Touring a $31,000,000 St Tropez Mansion With Ocean Views!

Touring a $31,000,000 St Tropez Mansion With Ocean Views!

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(calm music) (wind blowing) - Hey, everyone. Welcome to La Croix-Valmer, a small coastal town located 15 minutes outside of the world-famous Saint-Tropez. I'm really excited for today's video.

We're gonna be touring this incredible hillside property that features some of the most beautiful grounds we have ever seen on our channel. Built on a 31,066-square-meter plot, 802 square meters of interior space, on the market for 31.8 million euros. And this property is exclusively listed by our dear friends at Magrey & Sons. I hope with this tour, we are able to share the feeling of what's like to be here, walking these grounds, breathing this air, and enjoying the incredible views while being in the presence of this stunning property. And now, let's begin.

(soothing music) (air whooshing) (air whooshing) (air whooshing) (air whooshing) We're gonna start our tour on the exterior. Gates open up to this long driveway framed with rustic stone pavers. And that driveway brings us to the motor court. House is beautifully landscaped, mature trees, flowers, hedging. And right in front of me, we have the main house.

This property also comes with a detached guest home. And on my right-hand side here, above the hill, we have the caretaker's home, which is a two-bedroom house. And attached to that home, we have four car garages and extra parking spaces. Now, coming here, this property and its grounds are absolutely stunning, probably my favorite feature, and I'm gonna try to cover the grounds as much as possible. On my left-hand side, we have additional parking spots.

And coming here, we have this walkway that takes us to the front door. Walkway is complemented with this water feature that really sets the tone and sets a relaxing mood as you walk into this house. Covered entry here. Again, beautifully landscaped. I really like that these columns are set into the water feature. That way, it opens up the walkway a little bit more.

And on the exterior of the house, we have stucco, steel-cased glass windows and doors, beautiful tile roof with overhang details. And lastly, we have the front door here. Before we go in, I really like this exterior lighting installation here. It's just different and it sets a really unique tone as you walk into this house. Now, welcome to the entry of this beautiful property.

Right in front of us, we have the main staircase going up to the second floor. And I'm gonna take a moment to talk about this beautiful design here. First off, we have steel columns.

Some are touching all the way to the ground, and some are a little bit short to kind of frame and bring structural integrity to the staircase. And then, when you look at the treads, it's actually not open riser, meaning the section that rises is actually connected. That way, they have this continuous look, and it has this kind of a seamless floating effect. And lastly, on the back, we have a floor-to-ceiling glass panel. That way, as you're going up or down, you can enjoy the amazing views that we have on the outside.

Now, welcome to the first seating area off of the entry. This room gets a ton of natural light because we have all these steel-cased sliding glass doors and glass panels. Beautiful hardwood floors. TV around the corner. And I really like that you can see outdoors very clearly because we hardly have any columns in this room. These sliding glass doors open up to a really nice patio with a pergola above.

And the furniture in this room with the color palette, these coffee tables, unique couches, this ottoman behind me, light fixture here is very different. Has a young and vibrant energy to it, and I'm really digging it. - [Mikey] Yeah, really colorful, really nice.

We haven't been to Saint-Tropez in a while. - It's been a year. - [Mikey] Yeah, it's been a year since we've been here, but I feel like Saint-Tropez has a really interesting take on modern homes. There's some that are like cookie-cutter, very cut and dry like we see, or like we have seen a lot of. - They're very curated.

- [Mikey] Yeah, the finishings, like the furniture, everything is always really nice, really different, and I really like all of 'em. - Absolutely, I agree. And lastly, before we leave this room, this staircase here actually does a great job separating this seating area from the formal living room, which is on this side and which is where we're touring next.

Same hardwood floors continue. And right in the center, we have the seating area. This room is very spacious. Obviously, we have more of these sliding glass doors opening up to the backyard and the side yard where we have the pool. I just love how minimalist it is. And the best part about this room is the fact that there are no TVs.

You just sit down here, you conversate, you enjoy this property, you look at these incredible views. I really like this house. - [Mikey] You don't have to just look at the views because all these doors do open, right? - They do open. It is a little windy outside today. That's why we were keeping 'em closed but yes, you can just open 'em up and let the fresh air come in and enjoy the beautiful weather here. - [Mikey] Yeah, and guys, we've been in LA before this and there was a little bit of a heat wave.

We came here and the weather was just perfect. It's like 65 degrees outside, sunny. - It's perfect. - It's incredible. - Absolutely. Now, that's it for the formal living room area.

Coming here, we have a really unique, I wanna say art installation, although it does look like a kind of a pony wall or a wall that separates the formal living room from the dining area. I've never seen any detail like this before. Essentially, you have two glass walls, and in between, you have these rustic open shelves, which again serves as a great feature and like a decoration piece. But at the same time, it creates a little bit of separation from the formal living room. - [Mikey] They're like true floating shelves.

- True. Welcome to the dining area. First thing I'm gonna talk about here is this dining table. It's so unique. It's essentially stacks of rustic, reclaimed wood pieces, and then they polished it beautifully. They created these really unique patterns, and you can see nail heads and all the imperfections.

So much character and depth on this table. And we have seating for 14. Each one of the cushions have different colors. And above, we have these pendant lights that are actually incorporated into the ceiling. And this whole room with wood-clad ceilings, lighter tones, these unique colors and patterns kinda has a Tulum and kind of beachy feel to it, which I really like. And lastly, we have some cabinetry here.

Perfect place for you to store your plates, cutlery, and service your dining area. Now, before we leave this room, I wanna talk about a couple more details. Number one, these thin-profile, sliding glass doors are beautiful, and they run all the way to the ceiling. And we have a drop ceiling detail throughout with mood lighting.

And I really like that effect because it hides the top edge of the sliding glass doors. So when you're in the room and when you look out to the windows and doors, you just have this more of a seamless effect, and it just feels like your ceiling is connected to the sky, which I really like. Now, we have this door here opening up to the kitchen, which we're gonna check out in a bit.

But first, I wanna bring everybody back here because I wanna talk about a few details. Number one, these light switches that we're gonna see throughout the property, they're very unique, they're not your everyday switches, and they just complement the modern lines of this property. Number two, these rustic doors.

In fact, this one, if you close it, even the trim is vein-matched. So throughout, you can see these lines. And this is a very modern property, but because they have these rustic finishes, details, and textures throughout, it really warms up the house. This dining table here, dresser, all these textures and finishes make a huge difference. Now, let's continue our tour. We are at the second staircase landing.

Hallway closet here. As you walk in, lights turn on. And this is where we have the powder bathroom.

Stone floors. Beautiful vanity here with a carved sink. Brushed nickel fixtures. Stucco wall.

And we have the water closet here. Now, let's go back to the landing. This is the staircase that takes you to the second floor of this property. And we have four guest suites up there, but the primary bedroom suite is actually detached. You access the primary bedroom through the main staircase. And now, let's go upstairs so we can check out the four guest suites.

Coming to the landing, on my right-hand side, we have the first bedroom. And going in, same hardwood floors. Same rustic doors for the built-in closet. We have the bed here. I love these V-shaped open shelving detail. Wall sconces. Comes with a full bathroom.

And more importantly, sliding glass doors open up to this Juliet balcony where you can see your backyard and your incredible pool. Look how beautiful this is. - [Mikey] This is incredibly nice. - This is insane. - [Mikey] Yeah, this is a beautiful house.

- Trees, guest house, pool cabana, beautiful pool, amazing views of the hillside. Do I need to say more? - [Mikey] Yeah, y'all might see the backyard and be like, "Oh, that's just a pool and a guest house," but the backyard goes way beyond that. We'll see that in a minute. - Way beyond that. Exactly. All right, let's continue. Right on the other side of the landing, we have another bedroom suite that faces the backside of the home.

Really good size. Sliding glass doors open up. It's just a nice bedroom that has its own bathroom. Now, coming here, two more bedroom suites. We have another one on my left-hand side. This one is facing the entry of the home. And lastly, we have this door here opening up to the very last guest suite.

Same hardwood floors. Same sliding glass doors opening up to the outdoors. We're facing the entry on this side, facing the backside of the property here. Comes with a queen size bed, and we have a pocket door here opening up to a full bathroom with beautiful finishes. Now, I also wanna talk about one more detail here. I'm gonna open up these sliding glass doors.

Because of the topography of this land here, this plot, this section opens up to a really nice patio shared by two bedrooms that we just toured. And you have a staircase here bringing you down back to the entry of this home. That's the caretaker's home right there. And this house is situated over seven acres.

So this is the second part of the backyard. Grounds are gorgeous. And we're gonna cover this section later in the tour.

Now, that's it for the second floor or this part of the home. Now, I wanna take everybody back to the dining room so we can continue our tour with the kitchen. We have this door opening up to a small hallway.

On my left-hand side, we have the staircase taking us down to the laundry room and the walk-in fridge. And coming back here, this is where we have the kitchen. Super modern. Two-tone cabinetry.

Long island right in the center where we have the prep sink. And your main sink is on this side. Looking at this section, you have more built-ins, wine fridge, pantry spaces.

And can we get a closeup, Mikey? Dishwasher located right in the center. - [Mikey] We love these elevated dishwashers. We don't see 'em enough and I never understand why. - I'm gonna make elevated dishwasher T-shirt like, I'm all about it.

I love these elevated dishwashers. - [Mikey] We should just have a shirt that says elevated and then it has like a painting of a dishwasher. - Dishwasher or like an outline of a dishwasher. - Exactly, yeah. - I agree. And coming back to this section, again, natural stone countertops. Base cabinets here. Your main sink.

This is a fun detail. We have a mirror back splash, but it's actually different sizes of tiles all connected and installed together. And it reflects the view on your back, which is your backyard. Your induction cooktop. Gas cooktop. Nespresso machine.

Again, your second sink, bar seating. And just like the rest of the home, sliding glass doors open up to the outdoors. And this is the second part of the built-in cabinetry here where you have your pantry space, oven, microwave, all that good stuff. Warming drawer. And it doesn't end here.

It goes this way. Chef's kitchen. All modern cabinetry throughout. We have the induction cooktop here, vent above, some upper cabinets. And coming this way, we have a massive fridge, more built-in appliances. And lastly, we have the sink located here.

And it's nice to have a full-sized chef's kitchen like this. And we have a door here that opens up to the motor court. That way, your chef, your catering company can come in here without having to go through the house.

With that, we're done with the first floor. Now, I wanna take everybody back to the main staircase, which then leads us to the primary bedroom suite. (laid-back music) Here we are at the second floor landing.

Behind Mikey, we have the primary bedroom suite. This door opens up to the office. And before we go there, I wanna talk about these incredible views. I mean, this is amazing. We talked about the main staircase, the entire back wall is all glass. Now, let's go check out the office.

We have a pocket door here, which then leads us to this incredible space. What I like about the room is the fact that it's all glass. And because we're on the second floor, elevation certainly helps with the views.

You have the Mediterranean Sea on this side. Desk is situated here. I'm gonna take a seat, Mikey.

This is unbelievable. - I just realized something. - Look how beautiful this space is. - [Mikey] I just realized something. You really blend in with the house today, Enes.

I've never seen you wear- - I was waiting for this. - [Mikey] I've never seen you wear anything but black or like dark blue. - Yes. - What's the deal here? - Well, my dear friend, Orhun, who's also my tailor, suggested that I should wear some colors.

And I wasn't keen on the idea, but he's incredible at his job. So I told him, come up with something and I'm just gonna, you know, take whatever you give me. - [Mikey] It's the lightest color you possibly could have worn, you know? - And he thought that I should be dressed like this in Saint-Tropez so this is how I look now. And I gotta say, this environment here, the energy, the air calls for it, you know? I don't wanna be wearing dark clothes and just- - [Mikey] Oh, it does blend in. It's a very happy place, very bright place, you know? - Very relaxing place too. And I believe the suit represents that.

So Orhun, thank you so much for putting this suit together. - [Mikey] Yeah, I just can't wait to see you wear that in like a hundred million dollar West Hollywood, you know, - I don't see that working out. - [Mikey] hills house, you know? - All right, coming back to the room again, exposed roof rafters, mood lighting, sliding glass doors, this old Juliet balcony. You have seating areas here. TV on this side.

This house is just very, very tasteful. Now, let's go check out the primary bedroom suite. We have another pocket door here. Off of the landing, on my left-hand side, we have a small powder room, stone fabricated sink, stucco walls.

And then, we have this hallway leading us to the room itself. I mean, look how beautiful this bedroom is. All these sliding glass doors opening up. Juliet balconies.

Incredible views. Bed is situated on this side. You have this built-in headboard design with shelves and reading lights. Really unique mirror design that dresses the backside of the bed. Exposed roof rafters, great volume. And right where Mikey is, we have a small seating area. Again, all these sliding glass doors opening up.

Dressing table here. Beautiful bedroom. And something about this region, the way it makes you feel, these views is pretty special. - [Mikey] It's incredible. It just kind of feels unlike anything in the US. Not exactly easy for us to get to, but I wish we could come here more often, you know? - There's a reason why South of France is known worldwide.

- [Mikey] Yeah. - It's just special. All right, moving on, let's go check out the primary bathroom.

It starts here. Off of the entry, we have some towel heaters. On my right-hand side, we have a freestanding tub complemented with a Juliet balcony where you can see your backyard and your pool. Bidet here. Long vanity.

Carved sinks. Brushed nickel fixtures. Stucco walls. And beautiful textures with the cabinetry. Now, this opening here leads you to the walk-in shower.

Stone slabs. Rain head above. Same brushed nickel fixtures are also here. And following the hallway, it leads us to the walk-in closet.

It's actually pretty modest. Good size. We have some open shelving, drawers, everything you need. You have a safe here. And lastly, we have this opening taking us back to the primary bedroom suite.

Now, that's it on this level. Now, let's open up those sliding glass doors, so we can check out the backyard. (relaxing music) All right, everyone, let's go check out the backyard. This property is gorgeous, but the backyard and the grounds are the best part of this home.

I don't even know where to start. It's kind of overwhelming. We're sitting over seven acres. This is the right-hand side of the backyard. I love that olive tree right there. Incredible views.

Right in front of us, we have Gigaro Beach. Beautiful coast. Hillside on this side. Amazing views, and grounds are manicured beautifully. Right here, we have a bocce ball court that is right next to the driveway that leads to the motor court. And walking here, we have the rest of the backyard.

On my left-hand side, we have the main estate. Steel-cased sliding glass doors and walls throughout the property. Modern architecture with that Mediterranean twist. And I really like the tiled roof design, which again backs that Mediterranean architecture. And it also overhangs over the property and protects all these sliding glass doors and windows.

Coming to the center, this is where we have the pool. 20-meter, heated, has a built-in pool cover as well, and it just looks awesome. I wanna dive in right now and forget about this tour and enjoy my life. But unfortunately, I cannot do that because we wanna show you guys this amazing estate. - [Mikey] Yeah, swimming some laps right now sounds great. Just getting to, you know, lay in here, have a drink.

- I'm gonna change the direction. Look at this place. I mean, how do you not enjoy your time here? This is just incredible. Beautiful. - [Mikey] Yeah, I just wanna stop. I just wanna put the camera down.

- That's it. All right, moving on. On our left-hand side, we have sliding glass doors opening up from the formal living room. Dining area's right there. And we have additional sliding glass doors opening up from the kitchen. This is your outdoor dining area here.

Additional outdoor seating area on this side. And next to that, we have a staircase that takes you to the upper section of the grounds. Now, coming back here, lounging chairs, beautiful stone walkway around the pool.

And now, let's take a look at the pool cabana. This is just a great outdoor seating area that complements your backyard. We have the outdoor dining table here. Chandeliers above. Beautiful woodwork with this entire structure. You have another comfortable outdoor seating area here.

It's just cozy, very minimalist. I say minimalist because right behind these folding doors, we have an outdoor kitchen, which is really nice. You know, it just complements your cabana. - [Mikey] Yeah, you gotta have one.

- And I wanna talk about a detail here. So cool. So when they close these doors, in order to keep 'em in place, they came up with these custom blocks. And they just place 'em right here, and it keeps the doors shut. Just really nice.

- [Mikey] Yeah, y'all will see them on the other doors as we walk by them, really cool. - There you go. Let's move on. We have some built-in storage areas here.

There you go, we can see the blocks on this side. Additional cabinetry. Outdoor seating. Beautiful views. And that's it for the pool cabana. Moving on, additional staircase going up to the upper section of the grounds. And right here, seamlessly integrated to the hillside, we have the gym and spa.

Sliding glass doors open up. Perfect indoor-outdoor continuity. And I really like the stacked stone that they used on the outside.

Instead of going through here, I actually wanna take everybody through this door. First off, on our left-hand side, we have a spacious bathroom with a walk-in shower. Then, coming here, we have the massage area.

And then, we have this door opening back up to the gym. It's just a great space for you to have your gym equipment, TV attached to the wall. And behind me, we have this glass unit, which consists of spa, steam shower, and a regular shower right in the center.

This assembly looks very, very sleek and has an entrance point on this side. I wanted to point that out. It really complements the gym. - [Mikey] We've never seen anything like that. It looks like it's a single manufacturer that did all that.

It's all- - Exactly. - [Mikey] connected through that one digital pad there. It's pretty cool. - Very sleek and, again, complements the gym. Now, let's go back to the backyard so we can continue our tour. Off of the entry of the gym, we have this pergola design above.

It's covered with vines throughout the columns and beams. And then, we have the steps here taking us to the detached guest home. And I also wanna give big thanks to Magrey & Sons, the listing brokerage here, for allowing us to tour their amazing listing. Every time we come to South of France, we tour a couple of their listings, and it just feels amazing to be here and big thanks to them. - [Mikey] Yeah, last time we were here was about a year ago.

They gave us still one of the most insane homes we've ever had on our channel, Palais Venetien. - Incredible. - If y'all haven't seen that video, it's something else.

It's just- - Link in the description, make sure to check it out. That home is just unbelievable. - [Mikey] It looks like a castle. It's just massive. - Without a doubt. And welcome to the detached guest home.

This is a stunning standalone house with four bedrooms. We're in the living room right now. Just like the main house, sliding glass doors open up to the views on the backyard. Very modern kitchen. Island in the center. You have your induction cooktop. And it's a little windy today.

That's why we have the curtains blowing up, but it just feels nice to have all these windows open and allow natural light and fresh air to come into the space. I'm gonna show everyone the bedroom that we have on the first floor. Small powder room here for the common areas. Full bathroom on this side with two sinks and a walk-in shower.

And then, we have this door opening up to the corner bedroom suite on the main level. King size bed. Nice, warm tones. Sliding glass doors open up.

And this is why I love this property. You just open these doors up and straight to your backyard. Look how connected it is to the outdoors, to your grounds. It's just beautiful.

And you have three more bedroom suites on the second floor. They all have their own bathroom. And because you have that elevation difference, they all get incredible views of the Mediterranean Sea and the surrounding landscape.

So I wanna point that out. In total, you have four bedrooms here with this detached guest home. Now, I wanna take everybody outside. The grounds of this property are really special.

We're looking at these incredible views. 15 minutes away from Saint-Tropez. And this part of the region is known for its tranquility and serenity, and I feel like this property really reflects that. Now, you may think this backyard is it for your grounds, but it actually doesn't end here. (comforting music) When we do these tours, we try to condense our tours to as short amount of time as possible and showcase as much as we can. But in this tour, I felt like we wouldn't do justice to the grounds unless we bring all of you to here.

Now, we're on the upper section of the grounds. And it's beautiful everywhere you look. Hedging, these olive and pine trees, how it's meticulously maintained, all the outdoor lighting. Then, you have walkways that takes you to different parts of the property. It just feels very special and it feels amazing the fact that you can walk around your property, pick a different area, sit down, relax, and you have seven plus acres to do that, which is pretty special.

Now, it also doesn't end right here because right on top of the hill, we have a helipad. That's right. This property also comes with a helicopter pad. And all the grounds that you're seeing around me is part of your home, which is incredible. I love this house.

- [Mikey] Yeah, it only makes sense to have a helipad. We are right outside Saint-Tropez, and people from all around the world really dream of owning a home here. Wealthy people from all over the world already flock here. So with that lifestyle comes a helipad, you know? - That's right. Couldn't agree more. And with that, we're done with our tour.

And now, let's see this place at dusk. (easygoing music) (air whooshing) All right, everyone, that's it for the tour. Hope you all enjoyed this video.

I really enjoyed being here, and something about these grounds, this region, the way this property makes you feel is quite special. And I hope we've conveyed that through our video. As always, you can find more information about this property in the description of this video. Make sure to check it out. And I wanna give big thanks to the listing brokerage, Magrey & Sons, for making this tour possible.

Lastly, if you enjoyed the tour, make sure to give us a like, subscribe, and we'll see you guys next week. (upbeat music)

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