The Six Benefits of Touring: The Journey Review to Darajat Garut

The Six Benefits of Touring: The Journey Review to Darajat Garut

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Bismillah. Assalaamu’alaikum. Hi guys, I’m Tantan. Here, we would like to share about Tips of Touring Safety; Wisdom and the Benefits of Touring; All New Yamaha Nmax 2022 Review; Akaso V50X Action Camera Review, and so on.

This is a flood of rainwater that pools in the streets. Our Journey starts from here. There are many touring challenges for the bikers, such as floods, rain, cold air, dark nights, and so on. Something feels beautiful, when we can go through it all.

It is the Baleendah Monument. Looks beautiful caught on camera. Reportedly, the monument was made to commemorate the struggle of the Indonesian people in the Baleendah area, Bandung. This is the famous "Monteng Climbing" trail. This route is an alternative route that connects Bandung with Garut, or vice versa.

Cornering Tips. If turning to the right, then the motorcycle must be tilted to the right. That is, by pressing the right handlebar slightly forward, and the left handlebar slightly backward. Something feels beautiful, when we are cornering, uphill, downhill, straight, and so on. Akaso Type V50X Action Camera Review. We will review from the side of the image, wide mode, and stabilizer mode.

Now let's look at the motorcycle driven by a colleague of ours, which is in front of us. Almost the bike is not strong enough to climb. Later, we'll ask what the problem is, and inspect the bike. Now let's look at a colleague of ours up ahead. He is the leader of the way or guide who shows the way, or opens the way. If the motorbike is too fast, we will chase it, and ask him to slow down; so that our friends who are still behind us are not too far behind. Now, let's look at the clouds hanging in the sky. It looks amazing.

Many things we noticed during the trip, ranging from people, trees, clouds, fog, and so on. In front of it is the famous "Yellow Bridge" in this area. It is called the "Yellow Bridge" because the paint is yellow.

In this place, we rested for a while, to rest for a while, and check our vehicles. After resting for a while, we continued our journey. Now, we will review the all new Yamaha NMAX 2022 motorcycle. The performance of this motorbike is very good. The engine is powerful. So, the bike is easy to bulldoze the incline. In addition, convenient to carry cornering, straight, and so on.

In short, this bike is recommended for touring. The touring place we are going, is Darajat Garut. In that place there are many hot tubs, or warm baths. The plan, we will stay overnight there. This is a video recording when we came home from a tourist location. Currently the stabilizer mode of the akaso camera has been activated. So, the image looks more stable and clear.

There are 6 benefits of touring: 1. Psychological benefits; 2. Physiological benefits; 3. Sociological benefits; 4. Empirical benefits; 5. Organizational benefits;

6. Religious benefits. 1. Psychological benefits. There are 7 Points: 1) As a refreshing, namely as an activity that can clear the mind, enjoy a new atmosphere, the beauty of nature, and as a way out of the saturation of daily routines.

2) Get new ideas. After touring, usually new ideas or new ways to do work become even better. 3) Practice concentration. Ability to focus, the concentration of the rider in controlling the vehicle for a long time; can be applied so that he can stay focused in his daily work. Whether you realize it or not, it has something to do with it. 4) Train mental strength. A rider must prepare mentally, so as not to shrink, or be afraid, in the face of various challenges that may be faced, on his journey.

Such as rain, wind, fog, flood, landslide, cold, dark night, and so on. That mental strength, he can apply to face problems or challenges in his work or in his life. So he can become a strong person. 5) Train the strength of the heart's intention. In order to be successful touring, the intention must be strong. Do not hesitate. After making preparations, just go. 6) Train the concentration of the mind. How strong, or how long, can a rider stay focused and concentrated, for a period of time, or several hours, in controlling his vehicle? 7) Practice patience. During the journey, a rider must be patient across the road until his destination, and until his returns home safety.

He can use his patience in other places, wherever he is. So, psychological benefits include the seven benefits as described earlier. 2. Physiological Benefits: Touring trains physical strength. For the record, feeling sore, tired, and other things that are normal on long trips.

However, in the end, his physique became even stronger to travel even further. 3. Sociological Benefits Touring activities have an impact on the social interactions of the participants.

They were closer, closer, to each other; ties of friendship are tied more strongly; help each other, help each other; compact, solid group cooperation; there are jokes, laughter, understanding each other, understanding each other. Really, it was a heartwarming, delightful situation. That's the beauty of being together. That's among the benefits of touring. 4. Empirical Benefits (Experience) Empirically, the benefit of touring activities for riders is to add new knowledge or new experiences, or places that they may just visit. 5. Organizational benefits

That is, starting from the structure of the committee, the path to be taken, the activities to be carried out at the destination location, and so on. All of this requires good management, organization and management. 6. The Benefits of Religion This is the most important benefit, and the most valuable to us. The benefits of religion include the benefits of the world and the hereafter.

This is one of the conditions, if it is done with the intention of Allah Ta'ala; as a form of worship to Him. So, we must straighten our intentions so that we get the good of this world and the hereafter. God willing. Those are some of the benefits of touring that we can describe here. Perhaps, the other benefits are even more than what we have mentioned.

Our hope is that we can share, share experiences, kindness, and other useful things for many people. Well, here we have shared a review, about various things; starting from travel reviews, cameras, touring safety tips, motorcycle reviews, to the wisdom and benefits of touring. However, in this case, we are aware that there are still many shortcomings, so we ask to the Viewers, Youtubers, to provide suggestions, or comments, so that we can make a better review or video.

So that the benefits are even more for many people. And don't forget to subscribe, like, comment and share. Finally, we would like to thank everyone who helped organize this activity. Special thank for dr. Apen Afghani, Sp.PD; The Crew of The Hemodialisa RSUD Al Ihsan Pemprov Jabar Bandung; The Member of The Touring Darajat Garut 2022 Thank you also to everyone who has watched this video to the end. Alhamdulillah. Wassalaamu'alaikum Warahmatullohi wabarokatuh.

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