Touring a $34,500,000 Malibu Mansion Built Over the Pacific Ocean

Touring a $34,500,000 Malibu Mansion Built Over the Pacific Ocean

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(transcendental music and waves crashing) - Hey everyone, welcome to another episode. Today we're coming to you from Malibu, California, and going to give you a tour of this stunning, newly constructed contemporary estate that faces these breathtaking views. It features four bedrooms, five bathrooms. On the market for $34.5 million. It is also available for rental, starting at $69,000 a month. And as always, you can find more information about this property in the description of this video.

Lastly, I wanna give big thanks to the listing agent, Bob Rubenstein, for making this video possible. And now let's begin our tour. (upbeat instrumental music) Beautiful modern design, hundred feet of ocean frontage, amazing views. And on the exterior, we have smooth stucco finish.

Two car garage on the right hand side, we have a living wall on the left hand side, and then this gate opens up to the entry on the exterior. Now, I'm really, really excited for this tour, and we got this gorgeous pivot door opening up to the entry of this stunning home. Now, as soon as you walk in, you hear the sound of the ocean. We have all these sliding glass doors opened up right now, Pacific Ocean right in front of you. This is amazing.

- [Mikey] Yeah, this is incredible. As soon as you walk in, 90% of your view is of the Pacific Ocean, it's incredible. Also, the sound you get throughout the whole house is amazing. - It's sensational, I mean, what a stunning property, and I really appreciate that they left the entry very open. As soon as you walk in, you see the views. And right in front of us, we have the formal dining room area.

I wanna talk about the details here for a second. Glass table in the center, seating for 10, beautiful chairs, chandelier above. And we have wood clad ceilings throughout the first floor. And I really like how these planks run the length of the first floor. That way, space feels very open, very connected. And overall, these wood clad ceilings really give the first floor a warm feel.

Now, right next to the formal dining area, we have this glass section, two glass pivot doors. Center part is fixed, and it takes you to a balcony on the first floor. And look at these views, we have the Pacific Ocean right in front of us. You get the fresh air, this amazing sound to go into your property. And I really like that this section is right in the center of the home. It almost sets the tone for the rest of the first floor.

And yeah, we can literally see the waves rolling down below us, unbelievable. - [Mikey] Yeah, this is incredible. Is this surfable out here? - Yes, on a good day, you can easily surf here. In fact, I wanna say six, seven months ago, I surfed somewhere around here, it was a lot of fun.

We literally have waves rolling underneath the house. You're this close to the ocean. This entire property feels like a floating balcony above the ocean, unbelievable.

- [Mikey] It's incredible. There's this movie, "Heat", I watched a lot growing up as a kid, and they had a house like this in Malibu. On the water, I feel like it's that kind of what everyone thinks of when they think of Malibu homes. - Absolutely, I mean, it's such an iconic location too.

And on top of that, you get a brand new modern home with this kind of architecture, you're this close to the ocean, it's an amazing combination. Now, that's it for the balcony. Before we go to the living room and the kitchen, I actually wanna take everybody this way. We have a small seating area here.

We have motorized sliding glass doors, opening up the entire space, built in seating on this side, beautiful walnut paneling, recessed lights, looks very cozy. And then we have the main seating area here. Gorgeous couch, marble coffee table. Built in shelves with LED lighting, and TV's located on this side, complimented with a fireplace down below.

And next to that we have a sliding glass door that opens up to an outdoor staircase that first takes you to the top floor and to the rooftop deck. Overall, very cozy, very intimate. I really like the space, and I really like that it's so close to your views. I mean, I'm gonna mention the views a thousand times throughout this tour. But you have your couch here, and you have the ocean on the other side, incredible. Now, let's go back to the entry of this property.

We have porcelain floors throughout, including the outdoor deck, they're also all heated. We have this door opening up to the two car garage that's around 435 square foot. Then we have the main staircase here, going up to the second floor. Beautiful walnut details, glass railing, stainless steel top. And we have a door here, opening up to the very spacious powder room for the first floor of this property.

Now, coming back here, we have the front door. This discreet panel opens up to the butler's pantry that's located right behind the kitchen. And before we talk about this incredible seating area, I wanna cover the kitchen. Before we continue our tour, quick word from our incredible video sponsor, Miysis, an architectural rendering studio. When it comes to building a home like the one we're touring right now, I can't overstate how important it is to have a clear visual plan. Every home starts with an idea, and typically, that idea translates into an architectural drawing or render to give the designer, homeowner, or investor a perspective of what the final product will look like.

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And now let's continue our tour. (relaxed instrumental music) Very minimalist, oversized island up front, with quartzite countertops, also waterfall edge here. Then you can see the bar seating on the other side of the island. And it's a partial bar seating, meaning the rest of the island is actually stone fabricated, so it looks very contemporary. We have popup plugs here.

Your induction cooktop, and your pop-up vent is located on the island. And on the backside, we have rest of the base cabinets. Again, same quartzite countertop.

It's also used as a back splash, open shelving, these glass uppers. And this is all walnut cabinetry, it's custom to this house. We have a microwave here, sink on this side, two dishwashers, second one is located right here.

Overall, I love these light wood tones, contrasting nicely with the white cabinetry on this side. Then you have rest of your built-ins here. This is your Miele freezer.

We have the fridge on the other side, more built-ins. And obviously, what's so important about this kitchen is the fact that you can still enjoy the ocean views from your kitchen, because this house is pretty much all glass facing these views. This is unbelievable.

I'm sure you guys are hearing the ocean sound as we're touring. - [Mikey] Yeah. - I can't wrap my head around it.

- [Mikey] It's incredible. Do you think this home is gonna be a vacation home, or do you think it's gonna be a full-time resident here? - Honestly, it can be anything. Someone who has earned their money may call this a full-time home or their full-time residence. - [Mikey] Yeah. - But obviously, it's a great vacation home. - [Mikey] Yeah.

- It's a great home to have in LA, where you just come once a month to just kick back and relax. - You have a house in the hills or Brentwood, and you come out here every three weekends. - Or that, a family that lives in the city, and uses this as their weekend home. - [Mikey] Little getaway, yeah. - Exactly, now let's continue. Actually, we have the butler's pantry here, located right behind the main kitchen.

Wine fridge, regular fridge, door opens up to your pool deck, which we'll cover in a bit. And then you have additional cabinetry here, open shelving, LED lighting. This could be your coffee bar, so where you keep your wine.

And I really appreciate that walnut paneling wraps to the backside too. And lastly, we have this door opening back to the entry of this property. Now, let's take everybody back to the kitchen so we can check out this stunning living room.

I love that it's very minimalist. Seating arrangement looks gorgeous. And by the way, all the furniture and art in this house comes with the sale of this property.

You don't have a TV in this room because you got the best views, and it changes all the time. And you have these motorized sliding glass doors opening up this entire corner to these views, to the outdoors. And they accomplish this look by having setback steel columns, which then allows the motorized sliding glass doors to run all the way to this corner. And on these tours, I feel like I don't talk enough about these sliding glass doors.

In this case, installation is very seamless. Tracks are nicely recessed into the floors, as well as the ceilings. And even when you close these sliding glass doors, because of their tint profile, you can see outside very clearly. You still feel very connected to your surroundings. And I know they look very seamless, but they're very, very difficult to install.

And that's why I want to give credit to the developer here. Now, that's it for the living room. Next to that we have the pool deck. Pool looks very inviting, mosaic clad throughout. Concrete planters, thermally modified wood fencing around us for some extra privacy. We have a door here opening up to the front of the home, and we have this door opening up to the butler's pantry that we toured earlier.

Above this door, we have this really modern flashing detail that really complements the look of this house. All the metal that we're gonna see on the exterior is all zinc, and that's pretty much it for the pool deck. Now, I wanna take everybody this way so we can talk more about these breathtaking ocean views.

By the way, Kanye West owns a home here as well. He's 15 doors down. You have 100 feet of ocean frontage. And every single morning, every single night, you go to bed looking at these views, isn't that crazy? - [Mikey] Yeah, that's amazing.

Kanye West, that concrete house, right? - Super architectural, yes. - [Mikey] I remember that being all over the news when he bought that thing, but I can't imagine being this close to the ocean. The sound is intense, but I love it. It's like this white background noise constantly there. - It's such a relaxing experience being here, just enjoying these views, not even using the house, just being present here is an experience. And I also wanna mention, we get this kind of architecture, or this kind of experience thanks to the concrete foundation that's below this house.

And I don't wanna overlook that foundation because it's one of the core values of this property. This house sits on 27 concrete caissons. Each one of these caissons are four and a half feet wide, 60 feet in length, they all have epoxy coated rebar in them. 6,000 PSI concrete. And I had a chance to talk to the developer of this property, and he mentioned that when they were pouring the foundation of this home, or when they were drilling the holes for these caissons, they ran into a solid surface, solid rock, 25- 30 feet below the sand. Which means they had to drill additional 30 feet into the solid surface to pour these 60 foot concrete caissons.

Which means this house is locked into the bedrock, or to the solid surface. And on top of that, they poured this 18 inch slab right on top of all these caissons. Now, on surface, you'll also lock these caissons together to create additional strength. And that 18 inch slab is what we're sitting on right now. Now, it gets better. From there, you have steel columns running from first floor all the way to the second floor of this property to create the frame of this house.

And in between those steel columns, you have traditional framing for your insulation, for your walls, and that's how you create this unique structure. I feel like homes like this, the foundation never gets enough credit, but in this case, it's literally floating us above the ocean, and it's basically locking this property to the earth. So I wanted to mention that. And even down below the foundation, they have an area for all the utilities. Pool motors, plumbing lines, and even that section looks gorgeous. I feel like my favorite part of this home is actually the foundation.

With that, we're done on the first floor. Now let's take the stairs so we can check out the second floor. (jazzy instrumental music) All right, everyone, let's go check out the second floor of this property. All four bedrooms are located on this level. And off of the staircase landing, skylight above us.

We have a picture window here, bringing more natural light, some built in cabinetry. And I'm gonna start our tour with the right wing. This door opens up to the laundry room, sink, washer, dryer, and we have a door here opening up to that outdoor staircase, which we'll see in a bit. Now, we're gonna start our tour with this bedroom. Same porcelain floors are also here.

Queen size bed, built in cabinetry on this side, with some LED lighting. More open shelving here, with a built-in desk set up, Really cozy room. I also like to reveal detail that we have on the bottom of the walls.

And coming this way, we have the full bathroom. Stone clad walls, floating vanity on this side. Chrome fixtures, LED lit mirror. We have the walk in shower here, very spacious.

Comes with a rain head, nice neutral tones. Beautiful bathroom, now let's go back to the landing so we can check out the left wing, which houses the two bedrooms and the primary bedroom suite, which we will tour last. Now, second bedroom starts here. Another queen size bed, built in seating, desk set up here. The furnishings looks very nice, again, more of the lighter tones. TV on this side, comes with a full bathroom, which is located right here.

Now, going back to the lending. I also wanna mention it took the developer four years to design and develop this home. It takes a while to build a nice home.

- [Mikey] I'm sure building on the water isn't the best or the easiest thing to do. - It's definitely not the easiest. That's why I wanna take my time to talk about the concrete caissons.

- [Mikey] Yeah. - And when you're next to them, you really feel the gravity of the foundation. It's just, it's massive, each one of those columns, I look so little right next to them. - [Mikey] Yeah, it's dense, they're very solid.

- And 60 feet, Mikey, think about it, into the ground. So that it can hold up the house right here a hundred plus years, amazing. - [Mikey] That's incredible.

- Now, this is the second biggest bedroom in this house. Corner glass, built in seating, faces the ocean right here. Comes with a TV, you have your desk on this side, another queen bed. And of course, we have the full bathroom here.

Let's check out some of the details. Another floating vanity, porcelain countertops. And they use the same porcelain slabs all the way into the walk-in shower. I also appreciate that there's a casement window in the walk-in shower, nice, neutral, uniform bathrooms. Now, let's go back to the hallway, another skylight above us.

And then we have this pivot door opening up to your primary bedroom suite. And this primary bedroom is breathtaking. Motorized sliding glass floors open up. We're a little bit more elevated, and we enjoy these incredible views.

This is...I love this. - [Mikey] Yeah, I couldn't have said it better myself. - I know, it's just, I'm out of words. How do you explain someone, the fact that they can push a button, open up their entire bedroom to the Pacific Ocean, and see waves rolling, see Malibu coastline all the way to Palos Verdes. You have Catalina on the other side. You got this tranquil sound that's constantly moving and changing, and you have a seating area here for you to just sit down and enjoy your property.

- [Mikey] Yeah, it's incredible. And I actually didn't know this, but apparently the coast or the beach in Malibu will naturally alternate between being rocky and being sandy at different points in the year. - [Enes] Correct. - [Mikey] Right now it's a little bit rocky because the ocean and the tide has just kind of taken off the top layer of sand. - We're missing around eight foot of sand right now.

- So a little bit more than the top layer of sand. It's a little bit more substantial. But at some point in the year, in the next few weeks, it'll just-- - [Enes] It'll come back.

- [Mikey] Basically replenish the beach with all the sand that's been washed away. - Yeah, normally this is a sandy beach. You can easily walk here, you have a private access. But right now, tide pulled the sand back a little bit.

And like you said, in a few weeks it'll come back. It'll look super beachy. - [Mikey] Yeah.

- All right, let's come back to the primary bedroom. This space is phenomenal, we have the seating area here, linear fireplace, beautiful stonewall, TV above. Same wood planks are also used here for the ceilings. And then you have your built-in desk, open shelving, beautiful walnut cabinetry. You have a small fridge here, because this is your wet bar.

Another coffee maker, come on, you gotta live a good life, you gotta have a coffee maker. - [Mikey] Is that a Nespresso? - No, it's a different brand, it's Illy. Okay, well, I've seen this lately.

I thought it was a different kind of a Nespresso button. - Mikey, are you telling me that we have to change ours, and we have to try new things? - [Mikey] If y'all are watching our videos for the first time right now, Enes is obsessed with espressos, so. - Obsessed? - [Mikey] Yeah, you have no idea. - Way too obsessed, yeah.

- [Mikey] Yeah. - King size bed, nice padded headboard. Above that we have this stonewall with mood lighting, two bedside tables, popup TV that's right in front of your bed. That way, if you don't wanna enjoy these views, you wanna watch some TV, you can actually do that. Really nice ottoman to compliment your king sized bed. And that's where you sleep, now, it gets better, follow me.

We have more sliding glass doors opening up your entire bathroom to these views. I don't think we've ever seen a vanity where you can wash your hands, look in your mirror, where you literally see the ocean. And you walk, what, four feet, and you're on the edge. - [Mikey] Yeah.

- And this is the beach. - [Mikey] Yeah, this is probably the coolest bathroom, or maybe my favorite bathroom we've ever seen on the channel. - I feel like I'm losing my cool here. I'm just pointing things around, I'm so excited. But this almost doesn't feel like a house tour, this feels like a yacht tour. We're just like on a sun deck right now, looking at the views, this is unbelievable, gorgeous.

- [Mikey] Yeah, this is amazing. I feel like this is probably why everyone flocks to Malibu from Los Angeles. - I feel like this is the home that everybody dreams of having one day.

Where you say you live in Malibu, you open up your sliding glass doors, and you look at ocean views, this is that house. - [Mikey] It's incredible. - All right, let's cover the vanity set up here.

Beautiful cabinetry, two stone fabricated sinks, chrome fixtures, stone back wall. I really like these recessed in lights, and then we have this center section that goes up. We have additional plugs here, really nice. - [Mikey] I've never seen anything like that before, that's really cool.

- I like the vanity design here. And before we go on to walk-in shower and where we have the freestanding tub, I actually wanna take everybody this way. Behind this wall, we have the walk in closet, all white cabinetry, built in LED lighting, additional cabinets on this side, floating shelves.

And you have your racks, drawers, shoe racks, everything you need, space is well utilized. And have these pull down hangers. - [Mikey] Haven't seen those in a little while.

- They come in handy. - [Mikey] Yeah. - I can't even reach up there, and if you're shorter than I am, you're definitely not reaching up there. So these come in really handy.

- [Mikey] Gotta have it. - Now, let's continue our tour. Additional cabinetry on this side. Dressing table here, with a mirror. This door opens up to the water closet. And coming back here, we go straight into the walk-in shower.

Well, on my left hand side we have the walk-in shower. And over here, we got this gorgeous freestanding tub looking at these views, sliding glass doors open up. You have your rain head, this bathroom is stunning. We can hear the ocean, I don't know, I'm outta words. This house is something else. I feel like we haven't really toured a property like this before.

- [Mikey] We have never toured a property like this before. We have only gotten, what, one other beachfront Malibu house, and that was a few days back. - Yes. - [Mikey] Which I don't wanna spoil that, in case this video comes out first. - That episode is coming soon.

- [Mikey] Yeah. - And this house actually doesn't end here. Right above us, we have the rooftop deck, seating area, fire pit in the center, glass railing, standing seam roof. And this section is actually where we have the primary bedroom.

And if you look to the edge, it kicks up a little bit, allowing primary bedroom to get a little bit more ceiling clearance to benefit from these views. Coming back to this side, this massive skylight assembly brings natural light to the second floor landing, we saw that earlier. And lastly, we have the Jetta jacuzzi here, facing these breathtaking views. This level is super private, and it's a phenomenal spot for you to come up, get into the jacuzzi, enjoy these views, enjoy Malibu.

(house instrumental music) All right everyone, that's it for the tour. Hope you all enjoy this video. I wanna give big thanks to the listing agent, Bob Rubenstein, for making this tour possible. And as always, you can find more information about this property in the description of this video. Lastly, if you enjoyed this tour, give us a like, subscribe, and we'll see you guys next week. (house instrumental music)

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