The Himalayan Lake that is split between INDIA and CHINA

The Himalayan Lake that is split between INDIA  and CHINA

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Nyoma, okay Pangong Lake, Ladakh India Goodbye Sheryl, goodbye Norcus Goodbye! Good morning Internet! It's 7:45 in the morning and welcome back to the channel Welcome here at Pangong Lake in Ladakh, India I just left the home stay where I stayed the night The plan for today is to ride back to Leh, but I don't actually know yet what my route will be There are basically three routes possible And uh.. I just I haven't decided I thought let's just see how it goes How the road condition is, how far I can go So I'm now riding parallel to Pangong Lake I'm super high by the way, I didn't realize that, but I'm now at 4,350 meters altitude It's actually the highest saltwater lake in the world It stretches for 160 km and one third is in India and the other two thirds are in China So the border between India and China goes through Pangong Lake So obviously, I cannot ride the full length of the lake.. because I can't go into China Last night there was actually hail! They were only very small but there were like tiny little hailstones, that were falling But now it's gone again With the sun out it's actually not even that cold Also my visor is super dirty All the dust Is this better? Yeah, this is better I've just passed the next town which is here And I just got to look back, because I'm facing the sun directly So actually the best views on the lake are from the other side Amazing Wow, look at that, I had stop again Look at the color of the water there Unbelievable I mean, I suppose there's not a lot of fish here I actually, don't know I wouldn't think so A saltwater lake, at this altitude But it really is inviting to go snorkeling there I have no idea how am I supposed to cross those mountains at some point They are extremely tall and super ragged That's a horsey It's okay Hi there I think these are actually like, these little mix breeds between cows and yak See how furry they are I think they also have a name  but I can't remember When they mix yak with cow See they also have long tails Like yak See if I can buy some water  here General store Is it open? Looks closed Maybe over there Hello - Hello Hello madam, welome, welcome! Oh, thank you! What do you want? I am looking for water What? - Water Water - Water Okay, how much water ? Uh.. 3 liter - 3 liter, okay - Yeah

Everywhere you are roaming - Everywhere I am roaming And this time where you going? Um ..I don't know yet You already going to Pangong Lake? Yeah, yeah - Okay, okay, okay - Yeah Okay, happy journey! What's your name? Sonomtashi. Happy journey - Sonomtashi Sonomtashi. Nice to meet you - Sonomtashi

Okay, nice to meet you - Thank you very much Nice to meet you, bye bye Bye Would you like some water? I have some left over Doesn't fit anymore Thanks - You are welcome Okay I have water again Another checkpoint for my permit You know what I see? Ah, it's too far away for you I'm sure, but right over there, there's a whole herd of these wild Ladakhi donkeys They're really cool They have white legs and like a brown body And they're really big, they're much bigger than normal donkeys Can you see them? There's a whole group of them There, there, there, you see them, do you see them? There's a whole bunch of them There they are The color of the grass is just unreal It's honestly bright, bright orange Oh wow, look at those birds What are those? They're huge Some sort of crane birds I suppose This is supposed to be the road to Mahe Wow Amazing ride! I just came from down there Ha ha ha Amazing I mean this is the homeland of the Himalayan right? These are its mountains Here is the top See if I can.. .. See a sign 'Cause I would like to know how  high I am but No sign I have no idea Oh, here's another lake Look at that Oh, isn't that color just unbelievable Wow Ah, this is the top of the pass, must be BRO welcome you at Kaksang La Altitude 17,851 ft Rank 8th Hello So I am now descending on the other side of the pass I have to admit I made a little bit of a mistake Because originally, my plan was to take another road Which is pretty much straight after Pangong Lake Immediately go back to Leh That was my original plan And so I thought, oh I have plenty of fuel So when I.. just before I reached Pangong Lake, I saw a fuel station And I was like, ah it's not necessary. I'll easily make it back to Leh

And then last night, I was studying the map and I thought hmm Why don't I go a bit further and take this road Which I am super happy I did But.. fuel wise I'm suddenly thinking.. .. I don't know if I'm actually going to make that Wow! I've just come over another pass And there's another lake This must be Mahe I think I'm there. Yeah Excuse me Um, is there any fuel here in Mahe? Sorry? - A petrol Petrol pump - Yeah You can ask locally - Okay Wait wait - Okay, thank you There is a petrol pump in Nyoma, it is 14 kilometers from here 14 - 14, 12 to 14 kilometers Okay, there's one 'Cause this way is to Leh right? This is the.. this way goes to Leh And then how many kilometer to..? To Leh? - Leh It would be around.. I believe, 200 kilometers - Ah

No then I must first fill up You should go to Nyoma, Nyoma there is a.. - Nyoma Okay, thank you very much Thank you! Bye-bye Okay well, then I am going first this way Because uh.. .. Otherwise I'm not going to make it So.. ah well, doesn't matter, this is stunning here too I've now basically reached a bigger road I think this one.. .. Not sure where this goes to Chumur maybe But uh..

.. 14 kilometers so that's easy Then I'd rather just go 14 kilometers, fill up and then I have all the petrol in the world Wow, what a big smooth road The colors here are amazing right! Look at all the purple! It's amazing Hi, excuse me Uh, do know petrol station? Petrol Here? Okay, thank you Excuse me Sorry. Um, is there anywhere  petrol? You have? In a bottle? 5 liter? Yeah Okay Thank you Okay, I have fuel! I have more than enough fuel now to make it to Leh So that's perfect! Whoop whoop! Colors are unbelievable right? There is so much army It's almost as if Ladakh is just one big military base Should I go ride through the town, what's it called? Teriskudung And I'm not sure where this leads to but let's have a little bit of a look Oh, that's where I was riding before down below Difference hey Oh, this goes all the way I don't know where this goes According to Google Maps there's nothing here So.. Where does this go to? Goes all the way up there I see a house, I see a house! This must be it no? Now look here Unbelievable! Hello! Hi! Nice to meet you How are you? You come from? - Holland You come from? - Netherland Netherlands You are from here? Yeah, my house Your house? Good Alright I go Leh Go Leh - Yeah Nice to meet you Bye-bye! Bye! Alright, I am almost back in Leh It is uh.. 7 kilometers to go

But it's already very busy So yeah, I'm going to end this video In the next video, I am going to ride to another part of the Himalayas, which might be my favorite part So I'm super excited about it But for now, pretty tired. It was a really long day It's now 4:30 I don't even know how many kilometers I did? 370, is that possible? Not sure I'm going to find a place to stay And then call it a night So that was it for today, I really hope you like this video If you did please give me a big thumbs up, subscribe down below and then I will see you in the next video

2023-10-25 03:40

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