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This is the Raw Beauty of Kenya  vA 85

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- Morning, my friends, from somewhere in Karen. And after having my bike destroyed when I arrived in Nairobi... This is what's left of my engine.

You see? All unplugged. The front part of the bike. My broken frame. And this is the surprise. About two months after my accident, I've got a new bike. Look at that, guys.

It's not completely new, but it's perfectly functional now again. So, as you see, the main repair is that I received a spare frame, the back part of the frame, so all this part is new. That's why I don't have the same color anymore between the front and the back because all this frame is new. I have new... This part of the wheel is new again. It's also new because... I don't know if you remember: on my left wheel, this part here was bent and it was causing me quite a lot of trouble.

So I got new parts from AZUB. I also got new complete brake cables. So everything, all the cable is new. Also, I have a new shock here because it was leaking. The previous one was leaking, so all the liquid was outside.

So it was not working apparently. This is new as well because when my bike, when this part broke, then I was sliding on this thing, and this thing was all destroyed. So this is new. And I've also got new mirrors. Look at that.

One on the left and one on the right, which is awesome. Now I have a mirror to ride on the left side like here. I have... This part is new as well because it was bent. So I got a new replacement one. Nice.

Nice. After such a long time, I can go. Can you open the door? - Okay. I can open it. - Esther, please. Thank you. Bye-bye. Thank you. - Welcome. - Good luck with everything. - Bye. - Bye-bye.

Let's go. Let's go to Naivasha, guys. I'm back on my bike. It's unbelievable. Bye-bye. It's absolutely unbelievable to be back on this bike, after all the trouble and all the problems I had. - So you are going. - I'm going. Yeah, I'm leaving. - Bye-bye. Thank you very much. Bye-bye.

Back on the road. Oh my god. On a working bike. I can't believe it. I had such a wonderful time in Nairobi actually.

Me, me, me, I'm invincible. - Me, I'm invincible. - If you do it again. - Yes, I am invincible. - Let's go to Naivasha, guys. I had such a great time.

Me, me, me, I'm invincible. - If you do it again. - How are you? - What is that? Is this a bicycle? - It's a bicycle. Yeah. Hello. Today is about 90 kilometers with 2 kind of 400-meter climb. Ah, no. - Yes. - Yes. Hello. Hello.

- Hello. - Hello. - Whoa, whoa. Where are you going? - I mean, in Nairobi, there are so many foreigners. So then, you don't really feel that special as a foreigner here. But as soon as I sit on my bike, I'm the king of the road. - Hey, man. Hey. - Hey.

And I am already on the highway. - Hi, my friend. - Hi, how are you? - I saw you on YouTube. - You saw me on YouTube. - Yes. - Good. - In Uganda. I don't know...

- In Ethiopia. - Ethiopia. Yeah. - Yes. So I'm on the first climb of the day. It's not very steep, but it's been a while since I rode.

And now it's actually the short rain season. So I will most likely have rain in the afternoon. Hello.

Hello. They're changing the tire. Hello. I'm heading to Naivasha. - To Naivasha? - Yes. - Ah, awesome. - How is Kenya so far? - Very good. I like it very much. Yeah. - Ah, you're very much welcome. - Yeah, yeah. - My name is Chris.

- Chris? - Yeah. - Nice to meet you. - I work with outdoor-circuits. - Ah? Okay. - Yeah, yeah. I've been following you on YouTube. - Okay, good. - You're doing very good. - Very good. - Yeah, yeah. Awesome. - Good.

Have a good day. Yeah. Hello. How are you? Good, good. - Hi. - Hello, hello. - Hello, hello.

- Oh, what's up with you, bro? - Hello, hello. - Give me a ride, my friend. - Hello. Hello. - Hello. - Cool, cool. Hello.

- Hi. - Hello. Cool, cool. Yes, I'm heading to Cape Town actually. - Cape Town? - Yes. - What? So, where are you from? - France. - France? - Yes. - Really? - Yes.

- Oh, wow. - That's nice. - What's your name? - My name is Dan. - Zidan? - Dan. - Dan, Dan. - Yeah. - Nice to meet you, Dan. - A pleasure to meet you. - Nice to meet you. - Okay, nice day.

- Have a nice day, man. - You too. - Bye-bye. - Bye. - I love Kenya. I'm so happy to be back on the road, guys. After thinking my journey was over, I managed to get back on the road. Sometimes, I have this weird feeling that... It's just like… I had so many issues, but still, I'm on the road.

I have this strange impression that somehow nothing can stop me. Any problem can be overcome. - Hi, where are you going? Hi. - Hello.

And I am finally saying goodbye to the highway. Very nice highway for cyclists. Hello. - Hi, good? - Hello, hello. - How are you? - Good, good, good. How are you? - Can I sell for you one? Wait, wait, wait.

- No, it's okay. I don't need it. Maybe, I should buy some fruits. I don't know. - How are you? - Good, good. How are you? - How are you?

Give me something. - Naivasha, 58. - Hi. - Hello. - Hello. - How are you, man?

- Hello. It's funny because, for a few kilometers, I have a car escorting me from behind, which is nice: I have protection. I don't know if they film me or if they wanna protect me or if they wanna protect me from the traffic. I don't know, but I have an escort. Oh, guys. Look at that. I think I arrived in the rift, in the Great Rift,

in the Great African Rift. - Hey, hey. - Hello, hello. - Hi. - Oh, man. This is the Great African Rift. The Rift Valley.

How awesome! Wow. Oh, my escort overtook me. Hello. - Very cool. - Very cool. Yeah. - Yes. - Yes. Look at that, guys. Look at this beautiful road. Oh my god. And this is the Great African Rift. What a beautiful place! Life on the road is good.

I love life on the road. The Great African Rift. I need some food. I would like to have some food with this view. Coffee point.

Hello, hello. - Welcome, welcome. - Thank you, thank you. - Can we take a photo? - Yeah, but... No, I want some food. Let's see here. Hello. - Welcome. - Thank you, thank you. Is there food here? - Yeah. - There's a restaurant? - There. - There? Ah, okay. Good. - Nice one. - Nice one. Yeah. - Oh, I like your bike.

- You like my bike. - Yeah. - Yes. I also like my bike. - Which country? - Look at this view. France. - Tricycle. - Ah? Tricycle. Yeah. - Yeah. - Yeah. - From Nairobi? - Look... From Nairobi today. Yeah. Beautiful view. Okay. - Where are you heading? - I'm heading to Naivasha today. - Naivasha. - Yes.

So where do they have chapati? This one? - Yeah, yeah, see the lady there. - Talk with her. - Talk with her? - Yeah. - Oh, this one or here? - Hello. - Hello. - Do you have chapati? - Yeah, I have chapati. - And eggs. What do you say...? And like chips mayai, or you don't have chips? - No, only... - Just chapati and eggs. - ...chapati and eggs. - Eggs. How much is it? - One chapati and two eggs? - Yes. Maybe yeah. - 200 ($1.3). - 200. - Yeah.

- Okay, I'm gonna bring my bike closer. - You need what? - I'll get, yeah, one chapati and two eggs. Maybe, I'll get more later. - Bye. - Hello. - This is a plane? - A plane. I come from space. Yeah. It's not a plane. It's a rocket. No, it's a tricycle.

It's an electric bicycle basically. - Wow, this must be very comfortable. - It's very comfortable. Yes. - Expensive bicycle? - Yes, it's expensive. Yeah. - Do you want some tea, coffee? Some tea? - Some tea? - Yeah. With milk? - Yeah.

Maybe tea with milk. Yeah. How much is it? - 100. - 100? - Yeah. - Okay. I don't know. Okay. Great. - From Nairobi? - From Nairobi today. Yeah. - And where are you heading to? - Naivasha. - Naivasha? - Yes. - Wow. - And you, where do you live? - Just here. - Just here? - Yeah. - But not here. - Not here.

- There's no house here. You come in the morning. - I come in the morning. - Do you have a place to throw this? - Yeah, I'll do it for you. - Thank you. Thank you. Oh, so this is the chapati and the eggs. - Yeah. - Great.

So I have some tea with milk. So I have my chapati with eggs, guys. Oh, you see one side... So it's the first time I have it actually, which is quite a...

It's quite a very common meal, I think, here. One side is chapati. So, of course, there are many Indians here in Kenya. So that's why they eat the chapati, because the Indians imported their bread basically.

And on the other side, you have an omelet, which is gonna be good for me as a light lunch. Maybe, I'm gonna buy fruit, a bit further down the road. Good.

Very good. Man, when you ride, when you do sport and you are hungry, you are really hungry, because when you don't do sport, you eat, but you don't really need to eat actually. When you do sport, you're really hungry. And when you eat, it is so satisfying. Oh my god, it's so awesome.

Whatever you eat is like the best meal in the world. - You are taking pictures everywhere. - Everywhere, pictures. - Why? - Because people like to see what I do. So I have to take pictures. - And then, you put it on the Internet or...? - YouTube. - YouTube? - Yes.

But then, it's good because it brings more tourists for you. - Okay. - It's just marketing. - It's marketing. For me. It's also marketing for you also, because then, they see, "Ah, Kenya is beautiful."

And then, they want to come to Kenya. - Welcome. How much is this? - Expensive. Very expensive. Ah, you make it soft. - Yeah, yeah. - Nice. - Hi there. - It's good business here? - Yeah, it's good. Many tourists.

- Many tourists pass by. So I guess they buy. - Yeah, yes, yeah. - Yeah. Yeah, it's good then. - My friend, are you writing a book? - I make videos. - Oh, videos only. - I make YouTube videos. Yeah. - You make a video and you make... You write.

- Maybe, later, I'll write a book. Yeah. - We shall buy… We shall buy the book. - Yeah. - Your journey is hard. - Yes. Yes, it's hard. Yeah, yeah. But it's also pleasant because when people see me coming with a bike... - Yeah. - It makes people friendly, because they respect the fact that I have to make an effort.

- Yeah. - So then, people are friendly with me. - Next year, you'll see many people with this, going around. - Maybe, yeah. - Because you have shown them. - Yeah, yeah, yeah. - You have started. - It's true. Yeah. It's true. Yeah. - Yeah.

Wish you the best. - Thank you very much. - Yeah. - The best to you too. - Yeah, this guy told me, "You cut a tree and make it like this." - Ah, make like this. Yeah. - Yeah. - He told you to do that. - Yeah. - Okay. - Bye-bye, sir. - Bye-bye. Have a good time.

Yeah. - Thank you! - Good luck. Thank you for the talk! - Welcome! Bye. - Nice. - Yeah. - Bye-bye. - Yeah. - Bye. - Well, this way is Maasai Mara, guys, but I'm not gonna go… I'm not gonna do safaris in Kenya.

It's a bit too expensive here. - Hello. - Hello, how are you? - Cool, cool. - Good, good. - Safari too. - Safari, safari. No safari for me. Oh my god.

Good, good. How are you? Good, good. Oh, wow. Hopefully, the guy is fine. - Hello, hello. - Hello, hello. Hello, hello. - From where? - From France. - Okay, okay. - Hopefully, nobody was seriously injured in this accident. What a big baboon! Hey, man. How are you? Hello, hello. - Hey. - Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Oh, it's so good to be on the road. And we arrive in a dusty city. Hello. Hello. Hello. - Hey. - Very nice. Yes. - Very nice.

- How are you? - You're enjoying. - You're enjoying? - Yeah. - Yeah, I'm enjoying it. Yes. - Yeah, yeah. - Hello. Let's overtake this guy. - Hey. - Hello. - Hey, hey, hey. Hello. - Hey. How are you, my friend? - Good. Good.

How are you? - I'm fine. - Good. - So I have about 30 kilometers left to the camp that was recommended to me by Capitaine Morgan & Margaux, and hopefully... I don't know if I will be able to avoid the rain because... Look at that. The short rain season is about to fall on me. Hello.

Hello. It looks like the rain is coming. Oh, man. I'm gonna be completely soaked. Oh, man. It's coming soon.

It's coming. Look at that. This side is very nice. But this is gray, gray, gray, gray, and this is very dark - and that's where I'm going. Come on, guys.

Let's not be wimp. Let's ride under the rain. Under the heavy rainy... Equatorial Africa short rain season. Hello. Hello. Yeah, rain, rain, rain. I know. You can see all the dust flying in the air all the way there.

It's crazy. Maybe, I need to find a shelter. - Hi, friend. - Hello. Cool, cool. Change tires. - Yes, yes. - Hello. - We're okay, okay, okay. - Yeah, we're okay. - You're okay? - Yes. - Okay. Oh, f***.

It's cold. And the rain is slowly, slowly easing off. Oh my god. A nice shower. Oh, shit. Look at that, guys. Oh my god. I'm surfing.

And straight ahead is Lake Naivasha. - Hello. - Hello. - How are you? - Good. How are you? - I'm fine. - Oh my god, it's cold. - So you move like this. - Yes, I sit and I pedal. - We're together. - Okay. - He's okay. - Oh, so I changed myself because I'm freezing cold.

- So where have you come from? - Today from Nairobi. - Nairobi? - Yes. - You can't be serious. - I'm serious. Yeah. - You can't be serious. - What...? This is a motorbike. - No, it's an electric bicycle. - Yeah. We work for the county. We are doing some work.

- You work for the county. - Yeah. - Ah, okay. Nice. - Yeah. - What's the county? Here it's Nakuru County, no? - Nakuru County. Yeah. - Nakuru County. Okay. - Where are you...?

You're going to which place? - Naivasha. I'm just gonna stay somewhere at the lake. - Going to the… All right, right. Nice, nice. All the best, bro. - Thank you very much. You too. - Right, right. - Okay. - Good luck.

Have a good day. - Bye, bye. Bye. - Bye-bye. Let's go. Oh, man. I'm so cold.

Let's go look at the beautiful Lake Naivasha. - How are you? - Good, good, good. Good, good, good. - Good, good, good. Lake Naivasha Resort.

It's very fancy tourism here. In Kenya, they really bet on high-class tourism. Basically, it's too expensive for poor people here, or for poor travelers. To explain to you a little bit what's going on with the weather here. So now it's the short rain season.

But in the Pacific Ocean, it's an El Niño year. Basically, El Niño... It's in the equatorial area of the Pacific Ocean. All the currents and the winds go the other way around compared to usual. They invert themselves basically. And because the Pacific Ocean represents half of... - Hi, hi.

- Hi, how are you? - I'm good. - Good. - I do watch your videos. - You watch my videos. - From Ethiopia. - From Ethiopia. Yeah, yeah, yeah. - From Ethiopia back down like this to... - Yeah, yeah. - Here where you are. - Yes. - I saw your motorbike, and I decided I should say hi. - Okay, good. Yeah. - You're good? - Yeah, yeah, very good. Yeah, so you see... - I do watch them. - Very good. - Yeah. - I'm happy. - Yeah. Are you enjoying Kenya?

- Yeah, I am enjoying Kenya very much. Yeah. - Nice. - Yes, it's nice. Yeah. - You're going toward this lake. - Yeah, I'm just going to a lodge or a camp or... - Rose camp. - Rose camp. Yeah. - Okay. Okay. - Yeah. - Nice. Enjoy Kenya. - Thank you. - Yeah.

- Have a good day, man. - Sorry? - Have a good day. - You too. - Very good to meet friendly people. Yeah, so El Niño. Basically, this inversion of the currents and the winds in the equatorial Pacific Ocean has... Because the Pacific Ocean is half of the globe basically, it has a worldwide impact.

So here, basically, the impact of El Niño is the short rain season. Well, the rains are a little bit heavier than usual, during the El Niño year basically. - Hi. - Hi there. - Hello, hello. - Cool, cool. Hello.

I think that's the camp where I'm heading. - Hello, hello. - Hello, hello. - Hi. - Hi, hi. - Hi.

- Hello. How are you? - Us? - Hi. - Hi. How are you? - I'm fine, sir. - This is the campsite, no? - You want to camp. - Camp or... I don't know if there is a room also.

There is something or... - No, no, this is only the camping. - Only camping. - I have a tent. - Yeah. - So I can camp here. - You have the camp. - Yeah, I have a tent. - That's good, so... Only 1,000 Shillings. A conservancy fee. - Ah, it's the... Okay.

- Yeah, this is only 1,000 per night. So maybe, you will pay when you leave. Maybe. - I pay when I leave. Okay. - Yeah, for the camping. But for this one, you pay right now here. - Ah, okay, okay. - Yes, sir. - So you give me a ticket or something like that. - Yeah.

- Right now from here. Yeah, yeah, yeah. - There you go. - Your name, sir. - Yves. - Yves. - Y-V-E-S. - Y. - Y-V-E-S. - V-E-S. - Yes. - Like this one. - Yes, exactly. - Yeah, great. - Thank you very much. - Thank you, sir.

- Wild animals have priority. Slow down or stop. Isn't it nice? Away... One day, you're biking away from Nairobi. And I'm gonna camp in a conservancy among wildebeests. Look at that. There's a wildebeest just nearby. Oh my god. Look at this beautiful tree, guys.

You see? You don't need to go on a safari to see animals in Kenya. You just go to a campsite. And there are gazelles actually just straight ahead. I think they have zebras as well. I don't know if they have giraffes. Hopefully. Acacia Camp. Look at that. Gazelles straight ahead.

Hello. - Hello. - Hi. Do you know how it works for the camp or...? Do you work here or…? - Yeah, we're working here. Let me call. Let me call the campsite. - Ah, okay. But the campsite is just behind there, right? - Yeah, this is the camping site. - Okay, okay.

So here I am at the campsite, guys. A campsite in the conservancy. Isn't it beautiful? Bike parked. Camp ready. Mattress drying.

All good. Everything nice. To finish this video, as we are in the conservancy, let's go for a walking safari, guys, let's see what we can see. And we have a beautiful tree with all the gazelles here. Look at that. Beautiful gazelles. Oh, wow.

Look at that, guys. I am surrounded by gazelles. You see? You have the white-ass gazelles just there. This is full of gazelles everywhere around. Unbelievable. And that's my campsite. Isn't it awesome? Kenya is awesome, man. Okay, guys, so done disturbing the gazelles.

Let's see if we can find other types of animals. And I also did not tell you the price for the camping. It's 1,000. So I pay 1,000 for my tent. That's a female. It's really funny. The zebras are really not afraid of humans.

- This is Acacia.

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