The Journey is Getting tough as I get Closer to Capetown S7 EP.69 | Pakistan to South Africa

The Journey is Getting tough as I get Closer to Capetown   S7 EP.69 | Pakistan to South Africa

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Assalam Alekum Everyone and welcome back to the channel. From Brenton-on-Sea A small touristy village on the garden route near Naessna. We reached here last night. We stayed the night in this hut. The sea is right in front of us. We could hear the waves all night long. The wind is very strong here.

There are some cliffs down there. When the water collides with them, you can hear the sound of the waves from far away. We had a great sleep. Today we are going to change our route a little bit.

This is also a part of the garden route. But we are going to visit coastal towns first. I am going to try to mix up the coastal towns and the mountains.

First we will go to Nessna. After Nessna, we will go to George, the biggest city here. We will visit a few tourist points with George. Then we will go inland. We will do the Swartberg Pass and take route 62.

It will be a ride of about 350 to 400 km. We will reach Swellendam. We will stay in an area near it for the night. So that we can reach Cape Town the next day. I am ready.

You are ready. Rangeeli is also ready. Let's leave from here and show you the rest of the garden route. Prayer for the journey May we have a great day today. And may our day 2 of garden route be a memorable one.

Almost every village and town that I can see in this region is very well developed. You can say that the well off people of South Africa live in this region. You will hardly find any town where... You know, when you pass through an area, you can see poverty. Maybe it's because of tourism and farming.

There are more opportunities here. We are passing through Naessna now. Last night, I passed through here and stayed at the cliffs. I loved this area. So I decided to pass through here in the morning. A beautiful road right next to the sea.

I don't know why it's getting slow here. There is no traffic. And there is no traffic signal either.

It's surprising. But it's okay. Let's keep moving.

We will reach George in about an hour. It's a little low tide right now. That's why the water level is a bit low.

If it was high tide, the water level would have been right up to this road. What an amazing and curvy road it is. It's moving along with the sea. There are a lot of bikers on this route.

It's Saturday anyway. So it will be more crowded here. Wow! Amazing! There are walking paths along the cliffs. There are many paragliders here.

Let's take a break. I just spotted a wonderful place. We are in George now. We need to take a much needed break here.

Because we didn't have breakfast today. We just had some tea and coffee from the cabin. I just dipped my rusk in the coffee and that's all I had. I thought it would be enough to take us to some next stop. I have marked a cafe in George. Let's go there.

George seems to be a lively town. Out of all the towns I have visited on the Garden Route, overall there are 8 to 10% of South Africans are white. However, the white population in this area is relatively larger in number compared to other parts of South Africans here.

There are other bikers here as well. Let's park alongside them. There is a special parking for bikers here. We have got a very good coffee here.

They have even made a teddy bear before serving it. We are having some fruits and yogurt with it. It's more like a brunch.

I didn't feel like eating much. I thought I should at least keep some room for lunch. Would be better to have some appetite if I take a break.

That's why I preferred a light meal. I have noticed that this area is quite touristy. If you go to residential areas or places where locals visit, the prices are quite decent. You can say that this one is $4 and that one is less than $2.

If you go to the main tourist spots, where tourists mostly visit, you can say that the prices will be 15 to 20% more. But it doesn't make a huge difference. As I was saying earlier, South Africa is 100% value for money. It's good that you can go anywhere.

You don't feel like they are taking advantage of you being a tourist. The prices are very high. That's why I like South Africa. We are having fun here.

It's a very big and busy city. I don't think we have seen so much traffic in South Africa as we have seen in this town. It's not a lot of traffic. Some people might still wonder if this can be categorized as traffic. But that's what I have experienced so far in South Africa. It's a 2 minute ride from the city to the mountains, straight from the coast.

On our left side, there are vine fields, I mean grapes. But these are vine fields. So this whole area is filled with vine fields. Someone told me that when I'm gonna travel on this route, I will see a lot of vine fields. And there is a lot of agriculture in this region. So let's see if our journey will be a little different today.

After traveling for about an hour, we have reached Out Horn. We have come to an interesting area of ​​the city. Earlier, I thought that this is a very ruined city. There is no liveliness, no people. But now we have liveliness and more people here. And...

It's a tourist town. I have noticed that there are less desi communities in these areas. In big cities like Cape Town and Joburg, there are a lot of desis. But not here. Of course, there are a few people who come here and there. But not as much.

There are a lot of guest houses here. The good thing about these areas is that you will find accommodation everywhere. We have reached the most touristic place of this area. It's called Cango Caves. I had heard about this place.

And I had an idea that we are going to pass by this place. So I thought that we will see the caves and then move ahead. There are some nice pictures on the internet. Hopefully, it's a good place. In the cave, it's not cold. It's like 20 degrees in the cave.

It's very humid, so you're not gonna need extra layers. Okay, thank you. Welcome to Cango Caves. This is my first time visiting such famous and beautiful caves. I haven't visited many caves. But today we got a chance.

So we will try to show you the different shapes that are formed in these caves. And whatever we get to see, we will share it with you. Let me tell you that the different shapes that you see in the caves are mostly due to the rainwater.

There are two types of shapes. One is where the water keeps passing through. And they are different.

The other shape is when drops of water fall down. These shapes are formed due to minerals. You will also get different colors here. Those colors are also due to minerals. We are standing in the biggest chamber of this cave. It's a big hall.

There are 3 or 4 more halls. These are called chambers. Let's visit them one by one. They have made a very good setup for walking. You can easily pass through the cave. Almost everyone can visit the sections that we will visit.

The adventurers usually go through narrow passages. So I decided to show you the different shapes. No doubt these caves are very impressive. As I mentioned earlier, it was a unique experience for me. I have never visited a cave system like this before. The world of caves is amazing.

The shapes and different structures that you see here are amazing. I highly recommend you to visit these caves if you are ever passing through this region. They are very well managed. It took us about 40 to 45 minutes to visit 4 different sections. If you are adventurous, you can go for a 90 minute adventure tour. You can go deeper into the caves.

Our Rangeeli is waiting for us to go ahead. This guy took care of our bike. I had left all my stuff here. I thought someone was taking care of it. You usually find such people at parking spots.

They have to be paid some money. You can give them some tips and they will take care of your stuff. Thank you. Bye. It doesn't matter if I start my day at 7 or 10.

It's a 10 to 12 hour long day everyday. So we are at the top now. Abrar and Rangeeli are both at the top. It was a good adventure. It wasn't a very difficult pass.

A few drone shots are a must... since we got here after all this effort. We are back from the pass. After riding for another 180 km, we are going to stay near Swellandam. I have seen Barrydale. It could be a good area. I have booked one of the hotels there.

Let's see. This is the route from here. The other one would take us back. I am following the navigation. We need to check if there is fuel on the way.

So, I am going to Google it now. Let me check where is the next fuel station. It's somewhere around here. Okay.

Let's get out of here. It's after 50 km. What a beautiful view of the mountains. And in this whole area, there are private game reserves, lodges and farms for agriculture. If it wasn't for the sun, this would have been one of our most beautiful rides.

But because of the sun, it's hard to see anything. Even the road. We are nearing Cape Town. My battery is getting low. And it's getting tough. 400 to 500 km everyday is tough.

I think that's some restaurant. Let's see. I think this is a very small town. Was it a right decision to come here? We won't get anything to eat.

It's 8.45 pm. The lodge is right there. I hope they have their own restaurant. Then it will be best. Berrydale, Karoo Lodge.

Everything is closed here so early. We have checked in at the hotel. It was a long day. And finally, after a 10 to 12 hour ride, we have reached here. We have covered 450 km today.

Anyway, let me show you our room. We have a TV here. I don't think I have used it anywhere.

We have tea and coffee here. We have a beautiful and comfortable bed. The weather is great here. No need for AC. There is a window at the back. We can sleep comfortably here. This is the beautiful and clean washroom.

I have paid 47 to 48 USD for this. I think, I have paid 5 to 7 USD less in some places and 5 to 7 USD more in some places. But overall, we have got decent accommodation. I was very hungry.

So I unpacked my stuff and went to the city to find something to eat. Because most of the restaurants are closed. Let me show you. This is our dinner today. Fish and chips. This was the only thing available here.

We have paid around 7 USD for this. Let's have our dinner. I hope you liked the vlog. I personally liked this area. We will see which route we take to reach Cape Town.

I am very excited. Finally, we will reach Cape Town after all this effort. Remember me in your prayers.

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