Touring GRANT CARDONE's $80,000,000 Malibu Home!

Touring GRANT CARDONE's $80,000,000 Malibu Home!

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- Every time I'm successful, bro, I guarantee I'mma tell people. This is probably 10 grand. - Wow. - Whatever you think about money, you are wrong. - Don't turn that on. - [Grant] This is irreplaceable real estate right here that I'm sitting on.

- These views are just unbelievable. Hey, everyone. This week we're coming to you from Malibu, California. This is Carbon Beach also known as Billionaires Beach. And the house right behind me is owned by Grant Cardone. Now, in case you don't know who he is, he's a real estate investor, entrepreneur, motivational speaker, content creator, father, you name it, Grant does it.

And today's episode, we're gonna be touring his house, hearing his thoughts, and now let's begin our tour. (upbeat techno music) - All right, so we're gonna start our tour here at the front door, but it's actually under construction right now because Grant is about to wrap up this place. In fact, he's here.

- Brother, great to see you, man. - Thank you so much for having us here. - From Monaco one day, Malibu the next. - We try our best. We travel all around the world. First of all, thank you so much for having us here.

I know you haven't really shown this house to anybody. - No, you're the first one, brother. - I couldn't even find couple photos of it. Like, I was like, oh, let me look at the photos, see if I can find the living room or like the kitchen.

Nothing. There's no photos. You haven't posted a single video, so thank you so much. - Well, hey, I know you're gonna do great things with it. A lot of people see it.

Love what you're doing on your channel. It's amazing. - Thank you. Thank you. - So, welcome to Malibu. Welcome to 10X- - 10X Malibu house. - And by the way, forgive me for the view, the views here suck, okay? So this has been enclosed for, I don't know, this project's going on now five weeks for this front door to give me a little more security here.

Tell you the story. I shot a show called "Undercover Billionaire". And it was exhausting. Did 90 days during Covid and I was beat up, and we rented a house, three houses down. I didn't know about this house.

It was not on the market. And I was exhausted, man. I came here with my wife, the kids. The first morning I woke up, took a little walk down the beach, saw this house from the exterior. I was like, I told my wife, I says, "We need to buy this house." - Wow.

- Like, it just like- - It immediately got you. - Immediately got me. Like, it just pulled me, like art. Art really picks you and how property picks me.

And it tells me, hey, you need to buy this place. So I called my buddy up, I said, "Hey, you know, is this listed? He's like, "No, it's not on the market." And he's like, "The guy's impossible to deal with." I said, "Perfect."

- Do you mind telling who was the friend that you called to make it? Is it real estate agent? - Yeah, Branden Williams. - [Enes] Our friend Branden Williams. One of the most notorious real estate agents in Los Angeles.

- I get a call, Grant Cardone, that means business. That means there's a deal on the line. He said, "What about this house on Carbon? The end house, 150 feet infinity pool."

I knew exactly what it was. It's a Russian oligarch who owns the house. I said, "Grant, it's impossible. The guy does not wanna sell. He wants $80 million." He said, "Let's get me into the house."

I got him into the house, he started 30 million. I said, "Grant, do you wanna have me killed? You want like $30 million?" And we squeezed him and doing a deal with Grant Cardone is like a vice grip. You just squeeze and squeeze. And guess what? We got it for 40 million. We won the Cold War. It was the Russians against the Americans.

We did it. We stole the house. - It's got a 75 foot pool, which there's three pools on all of Carbon Beach.

I mean, every- - Each access the whole nine yards. - Dude, everything, like, everything you want in a house. It's big, it's seven bedrooms, 10,000 square feet.

You know, it's got a lot of space for families to come to. We put this marble up here, big TVs everywhere. I'm starting to add art to the walls.

- Yeah, no, it looks great. And obviously I see some sliding glass doors. - [Grant] Yeah. - You changed the hardwood floors.

- We popped out all these windows. This- - Corner glass. - Yeah, these are two pieces of glass right here, rather than the six pieces that were here.

These are three piece glass sliders that slide with a finger. Phenomenal. - And I know you just brushed through it, but we can literally hear the ocean. It's insane. - Bro, you cannot not hear the ocean here. - You're not shy or quiet about your success when it comes to some of the assets you own.

When it comes to your vacations. And I feel like it has became part of your branding. You're very honest about it.

You say it how it is. You don't really hold any of your thoughts. - Yeah, yeah.

- Why you take that sense? Because a lot of people in your position would stay a little bit more quiet. They wouldn't, they will almost hide some of the things they do. - They do hide. That's why I do it, because I promised myself, look, my dad died when I was 10.

All I wanted when I was 10 was for somebody to show me the way. It's all I wanted. I didn't like, you know, I just wanted my dad. I wanted my dad because I loved my dad and I wanted my dad to show me the way, I was 10 years old. My mom couldn't show me the way the way that he could.

My uncles, I'd say, okay, maybe one of my uncles is gonna step up. They didn't step up. I went to school and I'm like, maybe the teacher's gonna show me, maybe the coach at the football team's gonna show me. Nobody, nobody took time, man. And I told my mom when I was 16 years old, I said, "One day I'm gonna become super successful.

And when I do, I'ma show people. My neighbor, the neighbor that had made it, he was the successful guy in town. He wouldn't let me in his house, bro.

He wouldn't. How do you run a checking account? How do you run a business? Nobody would show me anything. And the more successful they got, the more closed they seem to get. And you see that. It's hard to talk to these people, hard to get 'em on the phone.

I'm like, I'm never gonna become that guy. And so, when I'm showing off, you know, this is the haters. He's a (beep) can show off.

He does this, he does that. Okay, whatever. - You're just being open about it.

You're showing that it's possible. - What am I supposed to do? I'ma go buy a Gulfstream 650. You know, I'ma celebrate. The (beep) plane coming, okay? I'm an average guy. Mark Zuckerberg's gonna buy a 650. He can't show anything to anybody.

- No. - But I'ma be like, "Hey, come on my new plane, man." Because I'm excited about it.

I'm still a little guy that thinks that there's a handful of people out there that would be inspired by it. Not hated, you know. And so, every time I'm successful, bro, I guarantee I'ma tell people. - Amazing.

- [Grant] Because I wanted that as a kid. I'm like, show me how to be successful. You wanna just roll, see how you do here because this is how I, a lot of people are like, "Dude, how you tell people not to buy a house and you buy a house?" I said, "But y'all don't know how."

I pay for stuff either. So, you know, I've made on this board right here, this board has probably made me, I dunno, let's just roll, see what you come up with. See, there you go. Six-one, it's a great roll.

So in black gambit. So I'm probably made on this board alone, $3 million. - Really? - Yeah.

So, that'll play some of the- - Some of the expense here. - Some of the construction here, so. - I love it. All right, so Grant, front door entry views. You got a nice formal seating area here. You got a really cool space around the corner.

Can you show us? - Yeah, come see the movie theater. We have not used this. We thought we would use this all the time.

I have not used this one time. - [Enes] Really? Wow, it's a really cozy space. And you went all out. A carpet, plush couches, lighting, recessed lighting. - Yeah, much different than it was.

It needs a little more art. I'm a big art guy, so I love art. We have not used this room at all. - Really? Like why you didn't wanna use it? Is it the ocean views and how relaxing the front end of the home is? - Yeah, like if I never get away from that over there, that, I mean, that's the movie right there.

The ocean, like not only does it relax me, but it reminds me that it's all right to be me. - I like that. - Me, meaning that, cause I'm always going and the ocean never stops, ever.

- Amazing, I love that. I love that. All right, formal dining room. - Formal dining room.

I got a big chandelier coming in here that basically is a bunch of fish swimming. - I don't wanna skip by that room. - Oh yeah, this room, dude? - Yeah, yeah, yeah. - Oh my God.

- This room- - I wanna make sure everybody sees all the details, you know? - So this is a dream that I always, I'm not a big drinker. I went drinking when I had a drug problem when I was 25. And I quit using alcohol because alcohol always seemed to lead to the drugs.

But when I was 50, I was getting married to Elena, and I had my first glass of champagne. I swore off alcohol until I had my wife. - Really? - Until I had my life in order, until I had my money right. - Amazing. - And so, I had a glass of champagne, and then I just got introduced to French wines and good wines.

This actually was the entire thing was funded by a partner. - [Enes] Really? - [Grant] This entire- - Can you show us some of the special bottles? - 170. Yeah, like, okay, I'll show you something special. - Because I don't know wine that well either. - So, this is 1975. I was getting outta high school.

- Wow. - Okay, this has been in a bottle of brion. This is probably, I don't know, this bottle of wine's probably three grand. - I see some Rothschild there. - This right, oh, there's a bunch of Rothis in here. So, this 1990, I know exactly where I was in 1990.

What I was doing, bro, with my life. - What were you doing? - It was in a mess, bro. Like it was a fire.

- That's the year I'm born, I was born. - Oh, yeah? - Yeah. Well, you know, this is probably 10 grand. - Wow, incredible. - So, what I'll do is I'll sit down with somebody one day and have some special celebration and I'll do that over a bottle of wine and I'll remember.

This is a 1985 Sassicaia. I mean, that's impossible to get this bottle. - Really? - Yeah. - Amazing. - So anyway, all of us. - And it's really compliments your dining area too.

- Yeah, yeah. But I don't know how I drink all this stuff. These are champagnes over here.

Cigar Humidor. I got a bunch of my favorite Cuban cigars in here. - Amazing.

It's good to get up close and personal with someone like Grant in the private setting of his home. He might seem like a nice laid back guy, but he's actually a fierce real estate investor and entrepreneur who built multiple companies and a 5 billion portfolio around his real estate ventures. 10X Growth Conferences and educational courses.

- So we have an education business that we've done about a billion dollars or $1.2 billion worth. I threw away 200 million, but 1,000,000,002 over the internet. Selling products, services, educational, digital downloads, courses, event, where people come and learn how to scale their business for instance, called the bootcamp, 10X bootcamp. We do a big conference every year. 10X Growth Conference. The largest business conference on planet Earth.

Most profitable also conference. - [Enes] Amazing. - Cardone Capital is a real estate investing ARM that I own 12,000 apartments, $5 billion worth of real estate. And we let other people invest alongside me.

So, I started doing that about three years ago. We raised a billion dollars on the internet without banks or brokers or- - [Enes] Which is incredible. I see 10X branding everywhere, not just in your conferences. I feel like it has became part of your branding. What does 10X represent? - Well, 10X was a discovery I made in 2008 when the economy crashed. I went from having some money, some net worth to like 2008, like literally, like I thought I was gonna lose everything.

We had a baby on the way. I was embarrassed that I had put my family in this situation. I didn't have anything to do with the mortgage crisis. Yet, it pulled everything with it. It was like a, you know, like- - Everybody got affected. - Dude, everybody.

It didn't matter who you are. So, I went and sat in my office, said, how did I do this? Like anytime I have a problem, first thing I look at after blaming everyone, I look at what did I do? The one thing I didn't do right was I kept hearing this thing, too big to fail. Too big to fail.

And I'm like, bro, they're telling you be too big to fail. I was too small. I should have scaled. I needed to be bigger. My wife says, "What are we gonna do different next time?" And I'm like, and when she says, what are we gonna do different? That means she's gonna be the cheerleader and I'm gonna go do it, right? And which is cool, I need that partnership. And I said next time this happens, I will have 10 times the debt, 10 times the assets, and 10 times the companies. Today I owe $2 billion.

I don't have three companies, I have 17. We have a hundred times more people to talk to. At least a hundred times, maybe a thousand times, a bigger audience.

And we're in 25 verticals, not two. So 10X basically scale. You gotta get big. You don't have a choice.

If you wanna survive on this planet without worrying every second of every day, you gotta get big or you gotta get a partner. You gotta be with a partner that's ready to scale. - Your location is arguably some of the most expensive zip code area in the United States, if not around the world. - Yeah, 100%. I mean, everybody knows Carbon Beach. - Billionaires Beach.

And there's a reason for that. Tell us some of your neighbors. - I mean, you know, I'm the little guy here, so I'm the punk on the street.

I mean, Kanye's down the street. Ellison's down the street, Milton's down there like. - David Geffen. - Geffen, like, I mean, these are legends. - There's a reason why they call it Billionaires Beach. - Yeah. - Amazing.

I think your coffee's ready. - Yeah, yeah. Let me grab that, thanks. - So this is the family room.

- This is the, one of the family rooms. - One of the family, - Yeah, there's three family rooms. - This is your kitchen? - Yeah, this is the kitchen.

I think you guys did a fantastic job. - Did this place. This was green and ugly and like I could have taken it to another level. I'm not gonna live here long enough for these people to tax me. - I was gonna say, what is the purpose of this house? Are you trying to sell it down the line? Or you thought it was a good deal and you bought it and you're enjoying it now.

- I know it's a good deal there. Like I know real estate, I've never missed. I know what I know and I know, you know, if I don't sell this for 80 million, then I'll buy you whatever you want.

I'll give you that $250,000 worth of wine. - [Enes] That's the title, 80 million Grant Cardone's Malibu Home. - [Grant] I think minimum I get 80, even in a bad market. And somebody could pay me 100 million for this.

- You said about location and the first time you saw this property, you were like, "I gotta have it." - [Grant] Yeah. - When you dabble in real estate and when you spend years analyzing properties whether it's commercial and residential, you start building an eye. And since- - You know, like, I have this vibrator, I have this thing inside of me, this like, this thing that goes off when I'm on a piece of real estate that I know is right. And I've looked at billions and billions without, I own $5 billion worth of real estate today plus this house and the house in Miami. But you look at enough real estate, you're gonna know what works and what doesn't.

I mean. - And when you see the right one, it just clicks. - This, this is what the house is. What I've showed you so far is nothing. That's not the value in this house. This is the gift that keeps on giving.

This ocean, constantly, 24/7, 365, never takes a day off. It always delivers a sound to me. It delivers motion to me. - And that's the point. It changes all the time.

- All creativity, bro. It's endless creativity. Like it's always redoing itself, right? This beach down here, for instance, if you would've been here four days ago, this was all sand. - Sand. - All of it. All the way to the point. - [Enes] It changes and moves and.

- [Grant] And the sand moves, the ocean's so powerful, right? I mean, look at this view, it's sick, man. So, this area right here, I mean, you could sit 10 people there easily, put in this big fireplace, which you need this during the wintertime even most summer nights are cool here. - It's just an experience. Set with fire and- - Yeah dude, have a glass of wine out here, smoke a cigar, hang out here and then look down at this 75 foot.

- [Enes] Now this is, this is the value. - I couldn't build this if I wanted to. I couldn't get it approved.

- Tell everybody about coastal commission and what kinda nightmare you have to go through to even build something. - If you could get this approved, if you could and you couldn't, it would still take you five years. - That's one of the reasons why you probably saw immense amount of value in this property. Because you can always change the color palette. You can fix the siding. - Yeah, exactly.

You can always paint, you can change the house. You can't change the location and you can't change the bones. - Tell us about the caissons. I know a lot of people are gonna watch this and be like, you're literally above the ocean. How is this pool even sitting here? - Well, half the day we're over the ocean. So the ocean's underneath this house, not right now, but it will be later.

And. - With the tide changes. - We got caissons that are going probably a hundred feet that are massive, this big. You don't feel one movement in this house. - Straight into the ground end.

- Straight into the ground. This was closed off right here. - Okay. - So it closed the yard off.

So we just basically pull, added some steps here. - To almost like connect it to the main deck? - Connect the two. This was grass. We e-paved this so that people could come out here and sit.

The grass was cool but it wasn't ever used. And then- - You have additional parking there. - Yeah, additional parking or bringing a food truck, whatever. - I love it. Now, Grant, there's one thing about you that I really admire. You're a family man. - Yeah.

- Your daughters, your wife is always around you. You guys are working together, having fun together. And when you were remodeling this house, which has been a big project for you, five months. I saw that they were always around you. There are videos of your daughters washing the deck, working with you and I can tell you really take pride in that.

- We were doing this project, I involved them. When I gotta wash this and I want this to be clean, I give them a hose and I give them a broom, and teach them how to work. I mean, if people don't know how to work, they're not gonna get along very well in life.

- True. - So school doesn't teach you that. I love my kids. I love hanging with them. I love spending time with them. I like putting up with them. I like that they put up with me.

And so, like even this bar, like they don't know anything about bars, right? But Sabrina helped me particularly on picking that tile in the background. She feels, particularly Sabrina, cause she came out here so many times with me, feels like this is part of her house. Everybody had something to do. Elena helped us pick out the furniture in the house. And so everybody takes a bit of ownership in the decision and making it whatever it's gonna be. It's create, you know.

- Amazing. A lot of people watch our videos. They aspire to assets, properties, yachts like this. - And they should.

- What would be some of the advice that you would give them? - What I would recommend to people is like, number one, lock in that success is important and finances are vital. Like you need money and you need a lot of money. Number one, you need whatever you think about money, you're wrong. And I'm telling you, you're wrong because you ain't ever had any money or been around anybody with any money.

So, you shouldn't be making any decisions about money. It's crazy to me how many people make decisions about money and never had any. And never had anybody around them that had any money.

So most of the people that say money won't make you happy and it won't do this and it won't do that, I'm like, you (beep) don't know anything about money. You should just have a clean slate and say, "I don't know anything about money." So money's important. Number two, don't lose money.

You need to invest in (beep) that's guaranteed to make you money. Once you earn it, man, take it and use it for something that will make you more money. Don't keep it, don't save it. Don't IRA it, don't 401K it. Don't go buy Gucci and Crime shoes and (beep). - [Enes] Now's a good time to talk about our good friend, Crime.

An incredible international artist and designer extraordinaire who came by to visit us and check out Grant's place. Crime also co-create some of the most expensive shoes in the world. And we invited him to stick around for the interview and he immediately became part of the discussion.

- Don't do any of that (beep) in the beginning, okay? - [Crime] Crime shoes are a good investment. - Yeah, no, no, it's a terrible (beep) investment. You need in the beginning, right? You need money, you need, you don't want to save even three months of money.

I would not save that old (beep) about save for rainy day. You need a 90 day reserve. I wouldn't do any of that. If I was starting over today, I would go out and earn money. I would take all the money, invest in something that paid me a little drip.

And I'd go out and earn some more money, throw it in another deal, pays me a drip. I'm not talking about stocks. I want is convert paper to an asset that's worth more than paper. - How's the cash flow? - And so, most of these companies, I mean, we're gonna look at a third of the companies on the entire stock exchange are zombie companies, they will never produce income ever. And it worth billions of dollars.

They're garbage and they're gonna go into the dump. And a lot of people are gonna lose a lot of money gambling on this bullshit. So that's what I would tell you, man. Money's important. Number two, don't lose it.

Once you get it, use it. You'll lose it if you don't use it. Saving money is a crazy stupid game. You'll never get wealthy doing that. And the third thing is surround yourself with great people that are actually moving towards these same things.

That are interested in money and wealth. - Amazing. - And don't hang around dead beats.

You know, don't hang around dead beats. People that are overspending, leave them alone. People that are over drinking, leave them alone. People that are using drugs, leave 'em alone. Leave these people alone until you get to a place where you can afford to do that bullshit.

Leave these people alone. - All right, let's go check out the second floor. Grant is letting us just tour this level. Laundry room is on this side.

Two bedrooms here, two bedrooms on this side facing the ocean. I wanna start with these bedrooms first. Obviously, we have the same hardwood floors also here. These rooms are extremely spacious.

The fact that this house is on the sand and you get bedrooms this size in Malibu is actually quite rare. - [Mikey] Why is it quite rare? - Real estate is so expensive here. Like so expensive. - [Mikey] Was it because of the house are older, they kinda have smaller rooms? - Well this particular one was built about 15 years ago, thus they got these massive rooms and this big blueprint approved.

And if you wanna build another house here now, you wouldn't be able to get this size. And that's why it's shocking to me that you have bedrooms like this. This is some of the smaller bedrooms also. Which is insane.

King size bed, desk here, built in closet. Comes with a full bathroom. You have marble floors. Beautiful shower design with this colorful tile, which is kinda fun, beachy. The vanity here.

And this is the first bedroom. Now, let's go to the other side so we can check out the second one. By the way, off of the landing. You have this cozy seating area.

I like the cloud couch approach here. It just looks very cozy, TV on this side, some built-ins. And I really appreciate the skylights here because technically, this is the center of the second floor, thus bringing natural light here through skylights is a good call.

Nice space. Come on. Second bedroom starts here. Same hardwood floors. Another king size bed, desk set up. These bedrooms that we just toured are front facing.

You have the built in closet here. Great volume. I really like the bedrooms. - [Mikey] Yeah, they're good. I like the ones that face the water a little bit more though.

- Which we're going next. All right, let's come back to the landing. Again, seating area here. Now on this side, we have two ocean facing bedrooms. Let's start with the one on the right hand side.

This is why living in Malibu is so special. Where can you open up your sliding glass doors, which I'm gonna do now and hear ocean. Look how incredible this is. Let's go outside.

Each one of these bedrooms that we're about to tour have their own balconies. You can literally see waves rolling. Look at our views on each side.

It's pretty amazing. You have a pergola above. This is special. - [Mikey] There's something special about being right over the water. And I don't know if this is high tide or low tide, but. - Can you imagine like how peaceful would it be to sleep here? - [Mikey] Yeah, almost too peaceful.

- And I really like that design of this home is very minimalist, you know, very clean. Not that much furniture or accessories. It's just very clean. And I like the lighter color palette too.

Desk set up here, built in closet. Full bathroom on this side. This one has a really nice tub. Chrome fixtures, vanity here. Walk in shower on the other side.

Really nice bathroom. Now, let's go check out the bedroom on the other side. Pretty much the same layout. We have the closet here, full bathroom on this side with marble floors. More of these ocean views.

Got some balcony as well. It's pretty awesome. - [Mikey] Yeah, this is great. - All right, let's continue. Back to the landing.

What do you think about the house so far, Mikey? - [Mikey] I really like it. We never get the chance to come to Malibu and like I said, we're never on these beachfront properties. Having said that, he just moved in so I'm really curious what he does with the place. - Agreed. This is the main staircase. This is the landing for that staircase.

Glass railing throughout, three additional skylights. And then we have these double doors opening up to the primary bedroom. I know you've been chartering some yachts recently. - I'm sitting here on the front of a damn 180 foot yacht.

- And I can see that your interest in yachting is growing every single day. - Yes and I'm hoping it doesn't keep growing. - I was just gonna say it's a different experience once you're on the water.

It's like a another level of seclusion and being able to spend time with yourself and your family. Is it growing on you? - Well, the thing about the yachting, first of all, it's always been my dream vacation. And so, it took me this long. - I mean, I'm saying this, I see you in Monaco. We were there literally like a week ago.

And I know how that environment affects you, so? - So dude, I got on the boat, we chartered PAPA. It was 180 feet. Soon as I got on, my wife and I looked at each other. She didn't know what I picked. She trusted me to do the deal.

Soon as we looked at each other, we could literally were like, too small. Because we're thinking about buying it. I'm like this (beep) too small, ain't no way. I'm 14 days and I'm there the first 14 seconds and I'm like too small.

I know this is too small. Cause I'm already thinking about can I buy one of these? I'm grabbing the captain every day. Like, tell me about what goes wrong on this boat. Everything goes wrong. - Everything goes wrong. - He's like, "Look, the crew will break before the boat breaks." And so I said, "Well what's the right size boat?" It's not the length.

Everybody talks about the length of the boat as you know. It's the tonnage. The tonnage, - It's the volume you get. - The volume of the boat.

So now I'm at, I have to have, at least. - I mean, you're deep in this conversation. - Dude, I'm deep dog.

So I gotta have at least 2,500 tons. The boat I was on was 650. - Grant that's a lot. You're talking about like a 70, 80 meter plus yacht.

- 100%. It's gotta be at least 240 Feet. - Oh my God. - At least 240.

- It took me a while to process that. That's a lot. - There's gotta be at least two. I gotta have an indoor gym. - Okay. - [Grant] Air conditioned indoor gym.

Cause some of those summers, it gets really hot and steel, right? So, I need a big beach deck on the back and I need- - Cause it take you a while to figure out if you can get one. That's gonna be easily 150 plus mil. - Oh 1,000. - Yeah? - Yeah, yeah. - Wow. And that boat will cost 15 to 20 million a year.

A million and a half a month to keep it. - Insane. - You know, so anyway, it was a great experience and, you know, we were on, what a lot of people would think was a big boat. And then faith pulls up aside me and I'm like, (beep) God (beep), dude. That's 315 feet.

And that thing was like, that's what I got locked. That's what I'm locked in on. So now I leave there, I'm like, I can't afford this yet. I know I'm not financially in, - But it inspires you. It's putting you. - Oh yeah, one day. What would I need to do? Who do I need to meet? How many more people do I need to scale to? You know, like how many more, am I even in the right genre? The right vertical that even do something like this? So it really stirred up a whole bunch of creativity.

And I got some rest and I made some money playing black gambit. This is our bedroom. This was a wall right here. So this was two rooms and we just killed this. Made this a big space.

I love this space. - I love the lighter tones and how minimalist you guys designed this space. - I don't wanna lot of stuff around me, dude. I do a lot of stuff every day.

I don't wanna do a lot of stuff. - Okay, I wanna build on that. When you're busy, when you work all the time, when you have so many projects and things going in your personal life- - I want less. - you want it as minimal as possible.

- I want less. I want less. I want less. Like we're not even moved in here. Like you don't see any art on the walls in here. So I gotta figure all that out. That's why I'm telling you these homes are terrible purchases cause they take so much energy and creativity. - True.

- But. - But you're in a place to be able to do it and enjoy it. - Yeah, I can do it now. I can do it now. But I waited long enough.

I'm 64 years old, dude. Like, you know, most people buying a house when they're 34. I waited so I could buy the stuff I really wanted. But this deck right here, this is stupid, bro. You cannot get this anywhere in Malibu.

This is irreplaceable real estate right here that I'm sitting on. - It's insane. You hear the waves, your views are just, some of the most iconic views in the world. - You know, I'll grab a paddle board and I'll be out there where the tide's breaking out there in three minutes.

Then I can pop right over here, I'm in my gym. This was a double office with a big door over right here. We removed the door, open this up, turn into a gym.

I got my bike, I got my HyperMax Oxygen 10X health system. This is 900 liters of oxygen. I consume at least once a day. - And I gotta say, I've been in a lot of homes in Malibu, Grant, this is not normal. These rooms are like oversized rooms. - Oh, cause they're big.

- You don't have this own water. Like you have these smaller, cute bedrooms because real estate is so valuable. We're walking in this house feels like a suburb home, but it's right on the ocean and the most expensive beach in Malibu. Amazing.

- Yo, I miss the bathroom. Elena's bathroom is phenomenal. Again, like you make a lot of mistakes and this is why I tell people, man, leave homes alone while you're building a business. Wrong tub, wrong size tub.

- [Enes] Your shower looks good though. - That's her shower and you know, all new wood floors. This is her closet. Her closet's fantastic. - Spacious. - So again, we're not moved in here like, and we probably will never been.

- I was gonna say you kind of partially use it. - Yeah, yeah. - But I gotta say one of the benefits of having a house like this, you get to use it sometimes for yourself, you know? What's next door? - [Grant] Next door is my bathroom. - [Enes] Oh, wow. Big closet. - In Malibu? - Yeah. - Like, most of the time, this is what you see.

Maybe these, one of these. There's 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, like. - [Enes] So much space.

- [Grant] This is the shower and bathroom and it's an awesome bathroom. This was all done the way it is. - Grant, you gotta tell me about, this is the first time I'm seeing this. What is this? - Yeah dude, this is, what do you think that is? Get in there. Go ahead and get in there.

- This is the coolest- - Get in there. - hot tub or like a bath tub. Don't turn that on, don't turn that on.

Wow, this is insane. This is crazy. There you go. - There's your ice tub, right there.

- Why you went this direction. I'm just curious? - This was already in here. - Really? - Yeah. - Okay. - Is that cool or what? - That's super cool. I would keep it too. - Yeah.

- Wow, there you go. That's the bathroom. - That's the bathroom. Welcome to my bathroom. - How does it make you feel now that you're in a position in life that you can own real estate like this and you called it yourself, it's not necessarily the most logical thing to buy from a financial point of view. - Yes, like dude, I pinch myself all the time.

I'm like, man, if my mom was alive, I'd be like, look what, I mean, I can't even believe this. I can't believe I did this. So, it's just years of working hard and being disciplined with money and not doing stupid stuff. And then one day you look up and you're like, okay, I can do this now. - Amazing. What's next for Grant Cardone? - My goal is to take the next 10 years and become someone that no one knows the old me. I think people will not know me as a salesman or a marketing guy.

They're gonna know, maybe not even as a real estate guy. They'll know me as a bank one day. That's the goal. - Amazing. One more thing, can we have the gift? - [Mikey] Let's do that. All right, Grant, we need you to try this thing.

We didn't even open it because we want you to open it. This. - You need me to try it? What is it a food? - Well, yeah, it's a food. So it's from Turkey. - Oh, dude. - It's Baklava. It's the real deal.

I mean, look at the date on it. - Oh, God. - That's the company. - 1843. - They've been in the business for a min. It's literally the best. - Oh my God, dude.

From Turkey? - You gotta try this? Yes. - I never been to Turkey and it's one of my dream. - You have to go to Turkey. - Okay.

- And you have to try this thing. - Have you tried? have you tried one? - I'll have one with you. - Please go ahead. - Crime, you've gotta try one too.

- Wow, fantastic. - Wow, that's amazing. - Thank you. Thank you for doing that. - Of course.

It's all yours. - Yeah, thank you. - And thank you for having us. We really appreciate it. - No, thank you, man. Great job. And keep producing great content.

Go to this channel. Hey guys, look, you wanna see the best assets in the world? You wanna see how the wealthiest people on planet Earth live? Oh my God, subscribe. - Perfect. - That's it, you did it. - All right. - Thank you and appreciate you guys. - Let's all get a group photo as well.

(lively music) All right everyone, that's it for another Celebrity Home tour. Hope you'll enjoy this video. I wanna give big thanks to Grant and his team for making this tour possible. And as always, you can find more information about Grant, his YouTube channels, his Instagram account, his businesses, down in description of this video.

Lastly, if you made this far into the video, make sure to give us a like, let us know your thoughts in the comment section down below. Subscribe to our channel and we'll see you guys next week. (upbeat music)

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