Touring My Old Builds The Sims 4

Touring My Old Builds  The Sims 4

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Hi guys, it's Nika and today I am going to be  doing something a bit different. Today I'm not   building anything new, instead, I want to look  at some of my oldest builds that I have on the   Gallery and as you can probably tell, I'm in the  game right now, I am speaking as I'm in the game   and you can probably hear the fan going crazy,  so I'm sorry about that I hope it will be easy   to ignore, yeah, it's just -- treat it as a  relaxing white noise or something like that,   and if you are upset about the noise, if you  don't like it, well, um, send me some money,   so I can buy a better computer that won't  sound like a rocket ship taking off,   um, yeah, just raise your hand if  your laptop, if your computer is   going crazy when you're playing The Sims  4, I feel like this is everyone's problem.  Anyway, we have my simself here and she will  look at all the houses that I have built,   I hope they won't be too ugly, I hope because  because I'm gonna be embarrassed for putting   that mess on the Gallery honestly, but yeah let's  get into it, so I'll open up my Gallery -- oh and   I hope I won't short circuit too much about the  languages because as you can see, my game is in   Czech unfortunately -- oh I have 290 followers,  oh, I had 288 yesterday, so that's pretty cool,   yeah my gallery ID as you can see is veronika2212.  I wanted to say 22 20 because yeah I said this in   a previous video, I mess up my gallery ID all  the time, anyway yeah, I hope I won't uh get   too distracted by the game being in Czech and  me speaking in English. I hope I'll be somehow   able to switch my game to English eventually  (future Nika here, yes you will), I don't know,   I think I will have to contact the support, cause  my game, I have the limited edition from 2014 and   unfortunately, for some reason, the CD that I got  with it, because I have a physical copy of this,   it only came with Czech, Polish and Russian, so  obviously, I'm not gonna, I'm not gonna put my   game to Polish or Russian because I don't speak  those languages at all, and yeah, I've tried a   lot of things to enable English in my game and  I -- yeah, I haven't figured out how to do it,   so yeah, I will probably have to contact  support but I will probably contact them   when I'm forced -- when I'm forced to switch  to the new app, the EA app (future Nika here:   it happened literally the next day). Right now I'm  still clinging to Origin and I'm not gonna switch  

to the EA app until I absolutely have to because  I feel like, if I contact them now, they will be   like okay, yeah, switch to EA app and we will do  it for you and I -- no, I don't wanna try that.  Anyway, let's get into the point of this video,  so we will open my gallery and we will sort by lot   and do I -- yeah, I will include custom  content even though I didn't use anything,   any custom content back in like 2017, 18, no build  content I mean, build custom content yeah, and we   will scroll down, I have a lot of stuff -- yeah,  and already I can see some, um, how do I say it.  Some interesting builds, yes, so  let's pick the very first one,   it's called Happy Modern and what am I saying  about it what is 2018 Nika saying about this:   "random modern house I started building a long  time ago but forgot about it until now, typical,   follow me at --" ew, I'm sorry, I cringe  every time I see my old tumblr username,   because yeah, I don't really vibe with the name  Ronnie anymore, I mean if your name is Ronnie,   good for you, lovely name, cute, but I don't  really, I -- it's not for me, it wasn't me,   I'm much much more um, I'm identifying more  with uh, Nika, than I identified with Ronnie,   but anyway let's put it on -- oh no,  I didn't want to save it to library,   oh yeah, and I can't actually put it on  the lot, cause uh, we don't have money,   so let's -- let's just give me some money, uh, set  it, okay, we are rich now, and oh -- and I have   to be in the build mode right, yeah this is the  first time I'm recording like, uh real time, like   I'm recording and talking at the same time,  so it will probably be a bit, uh messy, but   I will figure it out, don't worry, so again, lot  and let's go back I wanna see this happy -- oh I'm   gonna sort out my -- no, I am in the library, I  want to be on the gallery. Sorry, yeah, lots, uh,   newest, yeah -- wait, I said lots, why is it, why  is it showing the rooms as well -- oh there we go,   okay, so let's scroll down and I  want to see this Happy Modern. Okay,   so *a quick break for a dance show intro that  lives in my head rent free* oh, there we go,   mm-hmm, yeah, so this one was definitely for  Oasis Springs, I'm gonna go in live mode and   we are gonna check it out, okay, so actually maybe  the shape isn't as bad, I'm not sure about the   color scheme, I don't really like the brown too  much, I don't know, the shape -- something could   be done with the shape, I think it would be cool  if there was like the glass roof, if there was   a piece of the glass roof, I'm not sure if we  could do glass roofs when I was building this,   prob -- no, we couldn't, we couldn't because  this is from February 2018, and the glass   roofs came before Seasons, right. But what is  this, what is this piece, this piece is a bit,  

um -- what is this doing here, I don't know, okay  so I don't like this piece but otherwise, so far,   not too bad, at first I was worried but too bad,  then we have the backyard, a nice swimming pool,   okay we can garden, we can paint, oh,  I remember what this house was for,   cause my legacy that I played at that time,   the Raven legacy, that save was kind of lagging  a lot and so I decided -- or maybe I didn't -- no   no, it was it was lagging a lot and so I decided  to start a new save, but then I, again, I did not   enjoy the new save, and also it lagged too because  that was just, my old laptop was just like that,   I could not play The Sims 4. Interestingly, I  could play The Sims 3 just fine. I don't know why,   but that's what happened. Anyway, let's go inside  now, so I'm gonna -- also this landscaping,   not too bad, not too bad, I'm impressed by 2018 me  but we are gonna go inside and -- okay, already I   can see a dining room with this cool dude looking  at us, okay, okay, we have a little bar here,   nice, I, okay um yeah, I like it, yes, this  is very cool, the entrance or the, you know,   I kind of like it, and we have a red kitchen,  okay, I'm not sure yeah um, I'm not sure about   the red counters, but that's just a personal  preference I think, I don't know, I like the   color red but maybe the red kitchen is too much  on the counters, I don't know, I don't know, and   the walls, I'm not sure how -- I'm not sure  how I feel about the wallpaper choice but okay,   and we have a living room, that's actually  quite a nice living room mm-hmm, I, yeah   it's very base game and there's just a few  things from other packs because in 2018,   in the beginning of 2018, I didn't have too  many packs, so of course it's just that,   yeah my favorite light, cause these are the  best lights in the game honestly, because   you can barely see them and they do, they  give a lot of light, okay so let's now go   through this door, what will we see -- oh. A black  bathroom. Okay, well, choices have been made here,  

um, yeah, oh, it's not entirely black, okay, okay,  well, okay the girls -- I know I played this with   like two girls in this house, the girls are a  bit messy but okay, it adds some character to   the build I guess, yeah, I'm not sure about the  black tile but okay, and now in the other room,   what do we have here oh, they had a pet? Um okay,  oh this was supposed to be for for their future   kid but I never -- they never had the kid because  I got bored of this save. Entirely different color   scheme, that is still something I do, I rarely  stick to just one color scheme through all the,   you know, all the rooms, okay, uh um, honestly  today I would put more clutter in this room,   it seems, it feels a bit empty but hey, they  didn't have the kids yet so it's probably fine,   next up, what do we have here, oh, another  child's bedroom, this one is cute, this one,   again, more clutter some picture right here  would be nice, yeah, oh, this is a nice area,   I like it, yeah, I like this one more than  the green one or blue one I don't remember,   yeah, green and blue one, and this I  assume would be the parents' bedroom   and yeah, some nice shelves, yeah, oh I was  obsessed with these things from the Vampires pack,   these you know um, what are they called, well  on the wall, like the broken wall, I used it   all the time, I -- maybe I only had City Living  at this point -- City Living and Get Together   and some stuff packs because I used this, um, this  what's it called, this closet all the time, okay,   and again it's completely different color scheme  and I think that's the last room, so let me just,   yeah, okay so that's the whole house, the floor  plan, I don't think it's too bad honestly,   yeah, it just needs a few touches but not  bad, I'm honestly surprised, good job me,   good job, so let's move to another house now. Okay, of course the Gallery is gonna do this   when I need it right, come on -- oh, there we  go, by the way I just realized I spent way too   much time on that first, uh -- wait no I just  want, I want the lots come on, uh, I spent way   too much time on that first house so I probably  won't spend that much time on the other houses,   yeah, anyway so Red Suburban, "finished  another old house. Suburban, red,   follow me at --" ew, my old tumblr username,  don't follow me at   follow me instead at I post  legacies every single day -- actually my queue  

is running out, nevermind, so let's put this  on the lot and let's see what this is about.   I think I originally built this as a Christmas  house, that's why it's all red and stuff   and I'm not sure if I took away the Christmas  stuff, um, I don't want this, yes so oh, sorry,   the shape is pretty basic, most of my  suburban houses look exactly like that,   I just change the colors of the wall and all, but  okay, that's a pretty basic space -- not space,   um shape and the backyard, I already noticed  the backyard is pretty basic, pretty empty,   but yeah, the shape doesn't look too  bad, um it's -- yeah it's pretty basic,   and I'm not gonna go into tab mode  because that takes way too much time   um, oh -- okay, yeah, I don't -- why  are the walls like this green color.   Um, yeah I feel like nowadays I tie the interior  and exterior better together, I don't know, but   we have this entryway they have some games here,  this is an office it's a small office but I think   it's enough -- why was I placing the rugs like  that, okay, we have a bathroom here, pretty basic,   I would probably build it like this too today and  dining room, it's cute kind of, why is it blue,   why is it blue? I don't know, it doesn't --  it doesn't -- and this room is like yellow,   the kitchen is nice though, it's pretty big,  I like it, and we have the living room, it   reminds me of this one house in The Sims 3 where I  always used to play in the Moonlight Falls world,   in the Supernatural world, I always moved  out the original, you know, owners of that   house and moved my Sims in -- ooh, this is a  nice area, this is -- I used the countertops,   are they called countertops, I don't remember now,  yeah I used it as like you know, at the window,   the thing, windowsill, I think it's called a  windowsill, yeah, and let's go upstairs now,   um, okay, we have a -- oh, that's cute, I don't  think it suits the the vibe of the house but   that's very cute, we have some toys, here this  is another bathroom, the tile is awful but   okay, it's a cute bathroom I guess, this  is a toddler room -- it feels so empty,   I don't know, then we have a parents' bedroom,  that's very cute, again completely different   color scheme and I would clutter it more  today and then we have the kid's bedroom and   yeah, these houses are so empty, I feel like --  sometimes when I look at other people's builds, I   feel like I could clutter more but honestly I, at  this point, I do clutter a lot more than I used to   and that's the whole house I think, so let's  go house number three. Well. This one is quite  

something, um already, oh. "Not really happy  about this one but oh well, green, modern, house,   follow me at --" not here, I've already said that,  and yeah I didn't actually build this in 2018,   I remember exactly when I built this, I built this  in like September, October 2017 when I bought,   um Get to -- no, uh Get Together, yeah, so I  build this on the island I think, in Windenburg,   oh there's um, oh. That's like the only thing I  can say about this, uh yeah, the shape, the walls,   the roofing, that's definitely something, I  like this area, I like that there are like   two apartments in here, okay yeah, you can  tell I was just excited to play with the new   packs because I put this DJ thing here and the  pool thingy here, my budgies are going crazy,   um well yeah, that's definitely something, I don't  like this house, the other two were surprisingly   nice but I really don't like this one. I'm not  even sure -- because I thought about maybe like   picking some of these old houses and renovating  them and I'm not sure if I even want to touch   this one, it's just ugly and yeah, no let's  go down, okay so we have this big open area,   this -- there's this living room, I still  do this this thing with the wall here,   uh yeah, so that's kind of cool uh, a blue  kitchen, I mean at least the color scheme is like,   um, it's -- well it's green on the outside  but -- and yeah no, I wanted to say the color   scheme is consistent but no it's not, um the  interior, I mean, it's not that bad honestly,   I like it, and the bathroom is pretty basic,  yeah I'm not really doing anything like   too, um, creative with the bathrooms, even now and  then there's a big bedroom and yeah, this one is,   yeah this one is pretty cute, I don't mind it,  it's kind of cute and what do we have upstairs,   yeah this is the, this -- why is the  -- this little buddy here, anyway,   um, so this is someone else's apartment and um,  the color scheme is something, I don't know,   I don't like this black counters too much  -- oh this is bothering me, how it's like   partially on the tiles and partially  on the flooring, the wooden flooring,   yeah, the black is too much, I think for this  apartment some light wood would be better,   uh yeah, the black is not it, but  okay, nice clutter here, I like that,   um, okay, this person has a computer here, uh-huh,  yeah, this is kind of tiny, kinda -- and also I   don't like this pink tiles, why is it pink,  I don't know and the bathroom, yeah I clearly   gave up on the bathroom, well this house is um a  disappointment honestly, I don't like it at all,   um, but hey, maybe you could make it  better, it's on the gallery and you   can totally download it and renovate it  and make it better, I'm sure you would   do a good job, better than me in 2017. I think I'm gonna do two more houses   because this is longer than I expected, um, let  me know if you would like more of these videos,   if it's something that interests you, I don't  know, I pretty much just filmed this to try,   you know, recording the game and talking to  it, it's going surprisingly well I think,   so yeah um, let's look at Lonely Blue now. "I  built this small blue house for my simself and   her dog --" yeah wait, I probably don't have  this, but I remember this was, uh, I built this   after I got Cats and Dogs and I gave my simself a  dog which I based on my grandma's dog, because I   don't unfortunately, I don't have a dog on my  own -- of my own, I only have two budgies and   I love them very much but I would like a dog as  well, so maybe someday, okay and I feel like I --   I feel like I've built a house exactly in this  shape and -- this looks like my typical shell   for like a small house, I feel like I have built  this a few more times, if you know what my first   yellow generation in Not So Berry house looked  like, it's very similar to this one, but yeah,   okay, it's cute, um, obviously if it, if it works  don't, um, what's the phrase like, uh if it ain't   broke don't fix it or something like that so  yeah, that's very cute, I like the tire here,   um, oh, the backyard is so cute, it's kind of,  it has all these trees here and the sitting   area yeah, I, okay, yeah, I like this a lot,  okay, yeah yeah, and it has -- wait I want to   see this in like -- yeah, it has these lights  and and these lanterns, yeah, okay, I thought   I would be like roasting myself all the time in  this video, but no honestly, I really like this,   hopefully the inside won't be disappointing it's  just one floor so let's see, okay again with the   mismatched like interior exterior, I don't know,  I still do it sometimes but it's kinda, in my new   houses, how do I say this, it doesn't hurt as  much because this, uh this wall and this wall,   I'm just looking at it and I'm like uh nope but I  don't know, it's, maybe it's just -- I don't know   how to say it but yeah, this is exactly, oh my god  this is exactly the same shape as the house that   I built for Sunset and Dawn in season one -- not  season one um, gen 3 yeah, the yellow gen of Not   So Berry, this is very very similar, it has just a  few like differences but the basics are the same,   okay I can see yeah, because I got Cats and  Dogs and Parenthood and some other packs on   Christmas in 2017 I think, yes, so you can  see that I use the Parenthood stuff a lot,   okay, I'm not sure about the color maybe for  a mint sim in Not So Berry but for my simself,   I don't know, but okay, it's cute, then we have  a living room area and okay, cute again very Cats   and Dogs themed I can see, yeah oh, this is one  of my most favorite objects in the whole game,   I think it's so cool I love books yeah  and also this I like this very much too,   um, okay, the dining room is a bit too much for  this small house but okay and also, why is it   like this, why isn't it like this -- this is much  better but okay and yeah my simself's bedroom ey   hele -- oh sorry, sorry I switched to, I almost  switched to Czech back there, right right there,   um look at this, this tiny dog, it looks  just like my grandma's dog, that's so cute,   um anyway um, I -- oh this this rug seems a  bit -- what's with that texture, ah oh well,   yeah this doesn't feel like my simself's  bedroom, this doesn't feel like a room that   I would like and it's like, completely like,  Sunset and Dawn's bedroom, that's so weird   uh yeah I don't like -- I mean, no, I don't  like the bedroom at all, I think the walls   are too much the bed is like, why is it like  gray I don't know, I don't like this bedroom   and oh, and then we have a huge huge  bathroom and again with the black,   I'm not sure how I feel about that but  okay, on the outside the house is pretty,   this area is pretty uh the backyard, I love it,  and oh yeah other than that nope, I don't really   like it at all -- not at all, I do like it more  than the the green house that we did before, but   yeah it's -- it was a bit of a  disappointment when I saw the inside,   um, so let's go on the final house  shall we -- or actually, maybe no,   maybe we will actually stop here because I've been  recording for almost half an hour so yeah, let's   go back to my simself, okay, so that's all for  today, I hope you enjoyed this, I personally   did enjoy trying something new, and yeah, this is  kind of in a preparation for when maybe one day I   will do a let's play, I just wanted to see how I  would handle it, and yeah it went kind of well,   I hope you -- well I'm not sure if you enjoyed  the houses cause some of the design choices were,   you know, some of the design  choices were um, something and yeah   um, thanks so much for watching, you deserve a  cookie if you've watched all the way through, give   this video a thumbs up if you liked it, leave a  comment if you have anything nice to say, oh also   tell me if you would like me to tour some more of  my old houses, if that's like something that would   interest you, uh don't forget to subscribe and  check out my other social media. I love you guys,  

thanks so much for watching and I will see  you all next time. Bye everyone, bye guys!

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