Spending the Day in LONDON: Street Eats & Good Lebanese Food

Spending the Day in LONDON: Street Eats & Good Lebanese Food

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Good morning, good morning. We will start in Paris but we will spend the day in London. Gartunar is at 6.15 am. From here, we will walk to London and

spend 2 days, me and us, to have street food and what can a person eat in London. People will get to know it again. You too. Very nice discoveries. Before we start, let me tell you that London stopped being in the EU, it stopped being in Schengen, you now need a passport, a visa, customs passed before you leave here. Of course I want coffee. The way of the day.

Let's go. We will sit in our room and then we will see. Gartunar, Paris, day 2, starts now. People are sitting, quiet, or for real, we should whisper. We

don't talk and we started eating in the morning. We are going for a foodie discovery trip. I can't believe that we are traveling together outside Paris. We are happy. This is the first time in my life. People are standing in line. This is a cake and a Schildersel. People are standing in line.

People are standing. You are moving. I don't know. I am hungry, I want to try something else. We took Emmental ham and butter ham. I might have to put the Emmental on the butter. Now we reach to eat fish and chips. Let's try. This is softer.

Donut, croissant. It is very delicious. I am hungry, we are still in the train and we want to eat. I am making a surprise for you. I saw your teeth for 5 minutes.

Look at the place. We had a French breakfast today. We had a breakfast like in the plane. This is sitting in the fridge since yesterday. We will eat without eating. We will go to London. Ice cream.

Ice cream. Ice cream. Hello London. Do you speak London very best? London here we are. St. Pancras.

First thing is breakfast, then we talk. We should know how to think correctly. Fish and chips. I have been dreaming of fish and chips for 3 months. Ice cream.

Do you know what is the best thing in the game today? I am still hungry and I didn't learn that I can't finish all the plates because we have a long day. We started, we talked, we enjoyed. We finished the first half of the plate and now we continue to the second half of the plate. Now we reach the second stop and Anthony is telling me that there are still brownies, muffins, donuts, cronuts, and things that I haven't eaten yet. Bone marrow, fish and chips. There are 3 places and others. This is the first stop in a place that I saw on Google Maps. The reviews are very high.

I am happy that all the people inside are Asian, foreigners, and tourists maybe because it is next to the airport but the vibes are nice. The food looks good. I will taste it and you will say that it is English and hash browns. You will say that it is English and bacon. You will say that it is English and beans in the morning. You will say that it is English and eggs on toast. The breakfast in England is heavy. It is fat,

bacon, and a bit salty. The sugar that they put in the beans. You are eating something very nice. It is very heavy. I don't know how they eat this every day. It doesn't have the lightness of the croissant or the flakiness of the croissant. It doesn't have the lightness

of the labneh and the crunchiness of the bread. In the end, once a year, it is a crepe. Let's taste. I met them in the previous trip. I remember that

they were Swedish buns. There is another person and I will pass by them in a day. It is important for you to taste and eat. The way you roll them and work on them. The dough is very comfortable. You put cream inside it and you roll it by hand. It looks very nice in the end but it is easier to roll than this. This is vanilla and this is almond.

A very nice bun. Very nice. Soft. Very nice. Very nice. Lightly sweet. Very very nice. This is the vanilla that you were making inside. Very nice. An upscale donut or bun. The dough is tasty and fermented.

Lightly sweet on the outside. Beautiful. Lovely. Nothing is more delicious than this. Two cute girls. Did you hear the noise behind me? I met one. They are walking in the middle of the road.

It is annoying. I will taste this. I really liked them. Did I see them by mistake? Lever and Blum. This is the second branch.

Very gentle, beautiful ladies. Served with a lot of cream. We decided not to take a taxi from the station because it takes 15 minutes to get there and 25 minutes to walk. It's very crowded in London. So Alain and his bag and we're walking. 106 0:10:12,000 --> 0:10:02,580 Homey style bakes. The bag is empty but the lady told me she's going to London. I told her I don't want it, I want a gift.

She said I don't know, but she said she wants something. She's going to fill her bag with gifts on the way back. We're going to the hotel to put our stuff and start our quick tour. There are many beautiful things and important things we should do.

walls at night No no, I'm the popularest person in Lebanon. Seriouly, don't miss me. Yesterday, I still remember you. Unbelievable show.

Really, very special. God bless you. We are happy. You are my son. Come and take a picture with us.

We met the guys by mistake. We saw a stand, falafel, wraps, and salads in the middle of the road. And they came in front of us. Of course, I am a bit...

We are a Ramadan shop, and Yasir Ramadan as well. Beirut Kitchen. We make falafel, hummus, and salads, and we make Arnabit and Halloumi as well. And eggplant. We've been here for 12 years.

In Goven Garden, a very busy area. And the Lebanese food is delicious. Come and try it, and let's see if you like it. You come for lunch time. The most loved are falafel with Halloumi. And they also eat with eggplant and Arnabit.

Falafel, eggplant, and Arnabit. All wraps. And we make salad boxes for gluten free. Some people don't want to eat gluten. What is the address? 22 Alam Street, opposite Otherlicious, the ice cream. It is very delicious. Monday to Friday, lunch time is 11.45

till 3 o'clock. Bye. Good luck. Come.

The right food, this is the main one. I came here for it. Let's taste it. What should we taste? Let's taste something new. Where are the fish and chips? These are Swedish rolls. You watch them in the old episode.

We eat British rolls. Fish and chips. Fish and chips. We will feed you fish and chips. Fish and chips.

Can you imagine that after all these years, this is the first time I see this brand? This is the first time I see it. Since 2003, they have more than 144 or 144 brands in the world. It started in America, not in London. Copy paste, copy paste, maybe in the decor, maybe in the vibes, I don't know who they are from, but they are the same as Raising Cane.

The difference is that here they have more than 10 sauces. All of them are extra. The potatoes are normal, the garlic bread is on the side.

The special is the breaded chicken or the buffalo wings which are grilled. Let's start with blue cheese. Top. Top chicken, light batter, very thin, lemon, tasty, super juicy on the inside. Excellent job.

Tasty, light, the chicken is amazing. It is not dry. I liked it. Raising Cane and I are very good friends.

I love them a lot. The thicker, the thicker chicken, and the batter, the outer envelope, is higher. So you are eating chicken in the end. It is like a crunchy bread. Top. The sauce is top, the decor is top, the reception, the smile of the person who gave me the food, there is no garlic. This is the first time I am discovering this brand.

It is very trendy, very sexy, very nice colors. Anthony, the wings are very tasty. It is the same. They are not dry at all. Sometimes in fast food, the wings are dry.

They are very soft, crispy, and the sauce is amazing. The chicken is very tasty. It is very juicy. I like it. The sauce is very tasty. It is very spicy.

It is delicious. It is tasty. It is delicious. It is tasty.

It is tasty. It is tasty. It is tasty. It is tasty.

It is tasty. It is tasty. It is tasty. And very tasty. And very very tasty.

And very very tasty. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ Fortnum & Mason, Fortnum & Mason needs a whole day But I want to show you some things for Alan, so we're going to go up and up I promise, up and up, because I told you it needs a whole day Fortnum & Mason, I call it the luxury food heaven Oh my goodness, my heart is beating ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ What did I get for you? I see you're in good health today, you're eating again, your color has changed Here you go, here you go man Do you know what this is called? Watch out, watch out, this is called croffin What does it mean? We're going to get the world It means a muffin croissant, it's made with the croissant dough in the shape of a muffin Look at this Did you notice? Flaky and stuffed inside Inside out, raspberry and cream Strong Very strong The croffin was invented by Mr. Holmes in San Francisco but it's last week 255 0:20:01,013 --> 0:20:01,000 closed now, I tried to visit him it's very delicious, the sugar is light, it's not sticky the butter is great, it's not heavy this guy, he's going to get famous I was feeding him with the sheep, it's very delicious did you see the cream inside? the cream is from the inside and the cream is from the outside amazing amazing, must do in London Bonz from home Bonz from home, I liked the display I looked inside and asked what they have, cinnamon rolls and chocolate rolls they look delicious, the place smells great Taste of home Taste of home, it doesn't have the smell of restaurants oh my goodness, it's very delicious very delicious, should I leave it for you? you want to taste? ok When I have time, I eat Chocobo I want to tell you that I feel with you. We are walking and walking and walking and you are not feeding me enough. So I said that it would be impossible to have a Lebanese Hummus plate.

We reached Harrods. We will taste a plate of Hummus from the most delicious Hummus plates in the world. At who? At M. Cherif. Let's go. Hi Anthony, welcome to M. Cherif in London.

My name is Hossam Moussaid, the general manager of M. Cherif. We have been waiting for you for a long time. M. Cherif is in Harrods, on the second floor. We opened a year and a few months ago. We have very good reception. Our customers are mostly Arabs from Arab countries.

So they know M. Cherif from their countries. They come to us and they don't even order the menu. They sit and take the best food as usual. And the best service in Harrods. And the most plates that are ordered in M. Cherif are Lebanese

delicacies. Like Hummus, Mtabbal, Tabbouleh, Fattoush, Shish Tawouk, Shawarma, Kebbeh, which we make it special. And almost all the menu. M. Cherif, M. Cherif. I tried M. Cherif in 3 or 4 countries.

I came back to London to make sure that the taste is following me from country to country. Many people say that when you open a Lebanese restaurant outside Lebanon, you don't get the same taste. No, you can get the same taste. I showed you if it was in New York, Washington, Paris, or in London. M. Cherif is considered one of the best cuisine or best Lebanese

restaurants, not only in London but also in all Europe. This light and delicious taste is known in Hummus. I will start with Hummus with a spoon to tell you how creamy it is. The right amount of olive oil. Without garlic. Super balanced.

The tahini and salt are super balanced. Saj bread or pita bread. We start the journey from here and here. The famous Mhamra. Did you see the horel on top? You think it is like Parmesan but they are crushed walnuts.

It gives it a shape, a soul, and a color. The crunch of the walnuts, the light spiciness, and the light sweetness. I will not go back to my hand which I always say is this great kitchen. You find the way, you find everything you do, you give it finesse and class. The light and cute falafels which are not kneaded.

The hummus is amazing. The tabbouleh with a bit of lemon. It is light and clean. It is made without bulgur. And the fried one without onions. We will go into all the details, like the fattoush, the eggplants. Eggplant, a bit of pomegranate.

The taste of the grill, the nice smell, the olive oil. You know, I met Mr. Sharif and I gave him some pomegranates. You will see these in all the countries of the world.

The system is made right to the extent that there are 5 pieces of hummus. You will find them in all the countries of the world. So this kitchen which they took from Lebanon to I don't know how many countries, they took it and we followed it in order, in finesse, in technology. And the Lebanese plate which was crowded and full of vegetables, even though it is the best cuisine in the world, it gave it a touch. It is worth a lot.

A lot, really. It raises the name of Lebanon, it promotes Lebanon. Here, we will enjoy, we will eat, we will spend a nice time.

Alan and I will take his opinion now. After that, we have a surprise. Because it looks like when you say food, Lebanese people put their hands and nose everywhere. I don't finish with this plate which I love a lot since I met it.

The mint grains on the chopped olives, it is really drawn. The oils, did you notice? The oils are only from the outside and a bit from the inside. They don't touch from the top. Imagine someone sitting and caught this olive, after a while he put it in a loop and started cutting it piece by piece. They cut small pieces of mint. Imagine how many mints are not used or used in another place.

This touch is a very nice thing. Before we start tasting them, I want to tell you that they have Lebanese wine and Arak. They have all the nice details, even though the salt and pepper, even though the presentation of each plate.

The Hummus plate is always in a blue plate. They put it in the middle of the table to give it its importance. The Hummus plate is a big thing.

We were sitting outside after it was soaked and dried for 15 minutes. I love it. We didn't talk about the plates, the decor, the music, about all these people who are now filling the restaurant. Most of them, 80% are Arabs, and they are all happy. And like us, they are saying how delicious it is, as if they haven't eaten Hummus in their life. Let's talk about the Labneh.

Light. Creamy. What is this olive oil? The olive oil, the saltiness and sourness in it. It's outstanding. And I will finish with the very delicious Kebbeh, the amazing Hummus.

Did you see the generosity of the oil? How much do they spend per day? Really. Exceptional. Can you hear the crunch? Generosity, precision, finesse, taste, and taste.

And finally, the Hummus. Right. Maybe many people made this dessert. Maybe it has ice cream inside, or made it for the girls or the boys, as we call it in Lebanon, who come from Tripoli. Maybe many people made it.

But who was able to stop this stop? Who worked on it precisely? Who didn't take them and put them in the face? Do you know how hard it is to make them? If they were in a bag, they would stick together. If they were hot, they would break like sand. If they were cold, they would break.

And all of them are still standing, I told you a while ago. There are people who have a great presentation. We cut it like this, and you reach inside and you see the ice cream.

Here, a very big piece of ice cream on cream. With all the beautiful rice. Imagine yourself, not Lebanese, imagine yourself a foreigner, American, French, English, and you see these. Sequoia, what is this? So, the food is really beautiful, sexy, and nice. Imagine someone for the first time seeing Lebanese dessert, he will look and say we saw it only at the Assyrians, they have something called Tiger Beard if I remember correctly. One.

Very good ice cream. Very good quality ice cream. And then, a difference, of course, everyone made it, the ice cream is good, but the way it was put, the way it was lifted, the way it was stopped, freshness, as if you are cutting a croissant. And again, it's all about the freshness. I feel like, before we continue, we come back here. We come back to the Mhellebiyeh which I ordered because I remembered it from other places.

Wow. Where are you, grandma, where are you? Taste of home. The end is a musket, white on top, it raises the name of Lebanon. I am very happy to come here. The guys are amazing. Thank you so much.

If you are in London, M Cherif, on the second floor. It took us 15 minutes to find it, but on the second floor, you will reach it. Follow the smell. Real Italian ice cream.

We are the ice cream union. Very refreshing, loaded with flavor ice cream. I liked how it melts, no preservatives. How they put it in the jar and close it. How they put it, how they loosen it and then put it. When you take it with a spoon, look how it is inside, the creaminess without air or water.

Great flavors. Follow yourself. Run run run, my hand is full of ice cream.

We are still walking. I don't know if we agreed that we won't take taxis today, or I am walking a bit, I don't know one of them. Where were we? We were in Harrods, M Cherif.

The lunch was very delicious. We finished, we went down, and showed you the food hall. We went, ate ice cream, and we are back. We want to show you, or we have an appointment with Chef Philippe.

Chef Philippe is the head pastry chef in Harrods. He is Lebanese, very proud. He was born in Australia, he was raised there, he came to Lebanon a year ago, he understands Lebanese, but he can't speak Lebanese. So I am anticipating that he will come to Lebanon. So I am anticipating that we will have an interview in English, and meet Chef Philippe, who is a team of 60 people. Everything you eat this year in Harrods, let's go.

I am Philippe Goury, and I am Lebanese, Lebanese Australian. I was born in Australia, I've lived in Lebanon for 2 years. I started pastry over a decade ago, and now I am here at Harrods. I started as a sous chef at Harrods, and a couple of years later, I got promoted to head pastry chef.

It's been an amazing journey, we get to make so many products in this place. The volume is huge, the variety, lots of different things, and the quality is insane. So we pride ourselves on innovation, creativity. I've never chased money, for me it's all about learning as much as I can, and I think it's really important that young chefs just learn as much as they can, work in the best places, and get the best experience, and you can end up in a place like Harrods.

My favorite dessert might be my signature, it's a pear, chocolate, and earl grey vegan dessert. It's an area that I'm quite passionate about. I look after everything, not just vegan desserts, but that's kind of a special interest area for me. Passion Fruit and Thyme So, passion fruit and thyme. This is one of my favorites.

Pistachio and cardamom. Exotic caramel. So this is a mango passion fruit.

Passion Fruit and Thyme Passion Fruit and Thyme Passion Fruit and Thyme Pistachio and cardamom I didn't like it when I entered this place. I didn't like the market at all, I didn't feel anything. I didn't feel the choice of food.

We got to a stand that doesn't have this, this is cut, this is not clean, this is cleaning. I didn't feel anything. The kitchen is on the top, the kitchen is on the bottom. The cuisine is weird and weird on the left and right. And if we get to the burger, a big bear burger. Wow! Super big! Where is the burger? It doesn't look appetizing, but let's taste.

It has more lettuce than meat. The bread is baguette bread. It has a lot of sesame between the teeth. I don't want this much. And the potato is not cooked.

There is something better than this. Why don't all countries have this taxi? Look, you relax, you put your feet on the floor, they sit in front of each other. It is really better than that.

I am very happy with the taxi. We are lucky today. Now it is time for the fish and chips which we have been waiting for since the morning.

We have been waiting for the fish and chips since the morning. Fish and chips time! Fish and chips time! Fish and chips time! Fish and chips time! I am here in London. Today I am going to realize my dream and eat fish and chips here in London. Fish and chips time! It is finally fish and chips time. In all the lists, this is the first or the second.

It is old and the atmosphere is very nice. It seems that we are only two tables, but when you go inside, you see the crowd. You order a big piece of fish.

As we are used to in England, you come with a piece of fish. It can be haddock, cod, many flavors. You choose.

Each one has more meat, more vegetables, more juicy. Each one likes the fish they order. We ordered the haddock. The skin is very tasty. You can feel the taste of the fish.

I added a little bit of oil. I added a little bit of oil. It is a light flavor. The second one, cod, is what we have left. It is a shame that we didn't feed the boy all day. Of course, it is more important.

It is thicker, softer, and much more delicious. Order cod, some mayo or tartare, lemon juice, you will enjoy it. There are delicious things here.

Tourism, 3,000 free views, in my 3 years tour of Annonel, it is amazing. Wherever all these people were, during the day, Chinatown, full, loaded, you can't see the floor. People are on top of each other. I think all the people and tourists in all London met here during the day and night, 4 days.

We are trying our luck in a famous Chinese restaurant called Golden Dragon. There is no reservation, so we are waiting outside. It is dinner time after a long day. We ate nice things, we discovered important things, we met a chef. Wow.

Great day, amazing day. Now, the sun will go down, we will film a bit here in Gallelli Circus. The vibe in London, London needs a week, not a day or two. But it is like that. We passed the road, Mise en place, if you want. Since we have time, before I continue my tours in Australia, America, and so on. It is time.

3, let's go. We will do 5. What are you doing here? I came to eat. I am asking her about a surprise, and you are asking me about a surprise.

What are you doing here? I came to meet you. I told you that you are here. I met you in Kabaz. How many countries did we meet? We met in Dubai, France, England, Lebanon. We will add the list on the way. Aline, Mayrik, Batchig.

She is the Armenian cooking kind of reference, and everyone knows her. You met him a bit ago. This is the third duck that I have for the whole week. Hi. Hi. Take the duck. Take the duck.

Soft shell crab, amazing. Pork belly, look at the fat. It is so crunchy under the teeth. It is good food.

Very good food. The wait is worth it. The crowd is worth it. It is considered one of the best Chinese in the capital. It is so good.

Thank you for watching. Please subscribe. See you next time. Thank you. He has very nice things, I am hearing about it for the first time. For example, double pistachio. 666 0:50:13,000 --> 0:50:09,000 The people are still here, it looks very important.

We have pistachio with cream of pistachio. We have super dark chocolate with a touch of saltiness at the end. Coffee.

The nice thing is that the ice cream is creamy, it melts without being crushed. It is very strong flavors, very intense, amazing flavors. It is famous for the nice display, the decor, the ceiling, the surface. They added tangerines at the end after tasting the chocolate.

Outstanding, really outstanding. It is a different level of ice cream, very gourmet, very classy. I recommend it.

Bel Monte, Bel Monte. Done. As you heard, I am inside, we will continue to the outside. It is still not melting. How soft and it is still not melting. Double pistachio is amazing.

Indeed. Chocolate, chocolate. Bel Monte. No no, beautiful. Imagine, the end is this mask.

I think this is how the day ends. My tenant is on holiday. Unless we will have something else. Probably, probably, one of the most beautiful hotels I have ever been in. Probably, really. Unbelievable, unbelievable how beautiful.

How ingenious. The colors that follow you from one place to another without being heavy. There is still here.

It looks like there is a cinema. In the heart of London, Ham Yard. What a place. Beautiful.

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