Touring AMAZING Builds from The Sims Gallery

Touring AMAZING Builds from The Sims Gallery

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I'm going to show you some really incredible  Sims builds today that were actually made   by members of our community for  my most recent shell challenge. Now in case you've never heard of a shell  challenge before, let me explain the rules. A couple weeks ago I built this  kind of weird box in The Sims. You can see it's got a bunch of little  random parts, kind of some odd shapes to it,   and in this case I even left a  couple random walls on the inside.

And then I put this on the  gallery and I challenged you   all to take this box and turn it into something. The rules are actually pretty simple:   the only major one is that you can't  change any of the existing walls. So anybody who tried to build with  this shell had to keep all of these   walls on the exterior and these  interior walls that I left intact. And then obviously add interior walls and windows   and platforms and roofs and things  to turn this into a real build. And you can pretty much do  anything, you can rotate it,   you can put it on a bigger lot,  you can add a foundation and stuff.

The only thing that you can't do  is change those existing walls. That's why it's called a shell  challenge because this shell,   like the exterior of the  building, has to remain the same. And the coolest part about this  is that we all have that same   core structure to our builds because  obviously we all used the same shell,   but everybody went in like, a  completely different direction. If you take a look at the hashtag we used  for this and you kind of scroll through a   little bit on the gallery, you can just  see how much creativity goes into this. This is why shell challenges  are one of my favorite things   to do on YouTube because it's a really  cool like, community building thing.

And it's just so fun to see all  the cool builds people do and like,   all the different ideas we have. The only problem is that after a certain point  the gallery does kind of try and stop you. Like, the gallery is a little bit annoying to use,   so it can be kind of hard to see all of  them, despite my best efforts because   as I'm sure you all know, the gallery  can be kind of a nightmare at times. So I picked a handful of builds  that I want to show you in this   video today that I think are absolutely amazing.

Keeping in mind obviously there are  hundreds if not maybe even thousands   of builds that you've all done for this  so it's really hard to narrow it down. So I tried to pick a variety of base game builds  and pack builds, but also different lot types   and stuff, just to give you a good idea in  this video of how different they all are. Now obviously in these videos it is impossible  to tour all of them because there's just so many,   but I do always also do a livestream  on Twitch where I tour random ones. Basically people in chat will put their name on a   list and then I randomly draw  usernames to tour on stream. And that gives like, everybody more  of an equal chance -- see, it stopped.

I can't scroll further. But it gives people more of an equal chance to  get toured because it's a little bit easier when   you're picking from chat as opposed to the gallery  because you know, the gallery is the gallery. But I say all of that to like, not discourage  you from participating because these things   are really fun, and the point is just  to build and to have fun building. It's not necessarily about like,  getting toured in the video,   it's more about like, the fun of doing the shell. And also I kind of want to warn you, the  builds that we're going to look at in this   video make me feel bad because it makes  me feel like I'm terrible at building. The sheer talent that you all  possess like, just amazes me.

To start off I want to show you  what I built with the shell. I find that I really struggle with  community lots sometimes so I tried   to like, break out of my comfort zone a  little bit and turn this one into a café. It's also kind of a more modern shape  which is different for me as well,   I don't usually do stuff like that, but  I'm quite proud of how this turned out. I'll link the video of me building this down  below if you want to go back and watch it. We have some cool things like a glass  roof and some nice patio space and stuff.

And then on the inside it's like,  very pink and blue and kind of trendy. We've got a bunch of seating  and like, some lounge space,   obviously you can buy some coffee over here. There's more tables and stuff back in this area  if your Sims wanted to come here and study,   but then upstairs I wanted to make like, an arcade  sort of vibe, so I made it all this pink and blue   lighting, we've got games tables, we have this  arcade machine, there's even ping pong up here.

Also a vending machine in case you  wanted to kill a sim or something. The whole point of this lot was to  make a very teen focused hangout space. I kind of thought like, maybe you  could have your teen Sim come here   and do homework with their friend and then  like, play some ping pong or something.

I don't think I like, love how the exterior looks,  but I'm pretty happy with the inside of this one. It's just hard with shell challenges  because you're stuck with what you have   and so I probably wouldn't have built it  exactly like this if it weren't a shell. Like, I maybe would have done a slightly  more reasonable shape if it weren't a shell,   but this is kind of what I made  with it, and now I want to show   you 10 that were made by all of you  that are just completely different. Obviously these are in no particular order,  I kind of just tried to stagger like,   community lot, then house, then community  lot, just to give us some variety. But I certainly don't have like, a number one best  or anything, they are all really, really amazing. The one I want to start with  is called Mirage and it's by   Nymeria221 on the gallery,  and this is a restaurant.

It says the Mirage is the perfect  place to escape the hot desert sun,   enjoy exquisite dishes and delicious tea while  resting in the piece of the shaded backyard. I'm also going to have every single build that we  toured listed down below in the description box in   order to make it easier for you to find them, but  this is the first one and can I just say, when you   look at this, you would never know that it's the  same shell as the build that I just showed you. When you look a little bit more closely  you can see some of those same shapes,   like those weird walls that I had that  weird little bump out that I had added,   it is the same shell, they just went  in a completely different direction. Restaurants are one of my favorite things to build   in The Sims too because it's so fun  to set like, custom menus and stuff. This one is especially fun because  there's so much outdoor seating. They've got like, all these  beautiful tables outside.

When you come inside through this archway, you  can check in. There's a bunch more tables inside,   but in like, a slightly different color scheme. And I love the tile on them! We also have a bathroom section over here,  we've got the kitchen in the way back,   and then this staircase will bring you upstairs  to like, a slightly more lounge-like area.

We've got the Bubble-Tron 5000,   there's some cute couches and stuff,  there's some patio seating up here. And then in the back there's  even more patio seating. Something you'll notice a lot of in these shell  builds is people really making use of like,   balconies and platforms and stuff  to extend the roof out a little bit. So you see how they added like this extended  balcony right here to make it look like the   shell is a more reasonable like, uniform shape,  when in reality it is neither of those things.

This shell was not reasonable or uniform. It's also kind of fun to see how people  use the walls that I forced them to keep,   like this wall right here becoming  a little nook for this chair. They extended that first floor  wall and used it to like,   separate the dining rooms and  have a place for the stairs. It looks like it was there on purpose,   you would never know they got forced  to keep it because of my silly rules. Okay, but with that I want  to move on to the next one. This is the BaseGame Desert  Adobe by emikoyo on the gallery.

And this I think is a great example of  just how different these shell builds   are because both of these things are  like, desert-inspired in Oasis Springs,   but they don't even look remotely similar,  despite being the exact same shape. This one was also built with just the base game. I think you'd be surprised by how many people  do base game things for these shell builds.

And there's some like, really incredible  base game builds on the gallery as well,   but this is Emi's house and I think I just  really love the front of this one and also   color scheme because I've never considered  using these windows or these items in this way. There's a lot of really cool features too, like  these debug fence panels being used to like,   really make a fancy front of the building. We've got a fake driveway and a  little carport area over here. They added a platform on this side and then  hung up curtains on it, and they used that   to have like, a covered little patio area  with some toys and skill-building objects. And there's like, kind of a similar vibe  going on in the back with the curtains,   but also with these beautiful  lanterns hung up and the fountain. We have a huge pool and a sunken outdoor kitchen.

There's also an enormous second story  patio up here and they put like,   a bunch of garden planters and stuff. I just really like the split leveling  and like, layering on this lot. You can see they've rotated theirs  in a slightly different direction   so it's oriented differently this  time, but when you first walk in,   there's kind of a hallway with a staircase,  we've got a little bathroom here in the front. Over to the side is the kitchen  and I just love this color scheme,   like the brown with the blue  I think looks really nice. I also love this part with like, the opening,  I don't know, it looks very realistic to me. We've got a dining room here and they even  included stuff for a toddler which I never do.

I never put high chairs. It's not like  I forget, it's more of like an outright   refusal because I just don't use them, but  it's such a nice touch when you're like,   building a family home to like,  actually include stuff for the family. Back here on this wall we have a huge living room,  they've got like, a debug remote placed even. Over here we have kind of an  office nook. They turned that   little bump out that I left into a cool  built-in area with some bookshelves.

And this part is a really fun feature  so you might think like, wait a minute,   the shell wasn't this big,  like how did they do that? They added on a fake room. So I don't know if you've noticed,  but there's not actually walls here. They've got windows, but there's not  actually a wall here, it's pretend. So it's totally legit and fair with the shell, we  allow platforms, we allow adding in half walls. They didn't add any exterior  walls, they just added like,   a sunroom area and then made it look  like it was open with the glass. I don't know, I just think this  is so cool. So we have like,  

an outdoor/indoor dining area, we've  got another living space over here. And then when you go upstairs, we've managed to   fit in three bedrooms and  a couple extra bathrooms. There's a small primary bedroom right here  with a closet, they've got an ensuite.

And then we have two kids rooms, we've  got a little toddler room right here. This one's got some bunk beds and some more kids  stuff and they've got an ensuite bathroom too. I find it really impressive how many rooms  they manage to squeeze into this because   the shell itself isn't very big, so to  have three bedrooms and two bathrooms,   it just feels like this  layout worked so perfectly. And it's all base game, so if you wanted  to download this you totally could. Again I will have all the builds and  the gallery IDs listed down below. The next one is like, a completely different  vibe, like not in the desert at all.

This one is the Riverside  Cottage by RubberDucky0325. This gallery image does not do it justice  because this tree is blocking things. Wait until you see this, you will not  believe the detail on the exterior. When they said Riverside Cottage,  they were really not kidding. They made like, an entire river.

I don't even know where to begin with this one so  let's just talk about the outside for a second. You can see they've used a lot of terrain tools to  put a river sort of going around the whole house. And then they put the whole place up on stilts. They've got this like, split level deck  system to get you up to the upstairs.

So you walk in and cross this bridge  and then you can go upstairs to the   left to the house or go back this way to  this like, kind of covered seating area. They really, really detailed  the landscaping of this too,   there's like, so many beautiful  plants and like, mushrooms growing. All of these little squares that  might seem weird if you haven't   seen them before are actually like, effects. So you can see this one is fireflies,  in game in live mode there'll be like,   little fireflies floating, there'll  be fish over here and swans. So the place like, really feels lively. And then when you actually get  up to the inside of the house,   it's kind of like a cottage-y vibe almost.

One of my favorite parts is this litter  box right here underneath the stairs. There's a lot of like, pet footprints going  on, they've like, kind of told a story. So you can see like, some  muddy paw prints by the litter,   there's even like, a shovel  and a bucket to scoop it. I've never thought to put  this much detail into like,   my pet's litter box before,  and I just loved this part. Also in the back they have like, some muddy  paw prints going up to this little birdhouse.

I really love this backyard too because  they have like, the backyard part raised   up so it's level with the house, and  then the whole front obviously is river. I don't know, I just -- I  love the terrain they've done. They also included a cowplant which  is like, a surefire way to my heart. But when you actually walk inside,  the front door's here and you come   into this little hallway area, off  to the right there's a little office. To the left we've got this tiny little living room   space that looks super cozy and  we have a bathroom over here. When you go further in we have that kitchen/dining  area and I really like the color scheme.

This yellow cabinet is like, one of  my favorite ones in the whole game. There's also a kid's bedroom  down here off the kitchen. You can just tell how much  detail they've put into this,   like down to the cat scratches  all over the wall over here,   with the cowplant poster and the cowplant outside,  like they've really told a story in this build. Upstairs we've got a couple more bedrooms,  we have this primary bedroom right here. They have their own balcony off  the front which is super cute and   there's even a staircase so you  can get in and out from up here.

We've got a little toddler bedroom over here,   a couple more bathrooms and an art  studio upstairs which I just love. I've never thought to use this cart like this  before, but we got this little cart with the   high school pack and they put like, the paint  from City Living and also some toothbrushes,   and it looks like there's actually like,  paint and paintbrushes there and that   combined with this one, I don't  know, it just looks so realistic. Obsessed. I am obsessed with this one.

The next one is also a completely different vibe,   this is the Base Game and Desert Kit  Fam House by madamredo on the gallery. So it's almost base game,   but it also uses that Desert Luxe kit  that we got for free a few months ago. Immediately I was obsessed with the landscaping,   I loved this little like,  arched driveway pathway almost. We've got a couple cars here from debug, and  you can see they also did the trick with using   platforms and balconies to kind of hide the weird  shape of the shell and make it look more uniform. It also just gives you a bunch  more space on the outside. I think the back is maybe my favorite part though,   I think in particular this part with the  columns and this overhang with the plants.

I don't know, I just really like this area. But under here we have like,   a built-in stone bench thing going  on almost, we have the fireplace. We've also got like, a little grill area,  and then in the way back we have a bar,   we've got some lounge chairs,  there's a pool, there's even a pond. They've managed to fit in a lot  into a very small space back here. And we kind of have this like,  running meme on my channel when   it comes to shell builds about like,  the most commonly included things. We describe it as the three Ps: ponds, pets,   and plants because I've noticed  that everybody loves a pond.

We've seen more than one pond already today. Pets, we see so many like, dedicated  pet corners and cat cafés and like,   specific pet areas like the last builds. And then also plants, but not just any plants,  but like, specifically plants on the roof,   which in this case we have a lot of,  this area over here and this over here. And the other more recent very  frequent addition is telescopes. We love this telescope. You will see  this telescope in many builds today. Ever since we got that we were all like, yes,   this is the greatest item of all time  and we all just put it everywhere now.

It's kind of fun to see like, what people like,  and what the trends are with builds in that way,   but moving on to the inside, when  you come up to the front door,   first of all we've got a huge patio so we've  got like some outdoor seating over here. But on the inside we've gone with a very blue  color scheme which as you all know is the key   to my heart, so you walk straight into this huge  living room area, there's a big TV right here. This is that wall that got stuck with  including and they tried to make it like,   a feature which is kind of cool. They even made use of that weird little  bump out and put some storage in it. These are kind of a fun feature because  if you ever look on the gallery for like,   custom paintings, you'll find a lot of in-game  paintings and photographs that people make.

So these for example are by mnewi1103 on the  gallery, but people on the gallery make a lot   of custom art that the game classes as being  base game and not CC, but it's kind of a cool   way to get some more stuff, especially  when you're doing a base game build. So definitely check out that sort of thing if  you're looking for custom artwork like this. There's even like, custom house  numbers and stuff that people make. Over here we have the kitchen, they have really  cluttered this up with like, so many cute details. There's like a little dining nook in the  corner and we have a huge bathroom down here.

And then upstairs we managed  to fit in a couple of bedrooms,   we have this bigger primary  bedroom that has two balconies. There's a lot of skill building stuff  here too, like the easel and everything. And then we have this super cute adorable  little cluttered up toddlers room. This guy, Baby Yoda is the other thing that makes  very frequent appearances in our shell builds,   but he's like, sat there staring out the window. I didn't even notice him until just now,  but look, you can see him from the front.

I'm trying not to be too slow with this  so sorry if it seems like I'm rushing,   but I want to make sure we get through all  of these in like, a sort of timely manner. So this next one is the Restaurant  with House by lilibet3 on the gallery. This one was actually built on  the same lot that I did mine on,   but they just obviously went  in a super different direction.

One of the things that I liked the most about  this one is they kind of tried to turn it into   two separate buildings which I thought was amazing  considering how small the shell actually was. So the idea behind this is a mom and  her young kid live here together in   the townhouse and then they run the restaurant  next door so we'll start with the house here. We've got like, a little  front door and a tiny mailbox,   this is what the outside kind of looks  like, it looks so realistic to me as   well and it also blends in really nicely  with the other lots in this part of town. Like, to me it just totally  matches this building next door,   but when you first walk inside there's  like a little teeny tiny hallway,   through these sliding glass doors we can  access the first part of their patio. They have like, some storage going  on here with the trash cans and like,   the decor box, the litter box is here,  here and so is the bike and stuff. The cat even has their own door to get out here.

They've got like a little tiny bathroom  off the front door here and they put like,   little light switches and clutter everywhere. This is kind of fun because these are new,  we haven't had these until very recently. If you keep walking down though, we have a  really small living space, we've got like,   a tiny living room/kitchen/dining  area. As we previously discussed,   I love these yellow cabinets so I  really like the kitchen over here.

The kid's rooms in the way back,  they've got a lot of space too,   they have like a bed and their desk area, and  also a door of their own to the bigger backyard. Back here we have like, some garden  planters, we've got the grill and stuff. I really like the idea of this  because if you wanted to play   on this lot it's classed as a restaurant  so you wouldn't like, actually live here,   but like, gameplay-wise, you could just  have your sim who owns the restaurant   come and stay here and then just  like, sleep on the restaurant lot. You won't get bills here or anything,  and you'd have to lock the front door   so you don't have like, the restaurant  guests coming in and using your kitchen,   but it's really nice when you're running  a retail store or a restaurant or like,   a vet clinic and stuff to just  to have your Sims live there. And you totally can, we have upstairs a  huge primary bedroom and a little bathroom,   like the main bathroom for them to share.

And then the other half of the  lot is the restaurant and it's   kind of cute because it's almost like, flipped. Like this is their front door and then this  is the restaurant's front door back here. So at the restaurant we have a ton of outdoor  seating in this little front patio area. And then when you walk up you can  come over here and then check in,   get your table, look at the menu. There's a little bit more indoor seating and like,   the kitchen and a bathroom and stuff,  but there's also an outdoor staircase   that takes you upstairs to some more indoor  seating, and I'm just obsessed with this idea. I love the like, flipped fronts of  them, like the splitting of the lot.

I don't know, this was just  super creative and it also   feels like the kind of lot that  I would really want to play in. Like, I love restaurants and stuff so  this is just kind of a fun concept. Even down to like, the dumpster, we have the  fake garage door and the dumpster in the front.

It seems so realistic and so like,  actually played in and lived in and stuff. Now this next one is also a  completely different vibe. We've seen in a few restaurants  and houses and stuff, but this   one is the Industrial Tiki Bar by morepanthers. They describe it as, "This bar is what happens  when a beach-loving werewolf moves into Moonwood   Mill and wanted a fun place to drink, play  games, and relax in some island vibes."

So they've kind of combined that like, industrial,  abandoned factory vibe of the werewolf pack with   a lot of the cute stuff from Island Living to  make like, a beach-themed bar in Moonwood Mill. I really liked this idea and I've  never seen anything like this before,   and they filled the lot with  so many cute little details. Like, out here they made a  fake beach volleyball area. Around the back we've got loads of  seating and like, pretty fairy lights. They used a lot of the debug stuff,  like these sort of destroyed fences too. In the front they have this super  cute sign and also this debug one   that I don't think I've ever  seen before, but works so well.

And then inside you can see they've like,  really gone all out with decorations. We have this cute little beach  Santa, there's so many fairy lights,   we've got all this seating,  we've got arcade machines. I love these little sandal lights  up here and like, the fish poster. We've got a foosball table here  and in the bar area they made like,   a fake robot to be working as the bartender. Upstairs it's kind of lofted, we have like a  little seating area, there's some patio space   and obviously the bathrooms, but there's also  like, a little employee room, and then my favorite   part of this build is this little patio because  I've never thought to do a rooftop in this way,   but they used that window from high school years  that your Sims can climb through and they used   that as the doorway to access this rooftop and  it's kind of like, a secret hideaway on the roof.

And I just thought that was so clever and so cool. I don't know, I just love the idea of this  build and there's so many little details. They even have like, some photos of the building  and of the staff and stuff hung up in here. I would never have thought to like,   put beach stuff in Moonwood Mill  and somehow it works so well. And the lot blends in with the world around  it so nicely, it is really well done. I don't know how much more different you  can get from the last one than this one,   but this is the New Year New  Shell Onsen by FlooringDemo.

I say that because the last one was beach-themed   and this one uses Snowy Escape so  it's like, cold, mountain-themed. And they described using this as like,   a honeymoon spot for their Sims and  it can be used as an onsen or a spa. So it's got all the requirements for both. I love the build stuff from Snowy Escape so much,   like the wallpapers and the roof textures  are so beautiful, but this is how they   decorated their exterior and this one to me  is also like, unrecognizable as the shell. I would never know that it's  the same shell as the others. This one's on a kind of small lot, it's only 20  by 15 so we don't have a ton of exterior space,   but we've managed to fit in so much cute  little landscaping and details back here.

When you first walk inside you come in  through these doors and there's kind of like,   a front desk area here where you  could check in, buy some stuff. They've got a gnome working at the front  desk which I always do in my community lots. Whenever I build like, a gym or a spa or like,  any lot that might have a fake front desk,   I always put in this guy,  the little landlord gnome,   and it seems he has now ventured out into the  world of onsens and he owns one of these too. Back behind him there's like, a  locker room and some bathrooms,   and I totally forgot about this mountain swatch  of this tile, but it looks so pretty in here. Around the side we've got like, a  kitchen area and a kotatsu table. Back here there's like, some  extra vending machines and   stuff and some equipment hanging up on the wall.

And then upstairs this is kind of what I think  they're gonna use as their honeymoon spot. They've put in a bed and like,  kind of made a hotel room up here. Even down to like, having a mini fridge and  a microwave and like, this little coffee pot. Also a mouse trap back behind the fridge, which I  don't think I knew we had, but apparently we do. It's debug obviously, but I didn't notice that  until just now and that's actually really funny. They even put like, a suitcase and some clothes   on the floor to make it seem like  Sims are actually staying in here.

Now this obviously works the same as like, the  other lot did, where you can't actually stay   here on vacation because it's a community  lot, but you could have your Sims just come   here and then sleep here and not leave,  which is kind of a nice little detail. You don't have to go home,  you can just sleep in there. But overall I just am obsessed with  this lot, I think it looks so pretty. This is the kind of thing I'd use in  my own gameplay too because I love   the thought of having my Sims stay here overnight. The next one is a house, but kind of similar  in the like, calm and relaxing vibes.

This is the Modern Woodsy Dream by helkat333. Something I noticed when like,  digging around on the gallery   for all these shells is just how  many people built in Glimmerbrook. This is the world that came with Realm of  Magic and I feel like it's super underrated. It's quite small and doesn't have a  lot of community lots or anything so   it's kind of easy to forget about,  but the world itself is so pretty. Like, the background of this is stunning  and this is the lot that Helkat built.

I think what stood out the most to me about  this is the detail they have with the fencing. I've never thought about using spandrels and  a fence to like, make a custom fence almost. And they like, covered it with  fairy lights and I don't know,   just the detail on the backyard  here is so pretty to me.

I also love the black color scheme on this. So speaking of the backyard, when  you come back here there's a hot tub,   there's some lounge chairs, there's  a huge pool, but the actual building   itself has this beautiful little  rock lined path leading up to it. And then when you come inside it's got  this beautiful wood like, cabin-y feel. So you walk in to this sort of open floor plan,  over to the side we have this huge living room.

My favorite part of the Interior is the kitchen,  I love the combo of these cabinets together,   I've never used these base game ones with  the Spa Day ones, but it looks so good. Also this tile, I just feel like this  house is a great combination of like,   modern updated features on like,  an otherwise kind of cabin-y vibe. I love when people combine two styles like  that, obviously as we've seen with like,   the werewolf beach bar and the  blue suburban restaurant combo. I just think it's pretty cool. There's like,  

a little bathroom downstairs  and a dining nook back here. And then upstairs it's just one bedroom,  it's like, one big open bedroom. This one also seems like the kind of thing  that could make a really good vacation home. Like, if you wanted your Sims to come  rent this for a couple days on like,   their honeymoon or something,  but upstairs it's all open,   but it feels like separate spaces because  they've got it divided by the staircase. So over here we have like,  a desk area and a balcony,   and then down around this side we  have like, the bedroom section.

It's so fun for me to tour these builds and like,   see how other people use things because there's  so many items that I kind of forget about. Like this plant, this is from the plant  kit, I don't even know if I've used this   a single time, but it hung up there  above the nightstands looks so good. And this is the Industrial Loft kit bed  with Island Living nightstands and I had   no idea the wood tones match so well on  those, but they also have a Get Famous   dresser and a Spa Day candle wall,  and somehow it all matches perfectly,   and I've just never thought to  combine these things before.

That's just what I love about this  because I feel like every time I   do these shell tours I'm like, taking  notes on like, ideas people have had. Same thing, in this bathroom, I  had absolutely no idea that this   base game bathtub matched the  Cats and Dogs stuff so well. This is just that regular base game corner tub,   but it's got a black and gold swatch that  perfectly matches the Cats and Dogs one.

Also did you know this bathtub had slots  on it because you can slot candles to it. I have never seen that, I had no clue. I love this bathroom, I've never ever used  these swatches, but it looks so good together.

Especially in the context of this house, it's  all very warm and inviting inside with like,   the black and the wood and this  sort of coppery color accent. I could sit here and talk about each  of these builds all day so I'm trying   to make sure I'm doing this in a timely manner. This next one is another restaurant, it's called  the Teen Pizza Restaurant by justsimmering. This one is also built in  Copperdale and it's like,   a teen hangout, kind of like what I went for,  but obviously it's a completely different style.

They put so much detail into  the exterior of this one,   like with all the posters  and the graffiti everywhere. There's also so many debug things  that I've like, literally never seen. For example this part is like, a debug pathway. This gnome, never seen that, but looks perfect. We even have like, debug parking  spaces underneath the bikes,   we've got a storm drain and this cone,  it just feels very realistic out here. Around the back we've got like, a little bit more  outdoor seating and some fairy lights and things.

When you first come inside you check in right here  and there's like, a few indoor seating spaces too. We even have like a bigger private room over  here which is kind of realistic in a restaurant. This part's one of my favorites because I never  thought to put this menu underneath the window,   but it fits perfectly and it seems so realistic,   like I feel like in real life you'd come here  and then like, order at the window like this.

Obviously in The Sims nothing works like that,   like you have to have table  service, but I just loved that idea. We have the kitchen back here. And then  upstairs there's some more seating and like,   kind of more of a hangout space,  we have a table and a couch.

You can perform here, there's  also vending machines so your   Sims can die here if you wanted to get crushed. And they have a whole custom menu which as we've   discussed is one of my favorite  parts of these Sims restaurants. I love this kind of thing. This to me is  just a perfect spot to bring your teens,   I feel like I've always wanted  more stuff like this for teen   Sims and this fits in really well  in the High School Years world.

But I have one last build that I want to  show you. Again these are obviously in like,   no particular order, but the final one today is  the Residence at the Bluffs by Hollinsgirl07. And what immediately stood out to me about this is   that I've never ever done a  build on the bluffs before.

The bluffs are this island lot in Get Together  that usually has that dirty pool on it. They wrote this whole story about how the  Landgraabs were tired of Malcolm going   out there and partying so they bought the  lot and then built a vacation house on it. I love a good backstory, but I  especially love some good Sims blackmail. And I like the idea of the Landgraabs having a  vacation home, it's just kind of a fun storyline.

This is the exterior and they like,  really went all out with this one. There's these beautiful pathways and a huge patio. We've got an enormous pool, we have a diving  board and this like, wall of fountains. There's a built-in hot tub and some lounge chairs,   we have like, a built-in stone  seating area by the fireplace. Even up here we have this cool like,  grill and bar area with some tables. I think my favorite angle is this one because I  love the idea of this trellis thing they've done.

We've got these little ivy pieces, but also like,   a custom trellis made with  these things from Eco Lifestyle. It's two separate things they  layered together to make a trellis,   and then they put that light on top. And then these plants here, I don't know,  this second floor I feel like looks so good,   but when you actually come inside  this is the front door right here. There's like a little entryway  with some places for your shoes. Over here we have kind of a cool kitchen.  I really liked this area in particular,  

like the barstools up against  the wall with a big painting. I've never seen that done before and I really  like how it looks like, up against the wall. We've got kind of a dining nook back  here, there's like a little lounge   space and I love how these chairs  are overlooking the pool and stuff.

There's a kind of small upstairs,  it's got like a little desk area,   we've got the primary bedroom and closet, we  have a really, really trendy bathroom in here. I adore this floor with those tiles. And then we have a smaller  bedroom that has some bunk   beds in it which feels like it makes  perfect sense for a vacation home. It doesn't need to be like, super personalized,  it just needs to be a spot to sleep. But then on the balcony we've got like the keg  stand, there's foosball, we've got ping pong,   so it's a great place to have your Sims come  and stay because there's so many things to do. This one, same thing, you can't  technically stay at or rent.

The Bluffs are a "special venue," so you can't  change the lot type, but you could still like,   throw a party here or get married here or  just come here and sleep and not leave. So it'd be a cool place to like, have  your Sim's birthday party or something. But that my friends is all 10 lots  that I wanted to show you today. I know I always say this, but I just  love shell challenges for this reason. It is so cool to me how we can all  start off with the same box and then   just have completely different  visions for what it could be. And I'm serious, there are so many amazing  builds on the gallery from this shell.

I can't show them all off in one video  because this video is long enough as it is,   but if you want to go look at hashtag   SimsieNewYearShell on the gallery, you  can scroll through and see some more. And if you want to maybe go back and watch some   past shell videos that I've  done I can link them for you. Huge thank you to any of you  who built a shell for this one. I'm so sorry that I can't like,  show them all off in a video,   but I tried to comment on as many as I could.

I'm thinking I might do  another shell kind of soon. This feels like a good time killer before the  pack comes out for us to like, do this and have   an excuse to build something, so stay tuned, I'll  probably get one up in the next couple weeks here. But on that note, I'm going to end this video  right here. Thank you so much for watching,   have the best rest of your day, and I'm gonna  catch you all tomorrow, okay? Bye everybody. Oh my goodness, this video took me so long  to record. Hopefully it isn't too-too long. [ JAZZY OUTRO MUSIC ]

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