SUPERYACHT TOUR: $38 Million 164' / 49M TANKOA "KINDA" Luxury Charter Yacht

SUPERYACHT TOUR: $38 Million 164' / 49M TANKOA

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(upbeat music) - We're on board of the superyacht Kinda. Come with. (upbeat electronic music) Welcome to the cockpit. So the way they set up this space is just a big comfy lounge area.

- [Rico] Lounge area, right? - Literally. - [Rico] Look at the sun shade overhead and the carbon fiber poles. It's pretty cool. - You guys know my game? Like, how many people you could fit here? Oh. (chuckles) At least 8 I think? - I would say 10.

- 10? - Yeah, yeah. So we see our oversized cleats here and the capstan, when you wanna pull yourself in aft. We have the gangway and transom door remote switches right here.

Once we leave the cockpit, we're gonna go forward on the starboard side and check out the bow. - All righty then. Wait, there's storage here. You missed a whole bunch of storage! Oh, it's drawers. That's actually clever. I like that.

And check it out, they actually have vents underneath, which makes a lot of sense. So it'd be a good shoe storage. - [Rico] It would be a great shoe storage, actually. - So we are gonna go all the way forward. What's this?

- [Rico] These are the connections to pump out your old oil. - Interesting. - Yeah. - Definitely thought about that. All right, let's go and check out the bow.

(laid-back electronic music) Oh, check this out. - Yeah. These are your hydraulic side-boarding steps or stairs. So this folds down completely. This whole side folds out, and it becomes a staircase to go up from the dock. - A staircase going down like this. - [Rico] Exactly.

- So it's kind of like that and then going down like that. - [Rico] Exactly. - Yeah, that makes sense. - Yeah.

- Let's keep going. - [Rico] So I got the window inserts here. - Look at the size of this boat hook. (Rico laughing) These are antennas? - [Rico] My guess is that these are getting fixed on the side of the boat, to keep the tender away.

- Oh yeah, those are the tender... What are they called? - [Rico] I don't know what they're called actually, but they're little fiberglass or carbon fiber antennas- - No, we've learned the name of them. Okay, if you guys know what those is called, put 'em down in the comments so we can all get educated. But I forget what they're called. - [Rico] People also use them, you know, at the docks, behind their private houses. In Florida we see 'em all the time to keep the boat off.

- From banging, yeah. Okay. - Yeah. - Anyway, keep going. So we have a side entrance here- - Electric sliding door. - into the interior. Yep. And then we're gonna go all the way up to the bow,

which is really spectacular. - [Rico] Let's not wait, let's go! - Normally we save it like best for last, but for you guys this time we just decided to switch it up. - [Rico] Yes. Go. - So in a few moments now... (both laughing)

(laid-back electronic music) Our entrance to the pilot house right here. - [Rico] Yeah, starboard door. - We've convinced the captain to join us for the tour, so don't miss that.

He is quite a character and so charming. - [Rico] So here we have a wing station. So this vessel is equipped with independent rudder controls. So the starboard and port rudder...

Starboard and port rudder (chuckles) are controllable independently from each other. Got our rudder indicators right there. RPMs for the main engines. Shift throttle control and the bow thruster control. On top of all that, we have an electric horn, an air horn... God, I'm so tempted right now. - [Victoria] No!

- [Rico] No, we're not gonna do it. We're not gonna do it. - Okay. - We want to be invited back. - But if we do it, like would they know it was us? If we run away really fast? - [Rico] Maybe we should just really mean look at somebody else on the neighboring boat and be like, "Really?" - Yes! That's a good one. (Rico chuckling)

- [Rico] All right, let's keep going forward. - [Victoria] Okay. Let's keep going forward. Ooh. - Boatswain's storage. - I think it might be firefighting equipment. Oh yeah. Firefighting equipment right here. - [Rico] Oh yeah.

- So for those that don't know, that is a huge part of your crew training. Something you and I are gonna have to really get into. That's coming in the future. - [Rico] Really, really, really nice sun sail here. And it's very, very tight. I mean, wow. - I do like the sun sail.

- [Rico] That's like a trampoline and it has its own... So you see these big, big massive carbon fiber poles here? And they have a winch inside. So you put a winch handle in here and then you crank it up and you can make it extremely tight, which comes in really handy if you have a good breeze coming from the bow, you don't have to take the sun shade down.

You can actually leave it up. So going forward- - Come to this gorgeous bow. - [Rico] Look at that. - Wow. So that is really beautiful, usable space. You've got your controls to control the spa. And I mean, look at this view. (water gurgling)

And the sound of the water is really beautiful as well. - [Rico] Right? The way it's- - [Victoria] It's different from the sound of the ocean that you're hearing from outside. (water splashing and gurgling) - [Rico] I could totally see myself taking a nap here in the front. (laughing) - It is a good napping spot. Hi-Lo tables here. They don't fold out, so this is not a space that you're gonna use for your traditional dinners, but it is definitely your cocktail space and also a good sun downer spot. If you are in the marina and you know you're facing the right way, would be a great spot for that.

- [Rico] I agree. - Because most of the time, especially in the Med here, the way we are right now, you're going in stern. So if you wanna sit there in the back, you're definitely a lot more exposed to the public.

So this is a lot more private and a spot that you could really enjoy in solitude. - [Rico] Very nice spot. Let's go forward to check out the fore deck.

- [Victoria] Let's do it. You're going on that side? - [Rico] So we have two life rafts here in the bulwarks. - [Victoria] I have two live raft as well here. - [Rico] Okay, so make it four.

- You also have like an opening there for something? - Yes, I do. - Yeah, hmm. Okay. - [Rico] It looks like there are life jackets in there, and rescue equipment. - Are these canisters for this dingy? - [Rico] These are gasoline canisters because you have to store 'em in a vented area, so.

- But these are really beautiful looking. - [Rico] They're actually, yeah. They're very stylish. - (laughing) Very. - So we get-

- As you would expect from an Italian shipyard. - [Rico] So we have a 14-foot jet tender here in the center. We have two Seadoos right outside of it, and the bow crane, which is a pretty large crane, actually, to lift all this on the fore deck here.

- The captain said that he specifically requested these because he thought it's a great use of space and being able to use it for lines and stuff, when you're underway. I'm with him. I think we really need to look at our layout because this is very useful. - [Rico] You've gotta have rails for lines to hold onto. Exactly. - I really like that. - [Rico] Yeah, me too. - All right.

We have a working bow here. There is a bell! - [Rico] So we got the dual-pocket anchor setup here, the Windlass, all with this massive stainless steel plate. I just think it's so cool. I can't wait to see ours as well. (chuckling) It's gonna be not as big as this one- - No. - but it's just impressive.

You see the anchor chain going through, all the way down to the anchors there. How about your favorite bell? - I know. I've been looking at it. I feel like I'm gonna get in trouble.

- [Rico] But the way it's incorporated, it's really nicely done, actually. Here's some non-skid here, so you can even stand on top. - [Victoria] Oh look, they have a little cleat- - [Rico] A little cleat. - [Victoria] to tie the flag line right here.

- [Rico] Just do like a little bing. Ah, it's packaged. - No it's not. - Yeah. (Victoria gasps) - Look how smart they are.

They packaged it so I can't even ring it. Look at this. - [Rico] I think it's still packaged from commissioning. - Ah, they can't even ring it. - [Rico] Nobody had to use it. - I can't even ring the bell! - Can't ring the bell. - So disappointed. - [Rico] All right.

- In that case, let's go check out the aft deck. (laid-back electronic music) So we have another- - Wing station here. - Wing station. What are these? - Port side access panel. - Access? Another entrance to our pilot house.

- [Rico] Correct. Another side door to the upper saloon. - And down to the crew quarters. - [Rico] Mm-hmm. (laid-back electronic music) - This lines are really beautiful. - [Rico] Yes. (laid-back electronic music) - This is actually a really big aft deck.

- [Rico] It is. - I mean there is seating for, what is it, 12? Oh, these are really nice chairs. Check them out. - Yeah, beautiful with the- - Teak.

- [Rico] with the teak chairs, right? - You have a seating area for, I don't know, 30? It's a little insane. - [Rico] Very, very large lounge spot. - Definitely. These are not Hi-Los.

So they're your lounge tables. - Uh-huh. - They don't go up. And as you can tell, this whole area here is protected by glass. So if you sit low, you... - [Rico] Oh, got it.

Yeah, I didn't even see that right away. - You don't have any wind. And then on our starboard, we have our entertainment bar. This is actually unique. Check it out.

- [Rico] And you can completely close it up actually. - Yeah, it just slides like this and then you have a sink here and they just left it completely open. So you have a lot of room to operate as a... Oh, gonna lose my.. - [Rico] Make cocktails or little snacks, right? - Sorry guys, I'm gonna be holding my hat now.

And then here we have a bit of a storage, a drink fridge, (latches clicking) and a bit more storage. - [Rico] It's magnetic. - [Victoria] Oh yeah, it's magnet. You're right.

- [Rico] But somehow it closes not too loud. Interesting. - Yeah. That works. - It works. - Actually really simple. - Let's go up to the sky.... - Sundeck. - Sundeck.

- I could go this way, but I think- - It will be a taller step, right? - Yes. It's a bit of a taller step. It makes more sense to go this way, but this is really pretty. Look how they split up the stairs. I've never seen that before. - Oh, yeah. - Kind of a cool spot. But let's go up.

(laid-back electronic music) It is really windy you guys. What a cool view from here. Can you please look at the Monaco Yacht Show? I mean, holy smokes. This is a view. This is unbelievable. - [Rico] So where all these yachts are stern-in tied there, that's where you want to be during the Formula One race. - Definitely.

And these are all the tenders that are going back and forth because there's quite a few of the superyachts that couldn't get into this part of the show. They're still kinda like in the show, but they're anchored out. So all of these tenders are going back and forth and taking clients and everybody to go be able to see them. Anyway- - So apologies, in case you guys have a lot of wind noise. We have a lot of wind noise right now. - What about now? Now you're gonna have no wind noise because of all this awesome glass barriers.

- [Rico] So let's talk about this. It looks very, very open because of the glass. Right? - Yeah. And I like how they left this open. You still get the breeze, so on the hot days when you do want the little bit of breeze, you still get it, but it's not nearly as much.

- [Rico] Very comfortable sun loungers set up on the aft portion of the sun deck. But you can put anything there. - Yes. Turn and look at this. First of all, these are really beautiful. Huge sitting area here.

But I'm gonna point your attention to this, because I've never seen these before. And as you guys know, we're shopping for some cool innovative designs. Check these out. So these are Hi-Lo tables. Instead of being straight up... So when they go up, remember how we saw one of the yachts recently you could slide the top? You don't need to do it here because they're at angle already. They're just coming closer to you when they're higher.

And of course these leaves fold out. They have an extendable things here. So you can connect this and make it one space. But it is a really innovative design. Really like that. And then as we come to starboard here... My gosh, it's windy. - How does this work?

- So this is electric grill or what? No, I think you're putting it directly on here. You just wipe it off. And then this is your top that covers it completely. So there we have drink fridges. They seem like they're very serious, like frigid.

And here are your knobs. So there's technically four different burners. We have a pop-up TV right here, more storage and some more. And then there's a big sink here.

Same thing, just slide it back. Also kind of neat, protects you from the wind here as well. And then we have an ice maker. - [Rico] And more storage. - Switches and outlets are nicely protected. And as we keep coming forward, we have this huge layout.

Another really good napping spot. Don't know if there's anything under here- - Well, one thing we missed- - What did I miss? (gasps) - is we have these overhead windows here and you can actually shade this area. You have this mesh curtains. This one is half open, as you guys can see right now. So you can either close them and be protected from the sun or you open 'em if you want to get a little bit of sun, if it's a little cooler. Ooh! There's the hat almost flying.

(Victoria laughs) And it gives you a really cool look up into the mast with the massive electronics on there. Search lights. We got two big radars. The horn, night vision camera, I mean everything's just right up. It's so cool. - So got probably five more minutes before the wind completely goes nuts and definitely takes my hat.

So let's just go for it real quick. And then we're gonna go in the interior. - [Rico] Oh, I love this setup. - Huge layout space. A really nice sitting area here. Look at my view. I mean the POV from here is amazing.

Wow. You see everything. The visibility is quite fantastic. - [Rico] It's incredible. Like, now imagine actually drop that sunshine down.

You have a better view here than almost from the pilot house. - I think you might be right. All right, shall we go all the way down and check out the interior? - Let's do it.

(laid-back electronic music) - (laughing) Let's check out the interior. Come on in. So this is definitely unusual. I feel like the owner might like to play cards? When I see this kind of tables on the yachts, I always think of a card table. - [Rico] Yeah, actually. Good point.

- And then right here, there's a bit of storage on this side. And then we're coming into the salon and we have a really nice low sitting area. This is a big couch. Wow. - [Rico] It's beautiful. The interior design choices, the colors I really like. They really speak to me.

- You know what's interesting? Is that they didn't back this couch all the way to the windows, basically. They left space back here. Kind of gives that elevated feel, you don't realize why. And also keeps the light straight up instead of being blocked because it would be like about here, right? So kind of cool how they did that.

They also went for curtains. They have blinds, but also curtains as well. You know, give it like a homey feel. And these do look like they're electric.

And then on our starboard we have a huge dropdown TV. (laughing) How big is it do you guys think? 55? - 60? Yeah. - 60. - [Rico] And this is kind of cool.

Same what you mentioned with the couch on the other side. It's also a little bit moved away from the windows. So you could technically walk behind it. - Yeah. And then we have storage underneath.

There's some exposed storage and enclosed and they played around with the ceilings. So that space is a little different. You know it's sort of contrast of different textures.

And then we come forward to our formal dining area, set for 10. Really simple here. Everything's tucked away, you don't see anything. And this is a cool feature, sort of like a 3D wall. - [Rico] I like this. - And look, it's got different shades of color? Or is it lit up like this? - It's lit up like this. - Oh, that's so cool.

I thought that's different color, like dark gray to white. But it's just lit up. - [Rico] It's just the overhead lights which are lighting it up. - And what's this here?

- [Rico] This is the air conditioning vents. - [Victoria] Really? - [Rico] Yeah, just feel here. Like you have the cool air coming out, but it's nicely incorporated. We have the same on the starboard side. - I would've never guessed. Pretty cool. All right, let's go down and check out the guest cabinets.

(laid-back electronic music) We have four state rooms, all with their own en suite. Where do you wanna start? - Port side. - Okay, so this is port forward, sort of. - [Rico] So since this door is open, just to mention, this is a direct access for the crew- - Yes. - to the guest rooms. - So as you see right now, this is completely hidden. And then there's a watertight bulkhead that's separating the crew quarters that's going this way.

All right you guys, bear with our light flickering. All the lights are beautifully dimmed here, all the LEDs. So the camera, you know, doesn't love it. So sometimes we have a little bit of flickering, but we don't wanna mess with any of their mood lighting. So we're just gonna respect that and leave it as is.

So just know that nothing is flickering to our eye here. (giggling) Okay? Trust us. All right, come in here.

We have one of our first double cabins. We have two of them on each side. These beds are able to be put together, so it creates one queen size bed.

And for some of you who are asking how that works, usually this piece is loose and you can just move it and put it to the other side. So it's pretty simple. And they just slide together. We have some exposed storage there. The lights are kind of nicely tucked away there. - The switches? - Yeah, the switches.

And a little bit of space here too. And then I'm sure these are hanging lockers, but we'll just open it up. Ah, that's great. Oh, that's just like a design feature? This is... Oh, no. - It slides out. - No, it slides out! That's cool.

NBBL? What do you guys think? I really like this. I think it's so simple and it's just manual. - [Rico] And it's better than a drawer because a drawer is kind of hard to see what you have in there. This little lid is enough. - And it airs out. I like it. I like it a lot.

- [Rico] Got a nice tucked-in TV here on the wall. - And these are also magnet, check it out. So simple. - Yes they are. - [Victoria] This can't break! Coming into an en suite. - En suite. - Wow. This is a fancy Japanese toilet here. The famous Toto! (chuckles) - And a bidet.

- Your best friend! And a bidet. Wow. Why do we have both? Maybe they added this afterwards. - Maybe. - That's possible. Right? Of course we have our en suite with a sink. Beautiful.

And then some storage down there and some storage down here as well. And then our shower. Wow, it's a really good-sized shower. Holy moly. - [Rico] Big rain shower head. Integrated in the ceiling.

- How do you guys rate this? I mean this is like a- - Four person shower. - Yeah, I think so, actually. This is beautiful. Really, really nicely done.

And then now we're gonna go to our starboard, right? Our bow is that way you guys. (chuckles) - [Rico] So equal mirror-image cabin to the port side. - Exactly the same. So not gonna spend too much time here. Exactly identical. Same Toto toilet, same shower.

Let's go check out the aft cabins. - [Rico] Which are technically two VIPs. (laid-back electronic music) - All right, we're coming into our VIP cabins. I'm not gonna rate the bed because that's Rico's job. Go ahead. - [Rico] I think it's a 1.8 meter with back.

Which is just below a king size bed. Below the TV, that's open-able. - These? - Kind of looks like it. - [Victoria] I don't want to break any... - [Rico] It's not? Yeah it is. - Oh yeah, these magnets are deceiving 'cause you just don't know.

- Wow. Look how deep that is. - Yeah, it is pretty huge. - [Rico] Actually, I think you can pretty much fit suitcases in there. There's a lot of storage space. - And they put a full-size mirrors on both sides here. - Yep. - (laughing) Love it. - [Rico] Normally I'm not a huge fan of pocket doors, but in this case I really like it, because it gives you just more room to walk around.

- Come on, this makes the cabin so much bigger. - A lot bigger. - You gotta say this works. - [Rico] You do have a proper closed-up head. - Wow, these doors are really heavy duty. Check it out. Wow. They all have a bidet and the Toto toilet. Look at this porthole, those are really beautiful.

And they open up- - They're double, no? - Yeah. Did you smell how nice it smelled in there? - [Rico] Uh-huh, beautiful. - It smelled really nice. - It smelled like flowers. - Yeah. I wish we had like some smell TV for you guys.

- This is even bigger. - Is it though? - [Rico] It is. - I think it's almost the same, just different shape. The other one was more square- - Oh, you're right. - this one's a little longer. - You're right.

- But I think square footage-wise it's the same. - Still, I think- - Four person shower. - Four person shower? - Yeah. For sure. It's very, very good size. Super generous.

Huge rain head. I'm on the search of a max rain head, to see like what's the biggest- - [Rico] We have some large rain shower heads. - Yes. So crazy. And this cabin is exactly the same. It's identical. These pocket doors are cool. I'm always curious about the kind of mechanisms, but check this out.

It's see-through! Can you see me? - [Rico] Yeah, but like not really. Like- - I see you perfectly. - Really? - [Victoria] I swear. Check it out.

- [Rico] It's a little more like privacy glass. I can still see through but not fully. - [Victoria] Go in there and look at me. - [Rico] I cannot fully see through from this side. - [Victoria] Really? Yeah, actually I see you not nearly as well as you see me, I think. All right, we're gonna go all the way straight forward and gonna check out our crew quarters.

Hello! - Hello. - Hi. - Is it okay if we come in? - Of course! - So we met the crew earlier. They were super, super nice. And they told us that we're cool to film their area. This yacht is fully crewed. Crew's on board. It's at the boat shows. You guys know how that is.

Nobody likes that. The crew doesn't love it. But they told us we can film. So come with. Hello! - [Rico] Hey guys. - Hello. I'm Denisse. I'm a 2nd Stew Masseuse in Kinda yacht. - I'm Federica, the Chief Stew.

- Oh, nice to meet! - Nice to meet you. - We did not meet earlier. So Victoria and Rico. Nice to meet you. So this is the crew mess.

The galley is right next to it, which I guess makes it pretty convenient and easy for you guys- - If you're hungry. - Yeah, if you're hungry. (all laughing) Which I thought was interesting is they do have this pass-through window here set up, which you don't see very often. It's kind of cool and definitely convenient because the- - To the crew mess here.

- Yeah and the regulations as well, of who's allowed to be in the galley or not. You have to have a certification- - [Rico] All the health certificates, yeah. - Right. The health certification. So this makes it really easy that you, you know, not everybody needs to be able to be in the galley. All right. What do we have in the crew mess? We have a TV here, a microwave, a sink.

Dishwasher is right here? - No fridge here. - No fridge here, right? - No fridge. - (chuckles) Got it. Okay. And then on our port we have our galley. Chef is in the galley. - My galley.

Good morning. - Hello, Chef. - Good morning. - What is your name? - David. - David? Victoria. - Nice to meet you. - Nice to meet you. So yeah, this is your domain. - Yeah. - Walk us through. What you got here?

- We have the oven, the big one. - Huge oven. It doesn't look that bit next to him, you guys, (David laughing) but it is very large. - We have another oven. This is also for the steam and cook. - [Victoria] Oh, okay. That's the steam oven.

We keep seeing these. Is it something you use a lot? - Yeah. - You do? - Of course. Yeah, yeah, yeah. - Okay.

- Microwave? - Microwave, yeah. - Oh, that's the microwave. Okay. Fridge and freezer. - Yeah. - And you have extra refrigeration forward, right? - [David] Yeah, the big one. The work fridge.

- 'Cause that's definitely not enough. - Yeah. (all laughing) Dishwasher. - Okay. Right here.

Look at all these serious things. I would not know what to do with. Oh you even- - I love the cutter. - You even have the cutter. Well, that's how you know you're in the Mediterranean. - [Rico] Yeah.

When you get like the really thinly-sliced ham. - Yeah, you're not gonna be seeing this in US most likely. - [Rico] We should try it out, how it works. - Oh really? Of course. (all laughing) You've been on your ham journey for a while there- - I know. - through Bologna.

- [Rico] What is this? It's like a griddle? - [David] It's a fry top. Griddle, yeah. - Upstairs on the sundeck- - Aft sundeck. We have the big, yeah. - It's the same, right? You just cook right on top of it. - [Rico] You fold them down and then you put- - Is this teppanyaki? Or what is this called? - [David] This is the same, but this is like this and the other one is with the.... - Yeah, we don't know either.

- [Rico] We don't know what it's called either. - What is it called, you guys? When you have these thingies? (group chattering and laughing) - Yeah. - Okay, cool. - [Rico] And then you have an induction field? - Induction. This is one also.

And this one also. - [Rico] So how many crew will you guys have on board? - Nine. - Nine. And then- - Including captain.

- maximum guests are 12? - 12, yeah. - So you're cooking for 21 people. - Yeah. - It's not a very big galley for that. Right? - No, it's not.

- You're like alone here, like doing your thing. - I prepare bread, I prepare all the... It's not big, but. - Yeah. - You make it work. - I am Italian, you know. Italian... (laughing) - You make it work. (all laughing)

- Where's the pizza oven? - Yeah. - We have it. I cook in this one. - Really? - Yeah.

Because this is with the high temperature until 300 degrees. - [Rico] We should try that out too. (all laughing) - All right.

(David speaking indistinctly) Thank you, Chef. - You're welcome. - [Rico] Thank you. - We're gonna go forward and peak into your other... - Refrigeration space? - Refrigeration space, yeah So we're gonna go forward, and we have four crew cabins here. We'll check out one all the way forward, one of the smaller cabins forward. So you guys can check out the smaller one and the large ones you can imagine, they're even larger.

So there are two cabins right here. And then... - This is storage space. - Storage? - [Denisse] And also for safe security and electronic things for the fridge- - Yeah. - Oh, interesting.

- [Victoria] Some breakers, right? Are these two also storage? - Here? Yeah, for food stores. - Ah, okay. So your extra pantry. - Yeah. - All right. Got it. And then on this side, you guys can see we have our walk-in fridge.

- Oh, wow. (Denisse chuckles) - Oh, it's nice and cold in here. - Oh, you need that. - Oh! Oh, it's cold!

(Denisse laughing) You need shoes. - Oh, barefoot here. So this is the walk-in fridge- - So I'm guessing the fridge. - and the walk-in freezer- - Yeah. And the freezer is here. - to the left here. - [Victoria] Oh, it's not a walk-in. Okay. But it's- - [Rico] Oh, it's not walk-in but it's a big- - [Victoria] Wow. There's a lot of good stuff in there.

- [Rico] Oh man. All the seafood! - Oh, some good stuff in there. Let's close that up. - [Rico] This is pretty convenient actually. - Yep. (door clacks)

On our starboard, we have a laundry. It is not a huge laundry, but it's got three sets of washer and dryers. So two right here and two right here. That's our laundry space here. - [Rico] Someone's spending a lot of time in here, probably, with 21 people on board. - I'm sure. I am sure.

And then as we keep going up forward... - [Rico] So you have two more cabins here? - Yes, exactly. Two more cabins. - [Rico] Actually not bad. - Yeah, exactly. Wow. It's pretty good height. - Yeah.

- Good headroom in here. So you have bunk beds, hanging locker right here. And if you come in you can peek into the head respectfully. - [Rico] Oh, that's pretty okay too. With a walk-in shower. - And you have a separate shower, right? And looks like a good amount of storage there.

- Totally. - The upper and lower. Thank you so much! - [Denisse] You also can see the engineer cabin, if you wanna have like a more idea of whole dimension of the boat. - Sure. We never say no to seeing more, right you guys?

- No. You won't see it. - We wanna see everything. (laid-back electronic music) Oh yeah, this is a bigger cabin. Definitely. - Yep, yep, yep. - 'Cause you have a desk here. - A little desk in there. - And I like the privacy curtains.

Definitely having that in our crew cabins. - [Rico] Pretty cool. - For sure. Thank you guys, we really appreciate it.

We know the boat shows are not fun, so- - [Rico] No, enjoy. (crew laughing) - thanks for having us and we'll see you later. So we'll go out this way? - Yes.

- We came in right here, you guys. And now we're gonna go back up to actually- - [Rico] To the pantry area? - where we wanted to be, right? - [Rico] Well first we're gonna check out the pantry area and then we're gonna check out the VIP and the primary. - Okay, let's do it. All right.

We'll see you guys later. Thank you so much! - Thank you. - Bye. - [Victoria] Ciao! - [Rico] After this I can do my own tour on the boat. - Oh really? - Yeah. (all laughing) - All right, let's go up. (laid-back electronic music)

So we have a stew's pantry here on this side. This is our port and the bow is that way. And so we have stew's pantry, we have our sink here.

That's extra storage. Do you think it's also dishwasher? - Dishwasher. - Yeah. Another dishwasher. See, it's important to have more dishwashers. Dishwasher on all the levels. - [Rico] So this is all crew area here.

- Correct. What's this? Is that a ice maker? An ice maker right here. (door clacks) And then there's another fridge. Big wine cooler here. - Is it fridge and freezer? Or is it just both fridge? - Drink fridge. - Fridge, okay.

- Mm-hmm. - Drink fridge, yeah. - We also have a microwave. You guys saw the dishwasher.

The only thing you're missing is obviously all the cooking, stove and stuff. And then we have a dumb waiter. So we just figured out. So this dumb waiter is just going one level up.

- [Rico] Yeah. - So you do have to bring it up from the galley and put here and go up. - [Rico] And then again, you have the crew staircase going up- - Correct. - to the sky lounge. - Yeah. And then before we move that way, just so you guys get your bearings right, this is our access door from the bulwarks there.

From the port side walk? - Mm-hmm. - Right here. So it will drop us off here, and this door here will take us to our formal dining area. - Okay. Perfect. - Okay. All right. - So we go this way? - Yes. We're gonna go forward?

- Go to starboard. - All right. Go to starboard. - [Rico] And we check out the on-deck VIP. - This would be another way the guests could sneak into this area, (chuckles) to the gallery to grab a coffee. - [Rico] To raid the fridge? - All right, so now we're going onto to our starboard side and it drops us off where we kind of started right here on the guest portion of the vessel, right? So this staircase went down all the way to the four guest cabins. And then we're gonna go forward, to not just the owner's suite. Just wait.

First of all, we have a day head here. Day head! - [Rico] Oh, so that is the common day head. - Yeah. So that's your day head off the dining area and the saloon. That's what you would use up here on this level, right? - [Rico] From the main deck? Yeah.

- Correct. - Oh wow, this looks- - We keep going forward. - [Rico] This looks like infinity with the mirrors in the back there.

- So you have this door here to separate this space. And then this is interesting because you kind of think like, all right, this is our office. What an office. I mean a really, really cool space. Great space to work. Right now the curtains are closed so you don't see the really nice good-sized windows.

And then we have our owner's suite. But before we get there, we have one more cabin here. - Oh wow! - How cool is that? - [Rico] So on-deck VIP. - It's almost one of these situations where you wanna have two owner suites, you know? Like his and hers suites that we see on like the megayachts sometimes.

So you pretty much have this here. Also you have a family with a kid, like this is a good child's cabin. So your space is completely separated.

Your kid will have a really nice cabin and then you have the owner's suite forward. - [Rico] So definitely this is a king size bed. 100% - Okay. Great. - [Rico] You got a good-sized TV across.

Oh, wow. I found storage! - But you missed behind you. - [Rico] Oh, you want me to open this? - Sure. Yes. - Whoa! Huge! - [Victoria] You can hide like four Victoria's in there. - [Rico] Huge. Look at this! - I have my own. - What? Are you serious?

- Well, it's got really deep shelves here. There's a bit more here. I think that underneath is access. - Really nice port light. Wow. - Yeah.

It's got a very neutral feel as well, with a little bit of pop of like dark, burnt orange. So this one's got an en suite of course as well. Same thing here. They've- - Not the same thing. This one actually has dual vanities compared to the other en suites down below. - You're right! It is a dual vanity. That's very true.

Wow, they all have this Toto toilet and a bidet. - [Rico] Oh that's kind of cool, it's right across from each other. So you got the bidet and Japanese toilet. - I mean this space is so big, you could've almost had another sink here. And then of course we have a shower, which I'm not gonna go in this one because it's very similar to the other ones, you guys.

I would say it's a- - Except it has a bench. - It has a bench, but it's like a three, four person shower. - [Rico] And a larger rain shower.

- This is huge. And then of course you have back-lit bench here. Everything has been back-lit. (both chuckling) Every shower. Of course here you have something back-lit as well.

- Very, very generous- - See like this is back-lit. - Very generous shower. And I was just thinking like, oh wait a minute, this is open. What if there's water going in there? And then I saw the little drains here.

So if there's water going in here, it just drains right back in here. - Let's go check out the owner's suite. (laid-back electronic music) What do you guys think? - Oh, this is... Look at these curtains. So if somebody wants to sleep in a little bit longer, you just close up the curtains.

You have a little desk here, you have the other desk over there. Also a little lounge area here with the two armchairs where you could have your morning coffee. Maybe you don't want to be in the common area yet. Wow. Lots of storage there.

- Yeah, you've got drawers right here. - These windows open. - They do, you're right. - [Rico] These windows open on both sides. - Yes they do open. Most likely like winglets. - [Rico] Yeah. They open up. - [Victoria] And so we have a king size bed? - [Rico] Or maybe even California king.

- There are a lot of potential clients shopping and looking around this boat right now. So I don't wanna change any of this mood lighting because it's perfectly set up to have this beautiful feel. So bear with us. Bear with our flickering. Now we're coming. No, we're gonna...

Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait- - No, no, no. - wait, wait, wait, wait... - Okay, okay. - First we're gonna go here. A really important walk-in closet by definition. Oh wait, it keeps going. - Yeah right?

- I thought it was a mirror right here. - [Rico] Really cool. Natural light. - Great, great size. - Big window. - Yeah. And it's got a pocket door to close this up. And then we're coming into our owners en suite.

Dual vanity, storage underneath, separate toilet area. (door clacks) And then on this side- - [Rico] Also air conditioner on this boat is very quiet. - Yes, it's been super quiet in here.

- [Rico] Right? - And then we're coming into our shower. - [Rico] Look at that rain shower head. Look at the size. - It's.... (chuckles) - Oh! - Huge.

This shower is also a steam shower. - No way! - Yeah. - [Rico] Oh, is that the unit down there? Yes. - Mm-hmm. - How cool is that?

- This is actually pretty simple. The only question I always have when I see that, what's up with that? Like why are they leaving it open then? - [Rico] Yeah. Shouldn't it be closed? - But we were told by somebody who owns a spa that it's okay. - Yeah.

- So I guess it works. So what do we have left? We've seen the crew quarters. So we wanna see the engine room, the tender garage, the beach club... - The gym. - Oh, there's a gym? - Mm-hmm. - All right, let's do it. No, no, no, wait. Where's the pilot house?

- [Rico] Oh, we gotta go and see the pilot house. - Yes. - [Rico] Oh, we didn't do the sky lounge either.

- Exactly. We're missing a whole level you guys. We're literally missing a level. Scratch the engine room. (chuckles) First we're gonna go to the pilot house and the sky lounge. - [Both] Let's do it.

(laid-back electronic music) - I don't know if that made sense, but we are on the port side again. And this is where our dumb waiter comes out from where we saw it from the lower stew's pantry. This is the staircase coming up, which we didn't take, 'cause we ended up going the other side. And we have our coffee machine here. Another fridge. - Refrigeration.

- This must be storage. Yep. A microwave, sink. Another service area basically. Okay. So let's go to the sky lounge first. - Oh, interesting. - Yes. So you guys, now remember we saw that seating for 10 out there? - [Rico] Really interesting lounge setup here. Right?

- Cool furniture. - Cool furniture. - Like, the way it comes out, just like a wide space you can totally lay out here. - [Rico] Yeah. - It's got this kind of Amsterdam, Berlin vibe. Pretty neat. - [Rico] That's probably the largest TV- - Yeah, that is big. - on the boat. - 80? 75? - No. That's bigger.

- It's bigger than 80? So let's go and check out the pilot house, the command bridge. (laid-back electronic music) So we found a day head. So the day head is right here. - [Rico] For sky lounge, yeah? - And we're gonna go to our command bridge.

Hello! The captain's here. - Hello! - Perfect. - Hey, good morning! - Perfect! - Buongiorno! - [Both] Buongiorno! (all chuckling) - We miss Italy already. - Yeah. I mean, we're on an Italian vessel. We gotta do it right. - We're not far. I'm sailing Saturday night. Sunday morning, you can come to Genoa so you get back to Italia. - Perfect! Thank you!

(Victoria giggling) - [Rico] Oh! Let's do it. - Since we have you, maybe you can show us around this massive space. I'm just seeing lots- - Yep. Yep. - of equipment everywhere. - Breaker panels...

- It's concentrated. - Yes, yes. - It's concentrated in this space. We live a leave of space for the guests and we also leave some space for the wheelhouse and the navigational instruments.

We have a bridge which is paperless. No paper charts on board. So latest technology is used. We have a stabilizer, and the most important thing of this boat is the hybrid propulsion. - Ooh! - We have a battery- - We haven't mentioned that yet, you guys.

- No, we have not. - Now we have. - You know that we have hybrid propulsion, which means that we can afford navigation under only the power of the batteries. No noise, zero emission.

Of course, considering the size of the battery we will not be for long. But we can spend a couple of hours navigating, entering marina itself we're not allowed burning fuel. Mostly during the night we can have completely quiet anchorage in the bay.

This is the feature that is most important on this boat. It has all the other equipment of the yacht. You have night-vision camera, which helps a lot when you arrive in the small anchorage at night.

There are plenty of small sailboat that you barely see- - Yeah, you might not see. - and you might don't see on the radar. All the TV CC control, which allow us to see every area of the vessel.

So we have in term of safety and security coverage. Double sounder, bow and stern. Many times we go drop anchor close to shore and we put a line on the rocks to stay in the same position and allow the guests enjoy shallow water on the back, without use tender to move here and there to find the- - So you got two transducers. - This is the Furuno electronic display. With this one we prepare passage planning.

This is the S-band radar. Now we're in port, so we cannot emit frequency. This is 30 kilowatt power- - Oh wow.

- so we do not transmit. But this is- - [Rico] So you can can see x-ray from- - X-ray. - Yeah. Yeah. - If you stay in front, I can see your bones. (all laughing) And with this one, it's very helpful for rainy day. And it's a automatic radar plotting aid.

It's ARPA radar automatic chart target plotting and you have all the information. This is the repetition of the ECDIS chart, to be full compliant with ECDIS. But we have double entrance, double input. So we use also for the (indistinct) of MAP C.

This is more (indistinct). Next to the MAP C, we have the X-band radar. Very high definition. Less kilowatt in powers of transmission, but more accurate in detailing.

Many times we have a seagull on the radar. - You can see it flying? - No, we stay with the binocular, to see what's this target? What's this target? - It's a seagull? - We get closer, it's a seagull. When you have a 3, 4, 5 together, you're scared because you don't see anything- - [Victoria] Like, what is that? - This is the TV CC camera. You can have any configuration.

With this one it's the bow. Day view or night view when you're at night, so you have this definition. Then you can of course zoom how much you want. This is the control of the hybrid. From this setup, I decide if I want to go with shaft alternator in booster mode, battery mode, or battery saving. - [Victoria] What kind of license do you carry? Because there are a lot of code...

- I have unlimited commercial license- - [Both] Oh! - commercial- - There you go. - I knew it. I knew it. - Yeah. I had a feeling. - I knew it. - I had a feeling. - Commercial unlimited. - [Victoria] Commercial unlimited. - Have you been in the commercial world or have you always been in the private sector? - I did one chemical and three gas carrier. - [Victoria] Gas carrier! - Second mate, chief mate.

- How big were these vessels? - 150 meter during trip between Gulf of Mexico and far East. One month sail Pacific crossing, Panama Canal. Five days Gulf of Mexico, Panama Canal. 30 days Taiwan, Korea, Japan- - [Both] Wow.

- and back. - Wow. - We were bringing- - [Victoria] So this is like a toy for you? - Yeah. - Driving this is like a toy.

- No, no. No, really- - Anyways, so- - Well thank you, Captain. Yes. What else do we have? - We have independent rudders.

- Yes. These are the control of the independent rudder. For me, very helpful. They could replace the stern thruster. Because if I close the rudder, I put the left rudder, the port rudder, I go to starboard. The starboard rudder I go to port. I cross the rudder like this, and the effect of the water when I go ahead help to further go to the port side.

If I go stern, it's help to further go to port with the starboard side. So you can turn in 52 meters. - So you spin them? - One engine ahead, one engine astern. - Yep. - With this ahead, they both do like this. - Yep.

- With this astern, they both do like this. Which means that if they were like this already, you have this effect. But with rudder like this, it is amplified enormously. - So I've never captained a vessel with independent rudder controls.

What would you say is the difference between just regular splitting, one ahead and one astern, plus the rudders? - Because when you have the rudder like this, the effect of the water from the propeller is neutral. If you do like this, it's more surface. - So would you say double? - Even more. - Really? - Wow. - Even more. Yes, yes. You can move the boat like this, it's translation parallel.

Of course I use the bow thruster. Just the rudder and bow thruster, in this condition, it's really helpful- - [Victoria] You can almost move it sideways. - The wall here is for the lights control and monitoring. (latches clack) From here you can control all the lights on the vessel. - [Victoria] Oh, wow. Okay. - To make things easy, we have scenario- - So you preset whatever you want it to be.

- which is made by computer, according to the owner guest request. And then we work with this. Then we have, for example, tank plan. And you have all the information.

Fuel on board, water on board, single tank condition. Signal, which is very important. Doors, before the departing you check if the doors are closed- - Because you have sensors. - [Captain] We have sensor.

But mainly the most important are these windows in master and VIP cabin. - [Victoria] We have a question about those windows. Do they open like wings? - Wings. - Up? - Wings up.

- [Victoria] Okay, perfect. That's what we thought. - And the other one is the port side hatch, launching the tender. - The tender garage, yeah. - The most important. And then we have the other deck platform. Now it's open. - [Victoria] This is like a must-have, especially on the charter.

Because the guests don't know- - When you don't know the guests, if they leave thing open or close. When you have some alarms, they show up in here. Now, nothing. - Nothing.

- [Victoria] Like it when there are no alarms! - At night, we just leave the system. So you don't have light. If there is an alarm, the system pop up. - [Victoria] That makes total sense. - And then we have the fire detection system from Autronica. And we have the sensor around the boat, you see the white green on the ceiling.

On top of this we have the Ultra Fog with element here. If the element breaks, starts automatically. And the pump goes to 140 bars. So we have the rain shut the fire in three to four minutes.

If doesn't happen, means that it's very difficult to shut off the fire. - Yeah. - That fire. So you've got two captain chairs and then you have- - And electric heating. - Heating? - Electric heating. - Wait, why do you need heating? - In winter. - Really?

- If it's cold, you sit- - It's nice for your back... - You sound like me! Usually people want cooling in their seat, not heating. - In summer, yes. But in winter we want to be warm. - It is nice. I'll take it.

And a leaning post right here. An office here. - Our office. We have two satellite in navigational computer. This is good for navigational warning distress, receive and send. - Yep. - And we keep it also with the SSAS alarm.

The Ship Security Alert System, anti-piracy system. Which is new, you know how it works. No noise, nothing.

Someone receive a message that I'm in distress, should they call me and make some question. I have to answer it in certain way to say if I'm in danger or not. So there's this boat is keep it with the SSAS. - Thanks for sharing! That's so cool. - [Rico] Can we take a peek in your cabin? Just a quick peak- - Yeah, please. - Is that okay? - Yes, yes, yes.

(laid-back electronic music) All the girls already left so you can... - Oh, I see! (Rico laughing) All of them? (chuckles) - All of them left. - Oh, wow. Look at- - Oh, that's a nice cabin.

- Look at this cabin, how open it is to the head. This is really nice. - Oh, that's amazing. - You have a good view, I'm sure.

- [Captain] Unfortunately I cannot fit the bicycle in here. - The bicycle, yes. - You cannot? - Right here, no? - No, because I cross the passage to the shower, so I cannot. - Thank you! - Thank you very much.

- Thank you, Captain! - You're welcome. My pleasure. - Really appreciate it. So we're gonna head over to the engine room and the garage and the beach club.

- [Rico] Let's do it. (laid-back electronic music) - All right, we're gonna go down into the engine room. (laid-back electronic music) (fans whirring) This is our engineer space. This yacht is 499... - Gross tons.

- Gross tons. - Just under 500. - You guys know that little trick that they do there? So just under 500. - [Rico] You still have an engineer's office here- - Of course, yes. - and control center, which is air conditioned and soundproofed. So even underway, the engineer can monitor all the systems here and do his work.

- Pretty nice space. All right, let's go check out those hybrids. - [Rico] Oh look, we see the bilge area all the way over there. Then here we have one of the shafts, the port shaft. The big generator, 250 kilowatt generator, DC power.

- It's gonna be a little loud here with all the fans, you guys. Bear with us. - [Rico] All this equipment here in the center part is used for the DC and power distribution to the electric drives as well as the generator part of the electric drives. Because every electric drives can also be a generator.

So it is a little bit louder here. As you guys can see, we do have the electric engines right here. We have the ZF transmission right here behind. So underway, when we use both of the combustion engines, the electric motors function as a generator, so you don't need to run any generators underway at all for the hotel load. And of course it's all piping, proper pumps.

Going back over, we have the sight glass here for one of the tanks. As you guys can see we're almost full, probably at like 90%. - I mean it definitely feels compact, because there's so much in here. If you would have conventional power, this would be a lot more space, right? - [Rico] Would be a lot more space, yeah.

Checking out the starboard side. Have a nice tool bench and workbench here. Monitoring system for the power. - They have really nice mirrors here as well. - [Rico] Well it's actually a muffler for the exhaust. - (laughing) But they're so shiny! - [Rico] Got another very large generator right here.

Just going through here, main chiller systems right here, which are actually really quiet I gotta say. And a watermaker tucked away here. I think we have a second watermaker, I just don't know where it is.

- Somewhere on this huge boat. - Somewhere. - What is this? Do you know? - [Rico] I think it's an eye wash station or a hand wash station. Yeah, it's a sink. - Oh, it's a sink!

Have you ever seen one like this? - [Rico] I think I have actually. - You should have one! Look how compact that is! (laid-back electronic music) - [Rico] So quickly before we go into the tender garage, I want to show this here. We actually see here some of the battery packs. Pretty cool.

- Okay, let's go check out the tender garage and the aqua club. (chuckles) - Wow. - Yes. So our tender would normally sit here, right? - [Rico] Which they left at the shipyard, right? - Correct. And then this platform will go down, creates an extra platform there. The tender gets craned out. - Correct.

- I like this a lot. I would like to add this to NBBL because you always need this for life jackets, to be able to hang stuff. So this is very useful in the lazarette. - [Rico] Very. Absolutely. - Would like to have that. What else do we have here, Rico? - [Rico] We have firefighting equipment right here.

We have a fuel station right here. - [Victoria] Oh, interesting. Is that where we have the batteries? - [Rico] Yep. You see the bottom of the boat right there? Then there's a tank right here, we can actually nicely look through. And then there's some more batteries in the back portion of it. So these chillers are dedicated for the inverter.

As we heard from the captain earlier in the pilot house, this boat is fully inverted. So the generators are DC power. The batteries are DC power. So if we want AC power, we need to invert it from the DC power. These big inverters, as we also saw in the engine room, have their own dedicated cooling system, which are these ones here on the starboard side.

So I want to look in here. Oh, wow. This is so cool. So we see our rudder setup right there. There are the rudder posts.

And as we heard earlier, these are the actuators. So each rudder has their own steering actuator and can be independently steered to port or starboard. Then we have a cable reel right here for the shore power cable, which is resting right here when it's all the way retracted. And of course a watertight door. That's pretty cool. - There's one more as well here, which must be the same, right? - [Rico] It's the same, yeah. It's your access.

And then of course we have the energy management for the shore power. So no matter where you are in the world, 50 hertz, 60 hertz, you can plug in and have your boat powered. - So we are gonna go into our beach club which is, on this yacht, used as a gym. (laid-back electronic music) So it's all loose equipment. You can set it up however you want.

You can convert it back to a beach club if you want. Right here, we do have a day head with an actual shower. How cool is this? So after you work out in the gym, you can shower off, change, and just keep going with your day. Or if you're swimming and you need to use a restroom, you have a proper bathroom right here. - Pretty cool. - Yeah.

So this is our swim platform. - [Rico] It's your aft door, which becomes your massive beach club. - Exactly.

Right here we have our swim ladder, which is carbon fiber? - [Rico] Carbon fiber, yeah. Can you lift it? Are you kidding me? - Oh, it weighs like nothing. - Nothing. - Wow, that's pretty cool. I can take totally lift this whole thing. - [Rico] So that's a swim ladder, which goes right into these receptacles.

Obviously this would be removed and then you would be able to go in and out of the water. - And of course this space could be anything you want. You could put loungers here. It's really an extension of your beach club, which makes for a really, really beautiful big space. - [Rico] And I can see there are receptacles also on this side, for potential umbrella like we have here on the starboard side. - Oh yeah, that's cute. And we have our quick connect shower.

- [Rico] Really cool. - All right, well I feel like this completes our tour of this amazing Italian-built, all aluminum, Tankoa superyacht, Kinda. Let us know what other superyachts you would like to see on this channel. And also let us know if you've been enjoying us bringing in captains to do the tours of the bridge. (laughing) That was so bad.

Anyway, check us out on Instagram. Definitely check out our second channel if you're interested in what the heck we are building. And where's that NBBL, new boat build list, going. All right, off to the next. - All right. Sounds good. - Holding onto my hat.

- Ciao ciao. - Ciao!

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