The Road to My First Adv Touring Motorcycle | How I Found My First Adv Touring Motorcycle

The Road to My First Adv Touring Motorcycle |  How I Found My First Adv Touring Motorcycle

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morning everyone and welcome back to the channel today's video is very interesting and we are going to discuss about my personal experience how I selected bmwr 1250 GS Adventure this was not only a motorcycle for me but this was my dream this was my goal which I was dreaming about since 5 to 6 years and how I reached to this journey and how I selected the BMW R2 50 gs adventure and what are the consequences I had what are the pros and cons I went into what was my strategy to select this motorcycle definitely I'm going to share overall my experience with you people so the people who are planning to buy the motorcycle the new people new Rider who are uh confused which motorcycle I need to purchase either I should go with the adventure either should I go with a uh touring motorcycle naked motorcycle so this is something which is going to help you and uh let me uh give you uh the my background how I went into this and what was my strategy what strategy I followed uh to select the BMW 1250 GS Adventure so my little bit I will give you to you about my my background uh I was riding uh 150cc motorcycle in India uh from 2001 until 2006 and after that I moved to uh the GCC country for my work purposes and I stayed over there for almost 16 years and during this 16 years I did not get an opportunity to ride any motorcycle but yes having such kind of a motorcycle or one of the kind of motorcycle was always my dream which I wanted to fulfill and I wanted to uh make sure that whichever motorcycle I buy uh it should be uh fully for my purpose and I can use it to the to the maximum so actually what happened is uh when I was planning to look into the motorcycle what are the options available what are the brands available and I could find out that there are a lot of Brands like harid wson there is Honda and in Honda you have multiple variations in motorcycle you have Dy Davidson you have many options available in that you have BMW you have ducatti you have trium you have KTM so when I started doing my research into the motorcycle I found that oh my goodness it is going to be a crazy part because there are plenty of options available with each and every brand and when I was uh in my previous job I was working in Qatar and some of my my colleagues they used to use Harley Davidson a cruiser motorcycle but the unfortunately somehow I was not convinced with Harley Davidson that I wanted to have the Harley Davidson in for me my my plan was that I should have a motorcycle and I should go to anywhere any places with my motorcycle and I should not have any kind of a hiccups I should not have any kind of a regret which for the investment which I have done because uh this is again all about a passion uh what you are going to buy what you are going to use how you are going to tour what are you planning to tour about so this is completely about a journey so I started my journey in this way that I started selecting the I I started checking the option on the different different motorcycles like I went for the uh the street motorcycles I started with uh investigating on the cruiser motorcycles I started uh my research on uh Adventure motorcycles uh dual Sports touring motorcycle uh so I started my uh complete experience with all the motorcycle all with the different brands and somehow I was not convinced in the year 2016 or year 2017 once I was outside on a picnic with my family and all of the sudden I found one motorcycle which got my attraction and I was completely convinced with the model and the completely design of that motorcycle which was BMW 1200 GS Adventure but uh my plan was still ahead of going with the motorcycle touring and going forward with uh which motorcycle should I buy but yes something when I you know when I when you when you the the first love which we call about the first attraction was the BMW was my first attraction which caught me but then after that I when I started investigating more about the motorcycle that yes in the same kind of a motorcycle series you have KDM available you have Tri tiger available you have Honda Africa twin available you have ducatti multi Strada available and I was so confused views that I don't know now what should I do and I started watching uh the motorcycle videos because I do not had any friend who were using such kind of Adventure motorcycles and going on adventure I had some colleagues and friends who were using the cruiser motorcycles and they were just using it for like uh the weekend rides kind of a thing but that was not at all my purpose to just go for a asphalt road I my plan was when I moved to another country or I took the immigration to another country then definitely I will be selecting a bike which I can use for multi-purpose in 2021 I moved to Turkey from qar and actual s SE actual uh research started when I came over here in Turkey I started lot of I started watching lot of uh YouTuber videos lot of experts advices what they suggest what they don't suggest and definitely I would also recommend you uh the one of the the motorcycle review Channel which is called a big rock Moto which I was using and which I was was following consistently uh in uh the big rock Moto he has given why I'm talking about the big rock Moto is because when I did when I was doing my research I found that this was the only person who was giving the one to1 review between the uh between the motorcycles I saw the BMW reviews with the KDM I saw the reviews with BMW uh with the ducatti with Honda Africa twin and the guy is superbly awesome I don't I'm not exaggerating about it I'm not doing any kind of a paid promotion for him or it's not a advertisement for him but I'm telling you the fact that this is how I started the watching the channel and I came into uh I uh I took into the consideration that yes there are so many bikes available every bike has a pros and cons every bike has his own benefits and every bike has his own capabilities every brand has his own capabilities and Market values and demands and everything so first thing what what I did is before going to for the for for investment in my motorcycle first thing I did is I started uh the strategizing myself how I prepared my wte list what I need and what am I going to do am I going to ride on the street am I going to ride in the city am I going to ride in the mountains am I going to do offroading where am I going to do the cross touring what am I going to do so first thing I started listening on that part is okay I I listed out all these points uh in my my Excel shet it was like 30 25 to 30 points and I I started selecting and I started Crossing all which I don't need it and which I wanted so my first part was that I'm not an off-road Rider okay so I'm not going to do the off-road riding so that part was completely eliminated yes second part was I want to do a long distance touring I need a motorcycle with the more reliability more capability good features and it has should have a good maintenance services available in wherever country I am being now when I started short listing all this part finally I reached to the key category of motorcycle one was BMW 1250 GS Adventure second was uh KDM 1290 third was Africa twin so these were the two three motorcycles which I take took it into the consideration which was meeting my requirements and when I started doing the more review about the KTM part I found that KDM is also good for asphalt non asphalt gravels and off-roading but KDM is people are especially using it for the off-roading part so I discontinued I I discontinued that part about the KTM it's which is not going to be my requirement because I'm not going to do the 100% off-roading or 50% also on the off-roading part then came for the touring and again basically the cross touring part for the cross touring I got an option of Africa twin and uh the BMW GS uh 1250 adventure and also they have the option of BMW 1250 GS which has uh plus some additional points and some uh differentiators between these two uh the motorcycles price was difference okay the price is a huge difference between these two motorcycle uh Africa twin uh was at least 25 to 30% cheaper than the BMW but when I talk about the reliability when I talk about the uh the the endurance when I talk about uh the longdistance touring when I talk about uh the adventure riding when I talk about off-roading when I talk about gravel riding asphalt anything I found that BMW is the most reliable motorcycle going to be for me this is the reason finally I decided uh to go with a BMW 1250 GS Adventure definitely I paid additional amount 20 to 30% which is again a big investment but I do not want it to have any kind of a regret that I bought some motor any motorcycle and I feel like that this motorcycle is not going to be fulfilling my uh my task or I'm not happy with that so this is one of the main reason so most of the people who wanted to get into the motorcycles I have come across the people they buy some kind of a motorcycle based on their budget and after some time they wanted to sell it the motorcycle because you know they don't like it or they don't like the ride of it some people they go with the French suggestion saying that okay this bike is good because they are using that bike so they go with their suggestion yes of course I suggest or I will recommend that okay please take the recommendation from your friend what are they going to use what they are using what is their experience are they using are they off-roaders are they the cruser motorcycles are the asphalt motorcycle longdistance touring CrossCountry touring cross touring whatever they are doing please take the feedback feed is always good it's not going to harm you anywhere uh that why uh you should not have any kind of information about taking the motorcycle so what I was talking about till now was the first part of all my journey how I went into the motorcycle category how I selected the motorcycle and what was the challenges I was facing because as a newcomer and how came overcome with I overcame with the challenges uh about my requirement and I finally went into the BMW 1250 GS Adventure now another side of the story is very basic okay for me because as I as I as I informed you that initially I was not having any experience in riding any kind of an adventure motorcycle and the the maximum uh Power of motorcycle which I was riding was 150 cc and back in 2006 in India and after that I never rode any kind of a motorcycle as such which I had a good experience on adventure motorcycle so a lot of riders they are riding either a street motorcycle either they are riding the adventure motorcycle with the with a small engine small power and they gr gradually they keep growing themselves for them it is okay you know they know that what exactly they want they know their choice they know that what brand they have to go with they have a circle around them with the friends but in my case it was completely disaster I was not having any friends who are using any kind of such bikes apart from few colleagues who are using the the cruiser bikes so for me it was very difficult to get an guidance on which motorcycle should I go with because when I go to some friend and ask them they told me go with a sports bike go with the Africa Tain go with this go with that go with this go with that so I was like confused like you know nobody was able to guide me properly what my requirement is going to be and how I'm going to meet my requirement and which motorcycle is going to meet my requirement so that is the this this is the reason I started uh based on the information I collected the consultation I received I started preparing my list and uh I decided that yes I will go within uh dual Sports Adventure motorcycle now dual sport Adventure motorcycle also in BMW you have many options 750 cc you have 850 CC you have uh uh 1250 CC maybe you have 950 CC in BMW but uh for me was it was a first investment and I do not wanted to regret on my investment second thing I do not wanted to go into buying and selling and buying and selling of those bikes I was having an option to start with the BMW 12 750 but I selected not to go with it and uh even for the 850 I selected not to go with it because of there are so many uh differences because when we talk about the technology between the 750 850 and BMW 1250 GS Adventure there is a completely difference in technology the weight purposes and everything so what I did it basically when I started making the comparison on 750 850 and 1250 I found that the invest is going to be little bit higher on the 1250 GS Adventure but it is going to be worth for me to have the motorcycle for the long purposes for the long distance riding and uh and it is going to meet all my requirements so this is what I wented I'm not going into the technical discussion about the BMW 1250gs Adventure because there are plenty of videos available plenty of options available you can go on the BMW 1250gs Adventure website uh BMW website and you can uh check all the options of of and the features of BMW 1250 GS adventure guys this is not a promotional video for BMW and this is not either advertisement for vmw why I'm making this video is because uh in last one year I have been experiencing myself with this motorcycle and I just wanted to make sure whether I am happy with this motorcycle or not whether my decision was correct or whether my decision was not correct so if the people if if if anybody is a new user okay or new Rider okay who is jumping from 300 Cc or 400 and 500 CC directly to the highend category motorcycle because BMW 1250 GS Adventure goes under the high category of motorcycle uh this is called as a beast so I can only compare these motorcycle with KTM 1290 ducatti multi Strada uh and then you have 1250 GS Adventure now this year they are going going to launch uh 1300 the GS Adventure so I want to tell you something that I do not have a single regret why I selected BMW 1250 GS adventure and another part of this is another part of this is the BMW 1250 GS Adventure is having so much of technical informations inside you know too many technical features available uh abs and blah and Monoshock Center shock do suspension uh self stock key keyless key uh keyless uh keyless entry uh and lot of other things you know I'm not going into the the technical features of that part so uh what I did actually after taking this motorcycle when I bought this motorcycle 1250 GS Adventure based on the consultancy okay based on my uh uh my preparation list I found myself that whether I'm suitable for this motorcycle or not suitable for this motorcycle also it is very important when you're going with the uh the highend category of Adventure motorcycle you have to make sure that this is the heaviest motorcycle available the bike the the motorcycle weight is almost around 260 to 265 kg plus my weight is almost between 100 105 it keeps fluctuating plus my height is 179 cm and another option in the in the BMW 12r 1250 GS Adventure is GS not an adventure model which is little bit lower 2 to 3 in lower in the height but also it has the the plus and minuses on those motorcycles so I'm not going into again on those part what will be the plus and what will be the minus but after selecting this motorcycle after having this motorcycle I found that it is not going to be easy for me to ride this motorcycle if I wanted to go long distance what is required because this motorcycle is very powerful the torque is very high in this and BHP is also very high in this motorcycle so finally I decided so when I bought this motorcycle after that I joined the BMW ride and fun Club okay this is based in Istanbul this is based in Turkey so I joined this group we are almost like 200 members again I'm not doing any promotion or any kind of a marketing with this uh club and we have almost like 150 to 200 people in the group when I joined this group okay and I when I started meeting the people and all those people and when they saw my experience that I don't have experience in riding the 1250 GS Adventure motorcycle like such a high engine motorcycle they started Consulting me that I should go with the full-fledged training from the authorized uh trainers centers training centers and academy uh the motorcycle Marshals who are experts and having the experience of riding the motorcycle of 10 years 15 years 20 years 300 400 500 km they are always doing Crossing then I realized yes what they are saying is correct I should go first with the basic training of how to handle the motorcycle because riding the 150 cc motorcycle or 250 50 cc motorcycle is very easy to manage and to control but controlling such kind of Adventure motorcycle this type of motorcycle is called a beast okay so any small mistake can put you in a wrong situation put you in a very bad situation so I realized that I should go with academic training I went for academic training for 3 Days uh and where they taught me the entire group how to handle the motorcycle how to break the system how to do the braking how to how to maneuver over the on the portoles or any kind of obstacles which comes into the into the on the road how to handle the corners how to take the turn everything they have teaching me so I will definitely uh recommend to all the people whoever a rider either he's an experienced rider he doesn't have an experienced rider and people who have not gone for any kind of such kind of an academic training I will commend please go and take such kind of a training with the marshals and this is definitely going to help you and you will see the difference because when I was in the training uh there are a lot of people who are riding the motorcycle since 8 years 10 years and 12 years and when they came to the training they were saying to me that it is completely a different experience because the how they were riding on the motorcycle it's just they learned it you know and they just learned to ride the motorcycle on their own with their riding experience and all the things but what is the mechanism behind it what is the system behind it what are the rules and regulations behind it they were not even aware about those part so they found that it's a massive difference between the experience which they are holding right now and the experience which they are going to have it after the training this is what I felt it even they teach you how to sit it on the motorcycle how to put it how to handle your motorcycle how your hand position should be how your leg position should how you should break when you should break so this were a hell lot of informations I founded uh during my academic training so this was the in-house academic training because which was inside the uh the closed uh training area the second time of training was uh the road training so I also took the road training how to ride it on the road because uh most of the countries like turkey example when you go a little bit on a long distance you are going inside the mountains or you are going over the passing the different different mountains and all those things so there are cues there are bands and all these things whether you are riding the motorcycle on 40° 30° 60° 70° doesn't matter but end of the day you should know how to ride it on such kind of a road how to ride it on the such kind of an environment how to ride it on the asphalt how to ride it on the concrete how to take a turn how to do the braking system in which position you should keep your motorcycle when when you are riding on the single Lane Road what is the balloon you should have between the another another car another side of the car and from your uh with you with means I mean to say that what is the distance you should keep between the car which is coming from the opposite direction and the road whiches you are going through so these are completely a physics kind of a thing you should learn most of the thing because um when I am going on a tour when I'm going for my uh Adventure tour I see that a lot of motorcycle people they make mistakes and they crash on the roads and they make the accidents and all those things some of the people they do not have any kind of education on this part they just go rash and they uh harm themselves also and because of them sometimes it also happen that the other person on other side also gets harm on this point so I would like to tell you that please if you are doing any kind of off-roading or you're going for the long distance riding you are going the cross country touring please try to take academic training which is going to be a very helpful this is again I'm not going to do any kind of a promotion this is nothing this is my personal experience I have taken I have spent a little bit of money but to be very honest with you I have learned something which nobody will teach you because most of the time our friends when they ride the motorcycle they also don't take such kind of academic training you know they are just a street Riders they learn how to to with their own experience and the own risk and all those things and even they do not know the risk which they are taking is correct or not correct so mostly when weever we are riding our motorcycle or whether you are riding your car you should make sure that your risk are always calculative and you should not go beyond that because there are lot of chances that it can harm you and it because of you somebody else can be also harmed another part is basically when you are doing the huge investment on your motorcycle and when you go into the crash then again again you go into the maintenance and fixing and all those things so this is also creating a lot of problem in this so I will always recommend my friends that please take the academic training whenever you are available example I will give you an example like you know uh this is also I have learned from the experts and why I making this one Consolidated video about my experiences what I have done what I'm doing at the moment so that from the one video itself you can have the multiple uh experiences you can understand the multiple scenarios on this part and hopefully one or two person also can be benefited from this video definitely I will be very happy and it will be glad to know that the people are helpful on that part now the another part of the story is example I'm investing let's say $40,000 $35,000 on this motorcycle in Turkey the motorcycles are expensive compared to another countries so if I'm spending $40,000 on my motorcycle okay and I'm not investing anything on my education so I feel like fool or maybe if I go to any kind of a uh touring club or something so people always talk about do you have any kind of an uh uh experience do you have any academic training yes no yes no this is making a lot of difference when I joined this club and uh initially when I wanted to go on a tour with them for a three days or 4 days kind of a tour they told me f it will be very risky for you to join our group for in at the moment short distance is okay you know we are doing a small events here and there it's okay but when we are going for a long distance and if you do not have such kind of a training trust me it is going to be a very big problem for you and I was not offened but definitely I took as a positive remark a consultation a feedback from my colleagues and I went for this kind of a training and I saw humongous difference when I started my riding so uh people say that you know because when I bought this bike it was a 0 km and when I was started riding this bike I was zero on this motorcycle so both were zero and this and I was not having an experience on this part so what made me today ride uh the long distance riding is a training it is was so helpful and still it is I remember and I tell all my friends also that whenever you are going for adventure motorcycle or whenever you're going for a cross touring motorcycle please make sure that you should have a academic uh lessons uh taken from the the professional people who will teach you how to ride the motorcycle because definitely it is going to teach you how to ride it and this is what uh till now it has kept me safe over here and till now in Turkey I have already done 10,000 km on this motorcycle in 1 year and uh it's a amazing achievement for me at the movement and going forward also I am also looking for taking more academic training uh to how to handle the motorcycle on the off-roading and on the mountains on the curves and bands definitely you know I will say something that uh you should not be uh always overconfident about that you know everything and now you don't need anyone no this is not the case because uh of course definitely you cannot learn everything at a single stage you have to go stage by stage stage by stage so I have completed my academic for 10,000 km now definitely I'm also planning to go with additional academic uh lessons which will be uh after 10,000 km when you are going for the long distance cross touring and cross country uh motorcycling so my dear friends I hope this video was helpful to you the information given to you was sufficient I just wanted to deliver this message so that the people who are in the same dilemma of mine as such should have uh some kind of information some helpful uh uh tips to be given to them so that it will be easier for him to finalize the motorcycle to finalize the ride what exactly they want to do how what is the amount they want to do do the investment in their motorcycle and again when uh anybody is trying to uh go for the motorcycle I will say that first thing is just put the budget on the list this is the first priority don't go with any kind of uh the wrong investment or any kind of a high investment which can lead you to the depression or which can lead you to any kind of a uh emis or loans or something if you do not have sufficient funds or if you don't have that much of investment available go with a small motorcycle doesn't matter ra or slowly slowly when you see that you have the funds then you can go with the biggest motorcycle that's not going to harm you that's not going to uh going to kill you and the most important part is going to be it will always lower your burden you know uh most of the places most of the time it happens you know you have the budget of $10,000 and you go with 25,000 to $30,000 $35,000 of investment then you have to go with the Emi you have to pay the loans you have to pay the interest so I will not suggest you on this part even if you do not want to go with a new motorcycle and if you wanted to go with the the high-end motorcycle go with a used motorcycle 2 years 3 years old motorcycles can fulfill your purpose check out an your country check out in your region uh anybody selling with the less kilometers like 15 20,000 25,000 km ridden motorcycles I think that can solve your purpose as well so guys thank you very much for watching the video I hope the the information given to you is sufficient if you have not subscribed to the Channel please subscribe to the channel like it share it and please do not forget to press the notification button we'll see you in the next video have a nice day bye

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