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It is unknown exactly how long this so-called Park A was open. Unexplainable human-shaped stains seeped out in multiple bungalows, and thus Park A was immediately sealed off. The stains seeping out are the shape of an earthbound ghost with a strong grudge. You're cursed if the stain looks human-shaped. They were locked because they'd never be used, and left with the door still locked. They might've increased.

Wait, is it this? Can we show it on camera? Should we show our viewers? Maybe we should, to find out how it looks to them. Zozozo. Welcome to Zozozo. Ochiai, it's Miyazaki Prefecture.

It's pitch black. We're all psyched up here, as this is a Zozozo special. But we're not so sure about this if it's just Ochiai, so we've invited a special guest. Clap, clap. Clap, clap. It's Nagao. -Welcome. -Chicken Nanban. Nagao, we're here in Miyazaki Prefecture.

Famous for chicken Nanban, mangos, and lots of haunted spots. Can you see? Back there, -there's a place called Park A. -A park? It's not well-known amongst locals and there's barely any info online about it. Today, we're headed to this mysterious spot. -A park? -That's right.

No way. Today, we're at Park A in Miyazaki. Park A is a leisure facility that opened in 1977. It's unknown what period it stayed open. Park A had a campground that included a restaurant and 15 bungalows. They say quiet ghost activity took place while it was open.

Unexplainable human-shaped stains seeped out in multiple bungalows, and thus Park A was immediately sealed off. There's barely any info left on Park A, and not many locals know of it either. It seems the bungalows still remain in Park A even now.

After negotiating with the landlord, we managed to get filming permission if we keep the name and place private. The A is just a letter. Park A is only an alias. Honestly, not many people would recognize the name. Park A both opened and shut down without much attention. They say the vast grounds deep in the mountains were untouched.

Oh, is that so? How were the bungalows just left there? If they're like log houses, I think nothing would be left. The landlord says the park was left untouched since it closed. Totally untouched. They haven't torn down or tidied up anything.

Nothing was touched since back then. Rather than standing around, let's head toward Park A. Is it far? Keep Out, Park A Zozozo.

By the way, we were told about Park A from one of our viewers. We had Uchida compile the information we received. Based on this unverified info, rumor has it part of the park was built on an old cemetery. Next, officially there were 15 bungalows, but they say there's an illusive 16th bungalow. Next, the stains seeping out in the bungalows are the shape of an earthbound ghost with a strong grudge. You absolutely mustn't touch or erase them.

And several rumors are about those stains. You're cursed if the stain looks human-shaped. Oh, so the stain may look like a normal round stain -or a human, depending on the person. -They say. And we'll see if the bungalows are still there.

Right, they might've decayed and collapsed since they were left as is. Well, I'd hate to see a stain, but what are they exactly? These human-shaped stains showed up on bungalow walls. They were creepy, so the park was abandoned. And it wasn't just one, but multiple bungalows.

-So it's in one of the 15 bungalows. -Several. -Several bungalows. -According to rumors. Well, are the bungalows still standing even? Yeah, and if they are, are the stains actually there? Apparently, a horror documentary came here once. -Wow. -Really?

So the info about the earthbound ghost is from that show. Oh, I see. I see. A viewer said they said it on TV. Something's there. Finally, something.

Is it a sign? Looks like it. What? Something's written on it. There's a plastic board. Can't make out what it says. Something was probably here.

Yeah. Oh, an arrow. Looks like an arrow from behind. Yeah, it fell over. It was for guiding visitors, pointing toward Park A. Whoa, the path's steep all of a sudden.

Hm? What's going on here? Isn't it blocked off? Seriously? It's blocked. Can we not go further? Geez, this is scary. Whoa, I'm scared. Is this the right way? Oh, this way.

Whoa. Aw, I hate this, I hate this. I'm scared. It smells like we're deeper in the forest. Yeah, we're pretty far in. Aren't we there yet? Hm? What is it? I thought I heard a high-pitched voice. Was it a voice? It went "Woo. Woo."

I didn't hear it. It's getting tough here. -Huh? -Is this for real? The tree's an arch shape. It's like it's trying to keep everyone out. We're still not at the park.

We're still not there, after all this walking? Whoa. Huh? Hm? Something there? The road opens to a big building. Oh, you're right. -Yeah, a proper building. -There it is. That's probably the reception building. Shall we go up to Park A then? Can we get in? We got permission.

Try not to touch the building, so that it doesn't collapse on us. Whoa, there's a lot left over. Coming in. Oh, okay. This must be a guest log from when they were open. Plate number, number of guests, name, and meals. It's all here.

So, it was being managed as a park. When did it close? 19... We don’t know when it was running. -It opened... -In 1977. Then it closed at some point. We don't know when? It's probably written there 1989. 1997. 1998.

-About 20 years ago. Or more. -20 years. Barely making ends meet. Yeah, and they have yukata here to sleep in. They left it as is. This reception building isn't one of the 15, right? Strictly speaking, this isn't a bungalow, so it shouldn't count.

Maybe there are files here too. Oh, shelves. Shelf names? -Bungalow names? -Oh, might be. They say there are 15. Count them. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15. Yeah, 15 of them have labels.

-Oh, so 15. -Yes. So there are 15 bungalows after all? But rumor has it there is a 16th bungalow. Oh, it says "reception" here. -Yeah. -Oh, it does. They really left things as is. Maybe the 16th was torn down because of the human-shaped stain? I don't know, but I haven't heard that kind of rumor.

Well, it's this kind of stain, right? It's probably like this stain, in a human shape. Shall we follow this path? It's asphalt. Wait, what's that shiny thing? Light's reflecting off there. Oh, a building. -Probably a window. -Yeah, maybe there's a mirror.

Might be a bungalow. I thought it'd be a lot further back. Huh? Something's there. I see something.

Oh, it was this. The glass door. Let's look inside. Whoa, so many futons.

Is this the first one? It could be storage. Yeah, I don't think it is. There's no kitchen or restroom. It'd make more sense as storage, like you said. No water supply. Looks like a room for futons.

Oh, writing. "Paulownia. Momiji. Pine. Cedar. Plum. Bamboo." -Maybe it's the bungalow names. -Yeah.

Maple, huh? Paulownia. Momiji. Maple. Pine, Cedar, Plum, and Bamboo. They're down that way.

But the path is pretty intense. I mean, look at the state it's in. It's a jungle. Well, the arrow does say something is down there. Oh, the path keeps going. It opens up past here.

Down there? Well, we just have to push forward. I don't know if it was a bungalow, but we've found one building. Wow, this is crazy. Oh, there.

Oh, yeah, it's right in front of us, still standing. Oh, it says this is "Cedar." I feel like the others will be further down in a line. First, Cedar.

Cedar What should we do? Shall we go? -Does it open? -Careful. Well, it looks like it'll open. Whoa, not liking this. Coming in. Whoa. Oh, okay, okay. This is, um, this is not good... -Not good? -Well, the floor's in bad shape. Careful.

It'll probably fall through. A huge chunk fell here. Can we get further? -Are there stains? -It's hard to tell. This looks like a living room, with a kitchen? -There's one here too. -And here.

Plum Let's go up one person at a time. -It opened. -Huh? -Totally normal room. -Normal? -It looks clean. -Wait, seriously? -It's clean. -Yeah.

-Coming in. -Whoa, amazing. -Totally different from outside. -Definitely. -Not worn-down. -No smell either. It's nice. Whoa, but it's pretty dirty over here.

Oh, the ceiling collapsed. -Whoa, the bathroom is cleaner than imagined. -You're right. -Um, whoa. -Oh, but this part is pretty messed up. -The ceiling collapsed here. -Whoa, you're right.

-But still. -Is the stain here? Doesn't seem like it. The floor has fallen outside. I don't see any stains. -Shall we leave? -Yeah, there's no footing past here. This is Cedar.

Here's Paulownia. Paulownia All right, will it open? Hm? What was that sound just now? It opens. This is better than the one before. The restroom's really clean. The mirror's there. The hair dryer's there. The amenities are as they were.

So they didn’t throw anything away and just left it all here? -How is it? -Really clean. The ceiling and wallpaper are falling off, of course. There are stains here, but I can't tell if they're human-shaped. But I think this is how the stains would form.

Let's stop here for now. Oh, Momiji. It's Momiji. Shall we take a look? -Don't go if it's too risky. -Oh, okay. Please go ahead. Does it open?

-It's locked. -Locked. -No good? -Yeah. Oh, I see. Locked It's locked. Can't get in. -It's locked? -Yeah, it is. -In that condition? -Yeah, it's locked shut.

Can we peek in? Isn't it strange that it's locked? I mean, the entrance was really damaged. Don't see any signs of forced entry, and the glass looks fine. There's a window. Can you take off the light for me?

Man, I can't see much. -They're all locked? -Yeah. -Did you see the ones in the area? -There's one left. Have we seen that one? Let's turn back. -There's one there. -You're right.

-Which one? -Bamboo. And this one here is Maple. Then Nagao and I will go look here. Uchida, Ochiai, can you go look at Maple? -Seem okay? -For now, yeah. Whoa, the door's in pieces.

The inside is a mess. -This isn't like the other places. -It's... Maple Ouch. -What is this? -Such a mess.

It's really damaged. Yeah, it's just damaged, rather than messed with. Bamboo -Whoa, so clean. -It's super clean.

Coming in. This is the same. It even has a towel and all the other amenities. So, it's like this, even though the door wasn't locked. -It wasn't messed with. -Yeah. -It was left untouched. -It was.

But the entrance reception building was torn apart. Maybe they didn't bother coming this far in. I mean, usually they're not in such a clean state.

-It's clean, but scary, right? -Totally scary. It strongly feels like there's someone here. -But obviously there's no stain. -Yeah.

The wallpaper's intact. The other places earlier had their wallpaper removed. Honestly, I think it's very possible the wallpaper was put up to hide the stains if they appeared. So, it's possible that the stains might be there behind the wallpaper. This bothers me. This might've been like this since it was built, but why's this pasted on top of the wall? Any stains? It had normal damage and lots of stains.

-No human shapes? -None. Wanna follow the path? -Wow. -There's one in front of us. -There is? -Yes. -Oh, you're right. -It's really there. -Whoa, it's huge. -Looks different from the others.

Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. Wait, hold on. Hold on. -It won't open. -Won't open? -Won't open. -Is it locked? This one's locked too? Locked -Another was locked before too, right? -Yes, one. Momiji.

The second? -No good, Nagao? -Yeah. Two windows, but we can't get there. -So, that's the 7th bungalow. -Yes, the 7th. -Turn back? -Shall we? Back to Reception Let's go. Oh, we're back, we're back. -Huh? -We did a U-turn, going from bottom to top.

There are paths here, to the left and right of reception. Thus, we'll split into two and check the number of bungalows on the left and right paths. For the first time...

-Walkie talkies. -That's your intro? Using this show's first walkie talkies, we'll split into two and look for the bungalows' haunted stains. Shall we test this, Uchida? Come in, over.

Hello, over. Success. Great, over. Uchida and I will go look at the bungalows on the downward path then. Can you two go further down this path? So much equipment. -We should report things in real-time, right? -Oh, right.

Urgh, phew. Can't tell if this path was cleaned up. Yeah, it's easier to walk than the other paths.

-A sign. -"Bush Warbler." -Hm? -"Swallow." -S... -Sparrow. Can't figure the last one out. -Can't read it. Four total? -Four total. -If we find them... -That's four of the remaining eight.

-And with that... -Let's see... The problem is we don't know how far ahead it is. This might sound weird, but it seems empty, right? Even if there isn't a bungalow, the path must lead to something. Since there's a path. The first seven were all in the same area, so are the latter eight in the back here, or over here, too? I was talking to Minaguchi earlier. The room names and their shelves were at reception, with files showing who was staying there.

I was curious about the order. Paulownia, Maple, Plum, etc. were on the top shelf. The bottom has Sparrow and such in hiragana. Maybe they're different classes.

The cheaper inns and such may be close together like a village, and the luxury ones were more separated. Well, the seventh one we saw, Pine, as the name implies, was nicer than the others, right? -And it was further back and bigger. -Yeah. -Our first bungalow. -It's Sparrow. -Doing okay? Go slowly. -Seems okay. I'll open it now.

Oh, it's locked. Sparrow Locked It’s the third locked one. Yeah, I wonder why. Why're some locked while others aren't? -Look, a building. -You're right. If it's a camp, there should be a place to cook too, -but I don't see one. -Oh, true. And it's not like there's an onsen either.

So they just come to sleep. And then there's the rumor about being built on a cemetery. Hey, do you hear me? Over. I do, over. We found our second bungalow, over. Roger that. We're climbing up, but we haven't found any, over.

Roger that. Please proceed. Contact us if anything happens, over. It says Bush Warbler. Wait, hold on. Huh? There's a key stuck in just this one bungalow? Does this key turn? Maybe this opens with this key then. Let's go. Oh, but it's no good.

The key won't turn. What's going on here? Why's this key here? Bush Warbler Locked -The landlord wouldn't do this, yeah? -Right. There's one next door too. That makes how many? -One, two... That makes three. -Three. The other pair said they found the 10th, right? Yes, so it's the 10th, including the seventh from earlier. It's blocked, huh? I don't see anything man-made.

-Wow, this is crazy. -It's too much. Geez, there are a lot of leaves, but there's a clearing past them. But maybe it's too tough. Can we get through? Don't wanna fall though. Isn't that a clearing? Yeah, there is a clearing there. -So it's a cliff? -Could be.

Can you see? I feel like something's there. -This must be a path. -Oh, it's a tire. It looks like a path. This looks walkable. But people wouldn't walk here. This is getting scary.

Oh? Tires. -More tires? -Tires. -Right. -But that's a cliff there. There are so many tires, it's creepy. I see something.

-It's like stairs. -Something's there. -Looks like stairs. -Yeah. -They're stairs. -Seriously? Found them. No way, it opens? -It opened? -Yeah, it opened, it opened. Swallow Hold on. The wallpaper's falling off.

Wait hold on. I'm coming in. -The flooring's dangerous. -Dangerous? Oh, you're right. And I see a mirror. Wow, it's so messy in here.

Wait, is it this? -What? -Hold on, what? Isn't it this? No? -Whoa. -This is it. Hold on, let's tell the others. Hello, Ochiai? Over. No reply.

Hello, Ochiai? Over. Contact lost. No reply. -A woman with long hair? -In the middle? That's a woman, with a short-haired woman to the left. I personally think the middle one's a man. When I was talking to Nagao, he said when there are stains, they usually put up wallpaper to hide it.

Wait, the wallpaper's down? -Yeah, on the ground. -Woah, that's creepy. Ochiai, can you hear us? Over. Still no reply. -I thought three people were there. -Three? Wait, but there's the left and middle. I only saw two people.

Aw, come on. Huh? Wait, is there a building there? Hold on. Phew. I don't see a building. I see something on a platform. Some kind of foundation?

Is there a building below? Is it a roof? No way. It's something. -Is water pooling here? -Yeah, it is. Oh, this is the chain for a bathtub stopper. Maybe this is a bathtub from the building. Wait, so there was a building here? There was a building there, but it's all gone.

A building. Yes. -Bungalow names? -Oh, might be. They say there are 15. Only the Foundation Remains Is it a proper cabin? It's not like the others. Oh, this is...

Officially there were 15 bungalows, but they say there's an illusive 16th bungalow. Isn't this the 16th one? Oh, the illusive 16th bungalow? We came a long ways up. It's so far from everything, without even a proper sign. I don't think it'd be the owner's cabin. But I'm positive a building was here.

Up the mountain, we found a single place where there was probably a building, over. So you found ruins, not a building? Over. We found building foundations and a bath area.

We're heading back now. -Roger. Be careful, over. -Is this the right way back? -Oh, man... -Welcome back. We think we found it, so we want you two to see. I saw two people in the stains.

But then, Uchida said he saw a man at the edge. We both ran away. -Swallow. -It's inside. We didn't get it on camera, since it's risky. You're cursed if you see them. Swallow Okay, which side is it on? -Left of the entrance. -In the room?

-Huh? -You can't find it? Don't see people? Oh, stains... And doesn't it look like it was behind the wallpaper? Yeah, the white one is a person facing sideways, right? Yeah, right. That's on the left side, right? -The tallest one. -Yeah. One has a face disproportionately large for their body.

Two people? You see two people? What's scary is that behind the wallpaper to the far right, I'm almost positive there's one there too. -Can you come out? -Sure. Confirmed.

-Isn't it creepy? -Totally. -It's like they were in order of height. -Yeah, felt like it. It's two, right? I saw the big-faced one in the middle and the slender one on the left -Huh? Let's have Ochiai look too. -If you please. -Wait, over here? Here? -No, not there. -Here? -Yes.

-Whoa. -In the back of that room. -Huh? Wait. -Does it look like a person? -Yeah. -How many? -Two. -I'm coming in.

That's all it looks like now. -Should we come in? -Please do. CAUTION The stain in question will show on screen. If that looks like a person, you might be cursed. Can we show it on camera? Should we show our viewers? Maybe we should, to find out how it looks to them. Well, it does look like a person, or it really looks like someone's face.

Nagao said they used wallpaper to cover the stains. -This was right behind the wallpaper. -I'm sure. Oh, so the wallpaper was on top of this? The paper was taken down. Since we found the stains, let's do an experience here.

Maybe then we'll know how many people there are. Uchida. We'll use a tripod to continuously show the stains, and Uchida will stay alone to see if any phenomena occur. Any advice, Ochiai? Be careful, seriously. If anything happens, I'll use the walkie talkie.

You'll come save me, right? Why're you not responding? -All right, Uchida, go ahead. -Okay. Solo Experiment Will phenomena occur in the stained room? Um, well then, I will now begin my Miyazaki Prefecture Park A experiment. I’m nervous since it's been a while, but I'll do my best. -Can you hear me? Over. -Whoa, that scared me. Uchida speaking. I hear you, over. Has the number of stains changed? Over.

Nothing has happened yet, so I'll continue the experiment. Over. And so, this place used to be a leisure facility. That's the kind of facility it used to be, but the building is now a mess. And there are so many bugs. I want to hurry home. You said there was a key, right? -It was in there. -With a label? -No label. -Nothing?

-Just battered. -So no label now. -It was locked, then? -Yeah, it was. Two of the three downhill and two uphill were locked. Yeah, so roughly half of the 10 we found were locked. Right, four were locked. Um, oh man, seriously, geez.

I hate this. Seriously. I'm really scared. Here's a scary thought.

These bungalows were locked by someone, right? They were left untouched after closing down. So they locked them with the intention of never using those bungalows again, which would make sense here. If they were locked as a prank, they'd make more of a mess, or force their way in, but what we found was very clean. So, they were locked because they'd never be used, and left with the door still locked.

They kept erasing the stains to no avail, so they locked the doors. Locking bungalows they'd no longer use makes a lot of sense. It's not great that my first time in Miyazaki ended up like this. I wanted to make more fun memories. I came all this way to Miyazaki, and yet... A lot of bungalows were left behind. This is quite...

Geez, this is bad. My feet won't move anymore. Oh man, this is too much. Hello? Can you hear me? Over.

I hear you, over. You're not walking near the bungalow, right? Over. We aren't, over. Roger that. Ending transmission for now, over. A strange phenomenon is happening near Uchida. Yeah, he might be feeling something.

-I feel like they might've increased. -The stains? -There were none when they closed. -Yeah. I think it's plausible that more showed up.

I've never heard of such a phenomenon. More stains might be showing up. So, maybe that's where the cemetery rumor's from.

Hello, can you hear me? We hear you, over. Sorry, I'm gonna come back. I'm coming back with the tripod. Roger that. Um, sorry, really sorry. Ouch, wait a second.

-What's wrong? -Hold on. Hold on. And that was Park A. Uchida, how was the experiment? It was terrible.

I was seeing multiple stains, and I felt an awful presence. That was great. You really did great. Thanks. I'd like to ask Ochiai to give us this spot's Zozozo Score. What is Park A's score? -Four. -Zo-zo-zo-zo.

I mean, the mountain and forest at night is terrifying. There were fallen trees at the entrance and we pushed aside shrubbery. That adventurous part was super scary. We went pretty high up the mountains and saw another building in the end. I don't know if the 16th bungalow is real, but I feel like that area might be where the rumor came from.

If you were to build a leisure facility on vast land, building also on top of a cemetery, cemeteries tend to be higher up on the mountain. So I felt that maybe the path upwards that we went on might've had one. Maybe that's why the building was demolished. Yeah, and maybe the stains appearing are because the cemetery was torn down, and the ghosts escaped and came down the mountain. Uchida, what happened during the experiment? At first, it was incredibly quiet, but as time passed, I could feel something around me.

I felt surrounded. And I don't know if it was recorded, but I heard snaps and cracks around. It started sounding like things being destroyed around me. I couldn't stay any longer, so I came back. Maybe it's the sound of more stains slowly coming from under the wallpaper. Perhaps.

When I heard rumors of the human-shaped stains, I thought it'd be one person. I didn't expect two or three. That includes what Nagao mentioned. Maybe there were more in the locked bungalows. Maybe there's a crazy number of stains.

If the rumors were true, maybe it's related to how there used to be a cemetery. Is something behind Uchida? It's really loud behind me. Just to review, as for the stains that we all saw in Swallow, we could all see them as human shapes. Yeah, right. -I saw two, and Nagao saw two? -Yes, two. -Ochiai saw two? -Two.

-Uchida saw three. -Three. I'd like to end with some chicken Nanban. Yeah, I can eat endless amounts of chicken. And that was our Zozozo special for Park A. Ochiai, can you close us out? Are you gonna include my chicken comment? -Then I won't use it. -Right?

Right. I thought it wasn't very funny. Was it out of place? I'll be careful. Can we cut now? Thank you for watching. See you next time.

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