Time Travel in the World's Largest Country across 8 Time Zones

Time Travel in the World's Largest Country across 8 Time Zones

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We are going to time-travel to the past. We will reach Moscow before the time we depart from Magadan. How are you, brother? Today, the weather is very bad here. Indian scientist working in Russia.

This is a Bollywood-themed Indian restaurant in Russia. -I am in Russia for the past 20 years. -Oh, you are in Russia for 20 years? Hey guys very good morning and welcome back to the new vlog. 9 00:00:39,906 --> 00:00:45,211 Currently, I am in Magadan which is one of the most isolated cities in Russia. I am with Urie, you might have seen him in the last video. It's time to leave Kohima highway.

Today, I am going to time travel. As you know, Russia is the biggest country in the world. There are a total of 11 time zones in Russia. Today, I am going to travel 8 time zones back. Today, I am going to Moscow and the land distance from Magadan to Moscow is 10,200 km. The duration of my flight is 8 hours and 45 minutes.

It is one of the longest domestic flights in the world. I had gone to Vladivostok from Moscow, which was 9 hours. But now the flight duration is 8 hours 45 minutes, only 15 minutes difference is there. The distance is almost the same or it might be a little bit more.

I have a flight to Moscow from Magadan at 2:30 pm. I am going to travel back in 8 time zones. The flight is for 8 hours and 45 minutes we will leave at 2:30 but we will arrive at 2:15 pm. We will reach Moscow before the time we depart from Magadan. We are going to time-travel to the past. Now, the time is 11:30 am.

Currently, we are in the city centre of Magadan. The airport is very far, it is 60 km from here. It will take an hour to reach the airport.

As local buses are available here, I thought of going by bus. He told me that, he is feeling sad because am leaving today, so he has come to drop me off. Urie, Vileri and one more friend of his are here. -Andre. They are going to drop me at the airport. I cannot believe what I am doing here. People are very friendly here, sometimes I forget that he works in the Russian police.

He told that he has to work for 10 months a year. He gets 2 months off. One more month is left, that is why he is travelling and enjoying. We have reached Magadan airport, this is the airport. There are no international flights and domestic flights are also very limited. I think there are flights to 3-4 places in Russia.

The time is 12:30 pm my check-in might have started, I have a flight after 2 hours. I will tell you the details about the flight after doing the check-in. I am doing the check-in, and they are weighing my bag.

There is a check-in Counter here, this is a very different airport. Let's go towards the security counter. I have got the boarding pass and security is also cleared, it just took two minutes at the security counter. This is the departure hall. Today we are going to travel to the Russian European part from the Russian Asian part.

I gave cash to Eugine to book this flight for me. Because I couldn't book a flight with my card. I gave cash to Eugine and he booked a flight for me.

This is an Aeroflot flight operated by Rossiya airlines. The charges for this flight is 15,000 rubles which is 18,000 INR. Somebody told me that, all the flight to the capital city and European part, are subsidized by the Russian government. A flight travelling for 9 hours and 10,000 km, we will get for 17,000 INR.

In any other country, this will cost more than 40,000 INR. We are on the east side of Russia, and we are going to the west end of Russia. There is snow everywhere in the airport.

They are cleaning the snow from the machine. This is a very big aircraft. I have come inside the flight, I cannot talk loudly, this is a very big flight. It's time to fly back to the past from the present. We are going to depart at 2:30 pm, but we will reach at 2:15 pm on the same day. For the first time, I am going to cross 8 time zones in a single country.

I always ask for a Window seat, but today I forgot to ask, and I have got the middle seat. I had no plans to visit Moscow, but there there are only 3 flights from Magadan to other cities. So, I had to go to Moscow, let's go and see what we can do there. Just noticed that this is a very big plane and half of the plane is empty.

I can sit anywhere, so I have sat here. I can also sleep because this is empty. I welcome you all to the biggest and the capital city of Russia, Moscow. We reached Moscow by taking 8 hours 45 minutes flight from Magadan. We left Magadan at 2:30 pm, but now the time is 2:15 pm we reached before we departed. In Magadan, the time will be 10:30 pm, it will be very dark. But here it's daylight, it's afternoon.

The temperature in Moscow is zero degree celsius. There is snow in some places and in some places, it is already melted. We have come to the European Russian part from the Asian Russian part. 25% of Russia comes in Europe and 75% of Russia falls under Asia. Russia is a transcontinental country.

Many of you might not know, this Moscow is the biggest city in entire Europe in terms of population and area. By all means, Moscow is the biggest city in Europe. Some people tell Istanbul, but Istanbul is divided into Asia and Europe. But Moscow is completely in Europe. I had no plans of visiting Moscow, I had to come here, there was no other way. This was the only way to come out from Magadan. Hey guys, welcome back. Currently, I am in Moscow, Russia.

As you saw, I reached Moscow by taking a flight from Magadan. I came back to the city centre after taking a bus from the airport I had shown you the bus when I came to Russia Last Time, this was the same bus and airport. I came back to the hostel after coming to the city centre. The name of the hostel is Central hotel and hostel. Exactly opposite to this, there is a Budapest hotel. This is the next day, the time is 1 pm and I just now came out of my hostel.

There is snow everywhere, it is snowing. The road is covered with snow. Yesterday when I came to City Centre, it was not snowing, but today it is snowing but it is very less. It is not very cold, the temperature is near zero degree celsius. I have removed all the layers inside this jacket. Till now, I was wearing 6 layers of clothes but now I am wearing only one layer of cloth inside this jacket.

There is a lot of difference after the the war between Ukraine and Russia. In the past, accommodation was very expensive and food was very cheap but now it is the opposite. Hotels and hostels are very cheap because no tourists are visiting Russia.

International tourists in Russia have decreased by up to 90%. In restaurants and supermarkets, items and foods are comparatively expensive. When I came to Moscow, I got hostels for 300 rubles, but it was very far from the centre. I have taken a hostel in the centre, Red Square is exactly 1.5 km from here. The cost for this hostel a 600 rubles, which is 700 INR, I will show you the room after going back. I am waiting for my friend, he is coming to receive me.

Look at the beauty of Moscow Street. How are you, brother? -I am good, what about you? I am also good. -How is life in Moscow, I hope it isn't very cold! I somehow managed the situation, but today the weather is very bad. We are meeting after a long time, I am very happy. -Yes, we are meeting after a very long time. I think we met 3 years back when I came to Moscow. -Yes, we met 3 years back. He is one of my old friends, his name is Raj.

Today, the weather is very bad. -There is too much snow. How are you? -I am good, I am happy after meeting you. We are meeting after a very long time. For how long have you been in Russia? -I am in Russia for the past 5 years.

5 years? -Yes, 5 years. You are a complete Russian now! -I am Russian, but I don't have a passport. I am very happy with my Indian passport. You don't want a Russian passport, you want to keep an Indian passport? -Yes, I don't want a Russian passport I don't have a Russian permit as well, because I want to go back to India. What do you do here? -I am a Research Associate.

Research Associate? -You can tell it as a scientist. He is an Indian scientist working in Russia. I remember when I met a Russian scientist before, now I am meeting an Indian scientist.

Let's sit inside the car. -Please come inside. This is his Mercedes car. Is this a Mercedes car? -Mercedes GLE 350 G.

I don't know about the model, let's go inside this Mercedes car. Look at the bag, there is snow on top of the bag. I will clean the bag or there will be water inside. Don't worry, this is our car. -Our car? Let's go out somewhere, I will take you around the city.

How is life in Russia? -It is very good. If there is no cold here, then life is very fantastic. -It is fantastic if the cold is not there. Is there any difference before and after the war between Ukraine and Russia? There is no difference in Russia now, it is very normal.

Was it problematic in the beginning? -There are some sanctions but it is not affecting them. I am not sure about the lockdown. There are no problems presently. As a tourist, I did not feel any difference. But my card is not working that is the only difference. There are no issues here, you can still exchange your currency.

As we have a Rupay card in India, There is a Mir card in Russia. Mir card works perfectly in Russia. Please give me a minute, I will set the location. There is mud where snow is melted. The snow will melt and you will see water everywhere for a month.

Russians tell that the city will not look good when the temperature is more than zero degree celsius. Yes, that's correct. -There will be water everywhere for two weeks. Russia looks beautiful when it's summer again.

Where does your family live in India? -My family lives in Nashik, Maharashtra. He is from Nasik, Maharashtra. You might have seen many vlogs in Moscow.

So, I am not going to do more vlogging in Moscow. Moscow City is named after the river which is Moskva river. In English, the city is spelt as Moscow but in Russian, it is spelt as Moskva.

Look at this river, it is frozen and also it is flowing in some places. There is Kremlin, where Putin stays. We are going towards Red Square, I will show you after going there. There are two different looks in Russia. If you come in the summer, you get a different experience, if you come in winter, you get another beautiful experience.

Not only in Moscow, but we are in the Most iconic spot in Russia. This is the biggest square in entire Russia and also Moscow, which is Red Square. You might have seen this, it is completely covered with snow.

This is the iconic Cathedral which is Saint Basil Cathedral. This Church looks very beautiful in all the Seasons. This is a very colourful building and the Dome is in the shape of an onion.

If tourists come to Russia, they will come here to see this Red Square. The rectangular shape which you can see is the Kremlin. This is the place where parades are done. This Red Square is 600 years old, it was constructed in the 15th century. This is Saint Basil Church is 500 years old.

This is Kremlin, the official residence of the Russian President. The President of Russia stays inside this. Do you want to meet him? -No need, why should I meet him? I have gone inside this area and explored it, so I am not going now. There are many cathedrals and museums inside the Kremlin. The body of the first Soviet Union leader is kept inside, his name is Vladimir Lenin.

Vladimir Lenin's body is inside this. This is Lenin's mausoleum. They have preserved the body of the first Soviet Union leader. Look here.

Red Square and this Kremlin is the most secure place in Russia. -Exactly, there is high security here If there is any secure place in Russia, that is the Kremlin. Flight is also not allowed on top of this. -You cannot even fly drones here. Bollywood restaurant. We are going to Indian restaurants to have some food.

It has been written, Bollywood restaurant. How are you? -I'm good. What is your name? -My name is Jufil. Where are you from in India? -I am from Kerala. This is a Bollywood-themed restaurant. -Exactly, yes.

This is a Bollywood-themed restaurant in Russia. All the interiors are decorated with the Bollywood movies. Local Russian is also sitting here. There are paintings of many different Bollywood movies. Everything is there in Russian? -Yes. No problem, he is a Russian.

This is the menu of the restaurant, everything is written in the Russian language. I cannot read anything, but he knows the Russian language. Do you know Russian fluently? -Yes, I can speak and read fluently. I can just understand by looking at the photos. There are varieties of options here. As you can see, there are options of vegetarian and nonvegetarian.

There is South Indian and North Indian food. Indian song is being played on this TV. Our order has been served, I will show you the items. This is dal tadka and palak paneer. This is dal tadka and palak paneer.

What are all the Rotis in this? - 1 Naan, 1 garlic Naan, and 1 paneer kulcha. The order has been served. How is the food? -It is very good.

I just finished the food, it was very delicious. I ate Indian food after a long time, last time I had eaten Indian food in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. The food was very tasty. -Thank you so much.

The cook is an Indian or local? -He is an Indian cook. The cook here has an experience of 25 years in Russia. He is in Russia for the past 25 years? -Yes.

I am also a senior here, I am here for the past 20 years. You are in Russia for the past 20 years? -Yes. How old is this restaurant? -It has just been 4 months. This is Rajesh Khanna and Raj Kapoor.

This is the painting of Amitabh Bachchan. This is Shammi Kapoor's photo. Pleasure meeting you. -Thank you, same here.

Russians come here for eating Indian food? -Yes, Russians come here. A lot of Russians come here to eat Indian food. We have come out of the restaurant, it is snowing. The restaurant was good, the price was also very reasonable. The bill for 2 of us was 1600 rubles, which is 800 rubles per person.

It is about 900 INR per person. We ate a lot of items. -Exactly. -All the Indian restaurants which are there in Moscow are very expensive.

-But in this hotel, everything was good, it was very tasty and it was very well maintained. If you are in Russia, you have to learn the Russian language. If you don't know the Russian language, you cannot do anything here. You have also done PHD? I have done PhD in Russia. The time is 6:30 pm, I have come back to the hostel.

I will show you the hostel. The property is very big, and this is hostel and Hotel both combined. I am the only foreigner here, all the people are local Russians. As you can see, this is a very big kitchen.

I will end this video here. I don't know whether I will continue my travel in Russia or not. My Russian visa is still valid. I wanted to explore some more places but I don't feel like travelling in Russia anymore.

After this trip, I came back to India. I am going to upload the remaining videos of the African series. I have uploaded videos from 11 countries in the West African trip, that is till Ghana. After Ghana, I travelled to 4 more countries, those videos are going to be uploaded now.

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