Tämän piti olla mahdotonta!!, DMEC Round 6, Keski-Korpi Motorsport

Tämän piti olla mahdotonta!!, DMEC Round 6, Keski-Korpi Motorsport

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Well hello! What country are we in? Tallinn It looks like you took a nap, did you get any sleep? I did! Well, I slept in small parts but around 30 to 45min of sleep There is the shore and sun is also shining! Hey tell me, when I put the navigation on from my phone... Are you afraid that the ship doesn't know how to get to shore? No but here you can see the estimated time for our arrival so is this time in our time zone or the one in our destionation? Yes. Well I can count from here, now it's 9:18 am and it takes 7h 27min to drive there so how much is it? 1...2...3...4...5...6...7... 4:30-5pm So yeah that is in our time zone So we are arriving one hour earlier because of the local time zone Yeah according to my analogous clock Good. We'll see again on the motorhome! Could you try to wake up Where are we going? We are going aboard Vainio has a Teams meeting over there Okay Matti the camera is rolling, where are we? We are in Tallinn How long has the gas light been on? It wasn't there at night So it came on this morning So has someone stolen our fuel already? So someone took our fuel already in Helsinki Not really, but luckily we didn't have a full tank! Where are we driving today? We are driving until 5pm.

So seven more hours to go We are driving to... what was the place starting with a K...? Kaunas... to Kauniainen Wasn't it in Lithuania? Yes, but we aren't teaching you geography, search form google I'm so bad at geography that luckily this touring has guided me at least something Matti you should show your watch again, what brand is it? I thought you said show his.... I showed my watch on the previous video, it's the same one You should check the previous video so you'll see the watch We have yellow in the navigator There is a red light in front Ask Ville does he want to cook us during the drive again? No I don't that was the last time I don't have that many hands to do it again During the drive we'll only serve sandwiches or take-out But you wont get any macarones Well it looks like we stopped And the cause was that red light Here was a crash last time we drove here The car was totaled so someone didn't know here was a intersection Hey how about a joke with a polish twist? Well you can tell us one (unfortunately this great joke made by Matti will not translate in english the same way) We are going to Poland... ... and it's a long drive here... Yes ... so now I know why it might take so long for the car to start Do you know why? The spark is coming all the way from coil (another great joke which won't open to english speakers) I'm not even going to look at you... Was I the only one to laugh at that one? We are going to visit a place that no one is going to believe Carvertical isn't only a bot on the internet! It's a real place and they have two offices one in Varsova.... no not in Varsova it's in Poland They are in Vilna and in Kaunas and we are going to their office in Kaunas We aren't sure are we going to check out their office or what but we are meeting them, they are real people who work there and organize everything So we are meeting them since we have enough time so we'll see you there... and will eat there also

He said to leave it on the side of this road... Am I going to place it here? Well this is a nice building! The guys from Carvertical are a bit amused that we are driving this kind of motorhome. It isn't the most usual way to build a motorhome It is a real place even tho I had my suspicions at first! Should you tell that if someone is wondering how Carverticals offices look that here is one of them They have another one in Vilna and this is the smaller one and the headquarter is in Vilna Well this place also looks super cool! This was a great visit! We got food! They have pretty cool office and you got to play some PlayStation there? Was it cool? Yes! You need to lift the camera a lot to have it at the same height as my head There is the person that we do our sales with and here is the CEO But we need to get going, it's 8.30pm and it will be 7.30pm when we get to Poland No it will be 8.30pm again when we arrive since it takes us one hour there, or are we at the local time already? I'm not sure.. hopefully it'll change Well in my clock it won't! Erkki the camera is rolling If you are buying a car or are interested in your cars history, remember Carvertical! So if you are buying a car this will cost you so little any you'll get so much information about the car that is there any hidden damages. Here's a BMW 1-serie

As you can see here it has been crashed It hasn't been stolen and the miles are marked correctly So this car has been in Finland and there has been a crash in... ...in May! And then they have repaird it and put it up for sale so it might not feel so good to find this about your car after buying it You think the car is great and you might not even see that it has been crashed if the repair is done well But of course it'll feel bad if the front looks like this, there is absolutely some hidden problems with this car So you really should check the car before buying it, we'll put a link in description or you can use a code 'motorsport' It will help us a little and you'll get a 10% discount so remember to use Carvertical! How much it'll take from us here to... drive through the big streets I just analyzed the route there shouldn't be anything strange From there you just join the big streets and drive until you are at the arena He was talking about the electricity Oh well... Yeah that's why i have the navigation on and I won't need to go those small streets with the iPhones' navigator Well maybe I should just check the route from Maps so we'll get there... Well listen at yourself! How did it go yesterday? Wasn't it just yesterday when the Maps tried to lead you to middle of nowhere? Yeah some small roads and then Vainio said we'll take the another route It was so bad for him since he always trusts the Android and google maps Possibly it was the fastest route there! Vainio are you in the places for refuel? For sure, we refilled it only six times yesterday...

The price goes down as we go further! I don't know the logic behind this Has it been tight here in Lodz? Well a little bit and our motorhome is also a bit lighter The limit here is 12k so we made a decision that this motorhome is now only 12k heavy, we made a compromise We didn't need to go a further route, but we'll see what kind of bridge here is waiting for us It is a pretty big stadium! You have the blinker still on Good morning! Where are you Teijo? I'm in Poland In Lodz! Or as the locals say it We are in Lodz and they have built a pretty nice plase for us! I don't think that Mika has droven on a football stadium before! We have the first practice today and in the night we'll have the qualifications for tomorrow! The car is intact and let's hope it'll be like that after todays session Did you like the toilets? The toilets were spot on, brand new I haven't even walked at the stadium since I arrived at night yesterday Flight went well? Flight went well and the bus ride also I came here with the chieftains lady Okay well she's his girlfriend not the mrs Wasn't this enough jokes and briefing for this morning? Yes it was Should we tell this one also? Chieftain went to the hotel with his girlfriend and he had one job: to take her bag with him and what can we see here? show the photo from the group chat about the bag he took with him So here's all of her stuff and... there is our shoe bag! Our work shoes are now with them! These things can only happen to Mika it's a open bag so you could see with your eyes what it has inside But no, and we weren't even on a rush They had some snacks here also but they ate our shoes instead How come we forgot those here? We slept in the chieftains bed which was free for the night We'll eat those today While filming vibes remember to use the leg How do I do this? Jokke how do you do those? Well no I can't do this We can't film with leg, no chance! Should we take a small interview and then I could say about.... Should we film here or outsides? Outside We are here at the track and I just wanted to say that not even in my wildest dreams I could imagine us being here when we started at 2018 or even two years ago, that we'd be today driving in speedway track which is sold out for Saturday Here is around 20k seats and also they have made new tarmac for this event and they are going to rip it off after the race The organizer is really doing everything for this event We have around 50 to 60 drivers attending this event The track seems to be a bit challenging because it's only concrete walls all around the track so we might get some hits So now in this video these rear lights are brand new and almost brand new but I have a strong feeling... ... that they won't be intact after this race! How does Teijo feel about this? I have the same feeling You both have the same feeling I'm pretty sure that these lights are only in our memories after this So enjoy these while you still can! We could've put the broken ones but no! It's the finale! Let's hope the car is working and will work the entire weekend, and we'll have practice in 30 minutes! First practice done? Yeah, as you can see from the video it went so so well... Ummm we didn't have any fuel pressure! Did they find the reason? Yeah, the fuel pump was broken There was a problem but now it's fixed the filter was jammed The system that we have isn't the best possible Put there some lubricant Well I don't want to since it's fuel tank What did you find was there a solid reason for the lack of fuel pressure? This filter was loose and the another one had a plastic piece in the middle We'll make a little patent here for this race A small patent? Very small I'm not sure what is on the video but the practice didn't go so well as planned? Well no, the fuel pressure dropped... Should we put two in there and then secure it with one more?

Let's at least make it stay there So naturally the car wasn't working as it should? Yeah the fuel pressure dropped and there was no use to drive anymore and then yeah well... yeah We also changed the steering from 8 to 5.5 so ti's very different to drive also So this is bad that we didn't get solid practice runs now But we'll change filters places and hope it'll work after that! We have one more practice to go... well you can't even call it a practice you have two runs and then that is your practice So we lost the first practice because we weren't able to fix this after the first run Is the problem in the coil or why isn't the car working? (Another great finnish joke) It was in the fuel pump So there isn't any problem with the coil? We'll change the country if the reason is in the coil (another very tasty joke) We don't have a driver here.. yeah the driver is missing! Well there he is!

I'm depressed Should we put the cover on How was the drive? It was ok, some touch-ups we need to do but not even bad at all There is a lot to improve, but the transmission is too short Is there even any smoke when I drive? Yeah there isn't any problem Did it feel like it's cutting it short? I'm driving on the limiter all the time But your time was at the middle cast and there was also smoke so I don't really know Well.. you are the one driving it. Yeah I'm the one But you run the 2nd inner clip too wide on both times. Yeah I know We'll make it work since we have "so many" practice runs to go Maybe one run Practice runs are done? Yes, the car worked but the transmission could be a bit longer But yeah I got close the wall but the 4th zone is still a bit tacky, if we get to the top32 we'll receive more practice tomorrow Now we'll just need to make sure that everything is intact without any problems Heeeey! I thought I'd get 60pts but it went well! I'll need to get more speed to the last corners I was driving against brakes all the time To this practice amount and a new steering this was super good result! We've found the right recipe for this track We have good base right now and I'll step up a bit on the second run and make even better score Yes! Thank you! Let's hug! Let's hug guys! How did it go? It went well I'm all smile right now, those were our best score in DMEC qualifying! We don't have the points on camera. Oh we don't? 87pts we are currently on 6th place but will drop some places We are extremely happy for this and we did some changes for the steering so now it isn't waving around it's... It's easy to drive and we have good base for tomorrow. We'll check that everything is intact but we are super happy right now! They said at the live broadcast that we have new car for next season but we'll stick with this one unless some one buys it! It's up for sale Where have they heard this information? Now we'll start to get ready for tomorrow and I'll go watch few runs! I'm not even cold even though the weather is cold Teijo we should also hug Are we sleeping together to night? Yes we are this part went well there wasn't anything they said you went too early at first But they will correct that afterwards This is a great way to start our day. I could've slept until 10am but I woke up at 8.

but I ate breakfast at the hotel and slept well through the night I'm going against Alex Holovnia from Ukraine who drives F22 BMW with B58 engine, I respect that combo I'm trying to study his driving style. I had the chance to see his chase and he is super close, at least yesterday with Evans Now we'll make everything ready for today and we have what 3 hours until the practice? 2 hours until drivers meeting So we have some spare time left here We'll have time to finish another coffee pot What Teijo said? Our work shoes are also back Teijo Teijo what have you already done here! Rear transmission? Yeah those are changed A bit longer? Yes correct Well I'm not sure it just has a bit more of those cogs So the cogs aren't any longer but the size is a bit bigger Yeah but the transmission is a bit longer now as it seemed yesterday that it was a bit too short On third gear he was driving agains the limiter And I think that we are going against pretty fast cars today The weather is also looking pretty good today, it has indicated some rain for the evening The morning sun is already up and shining behind the curtains! But it won't shine here inside the tent I can already turn off this worklight It's so challenging to pick these If we train for couple of years you'll get them You too a bit advance Of course I did You'll need to take advance in this game Matti how has it felt to be filming this weekend? Should we get Jokke back? Of course we are missing Jokke but he sees the races at good places Should Jokke edit his own face here when he sees the videos we have made and show how much he enjoys these? Yeah! Almost everything is at their own files and he should find them pretty easily Have we done everything like he asked? About yes, I did just one file where is all the videos from three day How about GoPro? Have you uploaded the videos and recharged it? Well I just put it to charge when I saw it from the list But here we see how great this list really is, we might forget a lot without this It didn't have the pace to chase on 3rd gear so we'll change the old transmission back and hope it'll work. It shut down on the start also But we'll do some changes and then try again I changed the transmission earlier today What are you doing now? Changing them back I did everything and it didn't have the pace to drift Manifolds clip is loose Is it loose or broken? It's loose So there hasn't been any manifold pressure so that's why it didn't have the pace Get me the clip and I'll do this on my own so it'll hold This is just one big joke now... These practices aren't going very well now Well for the first time we are in TOP16! There was some question on wether Mika used too much hand break on the entry but I didn't see anything and the guys are inside watching it But after all, we are in top 16! Just like that in top16 How did he say that tomorrow we'll but Wiecek to the choir But yeah, Holovnia was a bit greedy on the entry and we just checked the judges comments on that Top 16! How are you feeling? A bit bummed that I didn't get to drive it with a pair But yeah when we arrived to DMEC we had a goal to be in top16 and now we've made it! Next year we'll be on the podium We'll see what we come up in the future but this is great this is super great! We have no panic now and we are going against Piotr Wiecek, last years champion and current points leader We'll need to do everything but we aren't giving up! We are fighting like hell, you never know what is going to happen This is pretty cool! Is there a lot people huh? Huh? Yes there is! Did I walk too close to camera? Well atleast we can hear you. Well that's the main point, look there is our cheer group in the audience!

Big thanks to erevyone who has came here from Finland and also for all of you who are watching this event from home Well how are you feeling yourself? I feel good I have no worries at all We'll go even harder to the next season! Well that finale went like that! I slipped to the inner corner and there was no chance to chase Wiecek at all But I'm so happy about my lead run! Did you look at the rear yet? It's a bit beaten Our first season in the Drift Masters... ... is now officially over! I'm so... First of all I want to thank the team, everyone who has helped us It's not just the mechanics, the people who help as our cashiers, here has been a lot of people helping us during this season my mom has been cheering for us in few races also! The first season is over now and sponsors... I want to thank you all, without you we couldn't do all this! Now we know what this DMEC is all about and we know what we need to improve for next season and with this knowledge...

we are aiming even higher next season and we do believe that we can be the champion at one point! Then we aren't happy about only making it to top16. We are only happy about the wins, it's good to have some dreams with this sport Big thanks to everyone how has been there for us, we are going to pack up our stuff because I think we don't want to do it tomorrow We'll continue from this! And once again at the end he drove to the wall

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