Touring a $30,000,000 Hamptons Style Mega Mansion in Los Angeles

Touring a $30,000,000 Hamptons Style Mega Mansion in Los Angeles

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Hey, everyone. Welcome to another episode from Pacific Palisades, California. Today, we're touring this newly constructed Hampton-style estate that features over 15,000 sqft of interior space divided between two floors, exquisite finishes, massive guest house, incredible backyard. We got so much to see today. Let's go have a look.

Alright, everyone, we're going to start our tour on the exterior. We have the gate opening up to this spacious motor court, newly constructed Hampton-style modern home. Looks incredible. I mean, this entry is so impressive. And to my right, we have the two-car garage.

This carport section. And I also really appreciate how they kept the roof of this carport short so they can accommodate and preserve this massive mature tree, which looks beautiful. This section also leads you to the mudroom. But for now, let's face this way so we can talk about the exterior architecture for a second.

On the first floor, we have this brick finish. Second floor has vertical siding, massive grid windows, bringing ton of natural light, covered entry to my right. But I also want to point out this massive guest house. It houses four car garage. On the first floor, we also have a really nice seating area with a half bathroom.

On the top floor, we have a living room area with a kitchen, and they also have a massive bedroom suite with its own bathroom. I got to say, this guest house is very, very impressive, and it also does a phenomenal job bringing additional privacy to this motor court. I want to say between the car garages and this motor court, you can easily park 20 to 30 cars here, and we have this massive estate right in front of us. Again, it looks beautiful. We have standing seam roof on the first floor. So many other details that I'm going to cover throughout the tour.

But for now, let's go inside. The foyer of this property is incredible. You have double height ceilings, staircase to my left, going up to the second floor.

Beautiful chandelier, ton of natural light coming in. And we also have these stunning oak hardwood floors. Now to my right, we have the formal living room, two couches, French doors bringing natural light.

And they also open up to the courtyard that we just toured. Beautiful crown-molding details. And to warm up the space, we also have this marble fireplace.

Overall, very clean, very minimalist design, and it's just a really elegant room. Now, before we leave, I also want to talk about the specs of this gorgeous home. So we have 7 bedrooms, 13 bathrooms, 15,100 square feet of interior space, built on a 1-acre flat lot.

On the market for $29,850,000. And I want to give big thanks to the developer, The House of Porter. and all the listings agents, Sam Palmer, Gary Glass, and Blair Chang for making this tour possible. And as always, you will find more information about this listing in the description of this video.

Now, next, I want to take everybody back to the entry. By the way, we also have sliding glass doors opening up straight to the backyard, so you have a beautiful flow here. But next, I want to check out this gorgeous powder bathroom. I really like the vanity design here, built out of marble with these reveal details.

Then we have polished fixtures. This door opens up to the water closet. Really nice, elegant powder bathroom. Now next on the other side, we have the office. Pocket doors go into the walls.

Desk is right in the center. We have additional sliding glass doors here opening up to the covered patio, which we'll check out later. It's another spacious room. Again, desk is right in the center.

They also have a fireplace here, built-ins on each side. Check this out. I really like these wall-mount light fixtures to light up your book shelves. It's just a nice, elegant detail. And on the other side, you have a half-bathroom for the office, and they also left additional space for a closet. That way, you can actually turn this room into a bedroom suite as well.

Now, we talked about these sliding glass doors. There's actually a small hallway here that takes you to the service kitchen. Beautiful marble countertops with a small sink, casement window here, dishwasher, built-ins, and this service kitchen leads you to the main kitchen.

Now, before we continue on with the rest of our tour, I want to take a moment to appreciate that today we're in Pacific Palisades, which is known to be the neighborhood for many wealthy individuals. However, something you may not know is that it's pretty common for the homeowners to invest more in their art collection than the home itself. Film stars like Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio, and George Lucas all notably filled the walls of these homes with iconic paintings from artists like Warhol and Basquiat. This is because it not only adds to the home's beauty and owner's portfolio, but it also serves as an investment tool as well. And right now, uncertainty for traditional investments like the stock market hasn't been this high in decades.

In fact, over the last 27 years, the art market has outpaced the S&P 500 by 136%. So it's not surprising, a Picasso Painting was just purchased for $140 million, which is practically five times the price of this beautiful home. Almost every year, roughly 60 billion in art, trades hands, but still these investments have only ever been accessible to the ultra wealthy until now.

Thanks to Masterworks, you can now invest in multimillion dollar artwork in the form of buying shares. And when Masterworks sells each painting, the people who invested in them receive their portion of the profits. They've already posted profitable returns for 16 works of art and with almost a million people on their platform. There's a waitlist to get started, but if you click the link in the description of this video, you can skip the waitlist and start investing today. Again, big thanks to Masterworks for sponsoring this video.

And now let's get back to our tour. Without a doubt, one of my favorite spaces in this house. We have two massive islands. Look at all this cabinetry, beautiful two-tone contrast. Seriously, the scale of this kitchen is incredible.

Gorgeous chrome pendant lights. We have casement windows over there facing your incredible backyard. Let's continue our tour with this first island. We have the bar seating on this side with Calacatta marble countertops. Second island, houses your small sink and additional base cabinetry.

We have the built-in appliances on this side. Two fridges, and I appreciate that they have glass fronts, so you can really see what's in the fridges. We have the freezer right in the center.

Now, additional built-in appliances. This door leads you to the first pantry, and we have another one that we're going to see in a second. Now let's focus on this gorgeous 60-inch Viking gas stove. It looks incredible.

When you look at this kitchen, you really appreciate the two-tone cabinetry, minimalist approach with the countertops. I say minimalist approach because they also use the same marble as a backsplash, bookmatched it beautifully. And then we have this 60-inch Viking gas stove that looks stunning. It brings a nice pop of color to this kitchen.

It's almost like a rustic take on a gas stove. But obviously, this appliance is brand new, and it just looks gorgeous. Now, let me take everybody to the other side, rest of your base cabinets, dishwasher, farmhouse sink, massive casement window assembly, facing your beautiful backyard, and overall, phenomenal kitchen. I got to say, at this point, I've toured so many different kitchens, and I've seen so many different countertop materials but there's something so special about marble having piece of the Earth in your kitchen. So if I were to design or build a kitchen myself, I'd probably use marble countertops. But I know a lot of people like different materials.

In fact, I also want to say we have Cody behind the camera today. He's our new team member. Cody say hi. Hello. What do you think Cody? You like marble as much as. I do?

- [Cody] I love it. I have shot so many Hampton style houses and having this contrast of the blue veins really just adds a lot of depth to a white kitchen. Well said. I also really like how they have the two-tone cabinetry. So the islands are different color than the rest of the cabinets. They managed to give so much character to this kitchen, but they kept the palette very minimalist.

And that's really what I like about this kitchen. All right, Cody, let's continue. Now on the other side, before we talk about the breakfast nook, pantry number two, same marble countertops are also here.

Base cabinets, ton of uppers. It's a great additional storage. On the other side, we have more cabinetry with a wine fridge and an Espresso maker. Now let's cover this cozy breakfast nook, solid wood table, seating for four chandelier above.

We have this massive window assembly facing your backyard. And then we have additional glass doors on each side, opening up your covered patio. And it's just nice that you can enjoy this amazing backyard straight from your kitchen as well. Now, welcome to the family room. We have a table here, seating for six. And on the other side, we have the seating area.

L-shaped sectional couch, stone coffee table right in the center, built-ins on each side. And then we have another fireplace here to cozy up the space. But for me, more importantly, we have this sliding glass door here fully pocketing into the walls and opening up your family room to this amazing deck. I mean, look at this backyard.

Seriously, your pool looks incredible. And I just love how the interiors are connected to the outdoors so seamlessly. Now, the next room that we're going to check out is actually super cool.

And it's the entertainment lounge. This space is phenomenal. We have a seating area, bar on the other side, this solid wood ping-pong table. On the other side, we have another seating area with this gorgeous couch, coffee table, another fireplace with built-ins. This space also opens up to the wrap-around deck that we just pointed out and the scale of this property. Seriously, it's incredible.

You have so much space and wait till you see this amazing bar. Love the countertop, how they also curve this corner with this lip detail. You have the bar seating on the other side. And of course, we have a wine fridge here, another one on this side. Your glass shelves are here. And on the back, you can actually see this aged mirror, which gives it a nice rustic feel.

Your pendant lights. This is just an exquisite bar. And on the other side to complement this section, we have another seating area. And the millwork here looks stunning. I mean, look at all the paneling.

We have these wall sconces, accessories. The way they stage this home is also very, very tasteful, and it's just a great space. I would love to just invite my friends over here, hang out with them, or on a Sunday morning, just have your coffee, open up the sliding glass doors, and enjoy this incredible property. Now, let's continue our tour. We have a really interesting space ahead of us, and it is the temperature-controlled wine cellar. The millwork here is beautiful.

Obviously, since this is a brand new home, this space also smells phenomenal, and you have so much space for you to store your wines or your spirits. What do you think, Cody? If you'd estimate how many wine bottles you think you could fit here? I would say easily 1,000 plus. It's crazy. Crazy, right? You have a dedicated room just for your spirits.

15,100 square feet of interior space, so you get a lot of different rooms. Now, the next space we're going to check out is the movie theater. And just as expected, the scale here is massive. I mean this house with wide hallways, spacious living rooms, and then you come to the movie theater.

Of course, you have dual elevation, two comfortable couches. There's a nice bar on the back, and then you have your screen on this side with a surround sound system. Cody and I are just walking around and we're quite apart from each other.

Like, this is a massive movie theater, but it still feels very cozy and warm, and I just like the palette that they used here. Now let's pull everybody back to the main hallway. Talking about the scale, look how far the other side of the home is. This is your secondary staircase that takes you up to the second floor.

In case you're wondering where this hallway takes you, we have a bedroom suite here with its own bathroom, laundry room. This is technically your mudroom. And that door right there opens up to the carport that we pointed out on the exterior of this home. So we have a lot of interior square footage on this side as well. Now follow me this way.

I've been talking about these wide hallways. There you go. It's incredible. And we have another small hallway here with an elevator landing, another powder bathroom with marble countertops.

Continuing on our tour. I want to take everybody to this really chic bar. That's right. We actually have a bar here with marble

countertops, dual elevation, wine fridge, small sink, beautiful open shelving design here with wood tones that warms up the space. Cody, why don't you show everybody this space from the outside? This is your bar for your formal dining room. That's right. We have vaulted ceilings here, this solid wood table right in the center.

And it's a really wide, open space. It connects to your kitchen, so you have an easy access there. Same hardwood floors are also here.

And then we have these French doors opening up to the motor court. And it is nice that you can appreciate and enjoy the grounds of this property straight from your dining room as well. Now, Cody is behind the camera smiling right now. I know, Cody, you really, really like this house.

I love this house, and I love this room, especially with the trees and the landscaping outside. It's giving like a Tuscany feel with that bar behind and just the entire style of the house is minimalist enough that someone can come in and really make this their own. Absolutely. That's a great point. Obviously, we have these massive hallways.

Ceiling height is fantastic. A lot of people can think that this might be an intimidating home, but it's not. The design palette is so warm. But at the same time, just like you said, someone can come in and with minimal amount of work, they can really personalize this home and make it their home. To me, that's incredible.

The fact that you get a new construction, but you can really personalize it to your liking. With that, we're done with the first floor. Now let's open up the sliding glass doors so we can check out the backyard. I know I said we're going to tour the backyard, but first, I want to start with the covered patio.

That's the office, opens up to the patio where we have a nice seating area. This deck actually takes you all the way to the gym, which you're going to check out in a second. Above us, we have space heaters, built-in speakers, recessed lights, and we can also see the first-floor finish, which is this really nice brick pattern. Now let's cover the outdoor dining area, seating for 14, concrete table, and you get to enjoy your backyard and enjoy these views straight from your dining area. Now, next to that is another cozy seating area. I'm actually in front of the breakfast nook right now, pergola design above me.

This deck is so spacious. And on the other side, we have another outdoor seating area that opens up from the family room. We talked about these sliding glass doors earlier. They seamlessly tucked into the walls, open up to this really nice deck, and imagine waking up in the morning, going through your family room, taking these steps and enjoying your pool, enjoying this incredible backyard. I mean, this property and its scale is phenomenal. Now, continuing our tour, same deck actually takes us all the way to the gym.

Pergola also continues, and there's actually a really cool detail about this Pergola design that I'll show on the second floor. Coming here, we have the French doors opening up to this amazing gym. Oak hardwood floors, vaulted ceilings.

I love all these massive casement windows. So much natural light coming in. This is just a great space to have some yoga mats, rowing machines. But you can do a lot with this. In fact, this would be a phenomenal office as well.

What do you think, Cody? I think it's awesome. Especially with the views over the pool, you have all the greenery around. It's heaven. Look at the trees on the other side. That section is for sure my favorite part of the backyard.

We're going to tour that last. But look at the views you get straight from your gym. I mean, it's amazing. All right, back to the deck.

Next space we're going to check out is the outdoor kitchen that is located right next to this massive pool, stone countertops, bar seating, sink, fridge, your gas cook top, wolf gas grill, and it is complemented by this outdoor dining area and the views of the property. I mean, it's incredible. Look at this pool. It really gives this backyard a Hamptons feel. You have the dark plaster, motorized pool cover, built-in hot tub, and your staircase brings you from the family room straight to this incredible pool area. I mean, this is amazing.

This backyard is so private. Look at the scale of this property. This is an incredible space.

Now it gets better. On the other side, we have some lounging beds. Water feature to add some tranquility. Now we're in the center section of this backyard where we have the grass area.

It's perfect for parties, having people over. You can easily have three, four hundred people here and this backyard wouldn't be even packed. In fact, Cody, can you go back a little bit more so we can show the true scale of this property. It's incredible. Sorry for using the word scale a lot throughout the tour, but how do you not? I mean, that's your office, that's the kitchen, family room, gym, all opening up to this amazing backyard. We haven't even toured the second floor yet.

And in the past, we toured some Hampton-style homes that have the same aesthetic of this property. They were both actually in Brentwood. And these homes are perfect for families, perfect for entertainment. I just love how private this backyard is. And it actually gets better because on the other side, we have my favorite part of this backyard. Cody, can you pan up for a second and show how massive these trees are? This section is incredible.

I mean, look at this. It's part of your backyard. Right in the center, they have this gravel section with a fire pit.

It's just a really nice outdoor seating area. And just imagine having the fire on. Enjoying this property at dusk, opening up all these sliding glass doors. I mean, it's incredible and it gets better because on the top floor you can actually see this massive balcony all dedicated to the primary bedroom. In fact, let's go up to that level so we can check it out. All right, everyone.

Let's go check out the second floor. We're actually taking the secondary staircase. Main staircase is on the other side, because I want to start our tour on this wing. Right off the landing, we have this really cool seating area.

This space gets great natural light. Look at all these casement windows. On the other side, we have two guest suites.

We're going to continue our tour with this guest suite. It comes with a queen-size bed. Of course, you have your walk-in closet, full bathroom. But more importantly, I wanted to tour this bedroom because early on Cody was pointing me out that there's a corner glass here without a seam. He was like, that's such a cool detail. We got to talk about it.

100 %. The builder didn't have to do that, but removing that seam on that corner allows so much more light in, and it's just a cool perspective onto the guest house. True, and look at all these mature trees on the back.

In fact, we pointed out the carport on this side. You can see the same tree that's right behind that. It is, like you said, a very, very cool view, and obviously room gets phenomenal natural light. All right, back to the hallway. We have a lot of bedrooms on this level, so I'm going to do my best to quickly cover all of them.

Bedroom suite number two. This one also comes with a queen-size bed, really cool bed frame, scale of the room with the vaulted ceilings. It's amazing. You have recess lights. This one actually has a private balcony where you can see your backyard, full bathroom around the corner with marble floors, walk-in shower, pretty much everything you need. Now let's go back out to the hallway, bedroom suite number three, which is on the other side.

Let's go in. This one also has a queen-size bed. Again, vaulted ceilings, massive casement windows. And around the corner, we have a really nice bathroom that I want to show to everyone. You have this really cool checkered pattern.

Your shaker vanity with marble countertops. I really like the mirror and how the corners are nicely and smoothly curved. And on the other side, you have your built-in tub, all marble clad with this really cool, rustic subway tile design, with a marble shampoo niche. Just a beautiful bathroom.

All right, back to the hallway. Like I said earlier, we got a lot of bedrooms to see. Cody, let's show this view to everyone. Look at the scale of this hallway. Seriously, it's insane. And off of the staircase landing, we have the elevator.

This one is the guest suite number four. It actually comes with a king-size bed, full bathroom around the corner, and it also faces the backyard. Now, continuing our tour, let's stop right here for a second. If you follow this hallway, it takes you all the way to the staircase landing on the second floor. That's where we have the main staircase.

That section also gets great light because we have all those windows. But before we go into the primary bedroom, I actually want to show this detail. So when I was walking around earlier, I realized the gap here around the paneling. So then I pushed this section, turns out it's a concealed door that opens up to a pretty good size walking closet. I showed this space to Cody earlier, he was like, what? Where that came from? I literally had no idea that was here. Exactly.

I mean, you got to look for these details and what a clever way to conceal a really nice storage area and make it look seamless. All right, let's continue. Behind these double doors, we have the primary bedroom suite. It comes with a really nice seating area. They have a couch here, marble coffee table, French doors.

There's actually a nice opening that takes you to the primary bedroom as well. But for now, I actually want to take everybody to the balcony that's dedicated to the primary bedroom. Now, obviously, this balcony is great, and we're going to talk about it in a second, but I actually want to talk about some of the construction details here. This is a really cool angle. Why? You can see the standing seam roof on the first floor.

And what's so cool about standing seam roofs is the fact that these roofs don't have any screws because when they sheet the roof, they actually put these tracks and they screw them in. And from there, these standing seam panels actually interlock with each other. They have a really cool tool and they lock into those tracks. So when you look at a standing seam roof, you don't see a single screw, which is super cool. Second part, Cody, let's go back for a second.

So that's the Pergola design that we saw on the covered patio section. They put these metal caps on top of these beams. That way, they can protect these beams from harsh weather conditions. Think about it for a second. These beams are going to be here for the next 20, 30 years.

And when it rains or when it's really sunny, these beams get direct weather conditions on them, and it can eventually speed up the rotting process. But when you have these metal beams, it protects them from these harsh conditions, and these beams are going to last at least twice the lifetime, if not more, just because of these metal trips. I know we're in the primary bedroom and everybody wants to see the space, but I wanted to get nerdy here for a second because I think these are such cool building techniques and construction details.

Follow me this way. Primary bedroom balcony, just like the rest of the home. It's massive.

It connects all the way to the bathroom that we're going to see in a second. But for now, I actually want to take everybody to the primary bedroom itself. We have sliding glass doors pocketing into the walls and opening up this space to the balcony and look at the volume here.

It's a phenomenal space wood clad ceiling, chandelier right in the center. We have a marble fireplace on the other side. Those are the double doors that opens up to the bedroom suite.

On the other side, we have the king-size bed, minimalist finishes. Room is really warm and cozy. If that wasn't enough, on the other side, they designed this really cool small seating area. Then you have this amazing art niche. Cody, what do you think?

I love this room. Between the shiplap style ceilings, the space for the art, the volume and the views, it's an amazing primary suite. I agree, and I just love the fact that your bed is, 10 to 12 feet.

Away from an amazing balcony where you can just enjoy these views. This is the view you get straight from your bed. Just amazing. Can't beat it. All right, let's continue our tour. Now we have this long hallway. There's a really nice wet bar here with a sink, SubZero wine fridge, really nice Espresso machine.

It's just a nice convenience to have right next to your bed. When you get thirsty at night, you can come grab water or make your coffee in the morning. Now it gets better.

Look at this hallway with wall sconces. Cody, let's pan up. Massive skylight to bring additional natural light to the primary bedroom suite. On the other side, we have the door opening up to the primary bathroom. The way this space is designed and the layout of it is actually really cool. Off of the entry, we have the first vanity with this beautiful cabinetry, marble countertops, as well as the backsplash.

Then we have the recessed in mirror with this trim work and wall sconces. On the other side, we have this door opening up to the first walk-in closet with so much storage space and an island right in the center. Now, coming back to the entry, we also have a water closet here, two sets of French doors opening up to the balcony that I pointed out earlier. Then right in the center, we got this gorgeous, timeless, freestanding tub with this beautiful fixture. It's just a really cozy moment in this bathroom. You have all these windows facing your backyard.

It sits really nice in this bathroom and gets better because on the other side, we have this glass-enclosed walk-in shower. Cody, you're coming in with me. We got to take everybody inside. And the way this walk-in shower is designed is so elegant. Look at the marble border detail all around.

Then we have marble mosaic floors. Then you look at the walls, they are massive slabs with no cuts. You have your hand held, steam feature, rain head above, and the ceiling height here is fantastic. Not to mention, they even clad the entire ceiling with marble as well, bench right in the center. Look at this walk-in shower. Seriously, it's insane.

I love the fact that it's all glass enclosed. You can literally enjoy and appreciate your views straight from your walk-in shower. Now, on the other side, we have another door opening up. Cody, follow me this way.

Vanity number two, with an additional storage on the left, again, beautiful fixtures, wall sconces, doorknobs. We have additional storage right in the center. On the other side, we have a really nice makeup area with marble countertops. Of course, let's not forget, we also have another water closet on this side as well.

Now, Cody, let's show this to everyone. That's the other side of that massive hallway. Now we're going to check out the closet number two.

This space is actually bigger than the closet that we saw earlier. You have floor-to-ceiling wardrobe spaces with glass fronts, upper cabinets, beautiful island right in the center with curved corners, which I love. It's not just the countertop, they also curved the cabinetry, which is a very exquisite detail. Great natural light coming in. They even utilized the space below the window here to bring in some drawers.

Really nice closet. Cody, let's show the space one more time. We even have some open shelving here and another beautiful detail, reeded glass doors. That way you can allow natural light to come in, but it keeps the space private.

Pretty much everything you need, and a beautiful home. All right, everyone, that's it for the tour. Hope you all enjoy this video. I got to say, I really like this house.

It's scale, that incredible backyard, entertainment room is phenomenal, and all these qualities add up to an amazing experience. Now, I want to give big thanks to the developer, House of Porter, and all the listing agents, Sam Palmer, Blair Chang, and Gary Glass for making this tour possible. As always, you can find more information about this listing in the description of this video, so make sure to check it out. Now, if you enjoyed our tour, give us a like, subscribe, and we'll see you guys on the next one.

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