This Is Why We Always Love Chiang Mai (Thailand’s Most Beloved City)

This Is Why We Always Love Chiang Mai  (Thailand’s Most Beloved City)

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this video is brought to you by Squarespace  Chiang Mai is one of those cities that every   time we come back we fall in love with it again  and again look at how soft it is don't even   need to chew she deserves a Michelin guide I  will protect you and you will protect me and   we will be happy together morning good morning  there was a lineup for the uh Tao Bin machine   this morning we were so skeptical about this  remember we mentioned in a video like oh no   one would use this there's a lineup now we have  been drinking it every day and we probably have   like 20 of this at home now not even like once a  day I think at one point we had three of these a   day cuz it's like 30 Baht for a coffee very  nice do you find it super cold today yeah I   was thinking whether or not we need long sleeves  or not but it feels it feels nice did you check   the temperature it's 24 Oh I thought it  would be like 20 or something but it will   get as low as 17 this is nice yeah Chiang Mai is  awesome Chiang Mai is perfect during this season doesn't this feel like deja vu for you mhm three and  a half years ago we sat over actually by that tree   over there but the same condo same condo here  and it was our opening scene for our first ever   YouTube video on our channel hello it's flora  and welcome to my channel today I'm going to   go to the wholesale market where we usually  get all our fruits and vegetables and herbs   I want to show you all the crazy exotic fruits  you can find in Thailand there's so many many   fruits that I haven't tried myself so we'll see  what they taste like and I remember you telling   me that I have to say hi I'm flora and welcome  to my channel and I was like do I have to say   this it's so awkward you're like everyone  does it and we jump cut so much I remember   that oh my goodness and I kept staring at  the camera and I wouldn't blink and it was   so awkward but this is this is the place where  it all started in Chiang Mai at this condo   where we're like you know what we're going to  go film a video where we try a bunch of fruits who is that that's Richard our new ride for Chiang Mai here We  name we name him Richard because we googled   the most reliable names and Richard it's  the top five cuz right now we just want a   reliable car yeah yeah after what happened in  the past few days with Rocket it's quite nice   to have some something that we can rely on  yeah but we're not very attached to Richard   but Richard you're doing a good job so far we  got a good deal on this we pay 17,000 Baht a   month that's roughly 560 Baht a day yeah very  good deal and we chose a car instead of a bike   because we are planning to go on some trips  outside of Chiang Mai so this would be perfect because we lived in Chiang Mai for 3 years before  we definitely have some favorite restaurants so   the place we're going to for lunch is Note's  favorite restaurant it is his go-to comfort   food uh beef noodle soup and you've been going  there since University yeah early 20s and we   have featured this place before but not on  our YouTube channel if you're familiar with   the show in the International House Hunters we  filmed one episode there I'm so excited for this For those of you coming here for the first  time all they serve is beef noodles or you   can have like a braised beef soup  with rice which is what I'm going   to get and yeah meatballs are delicious  braised beef is delicious fresh sliced   beef is delicious everything is  good you going to go order for us that was so quick this one is yours  this one is mine no noodles but rice   on the side instead thank you and  this is mine mine is special   I have um rice noodle soup along with  braised beef look at that look at that   piece look at how soft it is don't even  need to chew and meatballs the meatballs   is out of this world and intestine that's my  favorite you like it here though really good okay you want to help her with the crispy  banana chips yeah I actually would eat that okay okay she says it's very very delicious we got snacks now yeah this I actually would eat  sometimes they come and sell you other things I   wouldn't eat no this looks good good but the  special thing about this beef noodle is that   the broth is so clear look at that and it's  not heavy mhm usually when you go eat braised   beef the broth is so thick and heavy and you don't  feel good after but this one I always feel great the best the best meal in Chiang Mai never  disappoint what do you look forward the most   this one tendon yeah so instead of intestine I don't  really like intestine much but I love tendon so   this is the only difference I think for us but  you don't have to have them you can order oh   yeah whatever you want their fresh beef is also  really good but we like to go with braised but   you can get braised beef fresh beef slice and beef  ball I think that's the probably the most common   combination and they probably three or four kinds  of noodles that you can choose from and they give   you plenty of bean sprouts and morning glory so  you also get a good portion of veggies in there it melts in your mouth the collagen good for my skin  you know it's a good beef noodle shop when it   says it's the only noodle shop in Chiang  Mai that serves top quality beef and it's   true it is a family business they actually  have three or four branches in Chiang Mai I   believe she's the sister and the brother has  another shop and her relative is In Nimman but out all of the four her place is the best but  they all have the same name doesn't it they're all called Rote Yiam and the location  so if you want to come here it's called Rote Yiam Jaeng Si Phum which is right at the corner of the moat look  at that we completely destroyed everything every   time and it's not expensive I think it's 100  100 Baht each well it's more expensive than   normal pork noodle but beef is more expensive  in general I think in Thailand especially top   quality beef in is worth it 100 Baht each is  worth it real quick a huge part of why we can   continue traveling and making content for you is  because of great partners like Squarespace they   are an all-in-one platform for building websites  and they're constantly adding new features that   can help you succeed online like scheduling  appointments and even designing and selling   your online course if you're struggling to start  you can browse through hundreds of award-winning   templates that can Inspire the look and feel of  your website and if you need extra help you can   access your detailed guides and videos in their  Help Center just head over to for   a free trial and when you're ready to launch  go to to save   10% off your first purchase of a website  or domain now let's get back to the video Chiang Mai is one of those cities that every  time we come back we fall in love with it again   and again it has a very laidback vibe to it and  I think this time coming back it's already a lot   busier than last year I mean we see so much more  traffic we see lots of like new little markets   popping up um but overall is like people you see  so many people on the streets we did talk to some   like local shop owners and vendors that we know  from before and they said it is nowhere close   to pre-covid times yet but they do feel that it's  picking up and it feels good you know this is the   perfect season to be in Chiang Mai I think there's  lots of businesses that have closed but there are   lots more kind of new trendy places that have  opened so it's also exciting for us to come back   like almost like once a year to see what's new in  Chiang Mai so a lot of people coming to Chiang Mai   they are excited to check out the temples in the  city so of course you're going to Doi Suthep in   the mountains uh going to Wat Phra Singh in town  Chedi Luang as well which is really grand but   our favorite temple is actually a smaller temple  but it is very very beautiful and it's just right   in front of us it is called Wat Lok Moli the  whole temple smells like incense and it smells   so so good and what is this smokiness coming out  from there a mystical garden that's new yeah we   have never seen this before it kind of adds that  magical touch to it isn't it yeah mystical temple what number did you get 18 18 this one fell off first  you dropped three and I got number three and what is   your it says you are facing lots of trouble  we were success is yet to reach enemies are   keeping their eyes on you it seem that none of  the moments of your life is happy should you   refrain from seeking a mate for quite a while  otherwise you'll find a terrible spouse good   thing I found a good one already this is not  very good but it's kind of correct yeah we have been facing a lot of problems the  last few weeks and I think we were feeling   down yeah I mean you usually don't feel down  I'm the one who might feel down but you were   having a tough time after we said bye to Rocket  let's see yours your meritorius deeds from   the previous life will enhance you a happy and  joyful life you'll be equipped with luxurious   residence honor attendance and treasures forever  Like a Lion King protected by bodyguards around   him you'll live a peaceful life together mine  is like the best one out there good thing good   think you're my spouse good think I found you  I will protect you and you will protect me and   we will be happy together it's a good balance  yeah we need each other this year every year this is so beautiful this is the most beautiful  part of the temple can you imagine at night when   all these lanterns are lit up oh yeah there's  lights all across this so this um Chedi here is   actually built from the 15th century and what is  cool about it is that the kings of the previous   Lanna Kingdom they were like managing maintaining  this Temple and that's why some of the Kings their   ashes are inside this Chedi yeah so I think it  was like a royal temple at one point I mean the   rest of this area though I think it's built in  the 14th century um this was a little bit later   it's so beautiful and I think there's something  you can do over there what does it say over here   so people pour this holy water into this bamboo  container container and you pull the rope so that   this goes up on top all the way to the Buddha yeah  the Buddha right there and it will automatically   pour the holy water onto around the Buddha oh  this is for good luck yeah this is the holy water   and I think it's it's mixed with some jasmine  scent wow it smells so good it's holding water oh oh it's coming out the side okay and you pull   this one here let's see if that  works oh yeah see it's moving now did you notice what was interesting up there  yeah because the water only hits that part   of the Chedi only that part has greenery  has something growing out from it that's   so interesting what does that teach you that  if you keep watering something and committing   to doing something it will eventually bloom  and flourish so don't give up very good is   that what you were thinking or you weren't  thinking at all no no exactly like that wow everything looks so good what did you  get I got a dirty butterscotch dirty is my   little treat now so was like really really  cold milk with a shot of espresso this one   smells a bit sweeter because it has  like a butterscotchy uh taste to it   I think and your Yuzu Americano my favorite  and I even got us a little afternoon treat   this is a blueberry crumble looks  yummy cheers afternoon refreshment that's so yummy I think there's a little bit of cream  in it too because you can feel like a   very full what makes it dirty I think  it's because it looks dirty yeah cuz it   looks like there's dirt in there yeah but it  looks dirty because uh you pour the espresso   shot on top of the milk and then you don't  stir it so when you drink it it creates the   pattern of it and it just kind of looks  like a dirty drink but is so delicious one of the best things to do here in Chiang  Mai is to explore the coffee scene we are   now at one of the popular ones called Koff  and Things it's more like a Japanese style   decor yeah like clean looking wooden house  and there's tons of Japanese style cafes in   Chiang Mai but there are just so many to  choose from but we keep seeing new ones   pop up I think within a year that the last  time we came to Chiang Mai there's around   if not thousands of coffee shops open up I  saw this map online this is all the coffee   shops in Chiang Mai right now but that's not a  real map it's just like someone's joke say that   that's what Chiang Mai feels like like full of  coffee shops at every turn it's pretty accurate we are now at a popular new attraction here in  Chiang Mai for a lot of local Thais this is the new   night market called Khlong Mae Kha and Khlong  means canal because this night market goes all   the way down both sides of the canal it's about 1  km long right now it's 1 km but they have planned   to extend it longer this used to be a sewage  canal it is still a sewage canal but it's a lot   cleaner but if you cross the bridge to the other  side that what it used to look like so this is so   much nicer and it's good for the local people here  they turn this into a new attraction of the city oh this is my favorite grilled  sticky rice with egg you want   one yeah one here's your rice lollipop  so this is a sticky rice covered with   usually egg and salt yeah it's  called khao-jee it's so yummy this place here you can rent these  flower baskets and pretend to like   carry them across the bridge to  take photos you want to carry one thank you for spending a  day with us in Chiang Mai in the   next couple videos we'll be staying at  some beautiful and unique places outside   of Chiang Mai so click that subscribe  button to follow our adventures have   a Wonderflo Day and we will see  see you in the next one bye bye

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