Thriller | Survival Island (2002) Full Length Movie

Thriller | Survival Island (2002) Full Length Movie

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Many months ago, isolated in the mountains of Central America, a small village came into being. Primitive tribe of people they lived in harmony for generations. But now a difficult period hang on them. Working in the places where they worked his grandparents and great-grandparents using techniques that park they ran through his blood the Village Piñata Maker, Hannumah...

the greatest creation has begun from the history of the village. From mysterious oaths which claims the fertile land where the sun had become merciless using precious drops of water to form clay his creation began to take shape. As something barren becomes fertile the family announced that the disease you will come out and no one will use the land anymore.

Hot, long and hard days they became cold nights then the nights became days again while he combine elements of people with those of animals. Then the green plains they started appearing and a holy shaman, named Antu, stirred up the evil spirits to vent his anger on his people. They didn't have time.

But the ancient creation could not be in a hurry because the holy ritual it had to be done. The merciless revenge of the spirits continued. and the tribe was consumed of misery and despair.

Surrounded by suffering Hanummah cut off a bear's paw. The clay pieces were also joined Hanummah prepared the Piñata for the fire. Sacrificing a wild boar the shaman took out the fresh heart. The heart was to be the central force inside the Pinata, which will guide the river through the clay. From the tribe's altar he removed a sacred stone, and seized his spiritual energy.

Once in the Pinata's head the stone was to activate the witchcraft, to seal the evil forever. The time has come for the pilgrims to go that creation in the sacred place, a difficult journey for several days. Hannumah added the last ones Pinata symbols.

The ceremony could begin. They had to follow the sacred river the way of their ancestors, creating a connection with the spiritual world. The forces of nature were stirring and chanted the names of the gods! One by one, people perished. The shaman thought it was a curse of spirits for the sins of the souls of the villagers.

The dark side took them all and the ritual began. Touching the Piñata, the villagers they formed the circle of energy. The transfer was complete: a demonic force she was trapped inside the Piñata.

Whispered prayers could be heard, inside the floating Piñata. The constant current of the river it will drive away evil. The ceremony continued with the breaking Lucky piñatas. While the Piñata floated with sins, the forces of nature continued to grow. The final mission had been completed by a bolt of energy. As long as the Piñata was drifting the evil remained trapped inside the clay.

But if that spirit was awakened an unprecedented terror... it will be unleashed upon mankind. A terror longing for eternal power of innocent souls. Bringing death and destruction on unprecedented heights.

Property Woodson University. And here you are behind the love of your life when I find out that Romeo and Juliet they are not together anymore. what's going on man We broke up. What happened ? Nothing, it's time to see each other of our lives. You cheated on her! Did she cheat on you? Doug, leave it alone. Okay, if that's what you want...

that's what I want too. - So can a brother join? -Good luck! You spoke with him? It's already been decided, so that's it. Okay... you're done! Welcome to the 12th anniversary of the exercise of diving and hunting.

- I'm Paul... - We are Ky! I am part of the jury. And he is a member of the jury. Hi. I'm Monica from Kappa Beta Ky! "Don't settle for just anyone." I'm here to prove to you that it's worth it, but first we will set up camp. The camp site is at 10 minutes away.

Is there a toilet in the area? - There is one in the camp. -I think you are joking. What did you expect? The frat girls said it was... Go back to the modern world! Kiss me! There will be no sexual activities on the island unless I'm involved. You have one hour to settle after which the hunt begins. Let's get to work! You have been initiated! Here's how it is! Hidden on the island are fish 25 mixed underwear.

Who collects the highest number of pairs wins 20,000 dollars half of the money will be donated again the other half to the winning brother. At the end of the day, when you hear a gunshot you have one hour to return to the camp. For every minute of delay you lose the score. Thank you, Paul. If you're thirsty, there's a Pinata hidden on the island, full of drinks.

To start, the tradition impose Trivia first. First question, 5 bonus pairs, to the person who tells me What is Cinco de Mayo? -5th of May! - Not the translation, loser! How do you mean? Is the same. -Give me the pair of panties! - It is rejected! Someone else? Cinco de Mayo. -Party reason... Isn't he kind of a father? It's a sad day for the university! The celebration of Mexican independence! 5 pairs for Tina, representing Alpha Kappa Delta! 10 pairs! The city where the battle took place? Tijuana! -Mexico City! -Wrong! -What is Can Cun? -I do not think so. This is not "Risk and Gain". Tell me what city it was in battle place? Someone! Okay, let's move on.

Last question for 20 pairs. Name 2 enemy generals in battle? - Zorro! - I know this one! General Cici and Jutah! You are pitiful! Come on give me 5 pairs! Or at least let me smell it! It's not mine... - We raise the stake. 25 pairs... -Let the game begin!

How about 50 pairs? Then there will be 50 pairs! On May 5, 1862, General Ignacio Zaragoza he led the Mexicans to victory. Defending the city of Puebla, attacked by General Charles Latrille. I want to smoke! Kyle, representing Delta Lamda Delta! All right, boys and girls, let's go! When I say your name come a step forward.

First, Jake and Julie. - I hope you don't slow me down. - I can't wait, Rambo. Lonnie and Ponnie You know, I could do better in your place. Doug and Carmen. Tie me up! Ready? Let's go! -Bob and Lisa. - It's unacceptable. No changes can be made. The pairs on the list are kept.

- That's the tradition. -To hell with tradition? Good luck! This is not possible! In places... Be ready... It hurts! Stop shooting! Do not tell me what to do! I'm trying to free us. - I'm not playing, that's it. - What a mess! Can it get any worse than that? We can invite you to the study party. I bet you would like it.

What an idiot you can be! Yes, I think I am. It seems that we have to sit and sit we're waiting here until it's over! What joy for me! Slow down! Break my hand! Come on! Let's go! We do not write essays here! -Yes! -How? -Cool! - I told you to trust me! -Look at this! -Where did you get the key? - I have connections. - Won't we be disqualified? Only the two of us will know! We put them back after that. What do you say? She's good! Let's get them! Hey Bill! Bill! -What the? -My name is Bob, not Bill.

Bob, why are you whispering? I do not know. Good question. -Look at this! -Where did you get it from? - He was stuck in the mud -What is it? I think it's Pinata. It looks pretty scary. Not. I think that's cool.

what's inside I do not know. But he's definitely not from here. And who knows what they put in these things. Let's break it! - We shouldn't do that. -Why? It's just a Pinata! Come on! We need a solid object.

What the hell is it made of? How about a stone? Excellent idea. A wonderful idea! A rock! Hey, how about this? Perfect! It's the perfect stone! Yes. I think I succeeded. -Hear? -What the hell is this? Hear? what the hell is this -What was inside? - I was lost! - Where did he disappear? -He was right here. A pinata, right? Did I break a Pinata? Let's get out of here! How about a truce? Damn it! Do you want to stay here until tonight? No, I prefer to play, but with someone else. I want that too. But I have no intention of staying here. What are you doing? Delta won 3 years in a row, I want this to be the 4th year.

Or drag your ass through the woods or you help me and we both win. - You're dragging me. - Do you want to make a bet? What will be? -Good! -Okay, okay! Stop crying! You've been begging me for weeks to handcuff you! Now your wish has come true. Let's go. -As if you thought it wasn't that far. -I'm almost there. There! It's the last marker.

Beta Ky are the coolest! -What is it? - I think someone is coming! I can not hear anything. Damn! You heard? It's like he's coming here. Hey... what's up? Come on! What are you doing? What happened? Bob... he's dead!

-Bob is dead. - Bob died? - Yes, he's dead. -What happened? He's dead! O Pina... broke his head and killed him. We have to get out of here. Did you do drugs? It's not funny Lisa. -Blood. - They took off their handcuffs...

You want us to go back, while Does Bob collect all the laundry? Nice try, sis. It does not hold! He went crazy! What some people do to win! You speak! Yes you are right! We are wasting time! Let's go! He almost fooled me until the Pinata thing. Yes. Why didn't he say by any wild animal? I would have believed it if it was a bear or an escape... A Pinata! - How far do we have to go? -Not much. What happened? -Here she is! -Damn it! This is the demon Pinata! So! I don't know how else to explain it.

It's hard to believe what I saw but I know what I saw. It was a pinata. That was also now, that he died... Bob... - I don't know how this happened. -Calm down. Understand, he could fall from a tree to hit his head on a rock...

Misfortunes happen. Yes, I drank and yes, I smoked. But I know what I saw. And although it seems crazy that's how it was.

She was that bastard thing in the mud. We have to leave the island! Yes! Who is the real man, dear? 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. What did I tell you? I am the best! I found the treasure, the doll! -Don't scream like that! -Come on! What is this? Where the hell did he go? Do you believe it? Or do you think it's a joke? -What do you think he saw? -I do not know. Do you think he's dead? why would he lie and if not, where is bob? Something happened there. The question is what? What Moris did not see is when I spanked him after he kissed me. I didn't know he would do it. I don't care about the guy at all.

The guy is an arrogant ass. -What, you don't believe me? -Hurry up and concentrate. -You are very heavy! - Now I'm fat? No, but hurry! Believe what you want. I told you the truth. Good.

-Down, please. - Yes, Your Highness. Are you okay? How can it not be better! -What are you doing? - Disappointed? -The game is over. -I didn't hear the gunfire. Someone was hurt and we stop the game.

Who, what happened? -Bob had an accident. -It's serious? - We're going to see. -Do you need help? Return to camp urgently, and in my tent you can find the gun.

Fire a fire for others and gather your equipment. That's it for the coordinates. - Are we leaving? -May be. If you meet others on the way to the camp information about the situation. Lisa is already there. It is revised in about Bob. Be careful!

bob where are you Dear good! -Don't you think we should collect points? -But we were doing very well. Is that so? 121, 122... - I thought you wanted to win. -I want.

Well then, come on. You're not a loser, are you? 125 pairs... -147. -Equal with... 272.

-Not bad. -And we still have some free time. I missed this one. - It's scary! -Let's see! -After that we have to leave. -What do you say. - I will have to kill him. - Will you try? I do not think. Frightening. Let's open you up.

-What was that? -I do not know? It's not time. Shit! We have to leave the island. I know what I saw. - Is Bob dead? - I know what I saw. thank you - I'm sorry I was in a hurry... -OK. I probably would have done the same. If the situation was the other way around. - I miss you. - And you to me.

Kyle, I'm Paul, are you there? -Kyle, I'm Paul! -Say, Paul! -Who is there with you? - Tina and Lisa. - That much? -For now. - Go to the boats immediately. -What's going on? Bob is dead. I found him hanged by a tree, torn in two. -What the? - His head was crushed. Kyle, are you there? Take what you can and go to the boats.

We are trying to find the others as well and guide them to the beach. Once you have a full boat, leave for campus. We will take the other boat. Be careful. Someone or something damn it's here. -What happened there? - You wouldn't believe me if I told you.

Try. Good around here. -Are you sure we're going well? - Yes, girl. -Wonderful! We got lost. - We didn't get lost.

I was admiring the scenery. Everything's the same here, Doug. I promise you we will be back and we will win. An extra walk it won't kill you. Damn it! Keep going! Faster! Keep going. Do not stop!

To draw near! Around here! Come on! Dear good! Go away! Go! Maybe it's a wild animal or something. Have you heard of any wild animal that hanging people after killing them? Maybe he's a maniac who lives on the island. Did you take a good look at the legs of the Pinata? I do not remember. -How were they? Load to remember? - Everything happened quickly. I do not know. But I saw his eyes... They were bright red, and they were shining... Why are we still talking about this? Just don't think it is a pinata killed there? I do not know what to believe.

I've heard of them from Mexican folklore. It fits the description. That's about it from a small village in Central America... Which had a killer Pinata. The village was prosperous until diseases and hunger destroyed him. The shaman believed that the sins people brought that curse. So he decided to go at the end a ceremony.

To remove the evil from their hearts. Created 2 symbolic Piñatas. One to represent luck, and another to represent the sins of the whole village. He symbolically transferred sins in the Piñata and removed them, sending them by sea. According to folklore prosperity has returned, and Pinata was never seen again.

And do you think this is there? I saw that the boats were destroyed by a creature without feet. The legend says that Pinata it has no soles. And it has a pig's heart inside. It's the part that gives him red eyes, - and horns on the head. -Like the devil. There is evidence like this it happened? -Not. - Then how do we know? If they didn't find evidence it doesn't mean it didn't happen.

There is usually something going on to support the story. Yes, the stuff over there I support the story. Maybe the evidence didn't survive over time, or they were not found. But a Pinata that comes and kills people, that's a lot, don't you think? The legend puts something of her coming to life. Not. And how do you explain that? I hit her with a rock let's see what's inside.

And when I broke it, they heard a sound... as if I heard the suffering and the pain of an entire village. I didn't know how to describe it until you tell us the story. I thought it was because of the drugs, but that's what it sounds like. Have you heard of any animal without feet? -What was that? -Who's there? what the hell are you doing - We are having fun too. -That's not funny.

Obviously you don't know what happened. What happened? Where are the rest? Ok, there is no answer in the station. We will stay close to each other. Why don't we try to swim to campus? -What the? -Why don't we swim? It's 80 km, Lisa.

-Yes and? There are 42 in the marathon. - I don't really know how to swim. It's different in the ocean. I didn't succeed. - A boat could see us. -May be.

-And the sharks? -Good. -Then let's stay here... - There are 6 people who may need help. -I would do the same for you. - It's not that I don't want to help them.

But what are we going to do? How are we going to get killed? If we stay here we can write messages SOS, we put them in bottles... Lisa... Not. And one of us could throw in the water and someone will find them. It could take decades until someone finds the bottle. Good. Then let's stay here until someone from school will figure it out

like something is wrong and will send another boat. Maybe he's right. Maybe it will send a boat tomorrow or the day after. Yes, and how do we know that I'm still alive? How do we know that they are no longer alive? - We are back. - Yes, us too. if i were there I would like to be smart.

Let's stay in an open area like this. Not there - where Pinata has an advantage. -Is right. - I didn't suffer anything last night. - Do you know something? -I'm retiring, friends! - It is dangerous to separate. - If we don't want to wake up dead. -I agree. Either we all shut up, or we all go.

We could die anyway. We don't know if it's safer to stay here. My opinion is that we should try to help each other friends than to hide and let's hope someone comes to save us. Brothers and sisters, right? what is this smell Damn it! This was not done for food. -Not. - Do you want more evidence?

We should go back. I made a decision. Let's go. Hey, wait a minute! Are alright. Go straight.

- No, we will wait. - I have a stone in my shoe. - I will reach you later. -Easy. Kyle, I'm serious.

Go straight. Ok, let's go. It's a stupidity. We have to stay together. Doug? It's not funny. - Where did you see him last time, Carmen? - He was behind me.

It was right here. -I can not believe. - I want to go back. Can we go back? He wants me to come back. We're coming back.

We have to stay together. No no no! You don't understand! Don't listen to me! Is right. I did not suffer nothing tonight - We should go back. -Carmen... Not. He convinced us let's come here.

-And you were wrong. - We all agreed with that. It is safer in the camp. Doug would still be alive. There are too many here...

Let's go. Let them go. Maybe they will be safe there. Let's continue. Damn it.

-How much do we have left? -We have something else. - I have to relieve myself. - Can't you wait until there? They seem to be recent. Looks like he's back... Damn it! I can't hold on anymore. -Must! -I abstain for an hour.

Good good. There, but hurry. Hurry up. -What was that? -What the? I do not know. It's like I heard something.

Nothing can be seen. Where did he go? Stay here. Don't move. Lisa, what are you doing? Lisa, come back! Damn it! Paul, is that you? hey larry It's me Lisa! hey who's... Stop! We were supposed to stay together. Come on, Lisa! Damn it. Where did they disappear?

- Are you sure this is the place? -Yes. Damn it! - Tina! -Lisa? It's over there, right behind... where is lisa Take care.

Wait. Seems something familiar? I do not know. Everything happened very fast.

I fell, I rolled... and then Paul... It was my fault. You had nothing to do. We were looking for the others in the side northeast of the forest. It should be in front.

Let's hope you're right. We need that gas for for the plan to work. It's time to become wild, hunters.

Here it is. I remember that I passed by this place. Around here. -There? -Yes, this is. -How do we get it out? - I'll pull her out. It seems to be gasoline. -Dear good! -Damn it! Come on! Come, hurry! -Not enough? -I think so.

Hurry up! Sorry. I need to catch my breath. It shouldn't be too far right? 2 kilometers, I think. -How long will this take you? -I do not know.

What will you use? as bait? Ok, let's go. Let's go further. Come on! We don't have time. There is nothing we can do for him. We have to go.

come on monica we don't have time. It would be good to go! You're surrounded, you bastard! I will speak in one. Maybe you should to speak in spanish Damn it! Kyle! Damn it! Damn it! Use the explosive! Come on! Get out of here, you bastard! Have you seen anything like this before? You have to tell us what happened here

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