Touring Crazy Texas Mega Mansion (trampoline room, bowling alley, basketball court and more!)

Touring Crazy Texas Mega Mansion (trampoline room, bowling alley, basketball court and more!)

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(intense music) - Welcome to Texas, where everything is bigger, including their mega mansions. (intense music) I've spent a lot of my life in Texas and I've never seen anything like this. This house is just outside of Dallas and it's one of the most fun houses we have ever toured.

(upbeat music) (ball dribbling) (homeowner screaming) (puck clinks) (group chattering) (bowling pin rumbles) (billiard balls crashes) (group laughing) They are so comfortable. I'm gonna just jump to enjoy it. (laughs) The list of amenities in this house are staggering and it's just the beginning. Getting to tour this home is an experience on its own. From the driveway all the way to the backyard, the scale of this property is absolutely insane.

So, once again, welcome to Texas, and let's go have a look inside. (upbeat music) (water flowing) (upbeat music) (bowling pin rumbles) (upbeat music) All right, everyone. Welcome to Southlake, Texas. From the street level, we have the gates opening up to a cobblestone driveway that takes us all the way to the front door. House looks stunning. It's nicely set back from the street level and the front section is all grass. They built these small retaining walls to give more depth to the property.

The same cobblestone driveway splits up on the left-hand side and goes to an additional parking spot located on the backside of the property. Now, coming back here, we have the covered entry that leads us to the spacious motor court, nine-car garage. House looks absolutely gorgeous.

We have the entry here with a water feature and a fire feature, and two staircases take us up to the front door. Now, coming back to the motor court, stunning home, arched windows, (car door closes) overhang details, slate roof above which is fire and hail-proof. Same cobblestone driveway is also here.

Just a beautiful home. We have a two bedroom guest house located on this side. Entry has a fire feature and a water feature. Two staircases bringing up to the front door. It feels amazing to be in Texas. And now, let's go inside.

(upbeat music) The entry of this property, stunning 32 feet ceilings, marble floors throughout, two massive chandeliers, coffered ceiling details. The scale of this room is just unbelievable. - [Mikey] Yeah, this is probably the grandest entry we've ever seen before. This is wild.

- The width, height, details, these curved French doors. This is just incredible. And before we continue, I wanna talk about the specs of this home for a second. We're looking at 7 bedrooms, 10 bathrooms, 31,234 square feet of interior space.

It's a lot of square footage. 3.62 acre lot. Scale and the backyard of this property is just stunning.

We'll see that later. On the market for $19,995,000. And big thanks to Tracy Tutor and Breah Brown for making this tour possible. Here we are in Texas.

By the way, this is our first tour in Texas. We toured Will Smith's motorhome in Texas, but we've never toured a home before, so we're excited to be here. - [Mikey] Yeah, if y'all don't know this, I actually met Enes in Texas about 10 years ago. I'm from Texas. Enes lived in Texas when he first moved to the US. - Over 12 years.

- [Mikey] Over 12 years in Corpus Christi, Texas. So, it's nice to get to tour a house here. - Without a doubt. All right. So, that's it for the entry. I wanna take everybody this way.

This is where we have the formal living room, seating section, massive fireplace, stone-clad throughout. Again, we have the same marble floors here, another chandelier above. And that's the hallway that connects the left wing to the right wing on the second floor.

We'll see that space later as well. Mood lighting. And then, we have these three curved top French doors opening up to the covered patio, which looks towards the backyard. Overall, really nice space.

And this entry, this formal living room truly sets the tone for the rest of the house. Now, I wanna take everybody this way. Marble floors transition to hardwood floors and this is where we have the kitchen. Just like the entry, the scale here is something else.

We have three big islands in this gray tone. Then, you have the base cabinets on this side. So, there's a nice two-tone contrast. Most of the appliances are paneled.

Countertops are all marble. And we have this lighter tone marble on the islands. And then, you have a little bit more of a darker tone on the base cabinets here.

Your Wolf gas cooktop. Vent above this really unique backsplash. And again, I'm just gonna walk around to show the scale. This is insane. You have these massive pendant lights.

Fridge and freezers on this side with drawers on the bottom. Massive pantry behind me. I'm speechless. - [Mikey] I love this style of kitchen. We've seen a few. It reminds me of one we saw in Calabasas about a year ago. What is the formal or technical name for this design of kitchen? - Well- - Is this like a farmhouse kitchen? - We see it a lot in farmhouses. So, these are shaker cabinets, but with the shaker cabinets there are styles, you may see some shaker cabinets with more of a modern borders.

- [Mikey] Yeah. - These are also inset as well. You have chrome handles. And obviously, with the bevel details around the countertops, the way you have your vents and how they're clad with the same cabinetry. You have some glass tops. It's this distinct almost farmhouse look. And it's really popular.

It goes well with modern homes as well as traditional homes. And they did a good job here with two-tone contrast. - [Mikey] Yeah. I really like it. - Also, we gotta show this detail. Two dishwashers, one on this side, another one here.

Farm sink. I'm looking around to see if I'm missing any details, but massive kitchen. There's a nice service hallway here that connects us to the formal dining room, which we'll see in a bit.

Few built-in appliances. Then, you have your espresso maker here. Overall, phenomenal space that flows to this side where we have another dining area. This is more of an informal setting, chandelier above.

Look at the size of these windows. These casement windows facing the backyard. And on this side here, you have accordion doors seamlessly opening up to that covered patio. That's a phenomenal space, all covered with space heaters. You have a TV and a fireplace on the other side and it faces your backyard. Now, coming back here, we toured the kitchen, dining area, and then space takes us to the family room.

Again, minimalist furniture, oak hardwood floors, massive windows, and French doors bringing ton of natural light. Gorgeous industrial light fixture. Another big fireplace. I'm just gonna go right next to it to show the scale. It's my size. - [Mikey] Yeah, really massive.

- TV above. We're gonna jump around a lot today. This house is just massive. - You- - That's the word. It's just massive.

- [Mikey] I have to say, I'm from Texas, so I get annoyed when people say everything's bigger in Texas. - You're like, no, it's not. (Mikey chuckles) - [Mikey] I was just like, it gets annoying hearing that all of your life. Everything's bigger in Texas, but this house is truly on just a larger scale. - Without a doubt. This house lives up to that statement. Another seating area here.

Look at the ceiling heights. Cove ceiling light detail above. And I wanna talk about another detail. I don't think we've covered this subject on our channel before. A lot of the homes that we tour, drywall in the homes or these corners are all, sharp 90 degrees versus some parts of the country or certain styles of homes, they have these rounded smoothed corners, which give you this more of a traditional and softer look, and this house has that. So, I wanna point that out.

It's a very subtle detail, but it makes a big difference actually. All right. Now, we have this long hallway. First, we're gonna open this glass door to check out the wine cellar. You can store up to thousand bottles here. Temperature-controlled.

You have the racks, built-in lighting, this really cool ceiling treatment. This wine cellar has its own AC unit, like a split unit. - [Mikey] Whoa. I can feel the cold in here. It feels great. - Yeah, I was gonna say. I'm sure you like it.

- Yeah. - And you have these built-in fridges. Again, everything is big (fridge door closes) in this house. - Yeah. - That's all I'm gonna say. We're gonna constantly talk about the scale of this property everywhere we go, even the guest bedrooms.

All right. Elevator landing on this level. This is the secondary staircase that goes to all three levels. You heard me correctly. Three levels.

We have an amazing entertainment level that opens up to the backyard. I can't wait to show that level to everyone. It's insane. All right. Coming to this hallway, beautiful marble floors. They did the border detail here. This door opens up to the laundry room.

I particularly wanted to go in this room to show everyone the scale. We have washer and dryers that are raised, all this cabinetry, massive island sink. These windows bring in ton of natural light.

We even have a small TV here. What else do you need from your laundry room? - [Mikey] Kitchen-sized. - We have a couple more laundry rooms as well.

All right. Let's go this way. Few more rooms. Storage area here. This door opens up to a powder bathroom, shaker cabinets, marble countertops.

And coming back to the hallway, we have one more room left and it's the mudroom. We have some built-in cabinetry, whiteboard here, and a great shower. And obviously, we have stone floors since this is the mud room. Now, let's exit for a second.

This door opens up to the garages that are on the right-hand side of the motor court. And that's pretty much it for this wing. Now, I wanna take everybody to the formal dining room, which is located off of the entry, solid wood table seating for 10, 3 chandeliers above.

And I gotta say, this ceiling here looks very nice with cove lighting detail, but I don't know what they call this ceiling design, which is really cool. You basically have these circles with more mood lighting and they're overlapping each other. It just creates a nice depth of feel.

Spacious room. Again, marble floors. These windows are facing the courtyard. Really nice space. And of course, we have these built-in seating areas as well.

Now, let's come back to the entry. On the other side we have the curved staircase going up to the second floor. This is the main staircase. Another chandelier. I can't speak enough about the scale. Can you show everyone the ceiling heights here? - [Mikey] Yeah.

It's really hard to grasp from just looking at the camera. - I look so little in this house, it is just insane. And it's furnished in a really minimalist way, so it feels even bigger. All right, let's come here. So, we just covered the right wing.

Now, we're touring the left wing. We have this whole way taking us a few rooms. Let's start with this one. It's a really fancy powder room.

Look at all the molding details, plaster work. Then, you have your wall sconces, and if that wasn't enough, you have this cool blue chandelier above. Unique vanity design here with marble countertop and this almost like a jewelry piece sink here.

- [Mikey] Like a bejeweled vessel sink. Yeah. - Is that what would you say? - [Mikey] Yeah. If I wanted to sound like I knew what I was talking about. - Yeah. I don't know what would you call this sink.

And they even matched the cabinet knobs here to the chandelier. Really nice powder room. And coming here, these double doors open up to the main office. They change the oak hardwood floors to Chevron pattern here, to give this room a little bit more identity, molding details, more of the darker tones.

We have the desk situated on this side, few chairs, built-ins, and another fireplace. And yeah, really spacious room. Now, it gets better. Follow me this way. Let's take everybody to the covered balcony or the patio. On this floor, you have space heaters.

This beautiful treated wood paneling on the ceiling. Built-in speakers, another fireplace. There's actually a really cool detail here that I wanna show everyone.

Let's see. They have motorized bug screens. That way, you can close off this entire section here and control your environment, which is really nice, super quiet. And obviously, it leads to your backyard. This backyard is just unbelievable. - [Mikey] Yeah. We can't go out there yet.

We have to save something for y'all. Like Enes said a second ago, that lower level in that backyard. - I don't know if you all can hear it. That's the water feature that is above the main pool. - [Mikey] And it's really cool. - All right, before we leave here, I wanna show one more thing.

This door opens up to a very spacious room that could be another studio, yoga room, entertainment space. It opens up to its own terrace. So, I wanted to mention that. It's not staged, but you got a lot of potential there. All right. Let's take everybody back to the office, so we can continue our tour.

Again, beautiful hardwood floors. We have this long hallway here, taking us to a really nice bar, ton of cabinetry, few refrigerators, sink, upper cabinets. And this door opens up to the movie theater. Just like the rest of the home, this room is very spacious.

We have these leather recliner chairs that are all motorized. Projectors on the other side. wall sconces, trim details, massive screen. And we arrived here yesterday. And this morning, I was feeling a little bit tired, so I actually took a nap on one of these recliner chairs.

They're extremely comfortable. - [Mikey] Well, I hope to try that out at some point myself. - They are so comfortable. They feel like a first class seat.

- [Mikey] Really? Well- - Oh, it just feels good just right now. - [Mikey] We need to watch a movie or something in here later. - We should. We're actually staying here also. Owners were kind enough to let us stay at their house, which makes it easier for us.

- [Mikey] Yeah. - We just wake up and then we're already at work. - [Mikey] Yeah, exactly. - Pretty amazing. That's it for the movie theater.

Now, let's go back to the staircase landing, so we can continue our tour with the last room on this level, which is the junior primary bedroom. Long hallway, marble floors. Then, we transition to hardwood floors. Door at the end opens up to the garages that are on the left-hand side of the motor court.

You have a small wet bar here with a sink, upper cabinets, and this door opens up to the bedroom itself. Same hardwood floors, king size bed, cove lighting above, great light coming in. And, Mikey, let's go this way, so we can show the bathroom. Marble floors installed in Chevron pattern. You have the first vanity here, second one on the other side.

Again, all shaker cabinets, marble countertops. You have your built-in tub here with more chrome fixtures. Really big house.

- [Mikey] Really big house. And I don't wanna spoil anything yet, but this house has the biggest bed we've ever seen in any house ever. - The bed in the primary bedroom is by far the biggest bed we have ever seen in any house, anywhere.

- [Mikey] It may be like three king beds put together, but- - It's two king beds. - [Mikey] Huh, I'm overselling. - You're overselling it (Mikey chuckles) a little bit, but it's humongous. - [Mikey] Yeah. - It's insane.

You have your walk-in closet here. And going this way, of course, bedroom like this comes with an amazing shower, all marble-clad all the way to the ceiling. Chrome fixtures, built-in bench. And right on the other side, we have a separate water closet. With that, we're done on this level. Now, let's go to the second floor, so we can check out the bedrooms.

(upbeat music) So, we're gonna start our tour with the guest suites. We have three bedrooms on this wing, and this is the secondary staircase that we showed earlier. This is not the main one. And first, off of the landing here, we have these double doors opening up to a nice seating area, built-in cabinetry TV.

This side of the house is not staged, so we're gonna quickly look at the bedrooms here. I want everybody to get a feel of it. We have the elevator landing here. First bedroom is on this side. Gets great light.

Comes with this own bathroom that has a built-in tub. And coming here, this hallway leads us to the second bedroom. This one is very, very spacious. Same oak hardwood floors, two light fixtures, TV. And again, look at the scale here. These bedrooms are unbelievable.

It'll be a lot of fun to be a kid in this house. - [Mikey] Yeah. I didn't have a bedroom this size when I was a kid, but it would be a lot of fun to have one. (chuckles) - Most people don't. - Yeah. - It's a pretty good sized bedroom. All right, come on in.

Bathroom, freestanding tub, chrome fixture, view of the backyard. You have your separate water closet, more built-in cabinetry, and extremely tasteful walk-in shower, marble throughout. You have all the body sprays, rain head, shower head.

And you have your vanity on this side. Again, shaker cabinetry with these mirror fronts, marble countertops, unique backsplash. And this is your walk-in closet. Definitely great size. All right. Let's go back. I'm getting lost.

This way, so we can go back to the landing and check out the third bedroom. For the guest suites, they also have a spacious laundry room here. Very spacious. The amount of cabinetry.

You have your washer and dryer, storage area, even a small fridge. That way, guests don't have to go all the way to the kitchen. They can just come here and grab their drink, go along with their day. - [Mikey] Very nice to have. - All right, third bedroom. This is the biggest out of the three.

And again, I warned everyone. Scale. Everywhere we go. Every room we tour, it's insane. I feel like you can put two king size beds just here. - [Mikey] Yeah. So, we talked about how big the bed was in the primary bedroom. It's about as the size of that little...

- It might be tiny bit bigger. (Mikey chuckles) - [Mikey] Yeah, about that little nook. We're gonna see that in a second though. - Insane. All right. Let's go have a quick look to the bathroom. More of the darker tones.

You have the vanity here with leathered marble countertops. Walk-in closet is here. Then, this massive built-in tub that is all jetted.

And then, we have the walk-in shower here. I'm gonna go in, body sprays, Some rain head, shower head, mosaic tiles here. A lot is happening in this house. Even though it's not furnished or this side is not furnished, a lot to see. All right. That's it for the three guest suites.

Now, we're gonna take a long walk to the other side of the home where we have the primary bedroom suite. To give everybody a little bit of reference, when you enter the property, guest suites are on the right wing. Now, where you're going to the left wing. In fact, we have the formal living room on our left-hand side. That's the walkway that I showed it to everyone earlier.

Look at these chandeliers. Mikey, can we come to the side for a second? Look at the space. Formal living room. Entry, scale. (tongue rolls)

Unbelievable. - [Mikey] It's wild. This is a massive room. (Enes sighs) That's really all I have to say about it. (chuckles) - They have 24 AC units to cool and heat this property.

24 separate AC units. - [Mikey] And this is Texas. It does get pretty warm in the summertime.

- Without a doubt. Now, those double doors open up to the primary bedroom. But first, I wanna take everybody this way.

Just like the main floor, we have a balcony on the second floor. French doors open up, wood-clad ceilings, space heaters, view of your backyard. We're saving the backyard for later. - [Mikey] That's right. - It's gonna be great. All right, let's go back in. That's the main staircase landing.

In fact, there's a small seating area there. It brings you to this point. And then, you open up these double doors to start touring your primary bedroom suite.

Let's start with this room first. This is a small seating area, nursery, whatever you wanna do with it. It opens up to the balcony that we just toured.

Faces the backyard, you have a TV, seating area, and it comes with a proper wet bar. When I say proper, you have your espresso machine, sink, refrigerator, drawers. That way, if you want something, you want a drink or a snack, you don't have to go down to the kitchen, you can just come here. Now, going back in, I wanna tour the bathroom first, and then we'll tour the bedroom. These double doors open up to arguably the biggest bathroom we have ever toured on this channel. This is your tub. It's jetted.

You have chrome fixtures, marble countertop, marble back wall, mosaic-clad up front, you have your dedicated TV. The scale of this home is just insane. And this is the entry to your bathroom. Now, gets better. Follow me this way. This is where we have the first vanity.

Calling this a vanity doesn't do justice. It's basically a sink and ton of cabinetry. And you have these built-in mirrors, wall sconces, upper windows.

You have details within the cabinetry, dressing table here. And again, I'm just gonna walk around to show everyone how big this room is. It's just a section of one of the wings within the bathroom.

- [Mikey] Yeah, and I'm sure, again, like you said earlier, this house is only partially furnished. So, there's plenty of areas to put like- - Small couches, ottoman - - [Mikey] Small couches. We've seen it in primary bathrooms before. They'll have a couch, so you can sit down, look yourself in the mirror or something. - Without a doubt. All right, let's continue.

- Yeah. - Marble floors. This is the first water closet. We have another one on the other side. You have your walk-in closet here, which we'll check out in a bit. But first, let's check out this walk-in shower. Is this the biggest shower? - [Mikey] We could fit the whole team in here.

- Easily. - Yeah. - We can have 15 people here comfortably. - [Mikey] Yeah.

- They have, I counted this. They have 18 shower heads, including the body sprays. - [Mikey] Three more above you. - Three rain heads above. Obviously, it's all, beautiful marble. They have mosaic ceilings as well as the floors.

Linear drain. And then, what's shocking about this bathroom is the fact that it has a steam feature. You know how many motors you have to have to steam up this entire room? The volume here is just insane.

- [Mikey] This is like a hundred square foot shower maybe. - Just unbelievable. The scale. It opens up to the other wing, so it's all symmetrical.

And this is your walk-in shower. (scoffs) - [Mikey] Yeah. Each side connects via the walk-in shower and the closet. - Without a doubt.

All right. Let's check out the first walk-in closet. This is gonna take a minute. - Yeah. - Follow me. You have all these built-in cabinetry with glass fronts, so you can see what's inside. You have your drawers with mirror fronts and it's like section by section. Then, you have another section on the other side.

It's crazy. Without doubt, this is also the biggest closet I think that we've ever toured. Dressing table here. Window faces the backyard, so you have some natural light coming in.

I'm just gonna walk around, let people enjoy it. See, they have your wall sconces, all the cabinet trees are LED-lit. And this is the first walk-in closet. Second one is here, more of the darker tones, little bit smaller. And you have cabinetry running all the way to the ceiling.

You have a door here opening up to a small space where you have your built-in safe. And it connects back to the other wing of the bathroom where we have the water closet. Second vanity, ton of cabinetry, chrome fixtures, under cabinet lighting. Just a beautiful bathroom.

Now, let's go check out the bedroom itself, which is just crazy. These double doors open up. Have a nice seating area here, beautiful fireplace, TV above, cove lighting detail above, all these massive windows face the backyard. And then, you have this bed here. I'm gonna just jump (Mikey laughing) to enjoy, because I've never seen anything like this in my life.

This is two king beds combined to get an... Excuse my mess here. I got way too excited. - [Mikey] Let me just get in the center here, so we can get like a... - This is what I picture when I think of a bed that Shaq would own, like custom-built for him for a basketball player. - [Mikey] Yeah. This...

I don't really have anything to say beyond there. - This bed is not getting out of this bedroom. This bed is staying here or they are disassembling it once and for all. - [Mikey] They're gonna have to cut it in half and take a window out to get it out of there. - Exactly. - [Mikey] Yeah.

This is wild. - Insane, right? - [Mikey] This is crazy. - Without a doubt. And even with this double king bed, you still have so much space in this bedroom.

Hardwood floors. All these windows gets great light. And with that, we're done on the second floor. Now, let's go to the lower level, so we can check out that amazing entertainment space.

(upbeat music) (body slams) (homeowner screams) (hoop shakes) (bowling ball thuds) (pitching machine fires) (billiard balls crashes) (puck clinks) Now, this is it. This is the floor that y'all been waiting to see. First, I'm gonna show the bathroom.

I know it's a weird start, but we gotta check it out. We have a Broadway sink. You have the toilet. (hand dryer whirring) - [Mikey] Never seen that in a house before. - I like these. - [Mikey] Yeah. - They're fun. Now, let's go this way.

This is where we have the bowling alley. It's crazy that some people have bowling alleys within their home. - Historically- - I don't have one, but- - [Mikey] Historically, you have not been the best bowler on the channels. - I've been terrible.

- [Mikey] Let's see what you got. - All right. Let me give this a try. Oh, you even have my name up there? (Enes laughing) - Yeah, I got Enes, Mikey, and Mike Tyson.

He's coming- - Yeah, he's coming later to join us. - Yeah. He'll be here in a bit. - [Enes] All right.

(bowling ball thuds) - [Mikey] Uh-oh. (bowling pins rumbles) - One more time. (Mikey laughing) It's so sad. - That's a small. You might need a bigger one. - Yeah, I was gonna say. There you go. Why am I so bad at this? - [Mikey] It's nice and slow.

(bowling ball thuds) - [Enes] There you go. - [Mikey] Nope. - Come on, give me a break. One. At least one. (bowling pin thuds) - [Mikey] You get one. Here you go, Enes. - That's good enough.

What is that? - [Mikey] Set it up right in the middle. That's for the kids, I think, but... - I have never seen this. I feel like I'm still gonna miss it. - [Mikey] Yeah, I feel like you are too. (bowling ball thuds) - I've officially proven I'm terrible.

Well, that was disappointing, but regardless, let's go back to our tour. This is your bowling alley on the lower level. Right on the other side, this is super cool.

Look at this glass wall. - [Mikey] Get in there. - This is a trampoline. What do you mean get in there? - [Mikey] And walk in there. Let's see you jump.

- Get on the trampoline? - [Mikey] Yeah. Go. - With a suit on? - [Mikey] Let's see it. That's what the people wanna see.

- Okay. Well, the owners of this home said we can use all the amenities. So, this is a trampoline.

I'm not gonna go any higher. I really don't wanna rip my suit. It's relatively tight. - [Mikey] I was on that thing last night for about half an hour, and it's actually a really good workout. (group laughing) (body slams) - I was gonna say, it almost feels good on your spine. I feel like I just got an adjustment.

- [Mikey] Yeah. - Whoo! That's part of your home. Now, we have whole lot more amenities on this wing, but I actually want to take everybody here, so we can check out the prep kitchen. Well, calling this a prep kitchen is not fair. Look at the island here. The amount of cabinetry.

Did you know that there was a kitchen here? - [Mikey] I did. I spent a lot of time on this lower level last night. Again, we were staying in this house. - Well then, we had that solid basketball game later on. - [Mikey] We played basketball. - Yeah. - I hit some baseballs.

Y'all haven't seen that yet, but you know. - Yeah. - Regardless, you have this phenomenal kitchen here. You have your gas cooktop, griddle, massive fridge on this side. And I really appreciate that they place French doors here, because this opens up to the covered seating area on the lower level where we have the backyard.

And there's actually pizza oven, barbecue area on the other side. That way, your caterers or yourself, your family can prepare all the food here. Definitely great size. That's a six-inch gas stove. Then, they have this stainless steel sink with two faucets.

This is perfect. When you're done with your barbecue or your party, just throw all the stuff here. Obviously, they have dishwashers here. They actually have two of them. First one is here.

I know it looks like a drawer front, but that's actually the paneling. Second one is right here. But regardless, having a sink like this is just nice. It makes it easy. And yes, you have another, basically a proper kitchen on the lower level.

- [Mikey] Yeah, I feel like upstairs- - And this is massive vent. Sorry. - [Mikey] I feel like upstairs is very nice and very clean and elegant. And down here, it's a little more informal and it's meant to be used a little bit more. And it's all a little bit tougher. So, like stainless steel. These countertops feel like they're meant to take a beating (countertops thuds) - Scratch-resistant. - [Mikey] and be fine.

- Yeah, exactly. This is where you get to work. - [Mikey] That's right. - All right. Let's go back to this amazing space.

We have the bar here. Dual elevation, beer tap, sink, few fridges, TV. It's where you watch the game, entertain. This is where the adults hang out while the kids are on this side, I feel like. - [Mikey] Dual beer tap. - Dual beer tap? Oh, yes.

You're absolutely correct. - [Mikey] That's right. - So, here's what's so cool about this space. Obviously, we have a few more toys and interesting areas that we're gonna see, but this is actually a 6,000 square feet concrete storm shelter.

- [Mikey] Really? - Apparently, they have tornadoes up here. So, you want a safe space. Look above you. That's an exposed ceiling. That's all concrete painted black, but it's all industrial great concrete.

Essentially, not only this is a basement in a way, it's your foundation. So, this space is super solid. They gave it a great ceiling height, but they left the utilities exposed, so you get this nice, almost like a Chuck E. Cheese industrial feel to it. - [Mikey] Yeah.

- Then, you have these massive ceiling fans and spotlights. That way, you can access your utilities and have a cool space like this. All right, what was this again? - [Mikey] Air hockey. - Air hockey. There you go. You have an air hockey here. All these columns are wrapped with these TVs.

We talked about the bowling alley. Next to the bowling alley, you have a batting cage. That place looks scary. I don't know what you do in there.

(Mikey laughing) - [Mikey] Oh. I'll show you later. You're gonna be a little bit freaked out. - Okay. - Enes has never... I don't think he's ever hit a baseball before.

- Never in my life. (pitching machine whirring) (pitching machine fires) (baseball slams) (pitching machine whirring) Oh, hell no. Go to basketball court. And coming back here, you have seating areas, poker table around the corner. This column is also wrapped with TVs. And you have few arcade games, billiard table, foosball table. And by the way, we have these massive picture windows on each side.

Then, we have accordion doors opening up to the backyard, which we'll see later. - [Mikey] Hey, Enes, we have a Pac-Man here right next- - I knew you were gonna say this. - [Mikey] Yeah, why don't you show this? - I have no idea what I'm doing.

I can't even get the game start, dude. (button clicks) - [Mikey] Oh, did you pay? - I thought the homeowners would cover it. (Mikey laughing) I can't start the game. - [Mikey] Okay. Well, I'll show you later.

- All right. And then, you have this game here, which I'm assuming you throw football through the holes? - [Mikey] Yeah. Two-minute drill. So, it's just another arcade, this little sports arcade game.

- I'm missing some American contacts here. - [Mikey] Yeah. - All right, let's continue. Again, bowling alley. Behind the bowling alley, we have a TV room for kids, same leather recliner chairs are also here. They also have their PlayStations.

I would love to be a kid in this house. - [Mikey] A lot of game consoles over there. This is like my dream as a child to have a lower level like this. - This reminds me the movie "Richie Rich". - Yeah. - Like you know where the kid had all the toys and all fun things in his house.

- [Mikey] Yeah. - [Enes] I feel like this house is kinda like that. - [Enes] Exactly. - All right, let's go back to the main space. Again, 6,000 square feet and it doesn't end here. It actually continues.

We have these glass double doors opening up to the gym. I feel like they literally have every single piece of gym equipment you would need. Dumbbells, lifts, treadmills. Pretty cool.

- [Mikey] Ellipticals, ellipticals. You got a leg press. You got a bench press. - That's right. - [Mikey] You got it all. - Follow me this way. This is so cool.

Then, we have this opening taking us to the basketball court. So, like I said endlessly throughout this video, (ball slams) we actually ended up staying at this house (group laughing) and we had the funnest time preparing for this episode. (bowling ball thuds) We played pool. (group chattering)

So, we decided A-cam versus B-roll. Me and Mikey against Erman and Jayson. Let's see what happens. (billiard balls clinks) Exciting game, everyone.

Erman. Oh. (billiard ball clinks) - [Group] Oh. - [Mikey] Uh-ho, B-roll wins. - [Jayson] B-roll wins. - So, that was it? - [Mikey] If you scratch on 8 ball, you lose.

- I didn't know that. I found out that Mikey was fairly good at air hockey. (puck clicks) How do you have such good aim? Mikey was obsessed with hitting baseballs, but I wanted no part of that. (pitching machine fires) (baseball slams) No way in hell I'm doing this. - [Mikey] No? - No chance. But the funnest part came when we went to the basketball court.

(ball dribbling) - [Homeowner] Ah! (group chattering) - [Homeowner] Hey! Whoo! - So, the owner's son is actually living in the house and had to get his thoughts on what made this house so special. - This right here, - Yeah. - this is my favorite part of the house, the whole bottom part, man.

- Yeah. - The game room, the bowling alley, even down to the baseball pitcher in there. - Yes. - Yeah. - Can't forget the bar. (laughs)

- Yeah. - Can't forget the bar, man. - [Enes] He embarrassed us out there as well. (homeowner screams) (player grunts) (ball hoops) (group chattering) - [Enes] No. No. (hoop slams) - The dunk was so disrespectful, but it was a good game. (homeowner clapping)

It shows you when you have a basketball court like this, you can just enjoy life - Yeah. - and have a good time with your friends. How amazing is this lower level though? - [Mikey] This is incredible. Now, as I said last night, I spent a little bit more time than you did down here.

Enes, I need you to back it up real quick. I need you to stand on this for me. - Stand on this? - Yeah.

- Isn't this the stuff that vibrates? - [Mikey] Stand on this and hit... - Go? - [Mikey] Hit go. Hit go. - There you go.

Oh my god. It's so cute. (vibration machine vibrating) This makes me so dizzy. (Mikey and Enes laughing) Oh my god. My whole body's itching right now. (laughs) I wasn't ready for this. - [Mikey] Yeah. Thing just vibrates really fast.

- I don't know if a man in a suit is supposed to be on that thing. - [Mikey] Yeah. I don't know. - All right. Half basketball court, this is pretty cool.

They have two hoops where you can raise them or lower them. Then, we have the French doors opening up to the backyard. Again, we will check that space out in a minute. And I just love the volume here. They even have these high windows bringing natural light. Floors are all decked out.

They have the Laker's theme here. I'm assuming that's what they were going for, even though we're in Texas. - [Mikey] We're in Texas. Maybe it's LSU Tigers.

I don't know. - You see, I'm missing the context here again. - [Mikey] Yeah, LSU, Louisiana State University. This is their colors as well. - Their colors as well? - Yeah. - Gotcha. And just a great space.

We've been playing some games here too. We found out that Erman is a hell of a basketball player. - [Mikey] Yeah. Erman's a really good outside shooter. Enes, let's see you miss a shot here real quick.

- Obviously me in a suit, I'm always gonna miss the shots. I'll do my best. - [Mikey] Yeah. (ball dribbles) Let's see. (ball hoops) That is the first time (ball dribbles) you've ever made a shot on the channel.

- [Enes] Yes. It's embarrassing, but true. That was the first time. - [Mikey] Well, we always wanna give it to y'all as real as possible.

So, like we don't- - I actually made it. (Enes laughing) - [Mikey] We don't do multiple takes of Enes trying to make these shots. We always just show him missing 'em. (chuckles) - Yes. Because I always miss 'em.

- [Mikey] Yeah. - With that said, we're done on the lower level. This space is phenomenal. This house is just mind-boggling. But wait 'til you see the backyard.

(upbeat music) It's been a long day for us. Walking from one wing to another. And this backyard is just... (Enes sighs) I'm out of of words. It's crazy, unbelievable, insane. - [Mikey] Large.

- Large. Look at the house. Three storeys. Those are the accordion doors from the lower level. Those are the two balconies that we toured on the main level, as well as the second floor. House looks insane from this angle. Beautiful Mediterranean architecture.

Stucco finish, stone railings. These beautiful casement windows that contrast nicely with the exterior facade. And we have these two main staircases coming down from the main level, straight to the backyard. Travertine floors. Look at the pool.

Seriously, look at this pool. This section is for kids. You have two raised hot tubs, water feature, fire above these two towers. One of the towers has a built-in slide. which we'll see in a bit, gas lanterns.

Insane, just crazy. French doors open up from the basketball court. And then, on this wing, you have another kitchen, another bar.

Unbelievable. - [Mikey] It's a lot of fun. - It's a lot of fun. I gotta give big credit to Tracy for having these awesome listings.

We toured her listing in Mexico, which by the way, after we release the video, it's sold in five days for a record price. Created a huge demand. One of our most popular episodes. - [Mikey] Yeah, I loved that house. Tracy has the coolest listings.

What other Tracy listings have we done? - Well, we toured a few homes in LA. - Yeah. - Now, here we are in Texas. Even though she's a broker based out of Los Angeles, obviously she's doing business all around the country, - She's kind- - all around the world. - [Mikey] She's kind of international at this point. If y'all don't know her, she's on "Million Dollar Listing". She's a big real estate celebrity.

- Without a doubt. We gotta have her on our show at some point. And she has this listing as well. All right, let's continue.

So, we saw that prep kitchen or that big kitchen. Those are the French doors opening up. Then, we have this door opening up to a pool bathroom with a laundry. And going this way, we have another covered section with these built-in bug screens, outdoor dining area, doors open up to another bar. In fact, this bar has these accordion windows. That way, you can interact with the inside as well.

That's why they have these high stools. Space heaters, ceiling fans, wood-clad ceilings. Gets better. Follow me this way. Outdoor kitchen. - [Mikey] We've seen a lot of homes that we've said would be great for parties since we started the channel, but I don't think we've ever seen one... Y'all haven't even seen the the backyard yet, the grass area.

- I'm not exaggerating. You can have 500 people. - [Mikey] Comfortably. - Comfortably. - [Mikey] Yeah.

- And like everybody will be so spaced out. Wait 'til you see the baseball field. And obviously, you have your gas grill here, vent, above sink, pizza oven, all nicely done.

And also, last night, we went to a Texas barbecue place. Erman and Jayson never tried a real authentic Texas barbecue in their life. So, we wanted them to have the real experience.

It was a lot of fun. And yeah, I feel like if I live in a place like this, I would barbecue grill all the time. Now, going this way, we have the rest of the backyard. These palm trees are full, by the way. Never seen that before. Really cool. - [Mikey] It's easy to take care of.

- You have travertines around. This is the section for the adults. This pool is 15 feet deep. I can't believe it's that deep. The other day when I saw it, I was like, no chance.

It's so deep. That's a slide, by the way. That bridge is insane. You can actually dive from the bridge. There's a nice opening there. And they have fire on the bridge.

- [Mikey] I have a feeling that would not be allowed in California. - Yeah, they will have some regulation there. You can't have a bridge above your pool, without a doubt. - [Mikey] You're not allowed to jump off of bridges into pools here. - Can we go to this side? They have a diving board, more of these four palm trees. That's a massive parking lot where you can park your RVs, extra cars, your guests can park over there.

Obviously, they have that beautiful boat. They even have a basketball hoop there. By the way, you can access this parking lot from the back of the home, as well as the front, which is great. And then, we have this side taking us to the baseball field.

This is all turfed, by the way. Also, I don't know if we mentioned, we are about 25 minutes from Dallas, about 15 minutes from Dallas Fort Worth Airport. So, you're very centrally located.

But it feels like we're on a countryside almost. It's so peaceful and nice out here. - [Mikey] I can't think of a better place for us to run the YouTube channel from. - We will be the coolest influencers on the internet. - [Mikey] You know what? This house seems like it would be like a Dude Perfect, like a Dude Perfect house.

- I agree. - Yeah. - I agree. And you get a lot for your money in Texas. That's all I'm gonna say. For 20 million bucks, you get 31 plus thousand square feet home, built only a few years ago. I believe it was built in 2016, completed in 2017.

And you get so much space, privacy, amenities, newly constructed home. This is pretty crazy. - [Mikey] Like I said, let your imagination run wild for the activities you could have out here. - By the way, this is all artificial turf. You don't have to maintain it, you just leave it like this.

You have a soccer goal. And I'm just gonna walk around. This is very freeing. It's insane, this property. Scale. Can we actually turn back and look at the house for a second from this angle? Beautiful Mediterranean architecture. Scale is insane. That backyard is phenomenal. Grounds are beautiful. What can I say?

Just an amazing offering. And with that, we're done with our tour. And now, let's see this place at dusk. (upbeat music) (water flowing) (upbeat music) (fire crackling) (upbeat music) All right, everyone. That's it from Texas.

Hope you'll enjoy this tour. I wanna give big thanks to the listing agents, Tracy and Breah, for making this video possible. And as always, you can find more information about this amazing listing in the description of this video. Lastly, if you enjoyed the tour, give us a like, subscribe, and we'll see you guys next week. (upbeat music)

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