The Prologue of ENGLOT (ช่วงเวลา ณ จุดเริ่มต้นของ “อิงล็อต”) อิงล็อตเจอกันครั้งแรก #ENGLOT #อิงล็อต

The Prologue of ENGLOT (ช่วงเวลา ณ จุดเริ่มต้นของ “อิงล็อต”) อิงล็อตเจอกันครั้งแรก #ENGLOT #อิงล็อต

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The Prologue of ENGLOT is a compilation of Engfa and Charlotte stories, put together to show where and how 'ENGLOT' begins. Everyone can follow along to get to know the girls as they proceed to get to know each other. The first time they interacted on the Lives before joining the pageant camp of MGT, the first day they met face to face, and the time they spent together during the pageant camp of Miss Grand Thailand, up until the Final show of the competition. We apologize in advance for any errors/mistakes that might occur ZubZone Team Date of Birth: 15 Feb 1995 Date of Birth: 21 Dec 1998 C: P'Fa I'm actually sleepy but I'm waiting for you, you said you were gonna come back. C: If you said that and you couldn't do it. I'm gonna be maddd. Better for you not to say it at all 4 Angels P: Someone is sulking N: Someone is waiting for P'Fa to go live together because people are waiting to ship both of you C: It's okay P'Fa might be tired. I understand

(Engfa accepted request to join the Live) P: Finally, you're here. C: Omg~ I don't know how to act! E: I have to find the filter first, wait a moment, girls~ C: Omg you're so pretty! E: They're shipping us and it is making me shy for real E: I'm shy for real now. P: I'm shy around Heidi.

E: You guys aren't sleeping? It's 12:30am E: Tomorrow I have to wake up so early E: Lately, I have to wake up early everyday C: Do you have someone to wake you up yet? P: Ohhh! E: I want to see your rabbit! She is so cute~ P: What am I doing here~~ C: See how cute P’Fa is? She is sleepy but she's still here. E: Oops, someone is giving me an evil glare, I saw it C: P'Fa, if you're a good daughter, then can you be a good girlfriend as well? E: Huh? What did you say? C: P'Fa, you're a good daughter for your mom, can you be my good gf as well? H: Pez, make your face like mine C: Whyyyyyy?? E: Tsk.. Tsk.. Tsk.. See? you guys see? E: This is why people ship us P: It's OK Heidi. I'll be the one who consoles you E: Somebody told me to serenade Charlotte PP: TiangNaNoy? (name of the song) ♪ Love is love, infatuation is infatuation, if you ask fishermen, they wouldn’t understand ♪ Because I’m the whale that was beached during neap tide ♪ And in the end, I died because I loved you C: Love me, be infatuated with me, love me, be infatuated with me. Abracadabra!~

(Comment) Falling in love with Charlotte C: You can't. P'Fa already loves me B: Is that true? Miss Engfa C: Oh no I can't! P'Fa has something going on with Helena (Sarah), right? B: Oohhh, she knows C: What now? P'Fa~ S: Why's my signal not good? E: Why does the signal have to be bad at this time? S: The signal is bad? or the heart? B: Okay everyone, please take me away (Comment) I'm shy. E: Wait till MGT post them, and you'll see. E: Sawaddee ka~ Charlotte [Hello, Charlotte] C: Sawaddee ka [Hello~] E: In PP's poll, I have no idea who will win because everyone is beautiful with no makeup. C: True E: Especially Chumphon E: They're all shy. You guys are making us blush too.

C: My cheeks are all red. E: Well well~ you all keep teasing us. E: Everyone is waiting for the moment to tease us. You know, they really wanted me to join the live with you

C: They also went to fetch me from my Live to join the Live with you. C: I told them that P'Fa might not want me to join because I already sent the request. E: I couldn't see it because I was in my serious talk mode C: Everyone, please help meee.. E: Yesterday, I was going to sing a song but my brain went blank.

E: My brain was thinking the word ‘Charlotte', but my lips were about to sing a song E: Then, I blurted out 'Charlotte' unconsciously, even though I didn't know what I was gonna say. E: What the hell? C: Am I always on your mind? E: I dunno what happened. C: or maybe it was because people keep teasing too much E: That's possible. So much tease. E: There are so many comments. They're shipping us so hard and blushing. E: At first, I didn't think anything about this, but now they're making me blush and......

C: Stop it~~~ C: Well, I've been your fan for a long time. C: This is making me feel fluffy inside my heart. C: Never thought that there would be a chance to go Live together C: I've been following you on Tiktok (since before the beauty pageant) E: I saw you during the (Miss Grand) Phuket contest E: and I thought that this girl was very beautiful. E: so beautiful like...she shouldn't be in the beauty pageant, she should be an actress

C: P'Porpiere (PP) said that I looked like an actress who came to compete in the beauty pageant. E: I agreed E: and I'm a singer who came to compete in the beauty pageant. C: We are destined to meet each other E: I’m gonna turn on some music. It's so quiet...making me feel shy and awkward. C: It's because we've never gone Live just two of us. E: Are you all satisfied now?! You should be. C: First time and last time okay everyone? (Comment) Hope KrungThep & Chumphon be roommates in KhonKaen E: Are they gonna draw for roommates or sort by province's alphabet? C: I don't know. Some said they will change the method every year.

C: Let's see how it’ll turn out for this year. E: What if we really become roommates? What should we do? C: Then, it'll be as everyone wished E: What if it really happens? C: I would scream out loud. E: I probably can't wake up on my own.

C: We need to help waking each other up E: Even if we're not roommates, you can still give me a wake-up call. E: Wait.. What was that? (Comment) Charlotte, can you clarify about 'I want to suck P'Fa's fingers'? E: That's scary. Why are you so scary? C: No~ yesterday, I saw you eating snacks or something. C: and you were sucking all 4 fingers. I was so stunned. It seemed very tasty, so I said that.

E: I was eating tamarind and it was messy, so that's why… E: You are scary, you know? E: Charlotte, are you a part of LGBTQ+ community? C: I think so... It's like if I feel comfortable with (someone)... then that's it. C: But I've never dated a girl before E: Give it a try C: All right everyone..... E: What halfies are you? C: I'm half British C: Oh, people call you 'daddy'? E: Yeah~ wanna try calling me that? E: Can you try calling me ‘Daddy’? C: So, who.. who called you that? E: In the comments they called me that, but no one.. E: Oh wait, Toey and.. C: Toey and who? E: Pez (Nampez) E: It didn’t sound cute at all. They really ruined the mood

C: Between Half Udon (Sarah) and half Chumphon (Charlotte), who is your sweetheart?, someone asked. E: Harsh, you're so harsh. C: Someone asked!! Nothing to do with me~ *E changed the topic* C: Someone's not answering guys E: Half..wait Udon is half what again? C: I don't know~ C: Udon is half British too? C: Italian, someone said half Italian. E: I like half Thai, half British ♪ A beauty from the central city ♪ or the star from the South? ♪ I’ll admit that I like you. I like the way you are, the way you smile.

♪ You know when you look into my eyes, I get so nervous. E: That's all I can sing E: This song is a song from the South ♪ Straight to the point, can I hit on you? If you’re okay with that, give me a little smile. C: Can I please go to sleep? PP: Adorable, she even asked for permission. C: I forgot that I have work. I mean, I didn't know that it's already 2:30am

E: Goodnight, have a good rest C: Bye-bye... Goodnight.. PP: The viewers wanna know how Engfa and Charlotte say bye to each other. C: Byebye Daddy~ C: Bye-bye. E: Byebye kaab~ Goodnight...Oh she immediately hung up E: Peek a boo! Guys~ (Comment) Someone uploaded yesterday's Live on TikTok, it has about a million views.

C: Which clip? I wanna see. E: The one that I asked “Are you a part of LGBTQ+ community?” and you said “Yes” C: Really? E: But you have never dated a girl. E: And the one that I said “Give it a try” C: How come I haven't seen it yet? E: It's all over TikTok.

C: This one with 790k views? E: Charlotte, are you a part of LGBTQ+ community? C: I think so... It’s like if I feel comfortable with (someone)... then that’s it. But I've never dated a girl before E: “Give it a try” C: It has so many views. Wait~ E: Are you all not going to sleep? It's late now but so many viewers here. Don't tell me you guys came from TikTok. C: They all said they are from TikTok. C: Ohooooo (Comment) came from TikTok E: Do you guys know that P’Fa and Charlotte are beauty pageants? Those who came from TikTok.

C: Do you guys know what we are here to do? You know that we are gonna compete in the beauty pageant, right? E: So many people will want to see the day we finally meet each other in person. C: Yeah, A lot!! (Comment) I feel like I'm crazy trying to make them to fall in love. E: You guys are very good supporters, you know? I didn't think anything at first but now I'm starting to think. (Comment) P’Fa, Are you dating someone? E: No, I'm not. C: Your smile looks so sus. E: No, I'm reading comments and smiling. E: What about you, Charlotte? Are you dating someone? C: No, I’m not.

E: Really? C: Yes, I’m single. E: Why are you single? How long have you been single? C: It's been a long while. Almost a year now. E: Is it possible for someone this pretty to be single? It's unlikely that nobody hits on you. C: Well.. P’Fa~~ C: P'Fa is also pretty. C: Single and ready to mingle, you know? E: If someone does flirt with you, are you gonna like them? C: Well, they gotta give it a try first.

C: We can talk later where we are gonna meet up E: What do you like? C: Did you mean the pub? E: Yes C: Chill out with live music that we can listen to. C: We can talk later about who we're gonna invite. C: The same gang. E: Are we not going just the two of us?

C: ??? C: Can we go with others but go back home just the two of us? C: I’m blushing. E: This girl is feisty. C: P’Fa, don't you need to reply LINE? Because I'm gonna go to sleep.

C: I’m getting sleepy. E: We haven't exchanged LINE contact yet. C: Can I not give it? E: Why? C: Don't you have many girls’ contacts already? No need to have mine. E: Right now, I have almost 77 provinces already. C: Udon girl said she is sulking. You should go make up with her. [Sarah (Helena), Miss Grand Udon is now watching the Live]

E: So adorable~ You know, Sarah is 26 years old but she looks so young. C: Huh, really?! E: Yes. C: Really? E: Is that right? Sarah, you're 26, right? You said in the live. E: How old are you, Charlotte? C: 23 E: Umm.. But you look more mature. C: Sarah looks.. Sarah.. is her name Sarah? Helena? E: Sarah, Yeah. (Comment) Udon girl went all out, she doesn't know what to do anymore.

(Comment) Player always breaks other people's hearts. C: Sarah is a real fighter. Sarah, I can probably step back for you. E: What are we? Why would you step back? C: Step back to let her be P’Fa’s most important person.

E: Did you just slip? E: You just gave yourself away. C: What? E: There must be a little bit of something there (for you to act this way) C: Should we go to sleep? E: I couldn't see any comments, so I gotta look at your face only. C: Should we go to sleep? E: Ok C: Okay~ E: Goodnight everyone. C: Goodnight everyone~ E: Goodnight, Charlotte. C: Goodnight ka, P’Fa~ C: Goodnight, Helena. E: Goodnight, Sarah. Goodnight everyone, I love you guys.

C: Hello, I’m Charlotte, Charlotte Austin. Miss Grand Chumphon~ P’Gee: They asked if you are a part of LGBTQ+? KruJen: Oh! P’Gee, you know that she is a legend maker. How did it start? C: It started from Phuket. I’m close with Heidi because we are both mixed. We like skinship, kissing on cheeks, etc.. It's very normal for me. C: When I'm with Marima, I kiss on her cheeks, her forehead. It's like a couple playing with each other. C: Until people saw us and started thinking “Oh! they're kissing each other's cheek.. are they a couple?” KruJen: People started to notice. C: Yes, then they started Heilot ship.

KruJen: Ohh, Heilot. C: It was the start of the ship couple, me and Heidi. C: I had a discussion with Heidi “What should we do? They are shipping us". She said “But we didn't do anything!” It happened naturally. KruJen: So, that was the start of a fandom, since Phuket. C: Yes~ C: Until I came to Bangkok. KruJen: You got a new fandom P’Gee: A new fandom “Englot” C: I've been P'Fa's fan since before she joined Miss Grand.

KruJen: Have you ever met her? C: No, I haven’t. I have never. KruJen: Really? C: That’s why I was so shy. C: That’s why I was so shy every time I did a live with her. I was really shy. That was my real feelings. C: So, people were like “It was cute though~ They have a good chemistry” P’Fa also hit on me so hard.

P’Gee: Now, they’re looking forward to hear about roommates. C: Yesss C: When they (the staffs) draw for roommates, fans will be like “If Englot are roommates, I’ll send 200 baht” “Can you fix Heilot to be roommates, please” C: Fans are rooting for us to be roommates. KruJen: It’s a new phenomenon. Started to have a fandom, started to have ships. KruJen: And no need to sail this ship because it’s sailing itself. C: Some said Heilot is a long-tail boat, but Englot is a speedboat, goes very fast. P’Gee: There’s someone watching. KruJen: Let see who’s watching.

KruJen: Oops!, she is shy. P’Gee: Wow! I like it. C: She’s gonna tease me. KruJen: She’s watching. Now, what would you like to say something to her? To the one who said she’s watching. C: I’ve followed you since long time ago until now. I’m so happy that we’ve come to know each other. We’ve come to….can I say close to? Getting close to each other. C: I’m waiting for the day we will meet and give me a hug please. KruJen: I’d like to hear your opinion about LGBTQ. In Charlotte’s vision. C: Love is not about gender, it’s more about feelings and person. Even I also have a good feeling when I look at a girl. Something like that.

C: There is nothing wrong. Now, the acceptance of LGBTQ in society opens more than before and I believe that in the future will be much more. C: I’m not focusing on gender but I focus who is that person, if I have a feeling for that one I’ll give that one a heart. That’s it. C: Love is not about gender it’s about person.

KruJen: Are you listening? P’Gee: So shy, can’t hold it anymore. (Engfa’s Comment) Grand = Destiny KruJen: You guys be like this? C: See! I didn’t do anything. P’Gee: Now I knew it, why they’re a speedboat. KruJen: They’re speedboat. Grand = Destiny, Engfa~ KruJen: I really wanna meet Engfa.

C: I didn’t do a live for a long, I afraid you gonna miss me. So I wanna join you a bit. E: Are you driving by yourself? C: Yes, I am E: Don’t often look at the screen, it’s dangerous. C: Don’t worry. Just hearing your voice make me delighted.

E: Miss Char, you said on the show that if you meet me you’ll hug me. I was watching Pod Dai Mai P’Gee C: Why? I saw you snuck into and tease me. They didn’t ask anything about me, they asked about ship couples. E: When we meet, please don’t attack me so hard. Don’t flirt with me. E: I’m not gonna flirt with you.

C: She said, she’s not gonna flirt with me. Everyone is a witness. E: I’m not gonna flirt with you. E: There are a lot of people flirting with you. C: There aren’t~~ E: You have too many ships.

C: Today, I said on the show that please take a break, everyone have to take a break. I have just 2 ships is enough, just 2 ships but I'm tired already C: I’ll spill the tea to P’Gee that you have Udon girl. C: They’re really in love each other. I can see.

C: Sister, she is just like a little sister. C: So, What about me? C: She didn’t answer me, guys~ E: You’re my important person. C: Just some time, right? E: Umhmmm, Charlotte! You’re wicked! E: You guys. Choose your team, right now!

KruJen: Welcome to Road to Miss Grand Thailand 2022 KruJen: Someone sent us the clip for you. C: Hello, P’Eng~ Charlotte is here. Meow! E: Before the competition, when I went Live, I always said that I’m a part of LGBTQIA+ community. But beauty pageant fans or others might not know about that E: Because they didn’t follow me at that time. But one day, my voice got louder because I’m a beauty queen. E: What's been inside of me started to show. “Engfa likes girls? and etc.” They started asking me. So, I told my stories that I used to have a girlfriend…

E: Then, there were some groups of people who are LGBTQIA+, they were like “Ooh! Wow! Can a beauty queen be a part of the LGBTQIA+?” E: They got questions and paid more attention to me. Until I started doing live and teased N’Charlotte. People, then, started to ship Englot and it became viral on TikTok. KruJen: Bring it here. Can I have the phone? What’s this? P’Gee: What is this~~? KruJen: Don’t need to sail the ship. It’s sailing itself. C: Joining Live to make our fandom happy.

C: Where are you? C: You scared me! E: Just a minute. Let me find a filter. C: OK C: Oh, Today you look so handsome (Charlotte say hi to everyone) E: I can’t hear you very well. E: I wanna spank the cat.

C: Come on, come on~ E: During the show, they asked me why you haven't given me your LINE contact? C: Stop being flirty then I’ll give you. E: Are you still accusing me of being flirty? C: We are gonna meet soon. E: I gave up eating to go live with you. Everyone else has eaten but I haven’t. C: Go eat first. Let’s go eat. E: Everyone please help me pestering her. When will she give me her LINE. C: Let’s go eat first then I’ll give you.

C: If you don’t eat, I will sulk. E: Why do I look like a groom? Make up, hair and outfit look like a groom. C: Where is the bride? E: Let me look for her. Here she is. C: Ok, the bride is eating.

E: I’m gonna eat now. C: Ok E: You told me that if I eat, you’ll give me your LINE. C: Finally, I gave it to her. C: With Heidi, we talk like friends.. Like 2 friends talking to each other. C: But with P'Fa... H: Oh?

H: How is that? C: No, it's like people keep teasing and C: I get so shy and it's not like I'm shy with friends or sisters. C: I'm shy with her words, her actions.. you know what I mean? C: For example, the word ‘Daddy's little cat’. I'm like... H: True. Everyone, the word 'Daddy'.. You can't hope that Charlotte would call me that. H: There's no way! you know? No way.

H: No way. There's only one person that she'd call that, alright? P’Champ: Miss Bangkok will share the room with? Engfa you are so nervous, aren't you? P’Tao: OMG!! “Chumphon!!” P’Champ: “Bangkok being roommate with Chumphon!!” E: Are you wearing a retainer? C: Yes, I’m gonna go to bed. C: I’m here to ask you to give me some encouragement.

E: Before we join the pageant camp? C: Yes, today I have a headache. So, I need your tender loving care~ E: Keep fighting. We’re going to meet soon. Do you remember what you said on the Pood Dai Mai P’Gee show? C: No, I don’t. I have a short memory. E: Do you want someone to send you the clip? C: I can remember it now. E: What did you say? C: I said “Please give me a hug” E: You can't be shy, you have to come to hug me. Everyone is waiting for this scene.

E: The first seconds when you knew that we'd be roommates. C: You know what? I was driving on the tollway… And every time when I drive, the MGT staff will always go live. On one hand, I had to drive, on the other hand, I had to show up in the live and also watched the GPS. C: I was driving to my condo, A fan texted me privately. “OMG! Chumphon and Bangkok are roommates!” in Khon Kaen. I was like “Really?, Is it true?” C: I had to keep driving but there were a lot of mentions on Twitter. I was like “What’s happening?” “Did I do something wrong?” “Why are there a lot of mentions?” C: So, I went in to see. I saw a short clip that P’Champ was showing that Chumphon-Bangkok are roommates. I was like “Huh? Really?!” C: “Did someone go and pray for this at a shrine somewhere?”. Unfortunately, it had to be canceled, but, it’s ok.

E: Actually, there is no drama. I understood the staff. We all can make mistakes. E: But you know, the first second that I heard about it, I almost fainted. C: Really?! E: I was watching the live at the restaurant when they announced "Bangkok-Chumphon!!". I threw my phone down and went "WHAT?!!" E: and everyone in the restaurant looked at me like “What’s wrong with you?” E: It’s too bad but it’s ok. It doesn't matter if we’re roommates or not but we will still meet and have to do activities together. C: Even though, we are not roommates, I will still ask “P’Fa, are you in your room? Can I stop by to eat your snacks?” E: If we were roommates. Would you be afraid of me? C: Afraid of you? C: No, I wouldn’t. Why would I be afraid of you? P’Fa is so nice.

E: You know what? Even though, it's only been about 20 mins but it's still trending on Twitter. C: Really? E: And there’re a lot of our clips on TikTok. C: Yes. But there's a trend on Twitter? E: Yes. C: What’s the hashtag? E: #Englot C: There’s my name in the hashtag too?!! My name’s trending on Twitter?!! E: It's lagging.. hahaha C: It is one of my dreams. E: It's too bad but it’s ok. Let's wait & see how the 2nd draw will turn out.

Press: Are you excited? C: I feel like I'm about to meet a celebrity. Press: Celebrity? Engfa? You've never met before? C: No, never! Press: This is the first time?! C: Yes, first time! Press: For real?! C: Oh, no. I saw her in BKK. Press: But you were attending the final, right? C: She didn't see me then. PP: Are you shocked? M: No, I'm not because I'm ok with whoever wins. I feel like they're all equal

Press: Engfa, Charlotte is right here. Press: How do you feel right now having met her in person? Is it overwhelming? C: We usually only talk in Line app but now that we've met in person, we got to talk, touch and see each other. C: It's overwhelming. I'm so glad and I'm shaking a lot right now. [Charlotte, Nampez, Baitoey, Engfa] Fan: Don't forget the cheeks squeeze C: How much are you transferring? Fan: They did. They did the transfer. C: Somebody said she wanted to squeeze my cheeks when we met, right? C: Are you brave enough? *different angle* E: Charlotte? I don't know where Charlotte is. E: I said if we reached 10K viewers, I'd interview someone and they asked for you.

E: Here, say "Hi" E: You're exhausted right? Out of energy or what? E: Who else do you wanna see? C: Why does your hair smell so good? C: Jing jing (for real) E: *brushing* E: See? just that little moment, you all got so excited (Comments) Love you~ Miss you~ E: Thank you 0_0 C: Love you, P'Faaa~ What a cute sister. E: Love you too. A cute sister? E: Like a cute sister? C: Yes. E: They're looking for you.

E: They're calling out for you and Englot moment. Are you exhausted? C: *nodding* C: I'm not shy anymore. E: You said on your Live that you were gonna stop by my room for snacks? Yes, my fans bought me Fisho (fish snack) but I don't wanna eat that.

E: What do you like, chocolate? C: No, I don't like chocolate. C: I got to see P'Plaifa today (Engfa's older sister) E: She likes you a lot. Daaddeaw (P'Plaifa) is a big shipper C: P'Plaifa likes me. Does P'Engfa like me too? E: I do... Oops! I said that subconsciously. C: You finally turned around.

E: Is this filter pretty? Is it pretty? C: Yes. C: But I'm prettier. E: Okay. P'Sun: Marima, you have to act like you're in on this. Fan: Do another one, please.

C: I don’t like chocolate. Fan: Just act like you were feeding her but she doesn't have to eat it. Let Marima eat it. C: Daddy kaaaa.. Fans: How come you never asked for TLC (Tender Loving Care) from fandom? You only asked for it from daddy. C: Well, Daddy is the right person to ask for it. E: How do you like touring our new home? [ Marima : ) ] Press: How do you feel about being 1/2 of the imagined couple? How do you feel about the hype? E: I think it's cute. Actually, we had a talk and I asked

E: if she was ok with it and she also asked me the same thing. We're both fine about it. E: Because there's no harm in it. At the end of the day, we're both still Miss Grand contestants. Everything is balanced and handled appropriately. E: I think the hype is a good thing because right now, we have to accept that the market of Y series are booming. E: And I'm hoping that everyone can see that there are sooo many fans from the both of us who came from shipping us together. The power of their supports and votes is very massive. Press: I heard you were hitting on her pretty hard, Engfa. Where did you get all the strategies & techniques? E: I........No, I wasn't hitting on her but this is just my usual self.

E: Before we joined the pageant camp, there were already several clips of me being like this since before I joined the competition. E: Because I have had my fair share of being in a relationship with male, female, tomboy.. etc. E: So, when I saw cute girls, I was just being myself. I like teasing & flirting with them. Press: Is Charlotte exactly your type? E: The question is very straight to the point.

E: She's lovely. My type yes! Press: Any specific things you like about her? E: For me, I love sincere people. As for Charlotte, if we don't talk about her beauty, when we first started to get shipped together, she wasn't hyped up by the trend at all. E: If it was someone else, that person could have played along or flirted with me a lot more than this. E: But Charlotte was just being herself. For example, when I went Live and the fans asked her to join me, if she was working, she'd be focusing on her things E: If it was somebody else, they could have joined me, so there would be pictures & contents about us and such. E: I've been observing Charlotte and she's not like that. She's doing her things till these days.

Press: Right now, there're hashtags for both of you. Are there many? E: Yes, there are several. Press: Such as? E: Englot. Yes. Press: Englot? not LotEng? E: Yes, Englot~ Press: How do you feel about this hashtag that the fans made up for you. E: I think it's cute. There's no harm in any of this. E: Tbh, imagined couples have been around everywhere but it might not be out in the open that much in the past. I'm a person who's very clear on what I stand for.

E: Like I said to other press, if we fake it, we'll be the ones who are tired. It'll become exhausting, so we're just gonna be ourselves like this. E: People will accept us or not, it depends on them. If they're gonna love us, so they love us as who we are. H: Charlotte is here~ H: Say hi to the viewers, Charlotte Austin~ H: Oops, why is your heart beating so fast, Charlotte? M: She just finished running. C: Right. H: Didn’t you feel shy because I’m leaning on you? C: Heidi... H: Not at all?

M: Nothing to be shy about C: You’ve already sunk our ship (HeiLot) H: Can we build a new ship? C: Are you trying to salvage the ship? H: Agreed, shall we salvage our ship? C: and Marima is always everywhere with every ship. M: Don’t you understand? I’m the captain. H: You’re the captain of every ship? M: Yes, and tbh, P’Engfa and I are from the same pageant staff team (the Grand Rose). Charlotte is my best friend (for 15 years) and I’ve known Heidi for a long time. M: So who am I here? What am I doing here? H: Be the captain. H: I’m also waiting to hear who my roommate's gonna be. Who do you think should be my roommate, everyone? H: Who do you think will be the roommates in KhonKaen.

M: I’m sorry Heidi and P’Eng H: You (C) will be with her, right? with the captain M: Yes, she said she will be my roommate because she'll need my help. H: Can we stay together, 3 of us in the same room? M: How about P’Eng? Heidi, we can’t. We must be fair to P’Eng. You see, everyone? We must be fair to P'Eng as well. C: Then 4 of us stay in the same room. That’s it! M: Heidi, you can be P’Eng’s roommate. C: NO! You can’t! H: Then, the new ship would start if I became P’Eng’s roommate.

H: Oops...Why? Why can’t I stay in the same room with P’Eng? H: Why can’t I? WHY? Engfa Waraha, Miss Grand KrungThep Mahanakorn~~ Charlotte, Charlotte Austin: Miss Grand Chumphonnn~ E: Talking about E-san (Northeastern) signature foods, it should be... C: Wanna eat P’Fa because P’Fa is spicy~ (Comment) Who is P’Fa roommate? E: You all will know tonight after I’m done with the rehearsal. If it’s not very late, I will do the Live. And... E: Actually, I’m not sure if they will change it again or not because...

C: Again?! E: It is not confirmed yet... C: Again! Nory [ Nory is Miss Grand Krabi, Engfa’s roommate in Bangkok previously ] (Comment) You lost one of the earrings. E: Yesss C: What? E: I lost one of my earrings. You guys are very observant.

*Charlotte is singing in the background* E: Keep singing...Why don’t you continue singing? C: I will wait to sing ‘Song Jai’ (song title) E: I'm going to reveal my roommate now E: Hmm should I reveal now? should I?~ E: one... E: Wait, let me cover the camera first E: one, two, three~ E: Seems like everyone is very excited [Charlotte's Chumphon Sash] C: Delivery is here E: huh? E: Whose things? E: You went down to get it? C: Yes~ E: I'm going to switch the camera okay? C: me? E: Someone asked why you like to sneakily eat snacks C: Not sneakily, I just eat it C: I'm sleepy E: I'm going, I'm going to end the live now everyone E: This is all the camera can show E: I am truly trying E: Going now everyone~ C: Byebye~ E: Goodnight E: You miss Phalo? You're not going anywhere E: You're only sitting with the rabbit E: You miss Phalo? You must be sad E: Are you going to cry? E: Nong is a rabbit~ Nong Nong~ E: Why is yours so still? P'Champ: The event is over and all the contestants are gone P'Champ: But there is still someone here eating P'Champ: What's your slogan Charlotte? C: When I be still, I sleep. When I move, I eat.

P'Champ: Is that right Engfa? E: Yes Press: How do you feel being the first beauty pageants to have a ship? E: Actually it feels good, there's nothing wrong with it E: In fact it's trending in a good way E: It got more people to follow and watch Miss Grand E: It can be guaranteed through the view counts, sharing, voting and everything E: So there's no problems at all. Press: How about you Charlotte? C: At first I was shocked as to how it happened, because we didn't create it C: It came naturally, and when people like it and support it then we are happy C: Because we are able to create happiness for them, so we're happy about that. Press: When the ship becomes famous, there comes the Englot hashtag Press: How do you feel about the hashtag that fans made for you? E: We want to say thank you E: Like what she said, we did not expect this.

E: It's a viral, where just that one live together, everything changed. C: Not even one minute, and our lives changed overnight C: More people know and love us, the both of us C: Fans are cute in that they support the both of us. Press: You both flirt with one another, Charlotte how did P'Fa flirt? C: She likes to have these words and sayings that make me shy C: I already get shy easily, and people like it when I get shy C: So people think it's a cute ship and our chemistry goes well together C: It's because she's like this, so I'm shy around her Press: What words did she shoot at you, that made you especially shy? C: so close!~ (the mic) C: Probably the one where she said "Give it a try" C: Because I've never been with a girl before, and her eyes and tone of voice was like "Give it a try" C: So I was like ohhhh Press: Her eyes are your weakness, so you had to avoid it? C: Yes, I don't dare look into her eyes C: Hey~ don't look at me Press: How do you feel when looking into her eyes? C: It's a smirking feeling C: I feel shy because I followed her since TikTok days C: and didn't think we'd get to be this close, so i'm happy because I admired her since then. Press: She constantly has sweet words for you right? C: Yes, but usually it's just her being her C: Whether it's how she talks to me or takes care of me, she's cute Press: Charlotte, you told P'Fa not to flirt with you too hard but it seems you flirt harder C: I'm just playful because in the live I couldn't tease her in person C: So it was me who was the shy one, but now that we met in person, I'm the one who teases her more Press: So you're just playing, but Engfa you're serious, right? C: I want to go back to the start where we said don’t be too direct~ Press: How does Charlotte tease you? E: She's cute like a little girl and playful in her own ways E: I had a thought about it because from the perspective of wlw relationship I don't like manly girls, I like cute girls. Press: Because you're already manly E: Yes, I'm already manly Press: You got your handsomeness from your father, right? E: Yes~ got my handsomeness from my father Press: What do you think Charlotte? Is P'Fa handsome? C: She is beautiful and handsome at the same time C: How to say, her body is beautiful but her words and actions are very gentlemen-like and cool C: It's like she can protect me, even though she's smaller than me. It seems like she can embrace me

C: You see! the more i say, the more people will edit it and ship! Press: Other than how she takes care of you, what's your weakness when you look at her? C: Probably her smile C: Because at first when she didn't smile I wasn't shy, but when she smiled, I was. Press: Seems that her eyes are your weakness C: Her eyes and smile... I'm blushing! E: And this is our first interview together Press: Is there a chance that from just shipping it may become real one day? E: Ohh, it will need time, it's a future thing, and she's never been with a girl E: and I don't have any boundaries when it comes to gender E: But right now it can't be anything more because we are both contestants E: and we want to respect the pageant organization E: Like if it becomes real whilst we're contestants it might be awkward E: Let it be a future thing, what happens after the competition we can discuss later. Press: Charlotte, how do you feel that she's being quite obvious, and you've never been with a girl before C: I've never been with a girl, never talked with a girl C: So I don't know what I have to do, how to start, in the past I've always dated guys C: Like there were times where I've looked at girls and liked them but not to the point of dating or asking for their number C: But with P'Fa, it will have to be up to the future.

C: I can't answer either, because I don't know my heart, in which direction it will go. Press: When she teases you and stuff, do you get flutters? C: I get shy, but not heart throbbing, none of that yet C: I see P'Fa as a really nice big sister C: and because she's old, she has a mindset that...I mean she’s older than me. C: She has a better mindset than me, better perspective on life C: She's able to teach me. She's like a big sister, a friend, a teacher, she can be everything

C: So I love her for that. Press: Engfa, as you are a contestant and a singer Press: What song would you like to especially sing to her? C: We didn't plan on this! E: I thought you were going to ask me to promote my work! C: I thought he was going to have you choose between a beauty queen or a singer. Press: I wanna hear you sing for Charlotte. E: Right here? Press: Can you also look at her while singing? C: Ohh Boy! Press: Like sing from your true feelings.

E: Oyyy... This is harder than answering that Metaverse question Press: Pretend it's like answering the last question to enter top 5. E: A cute song... I actually sang it for her often during our Lives E: You want me to sing it now? C: You can just look at the camera, don't look at me E: Only a little bit ok? a little bit is enough, I can't~ ♪ I’ll admit that I like you. I like the way you are, the way you smile.

E: I can't anymore! Press: Charlotte what song would you like to sing for P'Fa? C: I can’t sing well! E: At morlam rising star, she went up and sang Press: Okay then, what's something you want to say to P'Fa? C: I want to say thank you to P'Fa C: for supporting each other, and being there to give me advice C: At first, I thought like from the outside she might be a bit arrogant C: because she's already had a fan base, like those celebrities C: but actually not at all, P'Fa is really nice C: very humble, she always takes care of me and is considerate. C: No matter how the competition goes, when it ends whether we see each other or not C: I will always be here to follow her work. E: Well said, well said Press: Engfa how about you, anything you want to say to Charlotte? E: I want to give her my encouragement for the competition E: because this is her first time competing in the pageant E: We are both new to the pageantry industry E: We have to go through so many things within one month E: So anything that we can help each other, we will continue to support each another until the end of the competition E: and after the competition, we can still meet, everything depends on the future. E: I’m so tired! C: Someone has been complaining since entering the room. The first sentence she said was “I’m so tired.” E: Are you on live? C: Yep.

E: *humming a song* (Comment) The tone of voice has changed. C: You want me to speak to P’Fa in a harsh voice? Are you crazy? C: P’Fa! E: Huh? C: That’s not it. P’Fa~ like this. It’s kinda cute. E: *Engfa recording herself thanking all the fans for the gifts* E: “I see nobody, nobody but you.” C: *lip syncing*

C: Someone asked “why Engfa is calling Charlotte “Nuu” when they are alone but “Ter” when they are in public.” [Ter = You, Nuu = You (in a cute way)] E: I also call you “Nuu” in public. I rarely call you “Ter”. Just once in a while. C: Got it guys? How was today? You were alone. Did you feel lonely? C: No, I didn’t. Press: Why? C: I enjoyed my day to the fullest. Press: Oh, really? Normally, you are always in Engfa’s sight.

C: Even though I’m not with P’Engfa, this represents her. (Her dress is blue which is “fa” in Thai.) Press: Right, you wear blue today. C: I like blue and pink. Press: Have you texted her? C: I’ll meet her at the hotel. We share a room.

Press: Oopsy! roommates~ C: I want to pinch you. C: My fandom’s LINE open chats are blowing up right now because of the interview that we did together about people shipping us. How’s the feedback after being interviewed with her for the first time? C: I’ve gained 20k new followers. Press: Lots of people were sharing the interview clip last night. Did you see it? C: Yes Press: Did you read the comments? C: People were saying it's cute and natural. Some people know the boundaries and they try to remind others to ship with caution. C: I’m happy with that. They understand the relationship between me and P’Fa.

Press: People were blushing and kicking their feet the moment P’Fa sang for you. C: Not only them, me as well. I stood there and was blushing so hard. Harder than them. (Comment) No matter what happens I’ll always be here. I’ve never regretted or disappointed that I voted for you. You know that right? E: Thank you so much. Really. See? I got emotional right now. E: I’m going to cry. C: Someone is crying? E: Don’t tell me you went downstairs wearing this rope. C: Yes.

C: I’m also here. Why don’t you let me comfort you? PP: Comfort her right now. Come and hug her. Wipe away her tears as well. C: Who did this to P’Fa? Tell me. PP: It’s you, Charlotte. E: Hold my phone for a sec pls. PP: Can you guys go sit where you guys put all the flowers? I want to see it for my own sake. O : For her own sake she said.

PP: Go sit where you guys are surrounded by all the flowers. E: Here? PP: Yes. E: *calling Charlotte to come sit next to her* E: I just wanted to let you guys know that I've got cramp by my foot. Hold on a second. My foot is like this. What should I do? O: : You have to do it like this. E: I got some help from the nurse. E: It’s better. I’m good now. Thank you.

♪ I’ll admit that I like you. I like the way you are, the way you smile. ♪ You know when you look into my eyes, I get so nervous. You make someone fall in love with you. ♪ Straight to the point, can I flirt with you? If you’re okay with that, give me a little smile. ♪ Please do not ignore me or be interested in anyone else. (Comment) Kiss Charlotte on her cheek please. E: Give me 1 million Baht. C: Transfer the money first. E: 1 million Baht for a dowry, for kissing her, for compensation.

E: I’m pinning my bank account no. C: Let’s do it. (Comment) One million Baht and you’re going to kiss her for real? C: Yes. E: Yeah. I’ll split it with her 50/50 (Comment) Can it be 100,000 Baht? E: Can you guys make it 100,000 Baht? C: Okay sure. E: Transfer me 100,000 Baht.

P: Too much love in the air. C: Transfer it to my account so that we’ll be able to see it. (Comment) Pin your bank account no. E: Sure. E: Who’s saying about a 100,000 Baht kiss? Are you guys ready? C: We are here for it. E: No, I mean are you ready? Not them. C: I’m ready. I’ve been ready since yesterday, since last night. ♪ I’m falling without knowing.

♪ Your cuteness affects my heart. ♪ What can I do to be close to you? ♪ To make you fall in love with me not only I fall in love with you? ♪ I’ve been a huge fan of yours since the first time we met. Since the day you smiled at me. E: I was like....Mmmh~ (Comment) Flirt with Charlotte, I’ll transfer 500 Baht.

E: Let me think of something. Transfer the money first. I have to think of it. C: P’Fa, what's the title of the song that goes “khi tua baby, khi tua ta lala''? E: Fan Ja~ (Hey, Babe~) C: Ja? (Yes?) E: Okay~~ E: I hate you~~ C: There is something on your head. E: Huh? C: There is something on your head. E: Is this a pick-up line? C: No. E: Is it the filter? C: *A mini heart* E: Okayyyyyy~ E: What? What is it? C: P’Faaaaaa~ E: Someone just transferred 100,000 Baht to Charlotte’s bank account. Is that right? C: I told you it was just 50,000 Baht. Why did you have to transfer that much? E: It’s for the dowry

E: Who gets the benefit? Me. I’m ready. E: Come on. E: This kiss is for the 100,000 Baht that she got. The kiss that you guys have been dying to see. E: Let’s give it up for N’Nuay (Char’s admin) and Charlotte’s fandom.

C: P’Faaa. E: Come on. C: I’m blushing. E: Come on~ C: Take your money back! E: Hurry! We have to go downstairs. C: Okay. E: It’s like sisters kiss. C: What just happened?! I can’t anymore. (Comment) Another side C: Oh, I have to kiss on both sides? E: They said “Another side.” C: You guys ask P’Fa if she’s okay…

E: Sure. Come here. Why not? E: 50,000 Baht for each side. C: Okay. E: She’s gone. E: You guys did great. C: We’re rich now, P’Fa~

E: Here. I’ll let you thank your fandom. C: Thank you for giving me a chance to kiss P’Fa. I’ve been waiting for this moment for forever. C: Does this lipstick last long? E: It does. Wipe it off for me. C: Pink, horn chestnut-shaped lips ♪ You are definitely my type. I’m not going to leave until I get your LINE contact.

C: You got it already. Press: Marima, what's with these two being shipped together? M: What ship? Press: Didn't someone send you guys 100,000 Baht? M: Seriously? M: Share it with me too Press: These two are coupled up, these two should couple up too C: No please, I'm going to vomit M: Wait, I'm confused M: Cause the 3 of us are friends, she's like my older sister under the Grand Rose Team. M: This is my friend for 15 years, this one for 5 years and who am I? H: No please, please don't ship Mardi (Marima + Heidi) M: Let us be the captain of the ship is enough, these two can sit at the back Press: 100,000 Baht for a kiss this morning? E: Very direct to the point! C: They asked us to kiss each other on the cheek, so P'Fa said if they transferred 100,000 Baht, we'd do it C: We didn't think anyone would because it's a lot of money C: But someone actually did, so we had to do as we said, that's all. E: It's just like siblings giving each other cheek kisses Press: Were you shocked that they actually transferred the money? C: Yes! I was shocked, P'Fa was also shocked C: P'Fa was Live, and I said P'Fa we just got 100,000 Baht Press: Into whose account? C: Mine E: For the damage costs, damage costs E: The damage was on me right? She kissed me! Press: 100,000 will you split it? C: No, because for P'Fa to kiss me on the cheeks, it's another 100,000 Baht Press: Charlotte were you shy? What's it like when you're shy? C: I'm shy because I've never kissed P'Fa on the cheeks E: Want to try again? Press: Someone said they already paid the dowry 100,000 Baht C: It was only to kiss on the cheeks Press: She (Engfa) said she's the one taken damage C: they're all advantages for her M: The dowry need to be given to each other’s family, right? M: Heidi, dowry is for the groom and the bride’s family. E: Or you mean the barrier

M: Yes, we need to bar for the groom when approaching the bride [Note: It is an old tradition which is used for Thai wedding. Each barrier is created by silver or gold necklaces etc, which are held by members of bride’s family & friends. The groom has to get through each barrier to meet the bride.] M: Go get a rope, she's going to approach the bride now (Comment) I want to see Heidi kiss Marima’s cheek C: What? H: They want to see Heidi kiss Marima’s cheek M: Stop, stop, everyone stop C: Let’s do this M: 100,000 Baht C: You can kiss me H: Yeah, transfer it first. I won’t do it. M: Nooo! H: Like Charlotte's fandom, if you want to see, then transfer the money. But ours is more difficult because we don't want to do it at all. (Comment) I want to see P'Fa H: P'Fa, they want to see you H: We are all like drunk people. I'm telling you H: What's up P'Sarah? H: Charlotte, I don't know what they are doing H: How is it? S: Charlotte, whoever sits next to her is the winner C: But who gets to sleep in the same room with her, is more of a winner H: Oops, oops~ S: I can find the time for us to stay together later.

H: More, more and more E: Our bed doesn’t attach together. There's also this little thing in between C: Are you doing Live? E: The bed doesn't have to be so close to each other, this is already... E: Even like this we are already so shy with each other, it's enough E: But it's a good idea Press: This looks like a series. They’re about to feed each other. Oops~ E: One is enough M: Can I have some too? E: You don't have hands? E: My battery is going to run out E: Thank you so much E: She gave me the power bank, how about that? Press: Who? who? Press: Charlotte~ Press: Engfa~ can you pan the camera to Charlotte? Press: Can we talk to her for a bit? Charlotte. E: Sure~ Charlotte~ C: Now, I’m wearing earphones on both sides E: Who are you talking to? C: Sawatdee kaa Press: Sawatdee kaa Charlotte E: You're wearing the wrong side (earphones) C: Okay, I can hear now Press: Charlotte and Engfa, we'll talk again on TVPool Live later when you're done showering. Just let us know

Press: We'll dive deeper in the TVPool interview Press: Wait, we want to see Engfa and Charlotte together in the frame C: They said they want to see us together~~ Press: Engfa and Charlotte can you say 'Hi Ka-toey' to end this live [Ka-toey = Lady boys] C: Sure, 1,2,3 E&C: Hi Ka-toeyyyy Press: Guys capture this, capture and send it to Charlotte Press: Charlotte won't be happy with this Press: Go tell Charlotte C: I'm not happy with her (Engfa) right now, is she even aware? Press: Oh? why are you not happy? E: What are you unhappy with? C: You're able to hug other girls in front of press, but never hug me in front of the press C: No~ I'm just teasing [E attempts to send kisses for C to make her happier] E: Like Charlotte said, after the competition is reality Press: Oh, why must you answer like Charlotte? E: Well, just want to hold hands and walk out from this competition together. Press: It’s real life after this E: Oh~ Looks delicious, you want some? E: Why are you crying? C: Pez was telling a story C: and I saw the clip where she was Live and all of a sudden the water turned on by itself C: so I cried E: Someone's crying because she's scared of ghosts E: Okay E: O..ouch E: It's okay~ trust me that there's nothing scary E: Even the ghost isn't as scary as me E: Such a baby~ C: It's scary~ I'll show you the clip [E was live on IG and she was gonna end the Live to take a shower, but she realized that C was alone while she was scared of ghost] E: You want to talk? (to the fans). I will let you talk in this Live. C: You're going to shower? C: Why zoomed in the camera so much? C: I'm watching Tiktok everyone C: I scrolled and only found myself, for example. C: So handsome in this photo C: I keep seeing myself C: I seriously can't move on from that photo. She’s so...handsome! ♪ What’s your account number? I can send money to you.

*E is back* C: She’s here. P’Fa is back everyone~ Don't tell anyone. Just between you guys and me, okay? E: Why?? E: What is it about?...Ouch! Miss Grand KrungThep Mahanakhon (Bangkok) Engfa Waraha Height: 171 cm Body measurements: 34-23-35 Miss Grand Chumphon Charlotte Austin Height: 173 cm Body measurements: 33-23-36 'Kwan Jai Khon Kaen' = 'Khon Kaen's Favorite’ Miss Grand KrungThep Mahanakhon (Bangkok) Miss Grand Chumphon Engfa Waraha Miss Grand Krungthep Mahanakhon~~ Charlotte Austin Miss Grand Chumphon E: My room looks like a convenient store right now. PP: But you didn’t mean to sell it, right? E: Yes, I told all the girls that they can come and get snacks at my room, but most of the girls are too courteous and don't dare to come. PP: They might not dare to come because your roommate is this person.

PP: Miss Char E: She’s possessive. PP: Is she really being possessive of you? E: Might be true. PP: Really? We are gossiping about her right here. E: You have to ask her. PP: How pretty Charlotte is today? E: She’s beautiful. I like her eye makeup.

E: And she also answered the question in English. E: Againnnnn PP: Come here~ PP: Charlotte, we’re talking about you almost 50% of the interview. C: My eye makeup is very blue.

PP: Let's have a talk. What does your room look like right now? C: Ohhh! On the 20th, there’ll be a truck coming (to transport their stuff). E: This morning, I just tripped over stuff. PP: Tripping over stuff? E: Yes, our room is full of our stuff. C: We need to keep our beds together so that we'll have more space.

PP: There are only 3-4 nights left, and you're going back to Bangkok. PP: You'll have to change your roommate. Would you feel sad for not having the same roommate as here? E: Will you change your roommate? C: Up to you. PP: Do you wanna do that? PP: You're overthinking it. E: Will they allow us to do that, though?

PP: She's difficult to read, isn't she? PP: Is she mischievous? Is she stubborn? E: Yes, she is. Sometimes. She's like a kid. C: You can tell from the Songkran festival (water festival). I ran around the venue. C: Uh~ I'm pretty today.

PP: Whom did you say that to? C: Myself. Hahaha PP: Do you think she's pretty? C: I am~ I am pretty every day. E: That's why I said that even though she didn't win Khon Kaen's favorite, she's already won my heart. E: Let's say that she has already conquered herself because she did her best. PP: Please give her some encouragement since she complimented you like this.

C: That was superb. E: Yeah, give me some encouragement~ I was the only one who encouraged you. C: Fantastic! Why didn't you get that crown, so that we can take a look at it together? E: I'm now looking forward to winning the golden crown (MGT crown) instead.

C: Ahha, let them have this crown first. C: And we'll wait for the hands-holding moment (2 finalists will hold hands in the final round) and walk out of MGT hand in hand PP: Do you wanna hold each other's hands? PP: Would you mind doing that for the audience? PP: Let me see it. PP: This is cute, everyone. PP: Take a screenshot. Take a screenshot. (Comment) Check your bank account balance.

E: Did someone transfer money to my account? E: Wait a sec. C: How much is it? E: 100,000 Baht C: What was that for? A kiss on my cheek? E: They said that it's a reward for being great, but if you (E) want to kiss on (C’s) cheek. That’s also fine. E: Thank you. Thank you so soooo much! E: This is the reward for your good one, isn't it? E: Don't sail the ship~ E: I'm not bold enough to do it. I really can't do it. Honestly, I don't dare to do it yet.

E: Let it happen naturally, everyone. C: They gave you the reward. Why don't you repay them back? E: Who? E: Which reward? C: I'd better go take a shower~ E: I hate that~ E: I hate how you sail the ship by yourself. C: They sent you 100,000 Baht C: And you just don't repay anything back. C: Everyone, look how cruel Khun Engfa is! C: Gotta go take a shower~ C: Ayyy ya ya ya yaaa~ [smiling until her cheeks hurt] *Reading the comments that keep teasing her non-stop* E: She's already gone to take a shower. E: Do you know why I don't dare to kiss her cheek? E: It's because...

E: It's because I'm shy. E: Also, I think that it may still be untimely. E: Not yet the right time. E: If you have ever been super shy toward someone, you'd understand this. E: I understand that it's just a younger sister kissing her older one, but... E: Oops! It's the older sister kissing the younger one, but...

E: She didn't think anything more of it. That's why she wasn't shy or blushing. E: I also didn't think anything more of it! Uyy! What did I just say? E: Oh shoot! I can't stop smiling now, can I? E: When I'm sleepy, I can't function well. E: Damn it. E: Da hell did I just say? Hahaha E: You can tell that I'm so sleepy, right? I should go to sleep.

E: It was too late? E: Listen to me, about the cheek kissing, let's do it another time. E: I'm shy. I can't do it. I really can't do it. E: Okay? E: But if you want her to kiss my cheek, I'll be fine with it. PP: So, are you a cat or a rabbit? C: I'm a rabbit but I'm a cat for P'Fa's only. PP: P'Fa's cat... huh.... PP: can't stand it? H: Didn't HeiLot come first? PP: Yes, HeiLot came before.

H: But the ship already sunk, right? PP: Yes. PP: So, what about you? H: There's HeiLot and there's EngDi. H: If you're bored with Charlotte, you can turn to EngDi ok? H: Charlotte's not here. I can do it.

E: Even she's around, you can do it too. PP: What did she say? H: P'Fa said I could do it when Charlotte's around too. E: Did Charlotte leave? Fan: She just walked up I think E: I thought we were gonna be roommates. I whispered to her to stay close, so when we checked in, it could be like in Khon Kaen.

E: In Khon Kaen, we got separated because we were on different flights. They divided us into 3 groups. E: But then they let us choose our roommate, so we didn't have to wait around. E: But this time, we all arrived at the same time. *inaudible* E: We're a little bit sad because we've bonded pretty well. Fan: It's ok. You'll see her in a bit.

E: Being apart, so we can miss each other. C: Heidi! I got goosebumps! *smacks Heidi's arm* H: See? The ship sunk because you do something like this. H: Can you at least let my ship sail for a little bit? H: Smacked me so hard, the cellulite bounced off of my skin. H: I'm sooo confused! *In the background* C: I miss you, P'Fa. I felt so lonely last night *In the background* E: Lonely? I saw you were with Heidi. C: We were doing our nails.

P: This two are holding hands. P: They're holding handsss.. E: Damn.. I was picking my nose. P: They're still holding handsss.. C: Someone said She was so lonely because no one was available to go Live with her.

C: I'ma hit her for posting this pic. It's a bit too revealing. C: I can't be handsome tbh. I wanna try though. Here, let me try. C: Oyyy.. The sunglasses came up!! Ohooo!! C: One more time, 1, 2, 3 lol C: 1, 2, 3... Okayy.. C: I can't be handsome. I'm not P'Fa.

C: Ok, I'll wait for you. Toey: Can you bring water to P'Fa as well? Toey: I moved to Live on Tiktok. I got 4000 viewers. C: Everyone, I'm gonna end it now. We're gonna have dinner.

E: Are you doing Live? C: It's Tiktok. I wanted to get gifts. C: Ba Byeeee... C: This one is mine.

C: This one is mine. I just wanted to show you. C: I don't know where I'm gonna put it up yet. It's huge. C: Gotta cover up right here. C: They said they'd bring yours later. C: Is it cute? Fans: So cuuuttteeee!! Miss Grand KrungThep Mananakhon Dress: To Bangkok Thailand The Giant Swing, Landmark in the old town. A chic place that mixed the classic vibe

of a uniqueness of architectural structure with the intricacy of the carvings on the wooden pillars, Therefore being applied to create valuable national costumes. The dress was created with the technique of stamping the fabric pattern, decorated with ruby red diamonds and beautifully blended with contemporary style. Designed & created by Art Akarach Neramitsil Miss Grand Chumphon Dress: Uthumphon Goddess Inspired from blessing angel, Chumphon provincial seal, Uthumphon tree or Cluster Fig which is the Chumphon's provincial tree.

The dress was created with the vibe of being the gateway to the South of Thailand accompanied with Manohra headdress. Together we have Uthumphon Goddess dress. Designed & created by WAKIWREE-DESIGN Designer by Mr.Kiattisak Khongsra Press: What about Charlotte? Do you want to say something about her? E: She was doing so great today. Press: Oh, you did see her performance? E: Yes, I did. E: She was doing great! I think for me, she looks the best when she's being herself. E: She also needs to adjust what Boss told her to do in the Black room interview. E: I'd like her to use the rest of the time that we have here to do her best. I believe that we can go and succeed together.

Press: Wait.. What did you say? You'd what?... E: We'd hold hands and go towards success together. E: Yes, I have to say t

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