This is Heaven in The Philippines Bantayan Island

This is Heaven in The Philippines  Bantayan Island

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this is one of the most beautiful beaches that  I've personally seen wow this beach is just   so stunning we could stay here for a very very  long time oh my God this looks like you can fall through hello hello oh my God no diving at low tide is this high tide or  low tide that we're currently looking at should   we dive or no what do you think it looks very  shallow yeah it's probably low tight I don't   even know how I got here with my flip-flops how do  I get back okay how unbelievably beautiful is this   though guys Welcome to our slice of paradise  here in bantayan Island seu Phil Philippines   crystal clear blue water surrounding us right now  and we're starting our day off here at ruins now   I have no idea what this is what ruins of what  building this actually is so please let us know   down below we actually could not find information  about this so yeah please drop a comment down   below but it is nonetheless a fantastic picture  opportunity I'm sure that we're going to be taking   plenty of Instagram selfies and photos and stuff  like that here and right beside here is as you   just saw plenty of cliff diving opportunities as  well yeah at this online that this is the cliff   diving spot yeah please don't die but uh yeah  there is a sign saying no cliff diving at low   tide and this uh looks presumably like it's the  low tight definitely low I think it's like less   than half a meter of water there so if you jump  from this for example you are definitely not the   way the rock is structured there's probably like  halfway is probably where the water usually is if   you point the camera you can see like an indent  that's probably where the water usually goes   100% yeah but nonetheless guys it is absolutely  gorgeous everywhere around here I love the whole   vibe the whole atmosphere everything about the  water is just perfect and the ruins itself is   uh yeah it's like I said it is like a picture  opportunity and there's plenty of spray paint   and stuff like that so it gives you like sort  of a different look and a different feel to it   definitely can take some photos like that you can  pretend it's like album covers or something like   that but uh yeah very fascinating Place very  beautiful place as well and there are people   uh you made it into the water just now I think  you can go from the left side there are people   in the water yeah yeah which is really really nice  the water has like a very cool uh appearance to it   very picturesque and I'm sure the temperature  of the water as well is thank you perfect too   they're saying you need to go there to the left  and then you can go into the water there because   I just saw that couple up here yeah uh so yeah  you can go there to the left and then go into   the water that way wow amazing yeah today guys  we're going to be exploring the whole or as much   of Bantan Island and bringing you guys with us  this island is a very highly recommended place   but at the same time it's a lot less known than  other islands for example like borak or Palawan   or Saro and uh yeah there's a lot less tourists  here I'll be honest and it is fantastic Vibe here   for sure yeah so far the tourists kind of seems  seem to be dotted just along the like western   style uh Resorts so if you do go to some some  nice beaches that are well known uh not like   this one but like the really nice beaches here  on the island Like Paradise Beach or whatever   uh that's where you usually that's where you find  the tourists but everything other than there uh   you don't really see tourists like guess you can  see it's just pretty much uh locals out here and   uh where we are staying we're staying in a really  small place called jmj Island Hut uh Island Hub   not Hut and uh there's no tourist there either  so yeah we're pretty much the only foreigners   everywhere we go other than the like main Whoopi  the main Foreigner spots Great oh my Indonesian   flip-flop just broke no but I think I can shove  it back in maybe I can shove it back in I think so this is the flipflop repair location can  you hold the camera for a second my flip-flop   just broke yeah I need to shove it back in but the  Indonesian plastic is sturdier than I thought Yi   always gets into trouble here I'm not in trouble  my two yearo flipflops from Bali are just not flip   flip-flopping right guys let's go and explore  the island of panan this as a first destination   doesn't get much better St jaw dropping beautiful  pristinely clean as well like unbelievably clean   beautiful white sand beaches beautiful Rocky  beaches anything that you want to experience   this is the real selling point I guess you could  say of the Philippines is just how beautiful it   is and obviously the amazing people as well oh  wow oh my God I assume this is where the water   is usually with normal normal Tide high Tide uh  because the stairs just stop in the middle of the   air yeah true so the water probably comes up to  roughly here and then that would be perfect if you   wanted to dive uh from these rocks so from these  for example you have a nice kind of a platform   that you could jump straight in but yeah way too  low for us right now I would love to jump in to   that crystal clear water especially right now  because wow it's very very hot let's just have   a look at dipping our feet no beautiful yeah  I think we can maybe know where the couple was   we can walk over on the other side and like just  to dip our feet have a look we'll bring you guys   boiling it's just like early in the morning  it's already so hot just look at this place guys definitely can recommend you guys um to  come and visit here for sure the only the only   negative that I'm going to say so far about  this island is if you're someone that relies   on Wi-Fi this is not the place so but that's  that's the case for a lot of these types of   Island destinations if you are someone that  needs to be remote working or you need to be   doing anything really online other than maybe  sending an email it will be difficult yeah in   the last video we have been talking about  potentially uh prolonging our stay here on   bantayan island but um as Luke said we have  no internet so we have no mode of uploading   this video which means we have to go to the  next spot basically and then upload this   video and other videos from there and uh yeah  facilitate our YouTube channel that way and   also my remote work how do you get down there  how how do you go just here oh you can go here nice but you cannot go all the  way you have to climb no sort of   looks like you're halfway in the air  again yeah but the stair stops in the   middle again okay very nice though  wow very cool spot gorgeous really unbelievable and you have miles and miles of  Coastline all the way around this island it   doesn't get any less beautiful the more you  travel around this island that's why we're   calling this our first island paradise that  we visited here in the Philippines this is gorgeous I cannot get over guys the color of the  water here it is like postcard stereotypical blue   and uh everywhere that I'm looking it just gets  better this is like another picture opportunity   another place to take a video another place to  explore and that's what we're going to do now   guys we're going to bring you to a very popular  Beach here on this island but it's not very very   popular in terms of the grand scale of the  Philippines this place is apparently known   as Paradise Beach and that's where we're  going to go to next uh I have no idea of   the real name I think it's like sandira or  something like that but we're going to make   our way there and um apparently you do have  to pay an entrance fee we haven't seen it yet   but uh it's supposed to be the best place for  taking a dip and for if you do like white sand   beaches this next destination that we're heading  to is apparently perfect hence the name Paradise   Beach so let's go check it out there guys as  well obviously there's plenty of restaurants   and cafes and bars and everything like that  and here in Santa Fe on the island Santa Fe   has some pretty great night life we haven't  seen any of it yet but we heard that it has   fantastic night life there's plenty of things to  do during the night and evening times here and   there's a huge selection of great restaurants  you can get local food you can get fast food   you can get burgers Pizza anything that you want  is here on this island so keep that in mind you   will not be short on options when it comes to  food let's go and jump on our scooter that we   rented and head to Paradise Beach goat goat goat  goat the goat goat goat goat goat goat goat goat   trying to find the entrance to candida Beach or  Paradise Beach see how it goes cuz uh from the   looks of it a lot of times it's not obvious where  you have to go left or right because there's like   no signs and it's like Offroad a lot of times  so you have to like drive on Sand and the Rocks hello let's have a look we already went wrong  probably but it's okay it looks like there's   another connecting street so let's just oh  there's a cow that's a young cow it's a cal   so funny to see these like farm animals just  at the beach they're just relaxing having a   good time at the beach with a nice view  so I think it's really nice for the farm animals the younger goat did not like that at all there seems to be like a lot  of places just about to be built   like it's halfway done and the people  are still building on the inside so hello oh yeah I think there will be a lot  more tourism in the future here this is   this is the spot if you want to be somewhere  close to SIU easy to get to this is the spot   here I think over there you have to go to the  left ooh basketball BAS basetball seems to be   a big thing in the Philippines so it's  like everywhere you have basketball uh   places Fields basketball field is that what  you call them court court oh basketball court   okay hello also looks like a lot of people  here are selling maybe food or drinks and   stuff like that locally so maybe it's a good  place to have food at the later stage yep by the way my lower back is still in bits  oh cute H my lower back is still in bits   from the bus strive by the way oh here  Paradise Beach campsite to the left there   is a sign yes oh and the scooter is not  helping my lower back at all NOP on the contrary hello puppy hello hello wowzers welcome to let me fix this camera  guys welcome to sandira beach so we just paid an   entrance fee 25 pesos per person now that seems  to be pretty typical in the Philippines from what   I've been hearing people will charge an entrance  fee for different beaches and it typically depends   on if you want a beach that is totally clean  totally pristine and well-kept and uh no plastic   things like that they typically will charge you  a fee now we just got speaking to some people   and they told us that depending on which side of  the beach that you enter you will be charged 70   pesos per person on a different part of the beach  so if you are looking for um a lowcost entry into   this part or into this beach definitely check out  the uh Lower Side of the beach so the side that's   closest to Santa Fe but it's kind of difficult  to find it online sandira beaches uh where you   paid the 70 pesos and then there's this other  uh one that's called the beat the Paradise Beach   campsite yes there's also a paradise public beach  M I don't know about that one but on Google Maps   The Paradise Beach campsite that's the afford  less expensive access point that's basically   where we just came in and uh 25 pesos per person  so 50 pesos that's um very reasonable especially   considering that this beach is supposedly um  very very clean and supposedly Paradise is yeah   exactly so this is kind of the walkway towards the  beach yeah straight to the water but um yeah it's   understandable I think some other countries that  we visited um like uh turkey for example they do   charge entrances entrance fees to certain beaches  um the difference is in Turkey when you pay for an   entrance fee into a beach it typically will come  with things like um facilities so like you'll have   maybe outdoor showers or changing rooms or stuff  like that now this is our very first experience   with a pay to enter beach in the Philippines so  we don't really know what to expect let us know   Down Below guys if uh you do recommend anywhere  else around the north of seu because that's where   we're pretty much going to be for a while uh  after here we have some very interesting that   we're going to go to but it will be around the  north of Sabu so stay tuned for that there's a   pathway here pathway over here nice have a look  if this is the way to go it looks like there's   some sort of stairs or something maybe I can see  I can see wet people so this is probably the place   yeah it's the stairs wow oh my God this looks like  you can fall through seems kind of kind of weird   a little bit scary to fall through the stairs  be careful with the stairs there big hold big Cubs okay we made it we survived wow this is cool so apparently this  beach is sort of separated it by two owners so   that side you will have to pay 70 pesos and  this side you will have to pay 25 pesos per   person so that's kind of the difference I guess  between sandida Beach and Paradise Beach hello hello have a look you want to put the towel  maybe in the shade yeah like under the rock or   something that would be perfect let's live under  the rock like Patrick Star there's also a doggy   at the beach wondering if the doggy also paid  entrance probably not probably not everything's   free for dogs is it wet no no it's not all good  all good place the towel down and go for maybe a   snorkel or something like that yeah this beach  is something seriously beautiful though check   out how the herit huh oh there's hermit crabs  oh my God it's quite cold I clean the waters   wow and then there in the distance I don't know  if you can see it in the distance you have like   fish farms or maybe shrimp Farms or something  like that so it seems like uh there's a lot   of local sort of agricultural activities going on  here in the area as well especially with the cows   and the goats and all of that jazz as well and  then obviously you have fish farms and shrimp   Farms so yeah there's a lot of local activities  outside of Tourism as well so that's nice to see Stone and all yeah yeah yeah wow wow this beach is just so stunning and the  water surprisingly enough it's not uh it's not   like lukewarm or anything like that it's kind  of more on the refreshing side I don't know if   that's just because it's insanely hot out here or  if the water temperature is actually a little bit   colder but it does like if you compare it if you  go in it does feel a little bit refreshing so it's   very nice oh somebody Switched Off the Light  now I cannot see anything um but yeah I just   went for a little bit of a snorkle there and  uh it's absolutely stunning here you can can   see some fish and a lot of uh sort of starfish  and stuff like like that around here you do have   some puffer fish and Stuff swimming around so  oh there's a shell oh no there's a hermit crab   living in that shell I I'll leave him alone but  yeah you can uh see some different sort of fish   around here so I do feel like this beach is  still relatively healthy now um there is no   Reef or anything like that at least not in the  first sort of 20 to 50 M um but maybe if you go   a little bit out I'm sure maybe there in the  distance or something like that where there's   not so many people not so many visitors maybe  there is still a reef that would be intact I'm   not too sure but uh yeah overall the beach  is pretty empty there's Luke now teeny tiny Luke overall there's not so many people um  there's quite a bit of local tourists as well   like Filipino people that are just out for the day  H with their fames so that's really nice to see   and uh there's also some sort of foreign tourists  like ourselves so it's a nice mix it's not only   I don't know in the beginning when we arrived I  thought it was maybe a little bit one-sided just   with h foreign tourists with foreigners but it's  not actually it's kind of a nice mix of them but   yeah my God I don't even need to put the camera on  the water uh to show you guys how clear the water   is you can see basically everything and then  you have darker spots out there where it seems   like there's some algae or something like that  growing but yeah absolutely stunning place and   uh if you're hiding a little bit there under the  rock formations you can even um sit in the shade   so that's nice now I don't know if the sun moves  a little bit maybe during the day maybe there will   be a little bit less Shades but yeah right now  we can still sort of shove our belongings into   the shade so that our phones aren't blowing up  so yeah super nice place what do you think yeah   I understand the name guys this is for sure the  paradise uh this is where Naomi just brought you   guys and as you can see it is uh just gorgeous  and it stretches a good bit down this way and to   be honest for me this is one of the most beautiful  beaches that I've personally seen the whole vibe   here is very relaxed everything in general on  the island of bantayan is just perfect and uh   we could stay here for a very very long time if  there was more Wi-Fi that's the only issue that   we're running into again in this island and we are  people that depend on it unfortunately we really   wish that we didn't have to depend on it but if we  didn't this would one 100% be a perfect place for   us to spend a very very long time maybe a couple  weeks or a couple months or whatever yeah guys I   think next up we're going to bring you guys to  another location we're going to hop back on the   scooter after we dry off because we've been sort  of swimming around and speaking to a couple of   tourists that are here and uh we're going to head  to our next location we're going to go and check   out a different part of this island different  part of um we're currently in Santa Fe and then   there's also bantayan town as well so we'll take  you over there and see what we can find because   we haven't explored anything yet so other than  this and we are not disappointed with this at all something as well before we leave this beach  there is very limited amounts of shade here so   just be careful if you are coming here try and  get yourself a place on the under parts of the   these rocks other than that you will be stuck  in the direct sun and you don't really want   that for a long time so but there is plenty  of places um all along the beach where you   will be able to find shade uh it's just if  it's a little bit busy you might not be in   look but yeah keep that in mind guys let's  go and check out the rest of this amazing Island well done yep Sal bye-bye bye bye cow oh my God Island Road baby Island roads baby baby oh my God okay we are currently driving  away from Paradise Beach and we want to go to   bantayan City or bantayan Village we're not sure  how large of a place it is but uh yeah at the   moment our reception is so bad that I literally  I I am struggling to even find the way the maps   the map is not loading or anything like that  so we're just sort of uh driving and driving   and driving to see if we're going to get better  reception somewhere and we're driving into the   general direction of where we think monan is  but we're not 100% sure so we might uh might   go somewhere else hello but yeah the locals are  super friendly so I think if we're going to get   stuck somewhere because we don't know where  to go we're just going to ask the local and   they obviously are going to know where to  go so yeah maybe we will just have to ask somebody right guys we managed to get to bantayan  uh City and it seems like there's a lot more   sort of locals here there's a lot more hustle and  vessle in uh in general it seems to be like where   pretty much where the locals live on the island if  they don't live in rural part seems to be bantayan   it's the part I believe so far at least it seems  to be the most developed here on the island so   we have very good roads all over here um lot of  like larger sort of Supermarket even some fast   food chains and so on so this seems to be the  place to come for develop stuff we need to go left sorry it says no entry I don't know this  one no he says no Google map says to go here   he says no no entry no entry for St Peter's  no the church St Peter Church oh oh this way   okay okay thank you turn around Google map  says to go here back this is the back of the   church the the okay so if we go this way and  around is okay around the plaza oh okay okay   nice but Google Maps Google Maps says to go  here so uh yeah whatever you do when you come   to this Fontan Island uh try not to rely on  Google Maps or anything like that hello okay okay thank you thank you so whatever you  do do not rely on Google Maps either the   maps don't load or if they do load  they send you down a oneway street   where you're not supposed to be going  maybe yeah you have to find your way   around sort of with by asking locals so  just drive around the plaza here this way he sort of said to drive around the plaza   and then it's on that left side this is  beautiful really large Plaza here very nice ah it seems like they have a lot of nice  decorations here with the little sort of flags   in the top wow this is a nice place very nice oh  even basketball court here public one where's the   church we're just trying to go to church  oh it's over there it's over there yeah   maybe we can park somewhere and just walk over  here so yeah as you see guys General confusion   about what we're doing and where we're going  but that's just the usual motorcycle parking   only okay we are a motorcycle well kind of  scooter by the way my phone never managed to   actually um load Google Maps but Luke's phone  man managed so yeah make sure you have two phones welcome to the center of pantan now this  looks like Naomi said a lot more developed than   Santa Fe where we're staying you've got big  playgrounds you have basketball courts you   have a ton of different options for food  as well all in one square so yeah we're   going to check out this church and see what  we can uh see if we can check it out it may   be from the outside or maybe if we can even  and go inside we'll see yeah this looks like   a nice little spot we're already nearly dry  by the way yeah welcome to St Peter and the   apostles church now this is apparently a musy  here in bantian and that's the whole reason   that we kind of came here to check it out  is because the host of our Airbnb actually   recommended us to come and see this place so  let's see if we can make our way inside and   show you guys this beautiful Church it does look  pretty old as well I'm guessing maybe 15 1600s gorgeous so this is like the cork yard just  outside of the church very nice little space   here whole bunch of different shrines  and there's even a cafe over here as well [Music] so the inside of this church  is genuinely I think for me I don't know   about Naomi this is one of the most beautiful  churches that I've ever seen in my life it is   a long church and the entire ceiling is covered  in absolutely beautiful frescos all the way down   to the Altar and it seems to accommodate and  fit a a lot of people yeah it's a lot bigger   uh on the inside than it actually looks on the  outside and it says there on the sign that the   Fresco show the creation of men the fall and  then Redemption so basically if you start here   you start with Adam and Eve and then you go down  and it just tells the entire story of humanity basically it's really gorgeous this is uh  genuinely the first it's the first church   that I've ever walked into and I've just not been  able to speak I've just been totally speechless [Music] actually the work that they dated  here on the church is really incredible   sorry I'm trying not to speak too loud because  there's obviously people praying but you can   even see the Fresco of santono deu here in this  church they have really beautiful uh glass work [Music] everywhere how cool is that kind of feels  like the circl fulfilling itself if that   makes sense in English uh yeah I'm trying I'm  so sorry we're trying not to scream inside   of the church obviously to not disturb any  other people out here we can speak normally   but they also have a cafe here from what  it looks like and they have a St Petro's   uh church here as well which is very very  cool like a little kind of Cathedral on   the side just for St Pedro cuz obviously  this church is called St Pedro so hello and I believe out there with the ladies  you can buy some candles as well and then   light them here on the side wow this is so  cool oh the cafe is called the fisherman's Cafe Luke and I are sort of on the lookout now  for uh some food that was initially the plan   obviously seeing the S St Peter's Church here and  then uh maybe finding something to eat on the way   somewhere uh let's have a look we found we saw  a good few kind of like Leon and chicken places   on the way so maybe we can we can find some nice  barbecued something something yeah I think we're   in the right place in terms of selection of food  uh bantayan Town itself has a lot more it's a lot   larger and more sort of put together I think than  Santa Fe Santa Fe is like the real sleepy beachy   part of the island and that's where we're staying  obviously but here I think we'll be able to find   something to eat for sure on the main plaza kind  of seems to be like bake shop Central like they   have loads and loads of pastry shops but nothing  saory and we're kind of looking for a lunch not   for breakfast or sort of afternoon tea so we came  back out a little bit and found chicken publico   hello how are you so chicken publico uh I believe  this is where we're going to have lunch maybe they   have something nice let's have a look looks like a  nice spot now looks like a nice spot yeah it looks   like they already sold out nearly everything  but they have some some fried chicken and some Shia which we still didn't try so maybe we can  try that one all right guys let's see what we   can get here so on the menu they have a  two-piece combo a one piece chicken and   a six- piece chicken and corn dog dogs hello  you have corn dogs uh yes sir but I need to   cook sorry need to cook oh okay how long how  long does it take uh 10 minutes 10 minutes   okay it's okay I'll have uh one big corn  dog one big corn dog and for me the combo one rice oh then maybe also a corn dog then  just two corn dogs two corn dogs um yeah   sure and uh you have mango milkshake yeah for  me one mango milkshake and for me a blueberry milkshake all right guys let's try some corn  dogs at a chicken place here in h monan very   random but should be good they have a very  um sort of random mix of things you can get   Ramen rice bowls different types of chicken  they have rice currently in the rice cooker   that's going to be done in roughly like 17 18  minutes but uh we're deciding to go for the   corn dogs why not big corn dog is only 55 pesos  with mozzarella cheese so can't really go wrong there oh wow thank you thank you sir Ming oh this one looks really nice with the  sauce she went all lot on her sauce KS   really big corn [Music] dogs oh my uh straw  literally just blew down the street but   we we retrieved it he ran away from look  don't use me that's actually really nice   it tastes like a what are these like gogurts  or something oh it tastes like a Gogurt kind of that's very refreshing that's really  nice like a mango milkshake but tastes   like yogurt it's very nice not not too sweet  I'm going to give my blueberry shake a try   here as well guys see if I can get it first  try boom Easy Like Sunday Morning skillful   skillful job so we found this place guys  just on the street that basically connects   this is actually called Santa Fe 2 bantay  Road or Street and uh I'm very excited now   to try these corn dogs but let's give  this blueberry version of Naomi strink TR it's really thick oh she really tasty as well I like mango better yeah I like  I like blueberry better this is very   very tasty this is so heavy that it like  it looks like the stick is going to snap   you think it's h too hot to eat it might  be hot but be careful just maybe give it a nibble oh my god oh the cheese P holy Jes I did not expect for the used to be in there  I didn't I didn't know that was the best cheese   Bowl I've seen in a long time it's nice very good  obviously deep deep fried deep fried goodness so   you can't really say anything bad about it it's  deep fried it has cheese it has mayonnaise it has   ketchup it has everything I don't know if there's  like a sausage on the is there supposed to be a   sausage on the inside or I'm assuming because  we're at a chicken place it should be a chicken   sausage on the inside but I have no idea W there's  a chicken sausage found good very good tasty uhhm   yeah okay I think I'm going to give it a try now  as well I'm really liking this blueberry Shake though very refreshing road is pretty busy here guys Naomi is   handing me my giant corn dog don't let  the stick snap let's give it a try here oh my God I wasn't paying attention for 2  minutes and I look back at the Clos at sa I'm covered in sauce that again was a  really crazy hello hello really crazy cheese   pool the flavor off of this is um it's very  nice it has obviously just a gigantic deep   fried casing I think it's mayonnaise and  ketchup over the top of it packed full of   mozzarella cheese as well and uh yeah it's going  to basically keep us full I think for the next   maybe couple of hours while we are scootering  around Fan Ireland um it's pretty good value   for 55 pisos it's less than1 yeah 55 P it's like  maybe like 90 cents or something like that it's   very tasty like I I don't mind it at all like  it's not maybe what uh what we could put on   is like uh something like spicy something spicy  would make be nice other than that it's amazing   that's very true maybe some um chili flakes  or something like that over the top give it   a little bit of a kick this is a very nice oh  Naomi has another cheese pull again there's so   much cheese a lot of cheese yeah I think for  455 pesos you can't really go wrong this is   going to be a very filling and a very satisfying  snack I'm not even one quarter of a way through mine also the shakes are delicious  they're very very refreshing they're   not overly sweet uh they're just  perfect this is a really great stuff I'm very happy here yeah what was it called chicken publo chicken  publo is the name so if you chicken place yeah   public chicken place if you do see Chicken publico  on the Main Street here in bantayan give the corn   dog and maybe a blueberry or a mango shake uh you  really can't go wrong I would even try the combos   they have like rice and fried chicken combo  that's what I initially wanted but the rice   would have taken like another like 20 minutes  to cook so I said oh I'm going to have a corn   dog as well but I'm sure the rice and chicken  is also nice so we were just on the east side   of the island and no sorry we were just on the  west side of the island and because of how small   the island is we're talking about like 6 km to  go onto the East Side just sort of cross it once   and that's exactly what we're doing right now  because there's one more place that we really   want to see so we're just sort of in the process  of Crossing uh through the those like 6 km that   I just said and we're nearly basically on the  east side right now this entire Road just sort   of looks like this there's not a whole lot going  on on the left and the right we just saw like one   or two smaller churches other than that there's  like really nothing going on it's just pretty   much like agricultural land you can see obviously  the banana trees some palm trees uh papaya and   so on other than that there's not a whole lot on  like the middle of the island what it looks like   uh very interesting bird I don't know if you just  saw that there there was like a blue king fisher I   think from what it looked like any who's is we're  really excited to eat up one or two more spots and   uh we're just on the way there right now I just  don't want to get there and be like so guys we are   there and then you guys don't know how we manage  to cross the island so yeah we are crossing right now wow these people really must like their  privacy yes left to here it's very interesting   to see that this is like the street is just  like sand like you can see here and but then   there's like people living uh basically  at the beach like it's completely normal um it basically says now that the beach is on  the right here don't know if you can follow   this street without trespassing to somebody's  home seems to be okay kind of maybe right hey   we went wrong again or kind of we went right but  Google Maps sent us in the wrong direction uh we   came here to see bat Lagoon beach and also I think  from here you might have a like relatively nice   view onto Virgin Island do you mind taking this  helmet off me okay I'm not sure if you actually   have to pay here but there's like uh Lagoon  information and the man is already looking at   us so maybe you have to pay or he wants to sell  a boat tour I don't know we have to have a look   so guys this is uh known as a lagoon apparently  over here I believe there's like a couple sand   bars I'm not too sure now what this island over  here in the distance is but this one on the left   left side here is Virgin Island and that is  supposedly supposedly you can go snorkeling   uh scuba diving stuff like that let us know down  below if you guys have done that but uh yeah it's   supposedly a very nice place a nice place to see  a lot of uh sea life I think there's a reef Virgin   Island as well around the virgin Island and um  probably a place where you can see the treasure   sharks as well cuz I know malap Pasqua malap Pasa  is very well known for uh treasure shark diving   now this beach here is definitely not as pretty  as the Paradise Beach but I suppose the east side   of the island probably has to do with the fact  that it's not a paid to enter Beach it is still   very nice it's uh just a little bit more on the  local side there's obviously a lot of uh What's   this called sarazm This is called sargas sarazm  yeah so there's a lot of s I believe it's just   because we are on the east side of the island  so this way I believe it's yeah you can see   the Open Water from here so I do believe that's  why uh this beach looks a little bit like this   and it's also a lot more local it's just sort of  fisherman and I think you can take the boat from   here as well to go to Virgin Island now we heard  sort of various prices sort they sort of ranging   in between 1,000 to 1,200 uh pesos to get over  to the Virgin Islands and back that's a round   trip and that's per boat it's not per person so  you can like put as many people as fit basically   onto the boat and still pay 1,000 to 1,200 pesos  yeah like if you for example take a group of your   friends if you have four people five people  whatever hello hello four or five people six   people whatever uh you can definitely mitigate  and like limit the amount of money per person   that you're spending so you don't have to go with  just yourself or just two people or whatever but   uh this is a very unique looking Beach because  here it has like sort of I'm guessing a man-made   Pier it looks like they literally just use rocks  to make this pure and then you have all of the   fisherman boats as well and a lot of people  are drawing their clothes on their boats that's   interesting and then sort of this way you have  all lagon all the Lagoon is over there oh okay   now I understand this is not the Lagoon this is  just the open where you can go to Virgin Island   and this way is the Lagoon oh the Lagoon is just  here behind us ah okay so you can see we're kind   of on the beach here yeah and this is the Lagoon  basically yeah so we're being split by the by the   Lagoon so this here obviously is open waterall  and then the Lagoon goes in here behind but uh   yeah it's definitely a different side to Bantan  Island the beaches that we saw earlier today uh   they have Crystal Clear beautiful water this  water is actually the same it's very clear and   very clean but there's a lot of sarcasm here at  the moment and I guess that just has to do with   the side of the island that we're on and also  the fact that this is not the touristy part of   the island like Naomi said it just seems to be a  lot of uh fishing activity yeah but I do believe   it's still it's still tourist still a lot of  people taking the boats from here it's just   not the staying at the beach side of the island  I guess yeah yeah oh there's a goat on the beach   there's a goat on the beach I was initially  planning to maybe walk down onto those rocks   but I don't know if it's even possible yeah  yeah true you okay wow guys different side to   the island yeah but I kind of feel like this  uh makes the island a lot nicer and more sort   of local yeah that's a little bit the part that  where I was like sometimes was missing that's   very true it was kind of like feeling a little  bit touristy here and there yeah sometimes um   different Islands depending on where you go they  can feel like they're too touristy or there's too   many um tourist activities but here on this side  of the island as you can see it's very peaceful   very quiet and uh super local these are usually  the types of places that we enjoy the absolute   most so I'm very glad that we decided to drive  the scooter out here and check this place out it's gorgeous hello you okay hello a

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