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I welcome you all to a new day. It's 7:45 am. I woke up at 6.30 in the morning and today I am here to do Volcano Boarding. This is a hostel called VIA VIA hostel. It was a 5 minute walk from my hostel. I had curd and a chocolate in the morning and now I am here.

It's 7:45 now and we were supposed to leave at 8:00. We will leave in 15-20 minutes. Let's see... I came here to do Volcano Boarding in Lyon but I couldn't do it. And today I am finally doing it. I will leave for Costa Rica tomorrow.

It was my last day. So there was no reason not to do it. There are different types of tours here. Almost every hostel offers Volcano tours. This one is quite popular, Bigfoot. I have heard that they also measure your speed if you go with them.

VIA VIA, they don't measure your speed. And I have heard that some people can go up to 100kmph. And if you don't pay attention, you can get hurt. Even your shoulder can get dislocated if you are not cautious enough. They have made a plane for the bus This is VIA VIA, I haven't stayed here but I have booked a tour from them.

Although it is quite good, but it was full. The ambiance is good. There's a bar inside. And all this stuff for the Volcano Boarding... clothes. I liked their Volcano T-shirt, it was $7, but it was free with Volcano tours. so I gave them $7 and told them to give me a discount when I go on a tour.

The tour is $35, in which we will only go on Volcano. Half an hour from here to Volcano, then walk in to the top for about an hour. After that, we'll reach the top, sit on the board and slide down. And then we'll go back here. This tour took 35 days, apart from this, there are a lot of tours.

So, I met this girl in Belize, in the museum. You might have seen her. She was with me, the one from Austria. I forgot her name. But she was also with me in the museum. She had gone to Hamburg, Germany. So, we were together in Belize. I was sitting here and suddenly

she came to me. 49 00:02:03,570 --> 00:02:03,517 You I hugged her and said, what are you doing here? Look, the world is so small while traveling. We met in December. And now, it's March. After 4 months, we met here at 8 in the morning. It's amazing. I'll have to cover my face in that, because there will be a lot of dust on my face. So, I took this. They gave me 100 rupees for the cloth.

So, in Indian currency, it's 125 rupees. This volcano is called Cerro Negro. There are a lot of volcanoes here, but they are called Cerro Negro. farted out of our camera.

I don't know what that is. We will go in this truck. With your head There you go. That's too loud. That's too loud. 69 00:02:47,455 --> 00:02:47,273 That's too loud. You Sorry Tengriya Chadgi She is sitting right in front of me.

the girl who stayed with me on the same bed in costa rica i mean we were sleeping upstairs and downstairs and we met again 75 00:03:42,839 --> 00:03:42,505 here in the truck You we met here a little while ago and now we are here again It's amazing to travel in such a small world. Yeah, that's cool. He's good at doing his job. He's out of here. i'll get one too Everyone has gone, but look at him, he is running. I was sitting in the truck and suddenly Anaya sat in front of me. Anaya stopped me and said, what's the matter?

I said, I have seen you somewhere. Then I remembered that she reminded me. Because many English people look the same. I don't understand.

I remember them because I see Indians, they travel. We were in the same bed. I was sleeping upstairs and he was sleeping downstairs.

In the same hostel. We were staying in the same dorm. Costa Rica. This is the board on which everyone will go. There are 5 girls, we have 10 girls, mostly girls.

So this is the bag which has the address. I have to slip under the dress pair, one is for the glasses and one is for the gloves. And that's my bandana. Pick up the bandanas one by one and let's go.

Oh shit! Be careful! Hahaha! Hahaha! Hahaha! Hahaha! Hahaha! So I move ahead, they are left behind again and again Then I wait for them All of them! Let's move ahead again. I'm going to the bathroom, full. It's mostly girls here, that's the problem. Girls get tired here. Already some people have gone who came before us. Yeah, I get it.

Fuck, damn it. We have reached the second volcano. We have to slide down from here. Sitting on this cliff.

There is a very interesting story behind the Volcano boarding of Cerro Negro How did it start? A very adventurous French cyclist named Eric Barone who already had a lot of world records in bicycling decided to come to Lyon and ride his bike on this volcano and make a world record of how fast he can go down He did this and his bike reached a speed of 172 kmph while going down You can watch his video on YouTube However, in the end, his bike crashed and he got a lot of injuries and he also broke a lot of his bones He was hospitalized but he did survive After this, he did a second attempt but he couldn't reach that speed Later, there was another cyclist who thought of breaking his record but his speed was only 140 kmph 141 00:06:49,684 --> 00:06:49,683 You After this, many people tried to slide down from this volcano like coming down on a mattress or a mattress or even coming down on a refrigerator Finally, there was an adventurous Australian guy who found that the best results to catch speed would come down on a wooden sled with a thin metal layer underneath Since then, the board of Volcano boarding was designed and now people, especially in this corner of the world come down from this volcano to do Volcano boarding and now it has done so many tours Haha them two are fast, them two are slow. You determine your speed alone. You two hands on this device. I call this. I am bored We've got to pull hard because we need this just a little bit off the ground.

Yeah Now it's my turn. Sorry. I am putting my phone inside and because the video won't be able to be made All records are still recorded 167 00:09:54,194 --> 00:09:52,540 You I think I was the fastest He said he is the fastest, he will get free rum to drink. keep snow on all ages Bro, can you show your hand? Look at this That as well? Solvaki He got hurt You Oh, oh, no I also slipped in the middle 179 00:10:40,381 --> 00:10:39,453 Maybe And we'll keep seeing you in the next one. Check that one out. Yes, they are coming here.

Jalanshivi. Now I have got it as a reward for everyone. It will be fun to eat. ME! I kept my glass somewhere! Give me any glass! We've hidden all the sides. Stupid F**kers. Yeah! Guys, my name is John.

He is... He's a fan... Oppa! I don't know! This guy doesn't know English, he only knows Spanish. He threw 4-5 bags and now he's only speaking English. Solo English! That is my first KUFA! I don't know! Catalans, the best, the best Catalans! Thank you very much! You You So there were no videos on the channel last month and the reason behind it was that I was working on a very useful thing for you for the last few days.

This is not an ad for any company, I was tired of reading comments and messages that where do I get money for traveling, how do I live these experiences, how do I make new friends, how did I learn to travel and all this. And I think that all YouTubers never tell this openly that how do they do all this, maybe the audience is always in curiosity or this secret does not reach a common man. So I thought why not explain my journey to you all and teach you how I traveled the world and how you can do this thing and earn money with it. To tell you the truth, I have been living my dream life for the past few years and sometimes I feel that all this is a dream. I have traveled 70 countries in this world and I must have spent 60-70 lakhs to travel, but I have earned about 1 crore rupees by traveling these 70 countries.

Yes, I traveled the world, got experiences, traveled these 70 countries and along with that I spent money, but I also earned a lot of money. So that's why finally today I am launching my first course, how to get paid to travel the world. In this, I have explained everything in detail, how and how much money is earned by traveling and how you can do this. How and how much money is earned from traveling or social media, from YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, apart from this from tourism board, partnerships, sponsored or free trips, free stays, brand deals, influencer marketing, affiliate marketing, destination marketing, freelancing, brand creation, getting paid internships, abroad and apart from this I have covered all the topics related to travel. It took me a lot of effort and hard work to make this course and that's why I am keeping this course paid.

But to tell you the truth, the price of this course and the knowledge you will get in return for it, there is no price above that. Keeping in mind my Indian audience, I have decided the price of this course to be 2000 rupees, but for the initial 300 enrollments, that is, the initial 300 people who will buy this course, I have kept its price only at 999 rupees. To buy the course, you can go to my website or buy it by clicking on the link given in the description and pinned comment. The language of the course is Hindi and the entire course is with English subtitles. I will be connected to all those people who buy this course via 252 00:14:09,807 --> 00:14:06,796 telegram or email and we will have live video call sessions from time to time or we can also have physical group meetings so that if you have any doubt in your mind, I can clear it and your expense will be paid one rupee at a time.

You I was dancing in the bus, I was pulling up, he was holding the bar key, I gave it to that Spanish guy to make my video. He was also drinking so much, my video was being made, he turned it off and was making Rajjo's video, when it was off. He said, now that you have come to use the toilet, you don't know English, so say it. He didn't say it for girls, he said it for women, for wives. Rather After cooking, he's serving us with tortillas and… Being together is the best part. 267 00:15:04,458 --> 00:15:01,690 I would

This is freehole, which is made of kidney bean paste Everyone has put their own on it So this is how the business works, eat it Oh So we were ahead of Volcano and took a bath in the hostel and now we are going to the beach Actually, this Volcano tour had a beach shuttle included So we are going back to that hostel and they will take us to the beach in that shuttle And my friend from Amsterdam is staying in the same hostel I am going ahead, I am behind We are going back to the same hostel We are back I am very tired today There is still a long day left These are all the vets I'm back Ha! Okay, there. to this place. You Up, take the board, and down. This is amazing Mi hermano, te amo. I love you. I love you! I love you, your brother! Take it, take it.

I only speak English, sorry. Let's go, let's go, let's go! Like reggaeton 297 00:16:33,170 --> 00:16:32,495 Oh oh Yeah. 300 00:16:37,443 --> 00:16:36,983 Yeah. You Oh responsible for you guys at Simple Beach so I'm gonna take one minute of your time show you around the bathroom the Wi-Fi the special menu because we have a special menu for you guys and yeah I'll be waiting for you guys now There you go. Oh, oh, by the way, you guys are leaving at 6.30, so everyone

needs to leave now. 312 00:17:15,012 --> 00:17:14,431 I'm already on this boat and you leave without me. Tommy. Tommy.

Tommy. Tommy. Tommy. Tony and Tommy Yeah. No, I don't have any idea. 321 00:17:28,487 --> 00:17:28,452 No, I don't have any money.

Let's go to the beach. Let's go, the beach is right behind us. So everyone is Last time it was, ain't you? Let's do it. Both men and women, we have this shop with some games and books, feel free to take any of that. We have reached the beach.

Be a beater! Traveling alone, yes. First time? First time in Nicaragua, yeah. That I really don't know about. well that's one stop and we're just yeah yeah that was like but 336 00:18:07,746 --> 00:18:06,961 it was so cool I Yeah, yeah, I know.

did it with like Oh. I'll get my funny Yeah. Do you know how to surf? Surfing I did it for one week, but it was very bad. Yeah.

Yeah. You know? Yeah, a bit. Yeah, I feel like surfing. I might just grab a boat. I think it's harder in here. I am coming with a surfboard. I will surf here.

But yeah, I'll be there, I'll be there. Get that coder board there. Delhi is in the sea, the waves are very small I didn't enjoy surfing, but I enjoyed living in the sea. Everyone is sitting inside. Look at this. You I need You salute geordie salute I just thought I was going to get lost for a second.

Don't forget to buy my course on how to get paid to travel the world from the link in the description and pinned comment so that you can also live your dream life like me It's time to go back Let's all get back in the truck and let's go back to Lyon and let's walk and rest Tomorrow I will take the bus to San Jose, Costa Rica Let's go [Powered By Dubverse]

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