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[Music] that's why I need to wear my new glasses oh thank you oh my goodness [Music] what's up everyone and welcome to Sunday will follow 140 how are you guys doing it'll Chrome there's always something to forget for old language this week if it's not the TV it's the evil Crone it's actually recording yourself screen saving oh that's just so much man it'll Crone and there it goes it'll Crone how are you doing what's up everyone welcome to Sunday with Ola holy [ __ ] did you see these glasses huh there's a reason why I'm wearing these awesome goggles right there well as you might see in summer is coming to town and it's here to stay at least for the summer for the summer we've actually made a chug life summer pack on our web store look at this you can get this wife beater chug life uh uh tank top right there you get these glasses look at that it says shark life on the glasses baby how cool so you get a tank top you also get this tote vinyl bag right there it says chug life and a water bottle what a pack baby all of this stuff oldenglandshop.com fume oh my God [ __ ] yesterday I was at Sweden Rock and I watched Pantera oh holy [ __ ] they were amazing I actually recorded this this past the first day so I haven't seen them yet when I'm recording this but when the Sunday with Ole has aired I've seen them and I probably made a vlog about it so maybe sometime this week this coming week you'll see something about this it's amazing all right I have to apologize for the past Sunday will follow us you know I made myself a promise that I wouldn't talk about they Mustaine or Kirk Hammett for a couple of Sunday will follow us I made myself that promise now so you know calm down there's not going to be any day Mustang or Kirk habit news this week why I've been covering those guys is because there simply hasn't been any like newsworthy news lately it's been incredibly dry I'll do my best I'm Gonna Keep Out Damon stain and Kirk Heaven out of this episode at least and maybe we'll see how it fares next week okay the news [Music] so with that said Dave Mustaine says even days off on tour are expensive I think it's about 45 000 a day for us just to sit still 45 000 holy [ __ ] but that just sitting still that's not doing a show show dates are more expensive that's salaries hotel rooms Insurance everything the buses bus drivers the trucks the truck drives yeah a lot of stuff so what he's saying is that probably they're making sort of a salary for being a negative you know some sort of like a security for being in a band you know that that makes sense that it's forty five thousand dollars on an off day though holy [ __ ] that's a lot of money Mustang also touched On Avenged Sevenfold spending two million on buses for their upcoming tour says it's not exactly what negative does I think that it might be because his bad you know Avenged Sevenfold takes up more buses for example we take out two I'm sure that they probably take more than that and I think because they're so successful that they could be I'm not saying this but there could be a certain people that will be more willing to give them an incentive to use their company bus company because of what a great promotion it would be to have those guys using a bus company so basically saying that because of event Sevenfold being a name nowadays I mean Megadeth it's negative not a name you know that they're getting uh you know collaborative work with bus companies I don't know if I had a brand new bus and I want to get popular bands like Avenged Sevenfold would be a great band for Proto molding your company okay so there you go it's expensive to not tour as well apparently but obviously yes he's referring to when they're having like off days during tours I would say and that's just when you know they're lingering around not doing anything uh obviously there's hotel costs for the bands and the crew and all that when they're not playing and uh about forty five thousand dollars holy [ __ ] that's a lot and staying on topic uh archbars Dean lab explains how touring cost over 150 Grand before even hitting the road they still turn the profit by the way this is great because now we're comparing like Megadeth a well-established band arcspire is also a well-established band but on us definitely on a smaller scale Orcs by recently hit the road with White Chapel and it got pretty expensive pretty quickly Orcs by guitars deanland broke it all down in a really interesting video above giving insight to those who might not be familiar with the world of touring lamb also provides a breakdown of where all the money went which is work visa two and a half thousand dollars vehicle rental 24 000 okay that's basically you know Vance or uh buses or trailers or stuff like that so that's definitely a big big cost fuel estimate is another eight grand crew is 21 000 flights five grand rehearsal space 900 lighting two grand merchandise 90 grand so basically they put a lot of effort into getting merch and 90 grand is a lot but obviously you know we're only counting the cost right here not the uh the revenue other agent fees seven thousand four hundred fifty dollars so this is actually really cool of the to break this down like this for for us to to see uh that it's not all fun and gains to go out on tour it's not very easy and some of these costs you have to pay up front some of these you have credit time so you can actually go out on tour and you don't pay for it until you know 30 days 30 days credit time is pretty common like he's saying here most are invoices which means we had 30 days to complete the payment we ended up only using our merch guide for the first week and switched out to sell our own stuff we want to connect with our class more during tour so they themselves went up to the merch booth and sold merch basically so very admirable but also a great way of keeping you know crew costs down the merch bill is huge yes but all leftover March goes on to our online store and we benefit from that it's actually a great system if you have any questions please ask away so ending on a very awesome note for Dean lamb he's just basically opening up how it works for people it's very refreshing to hear this from Dean and you know an established band like Arc Spire they definitely made a profit from their tour it's just that you have to still remember that this is a lot of money for a band to put out before you actually go on tour it would actually be really interesting hearing how much they actually made out of the torch so you can see and uh you know calculate a margin what the margin is for going out on tour basically cost versus Revenue all right currently I almost got you no let's skip this one okay did slip not just announced Craig Jones replacement what the hell is happening what is this face right there holy [ __ ] hours before taking the station overall 2023 in Austria tonight June 7th slept on announced that they had part of ways with long time programmer and keyboardist Craig Jones or at least they announced it and then removed it from all social media oh okay in the sense deleted social media post slipknock only commented to our fans uh okay that this is not an original member from 1996 and now they announced this replacement right there and I think the the Craig Jones was the spike head guy right no I think that's the and now they have a guy uh that looks like a that's a [ __ ] mask I wonder why they removed the posts though was there a backlash what happened why is it so sketchy there is a video of this new guy it was quite interesting why was it interesting he's just standing there man pineapple Corey jumpscare holy [ __ ] there it is yes Suicide Silence guitarist Mark halem is saying that gatekeeping makes scene stronger this is a an interesting input on this uh discussion right here not because gatekeeping rules but because of the conversation it causes okay my heart take is that gatekeeping makes the scene stronger said halem I know that sounds weird but if you don't have people talking [ __ ] and saying this isn't this or that you don't have the other side saying yes it is or [ __ ] you for even saying that it creates the conversation that makes scenes stronger I've seen that since I was young and I've been a part of that though if you're gonna gatekeep don't be a dick about it elsewhere in the interview halem talked a little bit about Suicide Silence not quite fitting and never quite being death metal enough for the death metal crowd we didn't look death metal enough either and our breakdowns weren't really the things that death metal heads wanted to hear we did all those tours and that's what you hear people talking [ __ ] about your breakdown I actually I had no idea that this was happening to them that sucks ass by basically saying you know Gatekeepers should gatekeep just like you know trolls keep trolling trollers speed trolling Gatekeepers be Gatekeepers this layer cooler keeps stuff cool and terrorizes everyone with heavy metal thanks Bluetooth look at that thing we poured Blood Sweat and beers oh my God skip you know how it is a lot of people out there they're making fun out of Nickelback you know they're we can't deny there's a lot of memes of Nickelback out there [Music] Diamondback Daryl and Vinnie Paul were big Nickelback Defenders they were like go watch them play and then say they suck Chad Krieger is saying Vinnie Paul and dama used to say all the time when the male Community would come down on those guys and be like what's with this love for Nickelback I don't get it and they will defend us and it was really really lovely they were like go watch him play and then say they suck or then say something negative about him because my favorite thing is when someone comes to the show and they go honestly I want to call myself a fan but I would definitely go see that show again and obviously there's a lot of Truth in this I mean Nickelback is an insanely successful band there's for you know there's a reason why there are at at the level there they are today I saw Chad on uh the dime bash I was playing at what was this night like three years ago or something like that I didn't have the guts to go up to him and say hi uh also he looked very busy as well it was really cool seeing him there at the dime bash you know paying respect to the dam last but not least Ibanez revives the Paul Gilbert PGM for 2023 the full-scale version of The Verve to also classic signature has returned to Ibis lineup and it's never looked better you know one of the uh guitars that I really really wanted back in the day during like you know the mid-2000s stuff like that was a PGM Paul Gilbert model it was the one that was purple with pink uh effles on it I'll see if I can find a picture and put up here but it was beautiful guitar the PG M50 is the cheaper of the two and is fitted with an American base wood body and a five piece maple walnut neck a door with a 22 fret rosewood fretboard with white dot inlays sonically the guitar is on with an HSS pickup configuration with Gilbert's preferred the martial air classic humbuckers sandwiching at Marshall PDM single coil the PDM M50 which boasts a black finish with Gold Hardware look at this that's actually sexy also features goto MGT Locker tuners and an f 1 on a sex bridge and funky F whole outlines it's the sperm finish hello you know I'm personally not a fan of sperm colors especially you know because it reminds me of sperm I guess but I guess it's kind of like off-white a vintage white it's probably a better uh yeah it's a better word instead of sperm finish it's a little too yellow maybe for sperm I don't know the European retailers are listing the guitar for well over six thousand dollars so it's safe to safe to say that it won't come cheap so there you go you can get the the cool one the black with gold for uh 13.99 that's that's okay with a gig bag and the off-white sperm finish for six thousand dollars uh I don't imagine they will sell that many but still very cool anyways guys that was the news all right this past Friday Arcane order that I talked about a couple of weeks back released their new album distortions of Cosmo Johnny cosmogony distortions of uh cosmogony I think its name and uh I just want to do a little shout out to this band because I think they're insane the album is absolutely insane this is an album I most definitely recommend you to check out it sounds in my ears very fresh they're now Reinventing the wheel or anything like that but they just do you know death metal really really good so go check out Arcane order the album uh the sources of Cosmo Johnny was released this past Friday the 9th of June thank you [Music] who's up there you won't Escape that way [Music] you know I've been sitting and preparing for this guitar Universe with John Petrucci that I'm attending in August truth be told I'm slightly nervous oh there's gonna be all these amazing players there and uh you know and then me you know and what the hell obviously I'm going there as a student but maybe I'll do perform something we'll we'll just have to see about that but I'm getting a little nervous after my first coffee with Ola that I did with John Petrucci he actually gave me his his number and that was mistake number one John Patricia giving me his number that you know dangerous very dangerous anyways you know I have this number I figured I would try and call him on my computer here so I'm gonna look up the numbers just see if he responds basically I I I don't expect anything all right here it is oh [ __ ] it's ringing oh oh holy [ __ ] you responded hello what's up I was like who what is this number who is this guy called you know is it from Ikea it's from Sweden yeah what's up buddy thank you hey what's going on just just chilling on a beautiful day and uh yeah what's happening glad to hear from you yeah yeah no I've been a little bit um you know I've been thinking more and more about this guitar Universe thing and uh you know I'm extremely excited to go but I'm a little bit nervous because I have no idea what to expect and right I was thinking maybe you could uh you know comfort me in a way to make it a lot easier I mean obviously it's going to be very it's going to be very stressful you know being a guitar player and you know you know how guitar players are comparing each other and and yeah there's going to be tons and tons of insane guitar players there I mean uh is it gonna be chill or like is there gonna be battles or like what what do I need to bring like access and [ __ ] and right actual guitar fights like like in my uh animated video now um listen man I you have nothing to uh to worry about or to be afraid of the whole Camp is one big guitar hug it's like it's it's funny you know I could see why you would maybe have that that feeling or that anxiety um because it seems like guitar players are so competitive and absolutely you know especially everything that you see online and everything and to an extent it's true but the the opposite actually happens when you get everybody together in that environment all of a sudden it becomes like it doesn't matter what level you are if you're in a touring band and a professional and a famous person or if you just started and you're a young kid or a older guy or or you know whatever or you know you've been playing for years you're a woman you're a man all of a sudden we're just all the same we're like just in this hotel in this environment which is really cool and chill and everybody's walking around you know as if we're just like hanging out at a camp it all that stuff goes away all that like you know ego stuff and posturing and any of the things you're worried about it just it disappears and we're just one big guitar community and I love that the first time I saw that I was like this is cool this is what I'm all about you know what I mean it's not about trying to prove you know if you're better than this person or that or or having you know being worried about your own ability and how am I going to sound compared to this person or whatever what's the uh what's like the guitar ethic can I bring any type can I like bring uh can I bring a gold guitar is that like okay well people care like can I can I bring a headless guitar like is that okay like what's the ethic head can I bring whatever or you know what you could literally bring whatever guitar that you want and that you're comfortable with right it's uh it's all it's all on you it's it's such a funny thing it's like some people don't bring guitars most people do yeah um because you're you're so inspired by seeing all these performances and lessons and things like that that you want to play and you want to practice and you know it's also cool a lot of the guys that are um uh women and men I should say um that are guest instructors are really great instructors and really good at like sharing information you know it's not like I don't know if you've ever been to like a guitar clinic or something yeah it depends on the person like maybe maybe the guy just sort of plays and there's not a lot of interaction or sharing but I feel like the guys and and girls that I have assembled for this are really good instructors and teachers and sharers and so you'll be surprised you walk into these rooms and it's like you learn so much and I always feel like I'm so busy at the camps and I have my own responsibilities and master classes and stuff but it's I always feel like I'm missing out because I can't go and like right go into a Guthrie govern uh you know right class or or yosho Stefan who's going to be there and all these amazing players um but it's great it's great you'll have your pick bring whatever guitar you want uh wearing shorts it's hot bring sunscreen awesome I feel uh a lot more at ease now I'm looking forward to you being there Ola because uh this is the first time we've done anything like this where and I have to thank you for your suggestion kind of just coming be in the camper on the scene and offering a bird's eye view and you know of your experience in a Camper's experience and sharing your knowledge in any way that you want to about other aspects of the music business I think it's fantastic that's so cool I mean I'm still just like you said I'm just another person that wants to come learn as well so for me it's going to be perfect to be a student awesome well thank you so much for taking the call I'll see you John dude I'm sorry buddy actually all right looking forward to take care all right see ya oh my God okay okay okay he picked up the phone holy [ __ ] I wasn't expecting that I'm a little bit more at ease now uh it seems like it's gonna be a great Community type uh thing there from what I understand it's probably going to be a really cool community and a cool bunch of people going there and uh you know I'm actually really looking forward to going there I'm gonna bring Louise uh I'm gonna bring a guitar maybe not a headless guitar but I'll bring the golden one at least uh and just yeah I'm looking forward to it's like half vacation half uh working and half learning guitar I want to learn guitar from some of these guys man I think there's still tickets to this so you can go to guitaruniverse.com and you can get some tickets and uh maybe I'll see you there okay so there you go and here's pics pix doesn't care about John Petrucci or the guitar Universe she's like you know as long as I have this little blanket right here that I can sleep on then I'm completely fine you know right there John Petrucci holy [ __ ] what the hell he answered my call I'm actually now really looking forward of going to the guitar universe and uh maybe share a little bit of knowledge but most of all also to learn a thing or two and uh maybe practice a lot of guitar I don't know I think it's going to be so hot there I'm not going to be able to uh be outside so I might as well just sit and practice guitar but then again Luis won't be happy so we're probably gonna do something else as well anyways guys that was it for Sunday with Olaf for today I hope you enjoyed it tomorrow there won't be a live stream on o language channel number two the Sunday with Ola Contender live streams are taking a break for the summer but we'll be back in August okay I'm not completely sure what to do with the son of a fools I think I will make a sun with Ola whenever I can and then the other Sundays where I'm not able to I'll put up a vlog or something like that at least there will be something you know on Sundays throughout the Summer Spot I'm still gonna do a bunch of Sunday Falls don't forget the Chug life summer package from olaenglandshop.com you beautiful people in the chat and Premiere thank you so much for hanging out stay safe and have a great Sunday everyone goodbye foreign

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