Solo touring Jakarta - Bandung via puncak bogor naik Vespa sprint s 150 iget -- edisi ramadhan

Solo touring Jakarta - Bandung via puncak bogor naik Vespa sprint s 150 iget -- edisi ramadhan

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Hello, assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh, see you again on the travender ID channel, okay, friends, how are you, I hope everyone is well and healthy, right ? quite a long trip, more or less for the distance traveled from Jakarta to Bandung. If I'm not mistaken, it's 160 kilos. If I'm not mistaken, I forgot I haven't checked on Google Map . It's already 2 o'clock, friends, it's not 2 o'clock but I want to stop by the subdistrict village for a while, okay? I want to take some money at the ATM for a while, this is the Pasar Minggu District Office. Okay, friends, continue again, I 'm in the Pasar Minggu area, okay friends, the weather is quite hot today, yes, it doesn't rain, yes, I hope it won't rain. The thing is, before I was a bit lazy on the road, but I don't know if it will be in Bogor or Pas, I've arrived on the road, I don't know, so it's nice to have a hot trip, okay? It's really hot, don't get too stuck. For Mas, it's already really lazy. It's a bit complicated to bring this Vespa because it's a bit high, right ? From the article, we take it to the right, to go to Depok, friends at this red light, if you go left to Kalibata, if you go to the right, from Depok to Bogor, it's very crowded, it's really overcrowded at this time , so we take the lights to the right, what's called a raid, friends, don't wear helmets or don't turn on the lights, we usually get hit, we take it to the right, okay ? Go downstairs, through the aisle Later, I think you have to fill up with gas first, friends, because there is already an indicator asking to fill up the motorbike smoothly and drink it.

We'll see, how much is it for consumption from Jakarta to Bandung, approximately how many liters or how many tens of thousands or what? Yes, we'll see later right at the ending, we'll have to fill it up, we'll count it, okay, friends, I've filled it, 60,000, it's already full, so we'll continue our journey . there's one liter , let's just say 75,000 from Jakarta 75,000 later we'll see if it arrives in Bandung or if we have to fill it up again on the road it should arrive Yes, if you want to fill it up, it's best to go back there, right now, we're already in Depok, friends and this is Depok, it turns out that it's already cloudy, friends, it's really different from Jakarta in Jakarta, so it looks like it's going to rain, yes, the weather is in a different direction, Bogor used to be known as the city of rain . Can we get a coat, friends, what's the name of the gadget , what's the name of the camera cellphone gadget, yes, our new battery. Incidentally , I brought a laptop bag . East Jakarta [Music] Now I'm wearing my friends coat and it's true that it's raining but the rain isn't too big but what does it make me lazy to make a video like that ? Put the mic on, change the water. If you put the mic on, it's not fun, I'll just focus on walking. Let's continue, for example, if it's not raining anymore, that's it friends. Raya Bogor, yes, it's still drizzling here, so it's still drizzling, so I can't go as fast as this, if it's too beautiful . rather the road might be a little slippery, yes, it's still wet. If you go to the right, go to Bogor city. If you go left, this is Botani Square. If you want to watch, go to the mall and shop there.

to the top for traffic here, it's quite smooth, friends I'm just going to be drizzling here, okay, these friends are in Tajur, we'll continue again for gasoline. There's still less than 2 bars, OK, let's continue, guys. I just took off my coat, so when it rains, we'll just put it on the problem is it's really hot. When I open it, it 's already cool. I think it's cloudy in front. Okay, let's turn right, friends, don't go left, if you go right, if you go left, you'll enter the toll road. If you go right, we'll go to Cisarua Puncak. Now it's 3.54 So, it's been 2 hours from Jakarta to here, it's 2 hours. At the most, it's half an hour to reach the peak,

especially for those who like Puncak, it's in the middle, yes, between the cities of Jakarta and Bandung, it's in the middle . fortunately it's quite smooth here, the traffic is usually quite busy here, but today it's smooth sailing, friends Safari Park to Taman Safari, yes, we're still going straight towards Puncak . area, right Gunung Mas, if you guys want to play, there's also a tourist spot in Gunung Mas, then it will enter over there, okay? it's cold, because it's already getting cold here, friends, so so you don't get cold on the street, put on your jacket first, when you've finished wearing your jacket, we'll continue our journey to the right of Mount Mas, okay, we'll continue straight, now we've started to enter the Puncak area , guys. Friends here, the temperature has changed, it's cold, it's delicious, it's delicious , the air is fresh. Now it's half past five and a half before 4.21, friends. It hasn't reached the

top, it's still below . Bandung via Purwakarta or maybe just arrived at Purwakarta, it's quicker when breaking the fast together, breaking the fast with the wife here, on the left, there are also lots of culinary friends, if you want to stop by, it's good to stay for breaking the fast, unfortunately, it's only half past five, you can already see what's called the fog. it's near the above, the messenger for the Puncak Bogor tourist area, the content is good, okay ? It's still hot, friends, Bandung, maybe two hours to go, maybe we'll arrive there, if not, at 7 o'clock 8 at night, where will we go, Cisarua city, OK, friends, so I've arrived in the Ciranjang area, if I'm not mistaken, it's in front of the gas station I ran out of gas before breaking the fast earlier, now it's already 6 o'clock, I'll just have a drink, we'll just eat there, okay, if we're already in Bandung or in Bandung, that's it . the problem is, I'm walking very slowly, I'm walking leisurely, I want to continue again, my friends, continue the journey. Let it arrive slowly, how come the important thing is that we've already had a drink , we've canceled it, right? again, friends, the journey, Bismillahirrahmanirrahim, maybe it's not very clear, isn't it clear on this camera, the problem is it's quite dark, it's already reduced, right? For this, the traffic before breaking the fast is busy, first go to the mosque, then continue again, yes, it arrives at this bridge, OK? friends, this is really long, yes, there are also a lot of selling food and drinks on the side of the road, it's just too late which bridge is it Oh, this one is the bridge. Excuse me. Assalamualaikum . OK , friends, so I'll take a break first, okay? At the convenience store, let's buy anything that can be eaten, look around here if there's food. It's a little drizzling until here [Music] It's already 06.30

[Music] Okay friends, let's continue our journey. It 's already 6:41 . I hope according to Google Maps it's one more hour, maybe it can be more because we don't know if there's a traffic jam there, what's the name there in the city that makes the name jam here ? drink this, let's eat there again tomorrow, it will be too late tomorrow, or in the afternoon, friends, for Hero 7, if it's dark, you can't see it, I don't know if the current hero is Hero 10 or maybe Hero 11, I want to buy it, just like it's a shame That means there's still an old camera like what to do with buying it again and the price is pretty good too if I'm not mistaken the Hero 11 is 8 million so we'll think about it later because I still really love the camera it's still really capable because it's enough for now We've arrived at the city center, OK, friends, on the flyover, let's just follow, I don't know where to go. It's already half past eight, OK? We're looking for lodging near here. We have to rest first, then we'll do it tomorrow, OK? At the station, there are train tracks, only two friends left , but from Jakarta here to Bandung, it's 60 thousand 60 thousand. There's still a picture earlier right before filling it up . yes, it's good, the place is close to this road, I think if it's a few days, how about because like where I'm in Padang, yes, the traffic in Bandung was busy all the way yesterday too . That's tomorrow, right? Who knows, I'm going to be in Bandung for two days this time.

It's already half past 8. Thank you for those who have liked, I've commented and subscribed, so I'm even more excited so that the touring will go even further. That's all. that's all, I'll continue when I'm at the inn, okay, just take a look

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2023-04-21 19:10

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