Touring dari JAKARTA ke SUMATRA Pake DUCATI! | Tour de Hills & Coast SUMATRA (Eps 1)

Touring dari JAKARTA ke SUMATRA Pake DUCATI!  | Tour de Hills & Coast SUMATRA (Eps 1)

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OK guys back again in jodiemotovloghd's channel How are you hopefully it's okay yes video touring again but this video is not just any touring video because in this video I have the opportunity for touring to Sumatra with friends from the Indonesian motorbike shop and cool motovlogger friends from Indonesia and this time it's actually going to be really exciting so then enjoy the video and before watching any further don't forget to like the video first happy watching good morning extraordinary mornings okay guys touring again and thank God finally also get the opportunity to tour to Sumatra island guys and now yes this is the time so I already made an appointment with other friends We will meet at the gathering point later which we have that's the meeting in and what time is it now? it's already 2 in the morning to dance until later at the port approximately 7 in the morning so yeah okay let's go this is prime and the bike I'm using Diana is so gasabar okay stay tuned terus guys don't forget to like So that's me walking from home it's 2am because with hope to reach that gathering point yes until half past 3 because actually we had an appointment at 3 o'clock to the meeting point location so that when we get to the peacock it's on time guys and thank God everything is safe smoothly and nothing is too late either and finally this is also the same acquaintance friends who are here by chance frankly this is also my first time touring together Indonesian motorbike shop friends and also this is my first time touring with bapack harald there are still hero fathers bapack miras there is a Micel pack too yes at least they are the ones create content too it's up Get to know these cool guys too because it turns out we have the same goal namely wanting to go to Sumatra because ouch Seriously, many people say that Sumatra has good roads the view is beautiful so it's no less cool than the island of Java that's why i do want follow the story and thank God yes you can join together friends from the Indonesian motorbike shop so yeah this is it guys wow what fun really exciting ok guys we have arrived at the collection point which are already We will definitely do this with all our friends there's a pack of liquor there ada bapack Harald hero father again like refueling again keep busy anyway uh, we have about 20 motorbikes basically touring this time we are happy because we want to go to Sumatra guys automatically from here we skip the path... I frankly have never that's why it's really like the first time to ride a motorbike and here we go to the peacock to cross to Sumatra Island If so, I'll tune in Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh hopefully we hope this trip smoothly arrive at destination amiiiinn! meet our family Amen we pray according our own beliefs let's pray begin chairman finished what are the yells? as usual come on let's go let's do it let's go oh that's okay guys we walk for the route this time because we The first day the goal was to go to Bandar Lampung so from our gathering point start from the shell gas station which is at West Jakarta here it is directly directed to the port of Merak, guys so according to Google map, just follow the road just and when we walk it takes more or less 2 to arrive 3 hours just because we left early, right? yes, around 3 o'clock because we really don't have anything to do with it so leave on time so anyway during the journey we arrive faster guys and alhamdulillah during the trip there were no problems nothing even though we pass the road that too is sufficient very dark because it turns out we passed the alternative route directed by Google map because it is directly directed to the fastest path but overall it's safe and finally got to the stop to find a spot to stop first because it turns out we're coming fast guys oke guys now, thank God, we have arrived at this peacock we stopped at the first place to eat at the intersection like a nasi padang restaurant so yes, there is always breakfast too we'll have breakfast first so it's delicious and from here to the harbor later the ship is only two minutes So it should be safe now, it's 5 in the morning, guys so thank God all the way was right huh you can say it's smooth only because we took an alternative route so skip like the village the streets are full of concrete it's just that bumpy bumpy is really bad so it's like the energy has been drained from the start wow it's getting dark guys and yes most like that later we want this first I said breakfast after that we will continue again on the ship So we arrived at the station or you could say a place where do we want to enter the ferry because by chance the ship that we are on is that executive type and we are also directly directed here to enter and coincidence because this is touring directly from the store Indonesian moge so everything is taken care of the same the team from the Indonesian motorbike shop So, yeah, we've just got to go in, guys and thank God because indeed we come speed so yes, it arrived right on time and it turned out that the ship was the ticket jam 6 and now it's showing time 05:45 so yes, we're straight away come in and we go straight to the ship watch out for the holes that's cool! first check pak Oh yes ok let's go bismillahirrahmanirrahim wow really cool okay guys hahaha just go in first this is us this this on vlog contest yeah, sorry, it's a bit tacky because it's my first time, guys Haha don't let your teeth in teeth yes yes go in okay hope it's safe There's Arya's mas from the big-bike shop over there already arrived doi It's a very different ship from a ship if we cross to Bali oh god this is already proper this is okay well well ini this ship is so big ini very good very well Hi guys look noh we're on the ship yoi, yes, finally, Mr. Hero of It's crazy that finally our motorbike crosses the ship Sumatra here we go! oh yes, the motorbikes are placed there my bike is in front it should be safe yes and other motorbikes guys if so we want wait inside and enjoy the atmosphere sea ​​crossing okay Sumatra too finally dog is forbidden to sit on ship ranking Wow, why is there writing? How? sleepy sir was just leaving until now what's the comment? sore I'm tired even though I already brought 250 iya pegel because the roads are bumpy who goes there don't know just go with it eh just yesterday you were a technical point follow along but the details are very detailed not informed so let's just follow so it's like that huh but but I think it's faster huh fucking fall because we are more straight I don't feel it don't really feel it actually just a peek yes that's right what is this warlock like? want to go back and forth hahaha bring a really big backpack from cianjur crazy guys sore level even though zx25 tablets oh because I brought stuff yes, the item is really big This is a big shop that invites touring outside of Java so far so good keep Thank God guys until we get on the ship smoothly safely anyway we don't miss everything and after that we go straight from here cus directly to Bakauheni port wich one It only takes about two hours, guys and during the trip yes already we take the time to rest and yes I don't feel it finally arrived at the bakauheni ok guys we have arrived So if that's the case, we'll continue on the motorbike too much too much too much too much too much too much too much too much too much too much wait me wait me wait me slowly pack the driver okay make two paths bismillahirrahmanirrahim Allah mama scary derivative too huh crazy guys Sumatra guys so if you say here, it's already Lampung what's not yet not yet it's still bakauheni but let's have breakfast first awake again already if this yes immediately awake again get even more excited finally the guys also came out of the ship and yes this is it prime mover Sumatra island with my favorite motorbike that is Diana yes God I'm so happy really huh wishlist reached again guys thank god and for now we are planning to find a breakfast place and he said it was only 1km from the harbor guys so yes, it has been immediately continued there bye bye bye bye where are we going? right right if to the left transit I think ha? don't know either it's nice when it's clear like this Sumatera guys lets go let's go! watch out there is a motorbike wow! I'm surprised this is 1 way or 2 way? one way one way welcome to lampung guys Lampung yet steady soul ah this is this oh this is okay oh this is it thank god eat first after this we continue the road again eat first eat eat first sleepy again after eating better sleep! let's eat first Let's eat first guys let's stop here guys arrive in whose restaurant was this? Wawan, Wawan, Wawan, Wawan's mother Wang's mother okay guys we have arrived at the breakfast place the name of Mrs. Wawan's restaurant

here so it's not far from Bakauheni port approximately one kilo we got here and this is the food we eat there is grilled chicken same as fried chicken cave fried chicken until Lampung shouldn't be that far about an hour and a half from here which is pretty close actually and we also check point the first day to Lampung so maybe now that half past nine maybe until there 11 lah no later than 11 anjir is very relaxed already this is it already most like that we eat first and after that we continue on the road already full it seems like already ready to cross the Sumatra route anjay mabar gaming well this is it at last who have events finally motorbike oh oh oh use Honda CBR this is really good iodine gas! ya boomy bumpy just ok finally us out of Jakarta out of Jakarta we are out of Java out of Java wow this is really cool Sumatran Way! iii very tasty wow crazy all hot buset buset until it vibrates edan way way Buset on speeding someone gaspol bitches like mosquitoes Zx's voice is like an oath mosquito like a sworn mosquito bapack Arya this is crazy the road from the port to the city of Lampung really like wow temptation for spading very big yes only if I do just arrived too We also recently rode on the island of Sumatra i want Take a look at the road conditions first because it looks like the road was smooth at first suddenly bumpy bumpy After that it's smooth again After that, it's like braking, braking again so I still do yes analyze it like that that's the first observation and this I think we are heading straight to Lampung and it turns out we were invited first to a few spots that turned out this is really cool guys so that's it you just see it we want to be kidnapped guys what path is this wow that's there wow wow the sea is sanggar beach arterial people have never seen the sea Yes, in the arteries there is no sea there's just traffic jams okay guys, we are now at the beach studio this is a parked car I've been to the beach so it's like yes this is the atmosphere there given the beach later we will go there really nice wind this place is good this beach studio is really good, isn't it? but unfortunately because we came too fast aka still early This place isn't open yet just weird the parking lot can already be entered like that so we came here in vain It's like just wasting 15,000 per motorbike, man my rules if for example it hasn't been opened yet can you tell me that yes, so we are here like just rambling After that, take it out again and but we got a new spot and this new spot will be the spot for us to stop and relax relax yes already checked ok guys that's a shame we intend to relax hang out hang out even evicted because the place is not yet open what are you doing from the start allowed to enter the parking lot I do not know What is it electrical terminal plugs for plugs Who oh there is an in-hotel terminal bawa? I brought it it's safe, it's mandatory Thank You already cheated us oh oh oh even though it's a really nice place sanggar beach really studio beach here we go left lagoon beach lagoon beach if it was a beach studio is the feeling of despair at the lagoon beach is like kayaking never heard of that What? lagoon beach guys ever heard not foreign yes the name must be similar isn't it similar second beach well, let's go back to the next beach these are neighbors substitute then we can't get out Yes, it's better to have stalls here wow deep sand I'm just here Wow okay he's big okay so far so good here here they go guys okay guys, we're moving places we were in the studio now we are on the second beach the place is nicer and motorbikes can go here continue this too The motorbike is from an Indonesian motorbike shop CBR 250RR If you look at it, it's similar to the DNA monigale and this CBR of course Sumatra but yes You are the ones who requested me to go on a tour to Sumatra Thank God guys I can tour Sumatra with all my friends because honestly if I'm private if it's like touring alone or what still not not brave or anything because it's still like still nothing that's how it is only with capital like a map or whatever but if it's crowded like this it's delicious I have capital is the term while surveying so later if for example, in the future, I want to tour here again at least I already know how to take this approach all sorts yes already here we here probably will eh kayak relax relax like that enjoy the atmosphere even though it's already hot yes, most later from here directly to the hotel okay here is the drone footage OK guys so the clothes I'm wearing this is from rabbit & wheels the ingredients are delicious actually cool for this hot weather, including cool he is full mesh and the fitting is also good this one is the August 17th edition, guys because we are touring in August that's why i use this plus it also matches Diana's so yeah it's okay in that case already ready on the motorbike so yeah... mari kita go go go go straight to the hotels hotel-hotel oh yes, in front of me, there is a Mahardika vlog, guys finally found it too first time it was fun we talked about what's the route here like? love the picture what do i mean? let this also be like I really need to survey these areas what are the streets like? keep anything going on along the way like that anyway So far, in my opinion, if we ride it in the afternoon it's still safe it's like we're touring in Java because it's busy only at night well that's not recommended especially if we miss the streets that coastal walks but yeah overall it's okay Like me, I think I want to this is what i want change mirror I even want to take off the mirror I just want to use the bar end mirror I thought direct bar ends this is like rcv mirror models there are no models like that we pass through the provincial line again bismillahirahmannirahm Mr. Arya gaspol continues I'm on a straight road it's better if the road is in the 90's this is 122 because I'm chasing it but it's a wide road wide yes that's interesting Wow, it was preached crazy you know 130 economical enough, CBR actually if gaspolled irritable fall steady~ until it explodes solid this is what I usually relax just like 130 is crazy too the important thing is not too gaspol huh just endurance so it's constant on the petrol side it is more economical but also maintain stamina if i think so crazy crazy crazy street it's empty keep wide yes it tends to be subtle although there are still bumpy bumpy delicious until it explodes nariklhoo cbr! Crazy! hahaha Mr. Arya, in front of him, immediately fully tucked in ya guys ya I think sport+ mode wow, that's the sea Wow, that's the sea, guys how are you guys? really crazy huh This is on purpose, I give a special segment for you do you like ASMR? yes, hopefully you are satisfied with the sound of the muffler because of that, Arya's father was really mocking The CBR got really hot then also full tuck-in like that yes, if I'm only half gas I'm just so surprised too this shit is me ngejernya really up to the speed that it really is that's above average for the road because it is the streets are empty keep it wide and smooth too yes, I feel like gaspol, yes one more time guys there are so many here so you really have to be able to control your passions if not, it's already taken, it's fast keep default and yes here it is My camera battery is exhausted so yeah that's it Let's just skip it in Lampung, guys yes guys crazy So During the trip, my camera battery ran out and thank God we arrived safely already arrived in the city of Lampung yey this is what he said in that city and special thanks for doing maharika vlog have accompanied us go for a walk until the city of Lampung until it is also delivered to the hotel although it's a coincidence then there is the hero and father Arya in the front just three of them it's crazy the street heading to Lampung from the harbor is wide indeed good road many straights of all kinds for speeding speeding coincidentally also friends who joined the tour this time lots of people gasp too only mine think about it, lots of bumpy lots of patches continue if you do the streets are twisting and turning turn a little like that but overall I really enjoy it even though we were already approaching the city of Lampung it's starting to get crowded oh oh biasah lots of disbandment school children also the road is quite sandy and yes, most days are just like that at least perdana guys finally we managed to tour to Sumatra from Jakarta full riding even if he comes home later I don't ride but at least right when we leave we are full riding so yeah at least that's it first oh ya by the way I'm in the same room as my father, alcohol not liquor bye bye and yes, today we want to have a full rest I want too directly edit and tomorrow it will be continued directly to Bengkulu try to say directly to Bengkulu which one it takes about a day I'm sure it's like we left in the morning, guys and we pass the sea coast route namely the fall So we're going through the Krui line, guys that's why we leaving in the morning anyway thank you very much friends who have watched until this moment most later will cave continue in the next episode so yeah, if that's the case, thank you guys for watching and yes, don't forget to subscribe too bapack miras Okay, thank you very much I put the link in the description oh ya bye bye please

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