this gorgeous reveal detail with LED lighting to really set the mood. Floor to ceiling windows, blackouts, automatic shades, and then you have the bar here to service this part of the vessel. Same rope details are also here, dual elevation, bar seating, glass top, and on the back, you have the base cabinets with a sink, dumbwaiter, and some additional cabinetry that's wrapped with leather with beautiful stitching. Overall, phenomenal space.

And being here seeing the attention to detail it's very apparent. And I come from a real estate development world and building a yacht is like building a house. You have your structure, you put up your insulation, you run your utilities, and from there, you put your finishes.

And being in this room, seeing how everything is perfectly fabricated, how everything is perfectly square, the attention to detail with lighting, finishes are just incredible. And knowing what's behind these walls, you have miles of cables, plumbing lines, utilities, and having the need to access to these spaces whenever you need to and having it finished like this where it's so seamless, so perfect, is just incredible. AKYACHT had to put 1.4 million human hours

to finish this vessel and it shows. My hats off to them. This vessel is just stunning.

Now let's continue our tour. We have this hallway that takes us to few of the rooms. On my right hand side, we have the main staircase. This design here is a piece of art. This staircase looks so contemporary.

These bronze steps with stone inlay, Macassar wood veneer that wraps the staircase, it's polished to a perfection. Then you have your built-in hand railing with LED lighting, and below me and above me, we have these glass panels to allow light to transfer through each floor, and it's white, curves beautifully, it's just a phenomenal staircase. Now right on the other side we have the elevator that goes to all six levels, lowest floor being the crew quarters.

And coming here to this hallway, we have stone floors with marble borders, underfloor heating that feels really, really good on your feet. Crew staircase access, and going this way, on my right hand side, we have a day head. Marble floors, floating vanity with a marble countertop, beautiful sink, wood tones, beautiful bathroom. Now going back to the hallway, we have a different marble here on the floors. That's bookmatched right in the center. On my left we have a small galley.

On my right we have a bar. And coming this way, we are right in the center of this section. Now we have a seating area here, but first I wanna focus on the formal dining area. The details of this room, how all the accessories are placed, the arrangement, custom furniture, stitches, finishes, and the materials used, are very unique and combination of all creates this extremely special feeling. Right in the center we have this gorgeous glass chandelier and this piece was custom-made by an artisan in Turkey, and if you look closely, each one of these glass pieces are all different, because it was hand blown and it just frames this room beautifully. Then you have the built in speakers, mood lighting, and outside of that you have beautiful wood paneling that goes down to the walls.

Right in the center, we have this stunning table, seating for 12. And look at the furniture, look at the textures, look at this plush carpet that we have, bordered beautifully with marble around it. It's just stunning.

It's this very exquisite formal experience. You have all these windows bringing natural light, and I just really like how this space is so well defined. You have built-in cabinetry all around the room. The Macassar veneer that we have on these built-ins are all vein-matched and above the built-ins, we have these wavy glass panels that create great separation from the hallway. Now, right on the other side we have another lounge, super cozy, very intimate, sectional couch here, marble coffee table in the center, aged mirror detail on the ceiling, more windows, and right on the other side, to compliment the seating area, we have this stunning bar. I mean look at the cabinetry here, bar seating, this back-lit panel, dual elevation, shelves on the back with LED lighting, wood clad ceiling.

This room, the way it makes you feel is so special and it's just a great area for you to kick back, relax, read a book, drink a cocktail, or just enjoy being on this vessel. - [Mikey] Yeah, this dining area, this lounge, it feels like a private room at like a Michelin starred restaurant. It's just like a very exclusive feeling. It feels very cool to be here. - It's a very bespoke experience and I think H2 Design did a phenomenal job with the interior design of this vessel.

Now, let's go back to the hallway. We have the steps here taking us to the observation lounge. This 55 square meter seating area is very elegant and contemporary.

I love the minimalist lines here with these couches and chairs. Right in the center, we have this gorgeous chandelier, 180 degree views. We have all these windows and since we're about eight to 10 meters above sea level, we just get phenomenal views from this room. On the left hand side, we have a seven year old Schimmel grand piano that ties in the elegance of the space. And it's just a great area because you land your helicopter, you walk the bow, you come to the space, have your cocktail at the lounge, and you go to your dining area for your amazing meal.

It's just very cohesive and it's nice to see all these rooms work together for that ultimate entertainment experience. Now, before we leave this room, I wanna talk about the specs of this vessel. Completed in 2021 by AKYACHT. It's 279 feet long, which is around 85 meters, 14.2 meter beam, which is around 47 feet, 2,291 gross tons. Crew can range from 21 up to 26, 12 state rooms that can comfortably accommodate 24 guests.

Listed with Fraser for 110 million euros. And I wanna give big things to AKYACHT for getting us on board. And now let's continue our tour. We have this door opening up to the bow. Now the bow of this vessel is very unique.

We have two staircases that brings you down to this lower section where we have the anchors, another tender, massive crane to put that tender to the sea. And then we have these two staircases taking you up to the helipad. Now this is a proper helicopter pad, meaning it's not a touch and go.

You can actually strap your helicopter here, take it with you on your next journey. Another detail I like about this bow is the fact that we have railing throughout, which means you can have people up here, you can go all the way to the edge. And because this is an explorer style yacht, it has a very proud bow, which means we are really elevated, we get phenomenal views and I can only imagine what it's like to be here underway and enjoying these amazing views.

(upbeat music) We're gonna start on the aft and work our way all the way to the bow. On this level we have this open aft deck area, and once you go in, lobby, takes you to five spacious state rooms that we will see later in the tour. Now coming this way on the left, we have the passerelle tucking into the body of the vessel. And coming here you have this open space where it can store your toys. Now when I say toys, I really mean it. They have three tenders, three jet skis, and all kinds of water sports activities.

And because it's an explorer vessel, you have this incredibly spacious area complemented with two massive cranes. This is the smallest tender out of the three, they have another one that's 38-foot, and then they have a custom 42-foot catamaran limo tender that was specifically designed for this vessel. I personally really like this space because you can really have fun with it. You can put your helicopter here.

If you're very ambitious, you can put your car, you can have a basketball court, you can put a utility vehicle. Depending on what you like and where you want to explore, you can have a lot of fun with this space. Now, I wanna talk about the exterior of this vessel for a second. I like the two-tone color combination, steel hole, aluminum super structure, very proud bow, and I really like how distinct this yacht looks.

Now coming here, again, we have the small tender on this side. Behind that we have all the jet skis. In fact, the amount of toys they have on board are so impressive that I'm gonna just put up a list right here so you can see all the sea toys and the amenities. And over here we have a side deck.

And at the end, the door, opens up to the lobby. (upbeat music) Now think about the space as if it's the entry of a bespoke hotel. You have beautiful stone floors with marble inlay, displays, back-lit stone textures. And this hallway takes us to the five main guest state rooms that we have on this vessel. But before we check out this side, I actually want to take everybody this way.

This is a dedicated area for the kids. We have some open shelving here, cupboard space, center is nice and open, built-in seating on this side with these colorful drawers. And on the wall we have this really unique art piece that's back-lit showing you that you can go anywhere in the world with this vessel. Now I also wanna mention, this yacht is extremely family friendly, which is really nice. You have so many different guest state rooms and we're gonna talk about this particular detail also later in the tour. Now coming back to the lobby.

Before we go check out the hallway in the guest state rooms, I actually wanna come this way so we can have a look in this room. Now when you're in a vessel this size, the list of amenities change. In this case, we have an incredible movie theater here, great screening room, dual elevation seating. Couch setup looks extremely comfortable.

Then you have the curtains on the back, which means you can open them up and allow portholes to bring natural light to the space. You can also use this as a lounge area and the carpet. Fabrication on the ceiling with LED lighting. Your TV on this side with cabinetry and marble countertops.

This room looks very exquisite. This is one of the most beautiful screening rooms we have ever seen on our channel and I really mean that, especially when you look into the materials, insulation, and how well the space is executed. Now, let's go back to the lobby so we can continue our tour. Again, beautiful travertine stones with marble inlay.

And then we have this long hallway that takes us to the five guest state rooms including the VIP state room. Now, we're gonna start our tour here. On our right hand side, we have the main staircase, elevator landing.

This is the crew staircase access. And on my right hand side we have a day head, beautiful cabinetry, marble countertops, and a brushed nickel sink. And then following this hallway or this door opens up to the guest quarters section. Let's start our tour with this room.

It comes with a double bed, beautiful headboard design that's all leather stitched, wood paneling on the ceiling, seating area on this side, exquisite side tables, ceiling mount light fixtures. We have a small but a very elegant desk set up here, two massive windows, beautiful guest state room. And on this side we have a door that opens up to a full bathroom.

Now I'll go into a little bit more details. In this guest state room, king size bed, mood lighting throughout, ceiling mount light fixtures, two windows here, some open shelving, desk, lounging area. All these state rooms are very comfortable, very cozy. And I also wanna mention, this vessel has four stabilizer fins on anchor and underway. That way it's very, very comfortable, very stable throughout. You don't even feel like you're on water.

Now, coming here, this room has a very spacious bathroom, floating vanity with cabinet lighting. You have your mirror on this side, that's also a medicine cabinet, another window with a shutter detail. And then you have the enclosed water closet and your walk-in shower is on this side.

Marble-clad throughout with a contrasting stone, beautiful bathroom, and we have the cupboard space here for your clothes. Now going back to the hallway, we have three more state rooms to see. To warm up the hallway here, we have these shoji panels from Japan that gives this hallway a very soothing energy and going this way, we have two more state rooms. Let's go have a look at this one. And Mikey, can we get a closeup? So all the state rooms on this vessel have a name tag.

They're named after Formula One tracks around the world and this one is Monaco. How cool is that? - [Mikey] That's pretty cool. I saw Nürburgring earlier, so I knew something was going on. - There you go, that's the answer. Now come on in.

This is another phenomenal state room. I really like the reeded cabinetry detail that we have on the lower section. Two massive windows, again, cozy bed set up, mood lighting, textures, seating areas, guest state rooms are very, very good size and of course, comes with another full bathroom, cupboard space, dressing area, everything you need. Now on the other side, another guest state room. I'm gonna brush this one pretty quickly, because they're kind of similar to each other, but I wanted everybody to get a feel in the layout of this stunning vessel. Another double bed, more windows, ceiling light fixtures, another full bathroom.

Lastly, at the end of this hallway, we have this door opening up to the VIP state room. This one comes with a dedicated seating area, which is on the side, additional cupboard space, and the wood paneling and the textures we have in this room are a little bit different, little bit more on the lighter tones. Again, everything looks beautiful. Then on this side, we have a king size bed, and I really like how the bed frame and the side tables are all incorporated. It looks very, very cohesive. Additional windows here and because of the taper of the bow, these windows are at an angle.

We have blackout curtains also. And before we move on, I wanna mention since we are touring the guest state rooms, this vessel is also available for charters starting around 800,000 euros per week. Wanted to mention that. Overall, beautiful bed setup here, seating area on this side, and lastly, we have this door opening up to the bathroom. We have marble on every single surface.

On the floors, which are heated. Then we have the fabricated vanity here with two sinks, brushed nickel fixtures, this gorgeous wall sconce. These mirrors are nicely recessed into the wall.

You have some open shelving here, built-in tub on this side, again with brushed nickel fixtures. And then you have the enclosed walk-in shower here with privacy glass. And we have this pocket door here opening up to your water closet. Overall, main level of this yacht is stunning. (upbeat music) On this level we have four guest state rooms, wellness area, and an incredible beach club, which I can not wait to show you.

This door opens up to the crew quarters and the crew area. In total it's around 312 square meters and this vessel can accommodate up to 26 crew members. Door behind me opens up to the elevator landing. And then we have this long hallway that takes us to four guest state rooms. We're gonna start our tour with this one. Two single beds, padded back wall with LED lighting, cabinetry on this side, small desk TV, we have four port holes here, and this door opening up to the bathroom.

At the end, you have a walk-in shower that's all marble-clad with book-matching, brushed nickle fixtures. Then we have the vanity here with two sinks, LED-lit mirror, that's also your medicine cabinet. And on the back, we have two more port holes, and I really like the shutter detail here. That gives you some extra privacy.

Overall, beautiful bathroom. Now going back to the landing or the hallway so we can continue our tour, right on the other side we have another twin state room. Pretty much the same finishes and the same layout. And coming back here on my right hand side, we have another twin guest state room. Comes with its own bathroom and it's pretty impressive that even on the lower level they have four guest state rooms.

Now this hallway is very long and goes all the way to the beach club, which we're gonna check out in a bit. But first, I wanna check out the last room here. On the hallway we have some built-in cabinetry and going into the room, same beautiful wood paneling throughout, open shelving here with glass fronts, full size bed, leather headboard, LED lighting, reading lights, side tables, TV on this side, more portholes here. These bedrooms are very, very cozy and again, it's impressive that they have this many guest state rooms on this level.

And lastly, we have the full bathroom here. Again, all marble-clad, floating, vanity, walk-in shower, everything you need. Now let's go back to the hallway so we can continue our tour.

We have this door closing off the section for the guests and going in on the left, we have a few doors where you can access the engine room. And following this hallway, it takes us to the wellness area. This part of the vessel is very exciting, we have few incredible amenities here.

I'm gonna start our tour on the left hand side. This is where we have the gym. On the left we have all the gym equipment, treadmill, stationary bike, dumbbells, TV is nicely recessed into the wall.

Of course, we have some mood lighting, recess lights above, built-in speakers, and lastly, we have this side wall here folding down and allowing natural light and fresh air to come into the space. And this also serves as your additional swim platform. You can actually see the holes for the railings that they place once they fold down the swim platform and it just add up to your gym. - [Mikey] Yeah, I really like it.

Also, I really like this material on the ceiling above you. It's like a water texture, almost. - Exactly, and it has a really nice reflection with all the mood lighting. - [Mikey] Yeah, exactly. - Now on the left hand side, we have the hair salon, two seats, back-lit stone, hair washing station, and I really like that this section is glass enclosed. That way it can benefit from the natural light coming in through this door here.

Now, moving on. This door, let's quickly show it, opens up to a day head, and right on the other side, we have another lounge. On the left we have the seating area, behind that we have a beautiful textured marble back wall, mood lighting, shoji panels to soften up the space. And on my right hand side, we have a beautiful bar, dual elevation, bar seating, open shelving on the back.

And more importantly, we have another swim platform on this side. I really like this detail, because it allows you to get so close to the ocean, allows you to enjoy the outdoors, and it's just really nice. They set up a beautiful table for you.

Lounging chair on the other side, sun shade above. It's really nice. - [Mikey] Yeah, just imagine you're anchored up off the coast of anywhere you want to be anchored up. You're lying out here in the sun, you get too hot, so you go to the other side of the yacht to lay out in the shade, you know? - Incredible. - [Mikey] Yeah. - Just incredible.

Let's continue our tour. Now, wellness area doesn't end here, because we have this hallway taking us to two more rooms. I'm gonna start with the one on our left hand side. Now just when you think you have seen it all, you haven't.

Welcome to the hammam. This is an incredible space, marble-clad throughout. I really like the textured back stone with back lighting. Then we have star lights above us, drains tucked nicely underneath this marble slab.

You have your shower with a mosaic wall here, steam shower on this side, just a beautiful amenity. Now, before we leave this section, I also wanna mention, we have a day head here. Back to the hallway, and right on the other side, we have the massage room.

Stone floors that are heated. We have more of these shoji panels to warm up the space. Right in the center, we have this massage table.

Vanity set up here with a concrete sink and this vessel comes with its own massage therapist and its own personal trainer. They literally thought of everything. It's a full experience. We have more open shelving here, and these curtains really add up to the feeling. Now going back to the hallway, we have the stairs here, taking us to the beach club.

Now this beach club is not just about having a pool on the lower level of your yacht, it's about elevating your experience as you're close to the ocean. We have incredible spaces and areas within the beach club. First I'm gonna talk about the seating area here. Built-in couch, stone table. I really like the mosaic back wall here, which carries to this side where we have the bar and the fabrication of this bar looks stunning. I love the panels and curvature up-front with built-in LED lighting, stone countertop, glass top as your dual elevation, open shelving, LED lighting, this space looks incredible.

Now it gets better. Right on this side, we have the pool. Mosaic-clad throughout. You can either use it as a freshwater pool or salt water pool. You have a swim against jet, you can heat the pool as well up to 34 celsius.

That way you can use this pool year round. It's super elegant. Proportions are beautiful. You can walk around it very comfortably. You have more seating and lounging areas around the pool, textured ceiling with more mood lighting. And right in the center, we have this unique art installation that creates a little bit of separation between the entry of the beach club and the pool area.

Now lastly, or the most important aspect of this beach club, is the garage door here. Push of a button, you can fold it down, extend your beach club, use it as a swim platform, and be close to the ocean and really allow the space to open up to the outdoors. Overall, beautiful vessel. So far we only toured three levels and it's just impressive. It keeps giving, the amenities, the rooms, the details, it's quite special.

(upbeat music) Welcome to the bridge deck. On this level, we have the owner state room, two additional rooms and this hallway leads us to the wheelhouse, which we'll see later. Now this is your elevator landing. And before we go into the owner state room, I wanna mention this room is called Intercity Istanbul Park. Now going in, we have this long hallway, beautiful wood paneling, LED lighting, and it takes us to the bedroom. This room is around 85 square meters, full beam, exquisite details, and we have the king size bed positioned right in the center.

And I love how this wood panel back wall goes all the way to the ceiling. And then you have scattered recess lighting throughout. Bed is also on a platform that's leather wrapped with under lighting, two Macassar side tables. Beautiful bedding, again, gorgeous textures, just an incredible room. I really wanna compliment the shipyard here.

I feel like I'm gonna use a really interesting example. I'm gonna flatter ourselves a little bit. It's like our videos. They're 30 minutes long, but 30 minutes into the video, you still get perfect b-rolls of every single item we talk about. And what I mean by that is we are on the fifth level right now and still every single room, every single corner is so well thought out, every single accessory has a purpose and it's just so impressive.

I really wanna acknowledge the amount of attention to detail, the amount of craftsmanship, shipyard has put into this vessel. It clearly shows. Now, the rest of the bedroom. We have a seating area on this side, another seating area with a table set up here, some open shelving, and beautiful marble textures. And before we go outside to the deck, I actually wanna take everybody this way, so we can talk about the bathroom. This space is designed in a very minimalist and clean approach.

You have this beautiful marble throughout, both on the floors, then on the walls, it's book matched as well, under floor heating, built-in tub on this side with LED lighting, two massive picture windows with full black outs, and next to your tub, you have your walk-in shower, chrome fixtures that are so timeless, built-in shampoo niche, spacious, just a gorgeous walk-in shower. Now, right in the center, we have the vanity, same Macassar cabinetry is also used here. Chrome handles with a chrome built-in towel rack. You have your branded towels here, two sinks, open shelving on each side with LED lighting.

Just a beautiful assembly here. And of course, we have the first water closet here with a contrasting black leathered marble wall. And then we have the second toilet here, just a timeless, very neutral and tasteful bathroom.

Now coming back to the entry of the bedroom, on this side, we have another door that opens up to the walk-in closet. It's impressive to see a space like this in a yacht, meaning this is a walk-in closet, but it's definitely good size. Cabinetry looks beautiful. Every inch of space is well utilized. You have mirror ceilings for some reflection and volume.

Two picture windows looking out to the side. Really nice dressing table. Push carpet on the floors, ottoman in the center. Beautiful walk-in closet. Now, before we leave this room, I actually wanna take everybody outside because we have a deck dedicated to the owner state room. Right in the center we have this elevated jacuzzi, just like the one we had on the upper deck aft.

It's just a great amenity. We have another retractable awning on top, lounging areas on each side. This one has the table set up and this one has more of the cushions. Talking about attention to detail, they have orange piping around the cushions, orange accent pillows.

And this space looks very, very comfortable. You have built-in plugs here and USB chargers. That way you can work here, charge your phone.

Every detail is so well taught out. Now lastly, before we leave this section, I wanna mention, you can access the side decks, meaning you can start from here and walk all the way in front of the wheelhouse, which means this level is really well connected. Now that's it for the owners state room private deck. Now I wanna take everybody back to the landing so we can continue our tour towards the wheelhouse.

Now this hallway has silver travertine floors with marble inlay. This is your crew staircase access. And going in on my right-hand side, we have a twin room. Now it's not common to have state rooms on the same level as the owner state room, meaning on yachts, owner state rooms are on their own.

But on this vessel, we have this twin room here, which is great, perfect for your kids, nanny, extended family, comes with a full bathroom, and it gets better. Right on the other side, we have another state room. Now this room is really unique and there are a couple reasons why. And I wanna talk about those reasons.

Number one, we have a door here that opens up to the side deck, meaning it has an exterior access. Number two, the air conditioning system for this room is separate from the rest of the air conditioning system for the vessel, which means you can control the air here. And the reason it was designed that way, by the way it has a full bathroom as well, is because this is a hospital room.

Now imagine you're on the sea, you have 20 plus crew, you have all the guests and someone gets sick, someone gets COVID. You can actually place that person in this room, service their food, check in on them, and give them a comfortable environment to recover with their own TV, desk, full bathroom, while keeping them away from the rest of the crew and the guests on board, which is super, super smart. And it just gives you versatility. Or you can use it as another bedroom that's close to the owner state room.

If you have security guards, if you have staff that you wanna have close, if you have extended family, this room can play a huge role. Now let's continue our tour. Back to the hallway, we have few more rooms to see here. Going through the hallway, we have the captain's room and captain's office here, and this door opens up to the wheelhouse. This space is really impressive and I know I said that a lot throughout the tour, but look at the volume here.

Ceiling height, built-in seating with tables, two chairs for the watch officers and the captain's. And then you have your screens here. Beautiful integration, wheel right in the center. All these windows are at an angle and this wheelhouse really represents the explorer characteristics of this stunning vessel. I also wanna talk about some of the specs here.

We have two 1,475 horsepower caterpillar engines, 12.5 knots cruising speed, 16 knots top speed. At cruising speeds, it burns 550 liters per hour. You're looking about a 264,000 liter fuel tank, 127,000 liter freshwater tank. And it's just impressive. And I wanna talk about one more detail here.

When you look at all these screens and all these amenities and gadgets and features here, they're all from different brands. So when you put a vessel like this together, you have to put all these navigation equipments and engine equipments in place, then you have to integrate them together so they work cohesively. I don't want anybody to think that you just buy this assembly. Just putting this together is a challenge on its own.

- [Mikey] Yeah, it's incredible. Also, I have to say, on a full tank, you can get from New York to South Africa and back to New York with some fuel to spare. - Which is insane, 13,000 nautical mile range. I mean, you just fuel up, get on your way, and explore the world. (upbeat music) This level is really special.

This level or this room is unlike anything I have ever seen on any yacht and that's why I'm gonna go into extensive details to really do justice to this incredible space. Now off of the entry on the left hand side, we have this glass door opening up to the humidor. Cabinetry looks stunning. We even have a picture window there. And then following the space, we have a small table here with a chess set up.

And then you have your main lounge right in the center. Now this space is not just an area where you would sit down and hang out. Number one, it has a wood burning fireplace. That's right, a wood burning fireplace on a yacht. And keep in mind, the number one danger on any vessel is fire.

Meaning, if you're gonna build a wood burning fireplace right in the center of a vessel, you really have to do a good job of insulation, fireproofing, and just making sure that all your details, all your cladding, and all your components come together perfectly. - [Mikey] This is definitely a first. We've never seen a fireplace on any yacht. This is as surprising as seeing a fireplace on an airplane, you know. - I didn't even know that it was possible to put a wood burning fireplace on a yacht. - [Mikey] Yeah. - Which is just insane.

And in order to do this, they had to go extensive with their insulation, rebuild the chimney, and this yacht has Lloyd's Class Certification and it's really impressive that within that certification, they got this wood burning fireplace approved. Now, on the floors we have this beautiful leather finish. This leather finish is also fireproof because we have a wood burning fireplace here. Now, before I talk about the seating setup, I wanna talk about these custom speakers. These are very unique, handmade by a gentleman named Okan Soylu from Turkey. And I know Mikey, you'll vouch for this.

We tour some of the most expensive homes and yachts around the world, and we have never seen any speaker set up like this ever. - [Mikey] Yeah, this is totally unique to this yacht. At first, when I walked in, I thought it was like a clock, but they're actually massive speakers. - Massive speakers. - [Mikey] I wish we could turn them on and listen to them, but I don't feel like we'll get that opportunity.

- It's like a concert hall here, and they have acoustic panels on the back. They're also attached to the wall since we are in a yacht. And another incredible feature about this space or this level here, is the fact that this is also cigar lounge. They have built in filtration system for smoke.

All these windows that are on this side are awning. You can open up and the furniture and the textures that they selected for this level is all smell-repellent, which means you can come here, smoke your cigar, hang out with up to 30 to 40 people, and once you're done, they can run the filtration, open up the windows, within an hour or two, all the smell is gone and you have this pristine space. How incredible is that? - [Mikey] I feel like this yacht has a little bit of everything, especially just with the amount of the space. - I said that at the beginning. - [Mikey] Yeah, just especially with the amount of space it has. You can do everything from play basketball in your stern, to smoke cigars in your sky lounge, you know.

- Can you imagine being on this level in Alaska with a wood burning fireplace, smoking your cigar with accordion doors opened up? - [Mikey] Sounds amazing. - It sounds incredible. - [Mikey] Yeah. - All right, let's move on. So that's it for this section. By the way, it's nicely elevated.

Then on the other side, we have another spacious lounge. Built-in seating that's nicely curved, massive coffee tables. I really like these light red chairs, another great space.

You have all these windows facing the bow, 180 degree views, TV around the corner. Again, I'm so impressed. I wanna congratulate the 650 people that worked on this vessel. Big congrats to AKYACHT for just doing a phenomenal job. This space, this vessel is so impressive. - [Mikey] How long does it take to build a yacht like this? - Four years.

- [Mikey] Four years, imagine, 650 people. - 1.4 million human hours. - [Mikey] Imagine all the lives that this yacht affected in a positive way.

It supported people, supported their families through a four-year period, through 1.4 million hours. It's crazy. - It's unbelievable. - [Mikey] Yeah. - All right, let's continue. I have a really cool surprise for everyone.

This hallway leads us to a built-in storage area for stashes of wood that you'll have for your wood burning fireplace. - [Mikey] Wow. - You can store up to two tons here. - [Mikey] That's incredible. - Skylights above, let's continue, Mikey.

We have more details to see here. Mood lighting, another table set up here. That could be a dining area.

Your game table. Then we have a door opening up to a day head dedicated for this floor. And coming back here, more built-ins, glass shelves, LED lighting. And next to this section, we have a beautiful bar. Now think about the levels that we have toured so far.

All these lounges, dining areas, they all have small galleys or small bars very close to them because your crew can be really close to you. That way you can get that ultimate service experience. It's just fascinating. - [Mikey] Yeah, we have dumb waiters around. We have a lot of service areas.

We have a lot of staff areas behind the scenes. - Crew staircases. - [Mikey] That we didn't see on this tour. But the entire yacht is situated and arranged for maximum comfort for its guests and owners. - Absolutely.

And again, we have a beautiful bar here that complements the seating area. Now, what's left is to open up this door so we can check out the deck on this level. It's great to have the option where you can open up these accordion glass doors and flow the lounge straight to the outdoors. More built-in seating here, table set up right in the center, amazing views of Monaco.

And because this is an explorer yacht, it has 786 square meters of outdoor space, which is phenomenal. Again, I wanna commend the shipyard for having the vision to build this stunning vessel. (upbeat music) All right, everyone, that's it for our tour. What an exciting day, and what a special honor given to us to tour this stunning vessel. If you look at the windows right behind me, they're all dark because it's 8:00 p.m right now.

We've been here for the last 12 hours, shooting and touring every single room in this vessel. And we wanted to do that to do true justice to the craftsmanship and the attention to detail that AKYACHT put into this vessel. Now, don't forget, it's available for sale.

And as always, you can find more information about them in the description of this video. And lastly, if you enjoyed the tour, make sure to give us a like, subscribe to our channel, and we'll see you guys next week. (upbeat music)

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