The Heat Is Killing Me - Bikepacking France Episode 2

The Heat Is Killing Me - Bikepacking France Episode 2

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It's day two of my bike packing trip through  France, and it's time to level up this adventure a bit  I'm finally out of the worst part of  the suburbs of Paris and get to encounter a   varied set of roads and trails. Everything  from gnarly single track to wonderfully   designed bicycle highways. It's all part of the  adventure I guess! And the sites along the road   are nothing to sneeze at either. Castles,  picturesque towns and lovely bike paths   along the Seine river makes up the scenery on this  day. This seems to be a fantastic day here in France! [Music] [Music] Good morning and welcome to a fantastic  day here in France. I've totally forgotten  

about the rant that I made last night. And  looking forward to new opportunities here   on this second day. I think this should be  a lot better. I'm hopefully out of the worst   traffic south of Paris. I've been looking  at the map and I think we have some some great   things to see today. We have a couple of  castles coming up here and, yeah just  

hoping for a really nice day out on the roads  here in France. The sun is just coming over the   mountain here and I've pretty much packed  up everything. So let's hit the road [Music] This is some lovely sing here in the morning.  Basically no cars at all. Maybe a car passing  

me every 5 minutes or so. Kind of feels like  I'm back home in Sweden again. I found this   lovely road along the river. And there's a lot  of trees shading me from the Sun as well   All the rants from yesterday are completely gone  and this seems to be a fantastic day here in France Well isn't this great?! Look, here in France they  even have a bike lane in the roundabouts   The cars actually give you some leeway, so they are  quite respectful to cyclists here. I've never felt  

worried going into one of these roundabouts.  Usually they they take it pretty slow  Maybe in Paris it was a bit crazy but out here in  the countryside people are generally a lot more considerate And all of the sudden we've entered a single  track section. I guess my Kona Unit X would have   been a better weapon of choice on this stretch. On the map it seems like this is  

going to continue for maybe in the next 10 km  or so. Well it's all part of the adventure I guess Oh, sorry! Merci! So as you can probably see the road  quality here on the la Scandiberique really varies a lot   Sometimes you go through single track sections. And sometimes you have a wonderful road like   this one that I'm on right now where they've  pretty much taken half of the road and made   it into a bike lane. So the cars have to drive  really... But there aren't any cars actually. But  

the few cars who are driving here have to  take it very carefully and us cyclists are kings! I finally found a supermarket  that's open, so I'm going to go in and   get some breakfast. I'm really  really hungry. I haven't basically   eaten anything substantial since I  ate lunch yesterday, at about 2:00 p.m. I'm just taking a little breakfast  break here in a nice little park in the   town of Melun. And look what I found when  I was sitting there enjoying my breakfast   In the park they have  this white box stocked with old used   books. So I'm guessing the plan is when  you've read your old book. You can just  

go down to the park leave it in the white box  here and grab a new book. Pretty smart thing here France I've now made it to  Samois-sur-Seine. It's considered   one of the most picturesque small towns here in [Music] France [Music] We're approaching the first Chateau or  Castle on this bike packing trip, Chateau Fountainblue And it's definitely one of the  most impressive castles in all of France   This is one of the places where you're not  allowed to ride your bike. But you can walk it  

along here in the park. And feels just as nice  to take a stroll for a while and get off the saddle If you lucky when you're bik touring  in France you might stumble upon one of these   camping bivouac or aire, I think they're called. It's a  sort of a free campground with water    I'm going to fill up my water bottles now I have only  couple of drops left in them. These are not that   common, but if you find them it's a perfect  place to pitch your tent at the end of the   evening. They're usually located by a trail head  to a hiking trail. I have to admit I'm quite   beat right now. It's about 2:00 p.m. and we're  approaching the warmest section of the day 

I was so glad I found this cold water because I'm in desperate need for some energy now I think I have about 10 km left until  the next major town. So I'm probably going to find something to eat there because I'm feel  like I'm in a dip. I need some some energy in   my body right now. I think I've done just  over 50 km and the goal of today was to make  

about 115. I have to admit I think I was  underestimating this journey. I thought   it was going to be super flat. Well it is super  flat if you follow the the Eurovelo, and that   is along the river. But I've made a few detours  to go over to watch the castle and so on  

Those times I find myself using komoot to get  back on the track again. And usually that means   having to go a bit off-road. I had to even make  a bit of a hike and bike back there. That really   takes on your on your energy sources. Let's  make it to the next town and refill our our energy Oh, so nice to get into the shade again! I'm so beat right now I hardly can't even  speak to you. according to my Garmin it's 35°C   now, and I've just come into the shade here on  the right side of the of the canal. And I just   found this this sign of of the Eurovelo or La  Scandiberique. That's the route that I'm following  

In the morning we started... I believe it's up  up here and I followed the Seine for a while   Then sort of took a day tour towards Fountainblue  and as sort of zig-zagged my way down   to the route again. And I've now been following  it for the last 30 km or so. I'm in a town   called Chateau-Landon now and the new plan is to  make it to a town or a city called Montargis   That is about 20 km away from here, and that  would make it about 105 km for the day   I think that is a pretty reachable goal. I'm  quite, I'm quite beat. I, I'm not really used to to   the heat like this. Where I live up in Northern  Sweden, we have a couple of these days per   summer. But I'm certainly not used to cycling  in heat like this for for many days to come  

I think I'm going to take it a bit slower. I feel a bit of fatigue. Well, on to Montargis   The road quality along the river was very varied.  Sometimes you rode through uneven sections of   hard packed gravel like this one. And 5 minutes  later you encountered super smooth asphalt like this We're approaching Montargis and  I'm just going to go through town   And start making my way to the  campground right away. I think it's  

about 2 km away from the city center.   It's up a little hill here. My legs are   fine, I feel a lot more refreshed now than  I did when I spoke to you about an hour ago [Music] so I made it to the campground in Montargis and  it looks like the reception is closed until 7PM I'm actually here quite early for  being me. It's only just before 6 p.m. now   I interpreted it as you could go in and choose your  own pitch. And then go to the reception at 7PM 

So, that's what I'm going to do. Now I'm going to pitch  my tent and maybe have a shower. I'm in desperate   need of one. Just take a look at my legs after  a day out on the trails here in France. I need   to go back into town to find a supermarket and  perhaps get a nice bottle of wine and some food   And according to the price list over here I think  this is one of these Camping Municipal campgrounds   that are run by the local municipality. So they're  usually quite a bit cheaper than your ordinary   kind of family oriented campground. According to  the price list I saw, the price for me, my bike   and a tent, plus electricity was about €8. Which  I'll take any day of the week! This is also   what I meant when I said this is my type of  Campground. When you get a nice picnic table  

like this. It's basically unvaluable when you're  on a bike. Because you can like spread everything   out in the morning when you when you're packing  up inside of your bike bags.Aand there's also an   electricity hookup right here. And some nice  drinking water as well. Oops! For those of you   who haven't been camping a lot in in Europe. And  by Europe I mean like France, Germany, Spain and   Italy and so on. You need to have one of these like  adapters for the electricity hookup. Because this  

isn't your usual European socke. It's one made  for RVs and Caravans and so on. So you need to plug   this in and then you can put your cell phone,  or power bank, or whatever you're charging in it I'm back from the super market now. And  as you can see I'm pretty happy that I didn't   take the shower before I went there. I'm just as  sweaty as I was when I arrived here. When I go to   the supermarket, both like for lunch and now in  the evening. I bring along this one this since   my my bikepacking bags are essentially full. So I  need somewhere to store the stuff that I buy from  

the supermarket. I have this collapsible backpack, as you can see here. When I collapse that   down, it fits in the palm of my hands basically.  It's perfect when you need some extra carrying   capacity for just a brief moment. So let's have a  look what I got at the supermarket.

Tonight's dinner consists of a big box of sushi and we have  a glass of white wine to go with that. And I promise you   I'm not going to have all of it. I think half of  this will do for me. Otherwise I won't be able to   go at 8AM like I hope I will tomorrow. And I also  got some some potato chips. I really feel like I need   to get some salt in me. I keep chugging down water  but I kind of drain all the salt out of the body, so   this is usually the trick when I'm out on a  bikepacking trip. That I, not every night but   every other night or so, I buy something salty.  Either potato chips or some nuts or something  

Just to get salt balance back together. And for  those of you who wonder why I'm not wild camping,   like I do when I'm home in Sweden or Norway. Well  those countries are Sweden and Norway, and you have   endless of possibilities to to pitch your tent  anywhere. Plus here in France the campgrounds  

are much closer to each other than up in Sweden.  Where you can go for basically a day without   seeing one. And I've also come to the point in my  life where I figure that 8 Euros is worth having   a shower having, a picnic bench by your tent and  having access to running water and electricity and so on  So for me it's not a tough choice. And  I also think this improves the videos because I  

have power right by here. I don't have to  stress about finding power or bringing a solar   panel, or stuff like that. I rather just pay those  few Euros to to have access to power throughout   the day. What I usually do is I bring two  battery packs with me. So I'm usually charging   one of them during the night, and charging all of  my gear inside of the tent with the other one   Believe me, it's a lot of things that needs to be  charged during the night. My Garmin, batteries   for both the GoPro and for this camera and my  phone also needs a lot of batteries. Because I  

use it mainly to to navigate throughout the day.  So everything is charging all throughout night Cheers! It looks like I got the family size of  sushi. But that's the problem when you're going to   the supermarket after you've been cycling for a whole day.  You're so hungry you could basically eat a horse   It was either this one or a really small one . So I figured I would be able to eat most of this

One family box of sushi later and I'm pretty full!  Well, I've got a lot of new subscribers here in the   last couple of weeks. Or when you're seeing this  maybe a month ago thanks to a very kind and   wonderful person called Ryan van Duzer. Who I did a  short but sweet bike packing trip with a couple   of months ago. And for those of you who are new to  the channel, you might have not seen all the trips  

that I've done earlier. And I've actually done a  trip here to France a couple of years ago, when   I went to the Provence region. You can watch  that whole series. I think it's about 10 episodes   or so. By clicking the link up in the corner  here. Otherwise, until next time have a good one!

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