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once again from Taiwan we're just leaving the  beautiful mountain town of jufin where we spent   last night that's where our last video was from  and we're heading to another town that's supposed   to be nice called shiffin so we just heading to  the bus station right now down these stairs if   you didn't see the video the last video this is  how it looks around here oh that's on no good on   that side but yeah it's kind of like this loads  of little Alleyways these beautiful lanterns   everywhere so we've just been using Google Maps  to know the bus times it's really good because it   tells you the exact time that it's gonna arrive  at the station and the bus number the different   options so you know exactly when it's going  to arrive so this is our bus right here 7 88. foreign bus we have to get two buses so this place is  called rui Fung and our bus is arriving in about   10 minutes I think so just gotta wait 10 minutes  here so that's funny this definitely didn't go to   plan so at the bus station where we're over there  they have like a electronic board telling you when   the bus is coming and it showed that ours was  coming in five minutes and then we saw the bus   pass and we couldn't stop it in time because  we thought we still had five minutes to wait   so I guess that thing's not always accurate  and that bus is only going to pass in about   three hours now we could get a train as well but  that's only in an hour's time so we're just going   for the Uber aren't we yeah 20 and that's for  like a 30 minute ride 35 minutes yeah Uber it is   we tried to do it the more affordable  way but the electronic sign defeated us so we've arrived in chiffon now we actually  passed the bus that we were supposed to get on   the way and that was way back so I guess at least  we got here quicker and the first spot that we're   going to is the chiffon waterfall like the most  beautiful thing to see here it's really surprised   me just how beautiful Taiwan is as we're driving  around and it's so green and there are many   mountains everywhere like like you said we we are  surprised because we were we didn't expect it to   be like this and to be honest I don't know what I  was expecting but it's very very nice yeah before   coming we didn't really know much about Taiwan  we've seen more of like places in South Korea   and Japan online but not Taiwan I knew there was  mountains and that it would be green but it seems   like basically everywhere is like that so it's not  like a specific region from what we've seen so far   everywhere it's just kind of like this everywhere  you go all right let's find this waterfall so   let's go straight away we have a suspension  bridge here I think there's two of them overall foreign number two now it's actually a train going  over the river too we just missed it we just   saw the train passing in the distance also  got a waterfall here that's not the main one   still looks really nice though so here the stuff  it looks really beautiful got this cute little   Bridge back there and up there is a cafe so  that would be a nice place to have a coffee   if you want one it's so nice around here yeah and  it's funny because in the in this waterfall there   are so many holes in the Rock on the road yeah  I can see them over there those are holes yeah   even around here it reminds me of the waterfall  in the Amazon ah that had many big calls yeah   that you could jump into yeah they were a lot  bigger kind of similar though so you can see   these carts here with the coal in them from what  I read the train track up there was actually built   during the Japanese era to transport the coal  so I guess they already used these things here and here is the main waterfall  certainly looks like a impressive one I read online that it's 40 meters high  so it is pretty big really beautiful one thank you foreign so it's actually free here which is surprising  with all the infrastructure that they have here   they built numerous viewpoints it's also a big  area with like a food court where you can eat   so there's a lot of things there and it's all  for free another one of the viewpoints up here   and now you're seeing it head on pretty much looks like you can go down there probably  even better view we'll head down there   yeah this is definitely the  best view spot down here   now you can see it in it entirety I think in  the past maybe you could have walked around   here this is all man-made you can see  some steps there water's going down them extremely beautiful waterfall so we've now come to the main Center of  shifen this is called shifen Old Street   and this is definitely a tourist overload yeah a  lot of people way more than at the waterfall and   this is one of the places where you release  the lanterns people are doing it now can I   just see it all in the sky I don't know if you  can see on the GoPro yeah that one's taken off   we'll see these guys take off soon but it's  cool because as you can see the train track goes   through the middle oh that one goes now the train  track goes through the middle and we should be   able to see the train leaving soon we've already  seen three pass so I think it's pretty frequent oh there we go so we're probably gonna look  for a place to eat around here   pretty much every single store  is places to eat or buy lanterns   it is a Saturday by the way so that's why it's so  busy it's probably not this busy on a on a weekday go another one another one so I thought that they only released  this on like specific dates special   occasions yeah but that's not how  it is no they're late releasing   thousands a day it seems there's so many  so many non-stop there we go another one thank you so we found a cool local place to eat and we  got some different food once again so I got this   pork balls in like a noodle soup I think that's  bok choy Carol got fish ball soup I don't think   there's any noodles in there is it no yeah we  thought maybe that would come with noodles but   it doesn't and then I got this which is a taro  pork roll so if you watched the last video we   had that Taro dessert which is like a route that  they have here but that one was for a dessert but   they also mix it with some other Foods so  I'm gonna try that out as well at the soup   just a liquid yeah it's all good there's a strong  garlic I love garlic I'll try the pork ball yeah very tasty as well I think Taiwan is the  place that I've eaten pork the most because   I've been having the pork dumplings  all the time and now they're Sports   well I was at the train yeah again here  we go that comes in both directions then all right I'll try the roll  out too really big piece oh man good that is so so good way better than the   the ones in the noodle soup when I  ordered it she was like good choice yeah yeah because there's like a crispy outer  layer which I think is the taro and there's   some sort of sauce I don't know what sauce it  is but that's what's making it extra delicious how's the fish ball it's a very good I  usually don't like Fishbowl that much   but this one is good yeah once again we're just  absolutely loving the food in Taiwan everything   that we try so all this food here was 220  and we also got our lemon iced tea at 60. so we got the famous Taiwanese bubble  tea once again in the last video I got   a macho one and I think this is the  original one where it's just like a   milk tea with the tapioca balls there the  black ones and this originated in the 80s   here in Taiwan they created it and then I  think an immigrant took it to California oh I can see the balls going up yeah yeah  I think I got like 10 in my mouth yeah no   it's really good though I never had this  one with just the milk is it like black   tea or with milk I can't tell but it's  so milky really nice you you have a book good I think it is black tea it is black tea but  like I said it's very milky yeah sweet as well   they've added some sort of sweetener in there  delicious balls are very chewy yeah they are   nice and soft so that was 60 wasn't it yeah and so  it is way more fact right now way way more people   we're just trying to get out of here oh  there's one on fire that probably happens a lot so we've come to another huge Bridge here  suspension bridge this is called jingan   and we just gotta kill some time now because we're  going to be leaving here by train we gotta get a   train to ruifang where we were early on where we  missed the bus and then we'll get a train back   to Taipei where we're staying pretty high up this  one a lot higher than the other ones that we saw   yeah it's definitely good to come to this  place isn't it yeah I'm really loving Taiwan so we're back in Taipei now in ximen the area  that we're staying and we filmed here on our   first video but it was early in the morning  so everything was dead and I mentioned that   I film here at night because it's way cooler  you can already see way more people around   and we mainly like it because everything is  litting up good so it makes it look way better   we took a picture here on Instagram and  everyone said that it looked like where you came we thought wow it looks like  Japan we've never been to Japan but   this is how we imagined it looks cool  with these lights above us as well and   we're probably going to try and find some  street food too yeah once again stinky tofu coming up yeah we'll finally try it out   Ed Sheeran Ed Sheeran's everywhere so  they always have a show here every night thank you thank you thank you so that was one awesome Street performance it's  actually a multiple different groups after the   acrobatic guys some guy with like a Basketball  doing tricks went on so yeah if you just stay   there you'll see loads of different shows this  might be the busiest that we've seen it yeah   weekend so it gets extra busy yeah because  even on the weekdays it is already busy   every single day here it's not only on the  weekends you got these cool side streets too   that will go down clothes on food places  got another show going on here Taiwanese yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah man check that out we even got a anaconda what the hell no thanks that's crazy foreign on here but I wasn't expecting all this  the crazy thing is that we're only like   five minutes away walking and our part is  all quiet in the street but we're right   next to this like the main area really good  location where we're at then oh yeah it's   fantastic and we have the subway here it's a  very good location like you said yeah right   near the subway already more video games  see loads of promotion for video games eh it's a Transformer I think it's another show isn't   it shows everywhere oh really  yeah one here over the other one so there appears to be a market going  on today we didn't see this on the other   days I don't know if it's food we're  looking for food now looks like it's   just jewelry yeah I don't think  it's a food market jewelry market are you hungry yes I am yeah I  think we need to go and find a   food place this is one of the coolest  angles yeah with all the lights and I love it though on the streets  that's why it reminds me of Japan   I think like Tokyo is like that right  screens everywhere also New York yeah   New York's like that right I think that's  the only place in the US that's like that oh so we're going down the little side  roads now still loads of shops everywhere   and if we're on the street that went down the  other day there was some like food streets around   here I don't know everything looks the same maybe  further down there I know this this is the street   down here there's a few little food places on the  left there you got the steamed dumplings again   tempted but I've already eaten too many of those  on this trip already everything's in Chinese also   can't really tell what what's what is that like  a hot dog I can't smell any stinky tofu you know   when you're in a sting stinky tofu right yeah  it's a very very strong smell a horrible smell yeah I don't see it here so I'm gonna  eat this uh diced beef steak smells good so this is the flamethrower beef and  for the topping I got cumin I didn't   know they'd have cumin here you could choose   like black pepper garlic some rock  salt but I chose cumin like in India nice and soft the pieces of beef and just a strong cumin taste  obviously all the powder that was 200 for bucks then you  got two because they were very yeah so we found a little food  stall here with stinky tofu   and Carol got it mixed with  something else isn't it some cabbage but people were like exaggerate and how  how much it smells but it's really bad   it's like sewage like sewage guys yeah it really  smells like something you don't want to eat but   take it away Carol yeah it's a  very famous dish here in Taiwan   there must be a reason I hope it's tasty at  least how much was that 60 60. yeah here we go to bed it doesn't taste like sewage ah so inside it just tastes like  normal tofu yeah maybe I need to I thought it's gonna have some crazy  strong taste by the smell of it   no it's good then yeah that's why another thing  that they have here in ximen absolutely everywhere   at these stores these like toy stores one over  here too I forgot what you call these machines   we have to grab the toy but they're everywhere  aren't they these straps at least here in ximen   lipstick thank you and I think the majority are  24 hours yeah and there's nobody nobody that   worked here they're just uh empty no employees  or anything I think we're gonna give it a go   or do you want to win Carol I don't know  nothing lots of options yeah I'm not   sure this is some sort of game there's  actually food as well you can win food   I think it's 10 Taiwanese dollars we saw some that  have like a iPhone no iPhone here no I want an   iPhone but maybe a flip-flop you want flip-flops  what the hell is that like washing up stuff   oh yeah why would you play one of these  machines to just like clean your dishes off   I'll clean your clothes what the hell yeah  again I think that's like detergent or something   bizarre here washing up liquid it's a nice  price I found something that you might like oh okay yeah I think that's the best option for  me Ferrero Russia you actually buy that at the   supermarket don't you yeah I still have some in my  okay let's go for the first attempt let's do this   get that big one there yeah no but  I think the arm's gonna get stuck oh   yeah no that's no that won't work this  one no it's not going to get it either   no what what did you do what did you do you  need more time I couldn't I couldn't bring   it all the way over here maybe that one  there I don't know we're gonna try again to go fast I think it's not  gonna grab it though look so we're trying a different machine now oh oh it's a scammy throw it  through it away yeah he had it come on look he grabs it and he throws it  away oh no I'm not playing it anymore nah   so we're heading back to the apartment  now I just got another bubble tea this   time with green tea and this one is hot the  one that I had earlier was a cold so this   is nice every single one that I've tried so  far is nice and in the next video we plan on   going to a completely different region not  even on this Coast anymore or near Taipei   some hours away so that's going to be really  cool to see yet again another side of Taiwan   so if you like this one just drop a like  as usual to support us subscribe to see   more videos like this follow us on Instagram  and Facebook and we'll see in the next one foreign

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