The Magnificent Blue City in Rajasthan EP.23 | Jodhpur | Pakistani Visiting India

The Magnificent Blue City in Rajasthan  EP.23 | Jodhpur | Pakistani Visiting India

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We have entered Mehrangarh Fort. It's such a huge fort. It's really amazing. Especially the different colors of windows. When you go to the higher floors of the Phool Mahal, you get an awesome view of the blue city. Don't you give any chatni with this? It's so crowded here that people are randomly sitting wherever they can.

And they are eating there. When did you return from the Middle East? All of my family, including my kid, watches your videos. Gulab Jaman curry. Gulab Jaman curry? Assalam Alekum. Good Morning. Namaste. Sat Sri Akal... To Everyone from Jodhpur, Rajasthan. We got here last evening.

And we had a rather beautiful morning here today. Got to see a wonderful sunrise. And behind me, you can see Mehrangarh Fort. In this vlog, we are not gonna explore not only this fort... But many other historical sites in this city.

This city is also known as blue city because there are so many houses here painted blue. Just like Udaipur is white city and Jaipur is pink city. In today's vlog, you'll get to see the blue city and its historical sites. We have here a homemade breakfast for us. Thank you for this.

This estate is really amazing. I mean you can see the beautiful fort from here. One of the best locations in my opinion. Do check it out if you are coming here.

I'll put the name and location in the description of this video. Bismillah... In the name of Allah... *Prayer for the journey* May Allah make this day a special and memorable day for us.

I pray the same for all my viewers. Riding through these narrow streets of Jodhpur... We are heading towards the Mehrangarh fort. This old town is located around the fort. That puts the fort at the heart of this historical city.

The city has grown to be a huge one now. The second metropolitan city in Rajasthan, with a population of more than a million. And if you include the periphery, it can go beyond 2 million.

You must have started seeing blue buildings now. Not all of them though. But some of them are blue. This is the Sardar Market gate. Right in front of the gate is the clock tower. In fact, this clock tower was built by Maharaja Sardar Singh as well.

That's why these are named after him. The time period is from 1880 to 1911. I'm thinking about stopping here for a while and getting some footage. Ah... this car is from the Netherlands. We just some more foreign travelers. We are now out of that market.

There's a big market out here as well. According to navigation... It's gonna be another 15 to 20 minutes. We are taking this route so that...

You guys can see the local market as well. Similarly, there are many historical gates in the city. This is another gate of the old town.

There's a proper wall around the area. There's a historical building, mansion or more, around every corner of the city. This area on the left side is also being renovated.

The fort is located at the highest point in this city. That's why we are gradually gaining altitude. Amazing ... isn't it ... This side of the city is more like a vertical wall.

He's Shadab Khan. He's Afzal. And that's Adib. Okay. They were waiting here for us. Gladly we got to meet them.

That's the magnificent fort in front of our eyes. We'll have to locate the parking spot now... Over there I guess. I almost missed the spot. There's no shade here. So we'll be parking in the sun.

We are in the Mehrangarh fort now. It's such a huge fort. We have been walking here for 15 minutes. It's not really a walk though... More like a hike...

Since it's located at a height of 122 m. One has to gradually walk their way up to the top. The fort was built by Rao Jodha in 1459. The same ruler who established the city of Jodhpur. But the current building dates back to the 17th century. It has 7 gates.

The gate that we passed through was constructed by Maharaja Maan Singh in 1808. It's called Jaypol. You'll see the word 'pol' written with each gate. That's because the Rajasthani word for gate is pol. So, Jaypol translates to the gate of victory.

Similarly, there are other gates as well. As we go deep into the fort, you'll see palaces and courtyards in the fort. And these are famous for their carvings and artwork. Lets go inside and show you from inside. Entrance fee for Indian nationals is 200 INR.

Whereas for foreigners, it is 600 INR. Right now we are at the first tourist point of this fort. This is sort of the starting point of the fort tour. This courtyard is called Shringar Chowk.

This is where the newly selected ruler would sit. And a place for public gathering. You can also see some red sand stone buildings here. The carvings on them are magnificent.

They change color as the sun illuminates them. Even the arches over these windows are made from the same red stone. Their purpose was...

To facilitate the ladies so that they can see any event or ceremony from indoors. But no one from the outside could see them. You'll see some of the most amazing buildings in this complex. The first of them is Sheesh Mahal. (Mirror Palace) As the name indicates, a lot of mirrors are used in the construction.

And the detailed artwork done on them is quite impressive. They exhibit a lot of skill and craftsmanship. As you go from one floor to another, you'll see different palaces.

Probably second or third floor has my favorite one; Phool Mahal. (Flower Palace) Exceptionally beautiful... especially the different colors of windows. Everything here is simply awesome. This is my favorite palace here. When you go to the higher floors of the Phool Mahal, you get an awesome view of the blue city.

Not just that... But you can also see how big the fort wall is. And how massive this area is. There are another couple of historic places here.

One of them is Takht Villas. It used to be the bedroom of the Maharaja. It's designed and decorated in a very unique manner.

Belgian glass has been used in its construction. The other place is the Moti Mahal. This was also known as the special court.... This was meant for important meetings of special officers of the rule.

Right now we are at the fortress wall. You can see some canons here. These are the same canons that have been used in battles in different eras. We tried to give you a compact sort of visit of this place. There's a lot to see here. A very impressive place to say the least.

Not just the location of the fort... But from Phool Mahal to Sheesh Mahal and Moti Mahal... Everything that we saw was amazing. Hopefully you must have enjoyed the tour as well. Lets get out of here now so that we can show you other areas of Jodhpur. This is the beautiful building of Jaswant Thada, right across the fort.

It offers a great view of the fort. Similarly you can view the city down there. the fort wall also passes by the Thada. Jaswant Thada was built by Maharaja Sardar Singh for his father Jaswant Singh, after his death. The final rituals of the Royal family used to take place at this location.

Its beauty is magnified by the use of white marble. White marble is also known as Makrana marble. Because it's extracted from a town named Makrana in Rajasthan.

This same marble has been used in Taj Mahal in Agra. Also used in Victoria Memorial in Calcutta. I haven't visited Victoria Memorial yet ... or even Taj Mahal.

But I have seen their pictures. So, the same marble has been used in both those monuments. It shines rather brightly in the sunlight. I haven't seen a more popular samosa shop anywhere else. Let's see if we can get a samosa from here.

Take away? No. We'll eat here. Is there any chatni with it? Everything is inside. Okay. How much? Finally we have got three samosas for the three of us.

Lets try these samosas. Over to you Sachin. I don't remember eating samosa without chatni before. But it's funny that here they say that this is all we'll get. It's so crowded here that people just sit anywhere they can to eat their samosa. We paid around 65 INR for 3 samosas.

I already forgot the exact price. Because I gave him a 100 INR note. Let's see what's inside this little delight.

Take a look. My mouth is already watering because I'm quite hungry. Looks good though.

But it's still hot. Don't have to put a hot piece in mouth. It is actually very delicious with a unique taste.

I haven't tried a more delicious samosa before. You can say that... The filling is made from vegetable stuffing.

That's what it's made of. You don't really need any chatni with it. I'm gonna get myself another one. OK? I posted a story just 15 minutes ago. Ma Sha Allah... so many people have shown up in just 15 minutes.

My shop is just around the corner. Please visit us and let us show our hospitality. Thank you very much for your kindness. He has brought the famous local lassi of this area.

I actually needed something nice to drink. What's it called? Shahi Lassi. (Royal Buttermilk). Makhni Lassi. It's made from butter. Looks like it's gonna be really sweet. Can I take a picture Abrar? It tastes more like ice cream. Yeah. It's a little thick.

It's quite thick. Take a look. You won't get a thicker lassi anywhere else in Jodhpur. That's my elder son and this is the younger one. All are your fans. Thank you so much for this love. Take a picture. Yeah. Sure.

Do you face any language barrier here? Not really. Hindi works everywhere. When did you return from the Middle East? My whole family watches all your videos. How are you, ma'am? You were recently in the Middle East. Right?

Great to see you, Sir. Now I'm in your city. You have to meet our kids. Let me hold this for you. My son is a huge fan of yours.

He watches your videos everyday. Thank you so much. We watch all your videos. You were in the Middle East. Right? Yes. You were not able to get the Indian visa for some time.

Yeah. I got it eventually. It's raining now and Arif told us about a special kachori here. They only have it in this region. I haven't tried a sweet kachori before. I don't think they make it anywhere else. No other place in India.

So... this is the kachori. It's made from milk. Mawa. Milk cake.

And sugar is poured all over it. We had a full packet of sugar. From where did you get this? It's a 100 years old shop and it's just around the corner. A very famous shop.

I have sent this to places like US and Canada to my relatives and friends. It will stay fresh like this for even a week, before we mix it with sugar. If we haven't mixed sugar with kachori, it can last up to a week. Lets try this now.

Please take some. There's a lot of it. No it's not much. There are many people here. Please join us. We just got out after the rain. Here's Mukesh Kumar.

And here's his son, Kamlesh. And she's his wife. And... here's Muhammad Zaheer. We were just passing by when Zaheer recognized us.

I wanted to leave discreetly. But it's raining heavily. And they have prepared tea for us. Thank you guys. This is without sugar. It's for Karthikeyan who's busy at the moment in filming us.

Thank you. Okay then. Allah Hafiz. Allah Hafiz. It's getting late now. We were supposed to leave from here in 15 minutes after eating. But so many people came to see us.

And it was really nice to meet them all. The people who came also brought rain along. And we couldn't go to the palace due to rain.

Anyway, everything happens for a reason. We'll visit that tomorrow. That's the clock tower. Most of the shops are closed now because of rain. We have come for dinner to the famous restaurant of Jodhpur, Gypsy.

We have Mr Raja with us. I have shown you the local food from south to north in this tour so far. Here we have a Marwadi plate. This is the sweet dish, Lapsi. Lentils. This is Gulab Jaman curry.

Gulab Jaman curry? I haven't eaten this before. These are rice. Marwadi gatta. What's that? It's made from chickpea flour. There's yogurt, papar and roti.

This is Ghevar. This is also a dessert? Yes. People here really like dessert. We have another plate. What's this? Kadhi Sobra. This is pearl millet roti.

Sweet dish. Sobra choorma. It's like our choori. Kadhi Gatta curry. Garlic chatni. Mirchi gurbha... Onions.

This is all traditional Rajasthani. And here we have... Marwardi pulao. Thank you so much Sir.

We are gonna try our food now. But the most interesting thing that I haven't even heard of before... Gulab Jaman curry. Lets begin. Thank you so much. But wait. Why don't you tell us how to eat it?

It's better to ask. Because every place has their own way of eating. We have already started eating with our hands since we were in south. Why don't we start with gulab jaman? We have already tried everything else before. I wanna start with gulab jaman. Try it with roti.

Do I need to put it in this plate? This gulab jaman is not sweet. It's like Malay kofta. But it's really tasty. Time to finish this vlog.

I hope you must have enjoyed it. We still have to explore a few places in Jodhpur. So, we'll do that in our next vlog. We gave it our best shot today.

It was very heart warming to see the love of locals. And the forts and palaces here are awesome. Such a beautiful city. Do remember me in your prayers. Forgot to mention the amazing food.

Don't forget to Like, Subscribe and Share. Allah Hafiz.

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