This is a serious problem with my motorcycle |S7 - E12|

This is a serious problem with my motorcycle |S7 - E12|

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Ohh! Doing some proper chemistry down here Oh Okay Good morning Internet, it is 9:15 in the morning and welcome back to the channel I'm not even going to try to pronounce where I am because I'll just get it wrong This is where Alaska has been staying. They're building a.. an elevator at the hotel here. So it's a little bit chaotic I already brought all my stuff over so I'm just gonna load Alaska up Although, maybe I'll first get her out of there and then load her up there It's probably better Alright. Turn around here I'll tell you in a bit, I'll tell you about my plan for today But first I'm gonna ride past, there's this district close by, where there are a couple of mechanics So I just want to check if they're there. I doubt they're open right now but I'm just gonna try And if not, I'll try in the next place to find a mechanic It's Sunday today. Sunday morning so forget it Also seems to be more a car place than motorbikes Interesting place Moto? Mechanic? Huh? Yeah, they're sleeping. Yeah

One in here? Okay I'll try Okay, thank you Try in here They are all sleeping.. ..Still. It's 9:30 on a Sunday I thought it was worth a shot Interesting place! It's not something you would normally see, I guess Alright, I'll just keep going then I can switch gears so.. it's okay So where am I going? To Tata That's the place I'm going to today Try to go.. Tata and I'll be riding through the desert

That's my plan off-roading. Whoop whoop Let me see Oh, it's a very rocky track Very bumpy, maybe I should.. It's a little bit better Still.. I can't go too fast because there's some big, big rocks Right, 233 kilometers of off-road through the desert That is quite the distance to be honest There might be some military bases around here too I'm not sure. But I'm relatively close to the border with Algeria

The land border between Morocco and Algeria has been closed for decades So I guess they're not the best of friends So there's some military bases, I guess to control that area But I don't know if I will encounter some or not What cool is.. is that I'm now riding on some of the old Paris Dakar routes So the old Dakar, the original Dakar rally would go through this area Visibility is not so good today. I can barely even see those mountains and they're not so far away So I guess it's the wind is just picking up some sand Every now and then I see some vague tire tracks but it's so faint It's not really a road here whatsoever So the wind is picking up and the visibility is just getting less and less So while I'm standing here, I think I should change my plan because I can't really read these desert conditions And I don't want to end up in like a full-blown sandstorm alone here in the middle of nowhere So I'm gonna change my plan and find another route Not through this valley here Also because there is absolutely no visible road here. I just kind of have to pick my way through the area which is fine If I can see where I'm going but there's a whole bunch of sand in the air That might get very tricky I can't see where I'm going anymore so..

Change of plans. You must respect the desert At all times It's funny 'cause now that I see my own tire track You know, I can also really notice that I am by far the freshest track There are no other fresh tire tracks around here It's not a popular route. See here's my track I have arrived in Tata Seems like a bit of a bigger place See if I can stay here tonight The next day.. I'm going to look for a mechanic to help me bend my gear lever back These are the instructions that I got. The guy's name Ramdan. - Ramdan Ramdan And I'm here so I should go here. This is where he should be

Alaska is inside over here Yes! - Ah Thank you See if I can find Ramdan See? Ah, it doesn't want to go to third gear So yeah. It is really necessary to get it fixed Sometimes I get it.. then see I go back to first.. second No, now it doesn't want to go Right, somewhere here. Ah, I see motorcycles I see mechanics Maybe this one Hi. - Ramdan? Hi. - Ramdan?

Ramdan, yes You? - Yes. - Your name Ramdan? - Yes. Ah, I'm looking for you! What problem? I have.. it's small problem. I bent my gear lever. The bike fall on this side and now it's bent inside So now I cannot shift up because it's touching. - Okay, okay. 10 minutes. Okay, okay. - No problem

Good. Oh, sorry Yeah, okay good. Oh, I have one more thing Um.. can you also.. because I break the chain guard It's just that this one.. this one is really tight. I couldn't.. I couldn't remove that one But I think it's better if it's gone Just this one So I asked him if he could remove these two parts which was still left from my chain guard That one and on that side 'cause they were really tight but now I think he's going to make me a new chain guard I think, that's.. that's the idea. He was like, how far do you want it? So let's see Right? - Yeah.

Here? - Yeah, yeah. Something like that, yeah Excuse me, where are you from? - The Netherlands Yeah You like my bike? - It's great. - Good bike Are you from here? -Yes. Exactly. - What do you do here? You work in this shop?

No, no, I am a teacher of English Ah ha What are you doing here then now? Just .. relaxing - I just came here to visit my friend Ah, okay. - His father owns this shop Ah okay, I see Nice Okay. - I got a new chain guard. Look at that! I think only about half the.. Half the width only maybe This work is Morocco - Ah ha Okay. - Okay. Check out my brand new chain guard Custom made Look at that Goodbye! Alright, I'm just gonna have a look at my air filter now I'm thinking I'll have to clean it I'm using like these reusable air filters which I can just clean So I have two of them, one in the bike and one spare. So then while I'm cleaning the one, I can already put back the other

That was my theory. So.. but let's first see how it looks like. I think I sucked up quite a little bit of sand Yeah, that's a little dirty. See, this is how it looks like This is how the clean filter looks like this. So this is the inside, at least the inside's still clean So no dirt is going through my filter. This is the other side, so I'm gonna give this one a clean and put my other one in now Ohh! You're not gonna believe this, but so I'm looking here at my air box and I'm like, let's clean it And I.. look at that. There is a huge.. there are two enormous holes in my air box But that must have happened already when the whole chain guard thing happened It must have slammed How is this possible? Honestly, I do not understand this But uh.. well, that is really bad

Okay, it started raining outside so I moved Alaska in Oh man, I can't believe I didn't notice this before I don't know if it's when this happened but my guess is it must have happened at the same time that I smashed that chain guard. I don't know, I was just.. I think so focused on the chain guard which was broken because that was really obvious That I did.. I didn't see it. I did not notice it at all. So the good thing I think, is that basically nothing happened so I didn't hurt my engine at all. No dirt has gone past my air filter But of course with two big holes in my air box.. my air filter is going to get full very quickly. So yeah, I think what I'm going to do is, I am going to contact I think

The Honda dealer where I bought Alaska in the Netherlands and ask, because somehow I don't know I doubt that I can get this here in Morocco I don't know. Um.. I doubt it. Let's see, um.. I also don't know if they have it in stock in the Netherlands. And then see if I can get a new air box and in the meantime uh.. try to close the holes and just keep riding I don't know. I don't know, I don't know what else to do Uh.. I have to think of a plan. What's the plan? Close the holes Here's my hero! Okay I am you know.. cleaning air filter. I noticed.. - Oh my God! I know, two big holes Um.. so I think..

Polyester.. okay Okay, no problem. - No problem. - No problem. Oh, I love it! No problem Right, back to the workshop we go Yeah, I just need a temporary solution so I can keep riding and then Yeah, see if I can order a new air box Whooh, this rain is real! I'm not sure what happened with my tablet. It's all flipping out in Chinese

(Laughing) Heavy, huh? Okay, this is the workplace now Oh yeah, this one No, no only one One (Arabic): One So to get to the air box, we need to.. well, Ramdan needs to take all this stuff off Duct tape, yeah Step one, duct tape Okay What's this? Poly Polymer Okay Okay. Step two, polymer Step three, another bottle Okay, a little bit of that Doing some proper chemistry down here Oh Okay What is this? This is polyester. - Polyester

So he puts the polyester inside Okay No more holes Okay, so the hole is closed or both the holes are closed And he also fixed something on my side panel, it had also two holes But that was unrelated, they were pretty much already there when I reached Alaska But I couldn't get a new side panel. Otherwise, I would have wanted to replace that side panel but I couldn't so that was an old damage that they also fixed now But of course, the main thing was the two holes in my air box It's fixed. He first tried to get the whole air box out, that's why he dismantled a lot of Alaska But I think in the end, they decided it was too difficult to get the air box out so they filled it from within So now he's just gonna put everything together. It needs to dry for about 30-40 minutes I think We have the motorbike shop right here and then on the left we have the tea shop Tea - Tea Tea.. good - Good Thank you Delicious Delicious No, no, no, no, no now fixed. Now everything fixed

Okay Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you, hey Good luck Good night - Good luck and good night Good luck in Italy Bye! Goodbye! Alright That was it then Oh, it's gotten late! But I think it's okay I no longer have a hole in my air box or two holes in fact I think.. I think they did a really good job. I'm not sure, I'm not an expert on fixing holes in air boxes I have no idea. I think I have a solution for now Tomorrow hopefully, I'll hear back from the Honda guys in the Netherlands, if they can order a new air box just in case And then I'll see uh.. yeah, where I can send it to

So anyway, I'm going to end this video now because it's late, it's dark almost. I'm pretty tired I hope you enjoyed these shenanigans of today And if you did, please give a big thumbs up and give a thumbs up for the guys who were amazing and then I'll see you next video

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