Subscribers, Bike Dancing and Ambition Push Me up a Mountain! (S2D17 Bikepacking)

Subscribers, Bike Dancing and Ambition Push Me up a Mountain!  (S2D17 Bikepacking)

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good morning such a nice feeling camping this way oh and of course the tent's not wet I think that's what it is from now on we can't Camp over 6 500 feet and yes I know I look absolutely ravishing this morning didn't I tell you I was gonna look worse as the trip went on it's amazing how different it is camping under warm conditions the wet and moisture and the cold makes all the difference in the world and how much stuff I need to bring in the tent if I could just like bring my sleeping stuff oh my gosh packing up would be so fast foreign [Music] pack your tent so the base of the tent the stronger material is wrapped around the mesh and I would put the stuff inside in the order that I'm going to put it together like let's say it's raining or something you have to go quick well this comes first so I put it in order since I'm putting it on a rack I'm going to pick the flattest side I wanted this to be the thing that I can just bring it over and keep inside my tent after I Palm my Camp stuff out the days that you're going through mud and stuff and things are splashing all over it that's where this sack came in handy and this is actually stronger and thicker 33 liter this system worked out beautifully my event waterproof it's just a large then what I've done is I slid the ground sheet on one side of the bag and I put my picnic blanket on the other side I already showed you this in the other episode putting this on the back of the bike the changing of the shoes just just to Rogers used to change his sweater every morning that's what is my little ritual barely have anything left now but it's for some reason everything still looks totally full the other nice thing about this cargo net there's my trash I look like a chipmunk I guess that's not too bad of a thing my knee is so messed up that's the other reason I was tossing all night it was like throbbing pain so I learned that pushing things up with my knee didn't hurt it so much because I didn't have the pain that I had yesterday and yesterday we walked the bike down the mountain just a different pressure on your knee joints and what will I attempt this morning to brush my hair this will be the second time on this trip to make my face look less puffy boy my body from the last two days wow I can't believe what we biked yesterday I went 58 miles I think my first day up the climb on my trip last year I was on the salsa Cutthroat we'd have to do like 68 miles today but I'm thinking if I can do 58 uphill 3000 feet on day one that was my first day bike packing with all the bags I should be able to do 68 on a downhill gradual downhill I have a nubbier tire so I'm not going to roll as fast down them down the hill so I guess we'll find out I want help up the up the Lowman climb out I have no interest in climbing that in last year's video day two you can go down it look at this cool table they made with the stump in the rocks there's a cave over there you could sit in there have a little sexy time that has so much Beach that's what makes it so special zinc zinc oxide it baby I must have rinsed some off yesterday when I was rinsing my face in a stream because I have some peeling on the top of my nose which I don't like because that's I've got a lot of skin damage here as a child in Florida we lived in West Palm Beach and so my mom was really great though at protecting our skin but you know as kids can only do so much I look like a ghost it will slowly fade oh those people gave me the beer yesterday he brought me over a coffee he goes do you want a coffee for the road and I said no because then I'm gonna have to pee I asked him if Lohman served breakfast and he goes yeah sourdough does and I go sourdough I'm thinking not only that was the name of the place he said no that's where we go for breakfast I go wait he goes it's like a mile up the road I go no no the place I'm talking about is like 10 miles he said no there's a place called sourdough they serve a great breakfast I'm so happy he came over because I thought Lowman the place where I had the best sandwich ever it's like ham grilled chicken pineapple was the only place that was food we're gonna go to a new place [Music] [Music] thank you [Music] foreign [Music] last year and there's trees here how cute is this oh my gosh sourdough Lodge Restaurant they have it's Motel cabins RV ice beer pop propane fishing supplies BTM machine [Music] store ice cream and there's your little restaurant over there oh cute uh menu please one pancake this is their bacon they gave you a really nice amount this was ten dollars boy I talk Ed guys know how to make how to make these guys are so particular about their bacon and stuff like the butter and the bacon was outstanding I guess it's a brand dailies so they had Wi-Fi it's 85 miles if I go along the water and do Horseshoe Bend climb and then I think like 84 if I stay along through Idaho City so I don't know what I'm gonna do the fact that I think I'm gonna ride 85 86 miles today is a bit daunting it doesn't seem realistic being on a mountain bike with bags on a road bike yeah I really don't want to camp out again please let it be over I'm all done I'm finito I just had my pancakes it's over end of trip please end of trip please Kirkham hot spring remember we pulled in here last year I met the host in day two of the first season I'm not gonna show it to you today but I will show you video I captured on a drive in the winter and I'll insert it now [Music] 10 miles in baby 75 to go oh yeah yep that's it up to that mountain good for you she's like seven years old that's great hopefully you see the one behind this I think it's like three to four hundred thousand dollars besides pop out like the perfect thing if you wanted to live full time right he said he gets about third 12 to 15 miles per gallon camping books drink oh it's it is it's a little Mercantile it's just like this is back in the day right like it has everything you possibly want I mean is that even his shovels stuff for your car this is awesome medicine oh my gosh hair brushes like look at this battery the guys inside said they felt that it was a six to eight percent and then there were sections of that work harder so I don't know I mean look everyone's going the other way which means there's gonna be a ton of traffic I think I just need to go towards Idaho City and just go after this climb it is what it is if I can push my bicycle up 16 to 20 grades for for two and a half hours to be able to do this while we're going along this whole trip with my stupid ideas why not end with one what's one more and yes I know I might look disgusting and yes I'm eating a fat boy Ice Cream Sandwich and an a w root beer and I just finished pancakes and bacon and an Arizona Iced Tea sugared up give me up that climb wow oh my gosh there's like nobody there oh there's only one truck oh my gosh don't tell me they're not open oh geez please putting my bike exactly where I did last year closed until two look at the size of their cinnamon rolls so my chances of getting a ride are very low oh see like this guy he's got like a thing oh he could one take me with my bicycle on the back oh he's turning there so no he couldn't caterpillar crossing the road I feel like I want to help him you're gonna make it you're moving pretty well oh you just did a roll hey that's gonna be like me today [ __ ] somebody's coming come here buddy whoa we almost got you come here oh I wonder if you already hit let's put you in a nice cool I'm just trying to give you a little shade all right well it says Idaho City is 33 miles Boise is 70. I came down this this is uh gosh I hope I can but the other way is super busy see how this wall is almost so that's going along the river you have that you're right on the white line and then where I'm standing is the river and it goes down a cliff to the river so when you get these two campers pulling at the same time there's nowhere really for them to go I don't know what I'm hesitating about I don't my I have two choices and they both suck so you just I'll just pick the quieter one it's 12 40. I've gone 14 miles let's see how long it takes us to climb this mountain wow come on little honey come on little sister come on and shake it I know that's what they're saying right now I'm trying to make it so YouTube doesn't flag it oh wow it's like 90 out oh fire indeed this is gonna be quite a struggle yeah we're not to this deep part yet but it's a little bit Rolling Stone I can't even sing Oh my God such a long way to go we can do this we did dirt rocks up Cliff sides of mountains we can do this damn it and you see people like Tour de France and they're doing like this and they're breathing biking they're not smiling at you it regulates you're breathing chewing gum can also do that Michael Jordan the Chicago Bulls he almost always had gum in his mouth [ __ ] I know somebody help me I feel like I'm going nowhere Saturday Night Fever I love that movie John Travolta damn watching him dance yep that's what I'm doing right now I'm staying alive I gotta get up there I can't even risk my time for some bike dancing I think it's a good idea though because it uses that energy love to dance like cardios all the time it's so hot out on my bags I had to wait a few minutes for them to cool it out is so there's the burning hot the black just absorbing the heat wow my eyes are just burning I mean I just it doesn't matter salt Burns Salt it's all salt glad I had all that bacon yes I have the electrolytes and all that stuff then we were way down there oh my gosh Queensway Queen's Right finally kicking in I'm a huge Queensryche fan like I rarely listen to him but they've been my favorite forever I'm losing my hearing I'm shouting so that means I'm at the point of overexerting I'm almost at the top water in the eyeballs I'm good again the world will never see another man like him [Music] this goes out to one of my exes this is parts of this song was about our relationship the good part we love to play Air drums to this characters between us he died of cancer last year my favorite boyfriend ever absolute favorite take me to the top I'm ready for whatever it takes [Music] because I love the adrenaline in my veins baby there it is in a nutshell I think we've been pedaling for two hours up this hill if you watch last year day two I have this huge boom well where I started is like a good chunk already down the mountain so this whole extra part is a surprise to me I I'm seeing a little bit of hope this guy is closer to my face oh my God I don't see the word summit no bathroom nothing here nothing nothing oh my gosh I can't hear I can't see I can't remember what time they see how long it took us to get to this spot we were at 14 miles and it was 12 40. I know we've climbed 2400 feet in that short distance this was my song White Snake this is like when I was 18. it was my motivational songs here I go again I'm My Own Boy is that the most appropriate sentence for my life I don't want to get too excited about a Wii here [Applause] all the [ __ ] out of this hill let's go go go go [Music] why am I pulling over on the other side of the road just sit down because do you see the angle of the road it's going in the upward direction that downhill was super short-lived we have a long way to go to Boise almost 29 miles in Boise was 75 from that spot but I think there was an extra 10 so we needed to go was it 85 I can't remember the numbers now it's 3 30. there is a part where we start to go down a hill like two percent and if I have a headwind then I'm screwed because if there's a headwind then minus two becomes like plus one grade wise I'm a bit obsessed with grade A lot of people don't talk gray they talk miles someone says oh it's 10 miles away I would be like what's the grade because if it's 10 miles one percent well then I'm going to be going like this for 10 miles if it's five percent grid then I'm gonna be going like this for 10 miles what's the grade and the distance in the mileage and that sort of tells you how much climbing there is oh my eyes are like on fire a hawk flies in here to catch some animal I'm coming up to it and then of course a car goes by and scares it like my one freaking moment of wildlife on this trip I just had to stop I can't pedal I don't know what to do I am depleted I'm on the lowest gear next trip I'm gonna find a place where I freaking get dropped off at the top of some like 15 000 foot mountain and all I do is go down I'm really thirsty I have no water like it looks like there's maybe some rock camping up here on the left probably my bike balance there so I'm gonna chug a ton of water here we're not gonna make it to Boise I didn't know about this whole second climb and I didn't realize that my downhill from last year started where I already had gone down a bit quite a bit so nice spot oh this is pretty whoo really pretty okay wash all the salt off my face look at my legs look at that I tell you drinking that fresh cool water and then just getting your feet in there rinse some of my legs off with all my shorts crotch arms face so much salt just sort of give you a burst of energy I'm not there you don't I don't have the burst of energy yet but I'm just gonna sit down and rest for a second we're gonna make this I'm not giving up yet no way this is still easier than two days ago okay I feel better now sorry for all that bitching I needed water I needed replenishing I needed some food it's funny when you do climbs like to just stop and get off to the side sometimes it's harder than for my legs to get going I almost feel like the break for me isn't great and I can't really eat I mean it's such a strenuous climb it's like the food doesn't feel great to I mean to have the electrolytes and stuff in my water but I'm not really drinking that much either which I should but when you're on the climb I didn't you know I was going to run out of water so there were no streams and I don't want to carry a ton of water on a climb so I just deal with it so that's my issue we're back on track we're gonna finish this climb and then we're gonna go down into Idaho City it's like five o'clock the sun is beautiful right now and I feel better Moore's Creek Summit we did it we totally did it we climbed 3 500 feet that's not chewing on my watch that's a different screen it goes five hours we started out at like 4 000 feet we went to 6 000 feet then we went back down to something and now we're back up to six and let me just say thank you if I pictured like all my subscribers like all on bicycles around me like I could hear your motivation and your comments on YouTube human on the loose because we're kind of in this together you are a support system for me right your inspiration for me I pictured things you'd say and comments from other videos using it for this climb and the second climb and I know part of my followers are my Strava family that I've had for like three years my Straub family is really important to me I love looking at people's rides I love looking at their picture it figures just as I was saying a really nice message to you guys my phone starts flashing that it's full like I have no more space to shoot so I just went in and deleted and I don't remember what it recorded or not and I have to get down this hill and I'm low on battery all I want to say is you are important to me and I do pay attention to your comments and I appreciate them they help me get up this grind of of of a summit so we summited and you were a part of it so thank you for that and now it's time to go all the way down [Music] [Music] oh foreign [Music] [Music] oh my gosh we did it now I just want to eat some dinner and then I can camp in some free spot there's the historic downtown we went there last year oh my gosh everybody is just covered in dirt I feel like I just stepped back in time I feel like I should be on a horse here is the ice cream place where I ran into Wayne could have taken a raw spot before I hit town the reason I didn't was because I need to eat I don't have any food at all so I think there's some restaurants up here Judy's kitchen but it looks like it's closed the liquor store no I think here this is an actual restaurant the gold mines with the bars [Music] okay [Music] I don't know how freaking cute is this like come belly up at the bar oh look how huge it is okay awesome this is the Goldman Grill salute just about 35 miles north of Boise at about 35 minutes south of Lowman Idaho on Highway 21. actually it was a real

piece of crap when I got here he's kicking ass put it that way now we're having fun we've got a live band tonight live band and it's Friday and he's so awesome he just took me in the back and letting me put my tent in the back so that way I can drink more alcohol got a half a rack of ribs onion rings cornbread and a side salad yum this met this gentleman We're not gonna put him on camera but listen to his degrees bachelor's geology 79 bachelor's geophysics 1980 Boise State geophysicist with Union oil standard of Ohio petroleum San Francisco law school JD environmental analyst Wells Fargo banks loans and foreclosures commercial typically over 50 million sometimes 150 million then get a tax law degree from Golden Gate University then a Masters in Business Administration telecommunications and then a master's in international law that I did pre-med at Boise State organic and biochemist upper division biology classes and I'm an amateur extra cam radio operator so he brings granite in his Honda Fit to do his landscape look at you wow those are how are you picking those pieces up this is huge look at this how it's stacked on the truck so the owner is letting me camp in the back I never go to bars sitting by myself and it's amazing how much happens when I do but I do have quite the shining personality you said nobody's in this trailer so he recommended I put my tent right here oh yeah this is so cool I love these little weird stories that play out so the bars been interesting the different characters I've always attracted people because I engage I'm really asking questions and I really care about the answers I think it's common maybe for people to ask you about hey where have you traveled to because they want to talk about where they've traveled but that what happens is then they want information from me because they're like oh this girl's paying attention and she's being so nice to me so I just have to like change a few things you know I'm so full I actually couldn't finish the meat the ribs so I asked the bartender I'm like since I'm sleeping in the backyard can you guys put this in the refrigerator for me and I'll get it in the morning and they said sure no problem the bartenders are absolutely fantastic here they're open till two which is great because then I can go to the bathroom right before I go to sleep so I'm gonna actually just change my shirt and put some regular shorts on and then I'm gonna go sit and listen to music I did spend a fair amount of money here thirty dollars but you know it was worth it like I guess I never go out I move around so much I don't really have friends and places I don't really move around it's kind of more of a vagabond kind of thing places but I never established myself long enough anywhere really to establish friendships by the way and I'm very particular as you've learned if you've watched enough of my episodes this food here at the Gold Mine the half a rack it had so much meat on it oh my gosh and the meat came off the boat was just delicious and this sauce was really unique and you know it was so nice like I asked for extra sauce I thought they'd bring me a little plastic thing they brought me like a whole bottle I don't ever order onion rings and for some reason I decided to get it as a side outstanding wow this what they normally tasted like I would be a huge onion ring eater so they Frost their mugs which a lot of places do but as the owner said they keep the beer is almost like right before freezing it was so ice ice I've never had a beer this perfect in my life and I love the mug with the handle look at the size of this beer regular patrons coming up to me two people said to me tonight it was such a great aura fat people come up to me in stores over the years I'm talking about like over 20. my video got cut short because I'm running out of space on my phone [Music] oh Lord I'm stuck [Music] every time I had to play while people sat there drunk but you know I'm not really gonna shoot tomorrow so I guess I'm kind of saying my goodbye now [Music]

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