Top 10 CITIES Switzerland: Most beautiful Swiss Places – The Highlights [Travel Guide]

Top 10 CITIES Switzerland: Most beautiful Swiss Places – The Highlights [Travel Guide]

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Switzerland, Wonderland, a small country  full of surprises and vibrant cities.   Whether down in the valley, by the river  or at the lake, there are many cities that   charm with their beautiful atmosphere.  Although being a rather small country,   Switzerland’s cities are very diverse  in terms of architecture and culture.   Having traveled through plenty of alluring cities  during the past years, I am proud to present you   my Top 10 list of the most beautiful cities of  Switzerland! [Music] Hello everyone. Welcome  

back to my channel. my name is Djemo, I'm a Swiss  traveler mostly posting videos about Switzerland,   Southeast Asia and the world. Now, let's directly  hop in with number 10 and that would be Sion. [Music] This is a town that many of you might  not have heard of. It’s the capital of the  

very touristy canton of Valais. The moment I  entered the old city of Sion, I noticed how   vibrant this place is. In general, there is quite  a happy atmosphere present in here, and this city   sort of provides Italian vibes, although it  lays in Switzerland’s French speaking part.   This is what I felt, made Sion very unique. During  the warm months it’s quite happening, there are   many street performers, many people hanging out  at cafes and restaurants, and all together this   inhales so much life into this place. Talking  about the restaurants, upon my first visit,   I noticed Sion being a very interesting hub for  foodie enthusiasts. Local delicacies include beef  

from the Hérens cattles, any dish including  local tomatoes that are known for their quite   unique taste and then the restaurant "Au Cheval  Blanc" that serves the best oysters I ever had!  Do not forget to visit Sion's Castles up on  the hill. They're considered the landmark of   the old town and look very beautiful during  day and night. [Music] Now, let's continue   with number nine. that's this city here and  that would be wonderful Lugano. [Music] We   are heading to the Rio de Janeiro of Switzerland:  to Lugano! Lugano is built along the bay of the   Ceresio and has been attracting numerous  tourists due to its wonderful surrounding!   Lugano’s old city is very beautiful with the many  houses and enchanting alleys. It’s a very vibrant   city full of shops and restaurants. Basically,  all what tourists and locals would need!  

There is even a very nice Christmas market that  is held on a yearly basis… surprisingly for a   major city, Lugano’s market remains rather  traditional, at least regarding the booths.   Interesting places would be this view  point with the church and funicular   in the background; a popular Instagram  spot, then the chiesa San Lorenzo with   its beautiful interior full of mosaics,  and the parco Chiani. At the park, you   most-likely will come across this gate, which is  one of the most photographed subjects in Lugano.   The city of Lugano is easy to reach by car but  then, I personally prefer arriving here by train.   It’s very convenient, as you directly may access  the funicular that takes you down to the old city.  

After having visited this city for a numerous  times, I also would like to share my favorite   activities to do in and around Lugano.  A must is a visit either up to Monte Brè   or Monte San Salvatore. From these two peaks  you will get a fantastic view down to Lugano.   Monte San Salvatore offers you a great  panorama over the lake and the surrounding.   Just nearby you may visit the villages of  Morcote and Gandria, more about those in my   Top 10 villages videos. And then, there  is also the "Swissminiatur" in Mellide.   That one shows you all of Switzerland on a small  scale, which includes the major landmarks. The   best however is the love to the details, as they  are showcasing you all modes of transportation,   replicas of the major boats on the lakes, trains  and even cable cars up to the mountains. Lugano is  

a great city. Big pluspoints are its warm climate,  Mediterranean vibe, citylife and the cultural   proximity to Italy. Well, the only thing I am  not too fond of are these many 1970s buildings. Should you have been enjoying  watching this video so far, then,   I kindly invite you to subscribe to my channel.  And now, let's continue with number eight,   we're changing to Northwest  Switzerland, to Basel [Music] We are now heading to northwest Switzerland…  to one of the most cultural cities.   Basel has a beautiful mix of old and modern and  managed to well preserve its traditions. I thought   I would find the most beautiful parts of Basel at  the Barfüesser or Münster square, but then noticed   that Basel’s beauty is found in the many alleys.  Thus, really take your time exploring this area.  

There are a couple of great shops to visit and  for any tourist, I would highly recommend to take   a look at Johann Wanner; they basically  have everything you may be looking for!   Very beautiful is also the river Promenade  at Kleinbasel on the northern shore of   the Rhine. From there you will see the many  beautiful houses proudly overseeing the river.   My favorite point of interests are the Spalentor,  Basel’s old gate and landmark, the prominent red   city hall with its beautiful paintings and the  minster, a massive red sandstone cathedral.   Basel is very modern and is Switzerland’s main  hub for chemical and pharmaceutical industry:   Novartis and Roche being prominent to mention  here. Although Basel is very modern, I have  

always been fascinated by its strong adherence  to its traditions. During Autumn they have a   fair that is really cool to visit. There will  be many attractions around the Münsterplatz,   Barfüesserplatz and Petersplatz. Switzerland’s  most beautiful Christmas market is also held in   Basel, you will find many handmade products  and plenty of beautifully decorated stalls.   The Vogelgryff is celebrated anually  by the people of Kleinbasel during   mid-January and is certainly a very  unique festival in Switzerland. And   now, the very highlight I shall  say is the Morgenstraich, which   is the beginning of Switzerland’s largest  carnival, starting sharply at 4am. [Music]

Number seven is the federal city of  Switzerland and that would be Bern. [Music] We are now heading to the federal  city – to Bern. On this Top 10 cities list,   Bern is the only one that was awarded with UNESCO  world heritage status. The old city is very unique   with these many arcades, clock towers and  fountains. Bern’s major points of interest  

are the federal square with the parliament  called Bundeshaus and the Swiss Nationalbank.   Then, the Zytglogge tower with the painting of  Adam and Eve being exiled from the paradise,   the Bärengraben – a pit with bears – the house  of Einstein, the city theatre and the minster.   Talking about the minster: ascend the tower to  enjoy a brilliant vista over the old city of Bern.   During Summer, also consider going  for a swim at the Aare river,   the safest would be at the bath of Marzili. Bern  is also interesting when it comes to culture:   The local specialty is Rösti, which is one of  the major original Swiss dishes; it is available   in different varieties. A very important cultural  event to witness in the 2nd half of November would  

be the onion market called Zibelemärit. It takes  place on a Monday morning starting from 6 am. It’s   beautifully decorated and also has some elements  of carnival. Then, during Christmas season there   will be the market called Stärnemärit. It's  basically a street food festival in a christmassy   atmosphere but then the lightings with the  many stars that's actually really beautiful. With   number six we're moving again  to the French speaking part of   Switzerland and that would be beautiful Neuchâtel. Welcome to one of my favourite cities. Neuchâtel  has been fascinating to me since my childhood  

days. Probably that got much to do with its  location by the lake, its unique climate and   great vibes. Neuchâtel’s beauty comes from its  simplicity. Less colorful than the other cities,   Neuchâtel consists mainly of limestone  buildings. Walk among the many alleys,   there are even secret ones such as this with  the many grafitis. You probably will notice   Neuchâtel is full of these, something I really  admire about this city, as it beautifully blends   the old with the contemporary arts. The points of  interest are this foundtain with the clocktower,   the gardens and promenade at the Beau Rivage, the  docks, this shaky balcony just above the lake.  

My favorite spot however is the hill with  the castle and the collegiate church. As   soon as you are getting there, you will enjoy a  brilliant view over the old city of Neuchâtel.   Do also go for a quick visit at the abbey  and the collegiate church. Neuchâtel also   frequently is hosting cultural evens, the  street food festival being just one of them.

[Music] We're now moving to the  upper half this top 10 list of   the most beautiful cities of Switzerland.  Number five is the city right behind me,   that's by the way my hometown, and  that would be Schaffhausen. [Music]   All the way up in the north of Switzerland  lays this humble, often underrated city of   Schaffhausen. Although it is my hometown and  I may be a bit biased, I do have to say it’s   one of the most beautiful cities in all of  Switzerland. Schaffhausen’s old city has   been perfectly preserved up to this day, as  it's remaining fully intact. Because of that,  

you will need at least 2 hours to explore it. I  however, would better plan even for half a day,   as there are numerous cafés,  restaurants and attractions. The   city charms with its many shops, vibrant life,  painted houses and its numerous oriel windows.  

Because of the latter, Schaffhausen loves  to describe itself as the Stadt der Erker,   the city of oriel windows. The nicest alleys are  at the Vordergasse, especially during Christmas   and then at the lower city, the Understadt. There  is also this beautiful Art Deco shop at where you   can see artists still hand painting porcelain  and tiles. Interesting places to visit are  

the minster, a typical Swiss protestant church,  they abbey zu Allerheiligen and then the museum,   the Schifflände with its train bridge, and of  course, the landmark: the fortress called Munot.   The latter is one of the major tourist  attractions of Schaffhausen and it's also   serving as a centre of culture: There is a yearly  Salsa party that is really fun to attend and then   also the Munot Ball with the traditional  dance called quadrille! Quadrille. [Music]   The city hosts a yearly Martinimarket on  a Wednesday and Thursday in Mid-November   as well as a 2-days Christmas market at the abbey.  

There are numerous hotels in Schaffhausen, and if  I may suggest you a special one it would be the   Park Villa. That one is very close to the strain  station and charms with its nostalgic atmosphere.   Things to do around the city of Schaffhausen  would be a visit to the old city of Stein am Rhein   and Europe’s tallest river  waterfall the Rhine falls. [Music] I'm pretty sure everyone knows number four,   it's the largest city here in  Switzerland, and that would be Zurich. [Music] Often awarded as the world’s most expensive  city, Zürich looks fairly humble compared to its   competitors. Nevertheless, Zürich is the largest  city of Switzerland being the hub for banking,   business and innovation. For many of  you, Zürich may be the first destination,  

as you are most likely are going to arrive  to Switzerland by plane or else by train.   It’s easiest to be reached by train as the  station is right in the middle of the centre.   Knowing this city by heart since having done  my material science studies at ETH, I recommend   you to visit the following points of interest:  Limmatquai with the river and the many churches,   the Niederdörfli, considered to be the  best preserved part of Zürich’s old city,   the colorful alley called Augustinergasse, the  Fraumünster church with the windows of the world   famous artist Marc Chagall, the Bellevue  at where you can get a wonderful view over   the lake and the Swiss Alps, and of course the  Bahnhofstrasse that is the shopping boulevard.   My favorite viewpoints are at the Lindenhof and  the Polyterrasse. The latter is kinda funny,   I never really valued the view that I was  getting on a daily basis when having studied   at ETH. I remember, when I did my first tour  for one of my best friends, he had to explain   me how unique it is to come up there by the  Polybahn and how beautiful this vista is.  

Zürich is very international, it’s  vibrant and fast-paced, but nevertheless,   it always managed to balance between the modern  and the traditional. It remains a major cultural   centre here in Switzerland. This is very visible  at the interiors of the guilders houses that are   still considered major cultural associations  in the city. On a yearly basis, they host this   fascinating tradition called Sechseläuten, which  takes place usually on the 3rd Monday in April.   Don’t miss out the many Christmas  markets around the town during December,   especially the one at Zürich main station,  Sechseläuten square or at the illuminarium! We're now moving up to the podium of  the top 10 cities here in Switzerland.  

For that, we have to change against the  french-speaking part: number three goes   to Fribourg [Music] Fribourg is quite a unique  city as it is build on a hill similarly to Bern.   However, the town extends down to the groove  around the river Sarine. Start your exploration on   the hill, walk through the large alleys and then  go for a quick visit to the St. Nicolas cathedral.   This is a very beautiful gothic church, considered  being the landmark of the city. Definitely, I can   recommend you to ascent the cathedral’s tower.  [Giggle] It's quite a number of steps! However,   once you arrive up there, you will be able to  enjoy a brilliant vista over the old city. My  

favorite spot is down in the canyon as you will  be getting a very pretty view up to the majestic   houses that proudly oversee the lower part of the  city. At this point, and especially after droning,   I got to notice how many similarities this  city is actually sharing with Luxembourg.   Head up to the Lorette chapel on the hill,  just face off the city. In my opinion,   from there you will be getting the best  vista over the old city of Fribourg.  

Try out the funicular to ascend back to the city  center on the hill. By the way, very fascinating   is the fact that its operated with the pressure  of used water. This since 1899. That's actually   very sustainable! Since you are in Fribourg,  you also need to know that you are in one of   the most culinaric regions of Switzerland.  Try out their fondue à la moitié-moitié,   meringues or then berries with Gruyères  double cream. Mmmm, that's just delicious! Number two is what people call the most  beautiful Baroque city of Switzerland,   and that would be Solothurn. [Music] This  is quite a unique city with a very different  

kind of identity! Solothurn proudly calls itself  the most beautiful baroque city of Switzerland.   When having strolled through the old  city, I soon had to agree with that claim.   The many baroque-style houses are indeed very  beautiful… and then of course the St. Urseren  

Cathedral the masterpiece of the city! Similar  to most cathedrals in Switzerland, you may ascend   the church tower to enjoy a great view over  Solothurn. As you are standing up there, you   might notice that this city actually shares some  similarities with Lithuania’s capital Vilnius.   Solothurn is not only strongly identifying itself  with its baroque designs but also the number 11…   but sorry guys… there is no rank 11 on this Top  10 list but I guess ranking 2nd does you well.  

Everything in Solothurn is based on the number  11. Solothurn is Switzerland’s 11th canton that   joined the confederation, there are 11 steps  up to the cathedral, by the way three times,   because of the holy trinity, 11 fountains or then  a clock with only 11 hours! That's kind of weird,   but at the same time, it's really cool! Visit  Solothurn on a Saturday to enjoy the vibrant   wet market, go to see the major gates, Basel-  and Berntor, and then also consider a visit to   the museum at the Zeughaus. That one has  a large collection of medieval armors!   There is also the Weissenstein, the mountain just  next to Solothurn. When you're ascending up there,   you'll be getting a fantastic vista  over the old city and the entire region.

Before I'm going to reveal you the most beautiful   city of Switzerland here are  a few top honorable mentions: St. Gallen, [Music]  Bellinzona, Lausanne [Music] and Zug. And now, the most beautiful city here  in Switzerland: I'm pretty sure you're   not that surprised: number one goes  to very beautiful Lucerne! [Music] I know most of you aren’t surprised  to see Lucerne ranking 1st, but I do   have to say it is always a very special  feeling for me, whenever I arrive there.  

The lake, the river Reuss, the many houses  at the promenade and this beautiful wooden   bridge called Kappellbrücke... it just looks  so great altogether. Lucerne is great during   any time of the year, but surely the nicest in  Spring, Summer or on any snowy day in Winter!   Some of the major things to do in Lucerne:  Walking on the Kapellbrücke; by the way also   do pay attention to the many pictures below  the roof. Then, also visit the Lion monument,   that's the saddest piece of rock you  probably could find in the entire world,   walk along the promenade, hike around the city  wall, or go to the museum called Gletschergarten.   At the latter museum you can learn more about  the nature of glaciers and the historic battles   in Switzerland. The highlight is the hall  or mirrors in the basement called Alhambra.   Regarding the culture: Lucerne has a lot to offer!  A big highlight is the light festival called Lilu,   which is held on a yearly basis during the  latter days of January. The city will be   lit up and there are several light shows  going on such as inside the Jesuit church.  

The most famous event is the carnival of  which the locals claim it being the best   in all of Switzerland. It starts with  an early morning wake called Tagwach,   which is initiated by the big bag at 5 am followed  by a beautiful confetti rain at the Kapellplatz.   During the following days, there will be  numerous parades and festivities going on.   And if you have not have enough  of this beautiful city, then,   also consider going for a cruise on the  lake to proceed to other villages nearby,   or should you want to get a great vista,  then, certainly you have to head up to   mount Pilatus [Music] indeed Switzerland is full  of wonderful cities. Now, if you want to know,  

which ones are the top 10 most beautiful  Villages of Switzerland, I invite you to watch   this video. Otherwise, if you're more interested  in Southeast Asia, then, let's meet over there.

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