touring a huge 4 Millon dollar news Station in Bloxburg.

touring a huge  4 Millon dollar news Station in Bloxburg.

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[Music] today hello everyone welcome here to another video [Music] they'll be touring this news station [Music] so he made this all so let's actually see how much it costs [Music] how much did it cost [Music] like how much [Music] so this you probably have seen it around YouTube but this is like the only one that I actually stumbled upon well it costs like 1.5 million which is a lot especially when you have that I don't have that much [Music] so let's [Music] oh [Music] how many how many days did it take to build this like because I'm just curious I'm like very curious how many years sorry for the top four up here oh [Music] well that's for your place let's go ahead and forward um [Music] I already tell it's like very huge oh wow look at that look at that I'm gonna get rid of this sidebar up here look at that [Music] oh it looks so good [Music] even the LED lights [Music] that's like very amazing [Music] yeah this is pretty cool [Music] it looks good so it looks very very good yeah I agree with [Music] I think he took somebody else on the store as well oh my God there's like a whole entire desk back here [Music] this is like [Music] how did you find out uh [Music] that's like very cool that it stands for Enterprise I think it's pretty cool [Music] oh it [Music] okay [Music] oh my God we are in The Newsroom this makes me feel like I'm at BBC or it's like you know like some big like ABC Corporation that's [Music] this is so cool [Music] oh my God printing papers dude [Music] okay this is cool it's like really cool I've got a lie oh my god it works does this work oh it doesn't work [Music] this is cool so like the like [Music] yeah they're like any references like any references to any like [Music] you're not gonna lie this makes me feel like I'm in an ABC Corporation [Music] inspiration [Music] [Music] hello minister so basically there hasn't been a news station in bloxburg so [Music] thank you [Music] foreign [Music] like the ABC Corporation Studio [Music] thank you [Music] got a whole entire kitchen dude look at this a whole entire kitchen like oh oh wait I'm like you is that my IQ is that my cue [Music] that my cute is that my Cube I think it's my cue all right my secret identity is walks Fox Ramsay anyways um gold in our Newsroom [Music] like a whole Newsroom this is this is cool this is absolutely cool oh he works here too um okay this is the newest room I love this stuff like usually you don't get this type of thing I usually you don't get [Music] oh no my screen is glitching it's oh my God it's a talk show it's it's like a home parrot like it's like a new segment over here it's not really a talk show but like it all right [Music] it is Justin a bank robbery has started it downtown [Music] the police are circling to stop the criminal here this is cool though this is absolutely cold the weather today is all sunny [Music] um New York low true [Music] um let's see what else there's like a whole entire like new section this is this is gonna be cool this is cool I'm sorry actually you guys in the comment section [Music] you guys in the comment section come up with some names for this this place [Music] you know come up with me if you guys got a name come up with it I'll let him know oh my God look at this okay we're going up the spiral staircase we are going into this room now I think it's like a whole entire leg back see oh my God there's caution tapes this is like a control room oh [Music] free no hijackings happened oh I like any parties but it's fine I actually get up there [Music] oh my God there we go oh look at this place [Music] [Music] all right so we are so after recording this whole entire section I feel like we should look at more things [Music] first before we move on make sure that you like and subscribe because we'll be touring more builds [Music] like more builds in bloxburg this is kind of my first time ever doing Vlogs for these videos so hopefully this is good we'll cut some things out and fix some things up [Music] all right so we're gonna follow this dude and we're doing apology man there's somebody outside oh God someone is breaking into the building I hope we don't die oh my God look at this the manager needs its own space [Music] whoa look at this there's like a whole entire pool table and there's like seats nobody can beat this build I legit will probably say no one can beat this build [Music] also like three other YouTubers have like explored this place as well um so what time skip who those people are [Music] thank you [Music] figures like who has explored this place thank you foreign [Music] oh I am Oh I thought oh [Music] oh we are exclusive to this oh I feel so better about this this stuff has been added since the last one of that so wait it actually works does it actually work wait oh it does that's cool that is cool thank you first one two actually I think there's been some other people that have made this place so like oh we are we are moving on I think there's way more of the other YouTubers did not see so like I am exclusive to this but oh we're going to the second floor [Music] I'm probably gonna let me let me take care of that but you guys have been stuck with that for the whole entire video done look at this Instagram this is like a conference room so [Music] has there been like any other computers [Music] whichever has that's that's cool oh [Music] okay excites me [Music] it's probably [Music] yeah [Music] [Music] uh give her a shout out she's watching this video somehow um you got a shout out awesome this build absolutely amazing I love this little 10 out of 10. I will probably go back here probably go back here again so foreign wait someone broke in wait wait what oh no somebody broke in oh okay as long as they don't get to the systems I think they should be okay right so oh we're gonna have another person we're gonna have another person um yeah but uh thank you for my channel and I will probably put her to her YouTube channel in the description because she did review this place and which this dude had a YouTube channel he does not so you're gonna respect him office quarters this is my offices oh okay cool that is very cool oh yeah theater oh my God there's a home theater I love theaters it's like one of my so [Music] yeah yeah [Music] probably had one but it looks so good [Music] thank you okay so we are now outside of the building inside of the building look at this it's a news plane the news who's playing it's so cool well helicopter that's a helicopter but still it's a nudes like look at this look at the decals on this thing this is like [Music] so like [Music] you guys look like so cool oh my God you can sit inside you can sit inside this thing this is cool oh [Music] that sounds great that sounds great my boobs are so down right now it's fine we're okay we're on this floor pass for a reason you know oh my God wait wait he has one more thing to show us [Music] the outside details behind oh yeah oh my God [Music] look at this [Music] okay hold on let me see if I can oh my god um [Music] there we go [Music] okay anyways sorry for that I will probably cut out that thing but it looks good [Music] I like this full screen mode better I I finally figured out the full screen thing that's fine if you look closely wait is it actually [Music] oh it is ooh this thing's moving it feels like it's moving I'm making it move you're on the radio tower yeah we're just climbing up the radio tower totally not gonna make the sick so I think it was kind of my badge for the things [Music] yeah on top of the second building let's go [Music] this building too oh there's another hologram this one even looks a little bit better [Music] my question is is this the first all right we this is the first time so let's let's hope I can do this correctly oh my God three for employees coffee coffee is spelled wrong but like you know nope [Music] here's an old story okay [Music] let me just zoom in oh wait hold on [Music] when I was trying to make that downstairs room I was originally gonna put a secret door here oh okay [Music] that is cool that is very very cool okay oh my God wait wait oh my God look at this place look at this hold on hold on hold on look at this look at that that is [Music] amazing this is absolutely amazing [Music] oh my God you guys have a lot of crap look at that look at that over here look at the Hologram that is very cool that is a very cool hologram I am definitely recommended I definitely recommend if you ever see Jamin that like give him credit please because this is this thing it's absolutely incredible we also have bathrooms um these are detailed these are detailed I I love this build three foreign [Music] I forget the sounds for down hold on I forgot the sounds were down there we go I guess you don't know what it sounds yeah I probably shouldn't have the sounds oh wait this one is a culture that you can actually have this is re-announcing I got a new trophy [Music] oh God I wish the bugs were there but sorry yeah [Music] foreign [Music] this is cool [Music] back outside the stage we're gonna walk over here we have one more floor I think so a little bit glitchy hold on foreign [Music] look at this it's a server room [Music] I don't think nobody gets to tour these areas like in real life though I think you've only like seen a couple clips of like these areas and like actual news stations tell me if I'm wrong comment section but I think that's what it is maybe one of the biggest builds I'm ever touring all right here we go it's a cafe oh Gordon your name Gordon here you have Gordon Ramsay here cooking up some food of course [Music] I'll take [Music] take coffee [Music] okay I'm trying to see what affiliate that is I think that's 2012. for ABC affiliate is that on the wall [Music] is that as peanut butter oh no these kind of spills oh no [Music] oh great thank you I will just arrange my coffee while he has to yeah um how much is [Music] how much is your balance or Bill bills oh [Music] bills wow [Music] foreign [Music] 4.6 k oh jeez it's glitching over there [Music] have you decided to put solar panels like thank you [Music] yeah like real life solar panels [Music] okay let's follow him to see the exterior designs that's a great idea I guess trees plants we have the exterior look at this okay [Music] the LED lights are pretty good oh we are going around the whole entire place oh my gosh we're going through the whole repair place [Music] oh my gosh I hate hashtags when they happen make sure the video is still going on yeah the video is still going on oh oh um sorry guys oh [Music] [Music] bye jingle see you later chanky all right I can also thank the viewers for joining this video because if you hadn't then you wouldn't see this big huge record [Music] futuristic that's oh there's EB sign Enterprise I think [Music] thank you okay okay but you know I think this is like thank you I think I'm trying to we have ROBLOX chat at the same time while talking is a little bit pressuring but it's okay bus stop [Music] nice detail this is a content and we're back foreign this building so that ends today's video but thank you for watching you we'll see you next time bye bye thanks for watching this video check out our more exciting videos from our Channel and make sure that you subscribe for more amazing content I'll see you next time bye bye foreign

2023-06-17 07:02

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