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foreign [Music] foreign [Music] everyone here from Taipei in Taiwan  once again we're just about to go on a little   trip to a place called juven I think that's how  you pronounce it supposed to be like one of the   most beautiful little towns here in Taiwan  and we're going there by bus we're going to   be spending the night so we got this thing  called the easy card and you saw that this   is one of the easiest ways to get around  yeah yeah I think everybody buys it when   they come here and it gives you an entrance  to many places you need to top up and then   you use it on buses or on train mrts which  is their Metro and you can also rent those   little bikes that you see on the road you  pay a hundred dollars to buy it but I think so we just put like 300 credit on  ours and yeah we're gonna use that   on the bus obviously this is a station  here stations are pretty good you can   see the bus name there tells you how  long it's gonna take 60 Minutes hours oh [Music]   thank you [Music] all right so we've arrived in jufin now  an extremely beautiful ride especially   the last part when we started going  up into the mountains where we are   right now and from the bus stop here I  already got some really beautiful views   look at the ocean back there and got some cool  temples too one here you can see some down there   we saw some scattered around in the mountains too  didn't we yeah there was one that was super big   but I don't know how to get there yeah I'm not  sure it was on this mountain side can I think   you can see the top of it in the distance there so  I think this is the entrance here the old Street so right now we're still kind of early so I think  that's why a lot of the places look closed or like   they're just about uh open a lot of the stores it  is a Friday right now so later on it's gonna get   packed apparently apparently on weekends this  place is like insanely busy foreign [Music]   just these little Alleyways everywhere  I did read online that it's like a bit   of a maze I already smells some  good food here it's really good we'll get some good food later on which direction  yeah I think at night they light up all the   Chinese lanterns that's why we decided to stay  overnight here because I think most people just   come for a Day Tour and they go back to Taipei  but we wanted to see this place at night too   yeah it looks extra special at night so that's  a really nice Viewpoint that looks like a less   touristy part maybe a more residential part of  the The Village you can still walk down there I   think you can see all these cool restaurants  and cafes and we just found out that this is   the place that we're going to be staying  tonight too early to to check in though   got this guy somebody's in here yeah Carol  chose this spot so look at where the people   are eating here with that view down there  that'll be us later on our tomorrow morning [Music] so this was a very small town there weren't  many people living here but then in 1890s they   discovered gold hair and it became a gold mine in  town and then it increased rapidly and during that   time it was actually on the Japanese Occupation  literally our views everywhere so you can probably   already see why this is considered one of the most  beautiful towns in Taiwan I mean you got the views   the beautiful Green Mountains everywhere  surrounded nice little houses and Alleyways   loads of cute little stores that is that the  cherry blossom oh yeah just to make it even   better so this area that we're walking through now  is the part that I said look more residential so   you don't really get many stores or anything  on this side only over there I think this is   just where the majority of people live so we  found yet another Viewpoint absolutely nobody   walking around here I don't think many people  arrive and then pretty much leave I think they   just stick around that area but it's cool because  you can see the whole thing and I think you can   hike up that mountain so we might do that later  on after we check in get some good views from   there too definitely more people arriving now so  it might be a bit busier when we get back [Music]   thank you [Music]   foreign [Music] [Music] about tunnels we thought it might  have been like the mining tunnels but   it's not as far a car to pass through  pretty cool though quite drifting yeah it's nice and nice and cool in this tunnel  there's quite a few tunnels around here   but yeah it's definitely not anything for a  mining oh wow a nice area on the other side looks like some sort of restaurant or Cafe   I think it's closed right now that'd be a  nice spot to eat at yeah super calm here   yeah it really is calm I don't think there's much  traffic or anything coming through here so even   in the winter when the sun is out it's really  nice the weather in Taiwan from what we've seen   so yeah today is around like 20 degrees so that's  like the perfect temperature and that's like the   ideal temperature for me but I think we even had  some days where it was 27. yeah one day when it's   cloudy it just gets too cold yeah it drops yeah  very drama very big drop one day was 27 and the   other day it was 15 or something 15 yeah yeah  a big difference depending on if the Sun or not   so we're back in the main Center so just an hour  later you can already see the the difference now   way more people now we got cues so some of you may  have seen the Japanese anime film called Spirited   Away which I think is like the most famous one  or one of yeah maybe one of the most famous anime and I think he is famous because it looks  similar to it some people say it was the   place that inspired but we read that that's not  true yeah the director said it's not true it's   not true but it does remind of the the film yeah  so I think especially this one is one that looks   like one out of that film I haven't seen it yet  I did see a picture from the film it had like   the Chinese lanterns and stuff so I think that's a  famous tea house we might go in there I don't know   it's a busy one there's lots of empty ones yeah  this is the most famous because of the the movie   so next to the famous tea house they also  have this nice statue here showing the   gold mining and this guy turned up now for  the guitar sounds nice I'll give him a tip [Music] thank you [Music] [Applause]   thank you foreign [Music] so we ended up coming to a different tea place  that one there seemed to only have like Teeth   taste and taste in multiple teas and we didn't  really want that they also didn't have any good   places anymore because obviously it was all  taken because it's so popular but the one   that we've come to here is completely empty  pretty much here on the rooftop nobody here   only us so for 370 we got the matcha latte and  yours is just a coffee latte yeah coffee latte   it's good very good coffee yeah so that's  probably like Taurus price right because   we're in such a touristy Zone the other place  that we went was quite expensive too compared   to the price of other things in in Taiwan  I've actually already had a taste to mine   but it tastes like warm milk I'm not really a  taste in much matcha in there for some reason it's just like warm milk so not not so good mine  but at least carols is good we ended up coming   to another place now this time to eat though  since that other place only had tea and coffee   obviously with a view everywhere has a view here  so I can't avoid that I think I'm gonna get some   fried noodles beef fried noodles 120 you're gonna  get noodles too yeah I will ask if they can do   the same but without meat maybe with tofu yeah  yeah I think they'll be able to do it so this   is how the noodles are really a big portion  so that's nice it looks very juicy too all   this sauce so they wouldn't do Tofu for Carol  but yeah you got your veggie noodles anyway yeah it's a different kind of sauce I don't know   what sauce that is but I haven't  tasted that kind of sauce before delicious though oh [Music]   foreign [Music] so we're just doing some souvenir shopping for  once which we never do and these are keychains   I think aren't they they have three sizes small  medium big one and there's a light inside okay   like a balloon right like those ones that  they release in the air yeah how much is   that then uh 120 for this month okay thank you  so we mentioned about the film Spirited Away   so these are some of the characters from that film   so even though it eventually had nothing to do  with the film from what the director said they   obviously still make the most of it I think they  actually added to the fame of this place yeah I   think even like the two tourists tourism agencies  they sell this place like they play some from the   Spirited Away from the movie yeah yeah so we've  checked into our accommodation now this place is   called Shanghai Guan guest house it's actually a  different building to the one that I showed before   where people were eating with their views it's  the same owner that's why we're gonna have like   breakfast though which is included in this price  so this is 90 a day it is a bit of a fancy one for   the area I think you could find places for around  sixty dollars a bit more simple so this is the   main bedroom area here already from the bedroom  we get some great views yeah really nice user   so this is more that residential but probably  a bit quieter so that's nice then this looks   like more of a Japanese style right where they sit  pretty much on the floor a nice big TV mini fridge   here oh I just noticed that and then this is a  bathroom looks nice and modern and the main reason   Carol wanted to stay here was for the bathtub oh  it's a big bathtub isn't it even a TV over there   yeah you can watch TV in the bathtub so we'll  probably do that tonight it's like a two three   personal one as well little C maybe that's even  Japanese style I'm not sure but it's nice when   you're in colder places it's gonna get cold here  at night you can have a nice warm bath [Music]   foreign [Music] so we're gonna do that trail  that I mentioned before up the mountain back   there that's called mount kilung how long did  people say that it takes some people say one   hour some people said 15 minutes really I think  it just depends on how fit you are hopefully we   can do it fast let's see yeah we'll see how long  it takes I mean it looks extra steep so the trail   is like a cobbled pathway it's not the best for  a trail because it's all like different angles   and sprain your ankle yeah it's kind of weird  to walk on I don't know if it's going to be   like this all the way I don't know steps  already I think we're going to be doing a   lot of steps those look nice lots of pink flowers  everywhere around here in Taiwan right now [Music]   yeah this Trail is no joke probably one of the  hardest ones I've ever done not even exaggerating   just because it's constantly steps and yeah  we've easily done over a thousand I'll check   online how many it is problem is now we're in the  clouds so look if you look down there can't see   anything anymore we obviously are wanting the  views so maybe it'll open up we'll have to see [Music] so we have made it I think it  took us around 28 minutes overall   Garden minutes very hard very hard you have no  idea how someone did that in in 15 minutes Carol   actually tracked it on a wrap it's around 3 000  steps and that's pretty much just steps constantly   going up so yeah that's a lot of steps on this  side at least it's kind of clear over the ocean   I don't know if that's caused the mountain  here is soaking up the clouds we are in   the clouds here I guess we'll just  wait to see if the clouds pass yeah mountain range only see this part  here yeah just this right now   still looks kind of cool though I guess foreign [Music]   steps in 28 minutes no I'm just waiting for this  stuff just waiting for the Sun not tired now   so we're heading back down now I don't think  it's gonna open up while we're here probably   when we get down it will open up now but  we've been here like an hour so not gonna   wait here forever it's pretty cold up here too  you can even see mountain tops there at the back   so their clouds are lower when we were in  the center though I did fly the Drone and   I got some shots up here so I'll  show you those right now [Music] foreign [Music]   so we're now going for the night walk that we  really wanted to do so as we mentioned before   all the lanterns are lit it up now I don't know  if it's like that on every single one this far   is though actually seems a bit quieter right now  compared to midday I think a lot of the day tours   just leave before night time it's so quiet not  so quiet here oh yeah it was just that area then so this is that street with the famous tea  house that we saw earlier so I think this is   like the most famous street pretty much too pretty  packed it's the nicest looking one though at night man look how chaotic it is now at  that main Viewpoint of the tea house yeah I was definitely wrong it's way way busy yeah   yeah beautiful I really love it yeah  I'm loving it too just a beautiful town yeah so we stopped at this drink place here we're  gonna have another attempt to match your latte   this is more of a bubble tea place I think  Taiwan actually created the bubble tea   so you've got matcha bubble tea there Pearl  matcha latte I'm gonna get it warm though I   think a lot of people get it cold and that's  85 and everything's actually closing early   here it seems it's 7 30 but many stores are  already closed the shutters are down and it   got empty pretty quick too so now we're  gonna try the famous dessert called Taro   you can get it either ice or hot or one cup 50  Taiwanese dollars [Applause] that's it already 15. yeah thank you thank you so I think they have  title balls and sweet potatoes inside there's   some like little beans as well by the looks of  it yeah those little green things mung beans   mung beans maybe yeah so Taro  is like a root that they have   here some sort of root and from what we  heard this is the famous place for eign I don't know yeah that's weird it's very chewy really they'll probably each  one's different right or is it all Taro in   different colors I don't get it I don't know  I try to and they have the same the same taste   try it out too because it looks interesting  got an orange one thank you [Music] yeah it's not sweet potato foreign yeah I'm like Carol so meat  tastes like the the same taste   but it's a good dessert because it's not too  sweet no so I guess it's kind of healthy if   it's a root yeah because it's a lot so if  it was too sweet I I don't think I would   be able to eat it also the tea is awesome  next time so really good first time I've   had it with uh the pearls so that's nice  because I was gonna finish that off now   it's kind of squishy though like jelly yeah  interesting texture like when you think   of root you think I I just thought of like  sweet potato like you said where it's mushy [Music]   foreign accommodation once again as I mentioned before  we're gonna make the most of the battery it's   steaming right now so that's gonna be nice  got some anime on as well for the first time   watching anime in a in a bathtub it's actually  not that cold though in the street seems to be   colder in here than outside I don't know if this  kind of like contains the cold this building and   that's going to be it here from Dual fin what  do you think about going to the gold mines   and I think there's also a waterfall nearby but  we're gonna go to a different area called shifen   we'll leave those for another time if we ever  come back to here and it's definitely a place   where we could have spent longer since there  are these other things to do maybe two nights   would have been ideal I definitely wouldn't do  the day trip like everyone else does I think   it's a place that's definitely worth spending  the night or multiple days so quite a few more   videos coming here from Taiwan if you like this  one just drop a like to support us subscribe see   more videos like this follow us on Facebook and  Instagram and we'll see in the next one [Music]

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