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Where is the corpse? I am sorry we have to do this according to the way tradition demands (women crying) Close your mouths. Are you crazy? Don't you know a thing like this you don't need to cry? Do you want to curse the land? Just listen. Do you want to invite evil upon your family? Come on, please go back. Get back. We are cursed. - Get back.

Go back (women crying) Mola, we are finished. Look at the kind of things befalling us. How can Mola Evingele die like that? Just hear, a senior notable. A kings marker in our village dies by hanging himself, madness. It's really madness.

But you know it is said that when the gods want to kill a man, they first of all strike him with madness. But what sort of problem would have prompted him to commit suicide? Disgracing his family and our community Ayyy! is it only disgrace, he has cursed the land. The chief has to do something. Even if it means every house hold contributing to fine a means to cleanse our land.

Shut up there, you this children. Do you realize you are in the public? And in front of your elders. Do you know the implication of what you are saying? You better shut up there before something happens to you. Ahhh Mola Mwafise, what have we done wrong here? You are the king makers of the land. Do you know what is about to befall our land Do you? See how your friend died; you were not there when we arrived the scene. Ask Mola Mafany.

Haa ah We the youths are not happy about what is happening. The father of the house cannot sit and watch the goat deliver in its tether. You are the elders of the land. We know our current chief was just enthroned. His father was no better but you failed to put him on the rail.

This man is young and has spent most of his life in the white man’s land. You can tell him some of those things he doesn’t know. Ndiwa, you are right, you have said it all. I am foreseeing a lot of evil things happening in this land. It is said that, when water in a pot is left on the fire. It boils spills off then extinguishes that fire.

Let us sit and watch what is going to happen to this our community. Stupid people. I am tired. Pierre and Emiliene, you are welcome to Cameroon once more. Thank you. What was your name again? My name is Smith, thank you.

Ok, Smith. We don't speak English very well we are from France yes, I speak French. You all don't have any problem speaking French, Cameroon is a bilingual country.

So you can speak French and English sir, you don't have any problem. Ok good, he says Cameroonians speak French and English. That is wonderful. And your wife, is she a Cameroonian? No..

Emilienne is from Martinique. In the Caribbeans Ahh ok, she resembles a Cameroonian. Really? You look like a Cameroonian. No no no no Mr. Pierre, you have to write your name your country, your intentions of going up to the mountain and how long your intend to be there. Ok, that's good.

Yes, I just want to fine out if Mola Njoh is there? Send him in please. Ok, thank you. So, how was your flight? Very good. Oh, you are done. Thank you. [door opens] Yes madam, you sent for me.

Mola Njoh, meet Pierre and his lovely wife Emilienne Ok Yeah, they are from France. They have come for tourism in Cameroon, they want to hike the mountain Wow Salute sir [laughing] You would be the person to take them up the mountain tomorrow. Ok And as you know you will have to spend some time with them. Yes So you can go and obtain whatever the most have forgotten that they will be needing up the mountain. Ok madam Madam, for how many days? Emm! They intend to reach the summit wow So that will depend on how resistant they will be.

Ok Welcome to Cameroon Welcome again Thank you So tomorrow we are going to hike the mountain. It is not difficult. We will do it gently. He is a composed gentleman. He will lead you up Never mind He has a mastery of the mountain and he is very respectful.

That's why I chose him. As you have noticed he can try a hand in french. So you can start getting ready.

Ok madam. So I hope you have a nice time up at the mountain. Yes madam.

[laughing] Just hold on I want to show you something. Do you know this? This is called, giant fern. You can fine this only in Ghana and Cameroon.

So, you can take a picture of it [birds chirping] Hooo, Pierre come, Come and see. Its a chameleon, have you seen it? On the branch, there. Are you seeing it? Can I get it? Can she get it? Do you want it? Many? Its beautiful Ahh really? I can get some while descending. Are there wild animals around too? There were. Antelopes, elephants and chimpanzee, tigers and other small animals and hunters kill them a lot, but now the government has created a game reserve.

So it is illegal to kill an animal here now. Yes yes. Probably next time. Yes, on descending I will get some. Lets go Emilienne says she needs many [birds chirping] Mr Pierre are you ok? Have you seen this? Hmm, its impressive.

Yes, you fall in there, you are dead. Dead? You can see its deep Its just as you see. [birds chirping] Are we climbing up more? Yes we just need to push a little further.

We are almost there. We will rest here a bit. There is a spring over there. Let's descend towards it Do people drink from it? Of course its drinkable.

It's not clean enough? You can sit here We can rest a bit before we continue. Its drinkable. Will you need something? Yes, some water. Just water? Yes.

It is not preserved right? I guess this is for energy? Yes. You know? Do you know this? What is it? Kwacoco This is a traditional delicacy. How do you eat it? It's as simple as this. So we don't eat the leaves? It should be like this. I don't understand.

You see, its good. Will you have some? No.. It's nice.

Will it taste good? Let me get some water at the spring. Dear, we will get to the summit. Is everything ok? Ok Can we stay here for a while? Dear we will reach the summit. Where is he going to? I don't know. Maybe to ease himself. Are you sure? Why not, are you afraid? Why not? We need to be prudent. No one can tell

It's ok he doesn't look like a criminal. How do you know? Mr. Pierre, we can continue? Can we? Can we go? Yes, we can go Yes, lets go Didn't you drink? Are you ok? I am ok Ready? Yes, of course Ahhh, thank you. Can we go? Yes, now we cant go this way, we will climb around. You see, to continue. Ok, let me get some pictures.

You with pictures? So, now we have enough energy. Hurry up, Pierre Mr. Pierre, you love taking pictures, lets go. Hurry up. Yes Yes. I am coming You have eaten, now you have enough energy. They are many good things up there, lets go.

Be careful. Pierre. - Yes sir. A minute, please.

Please please Where are you going to? A minute. I am coming. Oh, Pierre, please don't go that way. Few minutes please. Just sit down there.

Don't be afraid. He will be back. Let’s give him about 5 minutes more.

If he doesn't come, I will go for him. So now, often some mountaineers set up fire around here. So when you get the sound from the fire, or the smoke, what I will advice you to do is to cut some grass and throw into the air, follow the direction of the grass.

Because if you go the opposite direction, you will get into the fire. Do you understand? Don't move away from here. Whatever happens, don't get away from here, please. Now listen, I said don't move away from here. It's ok go and look for Pierre Oh, white people.

Pierre Pierre Pierre Pierre Pierre Pierre Emilienne Maija Hey, Emilienne Emiliene. Hey! Hay white people Sit here, don't move away from here. Why! Maija, I am dead Ah! Wonders Emiliene. Woo! Woo! Oh! Pierre. Emiliene.

Pierre. Woo! Oh! Why! Argh! Oh! Ah! Ay Maija Maija, I am dead White people! [exclamation] Simple instruction, Sit here, you can't What will I do? How will I explain this? [birds chirping] Ah! [music] [music] [music] Pierre [music] Pierre. Emilienne, Pierre. [jungle animals noises] [music] [music] The boy. How is it? All is well? All is not well What I saw.

What did you see? Did you see any foreigners around? I did not see anybody descending. Let me rush to the office. And lay a report, this has never happened to me. So she can accompany me to the police station to lay a complain. Don't bother, as I am climbing if I happen to meet any body I will bring the person down. Just calm down Tome, please try.

It's ok I will help you, if I see them I will bring them down. Maija is in trouble. How can white men just get missing in the mountain like that? Hold on. If I go up and police are sent for a search, and if they fine me, it will be too bad.

The government does not allow people to hunt again. II will be good if I go back home. I don't want to bare any risk. Mokele. Mokele Father. Come here. Have you fed this pig? No.

You, this child. Do you know the time? So, you have not fed the pig? Go feed the pig, else I will punish you. Nonsense. White man.

Don't hurt me. Njomo Njomo Yes, my husband. Come over.

My husband, why did you call? White man White man? My husband, it's a white man You white man, what are you doing here? I am lost. A white man. You are lost. I lost my way. Which way? I lost my way in the mountains. Mountains.

He said mountain, my husband, he said mountain. You know whites like to visit our mountain. Mountain. Yes. Were do you want to go? Mountain hotel - Mountain Hotel.

I think I know mountain hotel, That's where they usually lodge whenever they come here. Come this way. Pass for this side. Pass for this side.

My husband there is a wound on his face, hold him. Please hold him, he must be tired. Come, I will take you to mountain hotel. This whites, everyday on the mountain. Look at a white man over there. [children singing] Shut up there.

These children. Haven't you seen a white man before? Get back to your houses. Nonsense. White man, lets move on. What? Pierre Are you back? Sorry. Where is Emilienne? Is she not here? No. What happened to you?

I got lost I don't know Let me get something from the room. From there I will go to the tourism office and to the police. Ok, ok. That's your key.

Thank you How could you do this? How could you do this to me? Good day sir, are you Maija Njoh? Yes sir What are you doing here? I have a serious problem. I’m in trouble. I actually came here to get my ID card so I could go to the tourism office then latter to the police station to lay my complain. Ok lets go, inspector, get him handcuffed. Ok, show your hands. Messanga Yes, daddy. Please come Please tell Limunga that I have been arrested.

Please try and be fast about it. My God... What are you trying to say? That two foreigners to took to the mountain got missing in your custody? Mr. Man where is this lady? Commissioner, I don't know. I asked her to move an inch from where I left her. When I left in search of Pierre, on my way back I didn't meet her where I left her.

Do you know the problem you want to bring to the state of Cameroon? Let me tell you something, The Buea prison will be too small for you, you will be sent to Yaoundé directly. So you better speak the truth. Commissioner, I swear by God, I am innocent. I don't know. Take him away. Yes, my commissioner.

Move. I'm innocent. I am really sorry. Nothing like this has ever happened before.

His excellency, sir, We have a mail from the French consul and it seems to need urgent attention. Let me take a look. Can you please link me with the delegate of public security immediately? Right away, sir.

Yes. He did not tell me anything. He just came to the house and changed his clothes.

He didn't even throw water on his body, then he said he is coming, Suddenly he called me out and I saw him with the police. Is it like he came with the police? I cant tell, I was in the kitchen, cooking. He said he is coming, I thought it was about work. Ok, anyway, I have been at the police, they did not allow me see him. They even refuse bail as a lawyer.

I suggest we go and see the chief before things get out of hand. Let's go. My chief, I have done all I can to get my brother out of the police cell to no avail. But why are these people making this too hard? Well, I am going to do my best to see that I throw more light on this case. My chief, help me. My husband is not responsible for this case.

Look at my children and me. Who will take care of us if he goes to prison? Please help me. It's, ok, please, Dry your tears, I promise you, I will do my best to see that he gets out of this. I am going to invite my elders here today and what ever the outcome we are going let you know. My chief, you have to help me.

Barrister, please take her home. Thank you very much. What is it I'm hearing? Messanga. Messanga. Messanga. (exclamations) (exclamations) The chief must hear this.

They have hurt me. What am I hearing? Messanga. Limunga, Messanga, Njombe What is this I am hearing? Mama, we are also surprised. Are you going back home? I want to go to the chiefs palace. Mama, we are from there.

What is my crime? What is my crime? What is my crime? I just head it a moment ago, what sort of ill luck is that? My brother, after how many years? I have been saying this thing but people are not listening. Just look at the things happening in our land. How can we stay in our land and yet we don't appease our gods.

Since when did we last do the mbando? Ndiwa, which Mbando? Who is going to conduct it? Our late chief did not even have time for that. Talk less of his son who has lived his entire life in the White man's land. Forget about that. Is he going to allow calamity to befall us? He has no choice but to gather the elders and perform the rights. Just imagine Maija ma Njoh of all will take tourists to the mountain and they will disappear.

What sort of ill luck is this? (man crying) Please come and take this man away. He disturbs a lot. I am innocent, I don't know what I have done. God help me. An old man like you, crying in the dungeon like a child. Is this your first time to be here? Let them come remove me, please.

You cry a lot inside the dungeon like a child. How long have you been here? you are crying like a child? Do you know that's the man we where sent to arrest is out? Which man? The man we were sent to Bepanda to arrest, who held a gun. The D.P.O said he will lock them up. Yes, they should be locked up, let them not pay their bill. Yes, they should be looked up.

I greet you Yes, madam, good afternoon. Afternoon. I came to see my son who was locked up here. Who is he? Maija ma-Njoh That murderer? I brought him food. The thief we arrested the other day. The thief, yes he is.

Put the food here. Taste it. You can close it up. Go and wait over there. My child, can I talk to the commissioner? Go and wait outside. GO AND WAIT OUTSIDE.

Wait outside. You come and disturb us in the name of seeing the D.P.O MUM, there is nothing I can do about this.

You cannot see him. This is a direct order from my superiors. My son, please help me. I don't want anything to happen to him, he is my only son. please help me. Mum, don't cry here. Just go home, we will do our best.

(mum crying) My child has not committed any crime Maija, my son. My chiefs. Yes, your highness. We cannot sit and fold our arms while our land faces calamity. That's true, your highness According to my findings, we haven't commune with the gods of the mountain for quite a while now. Exactly.

I have to take my responsibility as the father of the house. We should should not be held accountable by our people. For what is about to happen. Because they know that we know what to do. Yes Its about time we perform the Mbando. Just like my brother has said, We cannot sit on this.

This is a matter of urgency, I am happy that I happened to visit my brother to take note of this. We know, we have our curator. That's true We should not forget the Bakwerl man is one No matter where he comes from. That is true - Exactly. - yahh We use our curator for better performance, but in fact, we know two heads are better than one.

You are very correct. That is it. That’s true.

Yes We will do that. Our forefathers, what we are about to do it's because of your call. We have to perform the MBANDO now. This stranger is not allowed here because it is sacred. That is it. In other for us to succeed, my dear Pierre, this is very traditional.

So you will just wait for us outside. Alright sir I hope you don't mind? Ok I will wait for you Alright (incantation) (incantation) (incantation) (incantation) (incantation) (incantation) (incantation) (incantation) (incantation) (incantation) (incantation) (incantation) (incantation) (incantation) (incantation) (incantation) (incantation) (incantation) (incantation) (incantation) (goat screams) (incantation) (incantation) (incantation) (incantation) (incantation) Mr/ Njoh Will you talk or not? I am talking to you. Inspector, you know what to do heat him up. I am innocent. You think we are joking here? You are crazy? I am innocent.

Will you tell us the truth or not? Will you speak or not? God, father help me (man screams) Will you speak or not? Will you tell me were that woman is? Tell me the truth. I am innocent. Tell me the truth.

Father, where are you? Do you think I am joking with you? inspector, heat him up. A thug like you. Look at your hair.

Look at your hair. (man screams) Crazy fellow. Bring him here. Moliki My chief. Fortify some of our warriors who will go up the mountain, meanwhile, Mbuele go to the delegate of forestry and wildlife.

Invite him to be here, tell him to come along with the conservator of mount Cameroon national park. Yes, your highness. Chief, you sent for me? That's why I came. Carry on. (incantation) Chief, truly there is trouble in the land. There is a stranger on the mountain, I don't know if its a man or woman, but the person is alive.

That is what our forefathers have said. Don't you see this is the mountain and this is the sea. All is well. That is it.

That is it. All is well. God will help us. Chief all is in your hands, if you gather our warriors, I will fortify them. When they go up the mountain, they will come back successfully.

You can go. (incantation) (incantation) (incantation) (incantation) (incantation) (incantation) (incantation) (incantation) (incantation) (incantation) (incantation) (incantation) (incantation) (incantation) (incantation) Yes, sir. All measures have been put in place, BOSS.

I have already assembled a good number of our staff in search of the girl, BOSS. I hope so, BOSS. As you command, BOSS. I will keep you posted, BOSS. Thank you Chief, please, hear him out, we are begging. Its ok, Mola.

Mr Pierre, Mount Cameroon is our cultural heritage. Isn't it? Exactly, my chief. And I think we are the only people who know what it represents.

I am convinced that those who have gone up the mountain will come back with a positive result. If she is found dead, even though I do not pray so, her body will brought here. If she is found alive, then you will be with your wife very soon. I hear you, your majesty. I am ready to provide all you will ask to make sure she is alive.

You know, I love her so much. I understand you very well, Mr. Pierre. But it doesn't depend on us, it is the god of the mountain Epasa moto who will react in our favour. Return to the hotel, go and have your rest. We will signal you as soon as the warriors return from the mountain.

Thanks your majesty, I count a lot on you. Your majesty, you speak very good french. Cameroon is a very bilingual country. Mola Smith. My Chief. Take him to the hotel to rest.

I hear you well my chief, we. Thank you a lot. (woman crying and screaming) Yes, my commissioner. I have information, someone has been found on the mountain, were are you now? We are right there, my commissioner. Has anyone come across your way? Nobody. So, no one has passed your way? Yes, commissioner. Ok, fine.

But we are getting voices approaching. Keep me posted then. As you command my commissioner, its positive. Are you getting the voices? (men singing) (men singing) (men singing) (men singing) (men singing) Do you hear that song? It's like the hunters have found the missing lady. It better be so.

Better the white lady be found because if not this land will be in trouble. Father lord. In fact we are going there to see for our selves. We are going to see. Let's go and see.

Who are you people? If I take that weapon from you, I will kill you all. Hoooo, young man, keep quiet. Calm down. Where are you from? We are from the mountain. Is that the French lady who got lost on the mountain? Yes. Let me see.

So you are heading to the palace right? Yes Ok, lets go. (men singing) (men singing) (men singing) (men singing) The success of these young men came as a result of the cultural rites. Carried out by the paramount chief of the Bakweris. Who called for the intervention of the ancestors and the mystical epasa moto.

Before sending the young warriors to the mountain. Tradition they say is sacred and custom is above all. The tradition and custom of the Bakwerl people is very important to them. And the secrecy of that tradition is tied to the mountain you see behind me. This mountain does not only serve as the house of the gods.

But also as a beautiful touristic site. Any person wishing to go up to the mountain can get there. Emmiliene. It is of very paramount importance that any person who goes up that mountain. Comes back alive.

Because it means a lot to the tradition and customs of the Bakwerl people. The French couple took a trip and decided to go up the mountain. Who unfortunately did not master the mountain.

The husband came back successfully, but the couldn't find the wife. The paramount chief had to pull out the biggest and the greatest of all his warriors. To go up the mountain and marking sure that, they get this woman alive.

(men singing / news continues) (men singing) Hey, hey, my people. My chief Lets get her up. Ok.

Please bring a chair. The french tourist declared missing on a mountain expedition has been found. My son.

Please liberate him, he hasn't done anything bad. Ok, I have told you, whatever happens, don't go away from here, please. It's ok, go and look for Pierre. White people. (screaming) voice: Emilienne voice: Maija (warriors shouting) If you had sent my son to Yaoundé, I wouldn't have seen him again. What a pity.

Just look at him. Maija, my son I am sorry. This White man killed me White man! So, because of you my son went to prison. Its because of you. I am sorry, I mistook you for another person.

I will take your name when I go back to France. I will send you money to make up for the damage. I am sorry. [villagers rejoicing] [villagers rejoicing] [Ambulance siren] Today is another great day to talk.

And the news has come to reconcile France and Cameroon because their friendship had not been the best. Mola Njoh has been vindicated. You all have to came and see the villagers rejoicing. What for? Because Emilienne who was declared missing has been found. As I am talking to you now, I am happy you found your wife safe and sound.

Thank you, thanks a lot. I am also happy to have been here when you came and now that you are leaving. I hope you are not leaving Cameroon with a bad impression.

Not at all. I found Cameroonians very generous. We will come again. Right, my love? Correct, my love. The next time we will reach the summit.

That's good. Pierre, its good, can we leave? Ok, safe journey. (music) (music) (music) (music) (music) (music) (music) (music) (music) (music) (music) (music)

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