This is the Most Scenic Coastal Road in the World S06 EP.117 | MIDDLE EAST Motorcycle Tour

This is the Most Scenic Coastal Road in the World S06 EP.117 | MIDDLE EAST Motorcycle Tour

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You are carrying camel milk with you? The camel is back there. Alright thanks anyways. So, he brought it for you? Assalam Alekum and Good Morning from this beautiful place. I don't know the exact name of this place... But I think it's called Ash Shuwaymiyyah.

It's about 300 km from Salalah. More details to follow. It's quite early in the morning. I also want to show you my sleeping setup here. And some scene from the area around me as well.

Time to get up. Check out this beach. Isn't it amazing. We are all by ourselves at the moment. There were some fishermen here last night, though. They pulled those speedboats to the water.

And used them to sail to the main boat in water and back. They started around 4 or 5 in the morning. The sunset occurs around 6:30 these days due to winter.

So they start early. I just woke up. I slept rather comfortably last night. It was really windy. I was fortunate that my sleeping spot was relatively less windy.

And that was the main reason I was able to sleep for 8 to 9 hours. As for the beach... One can hardly get a better place for camping. What else does one need when one can connect with nature as soon as they get up.

You can see some fishermen boats on this side of the beach. There's a car parked here that I mistook for an abandoned one. But as I saw recently, it is used to pull the boats out of water. That's why it's parked here permanently. While we are talking about the car... Why not show you what it looks like from inside...

I showed it to my friends yesterday when I was live on Instagram... They told me to be careful as there could be. any dead body inside. I can confirm that there is no dead body inside.

Just a blanket and some clothes. Probably due to cold weather. So this is our tent. The good thing is that the side wall sheltered us from the wind. I left some of my luggage out of the tent and only kept some inside. Let me give you an inside peek.

It's a bit messy though. That's our sleeping bag. Some clothes... My helmet and other items.... This is how it looks from inside. You can see that it is enough for two people.

It's quite spacious. Not congested at all. Time to leave from here. It's already 8:30 am. It's gonna be another long day for us. Our ride from here to Salalah is gonna be around 300 km.

Best to leave now. I've been told that today we are gonna ride on the most beautiful coastal road in Oman. The more time we have, the better. Also we don't have any fresh water here. Let's go to the village back there and get freshen up. Let's pack all our stuff.

Say the name of Allah and leave. Look at our camping spot, guys. We picked all our stuff and left nothing behind. The next traveler to stay here won't even know that we were here. Wherever you are camping, make sure to always pick all your stuff. Back there, some people threw their food leftovers and garbage.

It's not okay to spoil such a beautiful place. Will be great if you take away everything you brought. You can see empty water bottles here. What I did was, that I put the empty bottle in my bag.

Will throw it in some waste bin in the city. So... lets go... Bismillah... In the name of Allah... *Prayer for the journey* May Allah make this a safe and memorable ride for us.

And I pray the same for all my viewers. We are quite excited today as we are finally gonna reach Salalah. It's been a desire for long.

Although it's not peak season, yet hopefully the nature in Salalah won't disappoint us. Just see how beautiful the beaches in Oman are. Oman is nothing less than pure love. Nevertheless, the wind and weather have been chasing me through my ride in Oman. It kept on raining for the first few days...

Followed by strong windy conditions. The wind is too strong for anyone to sit on the beach. But it's all a part of the journey.

Sometimes the weather is great; sometimes not so much. We try to enjoy whatever our fate throws our way... And then we move on to the next destination. But today, it's much more windy.

Don't think it's gonna be a smooth ride. Salalah is still 300 km away. The weather conditions may improve as we go. There's always a possibility. This is the first time that I have such a long ride along a coastline.

And honestly, someone like me, who is not a very big fan of beaches... This coastline has completely changed my views about beaches. This village is called Shuwaymiyyah... Ash Shuwaymiyyah.

Let's look for some restaurants here. I think this road is the main market side road here. The other one, the coastal road, goes beyond.

I noticed quite a few restaurants yesterday. We will definitely see a few today as well. Should be open as well. Here comes a coffee shop on our left side. I can see burgers on the hoarding as well.

Let's keep going. Doesn't look too good. There's one over here as well.

Assalam Alekum Breakfast? Can I get some breakfast? Yes. What can I get? Chicken. Okay. Our breakfast has been served.

I didn't ask him for any other options after he mentioned chicken curry. That's chicken curry. I have some rotis and a cup of tea.

This is gonna be our breakfast for today. Bismillah... Not only did we have our breakfast here... But I also charged one of my drone batteries. There will be many awesome views along the way...

And we do want to capture them on camera. My drone batteries didn't have charge. So I though to charge at least one of the batteries.

And we can charge one more during our next break. The charger on my motorcycle is malfunctioning. That's why I haven't been able to charge them. Normally I would charge them with my motorcycle charger; one after the other. That's how things have been. This brutal wind has almost made it impossible for me to ride here.

I'm hardly touching 60 - 70 km/h. Because I can't even keep the motorcycle in its lane. That's how strong this wind is.

Now, I'm not too certain of reaching Salalah today. Lets give it an hour or so... Because I can't ride in conditions like these. We can just stay somewhere along the way. I didn't expect the wind to be this strong.

That I won't be able to ride the motorcycle. And going at 60 km/h will considerably delay us. That is if we could continue our ride in the first place. Apparently the weather in Oman is taking some sort of revenge from me. It is believed to be the best season to visit but that's how we are being treated.

I can see mountains in front of us. Just like the ones we have in Gwadar. The weather may be a bit better in the mountains. Look at that... It actually feels like we are traveling on Makran Coastal Highway.

Just like here, Makran Coastal Highway has very little traffic. Ever since I left the village, only one car has passed by. Not another soul. I'm all alone. There is an improvement in the windy conditions here. Because we now have the protection of mountains on both sides.

Overall, riding in such windy conditions is really tough. Let's go to the top of this pass and check out the views from there. It's not safe to fly the drone in such conditions.

It may not come back at all. Amazing... Struggling against the winds, we are gradually moving through this beautiful area.

Our descent has begun. It's almost a 35 km long area that you have to ride through to get to the other side. And then you get to the coast once again. Quite a substantially large area. Let's pray that the conditions on the other side are less windy. I haven't been able to enjoy this area as much as it deserved.

And that's just because of this wind. I read something about a view point here. Don't know about the view point but...

But... I can see a beautiful oasis down there. Looks like it's the sea water that is coming here. Greenish water...

Or is it some water spring... Wa Alekum Salam Wow I didn't expect this at all. I thought we'll get through the mountains and go back to the coastline like before. But you know what... we have indeed reached back to the coastline...

But... We are gonna ride in this same terrain... That means the next part of our journey is gonna be awesome. Awesome... Superb The previous section of this road was through the mountains.

But now it's open from one side and that's where the sea is. With some amazing views... While on the other side, there's this marvelous rock formation. Simply awesome You can easily say that it's one of the most beautiful coastal roads in the world.

No doubt about it. While we are praising this place so much... We could stop here and enjoy these views.

Wonderful Ma Sha Allah.... Just too good. When you travel to far off places, you frequently get asked ... 'Why do you travel on motorcycle?' They refer to the fact that how difficult and tiring motorcycle riding can be. And when you ride through such harsh climate...

The wind back there was too strong to even stand. But when you reach such a place after that... That's pure joy... Of course I make videos and share them with all of you... The joy that you get upon reaching such a unique place after a tough ride, is priceless. It's one of the most amazing places.

Especially the view down there... The color of water is magical. So pristine and clear... That a boat sailing in the distance appears to be floating mid air.

That's how clear the water is. And the beach is a white sandy beach. When the waves crash at the beach, you can see the sand merging into water, even from here.

That's how awesome this place is. I can feel that the next part of our journey is gonna be amazing. It's just the start... Still another 200 km to go. No need to hurry...

We can stop anywhere along the way if we feel like it. Salalah can wait another day for us. It's the first time that I have seen an army check post here.

Lets slow down a bit... We'll stop if they ask us to. Because now we are gradually moving towards Yemen border; that's where Salalah is. For that reason, we may get to see more check posts. They might stop us at some point. So, nobody stopped us.

We have now reached a small village called Hasik. I can see that in front of me. Check out how it looks as if there are vertical walls on my right side. And on the other side...

I don't even have words.... I'm so happy today. Ma Sha Allah... Subhan Allah...

Amazing... Brilliant... Just amazing... We cannot fly our drone here because of army presence in the area.

It could be risky. I think that was an army establishment. It feels great to ride at such places. That boring sort of ride is actually one hard pill to swallow. But everything is awesome about this place.

Not only are you enjoying the ride, but also the distance gets covered in no time. We took a short break near this mosque. Atiq's scooter had a flat tire. I hope it's not punctured.

So we tried to fill it with enough air to make it go. Thank you so much Atiq. Some of your stuff is over there. Just a bottle of water...

I'll grab the goggles in a second. Let me get my stuff and then I'll leave. You are carrying camel milk with you? The camel is back there.

Alright... Thank you... So he got it for you? Is it good for health? Yes it is. You want to try it? No thanks. I don't wanna get sick. You won't get sick... It will just clean your stomach.

Some other time... Thank you... Thank you brother.. Take care... May Allah be your guardian... Thank you I have checked-in to the hotel. You can see that we've got such a nice and spacious room.

For this, I only paid 30 US dollars. Probably one of the cheapest rooms in Oman. That's because the peak season here is July, August and September. The Monsoon season... That's when most of the tourists come here. So, the rates are quite high during that time.

It's good that we got such a decent room in this amount. We are gonna stay here for two to three nights. I've just gotten freshen up... And removed the sand from my hair, that was the result of last night's camping.

So, let's go to some nice place and have our dinner. We have come to an Indian restaurant for dinner. Is it Indian or Bangladeshi? It's Indian. I'm gonna show you the food in a bit. Right now, I'm sitting with Noel. He's from Ireland? Yeah.

He contacted me through Instagram and told me that he is in Salalah. I think you also sent me a message a year ago. Yeah... Right before I went to Iran, I was talking to you as well. So, I got some information from you. I did watch all your videos of Iran.

The food is in front of us. Let me show you our dinner. I've ordered myself parathas as I was bored of eating rice all the time. Noel has biryani. Please start the meal.

Lets finish this vlog at this point. It's been a great day... Enjoyed a lot. Hopefully you must have enjoyed it as well. Just one request for you... Don't hesitate to Like and Comment... So that YouTube keeps on recommending our videos more and more.

Remember me in your prayers. See you in the next vlog. Allah Hafiz

2023-03-08 15:13

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